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Dependable fun sized vehicle!

The q50 is a great little car. I like this car so much because of the upgraded features it has (but they come at a cost) the car is intelligent in that it detects changes in driving performance amongst the cars around you and is able to help prevent accidents with its detection. The automatic adjustable seat makes it comfortable to get in and out of the car, automatic windshield wipers, lane assist, heated seats, dual a/c, parking view if the vehicle, parallel parking view, run flat tires. There are lots of pros. The cons are it is too small for a family or more than 2 children, the run flat tires are expensive, the ride is kind of smooth and I would like the cabin to be quieter. I have had no problems mechanically with the car. Overall it is a great buy for a smaller individual. It looks classy, sleek and cute.

- Shannon T

The Infiniti Sedan Experience

I absolutely love my 2015 Infiniti Q50. I purchased my vehicle in 2017 pre-owned. When I purchased it, there was 29k miles on the car and it looked and ran outstanding. Two years later, second owner, it still looks and runs OUTSTANDING! I have never had one issue outside of a nail in one of my run-flat tires. It is a smooth ride, with comfortable and spacious interior including a large trunk space. An awesome front panel navigation and top of the line Bose speakers. Not only does it drive smooth and give you a taste of luxury, but it is a SAFE vehicle.

- Bianca P

All in all this vehicle is great on gas.

The car is a very good driving car and great on gas. We were surprised with the amount of space it has in it for such a compact vehicle we can get the car seat and two other occupants in there and still be comfortable on a road trip. The trunk on it also is very spacious, once we laid the seats down we were able to stuff half of our house in it to move(not technically). All in all it is a very good vehicle and I love how it lets you know when maintenance is due on it and what kind. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Sabrina M

Great car with lots of great features.

It is been a very reliable car. No mechanical problems at all. I drive it mostly on the interstate. Performance and fuel economy are good given its size. The interior is spacious and very comfortable. Occasionally the dashboard display gets hung up if I start the car when it is in a garage and cannot acquire a signal. Turning off and restarting the car always fixes this. The heated seats are great during the colder months. The leather seating is firm but comfortable. Terrific car for a long road trip.

- Mark S

My ideal ride does not disappoint.

Love basically everything about my vehicle. I have always preferred a mid to high end luxury style vehicle and Infiniti didn't disappoint at all. The ride is smoother, the feel is total comfort, the options are great. I have not had any problems mechanically. I keep up the preventative maintenance and this car drives like t the day I bought it. I also own a Lexus that I adore as well. I'd buy either brand again as again.

- Misty D

I love my car, but I hate the cost.

I love my 2015 Infiniti Q50, it has lots of power and handles the road well all this a company with the 14 speaker Bose stereo system kabobs for a great ride. Really the only complaint that I have about the vehicle is the expensive parts that are required for maintenance. We have had to send the car to the shop quite a few times, but it was always handled and cost is covered by Infiniti.

- Joshua G

Rides really nicely, it's a very comfortable car to drive locally and on long road trips.

It's a very comfortable car to drive/ride in. It rides very smooth and handles well. The gas mileage could be a little better - 2 years I've had it and overall average 22 mpg. The seat positioning is a little hard to always get back to how I like it - past models had seat memory. The steering wheel does not telescope far enough for me.

- Mo G

Honest review on my INFINITI Q50

My vehicle has pick up. When I need acceleration I step on the pedal and I get plenty. The design of the car is elegant and classy. The nicest I've ever owned. One thing I don't like is that it doesn't hug the road like I want. It's too bouncy and I don't feel secure. Down the road I plan on adding a better suspension along with a sway bar

- Nick D

Elegant, comfortable, and spacious.

Very comfortable and smooth drive. Has different drive settings such as economic, & sport. Enjoy the electronics (back camera, Bluetooth, smart phone connection, 2 USB charging posts) and sound system (Bose). Heat warmers for the front seats are a bonus, as well as the individual ac setting for each side.

- Carolina G

Right Car, Right Style Right Price

I love everything about this car. It is the perfect size and it is easy to drive and easy to park. It is very comfortable and stylish looking. It is also reliable and provides a fun driving experience. The features such as Bluetooth audio, navigation system and rear camera make it and ideal automobile.

- Karen G

Fast and clean for the family to enjoy forever

The Infiniti q50 is an amazing vehicular, it drives so smooth and manageable but it also drives like a drag car. Amazing handle and fast throttle. If you're looking for a fast but family friendly vehicular this car is definitely for you. Driving my first Infiniti has made me a Infiniti fan for life!

- John C

Great comfortable and beautiful.

My vehicle is nice luxurious and a safe car but it is very expensive to afford when it comes on gas usage and maintenance but I still think it is worth it due to it being a 4 x 4 vehicle overall it's a very great car very nice driving and has everything I need including GPS and heated seats and etc.

- Amanda P

it has 180 mph on the dash

this car has a very smooth ride, beautiful exterior, nice clear speakers, fast engine. The safety features are nice. Navigation works well and has a satellite radio. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom and trunk space. The air conditioning works fast and gets hot and cold fast.

- Aspen C

A drivers car! Got admiring comments from BMW drivers.

The q50 is a drivers car - designed to be driven well. It handles very well and very smoothly. The equipment is excellent and works well. The split rear seat allows for greater capacity for carrying luggage. The layout of the dashboard and column is good but the controls can be a little cluttered.

- Trevor L

The Infiniti q50 is such a pleasant ride.

I love the many features including power seats, sunroof, lighted mirrors. Very comfortable to drive. I like the fact that with a push of a button you can change the suspension to adapt to driving conditions. The trunk is small to my liking, and the placement of the USB ports is inconvenient.

- Lulu M

2015 Infiniti Q50 A sharp, powerful vehicle that is a lot of fun to drive!

It's very comfortable. I like the v6 engine size too. It has different drive modes. Eco mode is used the most. It also comes with a sport & snow mode. I only put it in snow mode maybe a few times last winter. I really like this car! Its very sharp & i get a lot of compliments on it!!

- Christine B

The pros and cons of my car.

The Infiniti Q50 is a luxury car but at an affordable price. It provides a smooth ride and the interior is very roomy. This car has a backup camera but doesn't have the sensor sound. I am not sure why you would put in one without the other. Car also does not get great gas mileage.

- Tina J

It is fast and very sporty. Low to the ground.

The infiniti q50 has a 2. 0-liter model with AWD drive. The performance is great. It has navigation and Bluetooth. 300-hp twin-turbo 3. 0-liter v-6 is offered, a seven-speed automatic the infotainment system offers apps for email and concierge services; adaptive cruise control.

- Tia B

AMAZING Infiniti Q50. Fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.

Great looking of a car... I love the 'sexy' lines. Outstanding ride and sound system. The acceleration is awesome. This car handles on corners and will control your braking and gas to make the smoothest turn. The brakes are strong, and very impressive. The trunk is a good size.

- Renee B

Safety, comfort, reliability: I love my car.

No observed problems, very user friendly interface, many features improving comfort (leather seats, seat warmers, etc.). Easy steering/tight turns possible, good acceleration and braking system. Very safe vehicle, fun to drive without being dangerous. I really enjoy driving.

- Sydney O

Car information pros and cons

Car is reliable. In three years only problems I have had was that the motor in my seat went out and couldn't move my seat up. But the dealership covered and replaced the problem. The car is good on gas inspire of how fast the car drives. It also drives extremely smooth.

- Krystal J

Infiniti car review describing performance, looks and features.

The q50 is very responsive with great pickup. It is very eye catching and has a great looking interior and cockpit. Ut has 2 touch screens. . The car comes standard with run flat tires that have not been an issue. The car is roomy and has adequate trunk space.

- Rob E

Best car ever. Love the details and performance.

Very comfortable and drives very smooth. Has heated seats which are good for winter time and good radio sound. I love the touch screen and the cameras to look at your surroundings. The car is gas efficient I don't seem to put gas too often to fill up the tank.

- Diana R

A great luxury vehicle at a non luxury price.

Beautiful leather interior. Powerful 3. 7 liter v6 engine. Comfortable with a good sound system. I like the tire gauges and other indicators. Love the other interior details. A great luxury vehicle and not nearly as expensive as Mercedes, Lexus and Porsche.

- Al J

That is is a very reliable, safe car. I learned how safe it was when I was in an accident last year and I was very lucky that my car was so safe.

I like that it is a very nice sporty car. It is very impressive looking. I like the interior design as well. I find that Infiniti also gives you better quality than other brands in the same category.

- Jessica S

It's a decent car for the price and is moving in the right direction with hybrid technologies.

I like that it's a hybrid and that it has 350 horsepower. Not fond of the only 30 mpg for the hybrid. The Run flat tires are expensive to replace as well. But maintenance is low so not bad,

- Mike M

It's a rare performance hybrid with AWD. It was the highest performance version of the Q50 in 2015.

My car is comfortable and quite fast. It handles pretty well too. It has adequate storage and carrying capacity for my needs. It's also a good looking car. The gas mileage should be better.

- David S

Q50 Sport-Luxury Car for everyone

It's a Q50S so it has a great sport suspension. love the interior and the dash looks like a Tesla. No issues other than the bluetooth had a minor issue when we first got it. No now issues.

- Ashley N

The estimated gas mileage is incorrect from what is advertised.

I like the way the car looks. It is reliable and has performed well at 50000 miles. I am u happy with the gas mileage, it is not anywhere near the claim and I drive highway miles.

- Tiffanie M

It is stylish and perfect for someone my age. Very cool.

Performance is fantastic. 3. 7 liter v6 is fast with great pickup. Love the tan leather interior and the sound system is great. I also love the style of the grill in the q50.

- Allen J

The most important thing about my car is the very clear back-up camera. It's a great safety feature.

It's very comfortable. I love the touch screen functions. Only complaints are that the glove compartment and the center console storage is very limited.

- Jacquelyn R

It has tons of power, is a great looking car, and is comfortable

Infiniti Q50 is perfect. Powerful, safe, and plenty of room for my family. It has decent gas mileage, and drives smoothly. It is quiet, but quick.

- Stephanie C

Smooth ride but sporty look.

It sleek. The front grill is the best I've seen. The backup camera doesn't function well when it rains. The navigation locks up sometimes my trip.

- No N

Safety features are great on the car.

I like the way it handles. The exterior looks sporty. The interior is very luxurious. I wish the car had better gas mileage on the road.

- Joel S

It is a luxury vehicle and on the less expensive side.

I love how it drives. It is both sporty yet luxury. Not to mention it was 1/2 the price of most of the luxury cars I test drove.

- Jessica L

The gas mileage listed on the sticker is a complete lie.

I like the appearance of the vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike the amount of room inside the car (too small).

- Tiff M

It is not fast, but it is functional and reliable.

Car rides nice. But has a blind spot in the back rear window. Trunks a bit small. The Bluetooth does not work so great.

- Denise B

Infiniti Q50: the only car to drive

My vehicle drives well and handles good. It could be better on miles per gallon for gas. It is sleek and fun to drive,

- Ashley B

It is all wheel drive. The car handles well and I have had no issues

The Infiniti Q50 is a quality vehicle that I have had no problems with. It handles well. It was a great purchase

- Joe D

It's faster than most cars but still fuel efficient

I dislike the gear shifter. I dislike the way the car seats in turns. I dislike the performance at low speeds

- Jeremy G

Good value for the money.

Great car, good looking and fast. I don't like the run flat tire as it makes for a little bit of a hard ride.

- John R

Drives like a dream and seats are comfortable. Just small

Drives really nicely. Nice interior. Kind of small inside. Not good for car seats. Other than that I love it

- Maria M

How comfortable it is to ride in.

I love the color, and how smooth it rides. I also am a big fan of the sun roof. And back up camera is nice.

- Amber B

Keyless start and navigation system.

Dislike blind spot in the middle of the back due to headrest. Dislike gas mileage. Like everything else.

- J C

It looks good on the outside and it drives just as well.

I love the elegant style of my car. I love the comfortable interior. I enjoy the entertainment center.

- Ana E

fast, fun to drive. No issues mechanically so far.

lacks a few basic features that are standard in other cars. Premium fuel required Noisy interior

- Ed M

Reliable and stylish. Powerful, sleek and elegant

Engine is a powerful V6. It is a pretty graphite color and the interior is leather and tan

- Allen E

My car has a lot of power and also looks very nice.

I like the style. I like the interior. I like the horsepower.

- CJ H

it is a great ride and is smooth

It is a great ride, no complaints, love the heated seats

- leanne B