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Everyone always comments on how nice the car actually is for something so old.

I love this car! It is very comfortable for me and my passengers. There's a lot of space for bigger items if you plan on moving or having a lot of luggage. Even though this model is a 2001, this car is very reliable. There is a navigation system installed and multiple outlets just in case you plan on using your iPhone instead. Comes with radio, cassette tape player and CD player. The only problems I have had so far was dealing with old parts. Obviously, over time there needs to be replacements due to so much use. Overall a highly reliable vehicle for family, friends and self. Happy with the car that takes me to and from safely.

- Tali J

2001 Infiniti qx4 - 314,000 miles and in great shape!

My mechanic tells me the engine on this car is one of the best Nissan ever made. I have 314,000 miles on it, have had few problems. Worst was replacing these halogen headlight starters a few years back at more than $500 each. Car starting to show some play in the steering. Mpg not as good as I'd like, around 16-18, but that was the standard back then. Infiniti service always overpriced but they did good work in aurora, co. I bought the car new there. Change the oil regularly a plus. Do not touch the transmission or have it flushed... Will last longer. Great car!

- Dennis K

My favorite automobile is qx4 Infiniti.

I drive a Infiniti qx4. It is a very great automobile. Very roomy and sits high. I take trips all the time and had not had no breakdowns so far. Drives very smooth with the sunroof open. Only thing when something break down. . . It is expensive to get fix. If I was to trade in, it would be another Infiniti. Great automobile!

- Theresa G

A great reliable vehicle that is fun to drive.

My vehicle is a great mid-size SUV. The leather seats are very comfortable and the steering wheel is very luxurious. I like that it is easy to park and easy to maneuver on the highway. Even though it has high mileage, it is a reliable vehicle. It is easy to haul items when putting the back seats down.

- Diane S

It is a great mid sized SUV.

This car has been really great. It now has over 200, 000 miles on it and is finally starting to needs some extra work. We are having some problems with the front end and need to get the transmission checked out. I would say that once the work is done this car will be back to being a fantastic vehicle.

- Kari B

Luxury vehicle from 2001!

Very comfortable, leather interior with wood grain detail. Not a lot of engine problems, sunroof, tinted windows, replaced the sound system with Bluetooth Audio, but the car itself came with Bose speakers. Love the Audio, great in four-wheel-drive. Power steering and locks.

- Lauren T

Good, reliable vehicle. Looks great even though it has a lot of age.

Performs well. A lot of miles, but still running. Back seat is small, no leg room. Good hatch for loading. It's black, so it looks great when it's washed. The catalytic converter is out, which is a bummer. Also, the lock on the keys are not functioning.

- Lee T

It lasted forever and been a dependable car. I wish they still made this model.

It has lasted me a long time. I bought is certified lease trade in in 2003 but it is probably on its last legs unfortunately. I hate to have to get another vehicle and I won't until this one stops running.

- Donna K

The Infiniti QX4 is great for short people

I find the Infiniti QX4 to be the perfect size for a short person. This is the first vehicle I have ever owned that had sun visors that reach down far enough to block sunlight.

- Elizabetg H

It was make with the highest quality and performance in mind.

The Infinity QX4 is well designed vehicles.The construction of the suv , makes it one of the safest well running vehicles still on the road today.

- Robert m

Owned for 17 years with no major repairs.

Excellent performance, unique style, exceptional space and I have had this vehicle for 17 years with no major repair needs. Outstanding!

- Pat G

Minimal operation cost in miles, offer good comfort.

It is dependable. It rides and drives good. I am able to get in and out of it with ease. People are envious of the Infiniti name.

- Karen M

The car sits up nicely and is a good size. It is smaller than full size but bigger than a car

My car has had routine electrical problems that have proven costly. Other than that the car is super reliable and a great drive.

- Brett H

It is a well kept car. Good shape because it does not get treated poorly.

Drives nicely. Older car but in wonderful condition. Wish it were a tad younger just because of maintenance.

- Adele G