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Luxury at its finest and very comfortable and spacious.

It is a nice 4 door luxury car. It has leather heated seats, a sunroof and power windows. It is very comfortable and room for a couple or with children. It is very reliability just it only takes premium so gas is kinda pricey. I have had some problem in the past and had to do a whole transfer case which is kinda pain but other then that it was worth it.

- Alexis S

The cons of a jaguar. Transmission is the most important detail to know.

My car rides incredibly smooth so it is way to speed on. Has all the bells and whistles imaginable. The transmissions do tend have problems. The reverse tends to go out. Other than that it has been reliable. The headliners has have a tendency becoming loose but that is an fix. A do it yourself fix.

- Shelly J

Most reliable roomy vehicle I have ever driven.

I love how reliable my car is. Even when there is an engine light on, it still gets me to my destination reliably until I can get it fixed. Parts are easy to come by and are not as expensive as I had expected. A few things have gone bad due to the age, but mostly non performance issues.

- Crystal M

My car may be 15 years old but the design still looks relevant to today's looks. The car still looks classy.

The transmission does hit a little bit when I got to accelerate after I've already slowed down. However, once you know how to drive it properly, you can work around that problem. Other than that, my car is very reliable and very comfortable to drive.

- Vanesa T

Drives well and exudes comfort. Compact sized car with shockingly large trunk

I love how it drives. It's comfortable, yet smaller than initially thought. My largest complaint is how the dashboard has started coming apart within the vent area despite being garaged for much of the cars life.

- Marium S

It's less expensive than you think! If you take good care of it, it will last a long time.

It's a manual transmission, which I love. It was shockingly inexpensive...actually in my price range. It's comfortable to ride in. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Lisa T

Very comfortable relaxing for those long car rides and great gas mileage.

Car is comfortable sporty drives so smooth love the color look accessories. Very reliable vehicle seats are heated recline very nice for lob road trips.

- Shelly R

The most reliable car ever.

My jag is a beautiful blue, it looks like a million bucks. It has been uber reliable for three years. The price was also sweet, sweet, sweet.

- Mark L

It is expensive to fix and hard to look for parts.

It is expensive to fix and it is not safe to drive in winter but it gets dram point a to point b and I wish the air conditioner worked.

- Madison W

Jaguars reviews of comments and troubles

It's a good car but just a little expensive and lot less problem rims are not so good needs replacing ment after a few months

- jose L

It is extremely reliable, after 15 years it still runs so smoothly.

The only problem is that my transmission kicks a little bit, but everything else in the car runs very smoothly.

- Vanessa T