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2008 jeep commander limited edition great buy.

I own a silver 2008 jeep commander limited edition with towing package including. I bought it brand new off the sales floor at the dealership in 2009. I absolutely love my vehicle. It is able to fit up to seven passengers. It is has stadium style seating so everyone can see over the row in front of them. The interior is jet black, that includes the cloth seating, the floor carpeting and floor mats, and the trim. The console area and gear shift area are a mix of black and silver. I have had no problems with my vehicle in the last ten years. It is been very dependable, reliable, comfortable, and still looks great inside and out. There's been two recalls that were minor, one to reset the airbag and the second to change the key sensor, they were both same day fixes. Originally when I went to the dealership I had it in my mind that I was going to buy a minivan. I have five children plus my husband so we needed a seven passenger. When I walked into the sales floor, I saw the jeep and couldn't help but look at all it is features, the ac control in the rear seating area, the ability to fully lay down all the back seats, the rear glass window opener if needed instead of opening the full tailgate, the driver power seat, cruise control, mp3 connector, the second row in seat pull out drink holder, and spacious leg room for backseat passengers. I was able to get this vehicle at a steal of a price because it was an 08 and it was already 09, so they wanted it gone. This was the best but of a vehicle ever. I currently have over 150,000 miles on it and it drives beautifully.

- Carolyn N

Wonderful jeep with lots of space!

The jeep commander really runs smoothly and surprisingly has a quiet engine. The acceleration and braking system is very easy and is not too sensitive or need too much force. There is a lot of space in the back of the vehicle and the back row of seats lays down easily to make even more space. It is quite large, but is not difficult to maneuver on the road, in parking lots, or into the average size garage. The back lining is a hard plastic which makes it easy to clean and less likely to damage (in comparison to some jeep models that have a fabric back lining). Our large dog is very comfortable in the back and has enough space to look out the windows and walk around. The key for the vehicle is not a typical key and is quite expensive to replace or get duplicates of. It also has a DVD player so the back seats can watch movies. Due to the DVD player there are not many lights on the interior and can seem quite dark when entering the vehicle in an area that has limited lighting.

- Amanda M

The plus and negatives of my Jeep Commander.

I love the style of my Jeep commander. I love all of its features the built in GPS, the back up camera, heated seats and the moon roof. I wanted something that had a 3rd row and wasn't ready to go to a minivan just yet so we went with the commander. After having it for 2 years the kids are getting bigger and the 3rd row is small for them. I also feel there are more blind spots then I like. Over all it is a very nice vehicle.

- Sara T

Jeep commander the off-road family wagon.

This had really good power and features drives excellent on the highway as well as getting fair gas mileage, but this vehicle has been plagued with overheating problems. I've changed the water pump, radiator, thermostat and hoses before fixing the problem. This vehicle also has clock spring related issues which is not an easy fix. Although it has a lot of problems when it drives is a fun car to have.

- Donovan G

Jeep , great value, quality, performance.

My vehicle has great performance. It ride smoothly. Good gas mileage for the money. The security system is one of the best made. Stylist. Quality made. Well known in America statics, review that in was voted number one on the road vehicle. Easy to handle. Seven passengers seats. Double sun roof, with shades. Surround sound. Tinted windows. Luggage rack.

- Dale W

The Jeep commander is a great all around SUV.

The only thing is the mileage, I wish it would have get better. I love everything else about it. The box look is amazing so it looks different from everything else. It is very comfortable and the ride is smooth. It is definitely great for long trips or short trips. Has enough room for a family or if you need to carry something big.

- Dee S

My car is very functional and is a great car for large families and dogs.

Has to have premium gas or the car vapor locks and will not start. Backing up is difficult to see when the very back seats are up. Cloth seats should have a spray on them to keep spills from staining. The tailgate window springs get loose and the window hits you in the head, . Just had to order and replace the part.

- Christine E

Review of a 2008 used Jeep.

It was bought used and it is now in need of constant repairs. Parts are cheap to replace, which is nice, but the battery and engine need constant attention. It also takes a lot of gas to fill, which becomes really pricey. Other than that, it is a really great car, especially when it comes to driving in the winter.

- Savannah D

Comfortable controlled-power jeep.

I really like my jeep's performance, the body, and the interior. Communications for many devices is great. . Uses too much gas; I invested in engine and computer adjustments and it made it a little better. My catalytic converters had to be changed, so the warranty is always good to have. I still really like it.

- Robert M

It is fun to drive. The chrome trim makes it look awesome. Love the hemi power.

Bought it used with an extended warranty. We had problems with the coils, radiator, computer board problems. The warranty covered it all. It has been a great vehicle after everything was fixed. It is fun to drive and we do not worry about getting stuck in the snow, in northwest Indiana.

- Shawn H

Comfortable, reliable, easy handling.

Very comfortable ride. It is approaching 200k in miles and it has give me very few problems. It is very reliable. I have drive it for long distances and it handles very well even in tough terrain. It can seat 7 people and the back seats fold down and can actually sleep inside the car.

- Martin R

The 2008 Jeep commander the best all around purpose vehicle.

Our 2008 Jeep commander has been very reliable thus far. And we hope to see much more use out of it in the future it's very good for camping and all other sorts of outdoor and suburban uses all in all its the best multi purpose vehicle I've ever owned and I hope to have it forever.

- Seth M

Love that I have lots of space to haul things!

The commander does not require much maintenance, just the routine maintenance check points: tires, battery, etc. Recent issues have been a new battery, tail lights have stayed on long after car was turned off. Regular oil changes per usual. This vehicle has really held up for me.

- Chris S

I do recommend buying a jeep.

Overall I do like my jeep commander. A few things I would change if I could would be the gas it uses- only gets 17 miles per gallon, and the comorbidity- it's safe but not the most comfortable. I like that it has the 2 extra seats in the back so altogether it can seat 7.

- Kayla G

2008 jeep commander review.

This car is wide and not ideal for driving on highways every day: it is not built to drive fast, but it is a safe vehicle. It performs exceptionally well in winter weather and offroad. It is a reliable vehicle: we have thousands of miles on ours and it still runs fine.

- Jordan M

The Jeep Commander has lots of room and a third row that is easy to put up and down.

I like that the Jeep Commander has three rows and can fit my entire family. I dislike the door handles as they are awkward and break. I also had trouble with the Jeep not starting every time when I first bought it used.


This vehicle is a very sturdy vehicle and it has been a very reliable vehicle. We now have over 100,000 miles and it is still going strong.

I love the Jeep Commander. It has plenty of room inside, I have had very few problems and it handles great, especially around curves. My complaint is that they do not make this model any more!

- Jean B

It is larger than you think.

I have had issues with the alternator and tire pressure gauge but I assume that is from the age and mileage of the car. I feel safe in this car. It is also easy to maneuver and very spacious.

- Ava B

That is a lot of space, has third row seating.

Love the features for the price we paid. It is an older car so of course it is not in tip-top shape. It also does not get good gas mileage which is not a big deal of you live near work.

- Charity S

My vehicle can seat up to 7 people.

The size of the vehicle I love. I also like that the vehicle has the ability to be able to tow a trailer if needed. I dislike the low gas mileage the car receives.

- Bradley M

My Jeep, my black beauty!

I really enjoy the size of my vehicle, it hauls a lot of items and it's a good family car. The car has had a few problems, but nothing too hard to fix.

- Makenzie S

I would recommend it to anyone who asks I love the Jeep brand.

I love the space, still box model truck, 3 rows for family, leather seats and still has speed 8 cylinders. I dislike this tire pressure issues I have.

- Alexis H

My review is based on engine performance

I have a v6 which makes acceleration sluggish. I would suggest opting for a model with a v8, I think you will get better performance all around.

- Bill S

It is not very fuel efficient.

For the most part my vehicle is reliable. I just do not like that is not very fuel efficient. I love the style and shape of the vehicle though.

- Charles T

There is something inexplicably wrong with the engine.

I love that my vehicle does great in the snow. It is very costly to fix however. We bought it used and it has had problems from day 1.

- Naomi B

fast and great vehicle, smooth

love it, no problems, runs great, feels like a luxury vehicle when driving, goes fast cause you don't realize how fast you are driving

- judy c

Most interesting detail is my vehicle is black and interior.

Vehicle is decent, however it stops out of nowhere sometimes and will not crank. Great size for a family car and it drives smooth.

- Whitney O

It is a good car and has lots of space.

I love the size but hate that it uses to much gas you cannot drive that long on a tank of gas otherwise it is a very nice car.

- Anna H

It gets me where I need to go.

It burns a lot of gas. Multiple problems since purchase. Does not have good gas mileage. Not comfortable for long trips.

- Virginia L

It is durable and a lasting car

I like my Jeep Commander because it is a durable car. I have not had any major problems. I really love jeep products.

- Eddie M

I love my Jeep and wish they still made the Commander!

I like how comfortable it is. I like how it handles in the snow. I like the overall look of it.

- Cris W

The third row seating and how well it does in snowy weather.

The main thing I dislike is the gas mileage. An tires are expensive.

- Jessica G

Need comfortable chairs to sit and drive more often

Good condition, great for driving but dislike about heating

- Marsh Ad A