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2007 Jeep Compass - Lots of potential, but fails on execution.

I bought the vehicle used. I liked that it was a smaller SUV with a 4 cylinder engine but also had 4 wheel drive. The storage it has I really enjoy. I do not like the transmission they put into this years model. It has a CVT transmission that overheats on really hot days and any trip that is over 6 hours. The check engine light comes on all the time and the O2 sensors keep going bad. There is always something going wrong with this vehicle and hasn't been as reliable as my previous vehicle. Performance of the 4 wheel drive is very good. I have not been stuck in the snow or mud. The seats are comfortable and I have not had any issues driving for long distances with comfort. It has a CD player and an auxiliary input for my multimedia devices. I do like the power inverter so I can plug in normal AC accessories as well as the traditional DC adapter socket. The seats go down and the hatch upending up gives a lot of storage for a smaller vehicle. Reliability has not been the best.

- Joe G

Jeep compass, 2007 want to keep.

Love the jeep product. It is my third jeep. First one was a white 1993 jeep Cherokee (130,000+ miles) beat the hell out of it and it kept going, wish I had it back. Second was 2003 jeep Cherokee (150,000+ miles) ran that till the motor blew up. Both were very reliable. Third and current is the 2007 jeep compass. At this time it has 128,000 miles and is going on 13 yrs old so there are a few issues coming up. Leaking tranny fluid, catalytic converter has issues, fuel sensor is temperamental and oil pressure sensor is going and front right side blinker is out. So a few small things I just have to find the time to take care of. After that I am hoping to get at least another 30,000 miles out of her.

- Courtney C

2007 Jeep Compass, a pretty great vehicle

The best thing about my Jeep Compass is how smooth the ride is. I can hardly feel when I drive over potholes or small bumps in the road. It also has quite a lot of space, which is great if you've got kids. The only problems I have come across so far is that it's kind of hard to judge how close something is behind my vehicle. For example, when I'm backing out of a parking lot. It's not too bad, just a little difficult. The other thing is that the glove box is very small. You can't keep paper or documents in there unless you are ok with folding them. But other than that, it's a great vehicle. Personally, I believe it's the best vehicle I've ever owned.

- Kayla B

Problems with my 2007 jeep compass.

It could have been a nice vehicle but I have to keep on replacing the tires. It frequently has where a couple of sensors come on the dashboard a lighting bolt and the road hazard sensor. It causes the car to smell of gasoline and you have to pull over and restart the vehicle until it clears those sensors. I have read other reviews of this vehicle and other people have complained about the same issues. There have been recalls on jeep models with same issues but they do not care to resolve them. I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone in buying this make and model.

- Mary F

The Jeep compass is durable despite repairs.

My husband and I bought the car used with many warning lights on. My husband has been able to do most of the work himself. He did have to buy a special tool that works with my car. It seems like he gets 1 thing fixed and then another warning light comes on. At the same time I have only been stranded on the side of the road one time. The passenger windows are tinted and I really like that the sun isn't glaring in my children's faces and I can leave things in the back seat and no one can see them.

- Christine A

My best little car! Dependable, has everything except a/c seats. Lol.

Easy to park anywhere, great mileage. Love that I can fold down back sit and haul extra items. In addition, now that it is winter and cold in the mornings, great to have heated from seats. My car has been extremely dependable. Low maintenance. The only fall back is that you need to take it to a Jeep dealer to have the transmission fluid checked. However, per the owner's manual fluid should be ok per the lifetime of the vehicle.

- Jeanie M

The thing I love about my Jeep compass.

I have a black Jeep compass. It is a SUV but on the smaller size of one which makes it a perfect in between. It has plenty of truck space and if that is not enough I can put the back seats down. It has a middle console that has 2 areas which is great for putting small object in. One of my favorite features is the small open "cubby above the glove compartment. It gives me a space to put my wallet and sunglasses for easy access.

- Felix F

Family vehicle. But has zip so it can get up and go when needed.

Very comfortable. Handles really well, good on gas mileage. Maintenance is not very expensive. Have owned for 11 years, only real expensive part replaced was an electrical control box and doing the transmission flush. Provided enough room inside until we had a 4th child, so we had to upgrade to bigger SUV. But fit 2 teenagers and an infant in the backseat before the upgrade. Still own.

- Thomas T

Decent amount of space, and sunroof for nice days

I love my vehicle. It runs smooth most of the time. But being an older vehicle it has its flaws. Like when I put gas in it, I can fill it all the way minus a couple of dollars or it will stall a couple of times until it burns out some of the gas. It's a very expensive fix and a lot of people with same car have the same issue and found it cheaper to just not fill your tank all the way

- Amy A

2007 Jeep compass- great ride.

I do a lot of traveling in the winter for my job and I love the 4 wheel drive and how it can handle snow. I am shorter person so I wish I had a power driver's seat. Overall the car drives smooth. Riding in the back seats can be little bumpy at times. It has 2nd row seating and a nice back large enough for a dog kennel to fit for a medium to large dog.

- Amy G

It is very easy to drive and handle. I do love the seat warmers and stereo.

I like the way that it performs. It has a lot of pick up and plenty of space for cargo. It has comfortable seats and does not bother my back at all. The only major problems that this compass has is the are four blind spots that has almost caused several accidents. . All in all I hope to keep it and enjoy the stereo system and leather seats.

- Gretchen K

I love the cute round headlights and the interior is simple but appealing.

very roomy. I have made several road trips with it as well as taken to the beach. It even helped me move! It has had some electrical problems that aren't too pricey to fix. I would have liked for it to have Bluetooth but at least it has aux lol! The back seats go down making room for my bikes and such. Roomy backseat for passengers as well.

- Laura R

My car has many issues but the positives outweigh the negatives.

My Jeep compass has lots of engine issues. It began with my thermometer then the next issue became my catalytic converter. My exhaust is loud and needs replaced, my control arms and ball joints are loose even after replacement. My stereo was replaced before I purchased it though and I do like the update because it has an AUX cord.

- Katherine J

Its dependable and looks great. I have had it less then a month but no problems.

I bought the car used because I was tired of signing leases. I went for a brand name because I wanted something that is going to last. I went for an American brand and went for durability. I like the SUV but you should be prepared that SUVs use more gas than a sedan like a Civic or Camry. Other than that it's great. Love the car.

- Vincent D

Nice car, could be better

I have had quite a few problems with my vehicle. I purchased it used and have already had to put in new air conditioner, new brakes, new tires, and muffler. It is very comfortable to drive and drives great with everything fixed. I would probably not purchase again and will probably trade in soon for something more reliable.

- Jennifer M

Great compact SUV, with next to no problems mechanically.

It has been reliable and is great on gas. I have only had minimal problems with it that come from needing general maintenance. The only serious problem I have had with my compass is the exhaust leak that costed me $800 to fix. It gets great gas mileage compared to my other vehicles and has a good amount of power for a 4 cylinder.

- Ashley W

It is reliable and have been driving it for 8 years

My car is very reliable. I have driven it over 200,000 miles. I started having overheating problems at about 100,000 but I do not drive long distances so this is fine. I did have quite a bit of work done on the alignment from normal wear and tear. The gas mileage is not great. It is comfortable and good for camping

- Alex I

Jeep doesn't disappoint. Dependable ride.

Has proven to be a reliable vehicle. The interior is spacious and comfortable. My only complaint is the track that the front seats ride on are placed in a way that I hit my calves on them when getting into the vehicle. It does provide a comfortable ride. And the exterior paint has retained its color integrity.

- Casey J

2007 Jeep Compass Overview

I have had my Jeep for almost two years. Within the short period of time, a lot of things have needed fixed on it. Recently I just had a new transmission put in to the Jeep. I do love the car, but it has had a lot of expensive problems as mentioned. I love the appearance and how comfortable the car drives.

- Kristen M

My 2004 jeep compass is compact and reliable.

My 2004 jeep compass has been very reliable, I drove it across the country with no problems in the engine or tires. The interior is a limited edition which gives it great appeal, leather seats are still in great shape. The seats fold down and flushed with the trunk which helps to add additional storage.

- Jackie V

To be an SUV, I love that is big enough for me and my stuff.

I bought it used - so now I am running into issues. I love the brand. I would get a new one if I could. I love the size, it is good on gas. A well known brand that is been around for years. I just hate that I am running into issues - brake fluid reservoir needs to be replaced. , engine light is on.

- Nicole D

It's been good to me and I'm grateful to have had it.

Love this small suv but it's getting old. It's been great to so far, drives well in the snow with optional 4 wheel drive which I love. I feel safe in it but since it's getting old it's acting up and I look forward to getting a newer vehicle that I hope I love to drive as much as I have this one.

- Caroline M

Problem with Jeep compass computer

Computer problems, we have not had many mechanical problems but once the computer went bad, we have had other problems since almost 2 years now. The computer has caused the alarm system to lock the engine even when it's not activated, I have to play with the alarm remote to make the car turn on

- Veronica O

2007 Jeep compass. White with gray cloth interior.

Visibility is a concern. Had to replace parts that affected the way the car handled. The car would veer to the right and was uncontrollable. Does not have a lot of the features I would like such as a backup camera. The car is comfortable to drive in. It has never left me stranded. Good on gas.

- Kris B

Reliable, safe, comfortable, performs well.

It has tire and bearing issues. The rest is good, it drives well and it is comfortable. I like the height of the vehicle. It is nice have space in the back with a hatch. There is plenty of room inside the vehicle. It handles very well in the snow. We like that it has a 6 disc CD changer.

- Tina D

It's dark grey four door and I absolutely love it.

I love my Jeep. It gets great gas mileage. It sits up high which for me makes me feel so safe. I would never want to go back to a car as long as I didn't have to. The stereo system is very impressive for being factory made. The bass gets loud and makes the whole Jeep vibrate.

- Sadie N

Lots of space and very reliable.

It's really reliable, although it has recently started having problems with the engine. I have been driving it for years and it is kept me safe in the 2 accidents I have encountered. I get compliments on it is exterior design and I love the amount of space I have in the car.

- Maya K

Good first car for someone who doesn't want too small of a car

Has a lot of space for such a compact car. Lots of trunk space. Drives nicely. Downside, there are a lot of blind spots. You run into a lot of problems after 100,000 miles. Every time you get one thing fixed something else happens. For the most part it's a good first car

- Alexis N

Jeep 2007 Compass Sport Review Low MPG Spacious

Air Compressor issues. No other major issues. Light rust. Strong vehicle. Gas mileage is quite low. About 20 mpg in city. Extremely spacious. It has a huge trunk and folding seats for some storage. overall, it is a good vehicle and has served me well. Would buy again.

- Niki P

Compass, just the right size.

My car has been amazing, it has a 150, 000 miles on it and has never had a major issue, I love it. The air conditioning is cold, which is needed in Arizona. I feel like I am higher up, yet still in a car. It is the perfect size, and I can fit my bike in the back.

- Kay B

2007 Jeep compass is an all around great vehicle.

It runs great and is very reliable. Its very spacious and comfortable. The size is just right. The speakers in it sound amazing. It drives great when you go on trips. The back seats fold down to create more room when you need it. The center council extends.

- Ashley L

The overhead light in the back pops out and doubles as a handheld light.

I've had my Jeep for 4 years, and only 1 big repair; the throttle body needed replaced. I have a 6 disc CD player, cruise control, and air conditioning. Reliable in all Midwest weather conditions. It's the perfect size car for our young family of 4.

- Rib R

Nice sized truck. Dependable. Affordable.

It is a nice sized SUV. I live the space. It allows me to carry all of my items comfortably. If I could afford it, I would buy a brand new one. When buying a used car, it comes with issues. I am more having to get small things done. Overall - I love it.

- Nicole D

The perfect car I didn't know I wanted.

Has ran well for last 30, 000 miles, worked great for towing my boat and as a commute car to work. Gets better gas mileage than most trucks and still drives like a car. Plenty of space, both in regards to seating and storage. All in all a great car.

- Karl S

The alternator gets replaced every year.

I love jeeps. It's my favorite vehicle and prefer the grand Cherokee Laredo. The size of the compass isn't bad and is comfortable but I have had horrible problems with the alternator and have had it replaced every year for the past few years.

- Shauna D

That it is a very safe and reliable vehicle that fits my needs.

I love the way it drives smoothly. It keeps outside road noise to a minimum so it's quiet inside. It handles exceptionally well for a roomy vehicle. The appearance is sporty yet simple just like me. I have no complaints with it.

- Angela C

It is reliable, lasts a long time, nice family vehicle.

I like my Jeep. It is reliable, comfortable, 4WD vehicle. My mileage is high 183,000+ with little rust for Central NY. Have had to change front end brakes, rotors, calipers, ball joints, etc. every two years.

- Vanessa W

That Its a reliable car and worth the price.

It's a great car. Very reliable for us. I would recommend it. Drives like a dream. Has enough storage to keep all the outdoor equipment we do. I would say it meets our needs and is pretty comfortable as well.

- David F

Great snow vehicle for maine winters.

Very comfortable to drive, goes great in the snow. Never felt unsafe driving this vehicle.... But be prepared to have a good friendship with your mechanic because replacing parts in it is a common occurrence.

- Cheyenne S

4 wheel drive but not trail-rated, so it drives more like a car than an SUV

I love the roominess of it, perfect for car camping or road trips. It does have bad blind spots and leaks when it rains. It drives like a car and has 4 wheel drive, which was awesome when I lived in Montana.

- Beth H

Others should know not to buy this type of Jeep product.

I hate this car. It is way too small for starters. It has a knock in the engine. There is no real cargo space. Worst of all, the windows don't roll down. It has a whole lot of freaking road noise too.

- Mitch F

Most important thing is that it makes a jerk sometimes when driving it.

I like that it has not gave me any major problems since I bought it. Like that it does not sit way low to the grown and fits all my children. I did like how it drives and that it is a used vehicle.

- Metallica J

The Jeep Compass doesn't have very good gas mileage. It only has a 15-gallon tank.

My Jeep Compass' overall performance is quite good. I bought my Jeep used, so there are a few parts of the car that show that it has been used, such as scratches and the paint chipping.

- Brittany W

A great car for the first time car buyer

I love my car. It's truly the first time I have ever owned. It's great on gas it's great on my millage I've owned it for over six months and only had to do want to oil change

- Nisie D

Great mileage to make it a great investment.

Has great mileage. Holds up well throughout winter which is most of the year where I live. Only started having problems like battery dying out and what not about 8 years in.

- Rachel M

Most part love it! Jeeps are great vehicle's.

My car for the most part has been great! Just basically normal wear and maintenance. Have had a few belt issues oil leak and windows not wanting to roll up or down.

- Pamela P

It gets really great gas mileage for being a SUV.

The space is great. it's a smaller style SUV. And it's great on gas. It has 4 wheel drive, so its great in the snow. So I feel safe driving ng my children in it.

- Christina Z

The Jeep is American made and a great value. A must for the family.

I LOVE my Jeep...I have never had any trouble with it at all in the years I have had it...comfortable, good gas mileage and all around pretty! It is Jeep Green.

- Carol S

It does not have a working air conditioner and the headlight on the driver side does not work.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like how old it is and the mechanical problems it has. I do not like that it doesn't have the newer features in other cars.

- Taylor G

The speaker system is fantastic.

Stock speaker system is fantastic. Car accelerates very slowly but gets decent gas mileage. Not terrible in the snow. Only complaint would be acceleration

- David B

It has a lot of recalls on it so you should be careful when buying.

It doesn't have the power I wanted in an SUV. It is not very good in the snow and has had lots of engine issues. I would prefer a more reliable vehicle.

- Hannah J

It is reliable and starts well even after sitting for weeks.

It has good pick up and has cause very little problems. I have over 150000 miles on it and it is still running good. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Alice W

My small Jeep is very nice in size for me.

Nice small car, good on gas, reliability is very good, very good comfort in the seat, it has three place for phone jack, the performance is very good.

- Phyllis G

2007 Jeep Compass - Outstanding Vehicle

I have not had any serious issues ever with my car. The engine is great. Most problems are cosmetic. Window gears break easily, so they don't go up.

- Jennifer A

It is dependable and economical and fun to drive!

I like that it is good on gas. It handles well and has 4 wheel drive when I need it. It is nice looking as well as dependable. I enjoy driving it!

- Stephanie S

It is just the right size SUV. Good on gas and mileage. I love my truck.

I bought my car used (10 years old). So I am running into some issues now. But Jeep is an awesome brand and I look forward to getting another one.

- Nicole D

Overall Excellent Vehicle

It's a great car. I haven't had any problems with it since I bought it a year ago. It did need the pistons replaced but it was from wear and tear.

- Kandice D

Jeep is amazing! It is so reliable, and ready for anything.

I love my Jeep. I have had no major problems with the car, it runs great. It has cold a/c, which is a must where I live. I would buy another!

- Beth B

Lots of room for a small suv

I like it large 4 cylinder engine. I like the amount of storage space in the back. I o not like how hard it can be to find some the controls.

- charity F

It fits a car seat in the back without the front passenger being cramped.

I like that it is higher off the ground then a car and is roomy for the car seat, I do not like how it does not have all wheel drive.

- Elisabeth P

Great for trips to the grocery store and great on gas.

I like the size of it, not too big but not too small. Maneuvers great. GREAT on gas! Feel like it needed too many repairs too soon.

- Stephanie I

That it does not handle well on gravel.

I like the way it drives. I like the sound system in it. I do not like that it's not very roomy. I like the layout of the vehicle.

- Mindy M

It's not a large SUV and it's considered a crossover.

I like driving the Jeep. And I especially like the color. It's a nice red color, almost a maroon. I don't have any complaints.

- Gloria E

It has a spare tire in the trunk under the secret storage.

I like the fact it's the perfect size and good on gas. I dislike it only has one carport. Also, I like the color of it (red).

- Amber F

It is not reliable past 100,000 miles. Jeeps are very cheaply made

This car is not reliable. I have spent over $2000 on it since I bought it used in 2015. I do not trust it to go out of town/

- Courtney F

It has an all-wheel-drive option which is amazing.

I love my car. It has seat warmers, satellite radio, and its spacious. I drive it every day and it has been really reliable.

- Ronnisha W

It gets great gas mileage and it is a comfortable drive

It was a great car until a mechanic messed up the transmission. It's a very comfortable drive. It gets great gas mileage

- Kelli V

It's reliable and cute and handles great in all weather.

It runs great. It is on the smaller side. I like the extra features that come with it. I wish it was 4-wheel drive.

- Sarah L

Traveling long distances with your family in a very comfortable car.

The check engine light comes on many times. I took it to a mechanic and they had told me they think it is a glitch.

- Jane B

Reliable good carrying capacity nice color works well

Good carrying capacity good color ok gas mileage does where through breaks and wheels quickly some computer issues

- Rebecca P

It is roomy. I comfortably fit myself, a passenger and 3 kids with all my cargo.

It's a good ride. The ride is smooth. The only gripe I really have is the small gas tank. It has 11-12 gallons.

- Alex B

Great 2007 limited Jeep Compass

I love everything about this car except for one thing. That one thing is it not being an all wheel drive model.

- ronnisha w

The car that rusts all the time.

Prone to rust. Ok on gas mileage. Very comfortable. Tire pressure goes in and out and needs new valves often.

- Kami M

It's good on gas and very comfortable

i like that It's 4 cylinder i like that it is comfortable to be in i don't like that it goes threw brakes

- tonya m

Good price overall for the budget conscious.

Fun to drive but has had a few maintenance issues. Fuel efficient is good. Had to replace the fuel tank.

- Mary G

The Jeep compass is compact, but has all the room inside of that we need.

I love my Jeep, however we had a lot of issues with the struts and had to replace them several times

- Angela C

This vehicle is an suv but is also great for around the town driving.

Like the way it handles, reasonable on gas and has the room I need. No dislikes as of now.

- Dennis T

It drives pretty smooth and it has a good amount of room in it.

I have always had trouble with the batteries in this vehicle. I like the low gas mileage.

- Jennifer V

good quality for the price, a bit small but good for family without kids

comfortable, good gas mileage, enough room, durable, cheap to maintain.

- Pris H

The warranty was amazing on it. Jeep also was developed of 4 wheel drive..

Love the size and gas mileage. Don't love all the blind spots...

- Dot S

It's a good old car. Only recently has it begun to have problems. It's small but comfortable. The AC still works great.

The most important thing to know is that it's over 20 years old.

- Diana H

Good on gas. Easy to handle and good in inclement weather. Only problem is that the sunroof leaks.

Handles great in all kinds of weather and is easy to maneuver.

- Mark M