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My First V-8

2006 INFINITI M45 sport

I didn't even know what i was getting during the time in meeting with it. Not even a test drive because i had started to appreciate its "originality" kinda hard to completely explain the great feel in power and comfort. I've done around 130 mph - 140 mph the governor limits it at that point.. 160 mph is top speed.. Not that i drive it like that all the to time.. My last vehicle was 2003 honda accord, and further down the line the engines get smaller.. But yeah. Great looking machine the 2006 m45. I'd love to upgrade things.. But its so perfect as it is...

- Eduardo Perez

Infiniti m45 reliable vehicle with sporty looks.


I love my m45, it is reliable and comfortable for a small family. The only con about this car is gas mileage, 17mpg. So living in a residential area makes it impossible to save on gas. Being that it takes premium gas because of the v8 engine does not help either. Other than that the car is a great quality car and very dependable. Keeping up with maintenance is easy too! The screen in the center console takes care of setting reminders when maintenance is due. Easy to follow and pretty accurate.

- Marilyn Z

Infiniti is great and fast

2006 INFINITI M45 Base

I've never had any problem. It's beautiful, easy, smooth, and comfortable. The color is nice and I've never had to replace anything besides 1 headlight after owning it for about 5 years. It's a great car. The seats are comfortable and can be set to a certain adjustment. There's a lot of room in the car for it being small. It's also very fast so you have to be a little careful with the pedal. I also like the button to start the car instead of having to use the keys.

- Page M

Great car with minimal hazards

2006 INFINITI M45 Sport

The car screams luxury. The leather seats are horrible in AZ life. But the seats have a heater and cooler individual to each seat. Great big screen for radio/CD player. Maps included and backup camera is wonderful. Biggest back fall is to fix anything on the car is extremely expensive.

- Jo-Anne A

That it's a great car. And that I want to upgrade it.


That the tires pop easily or get flat, need better thin tires. Could let DVD rom CDs play in the car and let your Bluetooth hook up to the phone to play music not just take calls.

- Brandon B