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The Jaguar X-Type is a fun, sporty, sharp and luxurious car.

I love my 2004 Jaguar X-Type its very sharp/ sporty looking and because it's a sedan it's very comfortable with plenty of room. It has everything I hoped it would have to make it feel as good as it looks-electric leather seats easily adjustable with the push of a couple of buttons, all electric windows and four doors which is perfect for passengers with plenty of foot room. Window and door locks to prevent children from playing with windows and possibly getting hurt or from opening the doors themselves. The heat/air settings are easy to adjust and easy to set for both front seat passengers and it has separate climate controls. The front seats are heated which is great for those really cold/rainy days. There is a really nice stereo that comes factory installed that has Bluetooth that you can connect your cell to and a talk button to answer your calls to allow you to talk hands free while listening to callers through the car speakers. The stereo sounds great. Being a sports car it's really fun to drive it has a cool sports mode for driving on the highway, this allows you to use the car like it's a standard and shift the car as needed but it can be used by just about anyone even if you can't drive a standard. It allows you to accelerate much faster just by using the hand shifter to shift. There is no foot clutch so you don't need to know how to drive a standard type vehicle. This is actually called Sport mode. This car handles very nice and it's a pleasure to drive. It works great in the snow. Although its a 2004 we still get compliments all the time. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a sporty mid sized comfortable car that is really good on fuel and fun to drive!

- Adrian L

The compliment car: This cars gets me the most compliments than my others.

Had to replace o2 sensors and the window washer pump. It cost $1000 plus for these items. The comfort is great. The leather seats hold up longer than most cars of the same year. Being 14 years old it is a great driver. I will have to replace the headliner from the heat of melting the glue inside the car.

- David D

If you are going to buy a Jaguar, please keep in mind the cost of maintenance.

I really like our Jaguar X-type. We've had this vehicle for a few years now, it has been very reliable in our time owning it. It is so comfortable to ride in. The only negative I've experienced while owning this car is the price of maintenance for it. Overall, I have been happy with this car.

- Brandi S

Jaguar review: great car, minor changes to be made.

Could look more modern. It could also show when there is low tire pressure because it does not do that currently. I wish the car came in different colors and didn't have the wood interior. I think the car could have more modern features. And hold more gas/mileage for longer.

- Sarah P

Wonderful jag is a great product.

I just love my jag I bought it new with everything I wanted on it and the color I wanted. It has been very good just regular maintenance like brakes, etc. It still runs like a top would recommend it to people. It hugs the road great and has a lot of power.

- Gen S

Long-term performance, aesthetic appeal.

I enjoy the luxury feel of my jaguar x-type. It is quiet and handles great in a variety of weather conditions. It is generally problem free. I have noticed that repairs are more expensive than other import vehicles.

- Theresa S

It is fast but will break down half way through a race.

Everything is beyond repairable with the prices of it. I love the feel and durability, but over time it is worn down extremely quickly compared to other cars.

- Eric M

It has a very nice exterior.

A lot of difficulties within the parts of the car. It is also hard to find the parts and costly to get it fixed. It is very small not a family car.

- Simone L

It hugs the road so good and you can go quick to a fast rate

Just love our jag. It has been a very good car and has lasted a long time There is nothing that i dislike about it

- donald G

That Jaguars are very reliable. People think because they see European they are not that great but they are very good cars.

I like that it runs and is great shape for how old it is. I don't like how much it cost to get it fixed.

- Sarah L

It's a sports car and can go really fast. It looks sexy and classic. It's an all wheel drive so I can drive it in the winter.

It's a classic but drives real good. It looks good but very functional. It's a car not just for looks.

- Jon L

Repairs on this car are typically expensive as foreign parts and foreign car expertise are more expensive than domestic

I wish it had better speakers. It handles well. Fun to drive and impresses people.

- Luke B