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I feel my vehicle has adequate lighting.

I love this vehicle because it offers comfort. I love the size, the ability to take one car and pack everyone in. The ride is smooth and graceful. The body style is very graceful and lovely to look at. The interior space is adequate for everyone. I feel that interior wise I can fit tall and short people. There is plenty of legroom. I have three rows of seats. I can fold down the third row and have more cargo room. The cargo space is big enough for what I would transport. The leather seats are big and comfort. My sight lines are perfect. I can handle the vehicle well on turns and straight roads. I have had no problems performance wise. The computer system informs when maintenance needs to be done. I would love maybe more cup holders up front for my comfort. The headlights are strong and powerful providing me enough light to see on dark country roads. I wish the gas tank would be a little bit bigger so I wouldn't need to full up as often. I like that the vehicle has different modes for sport, snow, eco and standard drive. I am a fairly new owner of this vehicle but I really am appreciating it so far.

- Renee S

Imported wood paneling from Hawaii.

1st it is very luxurious. It has big leather seats that conforms to your body and are very comfortable. They heat up when it is called and they cool down when it is hot. You can adjust the seat every which way until it is comfortable for you. It is equipped with a stereo system that has surround sound and plays CD, radio I can listen to my Audiobooks and also Sirius. It is very spacious we have 2 seats in the front 2 seats in the back and then in the very back you have an additional 2 seats. Those sitting in the back can watch movies which is great on the long rides. The maintenance is easy you just drop it off at the dealer they give you a car to drive and let you know when your car is ready. It is great for driving in the city and shopping while your car is being serviced. My car is custom it came with imported wood from Hawaii and a special leather covers. I love that I can put down both rows of back seats and have cargo room.

- Rebecca A

Infiniti - unexpected impress.

This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have always had a real appreciation for cars and every piece of tech and design that goes into them. That said, the Infiniti takes automotive genius to a whole different level of sport, luxury and security. For 3 years now, every single time I drive this car it feels like the first time driving any car. The all wheel drive version specifically has no rival. You can feel how heavy the car is, which makes you feel quality and safety, but touch the gas pedal and you forget it weighs anything at all. Power like no other. Not that turbo, unwieldy puppy kind of power, but hard to the road, deep power that has you at 100 with ease. The steering and braking match perfectly to leave you feeling like you are driving a handmade precision auto. Add in all the features of Infiniti and you are on top of the world from the moment you spot it across a parking lot.

- Lucas P

Good fuel economy. Powerful engine options. Number of available safety aids

The 2015 Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury sports sedan available in rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations. A 328-hp 3.7-liter V-6 is the base engine while an available 360-hp hybrid powertrain combines a 3.5-liter V-6 and an electric motor. A seven-speed automatic gearbox is the only transmission available in all Q50 variants. Fuel economy is average for the class in car with the 3.7-liter V-6, achieving 20/29-30 mpg city/highway in rear-drive guise and 19/27 mpg with all-wheel drive. The Q50 Hybrid is significantly more fuel-efficient than the base model despite having more power, with rear-drive models achieving 28-29/34-36 mpg while all-wheel-drive models get 27-28/31-35 mpg, depending on whether the sportier S model is selected.

- monica C

Luxury comfort and smooth ride.

My vehicle is true luxury. The most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. The interior is spacious and comfortable. The ride is smooth and I do not have n any complaints. Almost every aspect of the vehicle is to be admired. One improvement would be the dashboard needs updating, but I believe the newest Infiniti models have updated the dashboard. Navigation systems should also become standard not an option with purchase. Highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that wants a comfortable, stylish vehicle.

- Rachel S

Infiniti QX60- Move your family in style

The Infiniti QX60 is top for luxury and performance. With a seating capacity of 7, I can drive around my kids and their friends but with the feeling of a sports car. Incredibly fast pick-up makes it fun to drive. Has all the gadgets, making the drive comfortable as well as fun. My kids are able to climb out easily and the seats are positioned for comfort. I love that I can connect my phone using Bluetooth, leaving the chargers free for my kids and their phones. Sporty, fun, and reliable!

- Cassie S

Enjoy being to switch the engine power to what it needed at the time of driving.

Love the comfort of the seats with the warmer for winter time. Plus the steering wheel warmer is always a nice feature in the winter. Drives very smoothly. The only complaint I have is the blind spots which I wish I had the blind spot indicator. The three rows seats are nice without a huge SUV or a minivan. Gas mileage could be better with future models but it is about the same as other SUVs.

- Tiffany C

You can also program your garage to your vehicle !

The performance of this vehicle is great. I got this vehicle to accommodate my three kids and while they can fit 3 seats across I do wish it had captain seats. Either third row folded it does give you great trunk space. The mileage isn't that great but the HWY mileage is okay. Eco mode kind of gives your vehicle a slow start but standard mode is perfect.

- Raven B

Super smooth car with low maintenance and high gas mileage. Features are very good and made me and my family very happy in owning this car

i was very hesitant in buying this car and went to and fro several times between infiniti and lexus. I have no regret of choosing infiniti qx60. it's a very smooth car and high mileage compared to lexus and acura. Only thing i dislike is service center. Infinity service center sucks. better you go some other reliable service center

- James J

The seat makes me feel like I am driving in my sofa.

I like the qx60. Mainly because of the safety features that are on it, side markers if a car is passing on either side. A signal if the car gets too close to you. A camera showing when going forward and backwards. It has a great speaker system and will pick up my songs on my iPhone. I also like the Bluetooth system.

- Richard S

Infiniti is a great family car with a sporty feel.

It handles great, very sporty drive and feel to it. The seats are really comfortable and the third row is easy to access. The extra features such as the door handles illuminating at night are really helpful. I love the push button start and ability to unlock the doors with the push of a button on the door handle.

- Heather M

Infiniti qx60 defines luxury in all aspects.

The infiniti qx60 is really a wonderful luxury car compared to other luxury cars I have sat in and drove in. It is spacious, great miles, and just the comfort I need for long drives too. Also very safe for my 4 month old. The ride is really smooth and it does not feel like I am driving an SUV.

- Sehr M

No Bluetooth, but great Bose speakers

The truck handles rough. The ride is smooth, but of you turn a corner the passengers fly across the seats. Also my 2015 was not equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. The look is nice and sleek and there is a lot of room in the 2nd row. It drives great on the highway. It could be more luxury

- Ebony H

Infiniti qx60. I love it. You will too.

Molding around window came loose. Love the drive, service and customer care. I love all the features and the third row. The interior is nice, the exterior is slick. I love the button for the hatch. I do not like that you have to push the button on handle so many times to get it to unlock.

- Tracy H

Transmission issue in Infiniti qx60.

I love the physical aspects of my car. It has leather interior and all the bells and whistles. The transmission has been an issue since we purchased it. I would love the car a lot more if we didn't have so many transmission issues. I would consider purchasing again if the issue was fixed.

- Jacqui F

Dependable and ease of use.

It drives very well, has been very dependable. There have been no issues with performance or use. In 3. 5 years, we have driven it 49, 000 miles and it runs well and has given us no problems. It offers both luxury and dependability. Features are easy to use. It has exceeded our hopes.

- Mary W

Easy drive and comfy on long trips.

Easy to drive. drives more like a crossover or minivan than a typical SUV. Tons of cargo when the 3rd row is folded down. Enough space in the middle row to seat 2 plus a car seat comfortably. Great for long road trips as we drive from southern California to Arizona a few times a year.

- Windy N

A true luxurious experience!

The vehicle drives wonderful. The gas mileage could be better, it only averages 18-20 on the highway. The vehicle has many self-checking features which help maintain performance. Outside of minor cosmetic issues, such as issues with rubber trim where the tires are, I love the vehicle.

- Julia J

Multi tasking luxury SUV with not lack of space

The Infinity is very comfortable and reliable. It is roomy and has room for 8 passengers. The optional drive mode provides options for driving performance and handling. The vehicle size makes it easy to navigate tight areas while still having room for passengers and groceries.

- Cathy R

Quality built car with all the useful feature you needed.

Great exterior and interior designs. Has all the safety features that I needed. Good gas mileage. It is built with quality and never had any issues since I purchased it. The dealership also provide loaner car service every time I take it to them for maintenance.

- Steve Z

Great car for a growing family!

Really like how the back seats collapse and move forward for getting into the third row, that was a big feature that sold the car to us. We really like the finishes and the mocha color leather interior. I trust Infiniti, we've never had an issue with one.

- Elizabeth A

Good size SUV. Great for families.

Backseat vibrates and makes noise while driving. Seats 7. Third row is great. Gets good gas mileage. Xm radio seems to reset to the preview channel which is very annoying. Not sure why it does that. Good size. Not too big. Not too small. Just right!

- Natalie L

My car is practical but also classy.

Smooth ride. Love the cameras and sensors to minimize risk of accidents. Wish it had a wireless phone charger or would read my texts but maybe the newer models do. Love the color. It is a pearlier white. Also I would like to see air conditioned seats.

- Joan P

Great performance and you feel safe. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend it.

My car is one of the larger SUV. I got the car so I could lay down the back seat and put my bike in without having to use a bike rack. The car is excellent vehicle, gas and price tag are a little pricey but the performance is great.

- Debra W

Love my 2015 Infiniti QX60

I love my car. The ride is smooth and comfortable. The car has every feature you can want or need and my daughter loves the TVs in the back to watch while in the car. So far the car has been extremely reliable with no problems.

- Tara M

Family friendly and sporty mom car!

Love it, no issues, very reliable, family friendly and easy to maintain. Would highly recommend to any family that would like a 6-7 passenger car without being a minivan. Husband even loves to drive!

- Lisa B

It is has great mileage and it is a great family car.

It is a little bulky so it is hard to park and does not have blind spot detection. It also does not have a navigation. Pros I like that it is spacious beautifully designed and comfortable.

- Helena A

Feel of luxury while behind the wheel.

I love the roomy interior and the soft luxurious feel of the leather. It is a pleasure to drive . I always feel comfortable behind the wheel It makes me feel safe and secure.

- JoAnn H

It is roomy and comfortable.

Smooth driving, feel safe, I love the extra safety features. I also love the body style and color. It is big enough for my family. No dislikes or complaints.

- Christine T

Jeep wranglers have a great turn radius.

My qx60 drives like a dream. I love the comfortable seats, roomy interior, and gorgeous exterior design. Plus, it drives well in the snow.

- Christine O

I feel with this SUV, you get the most bang for your buck.

It drives very smooth and fits 7 people very comfortably. When the back seats are folded down, gives a lot of trunk space.

- Rebecca C

It's very cute looking. It's also very comfortable and spacious. It is however, a little wide, making it difficult to park.

The most important thing others should know is that is very wide. You should be a decently skilled driver, not new.

- Mindy G

Easy to drive. Plenty of room in back.

Drive- look. How is handles! Space that is in the back seat. Navigation is ok... Gas mileage could be better..

- Susan B

Fun design, with great reliability

Fun, attractive vehicle. Little to low maintenance. Great interior space. Not as powerful as other suvs

- Leanne M

it is safe for me to drive and that makes me feel good

It is a nice comfortable vehicle that has a wide array of safety features that make me a proud owner

- DiAnn C

3rd row seating is great and roomy for all rows. Plus there's room to put things in the back, even with the 3rd row.

Like the 3rd row seating. Dislike some of the features and the exterior look of the car.

- Matt W




it can seat 7 people and has three rows.

it is sleek and beautiful and seats 7 people.

- angelique h