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My car is my baby and fits my lifestyle.

My car is a manual which I love. Right now I am having an issue with getting it to pass emissions so I can renew my tag. I have had to change a lot of parts out on it from the water pump to the fuel pump. It is overheating. I have put in a new radiator, new hoses and still can't figure out what is wrong with it. However, it drives great as long as it doesn't sit still for too long while running. It is very comfortable. I love the seating in it. I do wish it had more cup holders for the people in the back seat. I like that it isn't a large SUV, but more medium size. I can carry a good bit in the back and the seats lay down.

- Michele M

2004 Isuzu rodeo is a good running vehicle.

My rodeo runs very well and we have had very little mechanical problems with it. There are only two issues that make it a little less than an ideal vehicle. It does not get very good gas mileage (I have traveled back and forth to Delaware from Georgia about 10 times in the last year) and it uses oil. I have to make sure to keep constant check to make sure it is not too low on oil. Other than that, this has been a very good running vehicle.

- Valencia S

My red rodeo is a beautiful and trusting ride. I would take off anywhere in it.

I love my rodeo because your sitting up on the road and drives so well. The color makes it stand out as well as the luggage rack on top. I have racing tires on it which makes a difference to!! The inside is electronic windows and fully grey. It also has a hatchback with a windshield wiper and brake light. I have had this vehicle for five years and would definitely buy another one! Very trustworthy!

- Beth A

my car is a gray color. Its small and have very nice space inside.

I like my vehicle because it has no trouble during the winter it deals with the snow really well and its 4x4 so I really enjoy it, it's automatic with makes it ester and I really recommend it. The only thing I would say it's that it's a really unique car so it's often hard to find pieces for it. One time I lost the keys and it was extremely hard to find one

- ana G

Great vehicle! Rodeo all the way!

My vehicle runs great. Do not really have any problems out of it. The only bad thing is, it is a gas guzzler when the air is on. When the air is off, it is great on gas. Gets me to where I need to go. I can go almost 2 hours with 10$ in the gas tank. Great room. I have even picked up a dresser in it. The seats in the back lay down.

- Jade C

The most comfortable and satisfying SUV

My Isuzu Rodeo has been a very reliable vehicle and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a used vehicle. I wish Isuzu would make a new model in which case I would love to purchase it. I have owned other vehicles but none have met my satisfaction like the Isuzu Rodeo.

- Cory S

Isuzu rodeo is a practical and kind of fun vehicle to drive.

There is no transmission dipstick. Have to check it underneath the vehicle. You practically have to drain the transmission. It has a lot of room to haul whatever, does not look like a soccer mom van, although it does not get very good gas mileage. All in all, a good vehicle.

- Carla S

Ride wherever. Rodeo, runs great.

Runs great, light turns on for no reason. Have to replace breaks a lot. Pretty good on gas unless you use the air conditioner. 10$ can get you almost an hour away. When using the air conditioner, you have to buy much more gas.

- Jade C

Reliability beyond belief

It is durable and runs well with nearly 200,000 miles. I have no serious issues or complaints and really can't think of anything I don't like about the vehicle.

- Don U

They should know how to properly take care of it, like checking the oil/water, tire pressure, replacing anything that needs it. Keep it running good!

I love my vehicle because it isn't bad on gas at all. It also has a lot of internal room for passengers to sit comfortably. It hasn't ever given out on me.

- Brooke S

Love my Rodeo! Takes a lickin' & keeps on tickin'!!!

Oldie but a goodie! Minimal repairs, runs amazingly after 179,000 miles it still drives great. A bit bumpy in the ride, but overall I'd buy it again.

- Jen T

It is a great thing toga e 4 wheel drive as you need it.

I sometimes feel like my vehicle could flip in bad weather. I feel safe other than that. I like the face that I am up off the ground a little bit.

- Candace R

It gives me the confidence to go out in bad weather.

Great on gas, snow and bad weather. The only problem is that it has a long wheel base so it takes 2 0r 3 k turns to make some circles.

- Roberta B

Built to last, a real trooper of a car. Love my Rodeo!

It's really been a great vehicle. It needs a bit of body work, and the ride isn't the smoothest, but I love my Rodeo nonetheless!

- Jennifer T

It is hard on gasoline, using a lot.

I like it sits up higher so I can see farther ahead and I feel more comfortable, if I get in a wreck I might not get hurt as bad.

- Jean C

It's dependable. Not afraid to drive long distances even for an older vehicle

It's very efficient. It gets great gas mileage. It's big enough for the family and also to haul things if need be.

- Julie S

That the Isuzu is dependable

My vehicle is dependable. I like that it has plenty of room. This vehicle's accessories works and performs well


it is a good car. i like it. i don't know what else to write

it's good. i love it. only complaint is it doesn't have a remote for locking

- Amber B