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The 2011 Jeep Compass is a reliable and safe vehicle.

The 2011 Jeep compass latitude is very reliable thus far. I purchased it used and have had it for about 2.5 years now. So far I only have had to do standard maintenance on it and nothing major had gone wrong. It is very convenient for transporting large items such as gear for hobbies furniture ETC. You can put the back seats down which created lots of space in the back. It is the perfect size for this. Also, the four wheel drive option performs very well in the snow in Colorado. I have used it many times to get me to and from work in slick conditions and have never slipped yet. This makes it feel very safe. Now onto the drawbacks. The gas mileage is not that great. Realistically it gets about 21 mpg on the street and 25-27 on the highway. Also, it's ability to accelerate to merge into the highway is pretty slow. There is a very hard gear shift that the whole car can feel if you go from a complete stop to attempting to accelerate to get in the highway. This is pretty annoying. Other than that so far this has been a great car for me that really meets my needs overall. If you live in an area that gets lots of snow I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Miriam K

2011 Jeep Compass Latitude

It's a great vehicle as long as you don't have any backseat passengers because there is no leg room. My back passenger seats stay down and I use it for hauling things. It has a CVT transmission that I do not like and do not like the sealed system where I can't check transmission fluid. There is a constant noise that at times can be mistaken as a siren but it's the transmission. The vehicle handles great and gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable for long distance driving. The radio controls on the steering wheel is very helpful. It's easy to switch into and out of 4 wheel drive. This vehicle has been a good vehicle with a couple of issues, the crank position sensor went out and vehicle died while going 70 on the interstate. There was no warning and it was causing a transmission code to come up. Changing the oil can be difficult if you do not have the correct tools.

- Stephanie H

Great car but a little small

My Jeep Compass has been a really great car. I've never had any service issues with it and it has been reliable and trustworthy. It's a very comfortable car, but this only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because as my family has grown it has gotten very small. You will run out of space quickly if you have small children and have to add their car seats and all the gear they come with to the car. So overall it's a great car that I've had zero issues with, but if you are planning to start a family I would go with something bigger. So it's best for families without children or with older children only.

- Ashley W

The 2011 jeep compass is an affordable, durable, rugged and great performing SUV.

I got my jeep approx three years ago it was used but only had 26,000 miles on it and was in pristine condition. It is a 2011 jeep compass I am going on my fourth year with it and am currently at 120,000 miles I have had a full set of new tires put on about 7 months ago. I had to replace the master switch about a year ago when the windows went down and I couldn't get them up. I have had no major issues with it. It is a great vehicle it is silver and has grey interior. It is nice size very durable and works fantastic in the hard winters we get here in West Virginia.

- Jamie B

Jeep compass�s weakness is the lack of acceleration power.

The only things that kept me from giving it a perfect review were 1) it doesn't have a lot of acceleration when you need to punch it 2) just would like for it to be higher off the ground but that is a personal preference. Things that might not bother other people (I am only 5ft tall) the driver seat sits you lower, than some vehicles, also if the back seat would fold up again the front seat to really give you extended space, that would be a plus. It has been a really good car, and I havent had problems with it.

- Brenda H

Jeep compass 2011 small issues and pros.

When I first bought my compass I had to have my throttle bodies replaced not even 2 weeks after I got it. I was not happy, once they were replaced I didn't have a lot of problems until almost 2 years later. When my battery died ad needed to be replaced. I change all my fluids and most parts with its low tech computer my reader can find all the codes making it easy for me to fix the parts. I do have a leak somewhere in the roof, I haven't been able to locate but it has not caused any electric problem yet.

- Esmeralda E

2011 Jeep Compass - Awesome Car!

The Jeep Compass is wonderful vehicle. I have currently had it for 5 years now. Very few issues with the vehicle. Minor replacements with tires, brakes and rotors. There are no special features for my particular vehicle. My exterior is white and interior is tan cloth, very comfortable and roomy. Having trouble lately with my heat/ air conditioner. Every time I go to turn either on my car makes a ticking sound which is the alternator which needs to be replaced. Replacement can come between $400-600.

- Maria G

Has gotten us from a to b for a while now.

It is semi reliable, but has transmission issues and was over priced when we bought it. We have had to put a lot of money into the car and there are still problems. The car overheats whenever there is extended driving, it is smaller than we currently need. But it is a 4 wheel drive and does very well in the snow and ice, we have put a lot of miles on it and it is still running, wish it had Bluetooth instead of an AUX port. But I do feel safe if I was to get into an accident.

- Zachary T

My 2011 Jeep compass is a reliable automobile.

I bought it used and the back gate never locked. And then two or three times a couple of months ago it just locked on its own and I never did figure out why. Then it unlocked itself or something I did made it lock/unlock but I never figured out what it was. It still will not lock. Other than that, it is a reliable vehicle. The seats fold down nicely so there's ton of cargo space. It runs well, the gas mileage is around 27-28 mpg.

- Patricia O

It's not a reliable vehicle after a few years of having it.

I like the way my car looks a little bit. It's definitely not made for my family, but for it being a compact vehicle it has a good amount of space. I have had a lot of problems with it. It seems like I have had issues every single month and have dropped a lot of money replacing parts on it and some else always happens and I don't think that it's a very reliable car and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

- Vanessa W

Jeep Compass: attractive, reliable and very low maintenance!

In 2016 I purchased a used 2011 Jeep Compass and I absolutely love it. I've had no serious issues with it. I just take care of regular maintenance. It's great on gas, it's an attractive car and now with it being 7 years old it still operates as if brand new. I feel very safe in my Compass and can trust it in all weather conditions. It's a very reliable car that has the ability to be a long lasting one.

- Marisa A

It�s okay for the price and mileage

As with many older vehicles with high mileage mine has a few problems. My biggest problem right now is my transmission. I have loved this Jeep since I've bought it but it's declining rapidly. Not only is the transmission going it also has a hard time starting (with new battery) it's got a terrible wheel bearing. Sometimes when I'm driving it turns off on me. But again it has over 140,000 miles on it.

- Kayla M

It breaks down a lot and tends to leave me stranded on the side of the road.

My car seemed fine when I first purchased it, but it has broken down five times in less than six months. The transmission often overheats, and the car starts to make an odd sound and slow down. When this happens, I have to pull over to the side of the road for about half an hour to let it cool down. The car smells like it is burning when this happens. I would not recommend this car.

- Ariana C

The make of the car is beautiful.

I love my car overall. It's reliable and easy to fix and it has endured a lot of abuse from my children and it's still in mint condition. I have had my car for the past 5 years and it has never had any major issues just simple maintenance. It's great on gas because it is a four cylinder car. So I can fill my tank with thirty dollars and that will last me my entire work week.

- Kristina G

Interesting detail is the way it drives and how easy it is to handle.

Check engine light stays on. Stopped driving after a 5 hour road trip. Great on gas and very comfortable. Basic features and easy to maintain. This is the first time I've owned a Jeep and so far have had minor problems. The check engine light came on shortly after purchasing car. There is a small recall on this model that the seatbelts don't deploy on impact as they should.

- Mina H

I love my smaller SUV Jeep.

The compass is very comfortable. Even though it is a smaller SUV it feels roomy and comfortable as a passenger. It has been very reliable to us so far even with 100,000+ miles on it. The gas mileage is pretty good as well. The trunk, however, is small and if you have more than one child the car will likely be too small. Our stroller barely fits in the trunk space.

- Christine G

Great value 4-wheel drive vehicle that has been reliable with no major problem.

Car has been reliable with no major mechanical problems and it has over 120k miles. It has remained in good condition with routine maintenance. I would like the car to have more interior features and wish the car was more powerful especially with pick up getting on a highway. The 4 wheel drive is great in snow conditions.

- Lisa B

Very comfortable to drive long distances

Love the car. Only complaint is the radio never works anymore since a wire fried on the battery. Also the check engine light won't come off due to the gas cap being loose, even when tightening the gas cap, the engine light still stays on. It's mostly likely the O2 sensor I need to get fixed. The car does run great tho!

- Jess C

Decent car for the price.

Very reliable but is not practical for a family of 4 due to size of front and back seats. I am 6'3 and no one can sit behind me. The cargo area is decent size but does cause visibility issues when fully loaded. No major issues with the mechanics of the vehicle. The vehicle doesn't get great mileage but is okay.

- Matthew C

Love jeeps, but there expensive.

I really like my jeep, the size is about just right, not too big or too small. I like the look of my jeep, however the name comes with extra costs. The small gas tank means I am at the pump a lot which is not always fun especially in winter and the expensive parts are another issue when something does go wrong!

- Rico C

2011 Jeep compass comfort on the road.

The Jeep compass offers a lot of comfort with heated leather seats, XM radio, sunroof, fold down rear seats, and lots of legroom. I have had no problems with the vehicle other than the importance of maintaining proper tire alignment. Replacing tires has to be done all four at a time due to 4 wheel drive.

- Samantha S

Jeep compass is worth the buy. Practical and affordable.

I love my Jeep. I have the basic package but I have no problems with it. The gas mileage is very nice. A 4 hour trip to California from Vegas only requires 1 and a half stops. If that. It drives smooth. It feels durable. It is also safe. I have gotten in 1 car accident and it barely dented my bumper.

- Christina C

Not a bad car but lots of issues

Gas mileage not what advertised, cradle holding engine is rotting, not under warranty, multiple recalls last one was for air bags, lots of blind spots. With age develops lots of rattles, brakes often replaced, difficult to change headlights, hoping to get more miles out of it before buying a new car

- Peg B

Do not recommend this vehicle

Since getting this car I've had problem after problem with it. Would not recommend it. Front end issues have accrued. The electronic stability has stopped working. Radio went out a few months after getting it. Just so much money to fix it. The warranty didn't cover all the problems with it either.

- Sam M

Great starter SUV, great for the price

Brakes squeak every couple of months but other than that, the car has been running great through the years. Good starter SUV as it's not super big but bigger than a sedan or sports car. Handles easily and is very comfortable to drive. Would definitely recommend to people looking to move to an SUV.

- Andrea F

2011 Jeep Compass Review.

Good vehicle just aging now and with an aging vehicle comes certain problems. Tires..brakes. Just regular maintenance. I definitely recommend getting this vehicle. It has been good to me over the years. If you are looking for a nice midsize SUV this is definitely high on the list. Very durable.

- Mark K

Riding in a little Jeep is so much fun.

Jeep is very dependable ride is a. Little rough not quite as smooth as. Other SUV extremely good on gas. I would recommend this car. Extra. Added Bluetooth phone system. Reclining seats radio with ability to record from radio. Trunk space is. Good fold down back seats, luggage carrier on top.

- Shirley W

Smooth ride, amazing time.

My car is very gas efficient! 23mpg I think that is pretty good for a Jeep. Takes the heat very well. Nice surround system and very smooth ride. Takes off pretty fast and is great with the brakes. The lights and the blinkers are very high end. Would definitely recommend this Jeep to anyone.

- Na P

I always thought that jeep built tough vehicles but mine is kind of cheap

So this was my first Jeep. I bought it used from CarMax and it's had a fair share of issues. The cabin noise is very loud, motor mounts are faulty,it's nice sized and gets about 20 mpg..I don't know if I would be able to buy another after the numerous issues as well as a few airbag recalls

- Tony B

It has heated seats! I love my heated seats. I even use them in the summer for my back.

I love how compact and quaint my little jeep is. It's simple, doesn't have very many bells and whistles. It has not given me much trouble in the 7 years I've had it. However, it does make various sounds that make me think it's acting funny, and it has a stop & go jerk that I don't like.

- Jennifer B

2011 Jeep compass limited.

Car is very reliable and stable, smooth drive, seats very comfortably and is very roomy. Decent on gas mileage. Comes with nice features and space to truly make your own. Glove department and above storage holder are a plus. Big trunk with lots of room. perfect car for a small family.

- Molly K

The 2011 jeep compass is a great small family vehicle.

The 2011 jeep compass limited comes with leather seats that I love. It comes with seat warmers. It's a real spacious vehicle for a family of 3 with one on the way. The cargo has room available after grocery shopping for the week. The instrument panel is easy on the eyes while driving.

- Patrick S

It is super easy to drive and very reliable.

Very relatable but I wish it had more features like a screen and backup camera. I think my vehicle is very comfortable but the interior is pretty dull. I also enjoy the performance it is very easy to drive. It is also not the most comfy ride, but that has to do with the interior.

- Lauren H

My 2011 jeep compass has the best heated seats.

It has a recall on something, so I am supposed to get that fixed. It has great gas mileage and it is very comfortable and the sound system is awesome. The one thing I really love about my car is the heated seats. It is very smooth on the highway takes me 55 miles 4 times a week.

- Emma C

This vehicle is the perfect size for me with great gas mileage.

We got the 2011 Jeep Compass used at a great price. It is fully loaded with navigation, Sirius radio, heated leather seats, sunroof, and my favorite feature as we live in snowy winters is the remote start. My only complaint about the vehicle is that is loud on acceleration.

- Jennifer B

It's a reliable, safe car for someone who travels often or has a family.

I personally love my Jeep. I've had it for 4 years now, and it has been pretty reliable. The only issue I had was that there was a recall on the transmission but it was covered under warranty. I've had routine oil changes, emission tests, change of brakes, new tires, etc..

- erin P

It has been a nice and comfortable car so far.

I just got this car in the past month and used and so far it has worked really well. It has a lot of room so many people can fit along with a spacious trunk. It has been very comfortable to drive so far and have not had any problems with it so far it has been a nice car.

- Ernie S

Very good on gas. Amazing interior and exterior features as well.

Honestly, in my opinion the only real problem with my vehicle (Jeep compass 2011) is that the interior could be a little less plastic-type. Other than that I really have no other complaints about it, it is reliable, comfortable, pretty and it is overall an amazing SUV.

- Sierra C

Used but good. More cars need to come with better warranties

I bought my vehicle used. So besides the mileage and maintenance it's a good vehicle. Just wish warranty came with them. Better warranty and gas cards. It is a good vehicle. The muffler and converter needs to be changed but it is a reliable vehicle. Jeeps are good cars

- Ashley A

Cute reliable car! Just a few minor issues!

I love my Jeep but they are just noisy vehicles. I have had to replace a few things. I had to fix a compressor and a wheel bearing. They aren't good on gas! But I still love it! Cute car! It's a very comfortable vehicle! Good family car. I got mine for a decent price!

- Brooke M

Excellent car for its price.

Reliability and sturdy, especially for a car with over 100k miles on it. Changes my view on American made cars in general will definitely be looking at a new jeep vehicle in the future. My only complaint would be its handling, but otherwise it is a solid vehicle.

- James T

Great car for a small family

Comfortable size and drives good. Not bulky like a big SUV but not small like a compact car. As long as the vehicle stays maintenance it will last a long time. New versions have better audio options. Trunk is perfect for fitting all the beach essentials needed

- Kristen B

Good, reliable car, very few problems

It runs really well, and looks very nice. Some Jeep Compasses have been known to have electrical problems, and I've had a few problems with that. For example, my car's oil light will come on right after I change the oil. Other than that, I've had no problems.

- Cassie B

Dependable. I have had this car for 7 years with no trouble ever.

It is just fine for me. It is better than a car to carry things and it is dependable. It is not big making it easy to navigate. My car is the top of the line so it has all the modern features. The price was right and it has never brought my unpleasantness.

- bri l

It drives wonderful in the winter through ice and snow

This is my second Jeep Compass and it will not be my last. I drive 40 min to work during the winter and it's in very snowy conditions. My Jeep gets me to work safe and secure every time. Not to mention I love my heated seats and it is a nice smooth ride.

- Lisa B

Worst purchase of my life

there are too recalls and lots of things breaking often. I just hate everything about the car and would never get another if my life depended upon it. This was a short decision and I would never make another decision to buy a jeep even if it was cheap

- Julie A

If you travel alot and are looking for a vehicle that is good in snow and gets good gas mileage, look no further.

My Compass is great on gas and it is easy to drive. It is not so great because the frame is rusting out on the bottom. There is a recall on it so it will be fixed eventually. With a newborn, I wish that there was more room in back seat.

- Steph B

My Compass is very reliable and the perfect size for a family.

My vehicle is a 2011 Jeep Compass. I like that this car is the perfect size, and I have hardly had any issues with it in the 3 years I have owned it. My only complaint is that the gas mileage isn't the best, and the tank is very small.

- Vanessa S

It's pretty simple to drive and rides well. You do have to be careful with the gear shift or you will get it in second gear and think the car has a problem.

I like it's size , because I do not like driving big vehicles. The only complaint I have is sometimes I can too easily shift the gear into 2nd and my car starts acting like it want go, but otherwise I am happy with it.

- Geneva C

Very sturdy, the brakes are very good and quick.

I love the look of the car, it is very pleasing and simple. I like the feel of the car when I am driving as well. But I do not like how easily you can throw it into another gear by accident, very annoying.

- Amanda W

Mechanically reliable, easy and comfortable to drive

I've been pretty happy with it. There is a recall on it I have to deal with, which is a bother. It's been fairly mechanically sound, but is now starting to have some issues since I'm over 100,000 miles

- Jill S

Looks good, drives great and plenty of legroom

I really love the room this vehicle provides for me and my husband, the cruise control is a nice feature as well. It drives nice and looks really good too. I am very pleased with my Jeep Compass

- Melissa W

That it is good on gas and reliable.

The Bluetooth don't work even that it is installed. Otherwise I don't really cannot complain. While driving its pretty silent inside and it is good in gas compares to some other Jeeps and SUVs.

- Alexandra G

It is my second car I have ever owned.

Not very good on gas, but better than most Jeeps. I enjoy this car for it is size and abilities on the road. I drove down the entire east coast of the united states and the car did very well.

- Valerie B

Jeep Compass is reliable and affordable. There are also add on features that can make it more high end without breaking the bank .

My car has been the perfect car for me since I bought it in 2011. The size is ideal. It's not too long but still holds a lot of cargo. I have had nothing but good experiences with my Jeep

- Nicole I

That is it has 4x4 capabilities, built in navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

I like that it has adequate cargo space and fits my family perfectly. I enjoy that is does well off road and given the size of the vehicle, it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Becky W

In winters, the 4 wheel drive that is desired comes through very well being that is a 4 cylinder vehicle.

It is very convenient for road trips because of the gas mileage. It is a easy ride for going to work, or leaving for ten hours. I wish it was a little bigger in the back.

- Talecha M

Great dependable suv. Great as a second car.

I have a 2011 Jeep Compass. The performance is excellent. I drove it cross country with no problems. It gets good gas mileage. Very reliable and comfortable. Great car.

- Charnell M

Good value for the money and reliable.

My Jeep gets me where I need to go safely. I like basic simple design and cargo space. If I could get even better gas mileage than it already gets that would be great.

- Cindy H

It looks great on the outside and is comfortable on the inside. Just not a truck.

It doesn't get very good gas mileage even though the dealer said it did. Plus the back is not very tall so nothing very tall will ride in the cargo area.

- Sheila H

that is has not a lot of storage space and or leg room

It's an okay SUV. It drives hard and makes a lot of noise. The horn sucks on it there is no trunk space at all. I most likely would not recommend this car

- Angie D

That it gets us where we need to go, it has 4 wheels.

I like that it gets us where we need to go. It has 4 wheels which is helpful. I dislike that the a.c. doesn't blow cold air when it's over 100'' outside.

- Ashley K

The most important thing to know it that it is a reliable car.

It has been a very dependable car. The things I don't like: deep floor wells, automatic steering when the car swerves and no automatic locks or windows

- John A

It is very Easy to drive. There are a few blind spots

Red, standard Jeep Compass. Very basic. I dislike that it doesn't have 4x4 but it's got front wheels assist. I like that it is an SUV but more compact

- Sara N

It's a trusted brand, spacious but compact. Not a gas guzzler, yet mid size

It's been very durable and low maintenance. Fits my family size perfect and gas efficient. U trust the car to keep us safe in the case of a accident.

- Anna M

It's a great SUV that feels sporty and modern. It also gets decent gas mileage.

I love my Jeep! But, as it gets older, just like all vehicles, it doesn't seem to drive as smooth anymore and has more wear-and-tear issues.

- Alicia C

Safe and dependable. Plenty of room for camping groceries and passengers.

The compass is an affordable vehicle. I have had very good luck with it so far. This is my third Jeep and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Victoria S

It is reliable and economical at the same time.

Convenient. Noisy. Economical. Nice riding. Great gas mileage. Great sound system. Convenient folding seats to make cargo carrying easy.

- Suzanne C

It will go faster than you think.

Dislike that it is low to ground.. Dislike that it does not have Bluetooth.. Love that it has a lot of space behind back seat.

- Brenda H

The size of the trunk is perfect.

Love the size of the vehicle-especially the trunk, but wish the engine ran smoothly, especially since after my accident.

- Sam C

The best things of the Jeep compass. Space.

I enjoy the roominess and the durability. The gas mileage is not great, and traction not the best. But like the radio.

- Brian S

It gets great gas mileage for an SUV.

Too small and not much room for a child car seat. Gets great gas mileage. Has a great sound system and digital screen.

- Stacey A

Comfortable family crossover SUV.

My Compass is comfortable and easy to drive but it could get better mileage. Also, I would like it to be higher up.

- Joycelin B

Comfortable ride and great for the winter commute.

I like the heated seats. I also like that I can put it in 4WD. I do not like the small gas tank and the gas mileage.

- Gerald J

Reliable and easy to maintain. Nice size and fuel efficient.

Perfect size for me and has been very low maintenance and fuel efficient. Would prefer to have more features on it.

- Jeanette C

It has customizations and great gas mileage.

I don't really have any complaints about my car. I like my car a lot. No complaints. Like car. Hope this is enough.

- Lisa A

It is very dependable and gets great gas mileage

I like that it seats 5 and has storage room. I wish it had more storage and that the seats would adjust more

- lisa M

Transmission pipe breaks every 2 years.

The only problem I really ever had is the transmission pipe where the fluid is checked breaks every 2 years.

- Jessica G

The one most important thing others should know about my jeep is that it is very safe.

Love the mpg i get in my jeep. It's got the look i like in cars. I dislike that it is only 2 wheel drive.

- Taylor N

Overall Jeep is a reliable vehicle contrary to what people say.

Drives well, comfortable, bad gas mileage, handles ok in the snow I think it could be better. Rusts fast.

- Jeffery L

A reasonably priced small SUV that will travel well in winter weather.

Interstate travel is noisy. Seats not comfortable. Heated seats great though. Travels well in the snow.

- Susan C

I paid for it all by myself which makes me very proud

I like that it's a small suv. I like that it's easy to drive. I don't like the material for the seats.

- Taylor G

Have it fulling inspected from another mechanic before buying

Have had issues with it since I bought it. Like that it is small and compact. Easy to drive

- Shannon D

The jeep compass has really good gas mileage and is good for families with kids.

I like that it has good gas mileage. Breaks apart easily. Makes too much noise when idling.

- jessica g

Even though it is a Jeep, it is not 4 wheel drive.

It is the perfect size, not too big but not too little. It gets me around and looks nice.

- Alex P

It's a jeep. It's good on gas.

It's great on gas. The only thing I don't like is that it's too small for my family.

- Casey t

It's sturdy and gets the job done

It has had no major issues. It is loud in the cab. It isn't super gas efficient.

- Jake S

My Jeep Compass is one of the best things I've ever purchased. It has so much pros, but it's not perfect. It kind of feels cheap, but it definitely doesn't look or act cheap!

It's amazing on gas and it's just overall a very nice car ride experience.

- Cierra C

I love that I can put the back seats down and haul quite a bit in it. There is room yet it isn't a big vehicle. Parking is easy due to it's small size.

The amount of room that can be expanded yet it is small and easy to park.

- Linda F

Great mid-size small Suv.

I like the styling and color. I like the size. I like the extra features.

- misty H

I have the basic model and wish it had more bells and whistles

I feel safe in my care and it is reliable. The truck space is good.

- Stephanie C

Awesome gas mileage and a very good dependable car.

Love the gas mileage. Love the 4 wheel drive. Love the durability.

- Kevin H

Love everything about it. It is good and the perfect size for me.

Good vehicle and good gas mileage. Very good on maintenance.

- Angel W

Easy to drive. Great size for city driving.

I love the size. I dislike how slow it is to accelerate .

- Maryann S

I am enjoying having the Jeep. It is roomy and comfortable. Great gas mileage and good sound system.

Very comfortable and roomy. Good sound system and seating.

- Bethany L

Drives well and great on gas mileage. Goes great on any terrain needing 4wd or not. However it does have a bit of road noise which I am not a huge fan of.

It's great on gas while being four wheel drive as well.

- Brittani J

It's a great small SUV for a starting family but if you can afford it get the Cherokee which has a lot more space get that

I love the nav but wish it had more backseat space

- Melissa D

It's affordable and very dependable

I love it! It's amazing! Best choice ever!

- Carly S