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The important thing to know is how to utilize all of the cars safety features.

I love the interior and smooth ride. I also like the safety features (ex: light to show my blind spots, back/front cameras and braking sensors). I would like the car to automatically close side mirrors when car is off (the Lincoln has this feature) as well as for the seat to move back when the car is off (the seat only adjusts back when u open the door, again this is a feature the Lincoln has). One other feature I would love to see is a larger sunroof. This has two but the front is the only one that opens and it is very small (in comparison to our Lincoln).

- Liz D

Smooth riding infiniti qx60 makes for comfortable ride.

This car has very good visibility and many features that help make a safe drive when on the road. Notification of someone in the lane right next to you on either side is a great help. There is good acceleration and a smooth ride. Those that ride in the back seat say it is very comfortable and easy to see. Like the way the second row of seats can move forward and back. Gas mileage is good. I find the lock system somewhat confusing. When I think all doors are unlocked, they often are not. Then I have to go back and figure out which are and which are not.

- Sally K

Infiniti qx60 it's just a great car all around with many great features.

Super reliable and the drive is very smooth indicating great suspension! It has hands free Bluetooth and a rearview camera! I love the heated seats and sunroof. The leather interior is super comfortable and easy to keep clean. I have not had any trouble with the engine or keyless start system. On the highway I have to set the cruise control and monitor my speed because the car just glides down the road and before I know it I am doing 80 mph. I love this car!

- Renee H

Good luxury SUV that is compatible to the various lifestyles of the customers.

The clock keeps resetting itself. Seats are comfortable and smooth ride. Overall the high tide is great feels like you are floating on air. The gas mileage is average. There are a lot of features that come with this vehicle and it purchased it brand new off the showroom floor. You are able to use Bluetooth mode or iPod mode.

- Chacha F

Self start and navigation Infiniti.

Gas mileage is my issue, love the SUV however gas is expensive and not many miles. I love the features such as keyless entry and starting the car from the house. Heated seats and steering wheel are nice to have. Sunroof is nice too. I love the room when family has to ride with third row seating.

- Johanna H

Great engine great performance.

Great performance. Reliable ride very spacious and love the luxurious interior love the strong engine amazing navigation system. The only thing I do not like about it that steering wheel is tight and the 3 row seat does not have enough knee space and is missing the panorama sunroof.

- Saul C

Feels safe & comfortable to drive.

The vehicle has all the safety features. It pretty much drives itself. It has an s. O. S. Button that you can push to call the police. It is also very comfortable to drive. The seats are quilted & very comfortable. The vehicle does not feel as big as it is while you are driving it.

- Katy B

Infinity- an enjoyable car to drive!E.

This car is comfortable and has many safety features. I really loved the backup cameras, seat warmers, and more. I would recommend this car to anyone wanting somewhat affordable luxury. Drives well and handles well. I like that steering wheel is adjustable as well.

- Amy H

Love the remote start. First time with the feature. Great on the hot days.

The infiniti qx60 is a great vehicle. Bought it because it has a roomy third row seat for grandkids—and comfortable too. Overall plenty of room with great sound system. Would like a little better gas mileage. Overall really enjoy driving and riding in the qx60.

- Frank J

It is a smooth, comfortable ride. It has clean lines and looks sharp on the road.

I like that it is a smooth ride and comfortable. I like that it has a third row that is easy to put up and down. My only dislikes are that it is a bit challenging for me to park since it's larger than any previous cars I've owned. It also has blind spots.

- Kim S

Easy to handle with good acceleration.

Very comfortable ride both front seat and backseat. Find the electronics somewhat difficult to navigate--have to pull out the manual all too frequently. Good gas mileage but smaller tank than I am used to.

- Sally C

Great parking assist that I find invaluable.

I have had no problems with my infiniti vehicle. It is so comfortable, drives smoothly and has many safety features that I love. The parking assist is great and is priceless for parallel parking.

- Dawn W

My Classy and Smooth Vehicle

My Infiniti car looks classy and runs smoothly. I purchased it since I'm a driver and customers prefer this model of car. It's roomy and fits at least 6 people.

- saied g

why I love my QX60 , it is my 4th Infiniti purchase

It is easy to drive, it has a cockpit like drivers seat, gets good gas mileage, has great cameras to assist in navigating parking, backing up, etc.

- Lyn H

My vehicle is very good and has really cool features.

I really love my vehicle. It has great seats, smooth driving, and is overall very good. It has rear view mirrors which come in handy a lot.

- Jill K

It is very comfortable to drive.

I love the seating. I love that you could have a car seat in and still access the 3rd row. I love the comfort of the vehicle.

- Monica L

My car is very fuel efficient, very well made, and over all my favorite car so far.

The navigation system is amazing although its slow. The seats are comfortable and sturdy. The car itself is amazing.

- Alyson A

Comfortable. Proud to own. Feels safe to drive in with my kiddos

Love everything about this vehicle. Only thing it's missing is air conditioned seats and Mine did not come with Nav.

- Jen D

One important thing others should know about this car is it has great let room

These vehicle is perfect for my needs. I am able to fit my family in it. And i am able to transport items i need.

- Darren D

Automatic braking is a great feature for any car.

It has a nice color to it. Great technology. Comfortable leather seats. Only one complaint, it only has 2 doors.

- John G

It is very comfortable to ride in and drive. Worth the price.

It has all the safety features. It pretty much drives itself. Has a lot of power. Spacious interior.

- Sarah A

The driving performance of the SUV is fantastic, while getting great gas mileage

The ride is very smooth, the performance is better than most Crossover suvs,

- James O

I don't like that it is hard to see when changing lanes.

It drives well. There is a lot of trunk space if the third row is down.

- lauren k