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The amazing infiniti qx80.

My favorite feature is the bird's eye view while parking or driving. The only problem I have had with my car is the sensor for the automatic windshield wiper stopped working but it was replaced easily! My kids (4 and 1) love the headrest DVD. There are two headphones they can use to listen to the movie while we listen to the radio or something else. You can also have DVD playing on one side, an aux playing on the other and then have the radio playing. It drives like a dream and feels like you are gliding on the road. It is very spacious. I wish the second row would adjust front to back but they do release fold with a click of a button in the front. The third row folds with the ease of a button. Heated steering wheel is also a major plus! This is my dream vehicle!

- Courtney B

Elevate your spirit and your status in life with the luxurious QX80.

The Infiniti QX80 is a luxury SUV with all the 'Bells & Whistles' for those you enjoy leather, a Harman sound system, multiple sensors and cameras, remote start, multi-position seats, navigation, large inner cabin and so much more. Capable of navigating the city streets, country back roads and rocky terrain. The undeniable horsepower is ready for the racetrack, RV hauling, grocery shopping, errands, church, meetings, road trips and date night. Would you like to float in luxury? Get your QX80.

- L S

The biggest baddest most luxurious and still affordable SUV.

I love the infiniti qx80. Its large and powerful and you feel like you own the road. It is extremely elegant inside and can seat 8 people comfortably. I will admit the 3rd row is kind of tight but sufficient. It is load when you start it for a few minutes but after that it is not at all. It also handles great and the passengers feel like they are riding on a cloud.

- Jason J

Luxury and comfort, everything you need!

The car is very big and comfortable. Modern inside and has woods as accessories and details. I like the parking cameras that are 360, you can see the whole car which really helps parking because you have huge blind spots. It is a seven seats and the trunk gets even bigger when you put down the seats. GPS and Bluetooth helps a lot.

- Nah N

An interesting detail is the GPS navigation built into the car.

The 2015 Infiniti is extremely comfortable with leather material. But the leather fades and weakens over a short period of time if you don't use covers. Also the button doesn't always start the car when it's hot outside. But mileage is good. You can really use this vehicle for a long time if maintenance is kept up.

- Lindsay D

Great features for a gem of a crossover.

Great car. Love all the room and lots of room. Has a lot of features including heated seats front and back. Great sound system. Navigation easy to use. Love the Bluetooth capability. Can carry up to 7 people. Has a luggage rack for extra storage. Gets pretty good gas mileage to be such a large vehicle.

- Donna P

I recommend the Infiniti QX80 as the perfect large family car for road trips

We love our car. We have 3 kids and it fits them all comfortably even with room in the back for groceries. It handles well on the road and is easy to drive. I enjoy the navigation and easy access to movies and radio while I am driving. The look of the vehicle is beautiful and classy.

- Heather R

It is very comfortable. The seats are supportive and comfy even if you have to drive all day.

I love this SUV! It is very comfortable. I like the GPS and the easy to use features. It is roomy and luxurious. I do not like the location of the button that auto closes the rear cargo door. I am short and it is not convenient.

- Lily T

It is reliable spaces and wonderful to drive.

Space extra features leather seats memory seat heated seats moonroof ext. It runs great I have had no problems with it I ale it to get routine oil changes ext.

- Sonya D

There is not much room if the 3rd seat is always in use and the gas mileage isn't the greatest. But it is a sporty SUV and comfortable car.

I love the look and comfort of my vehicle. I also love the entertainment package. I do not like that there is not enough space once the 3rd row seat is up.

- Stacey S

It is extremely comfortable.

My infiniti qx80 is very spacious and comfortable. My family loves how much leg space they have even in the third row.

- Liz F