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When you open the door the step says Infiniti and it lights up.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I do feel like it is heavy whereas other cars seem light when I am driving them. It is also horrible on gas and that is really my own bad review. I only get about 18-20 mpg where's my car before it I got about 36 mpg. I spend more money on gas than I do anything else. The features are awesome, considering that is fully loaded which I love!

- Jessica G

Beautiful car with good gas mileage.

I love the smooth drive it has. It always start and is good on gas. Whenever I take it on for service I always get asked the question how long have you had it and are you interested in selling it. I purchased a car cover for it and it fits perfectly. When the weather is hot I keep the car cover over it to keep it cooler on the inside.

- Karen Y

My vehicle is stylish but the comfort can be better.

I had a problem with the starter a month ago. It is a push start and I got in the car but the key was not being detected. Also the steering is hard that makes it hard to turn at all times. I am also tall and the car seems a bit small for me so the drive is not as comfortable as I would like it to be.

- Denise A

Infiniti review my Jeremy Simms.

I love my car. It is nice it drives fast. I like the features. It has good technology. I like to drive if in the city and on the highway. It is pretty good on gas. I like the gas mileage. My next car will most likely be another Infiniti but I also like Nissan. It is the same company.

- Jeremy S

My beautiful infinity it is a very good car.

I really do not have any problems with my vehicle, I think it dries very nicely, I like the design, I like the features, I like the performance, I like pretty much everything about the vehicle that I drive every day as my primary vehicle, I really do not have any complaints about it.

- Jeremy S

Infiniti is the car for people who love to drive.

My Infiniti is so much fun to drive! With a 3. 7l v6 there is never a doubt if I will be able to pass a vehicle in a timely fashion. The driver seat is spot on comfortable even for long drives. The 7 speaker Bose sound system is one of my favorite features.

- Brook G

A well built reliable vehicle that is affordable compared to other vehicles.

Very comfortable and reliable. There is a good interior to it that ( to my preference) is more analog than digital still lol which is good. Also it is great in the snow AWD. My only thing is I wish it was a bit better on gas.

- Mike M

That it is clean. I always keep it clean.

I sometimes feel like I could turn it in for a newer model or something bigger, but I never do. I like the feeling of being roomy, but I feel like the q-40 does not give me that room that I need.

- Julius W

The air conditioning is slow to start up and really work.

I love my car because it is efficient. It gets me where I need to go and it is very comfortable. My only complaint is that the AC isn't strong enough and kind of slow to cool the car off

- Mira H

Powerful luxurious. A definite eye catcher

I am very happy with the luxury and power of my infiniti q40. I really admire all the bells and whistles on the inside. I've never owned a vehicle with so much power

- Cedric H

Not for distance driving!

Luxury car for a great price. Drives smooth and accelerates quickly. My biggest complaint is it get Terrible gas mileage. Also I wish the clock was different.

- Janell G

It is an awesome luxury vehicle.

Vehicle handles well, is very reliable, and extremely comfortable. My particular model has the Bose stereo, navigation system, the sunroof, & XM radio.

- Terry M

Review of Infiniti Car For Website

This Infiniti runs very smoothly and also drives on the road perfectly. Overall, this specific car is very smooth running and worth the price.

- Zack R

It is worth every penny and it is fun to drive!

It is sleek and beautiful. It is also fast! The sunroof and leather seats are wonderful. The set warmers are amazing for cold winter days.

- Lindsey P

Power and luxury with a reachable price

Very powerful engine, premium sound system and luxury with a reasonable price. This is my 3rd Infiniti and I would go for it again.


It is a very easy vehicle to drive.

It's easy to drive and get around town. Technology is simple and easy to navigate. It's the right size. Steering is a bit stiff.

- Joan J

Wonderful, roomy, comfortable ride

Electronic parts, like windows, fail. Expensive to fix. maintenance is also expensive. Very smooth ride. Reliable

- David R

My vehicle is ideal for traveling around town, making trips to and from work, taking a weekend trip...etc

My vehicle is reliable, it performs well, it is comfortable and has a good amount of features. I would buy again.

- Michelle B

It's very comfortable and quick but the back seat is useless except for children.

I like how sporty and fast it is. I like how comfortable it is. I dislike how low it sits to the ground.

- Landon H

It was only made for one year.

I pay more for my car to not even have Bluetooth to my radio. It doesn't get good gas mileage.


It's good for small families.

I like the comfort and the look of it. I dislike that it takes premium gas. It's expensive.

- Sand S

The most important thing that anyone should know is that if they are considering a new car, they should start and finish with an Infiniti.

My Infiniti is the best car I've ever owned. The service is impeccable as well.

- Peter M

safety, runs well, energy saving, nice inside space

very smooth car. energy saving. comfortable space. no complaints.

- Susan M