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I have a rodeo that is very dependable and does not need a lot of money to fix just to keep it running but it does have a few. Problems not that big of a deal tho

I like the rodeo because it is very dependable and runs real good without having to spend a lot money on parts and labor. But the things that I don't like are the muffler and power windows they seem to always give me problems after I've had them worked on. The engine is powerful and reliable over all and it handles as well or better then most other cars I've driven of that same year. The big problem I have with the car is how you have to put the power steering fluid in the transmission which is very difficult not like most vehicles were you put it in the top of the engine but it must be pumped in rite at the transmission after removing a bolt. I tr to do it myself and failed so I had to take it to get it worked on just for replenishing the transmission fluid. Other then that it's the best car.

- Randy L

Isuzu Rodeo: Ahead of Its Time

I love my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo. Due to its age, it does have a few problems. The check engine light comes on every once in a while but it's overall a very nice car. It's my very first car and I've driven it almost 75,000 miles in the past five years with minimal problems. It's been a reliable vehicle and has provided me with everything I need in a vehicle. It gets roughly 18.5 MPG, but I do not commute a long distance. Since the car was manufactured by Isuzu, the performance (engine, HP), and level of comfort within the vehicle are basic. Since it was made in 2000, the car comes with standard electronic door locks, power windows, cruise control, and a CD/cassette-tape combo. Overall, a nice, reliable vehicle with typical/standard features of a vehicle from the 2000s.

- Dillon S

The Isuzu rodeo is the perfect vehicle for adventurers. It will not let you down.

This vehicle is great. It just keeps running! It is very reliable. I love that it sits higher than other cars, but you do not have to climb into it. My favorite thing about this car is how much room there is inside. I have used it to move many times. It is also very comfortable for long road trips anywhere your heart desires. It also has a top rack for extra storage!

- Meg P

Isuzu rodeo excellent performance and dependable.

Has been a great vehicle, no problems or issues. Just normal routine maintenance. We have replaced items due to age, wear and tear, such as transmission, radiator, shocks and tires. Car is very dependable and road worthy, we travel for work so our vehicle covers a lot of miles and road time. Would definitely recommend the Isuzu rodeo.

- Virginia H

Great size. Drove across country this year with no problems at all.

Love the size, not too big, not too small. It is just getting old and a bit rundown. It can be hard to find replacement parts for (console, mirrors, etc. ). I am not sure how much more I can say to fulfill the text requirement. It is a pretty color green. During the last hurricane somehow water got in.

- Alexandra J

Why drive anything but a Rodeo?

I absolutely love my Rodeo. She has quite a few miles on her but has lasted for years. It is a very reliable car and comes with great features. The performance of the car is awesome! I'm not an off-roader, but I believe this car can withstand off-road driving. I've not had any major issues it.

- Jennifer H

2000 Hand me Down Rodeo review

It lacks power when starting, especially when going up hills. It rattles and makes a lot of noises. The comfort is good and it has been a somewhat reliable car. Gas mileage is not great. I have been driving this vehicle for 2 years and have had to put about 2000 worth of work in to it.

- Jennifer F

Lots of room and lots of power fun to drive

It's my everyday driver it's comfortable the only problems I had was the transmission which had to be rebuilt at a hundred and fifty thousand miles it's pretty decent on gas 2 V6 two wheel drive I've had it for five years some but overall a good vehicle very roomy electrical problems

- Michael L

Spacious trunk, lots of backseat legroom, excellent steering.

It is a very good family SUV. I have a toddler seat and an infant car seat and they both fit in the back seat with room to spare. The handling is really good and it has a good size trunk. We drive it from Tennessee to Alabama a couple times a year and have had no problems at all.

- Stacey L

Sport utility vehicle off road

Burns oil and has bad transmission from General Motors. Drives smooth for a truck. Has good pick up and accelerating for an older vehicle. Can tow a large amount for a small SUV and has lots of interior room and even more with folded seats down. Works well off-road with 4x4

- Ian R

My Isuzu rodeo - the car that is gets me where I am going.

I love my SUV. It is sporty, good on gas, limited upkeep, reliable and have nothing but positive things to say about it. I get about 35 miles to the gallon and have never had any major issues with the vehicle, even for it is age and mileage. I absolutely love driving it.

- Richard G

Has a lot of space on the inside.

Clutch sticks, needs a new fan motor, has over 150, 000 miles, new battery, new starter, needs a new radio, speakers are busted, 17 gallon gas tank, manual transmission, some scratches and dents on the outside and inside, steering wheel cover, realtree seat covers.

- Mackenzie D

Safe and Fun! Great kayak and camping vehicle. Excellent in the snow too!

This vehicle saved my life in a bad car accident! It is solid and very safe. It gets great mileage and has very little issues! Great quality! I have owned three Isuzu's in my lifetime and will always be a fan. You can get a good 300k miles out of them.

- Jessie B

The size is perfect for us (a couple with a large lab).

Vehicle was bought used. It has been very reliable. We have made many trips back and forth from us to Mexico, without issue. Replacement parts (mirrors, sparks, console) can be hard to come by.

- Alex J

It gets me where I need to go and I don't have to worry about a car payment.

I like the size of it. It does have problems. The gas gauge is broken so I have to go by the mileage. I would like an updated version of this vehicle because mine is really showing its age.

- Ashley B

I like it and it is dependable and reliable.

I like that is it pretty dependable. Nothing has really given me too much trouble. I guess it is outdated now. No bluetooth or backup camera.

- bo h

h aha i keep it clean, rides smooth, strong, parts last

luv everything bout it can carry things, camp wit maybe more on gas looks gr8

- c w

It's durable, and reliable, it's also very rugged, and powerful

No complaints, other than loud ticking in the engine

- Jane M