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My Jaguar is too expensive and is taking up too much of my time and money.

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0L V6

It always has mechanical problems and it's pricey to get them fixed because it requires a lot of labor. Since it's not a very common vehicle it's also hard to find its parts when it needs a new one. At first I loved my car but now that I have spent more money on repairing than what I spent on buying it I have totally changed my mind.

- Naomi R

Review of jaguar car...Good.

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE R

No problems, car is very great. The car is great on gas, miles, and is fun to drive. Very glad I bought it when I did. It is reliable, comfortable, and performs well. It is sleek and beautiful, turns lots of heads, and is really smooth on the road. Can get a little tricky during the colder months though.

- henry N

Luxurious car on the inside and out

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0L V6

Great car not many issues so far except regular maintenance. It may feel a little small on the inside at times. The car has lasted well and I can see it going for a good while longer. I like that it does have a luxurious feel. The detail on the inside looks beautiful will the wood grain finish

- Natasha Q

Enjoying my Jaguar. Will buy another

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE Base

The car has only 65000 miles. Looks and runs great. Comfortable ride and handling. 6 cylinders, great power. Great styling. Great performance. Looks new in excellent condition. Glad I purchased this car. I have had 3 Jaguars. All gre as t cars. I would buy another one

- Rock R

2005 jaguar s-type review.

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

I really love my car. It drives extremely smooth and I get complimented all of the time. Even though it is an older car it does not look it at all. My only issues with the car is that when a part of the car breaks or needs to be repaired the parts are really pricey.

- Mad M

It wastes gas really quickly.

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

The car has a luxury interior with ash trays in every car door with comfy seats and it is pretty fast without any upgrades. I do not like about it is that the battery is in the trunk and that you cannot really open the back seats.

- Joshua S

That I wouldn't consider it a family car because of the inside size.

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

I like that it is a luxury car. I love the sunroof. The only thing I dislike about it is the high cost of maintenance.

- Amanda D

2005 jaguar with high mileage.

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

Has 242, 000 miles on it. Still runs like new. Good gas mileage. Have had only minor issues with this car.

- Anne T

It is Fun and easy to drive. There is plenty of space in trunk

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

Sporty. Fun to drive roomy trunk even though a sports car

- P B

It's very expensive to fix a problem Great in the highway Not so great in bump to bump traffick Usual problems with transmission

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

Don't forget because it's foreigner repairs are expensive

- Andrea W

unreliable, expensive to fix

2005 Jaguar S-TYPE

unreliable, stalls out, electrical system issues

- Randall H