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backup camera that enables us to see behind us and in our blind spots.

This vehicle has an engine that shuts off when you completely have the break down and restarts as soon as you take your foot off the break to help save gas at places like stop lights and stop signs. It bothered me at first but I quickly got used to it. There is an option to completely turn that feature off where it will stay running the entire time. It has great gas mileage and works well for a family of 3. We fit a car seat in the back seat easily. The trunk is very spacious and even more when you lay the passenger seats down. There are multiple headlight features and with lights that turn on when you make a right or left turn so you are able to see the road more during the turn. We use a lot of the storage for iPass, sunglasses, car insurance and more. There are also cup holders in the front and back and on each door. Having two charger ports and an auxiliary port works nice for our family. There is no CD player but you can sink your phone to work with the car so you can listen to music, use navigation, talk hands free, listen to audiobooks, and more. We have had no vehicle issues yet with the entire car. We did have to bring the Jeep in for a recall but it was quickly checked and our vehicle wasn't affected. The back of camera is extremely helpful with a clear view and an indicator when you are too close to an object while backing up. Overall a wonderful car!

- Ashley B

Diane's Jeep Cherokee review.

The car is very comfortable. It is very easy to go long distances. In fact it is to good because we aren't inclined to stop as often as we should. We recently bought a new one and this one has the auto lift trunk. That is so handy, we didn't realize how much easier it is to get in and out of the back. The panel in the front is very clear. haven't figured out how to run all the buttons yet, the back up camera has saved us a lot, like backing out of a parking space at Walmart, it looks both ways for you. The lane signal is a life saver also. I don't look in the rear view mirror as much anymore, I just watch for the light to go off. It came in handy when we were in a terrible rain storm. We couldn't see in front of us let alone see behind us, but the light showed us when we could get over without getting run over. Love the heated seats, we don't use them to get warm, we use them for our sore backs after walking a lot. The lumbar seat is great for that too except it is only on the drivers side. I guess the engine is great according to my husband! I would recommend it to anyone.

- Diane H

Cruising in style and comfort

At the moment my vehicle has had no problems. Performance is great; gas mileage is wonderful, I get approximately 23 miles per gallon of city driving. Typically it costs about 35-40 dollars to fill up and it lasts me about a week and a half. Typically 257 miles during that time frame. It was wonderful driving in the snow this past year with four wheel drive, does great is sport mode, and the other modes available. Thus far having it for a little over a year, it has proven to be extremely reliable. From a standpoint of comfort; leather seating is heated as is the steering wheel for those cold snowy days. Automatic start is a must have now as I absolutely love getting into a warm and cozy car in the winter and a cool car in the summer. Touch screen is very convenient and I love the ease of connecting my iPhone to car play for hands free use. Voice to text/call is done with just a push of a button in the steering wheel. There is plenty of room for myself, my son, and my 75 lb husky!

- Danielle C

Best. Car. Ever! Safe, reliable, and FUN.

I have had my 2019 Jeep Cherokee for 9 months and have experience zero problems. It is absolutely incredible in the snow and the sport mode is really fun in warm weather. I have never felt so safe in a vehicle. The heated steering wheel and seats are my favorite feature as I am always cold. It has an auto start feature and you can program certain things to turn on when you auto start (heated steering and seats, turn on heat/air, etc). My most favorite features are the large screen and backup camera, sensors for people/passing cars while in reverse, blind spot detection, and carplay for iPhone or Android. Something I appreciate is that the backseat has air vents which is so important for kids in cold and warm weather! I have seriously never loved a car so much.

- Abbie K

We love our Jeep Cherokee latitude.

The Jeep Cherokee latitude is an amazing vehicle. We love it. The gas mileage is great, the price is astounding, but the performance and handling are what sets it apart. We really enjoy going to the coast in northern California. It is a 4 hour drive, but in our Jeep the drive is one of the top highlights of our trip. The acceleration thru the mountain roads is fantastic and the handling on the sharp curves makes it a blast to drive. There are 9 gears in our 4cylinder v6 which make navigating the inclines and corners simply a breeze. Being a Jeep brand the quality and craftsmanship of our vehicle is top notch. It is very solid and comfortable. There is a lot of room inside and some small attention to details that we discover each time we drive it.

- Wendy W

Solid Performance Sport Utility Vehicle

My 2019 Jeep Cherokee has handled well with it's 4WD capability in the ugliest of winter road conditions. The comfortable leather interior is soft and rich in quality, along with heated seats and the grippy heated steering wheel. The dash features an ample screen for The UCONNECT system that syncs your phone to satellite radio, phone, Pandora radio, iTunes, and Waze. The system reads and dictates texts, and navigation destinations. The large sunroof was a splurge that is well worth the money, allowing daylight to flood the car even on the darkest winter days. I'm very happy overall with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid performance SUV.

- Angela M

Family car: comfortable for 5 and our dog comfortably with plenty space.

No problems so far with vehicle that we have noticed. It is a very reliable car, it is our family car and I feel safe and protected. I feel our kids are safe in our vehicle. The comfort of the car is great. With two car seats in the back, if we have another persons who wants to travel with us, I can sit in the back between the two car seats no problem. It is snug maybe but I feel very comfortable between the two. The performance on the car is great and it feels like a very smooth ride through town and highway/freeway. My kids sit comfortably in the car seats with plenty of legroom and with us in the front still feeling comfortable and able to sit how we like.

- Amanda G

Panoramic sunroof is a must

I previously had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and upon ending my lease I opted for the Cherokee instead. This one is a bit smaller but it has the same engine size and power. This one also comes with a panoramic sunroof, navigation, heated seats, heated steering wheel and Sirius XM radio. The leather interior is a nice touch as well. Overall the car rides great, smooth and comfortable. The power is decent as well and good highway mileage. I go about 20 miles a day to and from work on highways and I get 26.7 miles to the gallon. Overall great family or every day driving car. I would recommend to anyone looking for a mid size car

- Lindsey K

Very spacious and comfortable with plenty of cool tech and driving features!

I love the cherokee, it is very spacious inside, but compact enough to work as a city car - i travel into a city for work each day. Easy to drive and comfortable. Passengers have told me it's not the smoothest ride, but usually it's just me in the car to be honest or myself and my husband, and he likes how it rides. Nice that it's a 4WD vehicle and you can switch between modes in the 4WD setting - so if you're dealing with snow it will add more traction. The electronic system on the dashboard is easy to use and looks nice. Lots of space to store things, if you need a family vehicle or a smaller SUV it's a great option.

- Jamie S

Jeep Cherokee and its multiple features for driving.

I love my Jeep Cherokee because of all capabilities it has to offer. There are so many different options to customize the Jeep. Mine is a trail hawk, and has the snow, dirt, mud, and sport mode for off-road. The tires are bigger and wider for better gripping and is higher up from the ground. Plus the new Jeep has better safety features for all drivers for reliability. Furthermore, this Jeep has many great features customize the way he or she desires such as a having a sunroof, a different engine, or different wheels. Jeep gives you multiple interior packages with different seating material and sound systems.

- Carr B

Great for the whole family!

I've had the vehicle for two weeks and so far there are no problems. Both my husband and son have long legs and there is plenty of legroom in this vehicle so everyone has plenty of room to be comfortable. My favorite things in this vehicle are the heated seats and steering wheel as we have cold winters here. The vehicle performs great in snow and ice without having to put it in 4-wheel drive. We shop every two weeks so when we do shop there are a lot of groceries for all 7 of us in our household. This vehicle has plenty of space in the back for all the groceries and the kids too.

- Misty S

Latitude with an attitude

Problem, if it's raining out and you crack open your window with the wipers on, the rain will come into the vehicle onto the window controls and handle hole of inside the vehicle. Performance and comfort of vehicle are outstanding! You can pass another vehicle without hesitation, has the oomph to get the job done. Comfort of the interior is outstanding and everything is in the right place, not cumbersome to use. Reliability-no concern. New vehicle without any problems in the first 20,000 miles..bonus! Features- love the big screen on the radio/back up camera.

- Janice C

Love is not a big enough word

I have owned this Jeep for close to a year now (I got it when it was first released). Love is not a good enough word. So far, it has delivered all that was promised and beyond. I can't believe all the feature s for a base model., And received an amazing deal, so added all the warranties, and bonus tire package. The extra space in the back is real. I am an artist, and needed the extra space for my large artworks and tent for shows. And, the gas mileage is incredible - note, I only put Plus in her... and yes, my new Jeep is so wonderful, I named her.

- Pam H

Kid friendly vehicle for all seasons

I love my Jeep Cherokee. It features different terrain modes so I can feel safe driving, even in the winter time. It's spacious enough to fit two car seats comfortably in the back seat and the trunk space is not compromised so I can easily fit groceries for a family of four without needing to put the seats down. I can hook up my phone with Bluetooth and talk hands free on my mobile device. There are child locks for the windows and doors which puts me at ease with my three year old. I love the option to have heated seats, especially during Iowa's cold winters.

- Jessica R

Best vehicle I've ever owned.

I love all the driving features such as lane control, distance control and parking controls. Get comfortable with the heated seats for winter and venting for hot days. Perfect for the leather seats. Smooth, quiet driving. I've had no issues with this car. I've taken it off road and the 4-wheel package is absolutely amazing. I can take this vehicle almost anywhere. I drive in snow often so that was a concern when purchasing a vehicle. The snow control in 4-wheel drive makes it feel as if I'm just driving in normal roads. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Maggie B

It's an amazing car and very efficient.

One of the best features in my car is the safety it haves sensors for blind spots. I like that it also comes with backup cameras. It's also have the engine auto shut off to help you save gas. It's a very comfortable car for 5 people. It is very reliable when it comes to savings gas. The performance is good not bad at all. It comes with some really cool features like uconnect. I also like that it's a small SUV. Its comes with plenty of trunk space and if more is needed the seats fold. Overall it's a very comfortable car and safe.

- Elizabeth S

Go Anywhere in Anywhere in Comfort and Safety Mobile!

No problems whatsoever, it is very roomy, quiet, comfy and safe. So very pleased with it. I love having the option to lock it in 4wd for the winter as opposed to the all wheel drive, I feel safer and know from past experience that 4 wheel drive is the best for snow. Gas mileage is getting better, roll the speed on and slow down early, saves wear and tear, the jeep shuts off at red lights, and upon releasing the brake pedal it starts back up and you can shut this off if you are in bumper to bumper traffic. Absolutely love it

- kevin B

Great car but 4 cyl way too sluggish.

I love all the safety extras it has like the blind marker lights that go on when trying to change lanes, the back up camera and the beep noise if you are backing up. I l love the automatic hatch. The heated seats and heating steering wheel is a nice extra. The push button start and automatic starter is great too. I just love the panoramic sunroof and the paint is a beautiful color. Car seems sturdy and very well built. It hugs the road great! The car is very comfortable but the 4 cyl is way too sluggish.

- Maria P

Nice looking, some I interior design flaws

This vehicle is sharp looking, as with all Jeep vehicles. It runs smooth but it has some flaws. The automatic stop start feature is a major headache. It causes the car to stall out at odd times and doesn't work other times. You have to hit a button each time to start the car to shut that feature off. There is limited view through the windshield. I find that I'm staring at the visor and I hit my head every time I get in. I'm only 5'7. There is no place to put your phone and in 2019 that's a necessity.

- Heather Y

Why I recommend buying a Jeep if you are on the fence.

The seats are extremely comfortable. I love the start push button and safety features. It is fun to drive and has decent gas mileage. The back seat is ok for passengers but a bit of a tight squeeze for our car seat which is currently rear facing. It performs great in snow and ice and has a huge screen for when you need map directions and for seeing what's behind you while backing up. It also warns you when you are too close to something and will apply the break before you hit anything.

- Summer C

I love the touch screen stereo! It�s easy to make calls and answer messages

I love this vehicle. It is very comfortable for my family with two kids in car seats. It has plenty of room. This car drives smooth and is easy to steer. This is a great family car. I have not had any problems with this car. It is very comfortable as far as the seats go and the amount of legroom each rider has. This car comes with a touch screen stereo. Bluetooth. CarPlay and Bose speakers already installed. This is the basic model and it seems so luxurious. This car is very reliable.

- Hannah M

Nice grill, Nice headlights and tail lights

My overall experience with my 2019 jeep Cherokee is great. I was upset to find out that it does not come with a spare tire but has a empty spare tire spot in rear of vehicle. It does however come equipped with a MOPAR air pump which is pretty cool. My air conditioning had stopped working momentarily and tripped a check engine light. I brought it in to dealership and it was fixed and has not happened again. I got the car with 37 miles and after 1 year I am at 10,0109

- Timothy N

Warm seats, difficult phone connect.

This vehicle runs smoothly, very cost efficient. The car is gas friendly. Saves me money weekly. I am really enjoying the automatic turn on feature, especially now in the winter. The car will turn on and warm up while I am still in the house getting ready. Not only will the car warm up but also the seats and steering wheel will warm up. However, I sometimes have difficulty with the radio and Uconnect feature in less than 3 months having the car.

- Erica G

Warm seats/messed up car play.

The gasoline would last me a whole week so it very gas- friendly. In the winter time, the car would heat up while you are still inside your house. The steering wheel and seats are heated. Smooth ride. Seats are comfortable. The car includes carplay so you can use your phone hands free. One problem that I have encountered was the car play glitching, phone call would disconnect from car and would not turn off even when the car was completely off.

- Erica G

Jeep Cherokee is a family vehicle.

The only problem I have had with my car is sometimes the touch screen turns black and resets. Other than that this is my favorite car! The heated steering wheel and seats make the winter in the north so much better! The backseats are very roomy making it comfortable for a family road trip. There is also plenty of room in the trunk which made moving back to school a lot easier. I will definitely be getting another Jeep once my lease is up.

- Kylie F

Stylish with a lot of extras!

My Jeep is fully loaded with a lot of great features like heated seats and steering wheel, Sirius radio, CarPlay, and leather/plush seats. When I first bought it, the steering wheel would not remain heated and the dealership eventually replaced it. Sometimes the CarPlay acts up with my phone as it won't read it or play the music/GPS at the same time. Overall, though, it is a great vehicle that fits my family's needs.

- Samantha S

It has CarPlay so you can text through the car instead of using your phone.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle so far. I have made many trips and it is a very comfortable car to travel in and has a lot of space in the trunk. I really enjoy the different modes it has such as sport, snow, and sand. I have used sport and snow the most and they work very well. I have felt it is a very reliable vehicle because I have not had any problems with it and I would highly recommend it to others.

- Kayla V

The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is the most capable SUV in the market.

2019 Jeep Cherokee is the nicest vehicle I have had. Great in all weather and good gas mileage. Comfortable seating and plenty of space for passengers/belongings. It is a very capable vehicle for a reasonable price. My particular Jeep happens to be a trail hawk that is loaded with navigation, heated seats and steering wheel, panoramic sunroof and the Uconnect 8. 4" radio screen. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

- Jared M

Runs great, decent mpg, overall great car.

It runs really smoothly and is decent on gas despite having a v6 engine. The seating is comfortable. It has a back up camera, park assist, and blind spot alerts. I like the look of the Jeep Cherokee, as well. I like that it turns off while at red lights to save gas. It is Bluetooth enabled so it makes it easier to Focus on the road than at my phone, and I can reply back to someone via Bluetooth if I need to.

- Mark F

Jeep Cherokee The Feature Mobile

Jeep Cherokee is loaded with lots of amazing features ranging from a full panoramic sunroof to adaptive cruise control and safety features. This vehicle gets an average of about 28 mpg and rides extremely smooth, steering is a little on the light side but still very responsive. Fitted with heated, ventilated seats makes for an extremely comfortable experience in all types of weather conditions.

- George A

Very happy customer- I am very happy with my overall experience with my Jeep.

I purchased my Jeep Cherokee 3 months ago and I have never been happier with a car. The way it drives, the luxury feel it has and the safety are beyond anything I could have imagined. I got into a little accident when I first got it, and it saved my life. If I had any other car, I would have been very hurt. It is affordable, decent on gas and drives so nice. I am really happy with my purchase.

- Emily G

It drives nice like a car.

I just got my Jeep in June so I haven't had any issues so far. I do have to take it in for a rear brake recall this week I sold my 3 year old Cadillac xts and I love my Jeep more! Visibility is great, I love sitting up higher. It is a good looking vehicle. I love that the hatch closes with the push of a button. It has all the same features as the Cadillac. It even has a heated steering wheel!

- Carol Q

Gas saver and comfortable vehicle.

I am loving my Jeep. I have only had it 3 months. Very satisfied so far. Not pleased with dealership. I would never recommend them, but I really like the comfort of the vehicle and definitely love the gas mileage with this vehicle. I do think it would be good to have a little class in uconnect if it is your first car with that feature. Once I learned how to use uconnect I really like it.

- Lois L

I love this car, but it's tough for traveling due to space & air control!

I love this car a lot. It's very comfortable and easy to drive long distance. But, there are two cons to this car. The first, the air doesn't seem to get cool unless I put on MAX AC, which using MAX AC when it's 68/70 out seems a bit strange, but the air feels stale if I don't. The second is the trunk isn't that large. I have a hard time fitting golf clubs back there alone.

- Jenna G

Great ride!! For a great price!!

It sits 5 people comfortably. Hood on gas especially in town which is surprising. Even better gas mileage on the highway. Air conditioner works beautifully. Plus the overall style is sharp. The color champagne red is beautiful. The only thing that is a downer is that it's expensive for routine maintenance at the dealership. Other than that it's an overall great vehicle to own.

- Sandra M

Kills itself at the red lights when you are wearing your seatbelt

Don't love the engine dying when you stop. It's not even a year old and has had 3 recalls and it's really not that spacious. We travel constantly and I have a hard time fitting everything we need for the trip into the hatch. The gas mileage is amazing though. In the town you will get about 26 or 27 miles per gallon. On the highway it with get 30 to 32 miles per gallon

- Taylor M

Practical, spacious, reliable!

This Jeep has proven to be reliable, practical and spacious. It is safe and has great get up and go. The heat works very well and takes seconds to heat the car. I really enjoy the cargo space which I use quite often. The remote start and heated steering wheel was the kicker for me to lease this vehicle. I usually drive BMW but opted to drive the Jeep this time.

- Melanie V

Perfectly sized SUV. It is not to big or to small.

This vehicle is very comfortable. It is very good on gas. The seats have lumbar support. The back has just enough room for large shopping trips. The back hatch is very light and easy to open and close. The height is good. It is just far enough off of the ground to not feel all the bumps in the road but still low enough not to make it hard to get in and out of.

- Amy D

Overall it's a great midsize vehicle for the price.

Leather seats are super worth it and have cloth in the middle to protect you from the heat during the summer. I love that it senses if someone is in your blind spots and have a backup camera. Air conditioner is a little loud when you turn it up full blast and there is only a small vent that fends to the back of the car so air flow in the back is not the best.

- Emma P

Backup camera, lane changing alarm are two features that make this vehicle safe.

The vehicle handles well. I have had no mechanical problems. It is not a 4X4 so I get good gas mileage. I love the push button start. It also has remote start. Great for the winters on the Delmarva peninsula. It has a backup camera. I check it, but I'm used to using my mirrors to backup. It also has an automatic lift gate. All in all it's a nice vehicles.

- Dee R

My Jeep Cherokee; pros and cons!

It has so much space for my family. It drives so smooth, and doesn't waste much gas. Great family vehicle. Only problem is that it has stalled out on me while at a stop light, and the radio will sometimes turn off completely. Other than that, I really love the way the car drives and how much room I have especially if I want to expand my family someday.

- Amber A

First and best car I've ever had!

This car is amazing! The two features I always look for in a car are AC and good speakers, and my Jeep does both of those with class! You have the radio or you can hook up your smartphone and they both sound excellent! And you can blast the AC so high you'll think it's Winter. Couldn't recommend this car enough, I haven't had a single problem with it.

- Matthew C

The touch screen and the seat and steering wheel heating are a plus

Easy to drive, comfortable, spacious and fuel efficient. The touch screen makes it very easy to use my phone applications and easy to switch from my play app to my radio. The seat and steering wheel heating system is great on them cold winter days, as well as the cooling system for the summers. On the downside the trunk is not as big as I would like.

- Yoyo G

2019 Jeep Cherokee likes and dislikes

Had a few recalls where the car would stall. I do enjoy the automatic start button on my key and in the winter my heated seats and heated steering wheel turn on as well! It's been reliable in the snow and ice over all. It drives smoothly but I don't like the feature where it stops the engine when you come to a complete stop. I usually turn this off.

- Breanna H

Two Jeeps, Too much to learn!

Having trouble getting used to the feature that keeps you from going off the road & adjusting to the temperature controls. This car is much more complicated electronically than I am used to. My husband loves all of the bells & whistles but I don't have time to figure out how it all works. I have been reading the manual to figure things out!

- Donna A

It is a jeep how can you go wrong.

Rides good drives good it is a little to small for my family other than that it is a really all around SUV.Its reliable good a/c my wife likes it I would go anywhere in it. It is got a good warranty on it only think I do not like about it that it do not have enough room to put groceries in it with a car seat in it like that the back seats lay down.

- Alan L

Sporty but functional vehicle

Performs great. Gears shift frequently and hard but it's normal. Plenty of storage space. Plenty of outlets and different outputs for all sorts of audio needs. Seats are comfortable just beware that leather seats in the summer can get uncomfortable. I occasionally have issues with the steering wheel controls in regards to changing radio stations.

- Liz H

The Jeep Cherokee, a comfortable car with a great built in screen and a sunroof.

The Jeep Cherokee is a very great car. The seats are very comfortable to sit in and I drove all the way from Pennsylvania to Canada in it. I love the feature of the built in screen so I can see what song is playing. I also love the sun roof which is perfect for summer days. If you are thinking of getting a new Jeep, I would recommend a Cherokee

- J M

That it has awesome gas mileage and is a great sporty car but can also be a « mom » car too!

I love everything about my vehicle. The leather seats, the touch screen, all of the controls, the look and feel of driving. I dislike that the windows in the back do not go down all the way. I also hate the feature of the engine turning off when stopped, and that you have to hit the disable button for that every time you get into the vehicle.

- Molly m

This car drives amazing and has a lot of room

This vehicle has been good for me so far it take less gas to fill up and it also drive very good on long trips and fits everyone suggest you get his vehicle if you have a big family and you travel a lot. The only problem that it had was there was a recall and it made the car turn off but we got that fixed and every since then it's been good

- Ashley S

Great and reliable vehicle!

Has an awesome sound system, a great screen, and rides smoothly. The 9-speed automatic transmission makes shifts hardly noticeable. There's ample space for everything I would need to carry in my car. I just got it recently, and I can tell you it's the best car I've driven in. I drive a lot, so it's good that it's a reliable car so far.

- Ryan L

Jeep cherokee limited review. The perforated seats are stellar.

2019 cherokee . Overall great car. Very comfortable seats. Smooth ride. Much smoother than the grand cherokee. Safety devices galore such as, speed announcement when you go over the limit, lane changes and back up camera. The jeep also has the break sense equipment in the limited and trailhawk models. All around great car to drive.

- Lisa C

Jeep Cherokee latitude plus.

My Cherokee has been great. It is performance has been top notch in all conditions. I feel safe while driving rain or shine. In addition the inside makes me feel like I am in a luxury vehicle. The seats have also held up well with my dogs. I have had a hard time finding that in previous vehicles. I am very happy with my choice.

- Morgan T

Love this car! I will be driving it as long as I can, it is amazing.

I purchased my car in July and absolutely love it! I feel so safe in it and it is extremely reliable. The customer service is amazing, and the whole buying process was so informational and easy. I love the technology in my car, the big screen and the overall feel of the car. It drives extremely smooth and is very roomy inside.

- Madison M

I would highly recommend a Jeep Cherokee for anybody searching for a family car.

I have the Jeep Cherokee latitude there are plenty of things that I love about it. First off it is a super nice car great interior, touch screen with Bluetooth aux. it makes a great family car. It's very spacious in the backseat. A/c and heater work great they heat up and get cold fairly quickly! It is great on gas for an SUV

- Sassy M

Great family car, it�s all you need!

So far I love the Jeep. It's a perfect family car. Not too big not too small. It has a decent amount of space in the trunk. It runs perfectly fine. No complaints so far. I have the leather seats which is great for kids, easy to clean. It's everything I need in a car and I am glad I made the choice in buying it for my family!

- Jesse A

Modern comfort for your commute

The images for the settings of the lights are a bit difficult to distinguish. And there are not many interior lamps on the inside. Drivability options are great. The size allows for comfort in my commute to work and out of town. There are blind spots I think adding blind spot mirrors to the side view mirrors would be great.

- Nicole L

Best bang for your money!

The only issue I have with my new Cherokee is that the cargo area does not hold as much as I would like from an SUV. Besides that everything about it is great. Very comfortable, good on gas, and stylish for a reasonable price. It is very good off-road for what it is. Great ground clearance and the AWD system performs well.

- Adam V

Purchasing a jeep. This is the best car to ever own. I would definitely get it.

Love my car, great on gas love the leather very reliable car the seats are very comfortable and has a lot of room to put your groceries big back seat love the heated seats and steering wheel and touchscreen everything about it is great. I would definitely recommend this car for anyone! Great family car and comfort care.

- Stephanie B

Jeeps are fun fast and very user friendly. Would highly recommended if you need a car with more storage.

I love my Jeep! It is great to have memory settings since my fiance and I have such different leg lengths. We just get in the car and press the button and it will adjust perfectly. Full sunroof is worth it to have. One downside is that when you are driving under 30 MPH there is a weird whistle that sounds like sirens.

- Hannah H

The interior is very nice and black! Live the rims also

Seems to have computer glitches, hate that it shuts off while at a stop and when you hit gas it starts back up. Radio, interior is all good and the body is sharp looking. It has a decent amount of space and if I need more and can leave my kid at a sitter then I can really load it up. I love everything else about it.

- Samantha C

Jeep Cherokee - reliable, cool and safe.

I really like how it drives. I like all the additional features and the gas mileage is great. The heated seat, steering wheel and remote start is great for climates with cold weather. It has a spacious back seat for a car seat and any cargo. There is plenty of customization to make everything just the way you like.

- Danielle P

Great snowy winter vehicle.

Comfortable and rides nice. Very good handling in the winter and decent gas mileage for the type of vehicle. The remote start is great in the winter too. I do not like the feature that shuts the engine off at a stoplight. It cannot be turned off permanently, I have to remember to shut it off every time I start it.

- Chris S

Takes a beating! 2019 JEEP CHEROKEE

The Jeep Cherokee is a very reliable vehicle although I am not proud to say the Jeep Cherokee can take a beating. I know it's brand new but, two people have already hit my car with the accidents not being my fault. My Jeep has only got one scratch from two different wrecks. And the driving hasn't changed a bit.

- Anthony S

The Cherokee trunk is not as spacious as the grand Cherokee.

I love the interior of the Jeep Cherokee. It has a panoramic sunroof. It gives you a wonderful sense of being outside. The Sirius radio is awesome! Love all the features the car has like alerts when cars are passing on blind side or parking assist. So far no issues. Really loving the look and feel of my car.

- Elizabeth G

Great vehicle! I would highly recommend

Wonderful ride. The steering is effortless, the breaking is great, the air conditioning is fantastic, I've had other vehicles where the coldest it could go wasn't very cold- this can put you in a deep freeze if you wish. Comfort great. So far the only real complaint I have is that I can't drive it more often

- Justin C

Love my new Jeep Cherokee

I love my Jeep Cherokee. It has some high end features but the price was very affordable. The only thing I don't like is the gas tank only holds about 13 gallons. I find that to be strange. And I drive a lot so I'm always stopping for gas. The seats are very comfortable and I really enjoy the back up camera.

- Ellen M

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited with auto start feature

Very glad I went with the limited trim. It is leather with heated and cooling seats. The screen is great for nav but the radio volume is not as loud as I would like. The car takes a while to get up to speed and also to stop. The trunk is a small size but you can squeeze in a double size mattress for moving.

- Courtney H

It has an amazing sunroof which opens almost to the entire length of the vehicle.

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited was chosen as my first lease. I owned a Cherokee Grand back in 1997. This model is just as comfortable and reliable. It has just enough bells and whistles. I feel I can conquer and road conditions or weather when in this vehicle. The lease options are amazing. I highly recommend!

- Kimberly W

It is a great car for new drivers! The size is perfect.

Really happy with my 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Have had it for months now with zero issues. There was a recall, but Jeep is allowing me free service to address the issue. It is fuel efficient, with great visibility and awesome safety features. It even helps me park sometimes, with the added park assist feature.

- Penelope T

The kids say the back is very comfortable and I like that there are air vents

Slow acceleration, makes a lot of noise but doesn't go. I miss having stereo controls on the steering wheel and the wiper controls take a little to get used to. That's a brand thing though. I love carplay and having the ability to stream music and run maps through my phone. I would buy this vehicle again.

- Fiona B

Beautiful to look at and awesome to drive.

Very comfortable. Gets great gas mileage and rides smoothly and so quiet. Has great get up and go. Love all the options. It is absolutely beautiful! There is lots of legroom in the rear seat, and plenty of room to haul things in the back. Best feature is the back up camera and blind spot warning system.

- Catherine D

2019 Jeep overall great vehicle.

It rides great handles really well. Bought it for ease of getting in and out of seats due to arthritis. Only thing I do not care for is the automatic turning off when sitting still. It should be the owner can turn on if wants to use instead of car just auto doing. Think it will wear out starter fast.

- Dona T

2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude.

I love everything about my Jeep it came with a year of smx different channel on the radio station. I love that it can go over hills with no problem. Also I have a an automatic stopper on it which will turn my truck off at a stop light and it automatic crank back up once I release my feet off the gas.

- Melissa L

My Jeep Cherokee with Apple CarPlay and a V6 engine

I love my jeep Cherokee. It hard everything I was looking for and more. The only thing missing is the ability to access features from my phone like my old car did but other than that it drives lovely, is very comfortable and looks great. Also, my car has apple CarPlay which has so many capabilities.

- jungle T

The stylish 2019 Cherokee fits the bill.

The Cherokee is the perfect size for my commute and for my weekend activities. The climate system is outstanding. I have the base level sound system, but it is more than adequate for everything I need. My only 'wish list' item is that the 4 wheel drive didn't lower the fuel efficiency quite so much.

- Will B

Wouldn't change this care for the world

No issues at all. Pristine conditions and drives incredible. Very reliable and very dependable. Smooth ride, beautiful interior and exterior is sleek looking. Silver in color outside with a grey and black interior. Leather seats. Heated and cold seating in the front. Awesome surround sound system.

- Joann R

2019 Jeep Cherokee transmission.

We are keeping a close watch on the transmission. It only has 1000 miles on it and I think something may be wrong. I plan to take it to a dealer soon. When the transmission downshifts to 1st gear at stopping, it seems very harsh and not smooth. I think that it should downshift much more smoothly.

- Chris C

Jeep Cherokee: Is the best car I have ever owned

I love my jeep, it has built in 4X4 which makes me prepared for any type of weather. The car makes me and my family feel so safe because it is so stable feeling. The features of the car are great as well. I love the touch screen and backup camera. I also love the remote start for cold rainy days.

- Melissa B

Awesome vehicle-great for dogs

I love my Jeep Cherokee! I've had it just over a year now and have no complaints. The only imperfection is there is sometimes a weird air pressure thing that happens when just one window is open. Not a big deal. I haul my dogs and other items around often and this car has measured up quite well!

- Kate W

Wonderful car. I love it!

It's the best comfortable car! Spacious, love the technology in it. 4 x 4 perfect for all land conditions especially the snow for me. The trunk space is awesome good for my family and dog and enough space to pack our things. It's reliable. All I wish for was a bigger gas tank. Overall excellent.

- Chantelle F

All around great vehicle.

For the most part I really love my Jeep Cherokee. The trim and interior are spot on and comfortable. The only issue I have is the 2.5 liter engine. It just doesn't seem to have a lot of power if you are in need of running the air conditioning. But other than that I highly recommend this vehicle.

- James P

Jeep Cherokee limited 4x4 4 cylinder 2.0 turbo.

Excellent performance and a smooth ride. Coming from a sedan, moving to an SUV was a great transition for me. Very spacious, great fuel economy, and the in-line 4 cylinder engine with the 2.0 liter turbo is a recipe for excellence. You can get on the gas and the turbo kicks in when you need it.

- Vincent P

Super smooth, awesome sound system, great quality,

The only complaint I have is that the gear shift is too easily knocked into manual. The back up camera is great, the factory sound system is amazing, I love the sleek look, and the high quality interior, which is super easy to clean. The Jeep drives super smooth, and hugs curves like a car.

- Victoria M

Jeeps are awesome cars! Super Reliable!

My vehicle is very reliable. It is good on gas for an SUV. I wish the sound system was better. It's great for all types of road conditions and super safe for winter. The seats are comfortable. I also love that it has apple carplay. There are also multiple USB ports which is very convenient.

- Tierra H

Great ride and I will always drive a Jeep going forward

Great look and feel. Comfortable, great performance. Love the Apple car play. Plenty of room. Good gas mileage. I will always get a Jeep after this one. There really isn't anything I don't like. Plenty of room in the back for a car seat. I have a 4 and 6 year old that fit fine in the back.

- Marc A

2019 Cherokee. Has awesome heated seats AND heated steering wheel

No problems at all. Great on gas. Enough space for my baby in the backseat. Love that it has Carplay. Enough space in the truck for my baby's stroller & groceries. We've been out of town several times & the road feels great. Air conditioner is awesome especially in the hot summers.

- Gaby G

Great interior devices Nice features to make driving easier

The car I have is amazing it's a smooth drive has enough mileage for me when I go on vacations, very spacious which is enough for children. The style is very classy, the build is not at all to bulky if you're looking for a Jeep but don't want that bulky look, I'm in LOVE with the interior.

- Brooklyn B

Very comfortable, great on gas for an SUV!

I have only had the vehicle since the end of April, but I am very pleased with it. I took it down the coast to the beach in which I put over 1400 miles on it round trip. The gas mileage was around 28 MPG on highway and it drove and handled well. It is a very comfortable and spacious ride.

- Jennifer C

Smooth riding Jeep. Comfortable to travel in.

It reliable, comfortable, easy to drive and ride in. Spacious, love the touch screen radio. Back seats fold down easily to make more room. It came with a year free radio. Great speakers, the radio sounds awesome. Must get the leather seats they are wonderful. Still has that new car smell.

- Virginia S

2019 Jeep Cherokee four-wheel drive.

My car is overall wonderful. The only downfall to it is the automatic stop and start when coming to a complete stop. The touch screen radio is a great feature, and love the heated seats and steering wheel. Spacious amount of room and drives smoothly. Love the 4x4 feature for winter time.

- Mary G

2019 jeep Cherokee latitude.

Check airbag light comes on, comfortable, high tech innovative vehicle, spacious, reliable, poor speaker system, ok gas mileage, fuel efficient features, automatic power lock windows, adjustable windows, gold steering, traction control, bike rack, nice looking, child locks, air brakes.

- Kathy E

my vehicle is a wonderful family vehicle.

My vehicle has no issues that I can complain about. My jeep is very reliable and I have no issues as far as that goes. I love the back up cam that comes with my jeep. Ig has helped me tremendously! It is a very comfortable and roomy car that allows us to take trips with 2 kids under 2.

- Rachel T

I love being a Jeep owner!

I love how clean and sleek my car is! Great on gas, I only have to fill up once a week, and it cost me forty dollars. I do not like how the engine shuts off when the vehicle stops. It kind of sputters as I take off from stops. The lights are bright which makes it easy to see at night.

- Ashley J

The screen is amazing. The size is perfect, especially for the backup camera.

I love it! The screen is amazing, perfect size. There were a couple updates that needed to be done at the dealership within 1-2 months of having the vehicle. The volume turned to its max out of nowhere and I was unable to use anything until I went to the dealership to update the car.

- Nicole F

This vehicle is spacious and safe. It is reliable as a far as GPS goes.

This vehicle has all the bells and whistles when it comes to technology. Front and rear camera and sensors, xm radio, voice commands and all. The only part I do not like is it rides lower to the ground than the trailhawk I used to have. I like being a little higher up on the road.

- Lindsey B

Fun fast and sleek! The car I have always wanted.

Do not like the auto start and stop. Have to turn it off every time I get in the car. Drives very well. Smooth and consistent. The new design is nice and the interior feels luxurious. Living in the Midwest the winter package is a must. The all weather mats are great, very durable.

- Jessica S

2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude.

My vehicle runs really great and drives smooth, but it sometimes does not accelerate as fast as I want it to. The interior is sleek and comfortable. The seats are smooth leather and a motorized adjustment system for forward and up and down movement. It also can add lumbar support.

- Jenny L

Nice vehicle. Great in all weather conditions.

This jeep rides smoothly. It does not get the mpg I thought it was going to get when I purchased it, but it is somewhere between 18-21. I really haven't had any issues other than I cannot get the headrests to adjust. They sit forward and I'd like to angle them back a bit further.

- Claire L

Great purchase, love my Jeep Cherokee.

Lots of power, good brakes, touchscreen radio and Apple CarPlay. Great on gas. Comes in a variety of colors. Heated seats. Automatic driver seat adjust. Lots of room. Many storage compartments. Leather and fabric seats. Overall great quality vehicle and drives very smooth. 4x4.

- Shay F

Nice but could be roomier.

I wish it had a bit more room. Other than that no problems so far. I like it but wish it was bigger, more storage options etc.. The Uconnect is confusing when there are different phones plugged in. It seems to not recognize my device at times but we are still playing with that.

- Kat W

Comfortable and affordable

I love all the features this car has, I have the heated seats, back up cam, heated steering wheel, 4 wheel drive options, towing and more. It is so comfortable and the seat just hug you while you're driving! My favorite car yet! I was always a Ford girl and I will never go back

- Mariah K

I have the best vehicle ever

I love my car. I've never been so comfortable driving a vehicle. The seats are so soft. I love the look of the vehicle. I love the different modes like the sport mode. It drives so smoothly. It accelerates better than any other vehicle I've driven. I love the uconnect feature.

- Sasha A

Again. Not. Happening. Go away.

I will not give out my person info. Do not think I am ever going to. Thanks. Goodbye. Have a great day. See you later. Back up camera is nice though. But you cannot have it. So back off. I worked hard for it. I earned it. I struggled for it. I needed 10 m more letters in this.

- Harley I

Overall review of the Jeep Cherokee 2019

It has a great mileage per gallon. Interior is so comfortable for long rides. Maintenance aren't that cheap compared to other manufacturers but it's worth the price with great customer service. Haven't had any problems since the day I got it and hopefully it will stay that way

- Hector H

Trail hawk lives up to the name

The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is a fun little SUV. Complete with all the bells and whistles. I love all of display features and uconnect. I live in Colorado and this car is great in the snow and for hitting the trails. My only complaint is that I don't get great gas mileage.

- Matt G

Great, affordable, reliable vehicle

Very smooth and easy ride. Does very good on gas. Features such as remote start, heated seats and steering wheel, and blinds or protection are great. For what you get in a vehicle the price is pretty affordable. Came with a year free subscription of Sirius radio as well.

- Scott M

Western Oklahoma Jeep lover

I love it. Wish it had leather seats and mirror assuring. But it drives so nice. Good tires. A little loud when idling. Love how comfortable I am when driving. The back seat has tons of space. The cargo area is very large with is perfect for someone who has two large dogs.

- Lauren B

Sleek black Jeep with many features.

Dual climate control. Turbo. Black leather. Lots of legroom. Four wheel drive. Includes snow, sand, sport and mud mode. Up to 23 city / 31 highway. Fuel tank capacity: 15. 8 gal. Has a Uconnect radio for iPhones and android. Memory buttons, media hub and lots of storage.

- Brittany V

Love my jeep! Best vehicle on the road.

Has a nice ride and very comfortable. Feels like a solid vehicle I feel safe when I am driving. I like my features. I wish I would've gotten sunroof. I love the color I choice red velvet. Perfect size vehicle for me. I love my jeep will only purchase jeep moving forward.

- Eva P

Love the wheels, bigger trunk needed

Trunk is small. I love how it connects to my phone. The back seat is a little crowded. I wish a sunroof had been an option. The gas mileage is not great. I previously drove an explorer which was much larger and the gas mileage is about the same as that. I love the wheels

- Stephanie H

One of the best vehicles I have ever bought so far.

A Jeep Cherokee is comfortable love the way it drives love the way takes corners the speed it is comfortable roomy safety features folders cup holders the trunk folds perfect for your pets 1/2 leather half cloth seats screen radio is touch screen four by four the price.

- Barry M

I love that it connects to your Bluetooth right when you turn on your car

The only problem I have with this vehicle is that it doesn't allow you to turn your lights completely off with the car turned on, the fog lights will always be on. And like any car with leather seats it burns your legs when the car has been sitting in the sun for awhile

- Madison C

Great vehicle to buy new favorite.

The jeep Cherokee limited is very roomy for car seats. It has heated and air conditioned seats heated steering wheel. Great in the snow. Great on gas! I would recommend this vehicle to people and definitely would buy it again I love it so do my children great price to.

- Megan B

being able to customize multiple drivers settings for mirrors and seat position.

The performance is great. It is a smooth ride. Technology is the car is great and very affordable. I feel like I am in a very reliable car. The features in the car are things I would not be able to get in other cars for the price. I would recommend the car to a friend.

- Melissa K

Sporty design nice lift decent!

Decent car. Jerky transmission. Good on gas. 4x4 not the best. Wish I could have got one with a sunroof and GPS. Sporty body style. Nice lift. Reliable summer car. A little small compared to what I am used to. Nice sound quality. No CD player. Passenger seat is manual.

- Paris T

Love jeep products. Fun to drive with good interior design.

Love my jeep Cherokee. Easy to drive with decent mileage. Great around town car. Comfortable seats with auto seats controls on driver side and manual on passenger seats. Also has lights on outside mirrors that triggers a light on mirror if another car comes too close.

- Lee B

It has economy gas which means it turns off if it is idling.

My Jeep gets great gas mileage. It is easy to drive and very comfortable. It is fully loaded. When I first got it, occasionally the radio and computer screen seemed to shut down for short periods of time. It had to reboot it self but that has not happened in a while.

- Kelley B

Perfect car for me without paying for expensive add-ons.

We only bought this car 2 weeks ago but so far I find it to be a perfect size, drives nicely in the road, very comfortable and nice features. It has a back up camera and a hookup to use my iPhone for talking, receiving texts and accessing my maps for easy directions.

- Terry W

Has plenty of room for people and belongings.

My jeep has been amazing! From easy riding to it being able to mirror my phone on its screen. Very dependable. Plenty of space to fit people comfortably and room in trunk! It is not bad in gas, only had it for a few months and it is already made 6 hour trip and back.

- Savannah H

Nice clean lines!! Nice full mileage too!!

Good gas mileage and love when you make a right / !left turn tells you when a car is next to you. Love the backup camera too. Love the leg room and comfortable when you want to campout in your car. It is nice smooth ride on the highway, no so much in the city.

- Melinda D

yay jeep. What a fun ride

the car does everything you would expect it to and more. It is a great value and worth the MSRP that jeep has it at. I would recommend to family and friends. I have had the car for a year now almost. Had other jeeps in the past as well, they improve every year.

- tate D

New pretty pearl white Jeep.

My new 2019 Jeep is amazing. Great on gas for commuting 5 days a week 30 miles each way, super comfy and roomy for my child. Lots of room for all the soccer and baseball bags. Amazing for traveling with room to pack in a lot of stuff. Would recommend to anyone.

- Stephanie V

Headlights are bright, seats are comfortable, big enough to fit my whole family.

It rides very well, it fits my family in it, my family of 4, good on gas. Has a lot of room in the back to fit everything in it. Very fast for a V6!! This is my everyday car, so it's nice to have something with comfortable seats, front and back. We just love it

- Amanda A

Strong towing capacity in Cherokee

My Jeep has good towing capacity with better turn radius than a truck making towing our boat simple. The inside storage capacity is good for a small SUV with the seats down. The engine drives well and I enjoy driving it. I really like the paint color options.

- Kelly P

I like the style, comfortable in it, and how it handles.

Radio acts up and sensors do not work well in cold. Otherwise it is a great vehicle. It is probably the most important vehicle I have owned. It is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. I see a lot on the road and have told others how good of a vehicle it is.

- Ginger J

Nice looking fun to drive.

It does not have a CD player, does not remember my seat location. It is comfortably but not the most comfortable I have owned. It is easy to drive and maneuver. I love the look inside and out. Controls are convenient and easy to use. 4 wheel drive works great.

- Maple M

Great family car, great for long commutes and family trips.

I bought the car for my wife as an upgrade to her Honda Accord. She commutes almost 100 miles a day with my daughter. It is great on gas, has good performance on the highway, and has plenty of space for a baby and all the stuff. So far we've had no problems.

- Michael T

It does have surprisingly quick pick up, but not as great as the grand Cherokee.

Not as much hp as I would like. Not as high off the ground as I would like. But has fantastic feature and all bells and whistles, leather, GPS, cameras, big screen display. Only thing negative is it is not as big as I would like engine wise and vehicle wise.


Multiple driving modes including sport, snow, mud, and sand

Performance is great and great on gas. Has a sport mode fun to drive alone, but also a safe reliable family car. Interior is extremely comfortable and spacious. The feel is superior and not cheap. Trunk room is more than enough for a family of four. Love it!

- Ken S

Love My Roomy Jeep 4 x 4.

Very comfortable ride with good visibility. Onboard navigation is user friendly. The dashboard display has lots of extras. The automatic lift gate is good. I love the backup camera and the lane change alert. The leather seats are very nice and well made.

- Tina H

Bright White 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus

I've had a Jeep Compass and a Cherokee and I love the Cherokee more because it feels a little bit more spacey, faster, and safer. My Jeep Compass was laser blue which was awesome for my first car. My Jeep Cherokee is bright white which is a beautiful color!!

- Brooks C

When I slam on the breaks it tells me there was no contact made. It's amazing.

I absolutely love this car.. to be really honest I can just fly over anything.. I needed to save a dog once and I just hopped the curb with no hesitation. Drives perfectly. Mileage is fantastic and it's been a year with little to no problems with my vehicle.

- Arianna D

Great car that I love driving

I absolutely love my Jeep. I haven't had any problems yet and hope it continues to stay that way. The seats are so comfortable. One problem I have found with jeeps in general is that there is no air conditioning in the back seat but besides that it is great

- Sarah P

Love the Cherokee, but dislike some of the new features.

I do not like the automatic shutoff feature when you are sitting in traffic or at a red light. I also do not like the fact that it does not come with a spare tire. I do like the gas mileage and the comfort and the different features it has technology-wise.

- Rachael R

Vehicle is the perfect size for a small family.

I really love my Jeep! Reliability I think is really great, have only driven it 8,000 miles and nothing bad has happened. The comfortable seats and steering wheel make it great for long road trips. Really love the touchscreen, remote start and 4WD feature.

- Joel R

It is the best car I have ever driven.

It drives so smooth and I haven't had any problems with it. It is got good gas mileage and is not expensive to fill up. It is very spacious and can easily hold five people comfortably. I haven't had any issues that need to be fixed or any warranty issues.

- Karl B

Dependability is paramount!!

Dependability has always been most important to me and I know I get this with the jeep Cherokee The safety features gives me comfort when traveling with my family. I have not experienced any problems with performance for comfort as this is a new vehicle.

- Kelly B

Beautiful and roomy new Jeep Cherokee.

I like mostly everything about the vehicle, it is very nicely made and roomy enough. But take of somewhat lags at times and the emergency brake can be very annoying and more trunk space would be good. It should also come with navigation on all vehicles.

- Joy M

New car purchase suggestion.

The vehicle is great and I highly recommend it as a very reliable car/ I have had no problems with it at all. Drives and handles very well/having a new vehicle is the best way to go when considering a brand new purchase/dual climate control is awesome/.

- Mark B

Love my Jeep: remote start.

I absolutely love my Jeep. It has a ton of safety features (backup cam, warning sensors, blind spot features). I also enjoy the heated seats and steering wheel. I have not had any issues with it yet but I am sure my dealer will take care of any issues.

- April R

Gray and little bit smaller than a Tahoe

I like the room it provides. The trunk is big enough for what I need but I do know that the grand Cherokee has a lot more room than the one I have I would rather have the leather than the cloth because they get dirtier easier and it is hard to maintain

- Todd D

Lemon - the story of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

My 2019 Jeep Cherokee has stalled out for no reason and the dealership could not determine why. After doing some research I found out it is happening to almost all new 2019 Jeep Cherokees and it is happening constantly. It is very dangerous!

- Melanie G

It's comfortable, family friendly, AWD, and efficient.

The 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus is an amazing car. The sunroof is huge and beautiful-panoramic. The 2.4L turbo engine packs a punch and delivers. The brake system is flawless-chauffeur style. Seamless traction, handles nicely. 5 stars .

- catherine c

2019 Jeep Cherokee will fit all of your needs for travel, family, and work.

I love my Jeep Cherokee, it has the comfort of a higher dollar car with the utility of a Jeep. The ample storage space is so helpful for our traveling family. My backup camera has helped my parking issues in the city so much!

- Jessica S

2019 Jeep Cherokee will fit all of your needs for travel, family, and work.

I love my Jeep Cherokee, it has the comfort of a higher dollar car with the utility of a Jeep. The ample storage space is so helpful for our traveling family. My backup camera has helped my parking issues in the city so much!

- Jessica S

It is noisy and not a smooth ride.

Love being high up when driving. Love the new "no gas cap". The car makes a lot of noise and it is not a smooth ride at all. The sound on Bluetooth is definitely not loud enough even when the volume is all the way up.

- Patti W

Frustrated with my 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

Overall I like my vehicle. I have been having some mechanical issues since I bought it. It has been cutting of. I am currently driving the vehicle with a diagnostic tool plugged into it, to try and capture an event.

- Tamika L

Awesome family car. Great gas mileage

I've only had the car for 2 weeks but absolutely love it. Coming from a truck, the gas mileage is great. I average about 23-24 mpg. It has plenty of room for my family but small enough to maneuver and park easily.

- Michele H

Great looking transportation and a great ride.

Performance is great and it has been very reliable in all kinds of weather. It is a very sharp looking SUV. It has a lot of leg and head space and a lot of trunk room to haul things. It gets great gas mileage.

- Jewel K

The comfort of Jeep vehicles.

I love my Jeep. The inside of the vehicle is spacious and comfortable. The vehicle does so well on the highway and off-road. I'm not sure what I did before I had a rear view camera. The mileage is fantastic.

- Kayla B

An economical vehicle, nice features, easy to drive in the city or out of town.

The four wheel drive vehicle drives as smooth as a car. The handling performance is great, quick and responsive. The city gas mileage is acceptable and over the road gas mileage is above average.

- John M

It stops it is self when you are parking & getting too close to the other car.

I have no complains about my car I absolutely love it. The technology is so advanced and I like the fact that I can save my arrangement to my seat and it saves my husband setting for his seat.

- Casey C

It is a small SUV but also has 4 wheel drive and can haul a lot of stuff.

I love the touch screen because it is super responsive. I also like the apple carplay connectivity that it offers. Lastly, I like that the car gets great gas mileage and is also 4 wheel drive.

- Scott H

It has a very nice touch screen with carplay

I like my vehicle because it looks cool. It drives a bit weird but I get used to it. I also took a dump in it and it seemed to clean out well although the smell is still there from last week.

- Joseph G

Make sure you take a good look to the right before entering an intersection.

Only dislike if the front window pillars are too wide. Makes it easy to miss vehicles approaching from the right when at a stop/yield sign. Like the fuel economy, comfort and safety features.

- Patrick o

Price is very important but it does get good gas mileage too.

It is ok for the price I paid but still feel It's a little pricey. I also feel that it is not ok to have a problem at 3000 miles. Headlight wiring needed to be replaced and took 3 weeks

- Michael T

Cars serve a purpose and my car meets my purpose.

I don't have any complaints. The car fits my lifestyle perfectly. I'm always on the go and also helps me haul tools and equipment. The only thing I dislike is there is no spare tire.

- damien K

Great connectivity with phone

It's brand new so it runs awesome and has some really cool features. The one thing I don't like is that the engine shuts off every time the vehicle comes to a stop for emissions

- Marty B

The car may not be that pretty, but it is a strong car and very economic.

It's lodes has all the luxury options, remote start and lots of space. I do not like the feature when the car shuts down when you stop in traffic I turn it off most of the time.

- Sarah N

Vehicle Operations

I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, and I love it. One issue after purchasing, which might have been induced by topping-off and the gas station. There is also a recall.

- Arnetha I

is beautiful, is very futuristic, everything is pretty electronic, wish is very convenient to me.

I love this vehicle, it drives very smooth, the trail hawk is very advance and perfect to go of road and just have some fun. It doesn't spent gas, like the other jeeps.

- cindy a

I love the way it looks outside, the new design.

It is very comfortable, runs pretty soft. The technology inside is very cool, all the features it has are amazing. So far, has been very well. I am so happy with.

- Clara A

I am a disabled vet who has went years without driving because of a phobia. The 2019 Jeep Cherokee has helped me because of the safety features and because it has balls and really gets up and goes.

The safety features of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude plus make me feel safer not to mention helps with your insurance. More safety features better insurance.

- Dennette W

It was affordable, and comfortable.

We love the room. Our jeep is comfortable. The look of our jeep is classy. The color is easier to get clean, and we all have our own space for comfortability.

- Daisy G

2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude;

There are a lot of great features to my Jeep. Digital display, great radio, bluetooth capabilities. It gets really great gas mileage!! I love my Jeep!

- Jenna L

Great SUV with great MPG and great specs.

My Jeep is great! It has great mpg for a decent sized SUV and a V6 engine. I love how it drives and the specs. I would get another Jeep in the future.

- Markae F

My Passion Vehicle.. Drive like a dream

Jeep Cherokee Limited is a cool stylish vehicle. It gives super mileage 30/g in highways and it is smooth not like off road vehicle.. cool one to buy

- Nissika S

Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus with V6 has great gas mileage.

First time to buy a Jeep. Handles great and so far the gas mileage is great. Plenty of room for adults and the dog. Could do without the moonroof.

- Janet Y

Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus with V6 has great gas mileage.

First time to buy a Jeep. Handles great and so far the gas mileage is great. Plenty of room for adults and the dog. Could do without the moonroof.

- Janet Y

Love all the safety features.

I love my Jeep Cherokee. So many safety features on it and still learning about all of them after a month or so. . Smooth ride. . Just love it.

- Debbie R

It's American made and very reliable and comfortable.

This jeep is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. It's our third one so I'd say we love the brand. It could use a space for purses though.

- Michele M

The safety features are amazing with air bags all over the vehicle.

I love how comfortable it is to drive. The steering is tight so I have more control. It gets incredible gas mileage. It is a class vehicle.

- Carol M

Great gas mileage and handles wonderfully.

Jeep Cherokee drives and handles wonderfully. Very impressed with all the features included. Once you go to a Jeep you will stay with a Jeep.

- Ashley J

Jeep Cherokee - Luxury Cruiser

Love this car. it is a very comfortable drive. the settings are very user-friendly. It is good in rough weather, such as snow and heavy fog.

- Kara G

It is a great riding vehicle and love the automatic lift gate

I like the new technology , but wish it had the extra safety package and that Jeep would update their dashboard with me as being the owner

- Pam B

great fuel efficient; a tank of gas will get you 400 plus miles, 28 mpg on the highway

love the style, heated seats and, economic on gas. I hate where the parking brake is, It's very easy to apply without being aware of this

- peggy G

Great dealer service after the purchase. No problems with this vehicle

Stylish daily driver, very dependable and comfortable. The color combination was a big factor in the decision to purchase this vehicle.

- rick m

Affordable car with great features that is small enough for everyday use and big enough to haul what I need to.

My vehicle has comfortable seat, a good sound system, and moonroof. It drives smoothly and has good pickup. I wish it has cooled seats.

- Laura L

Exceptional fit and finish of both interior and exterior

Jeep has done a tremendous job in terms of seat design comfort, electronic options, fit and finish of both the exterior and interior.

- Allen S

The v6 is very responsive and the Jeep is fun to drive.

Nice, responsive and comfortable. Great styling inside and out. I would like more interior storage, and less complicated operation.

- Stephen W

People should know that you can use a usb to connect your phone to the dashboard. Some apps, like phone, messaging and music are conveniently located on the screen.

It is a comfortable vehicle. It's spacious. I like the ability to use a usb to connect my phone to the car's electronic dashboard.

- Jane P

People should know that you can use a usb to connect your phone to the dashboard. Some apps, like phone, messaging and music are conveniently located on the screen.

It is a comfortable vehicle. It's spacious. I like the ability to use a usb to connect my phone to the car's electronic dashboard.

- Jane P

Best SUV on the market as of September 2018.

2019 Jeep Cherokee is the best car that I have had in my lifetime. It is the 2x2 model. I love it. Would not have anything other.

- Adam D

It is really good on gas.

Love sunroof.. Love carplay.. Wish carplay was wireless.. Love push to start. I like the remote start for the winter as well..

- Lauren S

2019 Jeep trailhawk - great Jeep.

No problems whatsoever in the first month. Love the style and the feel of the vehicle. Loved it so much bought the wife one.

- Nathan W

Good family car. Good gas mileage, reliable

Don't like the gas saving mood, that turns SUV off when you stop at lights. Engine is very reliable, gets great gas mileage

- Shannon C

2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude is a fun ride!

The auto stop feature takes getting used to. I love being in a tall vehicle. Great space in the back seat. Nice shape!

- Ilene L

Don't buy a vehicle without test driving it

technology sucks, safety features are annoying, drives nice, looks good, smaller than i'm used to, overall don't like it

- Cori B

Great family sized vehicle.

It drives very smoothly. The seats are very comfortable. The back seat is roomy. The space in the trunk area is great!

- April S

good things regarding the 2019 jeep cherokee

best thing we bought it drives like a dream. very reliable good on gas. very good for a family we got 5 in our family

- Melinda P

Good looking and dependable great gas mileage and low cost to maintain

This jeep gives me everything I want and need in a vehicle this is my 5th Jeep and they all have been great vehicles.

- Vance K

The gas mileage is really great ! I love that it is a smooth drive.

I like that it is compact , yet has a lot of inside space. I like the gas mileage. I like the warranty it came with.

- Julie R

The gas mileage is really great ! I love that it is a smooth drive.

I like that it is compact , yet has a lot of inside space. I like the gas mileage. I like the warranty it came with.

- Julie R

It is a nice vehicle to own.

It drives smoothly. It looks beautiful. It has Bluetooth media. When it rains, it is a little difficult to control.

- Zachary A

A long time it was built to last a long time.

I love the fact that it is spacious but not too big. I like the safety features on it. I like the sleek look of it.

- Ashley N

That it's a great gas saver, especially for a midsize vehicle.

I love the great gas mileage. It's also very roomy and comfortable. I think the only downfall is the lack of power.

- Patrick L

Reliable and feels luxurious.

It is fabulous. It has a panoramic sunroof. It has lane assistance. It drive smooth and safe. I love the interior.

- Jill M

New Car Highlights and Safety Features

It is a good car with lots of features that make it easy to drive. It has safety features that help make it safer.

- Lynn T

Jeeps are the bomb! Highly recommend.

So far it's great and I love driving it. Dependable, sporty, fun, smooth ride. The heated steering wheel is a plus

- Julie B

The Jeep Cherokee is very good in the snow and wet conditions.

The 2019 Jeep Cherokee drive very smooth. The seats in the SUV are comfortable. I wish the jeep had a sunroof.

- Corey M

4 wheel drive and has apple carplay.

Love the ease of getting in and out, love the 4 wheel drive. No complaints yet but have only had for 1 month.

- Cindy C

It's slow but nice. I would rather have something faster but it makes up for in gas when going on long trips

I like the leather seats. I like the wheels. I like the radio. I like how roomy it is. I hate how slow it is

- Justin C

Best jeep cherokee! The trail hawk!

Love it! Is very amazing! New, futuristic! It is super easy to drive, very comfortable the drive long hours!

- Carla N

it is comfortable. it rides very quietly.

i love it because it is fully loaded. it has leather,apple play many more. it rides great and comfortable.

- sandi h

The jeep is an excellent and safe vehicle with a relatively inexpensive price.

Comfortable. Reliable. Roomy. Quiet. Sleek looking. Family friendly. Great for long rides. Love it.

- Heidi S

It is so much fun to drive! And it looks so nice! I highly recommend it!

I love the turbo engine! The leather trim is amazing. I don't like the gas mileage (lower than I care for)

- Rachel I

It is so much fun to drive! And it looks so nice! I highly recommend it!

I love the turbo engine! The leather trim is amazing. I don't like the gas mileage (lower than I care for)

- Rachel I

Lots of power and performance with great gas mileage

It has plenty of power and handles like a sports car. Rides very smooth and gets outstanding gas mileage.

- Bradley J

2019 jeep Cherokee trailhawk

Brand new but do not like that they removed the GPS as a standard option in the Jeep Cherokee trailhawk

- Mitch D

The space is great especially for a family . I love the technology and how good everything is

I loved the customer service i received I love the space inside my vehicle It's a family friendly car

- Sabrina R

It's the most comfortable car I've ever owned. It fits me and my family of four plus a big dog perfectly.

This is my first Jeep and I love it. It's big, has tons of room, and I feel very safe and comfortable.

- Brandy P

It really handles well and has four wheel drive for the winter.

This vehicle is a pleasure to drive. We get good gas mileage. It handles great and has good power.

- Selma A

If I would have to pick one thing, I would say is the great quality!

This vehicle is great, has all the latest technology, and is very reliable and comfortable.

- Ivangi C

that It has many features and is good in any type of weather.

I love my jeep. It has so many features that I love. It works great in any weather.

- june f

The vehicle has all the bells and whistles and rides great !

Trail Hawk is Good looking and great style. V6 with tow package has great power.

- Michelle S

It drives very smoothly. Miles per gallon seems a little low.

The Jeep Cherokee drives very smoothly and has plenty of room in back seat.

- Susan K

Comfortable SUV that is stylish yet rugged to handle whatever the road throws at ya

Like the safety, options that are on it, the color, the sunroof is awesome

- Jackie W




It handles very well in inclement weather. it is a very comfortable ride,

I have been a Jeep owner for over 10 years. I enjoy driving the Jeep.

- Frank A

It's fast and has 4 wheel drive.

I love my car. It goes very fast, has all the amenities I could want.

- Justin T

It's a jeep. good gas mileage smooth ride. has four wheel drive

4wd v6 engine leather gps It's a jeep. runs good. good gas mileage

- michael g

New design that works for everyone

It's a great smaller SUV. Good gas mileage and no trouble driving

- Deanna M

Interior is very nice and very nice drive. But after park the car always hear the weird sound!!!

The most important thing about my car is safe for drive on snow

- Rattana M

That it is new and it is safe. It has GPS and good sound.

Like it a lot. Has all the newest features. Very safe vehicle.

- Ronald D

It has great features! Comfortable ride and great safety features.

It has a great ride, but still feels like an old-school Jeep.

- bob c

It's large enough for safety reasons

Love the look of the car. It's the perfect size SUV for me.

- Jean G

Brand new, good mileage, handles well

Not enough room for hauling, fully loaded

- Rollan M