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It does not do long distance trips because of the catalytic converter.

My Jeep runs good. It need a catalytic converter and tires, at the moment and a new bumper. It's a very basic model. No extra features, but a CD player and power windows, ac and heater. I love that its 4WD. We're from the country, but currently live in the city. So, it's perfect for transition from mountain terrain, to city streets. Its roomy enough for my me, my husband, and our 2 daughters. Although, I do wish it had more trunk/storage space. It has never left me stranded, due to performance issues. It's our only vehicle and even though it needs some work, it manages to get us all to everywhere we need to be and then some. It's a great little ride! However, I'd be totally ready for an upgrade, if the opportunity presented itself.

- Malaya M

2010 Jeep compass with touch Sirius XM radio with Audio & photo download option.

There is a misfire with one of the spark plugs that correlates with the speedometer and the rpms, not allowing the car to gain speed properly. It is an easy fix though, and also relatively cheap to replace. Absolutely love the touch screen Sirius XM radio, which allows you to download both photos and media to the car/radio itself. It does have an AUX port, which comes in handy if you enjoy listening to Pandora or Iheart radio on your phone while driving. Also love that this vehicle has the option for hands free device connect. The handling of the vehicle is very true to a Jeep, where it handles in any condition.

- Samantha S

Jeep compass was a dump!!

This car has been my least favorite I have ever owned. The dash was too high up and it was hard to see what cars were near or around you. The car had many mechanical issues I had to constantly get checked out. They breaks were a huge issue, it would make a terrible clunking sound when I'd break or turn. The steering wheel was very heavy and the breaks were not touchy. I would have to give myself and extra five seconds to make sure I could break on time.

- Ana S

We all love granny's Jeep!

I have had my Jeep for nearly 5 years & I love everything about it. I have had zero issues that weren't simple fixes, regular maintenance is inexpensive & the Jeep performs well. I have made lots of road trips, both alone & with the grandkids. They love granny's Jeep & we're very glad that the air conditioner works so well here in Texas! I recommend this vehicle to anyone. Small yet lots of cargo space - it is a great combo!

- Pam J

It is very reliable, safe runs perfectly, and gets good gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle is large enough to comfortably fit my nephew's car seat and plenty of storage space. I also like the light-up cup holders and heated seats. I do not like the material of my seats, they are cloth and I prefer leather and I would rather have a more high tech stereo system, as well as a built-in gps, which my car does not come with.

- Emily N

The pros and cons of having a compass Jeep.

The car is a very reasonable size and price. I like the vehicle because it is great on gas. If you have a small family this car is great for you! These cars also come in a variety of colors! Problems I have had with this car include the breaks, not being able to take my key out of the ignition, the car not heating up and problems with the engine.

- Megan C

Green Jeep with great miles.

Jeep 2010 compass sport 4x4 SUV. It needs some minor maintenance because of it is miles (brake pads, oil filter changed), but in great shape otherwise. Tires are fairly new, seats comfortable. However, I also need to get a recall maintenance done soon, which would decrease the reliability.

- Catherine P

Jeep compass gets a love it/hate it rating.

It has had electrical issues such as issues with the power windows. I have also experienced continuous throttle body issues. It is been comfortable and drives nicely otherwise. I do wish the driver visibility was better. The engine is quiet when idling, but is very loud when accelerating.

- Cassandra B

Families should chose the Jeep compass.

So far I have only had to have one repair on the car. It is very reliable, good on gas and comfortable for my little family. The performance is great. It has not given me any issues and has not been a hassle to up keep. I like that it's durable and can easily fit all of us in the car.

- Alexis K

My car and I have a love hate relationship,

Having a Jeep is a lot of work, it always have a problem. If you need a part for it you have to get it directly from the Jeep company, which is more expensive. The only thing I really like about it is that is good on gas and I like the high up feeling you get when you are in it.

- Jasmine C

My favorite part of my car is how great my mirrors are.

Works great, has no issues. Came with higher miles however gets me from point A to point B without an issue, rides smoothly, great radio, amazing color. It came with brand new everything. It's great for a first car. Low payments. Has everything and more I could ask for.

- Lill W

I love the sunroof and gas mileage.

I really not had any problems with my car I like the size of it is small he is kind of slow it has a small motor so it does not go fast I have not had to put any work into it except for changing oil and regular maintenance it has a sunroof which I enjoy tremendously.

- Carla M

Jeeps last and are worth it!

Overall I like my jeep compass. I do have a lot of under body issues. I have spent over $2,000 in the past two years I am fixing it. But overall it is pretty easy to maintain. And the cost of parts are fairly cheap. I would buy another jeep. They are a great brand.

- Kelsey H

Best driving, long lasting, get your life on! Vehicle.

I have not had any mechanical problems with my vehicle other than normal wear. I drove this car 36, 000 miles in one year. I only had minor issues such as suspension replacement. It has 129, 000 miles on it so I am sure it was time. Plus who drives a Jeep softly.

- Stacey R

It's expensive to keep it going and to consistently fuel it.

I like how safe I feel in it. It's high off the ground, yet sturdy. I can easily get up hilly dirt road that leads to my house. I don't like how much money I've had to put into it. It's kind of on its last legs now.

- Sarah M

My Jeep Compass is a great vehicle that isn't very pricey.

My Jeep is a great car for the price. It isn't the fastest vehicle, but it is very spacious inside and has plenty of room for cargo. Regular maintenance has helped prevent and major problems.

- Jeremy H

Great on the road. Good mileage.

Amazing great and very reliable hood on gas especially to and from town. And has never left me on the side of the road rides like a car not a Jeep which is good in the winter times.

- Danielle M

Consumers should know that there are many blind spots in this car!

I like that it's a small suv. I also like that it has 4 wheel drive. I'm disappointed that I've had to do some repairs on it that I've never had to do on any of my other SUVs.

- Andrea M

Plenty of space in the back for carrying stuff.

It does pretty good on gas. Wish the gas tank was a little bigger. It holds a lot, especially with the back seats able to go down. The engine is not big enough for hauling.

- Richard A

Great vehicle. Dependable and safe

Absolutely love my car and the Jeep brand overall. Reliable, built to last, and a great family car. I feel safe putting my kids in the back seat because it is safe.

- Robin W

I like that it was made in 2010 and is still in good working condition.

My car is too small for the size of my family. The space in the front is not enough for me to be comfortable and when we takes trips we do not have enough room.

- Pamela B

It is ok for someone who likes that small suv type

It is having transmission problems, it seems like it wants to stall out on me when I am driving sometimes at high speeds or even at regular traffic speeds.

- Jessica B

4 wheel drive as I need it only.

I love the sunroof and I love that I can put it in 4-wheel drive when I need to.I haven't had a lot of problems just oil changes and a few minor things.

- Drema N

All Jeeps should be four wheel drive.

It's a decent car but it is not 4 wheel drive so that sucks during winter time to try and get around in the snow, but other than that it is a good car.

- Ashley T

Jeep is a very well known name and has a fantastic reputation. The Jeep compass is a very solid vehicle.

For an SUV my compass does pretty good on fuel. This vehicle does not have major blind spots. Is a very comfortable ride. I have no complaints

- Michelle S

Compact Jeep navigates well in the city.

I love my Jeep compass. It handles very well, just like a car, which is great since I live in a major city and have to a park on the street.

- Maxine G

It is extremely comfortable across long distances.

I don't like how it looks more like a crossover than a real suv. Gas mileage is decent. It is extremely comfortable with lumbar support.

- Morgan G

It's a great brand, Jeep. Reliable and safe car. Jeep life.

Like the Jeep brand Don't like the rear seat door handles on the side of the window. Reliable and safe Wish it was a little bit larger

- Laura M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Great all around vehicle, easy parking in town and shopping lots, good gas mileage, plenty of power when needed, comfortable ride.

- Ma F

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like 4x4 drive. I dislike the space in trunk. I style of the vehicle. Dislike gas mileage. Would like let more power as well.

- William M

Lots of room in our Jeep Compass!

Great on gas! Lots of room for seating and cargo. Love the back hatch. We have not had any problems with our Jeep Compass.

- Jessica S

It's a good car for people who aren't worried about performance and want to buy an american brand. overall a decent car

Problems include a bad transmission (CVT) performance is very average, it's fairly reliable and has very comfortable seats

- Jack M

My kids don't have more room, the air conditioning not refresh on back side

It's too small, that's too many problems with the machine and 2 times.a year need new tires. So i don't recommend this suv

- Dacia G

Ours is a great car without issues or problems. Hopefully you will have the same experience.

Happy with the vehicle. No major issues in the 10 years we had it. Comfortable and drives nicely and have no complaints.

- Phil R

Comfort and stability control.

Leaked water into the interior of the car. Makes too many noises. Does not handle the way I thought it was going to.

- Larry B

Jeep Compass is a decent car for the money

It's a nice car but I don't like the blind spots that the car has. It has useful features and gets decent mileage

- Chris G

Jeep, it's all you will need.

I like it. It fits my needs very well and is comfortable to drive. It has enough power for my needs as well.

- Philip S

The best thing about my car is that gets good gas mileage and runs smoothly.

The car showing it is age. The parts on the car are starting to break. The car gets me where I need to go.

- Christina Z

It is a decent vehicle but not something I would buy again.

It's a decent car but the gas tank is too small, has needed too much work recently, is too small inside.

- Beth W

It is a good, family friendly vehicle.

Runs great. Good on gas and mileage. Sputters a bit, not sure why. It's a good, family friendly vehicle.

- Leslie N

Jeeps are a good car for the most part.

I love my heated seats and electric start. I love the 4 wheel drive. My transmission just went on it.

- Heidi W

very reliable and runs great.

4 wheel drive is great. gas mileage could be better. nice looking body style. low maintenance.

- tom W

Like the gas mileage. Hate the 4 cylinder. It's very sluggish on hills.

Be prepared to put a lot of money into it. It seems that there is always some problem

- Pat B

The vehicle isn't very large inside. The back seat area is very shallow. The blind spots in it are also horrible.

The blind spots in the Jeep Compass are horrible and visibility isn't great.

- Missy Y

The blind spots make it feel a little less safe

It drives well but it has pretty big blind spots that can cause problems

- Piet W

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like that it's good on gas. I don't like it's size or power.

- David P