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Don't be scared away by the need to use premium gas.

Jaguar F Pace is an extremely comfortable vehicle to drive. Performance is great. Lots of pick up but that makes it very easy to catch yourself speeding. Takes premium gas but we have found the mpg offsets the higher cost per gallon. Biggest downfall is the onboard center. Will be listening to the radio and the whole system crashes. Not often but enough to be an annoyance with the price paid for the vehicle. Jaguar should also just switch to apple play and be done with.

- Kari J

It is a great vehicle the year it was made no problems.

Love the car! It is fast roomy and drives beautifully. It has some great features my favorite being at night when u open the door a light shines on the ground and it says jaguar. I like the gas mileage I get considering it is a 340 hp v6 supercharged. Love the fact that my yearly services are free of charge.

- Max P

Very fun and agile car that is great for first time SUV owners.

It maneuvers extremely well around corners in country roads. This maneuverability has however come at a cost, which is the generally stiff suspension resulting in a stiffer ride than I expected. If you are looking for floaty qualify this model is not for you.

- Ayako M

If it's diesel engine, you need to put at least 2-3 gallons of DEF in the car at least every 3 months, depending on how many miles you drive.

I love my F-Pace. It has a great body style, nice interior, and smooth drive. I have the Diesel engine and it's pretty quiet. The only thing I don't like about it is that there are no backup sensors and I frequently have to purchase DEF for the engine

- Justin T

Vehicle has many gadgets I am still learning how to use it all.

It is totally functional with all the modern technology and fits my family just perfect! The exterior color is just beautiful and the interior is a two leather that really just pops. Constantly getting compliments on my SUV.

- Danielle T

Jaguar F Pace 2017 Review-LOVE IT

It is a sporty crossover. I love the smooth drive and the features. I have leather heated & cooled seats and steering wheel. The sunroof is so nice.

- Brenda A

That it handles like a sports car.

The f-pace drives like a luxurious sports car. It has great pick up & performance. The interior & exterior styling is everything I could ask for.

- Paul K

This car looks and drives beautiful but the manufacturer rushed first year to market and didn't work out all technology bugs.

The body style and drive are super. I have had lots of technology problems. This has required me to have it in for service on several occasions.

- Sean C

This car is great on gas and performs well.

The car is spacious and comfortable. Performance and handling is great. Diesel engine is great on gas. There have been no problems to date.

- Gina C

It is a very nice car that gets decent gas mileage.

Very nice car. Only complaint has nothing to do with car, really - it's that I have to travel almost 2 hours for dealer service.

- Sandy E

It sits very high, so it is very easy to see while driving.

I love the style and the way it drives. Gas mileage is good for a diesel engine. No complaints except that it needs def often.

- Justin D

Very responsive. . Great handling.

No problems at all. Very comfortable, great handling. Smooth ride. . Plenty of room. Instrument panel clear and ready to use.

- Donald P

It is a very safe car I would recommend it to everyone I could.

None I live my car. The fact that it goes so fast. The sunroof I'd like plus also the radio system and Bluetooth radio.

- Miranda M

My automobile is a nice, inexpensive, comfortable vehicle.

I do not know what your talking about obviously so next question please omg this is ridiculous this is dumb.

- Jeff D

It's a sports SUV with a lot of power. Even though it's an SUV it drives like a sports car.

Love the power and the space. Wish the technology was a little better such as the dash.

- Yolanda L

a trusty and loyal brand that people love loyal brand

Love stylish and performance Gas saver No complaints

- Alfredo A