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2006 Jeep Commander: 12 years later

We purchased this 2006 Jeep Commander 65th Anniversary Edition in April 2018 to use as a primary travel vehicle for our family. It's age means that most of the issues besides mechanical problems are worked out of it, and so far we have had no issues mechanically, though we anticipate a few over the winter. It is very reliable. The cabin is roomy enough, though as with many 3rd row SUVs, the second row loses some leg room to make accomodation for the third row's needs. The driver and passenger seats are great for long drives over several hours, and the second row is great for kids, thought it would become uncomfortable for an adult for any trip over 30 minutes. The third row is tight but works for occasional use or for small children, which is all we needed it for. The headrests are not adjustable in the second and third rows, meaning that they must be removed to accommodate car seats. The sunroof and skylights are fun features but definitely not necessary. The rear hatch door has a window that pops open, typical of a Jeep hatch window. Full time AWD and easy shifting for terrain needs make this a breeze to drive in inclement weather or rough terrain. The Commander is too large to take offroad like many Jeep models are made for but it is great for mountain snow and passenger hauling and I love it. The primary things MOPAR neglected to add to this, that put it decidedly behind the times even in 2006, were an auxiliary jack for the stereo and map pockets on the front seats. I also feel that the interior finish is low-grade.

- Erin G

Awesome mountain vehicle: our jeep commander is the go-to for co mountains.

Our jeep commander is a great car for mountain driving, 4-wheeling and rough terrain. However, it is not great for in town 'daily driving' due to the bad gas mileage. Gas mileage averages 15 mpg. The car is reliable and comfortable. It has stadium seating which is great for large families. It fits 7 people pretty comfortably, however, if you have 7 people in the car there is very limited room for 'stuff'. The back seats fold down so you can load a lot of stuff inside for groceries, furniture, etc and even use it to camp out in. We have a custom trim and decals which is really classy and ads a fun creative touch. One negative is how boxy the exterior is. It is hard to see around when you are driving behind it.

- Melissa K

2006 Jeep commander- great 4x4 for winter, holds 7 passengers, seats fold down.

It is a great vehicle for long trips as it is a 7 passenger, four wheel drive is awesome for the winter, it is very comfortable and has been very reliable, the only issue I have had is that the sunroof just started leaking, the fact that it is 12 years old now all of the seals needs to be replaced around it and around the window frames on the doors, knock on wood everything is still original, I do my scheduling oil changes every 3000 miles and the inside of the engine is very clean and runs wonderful, heat and air conditioning also still work like brand new, and the interior is also like new stains come right out, it is a vehicle I would recommend it to anyone.

- Lori L

I love my commander- best jeep ever!

Runs great- did not need new brakes for 8 years, very solid, sturdy vehicle. Drives awesome in the snow. Only issue I have is the paint is peeling on the roof rack, but I do not have a garage, so I attribute that to being exposed to the weather constantly. It is a quiet ride, and the seats sit up nice and high so I can see the road and what is ahead of me. The sound system for the year of the car is also good and the air conditioner is like a refrigerator in the summer-so everyone stays comfortable. Also lots of leg and headroom so my passengers never feel cramped.

- Paula D

Great on and off-road performance. All four $4, 000. 00.

The car is dark blue, 3 sunroof, all wheel drive, factory mags, seats up to 6 adults, v8 engine, lots of power, electric windows, 4 door rear hatch gate, lots of storage, low mileage for its age, clean engine. New battery, new rotors and brake pads, no rust on body, bucket seats, gray interior, high and low four wheel drive, great of road performance, great air conditioning, hot heating, fresh oil change, remarkable stereo/ compact disk player, sat. Music, safe auto mobile for family with kids, needs a spare tire and jack, rear drivers side window needs new motor.

- James O

Great car for a big family!

A Jeep commander is a perfect car for those with a bigger family. The three rows of seats are great from long road trips with the family. The seats are very comfy and you can quickly get in a position you can fall asleep in. This car is also amazing in the snow with the 4x4 feature built in I feel very safe driving it. The only downer I can think of is the extremely small trunk. If the third row of seats are in use there is no trunk. Also since this car 8 cylinder it drinks a lot of gas. Overall an amazing family car.

- Rosario J

Jeep commander, trail rated, limited 4 wheel drive. Blue/steel gray. Hemi v-8.

Only issues mechanically I have had both ball joints replaced, it has 182k miles so things do go bad, it is been reliable especially in bad weather. Feel very safe. I had a tree fall over the front end and it took it well. 8k with of damage but not totaled. Interior is holding up, leather drivers seat starting to crack and warn but also to be expected. Radio display has also failed, radio works CD works but no display. I have the hemi engine so lots of power when I need it, gas mileage is ok.

- John A

My family Jeep has mostly good features and maybe one bad feature.

Room for 7, stadium seating, sunroof, comfortable, safe air bags on sides, gas mileage ok! Cute exterior looks kinda likes hummer. Not too many cars like the commander! Adjustable seats back seats recline! Air vents on the 3rd row. Little windows on second row on roof! Disadvantage is that the panels on the right and left side of windshield hide or have a blind area where you cannot see people or cars sometimes because the panels are thick.

- Elisa Z

2006 Jeep commander, why you should buy.

2006 Jeep commander 4. 7 l v8, this vehicle runs great and has a good amount of power. However, the gas mileage is not the best so if you are on a budget I would not recommend getting this vehicle. I use about $100 in gas every week or week and a half. This also does depend on how much you are driving and how you are driving. What I really like is the vehicle came with an AUX input for listening to your own music, and leather interior.

- Julia L

It is a tough vehicle, it can definitely take some hard driving.

My Jeep has over 300k miles on it, and, knock on wood, I have had very few problems out of it. It is tough, I drive it to death, there's room for everyone (a little less now that my kiddos are bigger). It looks great, and we have room to take gear camping. The only complaint about it, if you can even call it a complaint, is the design of the third-row seat. There's not much leg room because the spare tire is suspended underneath.

- Heather J

Good trail and family car.

The gas mileage is a real problem for me and my family would love something that is more economical. The Jeep commander is good if you have a large family as it has the third row seating. It drives well and makes me feel safe. It drives well in inclement weather snow and rain. Very much computer oriented. The sensors are very touchy and cost a lot to fix.

- Heather G

Best vehicle ever! Jeep's rock.

This is my first Jeep. I have had it now for 6 months, and I am so far highly satisfied with this purchase. I have a family of five and we can all sit in there comfortable, which makes road trips way easier for us. It is very expensive on gas, but it is worth it to have such a dependable vehicle. I love Jeep's and would recommend them to anybody.

- Sarah H

My commander is a trooper.

My Jeep has 306k miles on it, and the only major problem so far has been the transfer case; that had to be replaced about 2 years ago. I love it, it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I take it camping and on long road trips. Those trips, along with school, work, and extracurriculars and errands, mean a lot of miles every week. It is a beast.

- Heath J

It is got a third row and that the seats sit up higher in the back a distraction.

I like my jeep because it has a third row and it is roomy. Plus the seats adjust up and down and forward and back and as a person who is 5 ft tall that is nice. I just do not like how old the jeep is because I have to do more maintenance on it due to it being an older vehicle so that is not specifically related to the fact that it is a jeep.

- Crystal W

Still running after 12 years.

As soon as the warranty ran out everything start going wrong - electrical problems, like I cannot roll up/down windows from drivers seat. Back differential went out 2 days after warranty. Cannot open my sunroof at all. And they stopped make the commander after 6 years so everything was expensive to fix. My next vehicle will not be a Jeep .

- Debbie M

Has good power behind the engine and has been very reliable for us.

I like the SUV design. We went with a Commander because we wanted to have the third row seating. It accommodates our family of five quite well. I wish it got better gas mileage. However, we knew when making the purchase it would not be the greatest on gas mileage because we wanted to be able to tow a trailer with it when necessary.

- Jennifer S

The Jeep commander is a safe, reliable family SUV.

The Jeep commander feels safe and comfortable. It comes with optional 3rd row seating which is good for big families. It drives well and is a reliable vehicle for families. It is not good on gas mileage. Our vehicle is older but now the door handles and air vents are breaking. I feel like the features inside could be better quality.

- Katie M

T my Jeep is that you can really feel the power that it has a new rabbit u.

I have had problems with radiator and air condition and it is tough on gas but overall I liven driving it. It is a v8 so it to pretty much anything you need with these and you sit up higher than regular car so it is a nice drive. One other bad thing was the handles on the inside of the door broke I had to get it fixed.

- Alex K

Very trustworthy vehicle, highly recommend!

It's very comfortable, I can see out of it great. I prefer it over my Cadillac. It has over 200, 000 miles on it and still going strong. I don't think twice about taking it on long trips, its very dependable, great in the winter also. They also hold up very well in an accident. I would definitely recommend one.

- Sherry S

The size, two sunroofs, trim and power.

My 2006 Jeep commander is the best vehicle we have ever owned. The combination of room, power, gas mileage and reliability is second to none. I currently have over 250000 miles on it and it runs like new! We cannot be happier or more satisfied with a vehicle purchase. I will definitely buy Jeep again.

- Jhon O

Lots of room and easy to drive.

I have had minimal problems with the Jeep. Such has new brakes and a water pump. Other than that it has over 150, 000 miles and still runs great. Had it checked out for any problems by a mechanic and there were no problems to be found. It drives great and has lots of legroom in all three seat rows.

- Mary N

My Jeep commander has many different features that I love, it has leather.

It is a great running vehicle that gets me to where I needs to be. It is a limited edition and it is also has very low miles and 4 wheel drive. It is very reliable and it is has a third row. Also has leather interior also comes with low miles. It is a dark blue and has great features that I love.

- Erica A

Handling the Jeep on and off-roads. Wheelchair is very accessible.

None, happy with choice. I had ignition charge from recall but since than no other issue. I bought thru credit union and still currently making payments. Truck used to transport wheelchair. Easy to put in and take out. Travel on and off-road easily. Able to handle rough terrain and bad pot holes.

- Carol K

Great car but terrible mileage.

I really like my Jeep commander. I like the way it looks as well as how it drives. It has a lot of room as well which is awesome if you have children. The only thing I really do not like about it is how bad it sucks gas. I feel like I fill up all the time and it just runs out so quickly.

- Kay D

Greatest Jeep vehicle yet.

It is a good gas saver, very spacious, great for outdoors and traveling. Very comfortable seating and not expensive to repair problems with truck. It is convenient for big families and for people who need more space. It is smooth on the road since it is meant to be an outdoor truck.

- Alfredo G

The gas mileage on it because the vehicle is very big and it is very old, which is what causes it to use up a whole lot of gas.

The Jeep Commander is a big vehicle, so it has a lot of room and has extra seats. The trunk is very big, so it can hold a lot of things that we buy from stores. It is very old and has problems every once in a while. The gas mileage is bad, so we have to pay for gas all the time.

- Kyle D

Jeep commander 5. 7 Hemi bought used slightly.

It is 12 years old and I got it in 2009 with only 20, 000 miles. I haven't had any major repairs until this year, part of that was my fault. I was pulling my camper and was coming down a mountain and forgot to downshift. It is very comfortable with heated seats, good ac too.

- Rita B

It gets great fuel mileage.

It is very rugged, handles well, and rides comfortably!.. It' has a v8 motor, and has great power and torque for towing! It is also very spacious and has lots of room for my needs, which I use for work, transporting and delivering pharmaceuticals to labs and peoples homes..

- Stephen B

Visibility is good. Heater throws great heat and defrosting of the windows is quick including the side mirrors.

Only 70,00 miles on it and it spends more time in the garage getting repaired steering fluid leaking, fuel injectors. transmission, door handles and air conditioners keeps breaking. Body starting to rust . I like the way it handles in the summer and winter on bad roads.

- Ann D

My Jeep. Owned by a woman.

City and off-road vehicle. 4 Wheel drive for snow and ice. Tall headspace. Not very gas efficient. Suspension problems. Sharp looking. Rugged looking. Dog friendly. Spacious back. Third row seats. Haul a lot of stuff. Square shape. Love it. Wish they would remake them.

- Lilly H

Jeep experiences. . . Good. . . Better. . . Great.

Works great. The recall for ignition caused it stick sometime. But the most part love it. Wheel accessibility is great. Comfortable ride for the most part. On road is great. . Off is easy to handle. Have great traction. I would recommend the purchase of this truck.

- Lyn K

My 2006 Jeep commander review.

It is very reliable. Third row is very small. I have not had any problems. It is comfortable. The was a safety recall regarding the ignition. I was not having any problems with my ignition but I took it in. After my ignition was replaced it seemed harder to start.

- Melinda S

A second chance at life!!

My keep is a very reliable SUV the problems with the car are my cruise control not working and my tire pressure sensor are not working, it also has rust that I didn't see when i bought it and a broken motor mount other than that always check the car before buying

- Jonathan R

My quality vehicle 2006 Jeep commander.

I like my vehicle because it is still stylish. I like the body style. The only thing I do not like the gas mileage. It only get 25 mile per the gallon. People still tell me that the SUV is still nice even that it is old. I like the fact that it still looks new.

- Marie C

Jeep commander my love hate relationship.

Commander is very comfortable been very reliable fuel economy is not great 15 mpg average. Interior door handle broken recent problem seat belts. The ac/heat system hard to control and the lights on the unit do not work. The radio volume control is going bad.

- Frank G

Lots of compliments on this body style.

I love the size and comfort of my Jeep. Lots of storage. It drives smooth like a luxury vehicle. It has all I need. Nice stereo. I do however wish it was better on gas mileage. I have replaced tie tires, tie rod, brakes, rotors and repaired air conditioning.

- Christine R

It's very trusty and is great in all weather conditions.

My car is used but has very little miles for being 12 years old. I have had problems with the tires but I'm assuming because it was sitting for a long time. I got the radio replaced because it had no current features. Overall a very sturdy and trusty car.

- Alex B

Jeep should still be making the commander.

Dependable great in snow comfortable to drive. Only thing is dislike is the heat a/c control does not lite up and is hard to regulate. Other than that it has been a great car body has held up well no rust and haven't really had to replace anything major.

- Lisa R

6 row seating. The room in the jeep commander is great!

The jeep commander is an all around great family vehicle! We travel in our jeep every year and have nothing but change the oil and buy tires. I would suggest owning one yourself. If I could have another one and or afford another I would in a heartbeat!

- Jeremy Z

A family jeep is perfect.

I love my vehicle. Good ride. I just wish that it had a little bit more space as my kids are getting older and getting much taller and need more space. But other than that my vehicle has done very well for me. We are a jeep family so it suited us well.

- Theresa A

Third row, but little cargo space

The Jeep Commander is a great vehicle. The third row seating makes it possible to transport my children's friends when we need to go somewhere, but when the third row is being used, there is only about 8 inches of cargo space behind it.

- Jennifer V

Nice and easy to drive and it has lots of power. Great for getting through the large snowfalls in ND!

Great car but alternator has lots of problems. At least two recalls. The electrical system often shuts off and on. Much better with the new alternator but electrical starting to act up after a year of having new alternator put in.

- Michele N

2006 Jeep Commander review

I love the Jeep Commander. It drives smoothly, and is the easiest vehicle to drive. It feels luxurious although it is over 10 years old. The only problem I've had with it are the door handles -they break easily. Overall, I love it!

- Nancy S

Its versatility, good for off-road use but still comfortable for day to day use.

I like the spaciousness, optional 3rd row seat, 4 wheel drive, and rugged design. I am never worried about being left on the side of the road or not being able to get somewhere. The only dislike I have is the drainage in the doors.

- Jessica R

Jeep commander love but issues.

After 2016 several systems have started failing. The biggest issue is the a/c motor. I have had a hard time finding the part needed due to the discontinuation of the commander. Also the electrical of the windows is an issue.

- Debbie M

Everyone should know how safe my jeep is.

I love my jeep commander because it feels like a tank driving down the road. I feel safe in it and feel safe driving my kids around. What I don't like is that there are a lot of repairs that i need to do to it.

- Amanda P

The doors do not need much force to shut.

I like the model of the jeep I like the size that it has 3rd rode sitting the way it drives on the snow and but I dislike that everything inside brakes easily like the door knobs the plastic of the seats etc.

- Andrea A

The car works very well, I drive it around everywhere.

The car works very well, I drive it around everywhere. Very great in the winter when there's lots of snow. You can put it into all wheel drive and drive right out of your spot without having to shovel snow.

- Fred Y

Nice green Jeep Commander that runs well

I like the jeep style and amount of room. It is rugged and runs well. I would like a newer jeep though. It doesn't get great mileage and no new features like back up camera, digital audio system, etc

- Patrick B

The most important thing is the engine. As long as it is maintained you shouldn't have a problem.

I like that it has a lot of space for my family. I also like the engine. I dislike the fact that it takes a lot of gas, it is more efficient when I'm traveling long distances or on the highway.

- Christy M

Jeep Commander is a great car for young drivers

Overall, it is a good car. I do have some problems with it, such as the AC always going out, electrical problems with the lights, etc. But it has high mileage so that is expected with older cars.

- Kayla B

Jeep commander it commands attention.

I love my Jeep, I did have to replace the door handles, but other than that and normal wear and tear on the vehicle it has performed as expected. Only major repair was a hole in the manifold.

- Shelley D

It has a third row seat that is amazing if you have a big family.

I haven't had any problems with my car at all. It is very roomy for my three children. The third row makes every trip with all the kids easier so they aren't all crammed next to each other.

- Amanda T

Great for on and off roading, but lacks storage space, especially for a larger family.

I wish the third row was a little larger. Also, with the third row up, there is very little storage behind the seats. I love having all wheel drive and the capabilities that come with it.

- Traci J

It has a lot of room in it.

I love how much room it has but the gas mileage is outrageous. The door handles aren't made good either. My blower motor on my air conditioner has gone out twice in the past year.

- Brooke s

It is safe traveling for families.

I like that it is spacious and has room to move in. I also like that it is 4-wheel drive and will go good in the snow. I dislike the fact that it does not have enough cup holders.

- Sarah A

It's a wonderful all terrain vehicle with lots of extras and a sharp design.

I like the shape, color, interior and seating, as well as the chrome accents. I dislike the size, no trunk space, as well as the lack of more modern extras such as built in GPS.

- Aimee S

Having a great time in my Jeep.

It is a reliable, fun vehicle to drive. It is great in the snow and easy to drive. I love the beep if I am backing up into something and letting me know when my tires are low.

- Donna K

Has a big blind spot. More than other vehicles.

There is no complaints just need a little work. I love that it has a hemi. It's a very good car over all. Maybe if there was a better way to see round the car.

- Kristin G

3 Sunroofs is nice addition

Comfort is great very reliable performance for a 6 cyl is sluggish gas mileage is terrible. Gets about 14 mpg for a v6 is terrible. Great stereo system

- Chad E

Drives and handles well--.

Like it a lot --love body type--looks tough--it did need a new transmission way too soon--sit high with great vision--can easily lower seat for hauling.

- Elaine H

Look great but is not worth your money

I loved my car but it has been nothing but problems. I have had to replace the motor, transmission, etc... and transmission is again having issues.

- sarah j

love my warming seats in winter. The thing I keep has issues with is the air conditioning.

My Jeep has been great, it's roomy, we all fit in it when traveling. Great for camping ,when I need to transport items,drop down seats are great.

- Barb T

They do not make them at all anymore. They stopped making them in 2010 but not because they did not sell. So don't diss my Jeep!

It is my dream vehicle. I have wanted it my whole life. I love that it is big enough to fit my whole family and I like the boxy style of it.

- Megan C

The commander is a great vehicle to hold several people but not be too big for when you don't need it all the time. The traction control is awesome.

The commander is a beast, holds up very well. Gas mileage is horrible but its a cool vehicle that is kind of unique. Has some neat features.

- alexis h

The automatic 4 wheel drive is great for us.

I love my Jeep, I just wish I would have gotten the sunroof. It handles great. Gets good highway gas mileage and the 4xr is very handy.

- Miranda G

It's very safe. I feel I would survive if ever in a bad accident.

My Jeep is very reliable. I love how safe I feel in it. I do wish it had more leg room in the back seats would help out with the kid.

- Michele H

It has 3 row seating for 7 people. It's great car with a lot of space and room for my family.

I love the space in the car - the age seems to be wearing on it. I've had a lot of electric and mechanical issues since I've owned it.

- Britny S

It's red and goes fast and kinda good on gas

Leaking sunroof. Everything else works pretty good. I go off reading in it all the time. Never any problems with that. I love my jeep

- David D

That it is well made, it is roomy, very comfortable a.

I like how my vehicle looks and performs. I is a great looking SUV. The only complaint I have is that it is not that good on mileage.

- Mary C

It is not the most fuel efficient car you could purchase and repairs aren't cheap

I have had great luck with Jeep as a brand. I just wish there was a little more space behind the third row and better gas mileage

- Jill C

Third seat is really tight only should kids should sit there not adults.

So far the only problem is that left driver door don't closed very tight. It has an opening, and water comes in from the door.

- Alberto M

My SUV has 3rd row seating.

Love the room (3rd row seating with 3 teenagers is a plus). Love the power of the v8, but hate that it only gets 12 mpg.

- Season T

dependable, low maintenance

I love the look-it's all black-no chrome,3 inch lift-smooth rise-bad gas mileage-but I'm retired and don't drive much!

- susan H

I love the backup camera and dvd player

I don't like when the 3rd row seats are up there is no room in the back to place groceries, luggage or anything else.

- katherine f

Handles very well in bad weather in both snow and rain.

I love the way it handles and drives bad weather in both the snow and rain, and the storage capacity of the vehicle.

- Don D

That it can use a lot of gas in a short amount of time.

The drive of the vehicle is very well, however, the plastic interior, on the inside, could be a lot more sturdy.

- Lindsay B

My jeep is a beautiful roomy car that meets all my needs.

Love the look, space, 3 rows, lift gate, durability. Hate gas mileage, no auxiliary cord unless jimmy rigged.

- Me O

It is very drivable in the snow.

It is a four wheel drive vehicle with very good dependability. But not so good on gas getting only 14-16 mpg.

- Michael D

Love Jeeps just not the issues I have with this one.

This Jeep has had multiple issues since I bought it. I am very disappointed but do not have funds to fix it.

- Shelly W

Bad gas mileage and tends to have a lot of mechanical issues.

Transmission issues, no a/c, needs a new headlight, needs brakes, bad gas mileage, theatre seating is weird.

- Jordan H

It is very big, and it has a v8 engine.

It is a very spacious car. It has a backup camera. It is not so good on gas. It has excellent trunk storage.

- Troy G

The Jeep commander is awesome

The air went out and my window is off track. The car rides great it has a hemi so the gas is more expensive.

- Kenyieta S

It's a gas guzzler but it's definitely a safe, reliable ride.

I love my Jeep but the big issue I have with it is how expensive it is on gas and he parts are very pricey.

- Collette M

It is a great family vehicle. It has 7 passenger seating.

Its big with a sporty design. Looks like a mini hummer. Reliable. Horrible on gas mileage. It is also safe.

- Ashley M

It is a dependable vehicle and we haven't had many issues with it.

Like the 3rd row seating. Do not like the many interior design flaws such as door handles that break off.

- Sarah S

It is a dependable car that has been my rock

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had, hardly any maintenance and it has been so good to me

- neil a

It's bad on gas but it is great in bad winter weather

I like my vehicle for the most part on how it drives and looks. I don't like how bad it is on gas.

- Ashley Y

Safety. It is a safe vehicle for my family and I. And has a lot of room for vacations

Love the room and storage space. It's safe for my family. Too many known vehicle bugs and fixes.

- Chris G

It's a solid Jeep. Drives well.

It's reliable. Cheap to maintain. Not great mileage. Sits lower than I prefer. Good space.

- Casey Y

Looks Great, easy to Park and tons of room for passengers and gear.

I love the size and the cargo room. I love the height when driving, I can see very well.

- Michele B

I like how big and safe it is. I do not like how much gas it uses.

It is high rated for its safety features. It is a very large vehicle inside and out

- Matthew D

Back seats are not too comfortable and are a bit stiff but worth it

There are hidden seats in the trunk that can be flipped up for more seating

- Katherine H

It is reliable and trustworthy. the car is comfortable and safe.

It is reliable, roomy and comfortable. No complaints as just normal care.

- Alfred S

Any mechanical problems that the car may have and how to change the oil.

I like the size. I like the heated seats. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Chris B

Gas mileage is not very economical on this vehicle.

I love the room. I love the look. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Crystal S

it is a safe vehicle. durable and tough in the hardest conditions

it's a very tough reliable vehicle. It goes great in the winter.


It has pulled 3 trucks out of mud and 3 cars out of snow ditches.

powerful and sporty. Great for towing. Holds 7 people.

- t h

Love the engine and its ability to rise to any occasion.

Performance is the most important component ever!!!

- Sharon T

it uses up a lot of gas. it has a third row that you can let up and down and It's very spacy and has nice leather seats and 3 pretty sunvisors

I love the space in there and the look of the jeep

- sha F

The lack of the transmission and gas.

sunroof, automatic window, low maintenance

- Alyssa N

Why you should buy a jeep Cherokee (you will not regret it!).

- Brooklyn R

2006 jeep commander- a reliable, spacious car full of light.

- Grace M