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Isuzu rodeo - keeps running mile after mile.

I bought my vehicle used from a friend of a friend a little over a year ago. It had a few minor blemishes on the outside but was in good condition on the inside. It had been well maintained and was in good running condition. I was impressed with how well it ran for a vehicle 17 years old. After driving it for over a year including a 700 mile trip from Florida to Louisiana and back, it is still running great both on the highway and in the city. It is the best car I have had in quite a while.

- Michael T

My super sporty isuzu rodeo ls.

The rodeo is a great all-around vehicle. It is very light and sporty. I have no problems with it. Very solid v-6 motor and the winter and power modes come in handy when I am in the backcountry. With a good set of tires, even with no four wheel drive, this vehicle will go anywhere. I have not had this vehicle for long however it has been a great commuter vehicle that I can also have fun with on the weekends I really enjoyed sporty look and the ability to not only get to work but also play.

- Cutter S

Great summer riding with the top down.

It is a really tuff car. It is a soft top. So the top is removable which can be a problem. But overall performance is great. It is really nice riding with the top down during fall spring or summer. I really hope you enjoy this car. Mine has a 4 cyl. Engine but you can get it with a bigger 6 cyl. Engine if you would like more power.

- Thomas B

Well built. Good for small family.

Older model. Hard to check transmission fluid. Good vehicle for small family. Paint has held up, same with interior. Looks nice and runs nice if you maintain. Seats are not that comfortable. Very difficult to find parts now in 2019. So if something breaks you may be out of luck. Some Chevrolet parts can be substituted instead.

- Lorraine Y

Good car for around the town driving.

The 2001 Isuzu rodeo is a nice little car for around the town driving. Smooth steering, spacious seating, lots of storage space in the back. Unfortunately, the rodeo does not get great gas mileage. Also, if your tires are old or worn down you may spin out if you take any sharp turns too quickly.

- Ryan L

The spark plugs need to be checked every year or so.

I get great gas mileage, has pretty good safety features. I have needs to replace a few spark plugs and the radiator, but besides that I just do regular check ups and oil changes. My back axle is starting to go out and be lopsided, but it is not affecting the tires or drive of the car.

- Jenna P

It may be old but it still looks very new because of the color and the good condition it's still in.

I like the room it has inside, the stability on the road and how it handles in weather. I like it's gas mileage. No complaints other than now it's hard to find parts since they don't make them anymore.

- Deahna G

Poor gas mileage and smallish gas tank means higher gasoline expenses

I love the sturdiness of a truck body, I like the height and good visibility from the large windows, it does get poor gas mileage however and I have had to get a new battery 3 times in the past 5 years

- jose f

I would consider the vehicle to be a mid-size SUV and enjoy a smaller interior as opposed to a Suburban.

This vehicle is the first one I have purchased on my own and pay the insurance for. I enjoy the fact that it sits higher than normal 4-door cars and it's a smaller size SUV.

- Terry V

Great reliable all-purpose car!

Very few problems. Most issues were inexpensive to fix. Most reliable car I've ever had. Comfortable. Able to fit my family of 5 comfortably.

- McCord L

It's no longer being made in the United States. But it's very dependable.

It's a solid built vehicle. I like the body style. It's roomy. I haven't had many problems with it. It drives well. I'll keep it til it dies.

- tammy s

The rear view mirror lights up when you exit vebi me.

Having problems with shifter, brakes and tires. Vehicle is comfy to drive good in snow. It is easy to park and has good viability. .

- Joan T

Very reliable car if you take care of it like my husband has been.

Built very well. Great SUV for a small family of 3 or 4. Very durable vehicle. Somewhat small for bigger families of 5 or 6.

- Danielle G

Very roomy, goo on gas. Nice stereo

Bought it used. It does its job of getting me from point A to point B however it is starting to need some costly repairs.

- Davidia B

It is dependable, and good on winter roads.

I love the size, the ability to haul whatever I wish, the body style. Also, it has a sunroof... I have no complaints.

- Beth H

This car is very dependable.

I like my truck. It's been a dependable vehicle i really have no dislikes about ut.

- Mitch H

It's a pretty good all around car, nothing too special about it but not bad

The rodeo is a decent mid sized suv It's very reliable and gets decent mileage

- Jason w

Handles well and drives really smooth. Plenty of room for 1 maybe 2 people

It is all around a great vehicle. It climbs hills and handles great off road.

- Mitch C