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The qx60 is a great family car.

Infinity drives incredibly smoothly. The SUV is not on a truck base and drives like a car. The interior is comfortable, with leather standard. I love that the third row is accessible to children and adults and has plenty of legroom for taller passengers. The middle row moves easily forward or back to allow for easy access to the third row. The middle and third row each fold down for maximum cargo space if needed. Even when the third row is up, there is ample space for cargo such as groceries and or shopping bags, additionally strollers are able to fit when all rows are up. They have a great maintenance package and much of the normal wear and tear for the first several years is covered. I would completely buy this car or any version of it again and plan on doing so.

- Anna E

The QX60 provides the luxury and comfort of a car with the functionality of a full size suv.

My car is perfect for a busy family of four with plenty of space to haul sports equipment, luggage, and even items from home improvement stores. Although there have been a few recalls on my vehicle, the dealership is extremely proactive in identifying those and rectifying that in a timely manner while providing you with s loaner vehicle. It is a roomier mid-size suv than other brands of similar size.

- Cristina B

Reasonably priced luxury car that can store a ton of stuff and my kids like it.

I love my optional third row seating that lays completely flat when down. I also love how much i can fit inside the vehicle. Infiniti has been great about any issues within the warranties and even for a short period after the warranty had ended. I don't like the factory battery. I have needed to replace 3 times already. My car is parked inside so all problems are weather related

- Melissa S

Spacious family size of 4 or more SUV.

I like my car. I purchased my car because I needed more space. I love the third row as well as the front seat space. My 2 year old is comfortable in his car seat in regards to leg room, and I also have a baby in an infant car seat. I am a petite woman and can fit between both car seats in the back seat middle. My husband who has long legs sits comfortably in the car as well.

- Mia W

My shiny luxury SUV vehicle.

My vehicle is great. It had three rows of seats. And all the gadgets. The GPS screen as well as using the screen to use for your oil changes etc. Heated seats I love Air and moonroof. The tailgate opens from back a s from by driver. The steering wheel heats up too. It has a back up camera and will alert you if you are too close to sobject. It rises very comfortably.

- Lisa U

Reliable car with a fun edge.

Overall it has been a good car. There have been minor issues such as a trim breaking and flapping on top of the car, the sun visor broke & would not stay up, these problems were fixed. The vehicle has been reliable. It is a comfortable vehicle that seats 7. It has a sunroof, can hook up to your iPhone, has a place for charging in the back and front.

- Shelly H

Great family car, lots of space and comfort for everyone.

Excellent car, very comfortable and great for trips with the family. Has automatic cruise control and blind spot warnings. The speakers are Bose with TV monitors in the headsets make it easier to take staycation trips with the family. One issue with the axel, but was under warranty so it was taken care of without a problem.

- Rick F

Infiniti, a car to fit all lifestyles!

Great performance in eco mode or sports mode. Plenty of room, 3rd row seating is easy to use! I do wish I had a 6 player CD player, but it only has one. Very good gas for its size, I think I'll keep it! Leather heated seats, sunroof, and plenty of storage are a great fit for my family!

- Sheila P

The Infiniti is the luxury version of Nissan. I previously leased my vehicle and when the lease was up, I decided to buy it.

I like my Infiniti because it is affordable for me and rides great. I get great service from my dealership and have a decent warranty. There has developed a rattling sound coming from the left side door that is very irritating and nobody seems to be able to find out what it is!

- Roy E

Back up camera. Speakers and radio system. Tires are huge makes the ride smooth.

Infiniti has an excellent customer service and service dept. You always get a loaner anytime your car is in for service. They have better customer service than Mercedes Benz. I will probably get another infinity in a couple of years. I love all of the features on the car.

- Lori P

2014 Infiniti SUV review on performance.

I really enjoy my vehicle. It drives well, my kids love the entertainment feature with the screens in the head rests, it had great fuel economy. I have had it going on 2 years and the transmission and fuel damper had to be changed but I still believe it's a great SUV.

- Olivia B

It seats 7 and can haul cargo, but still drives like a luxury vehicle.

I love my car. It drives like a regular sedan comfort wise but has the utility of an SUV. It can seat 7 of us comfortably and also the seats fold down for cargo when needed. The only complaint I have is that visibility isn't the greatest on the sides.

- Laura G

This is a nice driving and safe feeling car that I enjoy.

The qx60 has been very good with fuel efficiency. I like the room in the back seat for older kids and adults. I feel that some of the quality is lacking as far a durability on basic things such as sun visors.

- Mary M

A lot of interior space without the vehicle being too large to handle/park.

I like how much room the QX60 has with the third row seating and large trunk space. The vehicle is mechanically safe and I never have any repairs to do to it. Absolutely fantastic family vehicle!

- Jessi B

The most important thing they should know is that it can be a bit pricey

I like how the car looked, inside and outside; It was very luxurious. I did not like how the leather heated up, but this happens with all cars. This car was pretty much perfect! Drives great too.

- Ryan L

You should know that my car has every safety feature available to keep me and you safe while driving

I like all the text features and the easy access to the third row. I like that has TVs in the back headrest for the kids to watch. I like all the safety features. And I like that it's a highbred

- Michael S

It is a very smooth ride, drive tight and is quiet on the road.

It is very roomy inside and seats 7 people. Low enough to load it comfortably but still sits high off of the ground. Get good gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride. No complaints.

- Amy R

Perfect size family car if you're not with to commit to a full size van.

It's roomy and has 3rd row seating, which we have used more often than we thought we would. Spacious to bring luggage and food on family vacations. Smooth suspension.

- Quyen W

Its luxury car, the amount of space it has is amazing.

Love the space this vehicle has. Love the sunroof, love that it has navigation system, love that I can switch driving settings. Love the heated seats in the winter.

- Ana Q

It more like driving a truck than a car. It is heavier and not as smooth.

I love the space since we are a 5 person family. It is even easy to get 7 people in the vehicle fairly quickly. I do wish the driving felt a little tighter.

- Roselle W

It drives very smoothly and quietly, particularly since I have the hybrid.

This car is comfortable, reliable, and fits a family of 4 plus two dogs. I take it for routine oil changes and service and have never had an issue.

- Kathleen B

Safe and reliable SUV for families!

Very high technology! I like the brake and parking assist features. It is very roomy inside especially with 3rd row seat.

- Courtney D

the 3rd row seat can fit adults and has all-round camera system.

qx60 is a luxury car comes with all bells and whistles. it's reliable on 60000 miles no major issues. comfort and roomy.

- Guanghui L

My car has electric seats, 3 rows, a roomy storage area in back and quiet ride.

I like the quiet ride and the features. I like the style and leather seats. I wish the engine had a little more pep.

- Katie W

It comes with a fantastic warranty.

I love the safety features. I love the seating capacity. My wx60 have the sport feature and very responsive engine.

- Sasha C

perfect suv for a large family

Excellent family car, spacious, loads of safety features. Drives well. Only issue is a/c died after 4 years

- Beth T

It is safety features are pretty cool.

I like the safety features. I like the rearview camera. I do not like that it does not have a roof rack.

- Christopher M

Dependable, safe vehicle. Comfortable for my entire family.

Purchased pre owned. Since purchasing some issue which the dealer corrected. Overall good quality car.

- Melissa C

Versatile car that is good for families. Decent mpg for a car that size.

3rd row is difficult to use when car seats are in use. Mpg is lower than expected. Just OK in snow.

- Matthew G

This car has good technology and lots of safety features.

Like the technology. Like the seat movements of 2nd row. Don't like the appearance/body style.

- Suzy K

It's easy to drive and fuel efficient. It's also helpful for parking.

I think it's good so far. It has a built in navigation system which is good for parking.

- Billy B

It is very reliable and a good car.

It is very big and stable. It is a grey color. I like everything about my vehicle.

- Sarah H

I love it. It drives like a car. It handles well and is fun to drive.

I like the roominess of it. I dislike the gas mileage. I like the way it looks.

- Laura R

I like the luxury amenities like Bluetooth and leather seats. I love having a third row seats. It's very roomy and a smooth ride.

It is a luxury vehicle that is very roomy with a third row seats.

- Wendy B

It is an ok car but not ooh ahh

Fan is very loud. Brakes are squishy. Visibility is poor.

- Leslie R

I love the lines and the brown leather interior. The navigation and sound systems are amazing. It doesn't drive well on icy roads, but I have no complaints for day-to-day driving.

It has everything one would need in a car and more.

- Maegon L