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Sleek, attractive design. Sporty yet a serious workhorse.

The Cherokee staying is classic and attractive. The interior is roomy and comfortable. The dashboard is easy to use but can be a bit confusing if you are used to driving Japanese made vehicles; the radio and hvac controls are reversed. The cargo space is adequate but if you need to pick up and deliver equipment or furniture then you'll need to put the seats down. That is not a big deal. The one noticeable thing is the engine. While you do have options the 2. 4l engine and 9-speed transmission takes a little getting used to, especially if you've owned something bigger like a grand Cherokee. While I appreciate not having to fill up every other day I miss being able to hit the pedal and feel the immediate response needed to pass the car ahead of me. Also while I appreciate conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint I still cannot get used to the engine nearly shutting down when I pull up to a stop. As a result, the heater (or air conditioning) and defroster shut down almost completely in stop and go traffic which is annoying when the temperature is below freezing (or above 75). Just be prepared. The ride is comfortable if you are used to driving a SUV, but if you used to a sedan it will feel rigid and you will feel more bumps in the road; you'll get used to it, however. The rigid frame actually makes me feel safer though I am not sure why; just intuition I guess.

- Steven A

My favorite car: Jeep Cherokee latitude.

I drive a 2016 Jeep Cherokee (latitude edition). I absolutely love my car and have drove it for just over a year. I love how homey, cozy and comfortable this car is- this is part of the reason I bought it. One of my favorite parts of my car is the steering wheel- as weird as that sounds it has a very comfortable easily grip steering wheel. I also love the size- it fits easily in parking places but is also big enough to carry everything I may need. This car is great in the snow and icy roads I drive on- I have never once had a problem and I've drove through some serious storms with terrible road conditions. My Jeep gets pretty good gas mileage (country roads around 28 mpg and about 20 mpg in the city) it also has a very good heater and ac unit that heats up and cools down very fast. One bad part about this car is that it does require full synthetic oil which costs over twice the amount of regular oil so the cost of oil changes definitely adds up. Overall I absolutely love this car and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good value for a comfortable, safe reliable vehicle.

- Abby G

Comfortable and reliable vehicle.

I purchased this vehicle brand new in 2016 and have not had any problems with performance or reliability. For a base model, it provides a sufficient amount of features that provide comfort for both the driver and passenger. I consistently get compliments from friends and family on how comfortable to seats are. The steering wheel includes controls for radio, and the Bluetooth connection has been seamless. I can easily switch from radio, to streaming music via my cell phone, to a phone call and control the volume and skip songs without touching my phone or the radio dial. In terms of mpg, I regularly average 28 - 30 mpg and I use both street and highways to get around. It does require full synthetic oil changes, which generally cost more but it is not necessary to change the oil as often and I believe most newer vehicles are moving to full synthetic anyways. Other than that, with regular maintenance my vehicle has run perfectly over the last three years and I look forward to enjoying it for many more.

- Sierra E

2016 jeep Cherokee latitude limited 4x4 - amazing.

I love this car. I originally had an Acura mdx 2006 and it was just too big. I feel just as safe in this car and it is still heavy. It has so many terrain settings: auto, snow, sport, etc. As well as slippage features. The 4x4 capability is great and makes me feel safe in any terrain. The car has plenty of space and the screen is amazing. You can control via the touch screen or various buttons on the steering wheel. The seats and wheel are heated which is great in the cold. I love the remote start. It warms up pretty quickly. The v6 engine is a blessing. My only complaint is that if you are listening to a podcast, the directions will not play through the car, it just stops the podcast; but this works with music. There is Bluetooth, aux, USB, and a full plug even! 10/10 would recommend this car.

- Maggie W

My Jeep Cherokee is very fitting for my needs in driving and comfort.

I love the way it drives and performs except when it first starts, sometimes it jerks when putting into gear to start driving, also uses the higher priced special oil. I would prefer being able to use cheaper gas as the gas mileage is not what I expected. But overall I really love the SUV and I am very pleased with the purchase of my 2016 Jeep Cherokee latitude. On the downside I have been told the backseat is not comfortable for long rides. On the upside I really love the hatchback and the room to carry things. I love the way it handles even in snow and rain. I also like the way it sits higher than a car so I have a better view on the road. I would definitely consider buying another newer version of this model.

- Debra P

It is not that fast, it is slow on turns and the blind spots.

This is not a bad car, it is great to go out with friends but it consumes a lot of gas hay adds up on the day to day commute to work. I do not like the trim of the car as I feel it is very rough and rustic for this model. Overall the vehicle is a little rough and not a super smooth ride. If you have kids and go to soccer games and other activities I think this will be a good fit because it has good storage in my opinion. Lots of room for passengers. For someone with no kids I recommend to stay away because there really is not a point in having such a big car that wastes so much. If I could change one thing I would make it more compact, less bulky and better on gas. More color variety would be nice as well.

- Flor R

Most important thing about my car is that it is spacious, comfortable, and easy to operate and it makes for the ideal mode of transportation for any family.

For me, the first thing I look for in a vehicle is trunk size. Having three large breed dogs makes this my number one priority, and my Jeep Cherokee has the perfect amount of space for all of them plus my family to fit comfortably. The back seats being able to fold down to increase the amount of space for my dogs is an added bonus. In addition to the spaciousness, I love the technology features that my car has. Everything is simple and not to complex which makes it easy for me to operate and understand. Only negative is the amount of miles per gallon. It's not too bad but I would love if it were possible for an SUV of this size to be able to drive more miles until it has to be refilled with gas.

- Brianna A

I like the different driving modes one for snow. Mud and sand.

My Jeep is a basic model so does not have all the bells and whistles. It gets great gas mileage but does not have any get up and go. It rides very smoothly and is comfortable to ride and drive. It does have hands free for cell phone use which is a great perk both for convenience and safety. I love my remote start, and not having to get into a hot or freezing car. I would have preferred a grand Cherokee but they only had one in black and did not want a black vehicle. I have put a lot of miles on it and have not had any problems so far. I do like the different driving modes for snow, sand and mud. Over all it is a decent vehicle but I would not buy one again.

- Lisa S

Cherokee trailhawk, needed initial tune-ups but great now!

I love my Jeep Cherokee trailhawk! I had a hitch installed and it tows things great and works very well with my large bike rack. It had at least four recalls already, but the dealership was able to quickly fix all problems. It also had trouble with the buttons in the steering wheel initially after purchase but has been in great working order after having the steering wheel harness (apparently it holds the wires inside) replaced. The car has a Uconnect system built in which contains navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. From the customization available on the Uconnect screen and the dash, it is the perfect small SUV for anyone!

- Katrina R

Comfortable, handles well complaints gas mileage(18mpg) and oil change prices.

I absolutely love my Jeep Cherokee. It is very comfortable for me. I have leg issues, and this vehicle is very easy for me to get in and out of. The seat easily moves back and forth and up and down. The features I most enjoy are heated seat and steering wheel in winter, Bluetooth capability, and the ability to call 911 for help. Of course, all the readings that keep me up on gas level, tire pressure, etc. are very helpful. Is back up camera is a necessary feature for me. This one is excellent. The absolute only complaints. I have are gas mileage (18mpg) and oil changes are pricey. But of course I am comparing that.

- Gwyn L

This Jeep takes premium, full synthetic oil. Oil changes will cost more due to the type of oil required.

I like the sleekness of my Jeep. I also love the features it came with, like the cold weather package. I also like the tinted windows and rear view camera. I dislike that my car requires many computer updates in order for key components of my car to work. For example, after the second day of my new car purchase, I had a service engine light that illuminated due to the transmission. I found out later that a system update was needed since my car is basically a computer. I have had a few service appointments to replace the shifter in my car— which apparently is common with my vehicle.

- Kim B

Sleek and practical SUV, not too small not too big. .

Absolutely love my Jeep. There is an issue when shifting from first to second, I have had it in dealership several times but they cannot fix it. Apparently this is a common issue due to the internal system not remembering you came to a stop. This is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Not too big, not too small. Plenty of legroom for backseat passengers and very roomy “trunk”. Looks nice and also very practical. Good on gas. There is no button to open the hatch in the back which is very inconvenient, would be nice to be able to open from inside the vehicle.

- Toni P

Many compartments for accessories and little things.

Good gas mileage, reliable, sits high so of it rains or worried about flooding, and not to many problems. Keyless entry with the alarm comes standard. It is roomy, so I can fit many people or carry a lot of supplies and whatnot. Of course with any older vehicle there will be problems, but since it is an American made car there are many places that will be able to fix it or have parts. Has the auxiliary plug in feature so I can connect my phone to listen to my playlists. And, the air conditioning has never given me any problems, which would be murder since I live in Texas.

- Aaron F

The most bells and whistles for the least price.

I always tell people "my car drives like silky butter". I love how comfortable my sets are. My favorite feature is all the hands free technology. I love that my most talked to contacts are saved on my phone dashboard. I love all the features you can touch in the phone screen options. I also love that I can press a button to connect with Siri and dictate a text message to her and she will send it for me. I love that my Pandora connects to the car as well because I do not like listening to traditional radio stations. The air conditioner gets really nice and cold as well.

- Mary Beth B

My favorite part of my vehicle besides the color scheme of the interior.

The car itself runs great. It has great mileage, as I get around 300 miles for every tank. I have never had any mechanical problems with it after 3 years. The interior of the car is extremely aesthetic. The seats are extremely comfortable and the car itself is so spacious. Great car to take on road trips. It has the best technology, including Bluetooth, heated and cooled seats and steering wheel, touch screen display, navigation and remote control access. You can also unlock and lock your car with the use of an app that is hooked up to the car on your cellular device.

- Kylie J

Eyelash headlights, heated steering wheel, luxury looking model.

I love my jeep. I purchased it for the 4 wheel drive to get through snow weather and has not let me down. It is comfortable on the inside and smooth to drive on all terrain. The look of the small is SUV is luxury looking with the headlights. My version has heated seats and steering wheel. I purchased this vehicle when I was having children so for me the only downfall is roominess on the inside. It is rather small for car seats and more than two people comfortably. When first purchased there was a computer issue inside the vehicle but was fixed by dealership.

- Laura M

I love my Jeep Cherokee trailhawk.

I bought my Jeep new and have had it for 2 years. I have had no mechanical problems. I love the Jeep brand and this Cherokee does not disappoint. The trailhawk package that I bought makes the vehicle stylish and the interior is both pleasing to the eye and comfortable for four passengers. The cargo area is a bit small but the back seats do lay down for carrying larger loads. The four wheel drive is very functional as I would expect from Jeep. When I replace this vehicle it will most likely be with the grand Cherokee to have a bit more room for passengers.

- Rhonda B

The most reliable car I have ever driven.

The Jeep Cherokee is very reliable in any kind of weather. Being able to adjust the transmission for better control while driving if the weather turns foul is especially helpful. The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Back seats are large enough to be comfortable for adult passengers. In general, the navigation system is reliable and accurate, although there have been a few times when a shorter route was possible, but it stayed to main roads instead. Seats fold down flat, making a very large carrying space in the back.

- Meg A

Perfect Balance for a Small SUV

When my family grew to four it was time to upgrade from the small sedan into an SUV. The Jeep Cherokee has been perfect for my family needs. It drives smoothly and handles like a smaller vehicle but has the interior passenger and cargo space that my family needs. We have taken it on long trips and it has performed very well. I have also used it for trips to the hardware store for home improvement projects and with the seats folded down, including the passenger seat, I can easily fit anything I've needed to haul.

- Nick M

The monthly email of the vehicle report is nice.

The vehicle has been towed two times. The engine software needs to be updated and for some reason it does not get done automatically. When this happens, the engine will not allow the vehicle to be started. The vehicle can not be jump started either. All that can be done is to have the vehicle towed to a dealership and the vehicle's computer has to be reset which allows the update to take place. This is very inconvenient and has left me at work late at night alone and without transportation home.

- Stephanie M

Good quality and spacious SUV at a great price!

I love this vehicle. It was exactly what I was wanting during my purchasing search, to the tee. There is plenty of space for my two boys and I. The back seat is spacious enough that no knees hit the back of the front seats. That was my biggest desire! The only thing that is disappointing, is that I had to have the engine (cylinders) repaired two different times within the first year of purchase. It runs great otherwise. I would definitely purchase a jeep Cherokee again in the future.

- Michelle T

Never get stuck in the snow again.

I love my Jeep. It is a dependable and well handling vehicle. I bought it because I needed something that would get through the snow and it does exceptionally well with that. The controls are easy to use and there are several ways to adjust the climate control and the radio so you have options to what you prefer. Since buying my Jeep we have gone on several long road trips and everyone seems to be comfortable and has plenty of space. I would definitely recommend a Jeep to anyone.

- Lori T

It has plenty of legroom even for my 6'3" son.

I love my Jeep Cherokee sport. Comfortable seats. Rides a little rough, like a sport model. Good acceleration and great braking. I love that I can easily fold down the backseats or just one if I need to. I have good cargo space. Ac is cold and heater is warm. I drive about 30 thousand miles a year, so I wanted a car that would last. I have an unlimited mileage, unlimited time warranty which is great, because I blow through a standard warranty in about 5 months.

- Karen O

It is a safe vehicle to drive.

I have zero issues with my car. I love every single quality it has. I have navigation and I used it every day, it helps me know what time I should arrive somewhere. I can call people by pressing one button and send a text message it has adaptive cruise which I use every day. It will stop for you and slow down. I have found this very useful. It has highly advanced safety features from this. It will alert you when you go over the speed limit.

- Kathy S

Jeep Cherokee latitude is worth the money and will be a reliable car.

I love my Jeep Cherokee. I bought it used (like new) with only 16,000 miles. I replaced the battery, but that is the only issue I have needed to solve. It has many features, such as gas saver mode, automatic everything, touch screen radio, air conditioning, etc. I do not have to fill my tank very often, which is great. The interior is comfortable with many seat adjustment options, enough leg room and a pretty big trunk.

- Debbie G

I wish I would've shopped longer

It's very small not very roomy in the backseat if you have a family the service shifter light has been coming on since about two months after we bought it they fixed it a few times and sent it back still broken if I had the chance to do it over again I definitely wouldn't buy this vehicle and fortunately I love the way that it looks I just hate the way that it drives it always feels like the transmission slipping

- Laura L

Jeep Cherokee Latitude, bad purchase

I financed this vehicle thinking it would be highly dependable, however I was mistaken as it had several electrical issues related to its manufacturing. Jeep made it right by correcting the problem, however I don't understand how a company could leave it without necessary testing. I think this brand is too costly and fell away from dependable from the 80's and 90's vehicles. I would not purchase another jeep.

- justin K

Jeep Cherokee is a wonderful vehicle with great technology and great mileage.

For the most part, our vehicle has been wonderful. It runs well and has good miles per gallon. However, we have had a few performance issues with the vehicle spontaneously shutting down on us when it is colder outside and with the incessant reminder that there's a headlight out. We appreciate the reminder and that the vehicle tells us, we just do not need to hear to alarm every five minutes while driving. . .

- Samantha R

The perks of the 75th anniversary jeep Cherokee.

My car is great on gas. Very comfortable and reliable. Its sporty and looks great. My vehicle fits passengers comfortably. The car drives smooth. You cannot hear the engine. Car is very good on gas. The jeep Cherokee 75th anniversary has heated seats as well as heated steering wheel. Jeep Cherokee 75th anniversary edition has a sunroof which is perfect for when you take long drives and you want the fresh air.

- Catherine P

Jeep Cherokee named midnight.

My car is very reliable. She has been through so much within the last year. She had a run in with a deer in which we had to replace the whole front bumper, radiator and the air conditioning system. Earlier in the year, there were some things that needed to be replaced and they got fixed right away. But everything else regarding my car is great. I love the features and the gas mileage on the car.

- Cameron K

Sleek and sophisticated ride.

My Jeep is my delight. It is sleek and a high performance vehicle. It is just what I wanted. Nice leather seats with heat and the steering wheel is heated also. Its stylish exterior and interior makes me feel special. I have a long history with Jeep Cherokee. I have had 3 and they all lived up to my standards my last one was a 2004 that went beyond a great ride. didn't trade it till 2017.

- Cynthia J

It's comfortable , sporty, spacious and a good all around family vehicle!

I love my Jeep! There is room for our entire family, which includes two kids in car seats and a big dog. We live in an area of weather extremes and have little kids so the remote start is a lifesaver! The car can be cooling off on a hot day or warming up on a cold day. It gets around fabulously in the snow and did really well on our recent trip into the national forest on some rough roads.

- Bridgette C

Amazing Cherokee with great reviews.

It is a great car and it does not take a lot of money to fill up the tank. Everything runs very smoothly. It is hard to pinpoint a problem with the vehicle because there are not many. The only time I have ever had a problem with it, is due to the tires. My tires constantly need to be changed because of the area I live in. There's a lot of construction so nails get into the tires often.

- Eve G

2016 jeep Cherokee- my favorite jeep so far!

I love my vehicle! I live in New England and while this jeep is smaller and has less power than other jeeps I have owned in the past, it still has an incredible amount of power and control on icy roads, in the rain and particularly in the snow. I have never been stuck since I have owned this car. It is also a beautiful car that I have loved driving and love the look and interior of it.

- Samantha A

2016 jeep Cherokee sport red.

Had a problem with software for transmission. It needed an update. Left me stranded on side of road. Then another time before transmission the starter went out in middle of busy intersection. Had to have help to push out of traffic and to direct it so it could be pushed out of traffic. But those are the 2 things so far less than 60,000 miles on it. Bought it new with 404 miles on it.

- Carolyn H

Compact yet spacious, great size to fit groceries or luggage,

This vehicle is great on gas. Whether used for driving everyday or traveling out of town, this car gives the best gas mileage. The Jeep Cherokee is perfect for a small family that is always on the go. My son has enough room in the backseat for all the things a 6 year may want to tote along, from school backpack, sports equipment, toys and anything else that is important to a boy.

- Noemi S

2016 Jeep Cherokee latitude, shiny but small.

What I love about my vehicle is that is has had no mechanical or electric issues since I have owned it and it has fabulous gas mileage. What I dislike about my vehicle is that it is on the smaller side for an SUV and the ride when on the highway can be a bit rough. Interior features and controls function mostly electronically so an upgraded warranty on the vehicle is recommended.

- Jasmine N

Many replacement parts, thankfully under factory warranty.

Purchased vehicle at 13, 000 miles, at 19, 000 had thermostat replaced and windshield wiper flew off. At 21, 000 thermostat replaced again. At 30, 000 miles, the shifter had to be replaced. All still under factory warranty, but still a pain. Love the way it rides and drives, just hope nothing else goes out after warranty expires. Probably will not buy another jeep again though!

- Amanda C

Great vehicle for average size family.

I love the sporty bucket seats and my dual sunroof. I never have any issues and get great miles for an SUV. It also has the option to turn the engine off at lights which also saves on gas. Have taken the vehicle on two trips and have had no issues. This vehicle has a bunch of trunk space and if you put the back seats down you will have so much space to store large items.

- Carina A

Love our Jeep: has a few quirky issues like flat door locks on the arm rest.

We have had few problems with our Jeep. It is our third Cherokee. The ride is a bit rough compared with an Impala we had at one time, but expected since it is four wheel drive when needed. It is comfortable as far as seating, foot and head room. We get over 33 miles per gallon when on road trips and have it fully loaded down. We think that is pretty good mileage.

- Sandy K

It is a luxury Jeep, a smooth ride but still is great for the outdoors!

I love the interior of my Cherokee, the leather seats are a nice add on to the car. It is a very smooth ride. It gets fairly good gas mileage on the highway and a tank of gas can last a good bit of time. I have owned my car for 2 years and have had no problems with it breaking or engine problems so it is very reliable. The navigation is also a very nice bonus.

- Maddie P

I love the low gas mileage and the way it drives and looks.

I love the low gas mileage and the way my car drives and looks. I feel safe driving it and rest easy that it is reliable and dependable. I love the back-up camera, the sound from the speakers is amazing, and if has everything I want in a smaller SUV. If I were to do it all over again, I would definitely make the same choice in my car purchasing decisions.

- Suzanne M

I love my Cherokee! The decked out features makes it feel like a luxury vehicle.

I love my Cherokee. Rides pretty smooth and panoramic sunroof rocks. Although the trunk space is pretty small considering the size of the car. I wish it were bigger. I love the touch screen and controls, they are simple. The lights on the door mirrors at night are helpful when putting items and getting into the car for work in the morning when it is dawn.

- Brett P

Being four wheel drive, my car can safely navigate the roads in any weather.

My jeep cherokee is amazing all around. It is the perfect size to hold my three large breed dogs plus their toys. It drives great in any weather, and here in jersey it is crucial to have a car that will hold up against snow. The only downside that I have is that it does not do well on gas. Ideally I would love if my car could drive more miles per gallon.

- Breanna A

Chrysler is known for having really bad transmissions and Jeep is Chrysler.

Check engine light comes on for no reason. As well the car would quit accelerating when a transmission light would come on. Both of these problems were a software update issue we were told when we brought the car into the dealership. They did the update and the car seemed fine for a while. But the check engine light just came on again. Very frustrating!

- Anne M

Comfortable compact SUV car.

It is my first SUV car. I was really not sure, it I wanted to buy Jeep brand. I was looking to other brands like Honda or Toyota, since I had experience with them. Never owned Jeep before. But when I saw it and did a test drive at the dealer, I knew that was the car I want. And they also have really good deals all the time. I do not regret buying it!

- Rose S

Best purchase in a long time!

This was the first SUV I purchased. It took me awhile to get used to the bigger car feel, but it is very luxurious. I enjoy the black on black look, so everything is smooth and sleek. The seats are comfortable, heated too, as well as the steering wheel. No problems since I have had it for 2 years. It gets me from point A to point B without issue.

- Rebecca W

I totally love my jeep Cherokee.

Overall I really like my car. I love the backup camera and the blind spot indicators. Personally, I would make the sunroof open across the whole roof, not just half, for the real jeep feel. It is very comfortable and has lots of storage. The little storage under the seat is a nice bonus and makes me feel secure leaving my valuables in the car.

- Nicole S

Loving the features and smooth ride.

I like the features, hands free/heated seats/heated steering wheel/remote start. It is a very smooth riding vehicle. I was always hesitant to drive a Jeep because of the rough ride. The only thing I do not like is due to sitting a little lower than my previous vehicle it is a little difficult to see over the complete front of the vehicle.

- Michelle K

Good size and comfortable.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have had no problems with the engine or any major auto tune ups. The interior is comfortable and spacious. In the summertime, the interior does not overheat, and in the wintertime it remains cool but not cold. My favorite part of the vehicle is the 4 wheel drive feature based on what weather you are driving in.

- Michelle D

Jeep Cherokee- versatility with a fun rugged flare.

I absolutely love my jeep cherokee however, there are a few things that could be better. The jeep cherokee is a 4 cylinder which I dislike very much. I would actually purchase/lease another jeep cherokee if it weren't for being a 4 cylinder. . The car is very comfortable, reliable (no issues at all) and it has all of the bells and whistles.

- Kris D

Jeep Cherokee 2016 review of my baby.

It has a little trouble with its get up and go. It needs a better accelerator. There are parts that jiggle and make noise when you drive. Its completely reliable and gets me from point A to point B. I really like the color of my vehicle and would recommend that people get a v6. Not a v4. I also like the screen on the inside of the vehicle.

- Amber H

I like having a hands free option to call or take a phone call.

I like having a automatic 4 wheel drive. I feel safe driving in snow. I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel! It is great on those cold winter mornings. The leather seats are easy to keep clean. The seats are very comfortable. The back is roomy to put groceries and putting the back seats down can help to carry bigger items.

- Virginia W

Dependable SUV with excellent options

I have owned a jeep for the last 11 years, the cherokee for 2+. Jeep makes a reliable, dependable vehicle. The Cherokee is fully loaded, heated seats, heated steering wheel, lots of storage, great use of space. I really like it, although we will be trading it in next spring. Its a lease and we are going to get a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

- Michelle R

Jeep Cherokee trailhawk with a touch of sport.

Jeep Cherokee trailhawk has all the best features. Heated steering wheel, heated seats that are cloth and leather. The touch screen radio is huge and reacts nicely to touches. The back seats are very roomy. The tailgate goes up with just a touch of a button on your key. You can put it down with just a push of a button inside.

- Jessica J

Great vehicle to drive and I love it.

My vehicle does not seem to have any problems and it is great car to drive around town and on the highways. My vehicle is very comfortable and can be nice to travel long distances in. My vehicles performance is great. My vehicle features are a sunroof, power windows and locks, key fob starter. Heated seats and steering wheel.

- Olivia E

The Jeep is super comfortable!

I love my car. It sits up higher than a car but is not bulky. All of the seats a super comfortable. It is very spacious! Has almost all of the amenities I wanted, could have had all but I needs to stay under budget. Great touch screen, easy to clean, perfect for fitting lots of kids and dogs into it. Great on long car rides!

- Emma D

I really enjoy the back up camera.

Love how my car drives and handles itself. Love the big screen camera for backing up and the lines to help me make sure I am in the correct area. I do however am I not a fan of the �safety� of the car turning off it is engine when I am at a complete stop. I have to hit a button every time I start my car to turn it off.

- Tiffany W

Remote start is nice in winter and hands free for phone is good safety feature.

My vehicle has no power. It is comfortable to drive. I do like the 4 we feature for sand, mud and snow. It is a basic model so not many extras. I do enjoy the remote start especially in winter. It has heated seats and steering wheel. It has a cheap radio but does have hands free for phone so I do enjoy that safety feature.

- Lisa S

Bang for your buck and family safe and comfortable!

My model has black trim and it makes it look really sharp and different and stand out from most other cars. I love the backup camera, the screen is crisp and clear and really gives you a better idea of room when backing up. Overall I would recommend the Jeep Cherokee to any buyer looking for a family SUV that is reliable.

- Lindsey L

Everything about my vehicle is amazing.

There is nothing about my vehicle that I do not like. It drives good and runs silently. The Bluetooth system in the car is very good and keeps me from having to use my phone. I appreciate the heated seats, it really comes in handy on those cold mornings. I am able to go off-roading with my Jeep, which I love to do.

- Crystal L

Jeep Cherokee - Family Friendly Ride

The Jeep Cherokee has a very smooth ride, comfortable seating and is very dependable. I love how everything is close at hand. I also love the cup holders and how they are lit at night! There is a ton of room for kids to ride in the back. The only thing that bothers me is that mine didn't come with a spare tire.

- Tracey L

A great family SUV at a good value.

My Cherokee has a very comfortable interior & smooth ride. We got the 6-cylinder & it has plenty of power. I love the huge sunroof & heated seats/steering wheel. We've had it for 2 years & haven't had any maintenance issues. I do wish it had a bit more cargo space, but the Cherokee was a great value over all.

- Amanda J

Sweet ride with plenty of space.

This vehicle is excellent. It rides really well and I have had no issues with the engine. I am able to pick up speed quite easily and still feel safe with how the wheels grip the road. The only thing that I wish I had in the car are automatic high beams so that I wouldn't have to manually turn them off and on.

- Celeste L

Ok vehicle but not great.

Good gas mileage. But it had 5 service issues within 6 months. The dealership recommended the 6 cylinder if I were to purchase this vehicle again as the 4 cylinder seems to have more mechanical issues. I like that it has USB ports for charging devices. However, when you turn the vehicle off, it stops charging.

- Robyn B

Small size all weather vehicle.

It handles very well in all weather conditions. It is just a little smaller than I would have liked. Repairs seem to be expensive due to special parts needed for the vehicle. The battery died in two years and was not easy to find a replacement one except at the dealer which was not covered under our warranty.

- Georgia G

Jeep Cherokee driving is the best.

My vehicle is fun to drive and mid sized vehicle. You can ride comfortably in my vehicle. I like the get up and go feeling that the Jeep Cherokee has. I wouldn't want to drive anything else. My vehicle is a part of my life that I enjoy. I love driving my compact vehicle and having enough room for passengers.

- Olivia V

Jeep has fantastic features.

I love my Jeep! The remote start works perfect. I love the heated seats and steering wheel and so great to have. The backseat and very roomy and comfortable to have passengers. There is also plenty of room in the back for shopping bags or luggage for traveling. It runs very smoothly, and is fantastic on gas.

- Tiffany J

Jeep Cherokee from 2016. Great!

It is extremely luxurious and great quality. Buying this car was one of the best decisions. The way it drives on the road is absolutely astonishing and smooth. My car is black and I love it. The mileage is super duper high also. I love my car. My car has leather seats and the wheel grips my hands perfectly.

- Dana C

Can only fit one car seat and one adult in backseat.

Love the smooth driving, comfort of seats, road condition options and winter package. Also a huge fan of the width of the front windshield and look of the car is sleek, while still being rugged enough for everyday use. I wish there was more legroom in the backseat, and room for a car seat and TWO adults.

- Gwendolyn D

Fantastic and reliable Jeep.

No issues noted, just regular maintenance so far. Reliable and cozy. Love the phone built in the car so it is all hands free. Easily hooks up to phone for music. Roomy backseat. Love the heated front seats and steering wheel in the winter! Absolutely love the automatic started, works great in the winter.

- Ashley H

You can never go wrong with a jeep!!

I am having use with tire sensors but other than that I love my jeep!! Best decision I ever made buying it!! The mobile app is great for knowing what is going on with my vehicle! Get on mileage! Rides smooth on long trips and just around town! Very spacious and a lot of gadgets to use in system as well!

- Andy U

The Jeep Cherokee is perfect for any adventure.

My Jeep is one of the best cars I have ever owned. Super reliable, I have never had any issues and very easy to keep maintained. It is very comfortable and user friendly. The back seat is spacious and comfortable for all passengers. The trunk has plenty of storage space. I love my 2016 Jeep Cherokee.

- Allison B

It is a jeep, with the comfort of a car.

It is smaller, tighter than my envoy. It does not feel as safe. I needed to put new tires on it shortly after so got it, and it helped. It tends to slide on the snow, more than I would like. I like the backup camera and hands free features. The same goes for the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

- April G

Quality car that you can depend on.

Drives smooth and looks good. I love blasting the radio while driving down the highway. It is a very comfortable and I do not have back pain when going on long road trips. My friends tell me that the back seat is comfortable and there is plenty of room. Trunk space is big and fits everything I need.

- Sam L

It is great on gas for a SUV type of vehicle.

I like my vehicle because its small and economical, it is great on gas mileage especially on long road trips. I can fold down the seats and make it like a truck to carry items. The driving compartment is closed in for my tiny body structure. Pricing of the car is a great for a family on a budget.

- Della M

Reliable, attractive and fun.

It might be a little on the small side but it is quite comfortable the ride is excellent economy more than adequate and very reliable no expenditures other than maintenance a new battery and tires. It is attractive the stereo which includes Bluetooth is great and all creature comforts are there.

- Tomas V

Small compact vehicle for small family.

This vehicle is good for a small family or babies to 4 years old. The space between the front and back seat are great for handing drinks to kids but as they grow their legs reach the center. Ac in the back is needed the vents do not keep the back cool. Possibly adding at the top would be better.

- Anna J

Love my Jeep . Great SUV to own.

Back up camera. Easy to handle. Good gas mileage. Easy to get in and out of, which is great if you have back problems. Does not set low. Able to get a great view from all windows. Back seats fold down so you can load longer items in the back. Seats set good for longer drives. Has cruise control.

- Lois D

Jeep Cherokee is the vehicle for you.

My Jeep is extremely reliable, comfortable inside, attractive model and is loaded with more features than I even use. It is good on gas and I have yet to have any maintenance issues with it. I would highly recommend a Jeep Cherokee to anyone who was interested in an SUV, particularly a Jeep .

- Cheryl M

The most safe and reliable car you could own!

This is the best car I have ever owned. My next car will also be a Jeep. It is extremely reliable, very safe and solid. I had a family member who also owns a Jeep and was in a wreck. The Jeep made it through great, but the other vehicle not so good. I love how sturdy it is and feel safe in it.

- Jennifer D

Perfect for any lifestyle!

I love my jeep. It is handled well in the snow, rain, and the Ohio potholes. It has everything I need in a car - the touch screen dash is not too complicated and still has all of the desire features. The back seats fold down, and gives me plenty of space for anything I might need to transport.

- Alex K

It is a midsize SUV it has a "mean" look.

It does not not get good gas mileage and I wish I had gotten the v6 model. It seems to have more power for the gas mileage. I enjoy the look of the car but it is interior is smaller than my husband of 6'3". I also wish I had searched and gotten a few more accessories such as automatic start.

- Tracy G

1 Jeep, 2 Jeep, 3 Jeep, 4 Jeep.

I have a Jeep Cherokee trailhawk. It has great clearance. The interior design reminds me of a sports car and is also very comfortable. The screen with the radio and controls is nice because it can get a little annoying having to look at a tinny screen all the time. All around great vehicle.

- Tory S

Love my 2016 jeep Cherokee.

I love my car. It is reliable. I enjoy driving short and long distances. I keep the oil changed regularly and haven't had any problems. The tires though. I do not know why they wear so quickly but I need a new set. That is my major expense. I would recommend this type of vehicle to anyone.

- Judy M

Spoiled by my Jeep Cherokee. Love the heated seats and steering wheel.

First Jeep owned. Along with usual anti locks and breaks. Has seat warmers and steering wheel warmer. Great leg and head room. Rear view camera. My Jeep is all black in and out with black rims. Classy looking. Powerful. With a push of button traction system works in auto, snow, sand, mud.

- Janice H

A reliable car, with little features.

Currently the vehicle runs amazingly, however I wish I knew all of the features of the car before I purchased it, as I would have went into it much more prepared. The vehicle has cloth material over leather, so I wish it had that. Additionally, I would have preferred a panoramic sunroof.

- Jeremy S

Great family car even when they grow up!

We love this car! It is really good on gas but it is also great to travel with family and go on vacation! We love that we have the ability to use Uconnect for Wi-Fi. And we love how we can put the seats down in the back and still be able to use the vehicle to move our kids into college.

- Mer K

Jeep still as sporty and comfy as ever!

No problems with this jeep. I do hate the thing that turns your motor off when you come to a stop to save on gas. You can turn it off, but still beeps at you. Otherwise this is a very comfy and sporty SUV. Love the remote start that heats your steering wheel and seats before you get in!

- Laurie Q

I love the large screen that has all controls.

I love my jeep! It drives super smoothly, especially compared to my husbands grand Cherokee. I was worried going from a car to an SUV, but I cannot imagine going back. It has good gas mileage, enough space for my toddler, and nice storage and updated features, including a large screen.

- Melissa H

Sleek design, great on gas, fun to drive.

I love it but wish it had a higher towing capacity. It is very comfortable to drive and great on gas. It is sleek design gives it not only a nice look but also lends to the improved aerodynamics overall. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting to buy an SUV that is affordable.

- Heather M

Jeep drove cross country through all kinds of weather and had no problems.

I drive for a living and this vehicle is very comfortable and has not had any problems at 80,000 miles. It is expensive to have fixed as I have some minor cosmetic work that needs to be done. Great in the snow and good on gas on the highway. I plan on keeping it as long as it lasts.

- Brian S

Good but not great but gets the job done.

My car is amazing but it is kind of small for my husband who is over six feet tall. If I had my way I would have bought a bigger car but when I got the car I was super pregnant and it was hot and I just let my husband decide what car. To buy. But I love all the cool features it has.

- Wesley S

Jeep Cherokee sports edition.

Stylish body. Very comfortable and spacious. Seats offer good support and come in cloth or leather. Back rows adjust down for more trunk space 8. 4 inch Uconnect touchscreen is nice and easy to use. Camera grabs a very wide range and is very clear. Have not had any issues with it.

- Jess R

Comfortable and modern SUV.

Comfortable, no major issues while driving. Enjoy the auto turn off to save gas. The amount of gas needed every week is pretty great and I never spend more than $40 to fill up. I feel safe in the car and enjoy my big screen for easy music and phone access while still staying safe.

- Kelly P

Gas mileage plus charging ports a plus.

Good car, if it does not stop on the gas avg 29 miles per gallon and often above 30. Comfortable for me at 5'7" taller individuals maybe not so much. To date reliable, nothing major has gone wrong at 56k plus on miles. Love the various ports for chargers for driver and passengers.

- Linda D

Best vehicle I have ever had.

No problems drives great so much better than my Hyundai Elantra. . Had so many problems with that vehicle it is unreal. Best vehicle I have ever had since I have gotten my license! I love how it is up higher and not so low to the ground I actually feel safe in the car I have now.

- Camille J

Great bang for the buck! Great for traveling and excellent sound system.

Wanted a reliable vehicle for retirement and this small SUV fit the bill. Able to sit 5 adults comfortable. Good value and affordable car payment. Added extended warranty for coverage into retirement since I will have a fixed income and this help with additional repairs needed.

- Olivia U

Jeep Cherokee latitude 2016.

Comfortable but previous owner did not take much care of it. The vehicle needed a new battery shortly after purchase. Good gas mileage. Interior is nice but can be warm in the summer. It is black but the ac kicks in quickly. Same with the heat. The touch screen is nice as well.

- Britt B

The most important thing about my car that it is a great car that can drive on all different surfaces! Very reliable and family friendly!

I love the features in my car like navigation, heated seats, and heated steering. I also like the digital dash monitor that lets me know tire pressure, fuel, oil level, and other things. I do not like that I have to push a button on the inside of the car to open up the gas cap.

- Megan D

Nice compact SUV. Will be a nice size car for teenage driver.

The car handles very well in all types of weather conditions. I just had to have the battery replaced which was pretty expensive because it takes a special battery. It is a little smaller than I would have liked. Not a lot of legroom in the back for teenage kids with long legs.

- Georgia G

Things I have come to know about my Jeep Cherokee.

I was very excited when I bought the car. Over the past two years the annual renewal fee for making phone calls in the vehicle has to be paid and upon accelerating the car does not want to go fast it has slow acceleration it gets choked up. It is the perfect traveling vehicle.

- Marcy R

The Cherokee is a great option for those who want a sleek car for adventuring.

Great mileage, space, comfort. Love the way it drives and how quiet it is! Wish the trunk was more spacious. Big fan of the interior fabric--easy to clean with pets! Also love the radio setup and glove box storage. Overall, the Jeep Cherokee 4x4 sport is great for adventuring!

- Sara S

It is a good car for going out, traveling, off-roading, friendly races and more!

My car is really great! It has very nice handling and turn radius and smoothness from the wheel to tire I also really like the pick up in the trail hawk as it picks up quick but is not too loud. It is a tough looking car that gets good gas mileage and can drive over anything.

- Austin D

My vehicle is altogether a great car and I would definitely recommend it.

No problems. Everything runs smooth and efficiently. It is a great vehicle and I wouldn't change a thing, honestly. It is very reliable and a good choice if you have a small child or kids because it is very roomy. Also good for traveling long distances and very comfortable.

- Haley C

There is a little sticker of a jeep on the bottom middle of the windshield.

It is very sporty with tight steering and brakes which I like. It is compact but not too small. The touch screen has had some problems and needed updating. I have had some minor things that needed fixing such as parts that became loose. Overall is a great vehicle and safe.

- Sophia D

The good, the bad and the love.

The car actually loses oil and it is checked every 1000 miles or so and reported to Chrysler for a possible engine replacement. Also transmission is very "jerky" when changing gears. The comfort features ( winter package) is wonderful. Especially the heated steering wheel.

- Cynthia W

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

Very comfortable to drive and sit in. It is very smooth ride. I have never owned a vehicle that handles so well in the snow as well. Gas mileage is good and affordable. The back seats come down for extra room in the hatch. Backseats are adjustable and comfortable as well.

- Brandy W

Jeep Cherokee's are the best.

I love the Jeep Cherokee. It is reliable and is a smooth ride. I wish it was a bit bigger, but it works for me and my 2 kids. The back offers lots of space. Three kids can fit in the back seat. I like the dash features, but do not completely trust the back up cam feature.

- Susan S

I think I got a great car for the price. If you're in the market for a small SUV, I would recommend checking it out

I am very happy with my vehicle. I like the size and the options it has, even though I don't have many extras. I wish it had a sunroof and a bigger engine. It was all I could afford at the time I purchased it. Overall, no complaints. I would recommend it to a friend

- Rebecca I

Jeep life is the best life.

Only had it a couple months. I love it. A passenger was bummed it did not have lumbar support and ended up with some lower back pain. Love the navigation package. The Jeep is wide and allows a lot more room on the interior which works perfect for all my long road trips.

- Amanda H

Roomy for family and pets!

We love our Cherokee! It is a great car to travel with our teenage kids! We love the Wi-Fi feature with the Uconnect. There is plenty of room even for our two dogs. Whether we go to the beach or pack it up to take the kids to college, it is comfortable and great on gas!

- Merk B

Comfortable interior. You'll enjoy the ride.

It is ok. It is a bit bumpy at high speeds but overall I really like it. It is comfortable, affordable and perfect size for my family. It has great gas mileage and is very comfortable. The dealers were also wonderful accommodating to my needs. This car is spectacular.

- Bob J

It has a learning transmission and may hesitate or stall when taking off until they reload the computers.

I like the look and brand. I don't like that it is not very fuel efficient. I also hate taking it back to the dealership to be serviced because the service writers are condescending and I feel like they are trying to cheat me out of the service package I purchased.

- Tammy C

It's sexy as heck. It does basically everything well and you would not be disappointed if you got one. It's a jack of all trades of sorts imo.

Well let me just say that the first thing I love is how this bad boy handles. It's amazing even off road. Secondly it's just the look of the car wow it's beautiful! Finally it is the interior. The interior of a Cherokee is simple but nice at the same time. Wonderful.

- Michael L

Twin mom - back seats need to be wider.

My sunroof creaks. The seal went bad pretty fast. If your oil gets low the car shuts off after already starting and driving down the road. I wish the back seats were a little wider. I have twins and there is not enough room to sit in between the car seats with them.

- Jeanette W

Great family car for a smaller family.

I like how easy it is to drive the Jeep Cherokee. It is roomier and larger than our other car but feels like I am driving a small car. The gas mileage is decent for the type of car it is. There is plenty of space for my family and all the cargo space I could need.

- Rochelle M

Great for small family, not great for going on long trips.

I like my Jeep for a lot of reasons. I love the functions of all the on screen choices but, I wish I had a CD player. My front windshield I feel has too big blind spots between windshield and door windows. I always feel like I am moving way too much to look around.

- Jill G

I like the sun roof, it almost opens up the entire roof of the car.

I have had no problems with my Jeep. It rides nice, the inside is comfortable. I like all features that come with my Jeep. I have a sunroof, easy to open back end. It also comes with a keyless entry. It rides nice in the winter time with the 4 wheel drive feature.

- Robert B

Jeep Cherokee sports edition.

My car is a sports edition with four wheel driving. It is very safe when driving during the harsh winter weather in NY. I would prefer to have heated seats, steering wheel, heated side mirrors and remote started but to have those features will cost a lot of money.

- Marie D

Jeep cherokee limited four by four v6 engine.

My tires slowly leak that's about it. But I refill it and do normal routine and runs great. Gets pretty good gas mile for a v6 engine. Has some pep in its step has some nice leather seats because it is a limited. The four by four works well during the winter time.

- Nathan R

Jeep Cherokee is the way to go.

The seats in the car are very comfortable. The Bluetooth works great. The navigation system and other parts of the system is very easy to use. The gas mileage is great. Heating steering wheel and seats are a plus. The way my Jeep drives is excellent as well.

- Jessica P

The car seats for our two sons fit nicely in the backseat .

We leased this vehicle new. Right away there was an issue with the computer system and it spent over a month in the shop. We became a family of four a year ago and find our family outgrowing the space and will likely consider a bigger suv when our lease is up.

- adam k

Not bad, handles well and economical.

Transmission failed at 8 months. Safe and economical, gas mileage. It handles very well in snow and on ice. It came with hands free and love it. Safely handles curves and highway driving. Spacious inside but not too big. Lots of room for groceries and packages.

- Peggy L

Great vehicle, , plus the dealership is great.

I have not had any problems. The performance, reliability and comfort is wonderful. The feature I have had to get use to and enjoy the most is the backup camera. Also because I am only 4'10" the seat that goes up enough for me to see the road in front of me.

- Kathy E

My Jeep Cherokee is my fun vehicle. I love the color mango tango pearl!

I love my 2016 Jeep Cherokee! As a single woman, I need a safe and reliable vehicle. Since purchasing my Jeep Cherokee, I have not had any performance or reliability issues. I enjoy many features including gas saving, heated seats, remote start up, and more.

- Erin W

Comfortable vehicle to drive.

Engine light always comes on for computer updates. Otherwise I love the car, it rides very nicely. It does not get the best gas mileage but it is also not the worst. The car is user friendly and very easy to operate. Love the vehicle it is very comfortable.

- Savannah D

Best of both worlds: off road and on road filled with luxury

Amazing vehicle with great capability. Wish the gas mileage was a bit better and the handling was more accurate. But it is expected since it is a jeep. However the vehicle is the best of both worlds: on road and off road. Equipped with great luxury as well.

- Kam H

Very reliable and sturdy. Comfortable for passengers. Safety is reliable.

The gas mileage on my vehicle takes up most of my income and there is not a lot of room to fit heavy loads or items in the trunk. It can be hot sometimes due to the leather seats. Going up hill can be a challenge when accelerating and takes up a lot of GA

- Carla G

This Jeep is comfortable, reliable and nice looking.

For two years the keep Cherokee has been very reliable. Of some concern, is an oil feature. If the oil is low, this vehicle just stops. It is great that it does not allow you to continue driving with low oil, but it simply stops wherever you are driving.

- Kathleen K

Beautiful vehicle that accompanies me on long road trips and is cost efficient.

Sleek looking car, black with light interior which I really like the contrast of. Newer features i.e. back up mirror and Bluetooth connection capability. The car drives well uphill and at high speeds and long distances. My average miles per gallon is 25.

- Alyssa L

Jeep it goes anywhere, why because it is a Jeep silly.

Love it, just wish I had bought the grand Cherokee, I need a little more space. It handles incredible and drives like a dream. Looks good has great sound proofing. Love the hands free phone and in seat storage, door storage. All the outlets are good too.

- Marsha R

Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2016- great vehicle.

My Jeep has great sound system, is comfortable to drive in has heat and steering wheel warmers. Auto feature which turns engine off when stopped to save on gas. It's a nice tan sand color, and has light leather inside, great height for seeing to drive,

- Donna E

My Jeep Cherokee 2016 thoughts. .

No problems for 2 years. I had to trade in a crippled Dodge dart for my current vehicle and the only time it goes in the shop is for an oil change. Drives well, decent gas mileage for a compact SUV. The family can fit and good sound system for my music.

- Dan S

Good car but a little small for an SUV.

I like the performance. I do not like where the way the transmission sounds. Rpms seem to high when it changes gears. Ride is still pretty good though. I wish it had a CD player. I have a USB port, but I am old fashion. I love the dash instruments too.

- Dwayne S

Awesome vehicle wouldn't change it.

We have no problems with the vehicle is a reliable, I love my car and all its features, I a bar pleased. We have no problems with the vehicle is a reliable car, I love my car and all its features I am very pleased I have nothing else to add anymore ok.

- Carolina D

Jeep, reliable car for getting place to place.

It is a reliable vehicle. I have driven from Georgia to New York and it was a safe trip. My only problems are that the radio buttons are kind of broken. The button to change the volume is hyper sensitive, but other than that it is a really great car.

- Danny M

Experiencing an electrical problem after not owning it long at all

The car is only a couple of years old and the last few month I have been experiencing problems when the vehicle is not on smooth roads the parking brake light, traction light power steering light alerts all flash on and off until you turn vehicle off

- Diana H

Comfortable ride: it's the only way to travel the American highways in style.

I am completely happy with my Jeep. I enjoy the spacious windows and the smooth ride that it provides. I am also happy with the low price point and the resale value it holds. I have had previous Jeeps and will continue to purchase them in the future.

- Stephanie J

Make the Jeep Cherokee the #1 vehicle on your list!

Great gas mileage. Feel very safe. Love the heated seats and steering wheel! Make sure all software is updated before buying! This caused me to get stuck out of state with transmission issues. Good storage. Had some issues with the Bluetooth . . . F.

- Jessica B

Needs the software to be updated regularly to function properly.

Keeps you informed about your cars status as it sends weekly updates about the status of your tires, brakes, etc. However, be sure to make sure your software is updated regularly as the vehicles transmission does not work properly if not updated.

- Nikki H

This vehicle is so dependable. I never worry about how it will perform in any type of weather or worry that it will break down. Which is very important as I live in Wisconsin and our weather can be very unpredictable.

I previously had a Jeep Cherokee bought brand new in 1996 and still running today, so I know this is a very dependable vehicle. I did not even consider buying any other vehicle. The look is great, it's so dependable, and made with great quality.

- Donna G

That it is an amazing vehicle seriously good price for a Jeep.

We love our Jeep Cherokee! It is extremely comfortable and come with all the bells and whistles, such as a heated steering wheel and heated seats! We even have a touch screen radio! We have had zero problems with our Jeep and it drives smoothly.

- Morgan B

Great gas mileage with a roomy interior

The gas mileage is good for a small SUV and it has a great amount of space for our hockey loving family of three! The touch screen and panoramic sunroof are great additional features. We upgraded from a large car and we couldn't be happier!

- Alyssa W

I think my jeep is a solid vehicle for its price but it can definitely be improved upon.

The transmission is really bad and does not shift well. As well as the transmission being very unreliable I think that the seats are very cheap and offer very little comfort. The dashboard is very simple and does not have many features.

- joe s

Jeep Cherokee is fun to drive.

Jeep Cherokee meets the criteria for a family. It's comfortable for 4-5 adults to ride. It is ready for any driving situation that I may encounter. This past week, I was on rainy roads and the car provided a safe and secure ride.

- Karon B

Test drive and pay attention to visibility. Blind spots are noted when looking toward right and left as part of car beside windshield blocks visibility.

I love the way it drives, the way it handles on the road. It is comfortable and has a great sound system. I truly hate the poor visibility and that you HAVE to rely on the Safety features, such as the blind spot indicator.

- Donna K

It is a very reliable car in my opinion.

I like that it was reasonably priced, that it came with a 5 year warranty, and that maintenance was included such as oil changes. It is a very popular vehicle. It is very appealing to look at. It is a reliable car to drive.

- Christine G

I feel my car is definitely a safe car. It would be good for mothers with small children or single woman, like me. The variety of people this car could be used for is huge. I love the fact that it could be used for anyone.

I love my car but I would prefer to have a sunroof and moonroof included, only complaint I have. I love the color, which is a burgundy/maroon color. I also love the room it has. It's perfect for my lifestyle currently.

- Hannah M

I love the 4 wheel drive and different traction controls for various driving conditions. The snow mode was extremely useful last winter.

I love driving my Jeep. The interior is very nice with leather trim, heated seats and a large console screen. I have a hitch and a roof rack for carrying and hauling. It is extremely versatile with a lot of utility.

- Kevin M

Awesome Jeep Cherokee....

Jeep Cherokee is great on gas very modern Safe and reliable It is very comfortable The features are great my favorite is the heated seats and heated steering wheel the trunk is automatic with just a push of the button

- Trina W

Nice little 4x4 with decent gas mileage and room.

The four wheel drive works well. Capable of light off-roading. Gets decent gas mileage. It has enough room for my family, including the dogs in the hatch. Has plenty of room in the hatch when going grocery shopping.

- Michael S

Very comfortable seats. Has a wide screen and smooth when it comes to driving it.

I like it because its very easy to use. I do not dislike it actually. Everything I am looking for a car is there that is why I bought it in the 1st place. I could not ask for more. I am just enjoying using it.

- Madeleine M

Sleek styling, American brand.

My vehicle has been very reliable with minimal maintenance needs to date. It has a smooth ride, good acceleration and a comfortable cabin. I do not like the plastic grills, they crack and break very easily.

- Susan M

The Shark Mobile. It's sleek like a Shark and it has a smooth ride

- Slow transmission gear switch Limited room for family traveling Seats aren't comfortable Wide turning radius + good gas mileage Radio controls on the steering wheel Power windows Max ac option Smooth ride

- April M

It has heated seats and heated steering wheel!.

I really like my jeep because it gets great gas mileage and I feel quite safe driving it. I also like that it has heated seats and a heated steering wheel! I cannot really think of anything that I dislike.

- Jess B

Reliable, comfortable, stylish, storage space, great gas mileage

Very spacious and comfortable while traveling with my family of five. Has had a thermostat error but once replaced everything had been golden. Best vehicle I have owned as far.as.comfort size and safety

- Heather T

I like it and that's all that matters since I'm the one driving it.

I've only had my Jeep about 2 months and I'm still learning about its features. I love the backup camera and the easy to use visual controls. The no-key ignition is nice and it has plenty of cargo room.

- Kathi b

Very safe lots of safety features.

I like how roomy and comfortable the interior is. I like the look of the vehicle. I like the placement of the instruments (radio, buttons on steering wheel, etc.). There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Jessica A

My jeep is really good in gas and the drive is smooth as a feather!

Love how smooth it drives but the battery died too fast. My key stopped working after 2 years. Overall my jeep informs me when something is wrong and I get emails to remind me to keep up with my jeep.


The acceleration on the v6 is amazing.

I love my jeep. I did have issues when I first got it with the brakes and rotors being warped, but the dealership took care of it. It is hard on gas mileage, but it does well in many types of weather.

- Amy V

A great, stylish medium size SUV, that is easy to drive and the 4-wheel drive is uncomplicated.

I love the looks of my Jeep Cherokee Latitude. It's a great size for me, comfortable, and easy to drive. It has enough bells and whistles for my needs, without being overwhelming with technology.

- Judy F

It feels like a safe vehicle in the rain and snow. I feel confident driving my son around in it.

I like the interior design and quality, as well as how effective the all wheel drive is. I don't like that sometimes the car structure sounds like it creaks, as I've never had a car do this before.

- Cassandra H

It gets great gas mileage for a Jeep, 26 miles a gallon.

I love the car. The car has a beautiful interior with a huge moonroof. It has two climate functions for the driver and the passenger. The trunk is automatic which is appealing for grocery shopping.

- Samantha Y

It's beautiful and functional. It's big enough for my family but small enough that I can still park it safely and easily. It's safe in all weather types, but still gets good gas Mileage.

I love the comfortable ride, ability to use 4 wheel drive as needed, the unique stitching on the inside, and pretty good gas Mileage! I would love built in navigation system that I could afford.

- Becky H

It is a 4x4 which is great in snow and I love my sound system.

I love Jeep, the quality is great, however, the pick up is quite slow. My parking break also makes a squeak which does worry me at times, but I did take in for service and they said it was okay.

- Lizzy B

It's a good brand, and lasts a long time.

I like the technology and safety enhancements. I also like the size, and I like the heated steering wheel and heated seats.. I do not like the blind spot view, hard to see over your shoulder..

- Laurie J

The most important thing people should know about my Jeep is that it's a 2.4L engine and apparently after a certain amount of miles the Jeeps engine starts to burn through the oil super fast.

I love look of my Jeep, it is a black jeep completely blacked out. When we bought the Jeep I loved all the space it had, but as our family grew I currently dislike the amount of room we have.

- Brittany B

It is great on gas and doesn't require much maintenance.

I like my jeep because it is fun to drive. It is compact and great on gas. It has a tow package so I can take my trailer camping. It also has a sunroof which is nice in the warmer months.

- Randy B

It drives great on long trips and has lots of cargo space.

I like my jeep a lot, however it has shut off while driving before. Also, the passenger seat compartment is locked and I can't get it open. It is good for traveling and has good room inside.

- Missi C

great gas mileage, perfect amount of room for 4 passengers, great amenities.

I really like the gas mileage, the room in the cabin, and the 4 wheel drive, as well as storage places. I do not love the look of the car but think there are far uglier cars out on the road.

- John B

This vehicle is able to tow larger things on a trailer.

I like the size, it's not too large and not too small.. I like the towing package.. I like the larger motor for more power to tow things.. I like all the electronics and syncs to my phone..

- Marie C

Jeep offers luxury style transportation at an affordable price!

Sits very comfortably and has good seat adjustment options. Sufficient room for cargo in the back while allowing knee room in seat area. Handles a baby seat and has a good safety rating.

- Carla D

It is all terrain. Drives everywhere because it is 4 wheel drive.

It is four wheel drive so when I get into it I understand that it will go whether there is rain snow or sleet it looks good and drives well it's comfortable and I really enjoy driving it

- Janet P

It handles like a smaller car but is roomy and feels great to drive. Very easy to drive and handle.

I love the way it drives - It's fun to drive and handles great. I like the space and the size is perfect. Not a fan of the tail-lights - I think they are ugly but otherwise I love it!

- Annie W

It's a comfortable, mid-size SUV that gets great gas mileage

I love the comfortability of my car and the great gas mileage it gets. I enjoy all of the room it offers and storage areas. It's easy for my everyday errands and great for road trips.

- Chelsea R

Jeep Cherokee needs engine replacement

The car is pretty, and has cool features. It looks professional. However, at only a month into purchasing I heard a weird noise. Now at only 40000 miles I'm having my engine replaced.

- Morgan L

It is very roomy and the cargo space is wonderful.

I really love my jeep. The design is very pleasing and it is a very smooth ride. The only complaint I have is the issue with the thermostat that all 2016 Jeep Cherokee's tend to have.

- Melissa M

I never feel scared when I am driving in the rain or snow. I know that my car can handle itself.

I love having much more space to not just hold people but to hold things. The one thing I wish would be changed is having a sunroof. It also gets around great in terrible conditions.

- Megan M

The car is easy to drive and is great for getting around town.

I love the ease of driving it around town. I dislike the recalls because the dealerships don't have rentals for me to take my car in. The gas mileage is alright but could be better.

- Andrea J

It is a great smooth and easy drive.

I like how smooth the drive is and how easy it is to handle. I also really like the amount of space there is throughout the car. I wish it did a little better on gas mileage though.

- Rochelle M

A sturdy, reliable SUV that doesn't break the bank.

The Cherokee is comfortable, roomy, and drives smoothly for an SUV. I wish the console was larger to hold my phone, but it does have other nice features and gets decent gas mileage.

- Jennifer H

Jeep Cherokee Sport 2016 Pros and Cons

Jeep Cherokee Sport, Pros: Smooth ride, heated seats and steering wheel, remote start, back up camera Cons: No auto headlights, doors do not auto unlock when vehicle is put in park

- Sarah F

It is roomy and has a sporty feel.

I like my vehicle because it is easy to drive and is the right size for me. It has a good back up camera and Bluetooth system. I like how it looks and I do not have any complaints.

- Ella L

Fun to drive, safe, comfortable, reliable, good value for money

Love the cold weather package option! Good gas mileage Feel safe when driving Comfortable Had problems with radio unit but fixed. Make sure software is updated before buying!

- Jes B

It is a go anywhere and comfortable vehicle. The ride is smooth and great acceleration.

It is a very comfortable vehicle, has great versatility and utility. Love the GPS, comfortable seats, and great ride. It is easy to handle and all my friends love the vehicle.

- Shari J

You should know my car is reliable. It is pricy but our safety is worth it.

I love my vehicle BECAUSE it is reliable. I feel safe when I drive due to size and stableness of the car as well as the internal strength of it. There is plenty of room in it.

- Diane B

It's great in the snow and very good on gas. It is reasonably priced.

My jeep cherokee is comfortable, rides great. I love that is a 4-wheel drive. It is good on gas, has plenty of room for passengers and storage for shopping and road trips.

- wendy w

The car gets pretty good gas mileage, and is very easy to drive . It feels safe.

I love the size, it drives like a car but has the space of a small SUV. I also really like the rear view drive backup camera. I do wish that a gps would have come standard.

- Mary M

It's a great car that is the perfect size for transporting clubs or friends. It's a safe vehicle and drives smooth

I love the size of my car and how it handles, plus gas mileage on and off the highway. I wish it was a 6 cylinder as it doesn't handle hills or quick acceleration very well

- Kaitlyn D

Rear camera, Bluetooth capabilities, smooth riding on the road.

I love my vehicle. I enjoy the way it drives smoothly on the road. I love the rear camera and the way it notifies me of low oil or tire pressure and Bluetooth capabilities.

- Jessica W

How comfortable and quiet it is.

I love the size, gas mileage, and comfort of the Cherokee. I do miss my Jeep Wrangler let very much, but the gas mileage was terrible for the amount of driving I was doing.

- Amy B

The enlarged display screen is one of my favorite options on my Cherokee.

I love a small SUV. It gets good gas mileage. I love that it has a large screen. I am having issues with losing oil, that I have to have checked by the dealer every month.

- Tamara R

The Jeep Cherokee has had serious issues with the transmission.

My wife and I enjoy the Jeep Cherokee. Our only concern with our Jeep is problems with the transmission. Overall it's a decent small size SUV. Good on Gas mileage as well.

- Michael M

The Jeep Cherokee is a nice, comfortable SUV

I like that the seat is comfortable and you sit up higher...The gas mileage is ok but I hate that the tank is so small, sometimes I have to fill it more than once a week.

- Gloria v

It is very sharp and nice to look at. I like the way it drives both fast and slow.

I like the way my vehicle looks when approaching it. Black exterior with black rims. It drives smooth and comfortable. There is really nothing i dislike about my vehicle.

- Jason D

Jeep Cherokee 2016 review

We really love our Jeep. It drives nice and runs great. The headrest are a little uncomfortable, but overall I would recommend a Jeep to anyone looking for a good SUV.

- Nesha B

It's extremely dependable.

I love the design of the vehicle. It is what initially attracted me to it. It has many terrific features and is easy to drive and use. It's also extremely comfortable.

- Cheryl S

It rides so smooth and has lots of cargo room. It has small unique features that make it stand out.

I love how spacious and comfy my Jeep is. The ride is so smooth and so far I've had no issues with performance. The only thing I wish it had was automatic headlights.

- Lindsey G

The Jeep Cherokee has had Multiple transmission shift issues .

It is a nice size for a small SUV. Gets around 25 mpg. So far, I have had a few issues with the transmission and I'm not fully convinced on its long term reliability.

- Jessica K

I feel very safe driving my new baby in it.

I do not like that I cannot not scan the radio. I also feel like the blind shot is a little big. I looked everything else about the car and enjoy riding it every day.

- Shelton S

Reliable, good running vehicle

Very reliable, only one minor problem that was covered under my extended warranty. Very happy with this car. Wish we had gotten one with steering wheel radio controls

- Annette B

You sit very low and that changes your field of vision.

It is very comfortable. It has a smooth ride. There is a lot of space for hauling groceries and materials for my job and trips. It looks good. Push to start feature.

- Mary K

That he doesn't fit more than one rear facing car seat comfortably

I love my vehicle and just about everything about it. I love the way it drives and the room. The downside is I can't fit two rear facing car seats in the back seat.

- Laura H

The Jeep has the reverse camera feature which is Handy when backing up

I like the four wheel drive when I need it for different road or off road conditions.it is really easy to switch to another mode with the on the fly shifting system

- John A

It is RED and I can push it fast.

This vehicle gets much better mileage than my last Jeep, a Compass. I love this vehicle because it can get out of it's own way. I like the technology in it also.

- Sally S

If I have to describe my Jeep in one word: sturdy.

Smooth ride on the interstate and in town. I have tested it in a cornfield, being rambunctious, needless to say, the Jeep held up well and the 4x4 was well tested.

- Britney P

Great SUV for a single mom!

It's very reliable, especially in bad weather(snow storms and heavy rain). The only critic is the amount of space. It has a limited amount of space in the trunk.

- Raisa B

Backup camera is amazing. Also, the heated seats are amazing!

I love this vehicle because it is great on gas. I live in upstate NY so it's very important to have a vehicle that is also great in the winter which this car is!

- Miracalle T

The Jeep Cherokee is a great vehicle for all types of weather conditions.

I have had zero problems with my Jeep Cherokee. It drives very smoothly. It drives great in the upstate New York snow storms and makes me feel safe at all times.

- Breanna G

Have the ability to connect to Bluetooth, update screen/system to the jeep app.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive, the color, durability and the ability to change based on the weather, snow, sport, etc. I would prefer if there was a sunroof.

- Erin H

It is very reliable and relatively inexpensive when something needs to be fixed.

I like the amount of legroom for the driver and the amount of space to hold whatever i buy. The shape could be nicer but all in all it is a very good vehicle.

- tony P

The backup camera has self braking system when in reverse. Great safety feature.

I love my Jeep. I get pretty good gas mileage. The space is perfect for a family. I feel safe in it. The automatic braking when reversing is the best feature.

- Jennifer M

The car is overpriced. I have had other cars that were a smoother ride for at least 8k less

I like the look of the car. It drives pretty nicely. It is very bad on gas and has a lot of blind spots due to the structure of the front along the windshield

- Arianna P

It's reliable and i have had very little problems with it

i love the roominess of the car. however the ride is not very smooth . I also like the engine shut off when i stop at a light or stop sign to save fuel

- judith W

It's very reliable and comfortable. I feel safe while driving itz

There have been some recalls which are very inconvenient. I do like the overall appearance and it is very reliable. It is comfortable for long trips as well.

- Lori S

The Jeep drives very well. It has a nice sleek design and heated seats.

I like the satellite radio and it drives well. There are lots of compartments. There are vents for heat and air in the back seat. And it has seat warmers.

- Eileen C

It has been very reliable. In the time that I've owned it it has ran smoothly and there have been no issues.

It is a very comfortable vehicle. I like the way it drives. It looks manly and is a very nice charcoal color. It has never given me any mechanical problems.

- Chris J

I love my Jeep. Super comfort.

I love the style. It is very comfortable. It has a lot of extras, heated seats and steering wheel, backup camera, GPS navigation, Sirius radio. Love it.

- Lisa W

Great car for the price. It is also a great car for regions with bad weather.

I love my Jeep because it is great in the snow. It is also really fun to drive. I have a lot of room and the heated seats and steering wheel are awesome.

- Angela N

Do Not Buy this jeep unless you want issues with oil

Burns excessive amounts of oil which I have been told is Jeep standard Comfortable to ride in except when it stalls or dies because there is no oil in it

- Jamie G

That it is a great investment.

I like how my truck rides. I like the color of it. I like the interior and design. It has a nice radio and I like how it has a back up camera in the rear.

- Raven L

I believe it is safe and very reliable.

I have not had any issues. The ride is smooth and the vehicle features meet my needs. I do wish the GPS system didn’t require a payment to keep updated.

- Violet E

It was recalled due to the transmission.

The 2016 Jeep Cherokee latitude jerks a lot especially when the car shifts from different gears. The technology in the car is pretty slow and lags a lot.

- Caroline K

I get good gas mileage and it is a very comfortable drive.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. This is my first time in over 20 years buying a different type of automobile and so far it has not disappointed me

- Jerome W

It's very reliable. No issues in years and been a very smooth ride.

It's a good, reliable car but I just wish I would have gone with the Grand as this is a bit small. Besides that I love it. No troubles in 2 1/12 years.

- mary b

Reliable vehicle that brings comfort and style together.

I love the look of it, inside and out. I like the features included in the limited trim package, like leather seats. I dislike the lack of power it has.

- Jacqueline H

It drives well in the snow

The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have dual temperature controls. I love the heated seats and steering wheel. It handles good in the snow.

- Shelley L

Love my Jeep. The black shines like a diamond when washed.

I love the smooth ride, comfortable front and back seats, and I feel safe in the build and size. Next one will be white. It will be the grand Cherokee.

- Sharon V

Great gas mileage, and it is very comfortable for long drive

I don't like how noisey it can be driving down the highway. And the heated steering wheel does not work very well. But those are the only complaints

- Tara E

Gas mileage is unbelievable for an suv. On regular roads, i get over 20 mpg

Love the handling and how quiet the vehicle is. The overall gas mileage is great. Car has had issues though with properly updating the transmission.

- Jimmy Y




Too small, four wheel drive is hard to turn on does not turn well. Hate it.

Hard to get into. Hard to clean the inside. Not big enough tall people have a hard time getting in. Grown to hate it, love it when I first bought it.

- Chuck D

It's a 4x4, it handles great in the snow. It is a very comfortable ride.

I like the off road capability. It's rugged and luxurious. It's reliable gets me where I want to go in style and comfort and it has plenty of room.

- Sal T

Jeep Cherokee comfortable and easy to drive.

Reliable in any weather, low maintenance, comfortable sitting for driver and passages; even with long car rides. Has heated seats and steering wheel.

- Melinda L

It's nice and has all the extra features you could want in a car.

I like the look of the outside. I don't like how the check engine light is always on. I don't like how long it takes the dealership to fix it either.

- Anna W

I love the versatility of my car. It is nice enough to be a drive around town car, but also has 4x4 capabilities should I need it.

The only new cars I have ever purchased have both been Jeeps. I love the vehicles, and the customer service and support from the Mopar technicians.

- Holli B

It is a great mid size suv with a lot of great technology for Its price. It also comes with a V6 engine and is good on gas.

Very nice and sleek design. Love the headlights at night can see very well even on country roads. Also has a lot of storage room for a mid size suv.

- Blake E

That is perfect for all weather.

I like everything about my car especially in the winter. It has 4 wheel drive heated seats heated steering wheel. It very spacious and comfortable.

- Vee M

The other should know is that jeep is a good brand of car, of favorites also

The great vehicle, has four wheel drive and many extras, I use it to go to work and to go on vacation excetera. But I'm always open for a new one.

- Tami R

My Jeep Cherokee is well-made, reliable and an affordable vehicle.

I love the quality of the Jeep. You barely hear any road noise when driving and it's a very sturdy vehicle. Feels like a luxury brand when inside.

- Kelva S

Good, but not good enough!

The comfort is really not that good. Some cars at the same price are way more comfortable than this car. The driving feel is really good though.

- Leo U

Jeep make a great product that can be trusted for years to come. If you buy American I'd recommend Jeep.

I like the vehicle very much. It is comfortable to ride in. It has some decent features. It is reliable. I do not have any complaints about it.

- kristy s

Very nice ride but the Uconnect system is not compatible with the Iphone.

The Jeep Cherokee is a very nice ride. The only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that their system is not compatible with Iphones.

- Karen P

My car handles well in snow and other bad weather.

My Jeep gets good gas mileage, is great in snow, and is comfortable to ride in. There's adequate storage and I love my heated steering wheel.

- Allyson W

It' Great Car easy on the pocket book

It's small yet roomy comfy for long trips . We travel in a Motorhome and tow the Jeep It's four wheel drive with trans 2 so it towed four down

- Merle clifford w

Jeep Cherokee, smooth midsize SUV.

There are some blind spots but it is a smooth ride. It is good in the snow and a reliable car. The back seat has a lot of room for passengers.

- Sara H

If you think there is a problem make sure to bring it for service and explain exactly what is wrong.

I like most of the new features that it has. I had a problem with the shift. It took a while before they realized that there was a problem.

- Karen W

It feels like a car yet is convenient like a truck.

I love my jeep. I am able to move items easily, yet it is comfortable like a car. I have many comfort features which make it comfortable.

- Joyce M

It does not come with a spare tire!

The vehicle gets good gas mileage and has enough room for the whole family. My biggest complaint is that it does not come with a spare tire.

- John S

Safety rating is pretty good.

I like the gas mileage. Sirius XM radio is nice feature. Not as spacious as I want. Not a lot of horsepower. Backseat area could be bigger.

- Quin D

Looks compact but it has a lot of space once seats are put down.

Love how smoothly it rides on any terrain. The screen is bright and backing camera is very clear. Seats are comfortable and very spacious.

- Jonathan A

That it is an amazing vehicle. Does great in all weather. It has not let me down.

I love everything about it. I love how roomy it is. I love how it just glides down the road. I love that my family loves it. It is my baby.

- Lisa D

Good mileage, drives smooth, has 911 assist, heated steering wheel and seats for comfort

I love the space and color. It drives smooth. I like the touch screen control for radio etc. also love the heated seats and steering wheel.

- Abby K

The jeep is a nice riding car.

It is a nice riding vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage. It does have a tendency to not accelerate the way it should. It is hesitant going.

- Amy k

It does well off-road for not being lifted and no off-road suspension.

It's a great Jeep! Has lots of space easy to drive rides good and holds up well in wrecks, it fits 5 people and my 2 big dogs comfortably.

- Annie S

Mine is not 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive. It's a glorified car.

I don't like the 9 speed auto transmission. I love the space in my jeep. And I love the look of my jeep. I get a lot of compliments on it.

- Dani L

It runs smooth and comfortable. As you drive, it doesn't feel bumpy even though the road may be.

My car is comfortable to drive. I like that it sits high on the road and there is plenty of room in the trunk. It fits our whole family.

- Jim M

Love the heated seats and defrost on the side mirrors

Love the moon roof and car is very reliable Have not had any problems with the vehicle Currently leasing and want to purchase the vehicle

- Heidi M

It's got a lot of high tech features that could cause distractions while driving.

Comfy and roomy with lots of high tech stuff that my wife and I never have had. Spacious with lots of room for our stuff when we travel.

- Jim T

The different off road features button

Great for family use. Has the room we need for a family if five. Love the interior features and love that its also has off road features

- Kelly M

It is reliable and I feel safe while driving it.

I like the gas mileage, the back up camera and I love the moon roof. I just like the height of the vehicle I would like it to be taller.

- Crystal V

It's easy on gas, very well built,the paint scheme is absolutely gorgeous.

I love everything about my jeep.It's easy to drive.it has all the modern accessories. It's a four wheel drive.love the custom interior.

- Kerri P

It's an easy drive. Mirrors are great. Easy backup screen.

It is not noisy. It is dependable. I love the radio, how it is easy to drive, easy to look at the speedometer, and easy to move seats.

- Hannah W

It's a comfortable and smooth ride and great for road trips

It's a smooth drive and a spacious backseat. the trunk is a little small. the built in radio works great. i like the way it looks too

- sara b

I love my Jeep Cherokee gunmetal gray color with black rims.

I love my Jeep Cherokee. It's comfortable, reliable and has great features like heated seats, satellite radio and a back-up camera.

- Michelle C

How well it handles and the great gas mileage that it gets

Love my jeep. It handles well in all kinds of weather, it handles snowy roads better than any other vehicle that I have ever owned

- Theresa C

It has a very smooth ride and is spacious.

Battery went completely dead within 3 years of owning it. Other than that I have had no issues with it and have enjoyed driving it.

- Jon H

The gas mileage is not very good.

I love the space it has. The way it drives. The Bluetooth capability. I dislike that you can't change station from steering wheel.

- Jasmine S

Comfortable driving lots of room.

Very comfortable to drive. Lots of room, love the way the seats fold down and make more room. Lots of legroom. Drives beautifully.

- Judy P

It's been reliable - I even drove it from Atlanta to Phoenix without issues

I love that it's an SUV and has plenty of room. Love that it is newer and much more reliable than my old car. Gas mileage is okay

- Jordan H

It is reliable, and great for small families looking to expand

It is very versatile. Spacious for infant car seat. Great gas mileage, and still rugged enough for dirt roads and uneven roads

- Trevor C

Very dependable and great gas mileage.

Perfect size for me extremely comfortable smooth ride only problem a blind spot perfect for short people and has backup camera.

- Judy B

It drives well, it uses a lot more gas than expected and it is comfortable.

I like the feel of it, but the gas mileage needs improvement. The warranty could be improved and the servicing dealer is awful.

- Katie W

That the car is very useful but can't haul trailers.

What I like is that I have XM radio. It also has a rear view camera. What I don't like is how you have to pay for WiFi hotspot

- Jason M

It is a trailhawk edition.

I really like the gas mileage and the auto 4WD. It handles very well in any weather condition. It keeps me and my family safe.

- Melinda U

My blue Jeep low mileage going on two yrs. old under 20, 000.

Very comfortable, good on gas, love my color blue. Roomy, no problems so for. Great to travel in. Has a lot of get up and go.

- Sue E

It is great for family travel.

I love the Uconnect feature for my phone. I love the size of the vehicle. It is not too big. I dislike the size of the trunk.

- Meredith B

Has sensors that let you know if somebody is in your blind spot. Very handy on freeway.

Great vehicle. Has amazing features such as back up camera and blind spot sensors. Spacious, but not too big to drive around.

- Sarah P

Its sporty and comfortable to drive.

I like all the features it has. I like the automatic lift gate. I like the touchscreen that makes it easy to see everything.

- Amber E

It is four wheel drive and is good in snow

I love the color and style. It also is really good in the snow. I like that I can put the seats down and haul a lot of stuff

- Merinda B

It is a manual transmission.

Four wheel drive, spacious interior, comfortable, powerful enough to pull a trailer. I do not like the auto shutoff feature.

- Raven S

I love my jeep Cherokee best car we ever owned

This vehicle is a great family vehicle.. it's great on gas and safety!!!! It has heated seats and keyless start. We love it

- Tony D

It is reliable. I feel completely safe in it.

Has a bad blind spot. It hesitates sometimes on restarts. It is hard for some people to get into. Gas mileage is just okay.

- Lisa H

Can ride off roads and on roads

It is dependable vehicle that has heated seats, heated steering wheel are the greatest feature. Very safe feature included

- Alicia M

The Jeep Cherokee is an excellent choice for a family with one or two children at most

It's easy to get my son in and out of. It doesn't have as many options as I would like. Handles well in the CNY weather.

- Danielle T

It has a start/stop feature and lags when about to go

I like the way it handles and the safety features. I don't like the gas mileage. The car radio can be unreliable at times.

- Danielle m

The nine gears change smoothly.

It is very comfortable. Rides smoothly. Transmission changes without jerking. The brakes and steering are very responsive.

- Sue W

That it's super fast and safe and reliable. It's cheap and I Love it

I dislike that I don't have a sunroof . I dislike that I don't have a CD player I dislike that it didn't come with time

- Melanie T

All around good value, and good safety record.

Do not like that their is too much electronics. Do not like how wide the body is.. Do like seats. They are comfortable.

- Jane Z

Love the interior and back up camera. Large trunk space. Car seems to settle when you release the brake from putting it in park.

Great daily driver for small families! We are an active family and we can store athletic gear and groceries with ease.

- Karie S

There is no other car like a Jeep! It drives like a luxury car without the sticker price.

I love my Jeep! I love all the features, like the heated seat and steering wheel. It has a nice smooth and quiet ride.

- Nikki W

Comfortable ride, and great Jeep

I love my Jeep. It's a comfortable ride when we go on trips. Enough room for my kids so that they don't argue to much.

- Brenda m

It makes you feel safe. You get great mileage.

I like the way it drives especially through the snow. It has great mileage. I feel a little safer. It's easy to park.

- Beverly L

The camera works wonders when backing up.

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the room and foldable seats. I don't like size of the gas tank, wish it was bigger.

- Krystal G

2016 Jeep Cherokee latitude, backup camera, power windows and locks.

Best little SUV for the cost. I get good gas mileage, it is comfy when going on long road trips. Perfect family car.

- Kayla C

I love how it drives and that It's mine and I wish it would get fixed

I loved my vehicle until it started messing up It's been back and forth to the jeep dealership for the last 3 months

- Michael h

Good gas mileage. Not very powerful.

It is too small for my needs. The head room is too short. I like the gas mileage. It is a good get around town car.

- Terri K

The battery may present issues after you drive for over 30k miles.

I love the features and how it drives... I hate that my battery had issues after 1 year and it cost me $800 to fix.

- Ana B

It's a real workhouse that exhibits beautiful exterior and interior styling.

It drives splendidly over snow in the mountainous area I live. Love the sound system. Comfortable interior styling.

- nan T