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The Jeep commander that couldn't follow commands.

I drive a 2010 Jeep commander. We have owned it for 4 years. Upon purchase everything seemed great. Within the first 6 months our air conditioning went out. The heat stopped working. Our tire sensors were off. And our sun roof was leaking. All of these things were fixable and we still loved our Jeep. Until 2 years ago when I was driving down the highway going approximately 40 miles per hour during a snowstorm with a semi behind me and my car dropped from 40 to 0 miles per hour out of nowhere. I could have died if the semi was not paying attention. I contacted the dealer and they had said they've never heard of such a problem. Since this very first time are Jeep has continued to have this problem basically every time we drive it. Sometimes I will be driving 60 miles an hour and it will downshift to 40 miles per hour out of nowhere. An accident waiting to happen. I have done a lot of independent research in regards to our issue. We are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Jeep commanders have been recalled for the same situation. It is tied into the power steering and suspension along with the tire sensors. I have spent over a hundred of my own hours on the phone with Jeep and with Chrysler trying to have our Jeep fixed and I have gotten nowhere. I would not recommend the 2010 Jeep commander. It is a death trap. A very expensive one.

- Brittany B

Jeep commander - amazing family vehicle.

I have yet to have an issue with my Jeep commander. A feature that I am impressed with is the third row seating. It remains comfortable for everyone even with using the third row seating. I was very impressed with the radio and sound system as well. Considering the commander is a family friendly vehicle, I did not expect it to have such a nice sound system built in. The commander is the primary vehicle used in our household and has always been extremely reliable. We use it for all of our longer trips. It performs very well compared to other vehicles I have had. Overall I have been very impressed with this vehicle and I am glad I made the purchase.

- Mackenzie L

It is reliable, and very easy to handle in tight spaces.

My Jeep commander is very comfortable. Enough legroom for tall people. It handles easily in tight spaces. Loading space is generous. Overall it is a smooth driving vehicle. Once in a while the drainage from the sunroof becomes clogged and water accumulates on the floor. I wish it was better on gas. 14-16 miles per gallon on highway, 12-14 in the city. Somewhat of a gas guzzler. Not enough room for taller people on the backseat.

- Marge M

Roomy Jeep 2010 commander with 3rx row and roof rack.

I love my Jeep commander. I line sitting up high and am able to see well. The squareness makes it very easy to park. The ride us great. It is very roomy, has 3rx row for seating. You can put the 3rd row seats up or down, together or individually. It comes with a roof rack for transporting stuff. The 2nd row seats can go down too if you buy some large items. The only negative thing is the gas mileage, 22 miles highway.

- Debbie C

My favorite form of transportation.

It has everything I need for transportation. I can ride 8 people with comfort. Also allows me to do light hauling. I get pretty good mileage from 14 gallon tank. So far I have had low maintenance. It gives me the ability to have good visual with the mirrors. The speakers work well and I have Sirius radio so I have a selection of good music.

- polly M

Love the look of the car and it handles excellent in snow.

There is an issue with Jeeps where the car will not start due to the placement on wiring where the wires are exposed to the weather and rot over time. This causes the car to randomly not start. Hopefully it is fixed on newer models. For the price you pay some features are lacking.

- Andrea W

Have vehicle inspected before you buy it.

Terrible gas mileage. It is nice that the seats are heated. I bought it used 2 yrs. Ago & have had to put a bit of money into it. Brakes, rotors & calipers. New heater core., ball joints. Make sure you have a vehicle inspected before you buy it! Buy from a reputable dealer.

- Patricia P

I shop for others. Never ran out of room.

Pre-owned vehicle. Had 19, 000 miles on it. I have been driving it for a little over 6 yrs. I have never one bit of problem with it. I now have 130, 000 miles on it and runs like a charm. When I relocated from California to Michigan. What can I say, I absolutely love it!

- Mona C

Good vehicle, drives well, vent blowers have gone out a couple times.

Drives well, minor issues every once in a while related to heat/ac blowers going out but is easily fixed. Otherwise is a good vehicle. Not very noisy to drive, not very bumpy. Has a lot of room for storage. We have had issues with seat belts in the back not working.

- Jennifer W

Great for families on the go.

Great for moms on the go. Awesome for long trips with tons of storage. Easy visibility when driving in traffic. Handles well in the rain. I get great gas mileage even around town but especially on long trips. We love our commander. Wish they made a model after 2010.

- Celia D

2010 Jeep commander review.

I like my vehicle. Lots of storage space and has third row seating if needed. The ac went out, but I did buy it used from a car dealer about 4 years ago. Overall I like it and would probably recommend it to another person. It is the first Jeep I have owned.

- Holly T

Has 4 by 4 drive. Rommie.

Gas cap triggers the check engine light when it cold outside. When the weather warms up easy to reset the check engine light yourself. Have to drive vehicle 50-100 miles before it disappears. Which it is a pain. Only problem I have with this vehicle.

- Iris I

It is a great car for a big family, it is really reliable!

I love the size and the 3rd row seating, it has a lot of power and can tow plus has enough space for 3 car seats and still room in the back. I do not like that you never know when it is in 4 wheel drive and you can't put it in 4 wheel manually.

- Liana P

It had as much room as a minivan but is much better

I love my jeep commander. It has all the room I need to transport my family. I can put the rear seats down if Im not using them. It drive very well in the snow. I wish they still made them

- Danyel c

The Chevy Cruze is a wonderful car it is so good on gas mileage.

The main things I like are that it is comfortable and reliable. Dislike the gas mileage and that the air system does not seem to push enough air. May be age - may be inefficient system.

- Rachel S

It is very nice and up-to-date I'm big enough for the whole family

I love the Jeep Commander because it is comfortable and fun to drive. It is big enough to hold our whole family in it with its third row seats and it is a great smooth ride.

- Kay N

The compartment in the trunk - with all the grooves loses things.

I think it has bad suspension, air bag light goes on constantly. It has bad wheel alignment. But I do like the speed I get from it on the highway.

- Marian L

The car suffers from an irresponsible driver so impressive durability.

A very durable car with lots of interior space. This car has been through a lot of user wear and surprisingly has survived thus far.

- Patricia M

Great on long trips. Good gas mileage. But not very roomy for big family.

Great on gas but not enough room inside. Feels cramped. Had lots of issues with heater core. Replaced 3 times in less than 2 years.

- Eshaunae D

It is not a comfortable car and uses a ton of gas!

It is a great car however it is not roomy for people with long legs. I have had issues with the battery and longevity with them.

- Ashley P

Its black. Its a 3 seater. Its old.

None. Its great. Fits me and my other people in the car. It has a small trunk because I always have the 3rd row down.

- April P

It is amazing. It handles really well and everything.

I love my car! I love the way it drives. And I love the look of it! Not so great on gas though, but it is worth it.

- Alex H

Third row of seats (a total of seven), or it is a good amount of cargo space.

The car is still running, despite an owner who is highly irresponsible and lazy. It is a comfortably roomy car.

- Wendy M

It is safe and reliable. I have no worries about car problems when we go on long drives.

My car is sporty, comfortable and fun to drive. It fits my whole family comfortably and drives nicely.

- Tena N

It is a great car and is very roomy and comfortable to drive. And It's pretty

I love my car. It is roomy and comfortable. It can for all 7 family member s in it. And it drives great.

- Shaun H

It lives up to everything they say.

It is perfect for our business, lots of room, great mileage, handles well.

- Nic J

It's spacious and reliable. It's very comfortable.

It is Large and in charge. There's not enough trunk space. Love it

- Julie W

I think that the car uses a reasonable amount of gas per mile

I personally think that the trunk size could be much bigger

- Justin G

Gas guzzler without power, loud engine but roomy with ac

Poor gas mileage,loud engine, not enough power... roomy

- Mike F