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I absolutely adore my jaguar xj, highly recommend this make and model.

I really haven't had any major problems per-say. I actually love my vehicle and keep it in pristine condition. The one issue I did have (car is fully loaded) with that said: the heated/cooled seats are leather. The attachment bar under the front seats does become disengaged periodically. It has been reattached a number of times yet still unattached itself. That would be the only major issue I have had with this car. The car is comfortable, have used it for long road trips and is very reliable. The performance is outstanding, I love the supercharger model and it is a fun car to drive. The car is fully loaded with every bell and whistle available with this model. I highly recommend this vehicle & model. I will definitely purchase this make again.

- Patricia G

Best car of 2016! (real review).

I love my car! It has comfortable seating, my car has good horsepower and accuracy. The engine does not run down easily like other cars! When your acceleration is too fast the car has a break limit. Good seating for five people if you have a big family. The glass pane is indestructible.

- Jemima M

Jaguar XJ supercharged is great luxury and sports car.

My vehicle is rwd so I have problems driving in snow. Also, it doesn't have highest gas mileage. Overall the sound system is great and love the drive of it. Very comfortable with massage seats

- Chandanpreet S

The car has massage seating.

I like the look of the inside, very luxurious. I also like that the seats have a massager. I don't like that the body is so long and the trunk is somewhat small.

- Chelsea G

It's refined and beautiful. It's very comfortable on a long trip.

I love the room, comfort and style of the vehicle. I also love the handling response for a car of this size. I would like just a little more powerful engine.

- Jerome S

The vehicle is made for speed but also comfort, it has great options and not bumpy on a rough road

The vehicle has great comfort, and speed also the vehicle has a great handling on the road and has great space inside

- Joel K

The luxury and the ride quality are of the best out on the market

It runs great and is fun to drive in all weather and and styles of driving. The materials and dig sign is nice

- John L

It is an amazing vehicle in every way.

I like everything about the car. I like its sleekness, the way it handles while driving, and the features.

- Cathy G

A great driving car, you can feel the steering and it doesn't make your feel that your on a couch

Very luxurious, great driving car with many tech features. There isn't anything I don't like.

- Sam S