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Love the heated and cooled seats!!

2017 INFINITI QX80 Base

I love the QX80! It sits up high so you can see the road well. The automatic cruise control is probably one of my favorite features. It automatically slows down if there is a car in front of you and speeds up with they move into another lane. It drives smoothly and the captain seats are super comfy. Having the second row seats pop down with just a button makes it easy for kids to get in and out of the third row, which of course lays down flat for extra space when needed. We have taken it many times on road trips and it comes in handy in town when we have extra friends with us.

- Leslie W

I feel like I am riding in the lap of luxury every time I get in it.


It is so roomy and drives so smoothly. The leather is beautiful and very comfortable. It is very reliable so far but it is only a little over a year old so hard to tell if that will be accurate in a few years. Everything is very easy to operate and I feel very safe driving it. One of the things I am not happy about is the backup camera. It is almost impossible to use. It is not clear at all. I have been in inexpensive rental cars and the back up cameras have been clearer than the one in the qx80.

- Jan M

The upsides of the Infiniti QX80

2017 INFINITI QX80 Base

Our INFINITI QX80 has very few plausible issues and drives like heaven. The seats are like memory foam and when you aren't driving it is very simple and easy to fall asleep. My siblings parents and I love it unconditionally and recommend it to any couple with or planning on having children. It is an amazing car to have if you have a larger family.

- Sadie W

Lot of room, comfortable heated seats, & TVs behind the upfront seats.


Its awesome! I personally love it. Tons of room, lots of seats for your friends and family, and TVs on the back of the passenger and driving seats. Also lots of little nooks and crannies to store your personal belongings! The security's loud alarm and automatic lock system, is also is very protecting and reassuring!

- Grace F

The ride is super comfy and looks great but is pretty pricey


It is a luxury SUV with all the bells and whistles. It is 4 wheel drive and one of the best suv's i have ever driven on snow and ice. I love the sensors for backup and driving. I don't like the fact that the sensors get covered up by snow and dirt in the winter and i have to clear them off regularly

- sandra s

Good and bad, but mostly good.


My radio and ac had to be replaced when the car was less than one year old. It is a luxury car, but do not feel that way when I take it to the shop. I love the size and the way it drives. It has lots of convenience features that are quite valuable. I really like the driver assist.

- Dawn M

Overall a great car that improved with a couple of minor technical additions

2017 INFINITI QX80 Base

There needs to be more USB ports. I also wish I could text by command through the car radio system. The gas mileage could be better. I also don't like console being in the backseat. I would rather have an additional seat. Overall I like the car and these are just minor issues

- Amy S

Infiniti qx80. Best SUV in its class!

2017 INFINITI QX80 Limited

The infiniti qx80 looks and drives exceptional. The infotainment system is innovative and very easy to use. My kids can even access and enjoy the features. The interior is comfortable, luxurious, and spacious. Definitely a family vehicle you can drive everyday.

- Terrence T

It drives like a car not a truck!


This car is big! However, it drives beautifully. It is nicely designed inside and has all the bells and whistles. The body of the car is classy and definitely a car to admire. I would recommend this car to everyone looking for a luxury minivan basically.

- Katie M

It gets noticed for its sleek design and has all the room you need in a large SUV.


It has all the room of other large SUVs which I love. What sets it apart is the modern styling and the incredible torque! It doesn't hesitate in traffic and never feels too big for the road. I wish it had WiFi enabling features.

- Lori H

It runs great and is safe but the upkeep is costly so be prepared for that before buying.


I love the style and entertainment features of my vehicle. It also runs smooth and I always get compliments on it wherever I go. The only thing I dislike is how much gas it takes because that can add up quickly.

- Tonya R

It can comfortably accommodate a family and provides a safe ride.


With three kids, the space provided by this car is great. It's very luxurious and a smooth, comfortable ride. Only downside is that is a bit bulky and doesn't have great pick-up.

- Lindsay R

The peace of mind while driving this vehicle is worth the price.


I like that my entire family can ride comfortably - I love the seats! I like the convenience options such as lighted door that can open automatically.

- Jeremy M

It has so much room inside.


I love it for the space and the way it drives. I love the interior... The back up camera is terrible..

- Janet S

This car is like being in a cockpit. The leather is so soft. It nearly drives itself.


It is luxury. I feel safe in it. It is a very nice ride.

- Dawn M

Built like a tank. Smooth, luxurious, spacious. Technologically advanced


Silky smooth and quiet ride, spacious and fun to drive

- Harry S