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Jeep- excellent SUV with awesome standard features included.

I really love my Jeep. When I was looking for a vehicle with 4 wheel drive the Jeep had the best standard features at no extra costs that I also really wanted. The heated seats are a must have and are extremely warm for both your back and bottom. Automatic start was also another standard that I wanted and got. An added feature was the volume and channel changer for the radio on the back of the steering wheel, so you don't have to take your hands off the wheel. The 4 wheel drive is as easy as pushing 1 button and it turns on and definitely helps in bad road conditions. I also like the electric windows and the interior light are very cool, like the ones on the cup holders and for the windows. The back seats are very spacious and comfortable although a downside to sitting in the back seat is the front seat headrests are very high so it makes it hard to see out the front window. I had only 1 issue with my Jeep the whole time, under my warranty period, and that was my gear shifter got stuck in the park position. It was fixed and I had no other problems just all regular maintenance. The only extra that I did not get on my vehicle was the screen in the middle dash that has phone Bluetooth hook up and navigation that I really wished I had gotten then. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a SUV, or 4x4 vehicle.

- Christine R

2012 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4

I am only the second owner of my jeep and in the first year I put about 20,000 miles on it. I have not had any problems with it at all. I've done some light maintenance on it just to prevent worse problems. I've replaced the brakes and rotors, got new tires, kept up on all oil changes, and gotten a tune up just to ensure that things run smoothly. I wasn't really having problems with any of these things, but with the amount of miles and being unsure of the maintenance from the previous owner, knew it was just time to update some things on the jeep. It's definitely reliable and has never left me stranded or without a vehicle. It has all leather interior that is still in perfect condition to this day. The only downside that I have about it is that car seats are a little snug when they are rear facing but otherwise still can be manageable. I'd definitely recommend this jeep if someone was considering it.

- Stephanie W

Descent vehicle for a small family, couple, or single person.

Not many problems outside of regular maintenance. We've had a couple recalls but we're fixed very quick with a simple appointment at the local dealership. There isn't much room when having two kids with car seats in the back, but it works for a four person family. It drives OK in the snow, but could be a lot better if it were the 4WD model. If there is much snow on the roads it can get stuck occasionally but that's a decision that needs to be made prior to going out in bad snowy weather if the roads in the area aren't salted or plowed often. We've got some check engine lights every so often but usually they can be checked out and fixed with a simple part change. I would recommend to a small family or couple, but doesn't provide much room beyond that.

- Dustin A

Jeep compass: keeping mobile in the northern Midwest.

My jeep compass is one of the best vehicles I have driven. It has 4-wheel drive and heated seats for harsh winter weather. It is also so roomy: I had to move out of a small apartment and it took less than 4 trips with the jeep to get everything out. This is also helpful as my mother is an avid garage sailor and needs room to bring her treasures home. It is a very reliable vehicle, it had no problems turning on after a night of sub zero temperatures. The tire pressure seems to be a problem as the indicator has come on more than usual, but we think this is due to our frigid temperatures. I feel safe driving the jeep even after the many snow/sleet/ice storms we've had this year.

- Katrina M

I have a Jeep Compass that�s spacious and decent on gas! Love my car

I love my Compass! Very comfortable and spacious. It's decent on gas given I drive a lot to and from work. The only issues I've had since I've gotten the car in 2017 have been issues with my transmission. There was a sensor issue where the car thought it was overheating on long car rides (1 1/2 hour or longer) and it wasn't. I had the issue fixed with a transmission flush and so far it hasn't happened since. I've done two transmission flushes since then as well as since my car is higher than 100,000 miles. Since my car has more than 100,000 miles, it's starting to feel like it's tugging when I drive it a lot and mainly when it's hot outside.

- Lauren F

Coolest girl at the tailgate w/ my jeep's pull-down speaker.

This was my first car ever and I am still in love with it. Perfect for young people. Fairly small but sturdy SUV with a sleek body and comfortable interior. It is a little noisy while driving and the acceleration is poor, but the steering is smooth. The seats are cozy, durable, and accommodating for tall people like myself. Favorite part of my car is the pull-down speaker in the trunk. This is ideal for tailgates, picnics, days at the lake, etc. You'll be the coolest person there because of your car. Fuel economy is not bad either if you drive it right! I can average 25 mpg if I am driving with fuel conservation in mind.

- Noelle G

That is takes a lot of gas!

I love my vehicle despite the fact that when I am driving up hill it feels like it is putting. The front seats are super spacious and very comfortable. The back seats are pretty small as well as the trunk, but it can make do. Four door, cup holders in front and back. AUX cord featured. I have never had a problem with it, very reliable. I have replaced the battery once before and now I have to get a front end alignment due to how much I curb check and drive. It is a gas hog. I am constantly filling my tank. It takes about 25 dollars to fill and lasts me about 2 days. I drive everywhere and a lot though!

- Mackenzie P

Great vehicle, enough gadgets to satisfy

this vehicle has all of the features I need. The heated seats and the auto start are very important to me for the cold winters here in Alaska. The size is perfect for anyone who wants to not drive a compact car but doesn't want to drive an SUV. Compared to other cars of similar size it has great trunk space. The addition of the aux cord and the power outlet are convenient for the techy life most live. The only issues I've had is with tire pressure but the vehicle alerted me right away so the issue could be fixed. Overall a great car for a great price and who doesn't want to own a jeep?

- mercedes B

Amazing Jeep compass show stopper!

There's not really any problem with my car, except there was a small clicking noise whenever you drove fast but it has been fixed I am not sure if it was coming from where the tag was put on or underneath the car. The Jeep runs pretty smooth, I love that the doors automatically lock when you drive a certain speed keeping you and your loved ones safe. It is a great small car if you do not like anything too big it is not a gas guzzler like most vehicles and certainly gets you from point A to point B. All in all I love this car it is amazing and I am going to be using it for awhile.

- Jessica A

2012 jeep compass. I like the vehicle a lot but don't like the radio.

Am/FM part of radio stopped working at 68000 mi. Satellite and CD part still work. Car gets good gas mileage and does well in the snow. The car handles well and looks sporty. At 70000 miles it has a fea rattles. My only complaint so far has been the radio. The 4wd has helped me get to work in the winter each year as I am essential personnel. The car runs smoothly and I make sure I get oil changes every 3000 miles. I had a sensor go out at 35000 miles that caused the car to stall. The sensor cost about 150 dollars and 300 to install it. I like the car.

- Roger B

Very nice overall vehicle

Not really any problems. It has heated seats. It is very comfortable. Very smooth when driving. Drives very well on off road trails. Has an automatic starter which is very nice in the winter time when it is cold and in the summertime when it is hot. Also has a really pretty blue color which is very nice and shiny when it is clean. It has tinted back windows which makes it nice when you have a baby in the car. Four-wheel-drive works really well. Has a good amount of trunk space. Able to use the Side view mirrors easily and it accelerates very well

- Nathan L

My first car purchase experience. The pros and cons of the Jeep compass latitude.

My car has gotten me from Florida to Michigan three times including moving there and back. I survived a snowstorm at night in the mountains as well. The performance never let me down. This car has always been reliable. Lately the gas mileage has been decreasing. I have been taking steps to solve this issue but I still have had an issue. I also have an automatic starter and heated cloth seats. However I do not have four wheel drive. That is the only main downfall. Otherwise very happy with the first car I have officially purchased myself!

- Jen M

The blinker will shut off even if you turn the wheel slightly in either direction

Love the style and look of it, love the color, the sunroof and how it rides. Don't like the fact that the paint bubbles and is starting to rust already in spots. Like that it is four wheel drive and the leather wrapped steering wheel. Hate the fact that when I put the blinker on one way, even if I turn the steering wheel to go around a curve (even the opposite way of what I am turning) the blinker goes off. Like the section in front of the passenger which is left open without a cover so I can put stuff there, such as Kleenex

- Sherry L

The one most important thing I would point out is the safety of the vehicle. The vehicle is well made but to be careful with the blind spots.

I like how spacious and comfortable the seats are (leg and arm room). It is the perfect size to pack for traveling (road trips/camping). I feel safe in the car as I've been able to avoid accidents with use of the brake system and a couple of occasions had to quickly maneuver to avoid a car hitting me. My one main concern are blind spots when making a left/right turn. Extra caution when changing lanes due to blind spots. I do wish there was a moon roof/sun roof. Overall I really love the simplicity and safety of the vehicle.

- Athena Z

Better than a luxury: jeep compass.

The jeep compass sport does have problems sustaining gas for trips. I am constantly filling up the tank but I do also drive 20-30 miles a day because I live in the poconos. The car is very reliable in snow and rain. We had 2 feet in Pennsylvania and it was able to go up and down snow banks and make turns without sliding in the mountains and woods. The car seats are comfortable and it is interior is gorgeous. It does have an aux plug and it heats up fast for the winter. I have no problems with the car. It is amazing.

- Tara H

Great SUV for small families.

This is a great car for a small family. The back seat is a little small if you are going to have car seats in the back. Also there are no AC vents in the back seat. The trunk space is great and the back seats fold down for extra room. The clock in mine is always slow. When you reset it, within a few days it is slow again. This may be a wiring problem. Overall a good car, but if you have more than two kids, it will be too small for you.

- Dorothy M

The car is very easy to drive and maneuver about on highways and interstates.

The 2012 Jeep compass is a compact SUV that in my opinion is perfect for first time drivers. The car does have a few blind spots but learning where those spots are just makes you learn to be a better driver and more cautious on the road. I have had my Jeep for almost three years and to this day I still love it. I have had no real problems out of it and even though it is a compact SUV there is quite a lot of room in the car.

- Abby C

I love my little four-wheel drive!

I love my compass! It has sufficient power for a 4wd, four cylinder SUV. It also gets good gas mileage. My family of 4 have plenty of room and the back hatch is spacious. My compass handles well, not like a boxer SUV. The interior is ok, I wish it were a little nicer. No major issues have occurred with my compass. This was the first jeep product I have owned but I will own more in the future based on this purchase.

- Tracy C

I like this car and I am happy with its performance.

Seats are not as comfy as I would like. I wish there was a bit more leg room in the front. It has a armrest storage compartment. Real handy but, it needs to be deeper. I really like the way it looks and drives. I was surprised at how much mileage I get now, it is good. The cargo space is what one would expect for this model and price range. The dash and the conformation of the gauges are handy and easy to use.

- Merry R

Good on gas, not much trunk space, 4-cylinders, automatic transmission.

There is not much room in the car. It is very cramped sometimes. The trunk does not have enough space for luggage. It is not a family car but a nice car to drive around town in. The gas mileage is really good especially on flat land. The tires often need air. When it is serviced the car runs really smooth. It has only 4-cylinders so it does not move as fast. Going up hills is not its peak performance.

- Elvis M

The Jeep Compass Limited Edition: an Overall Reliable Family Car

The vehicle provides a comfortable ride with plenty of legroom and well made seats. The gas mileage is not that great but overall the vehicle has been very reliable for the past 6 years my family has had it. A recent problem that has come up is the auxiliary outlet sparks and smokes randomly. Another recent problem is an issue with the air conditioning dials which only work on one speed setting.

- shirley W

I love the touch screen radio w a button where it saves your fav songs or artist.

I love my 2012 Jeep compass. I only have 3 issues with it. The gas mileage is lower than the epa that was on the sticker. The trunk space is not big enough to hold much, my daughter's stroller barely fits. And the final complaint is with a rear facing car seat, the front passenger has almost no room. I could also complain that when the ac is on, the pick up is not as good as when it is off.

- Kelly Z

Transmission issue with Jeep Compass

I like my Jeep but the transmission is needing replaced at 140,000 mile. Cost is going to be $4,000. Apparently the CVT transmission in Jeep is a major problem, but there hasn't been a recall for the Jeep Compass. From what the mechanic said, they are unable to rebuild the transmission because new parts are not offered. The only choice you have is to put a new transmission in.

- Kathy B

4-wheel drive wonderful for Montana winters.

I love my Jeep Compass it has been very dependable. The 4-wheel drive handles very well in winter conditions. My Jeep has always started well in cold weather. The heated seats are a wonderful feature during the cold winter months. I love the computerized features that alert you when there is a problem ,is' that the air pressure is low in your tires or the oil is due to be changed.

- Diane E

2012 Jeep Compass Review: comfortable drive.

Heavy road noise, expensive repairs. Have had several issues with rear wheel bearings. Had starter issue that costed way more than it should have in labor because of how hard it was to get to the start that Jeep had covered up. Comfortable to drive. Gets up to speed well enough. No Bluetooth and not many luxuries involved with car. FWD is great for off-roading and snow days.

- Rhea S

Jeep compass is the best car to drive.

I love my Jeep compass. It is the perfect size and fun to drive. I love the heated seats! Sometimes there’s a “bumping” feeling when I accelerate but it usually stops. It has a very small tank but good gas mileage for the size of the tank. I would highly recommend a Jeep compass. It wouldn't be the ideal car large families or long road trips with lots of luggage.

- Emery G

Able to control the radio from the steering wheel, heated seats that are cloth.

I have not experienced any problems with my jeep compass. It is amazing on gas and is comfortable and the ideal vehicle for my family to take on road trips and vacations. I love the face that I have cloth seats and was still able to get heated seats! I absolutely love this feature on this vehicle and all the controls to the radio are on the steering wheel.

- Cheryl F

Great for the backcountry

Great car for an outdoor lifestyle, lots of good features like Bluetooth/uconnect, 4wd and many more. Do take into consideration that it is a jeep and as such, you can expect to spend some money repairing it. Some will be small things and others will be large repairs but if you love the car and it takes you where you want to go, it will be worth it to you.

- Carson N

I would say the things I mentioned in the last question. It's a good vehicle to get from point a A to point B. But if someone was looking to go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds this is not the right vehicle for that.

I like that it's a smooth ride and it comfortable on the inside. I don't like that it takes a while to get up to speed from a stopped point. Sometimes when merging I have to put the pedal to the floor to get it to speed up. I also wish the engine didn't run so loud. It sounds like a truck instead of a cross over. But all in all it's a good vehicle.

- Marielle E

My 2012 compass Jeep is good for traveling!

I love my 2012 compass Jeep! I have really bad anxiety driving but this car makes me feel so safe! It's cute, comfortable, and reliable. I really recommend for a small family of 3-5. It's great for traveling. I use my Jeep to drive from Colorado to Texas almost every other weekend. And it's so good on gas! I just love my Jeep Compass so much.:)

- Jasmin H

Lovely, reliable, safe, and fun first car

It's super reliable and has such a good personality. It's fun and easy to drive and would recommend it for anyone. It was my first car and I feel incredibly safe in it. Sometimes it is a bit loud or clunky feeling but it was a great starter. It's super cute and is the perfect size for me. Being four wheel drive, it's very handy for cold weather.

- Kendall M

Why a Jeep Compass is the car for you

The Jeep Compass is the perfect fit for anyone, whether you're a parent, student, anyone. It has great space my friends never complain about leg room. Runs amazing on gas drove a round trip of 3 hours and still had over a quarter of a tank left. Performance is great I haven't had any issues with my vehicle and I have had it for 3 years now.

- Niya S

It is red with black interior.

The engine heating light goes on in high speeds and high heats. It's comfortable and has a nice interior. The gas mileage is not very good and it takes a lot of power to move the car. The car has a very small engine so you cannot go over 80 miles per hour without the engine heating light going on. It is not a very reliable car.

- Kathleen Q

It looks pretty nice from the outside.

It just feels cheap. I have had to fix things on this car that I have never even heard of. It developed an oil leak at 70,000 miles. Needed a new antifreeze tank at 79k miles. The plastic pieces that never ever get touched that are around the bottom of the seats to cover the hardware are falling off, and the back hatch leaks.

- Shannon C

Perfect car for a busy adventurous small family while still being economical.

I love everything about my jeep except that I only wish it had a tad more storage and a little more clearance. For a jeep, it has pretty low clearance and I have gotten high centered on deep snow more than once. Other than that, this Jeep has never ever let me down, is comfortable, classy, and tough in all the right places.

- Jennifer B

Overall, Jeeps are the best vehicles out there because they have so few problems.

Overall, this SUV has been very reliable and there has not been anything wrong besides normal wear and tear. It also has a comfortable interior with heated seats and satellite radio. The only complaint I would have would be that the paint has become slightly rusted in spots were it shouldn't, but overall it is not that bad.

- Mason J

Perfect single mom vehicle!

Love my Compass! I am having O2 sensor issues currently but otherwise, this vehicle is amazing! So incredibly reliable. Four wheel drive is easily accessed and works great during New York winters. This SUV is compact, but I can still put two car seats and two bicycles in the back hatch! So efficient for a single mom!

- Amanda W

Jeep compass bang for your buck?

The field of vision is horrible. It makes it hard to merge into traffic and back up. The heat and air conditioning are not consistent. I can never seem to get the temperature right. The back seat is cramped. However, I love all the features it has for the money and I like that I can have cloth seats that are still heated.

- Stacey K

My Jeep compass dow go well in bad weather.

The Jeep uses too much gas, uncomfortable to drive and feels like I am driving a train I have broke down several. Times and when I have it checked they say there is nothing wrong with the car, it is uncomfortable to drive because it makes very wide turns and has little power especially when going up hills and mountains.

- Cassie L

Great in the snow, good gas mileage for SUV because it�s only a 4 cylinder.

It offers great gas mileage for an SUV. Four wheel drive is great. I have never had a problem in snow and I live in the mountains. I do not like the transmission, it is weak and has an annoying sound to it. I also had to replace the throttle body, apparently it is common and it was not covered under warranty

- Bret R

Very spacious with small issues.

Runs really well and haven't had many problems with it. The radio did stop working however and the car is really loud on the inside when driving fast. Other than that it is very spacious and comfortable. I can store everything I need in there and have moved in and out of college just with one load from this car.

- Colby S

Tough and sporty stylist but yet rugged durable.

It rides great to be a Jeep it can stand the rough roads also I just do not like the take off to me it does take off fast and I have to realize its a Jeep not a sports car recommend it if you like a small SUV that is sporty but yet stylist its roomy for its size and give you pulling power when you need it.

- Jarrett C

It has heated seats and rides very well it is perfect for a small family

I live the small compact SUV it rides really well, and suites a small family. It is great for road trips and gets amazing gas mileage the a/v and heater work great in it I love the pearl white color it came in and it has heated seats which are amazing for those cold days and it makes a great food warmer to

- Crystal F

It is a perfect small family car. Plenty of space in the back to pack things in.

The sport is very simple. I so wish I had gotten a 4wd, though. The ride is smooth and I haven't had much of any maintenance since I bought it brand new 7 years ago, just general upkeep. I do not care for the handle on the back doors. They are very hard to grip and it is an awkward position for your hand.

- Jamie S

Gas guzzler-2012 Jeep comfortable, cute and perfect beach car.

The car seems to break very easily, tire issues, barring issues. And sucks up gas like crazy. I do love the size and comfort of my Jeep , there is a lot of space and I was able to get a roof rack for my paddleboard. I would recommend this vehicle for short distance and beach rides. Not for long travels.

- Tiffany M

Reliable, safe, and sturdy.

Having this Jeep for the past five years its run nearly perfect with routine oil changes and tune-ups. It's very reliable and has been my car for travelling, commuting, or just about anything in between. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reliable gas friendly vehicle for long term.

- Michael M

My assessment of the 2012 Jeep Compass Sport

Front end suspension issues like with most dodge. It's comfortable and affordable. The back seat isn't spacious, but fits three. Trunk has plenty of space with the seats also folding down. I have had no maintenance or performance issues. I would buy another one. Has good get up for a 4 cylinder.

- Amanda R

SUV experience with fuel efficiency.

The Jeep compass is the perfect SUV for those that want the SUV experience, but also the fuel-efficiency of a compact car. The 4-cylinder model has just enough power and is a easy drive. The console is easy to read and follow, while the seats are comfortable and easily adjustable for one and all.

- Andy V

My Jeep Compass is a 2012 and is very reliable. I'd suggest this car to anyone.

My Jeep Compass has been a very reliable car for me. I am constantly having to drive it to and from student teaching which is over an hour away and I have never had any problems with it. My car has lasted me through high school and 3 years of college. I would suggest a Jeep Compass to anyone.

- Ally W

It is NOT a gas hog. You can afford to drive this car.

I love this car mainly for it's gas efficiency. It is very affordable to drive. It has saved me a huge amount of dollars in gas consumption. I love the heated seats during the winter months. I am having some problems with radio reception. Recently haven't been able to use radio at all.

- Denise S

Not a smooth riding vehicle

Replaced all brake pads, 3 out of 5 motor mounts, rear rotor and brake assembly, front ball joints, ABS sensor on front passenger side, bad vibration when driving, small gas tank, bad on gas, always putting gas in it, radio and Bluetooth connection are good, a few weird electrical problems

- Lynda R

Big car with a lot of room to move in. Great gas mileage.

I love the space, being a big guy myself I have a lot of arm and leg room. The speed of the car is amazing. I still haven't tried it out in snow but I know it will do great. Gas mileage is great, I fill my tank for 25 and it last me for one week and two days and I drive a lot for work.

- Alexander P

It has been an outstanding vehicle that I plan on keeping it.

My vehicle has over 115000 miles since I purchased it new. It has been completely reliable with minimal maintenance issues. I have replaced both rear control arms, all the brakes and have done multiple oil changes and tune ups. I have a standard feature vehicle with no extra additions.

- Christopher M

Fun car for trips with the dogs or traveling and camping

The car is roomy, reliable, I have had no issues except a small piece of plastic that caused it to sputter since then it's been great. Mileage great, perfect SUV not to big not too small. I would but this car again if it were the same as the 2012. Plenty of legroom even the back seat

- Reese F

Great car for Jeep lovers!

Performs very well in extreme cold weather. Heating/cooling system is excellent. Sound system including the drop down speakers in the tailgate is awesome! Touch screen radio controls is a huge plus, just wish it came with navigation! Not a ton of horsepower, but gets the job done!

- Taylor L

Very spacious good if you have kids.

The vehicle it is self is good there have only been a few problems. The air conditioning stopped working and had to get that fixed. I do not preferably like the way it drives but I am more of a car person. It has a lot of room it is very spacious it is very good if you have kids.

- Olivia S

Gets to point a to point b without any trouble

Drives pretty well. The air takes a while for the air to kick on. Gets kicked into d1 to easily when not intending to. The radio works well. Haven't had any issues with it. Has some cosmetic damage to it which I caused that has rust and takes away from the aesthetic of the car

- Devon B

Love the styles of Jeeps & will only buy a Jeep when I need a new vehicle.

Very reliable. Very comfy even a tall person in back seat. Gas mileage varies. Decent for 2012 vehicle. Handles great in the snow even with only having front wheel drive. The check engine light comes on sometimes even when nothing is wrong. Probably just an electrical glitch.

- Tyler K

Great features and remote start

The engine in these vehicle are not strong enough for this size of SUV. Which in turn puts a strain on the transmission overhaul. It's a great comfortable car. It's a easy vehicle to drive and to park. It has some nice features like, heated seats, Bluetooth, remote start.

- Abby W

Happy with purchase but do consider options.

I enjoy my jeep. Previously I had driven a smaller compact car- this sits much higher and feels much sturdier. I have not had many problems but sometimes it can be slow to accelerate. The blind spots caused by the frame around the windshield can be difficult to see around.

- Amy A

Best car ever. I love my jeep.

Jeep compass is amazing rides smooth 4 wheel drive is great. The trunk is spacious the seats are comfy and roomy. The gas mileage is awesome. Everything about the car is very good. Seats my family wonderfully. Makes every day tasks so much simpler. I love my jeep compass.

- Vanessa S

The Jeep compass is not the vehicle that you would believe from first sight.

I enjoy road trips and this vehicle is not comfy or spacious. The vehicle also does no have the pick up and go I like. Not bad on gas as long as you not traveling far. The rear seats can not be adjusted and that is a drag because we have friends that like to tag along.

- Willie I

Great SUV for petite women

The compass is a nice small SUV for a petite woman. I love the 4 wheel drive and I feel very safe driving in the winter. I bought this car used with about 40,000 miles. I've need to do normal maintenance repairs including all wheel bearings. Overall it's a great car.

- Emily W

3 out of 5 jeep compass car review.

Engine lights keeps coming turning off and on, but all-in-all pretty good vehicle, sturdy, ok gas mileage, standard features, parts are little expensive, good steering, very cool ac, big trunk, good brakes, semi reliability, hardly breakdowns, can be taking off road.

- Ryan B

Sun roof works very well. Window defrosters on the front window works very well.

Vehicle has electrical problems that are present in most Jeep models. The seats stain easily. If you hold the gear shift for 3 seconds the car switches to manual. The heated seats feature on the non leather seats is almost pointless. You barely feel it even on high.

- Georgette W

Not a car for bigger families

My seatbelts and airbags are currently recalled. Performance is ok. Reliability is great. Not too bad on gas. Features are ok. Not very roomy. It's pretty comfortable. I would suggest something bigger for bigger families. The tires get stuck and can't get them off.

- Heather S

It has a nice sunroof which my kids enjoy on long trips.

The check engine light never turns off even after I have taken it in for service. It does not get great gas mileage either 22 mpg at best. It is usually around 20 mpg most weeks. Sometimes when it rains really hard water drips down into the car from the sunroof.

- Bonnie G

The pros and. One of my jeep compass.

I have a 2012 jeep compass... I like it... Pros it looks like a small grand Cherokee... I have sufficient room for cargo and passengers.. Cons are it could use some more horsepower... I think a 6 cylinder would be ok.. Gas mileage could be a tad bit better also.

- robert G

Its practical in the sense of affordable gas mileage and dependability.

It is an ok commuter vehicle. The only negative things about the car is as follows... 1. The engine is to small. 2. With 2 car seats in the back, doesn't have enough room. 3. While traveling long distance in the summer the transmission tends to heat up.

- David B

Great smaller SUV with sunroof, remote start and heated seats!

It is a really great smaller SUV. It has had a couple recalls but got fixed very quickly. I love the remote start, heated seats and let down speakers on the tailgate. One problem with the vehicle is it does take a while to accelerate otherwise it is great!

- Julia L

That it is very strong and reliable.

The biggest things would be that you have to change the oil tires and brakes very often. It is a good SUV for all elements and weather. The sound system is great and the seats are comfortable. I wish they would update the interior of the Jeep more often.

- Abigail A

Jeep Compass issues. You can turn the four wheel drive on and off on the fly

Poor gas mileage. ABS, traction control, and 4 wheel drive all went at the same time. It was bought used with no antenna, or backup camera. Drives like a car and can get through snow ok. Automatic transmission. Would like to get a more fuel efficient car

- Jay J

The overall performance is everything I expected

My car performs very well. Overall comfort is great with lots of room. Trunk could be larger but seats do fold down. So far I have had no problems with my car and really enjoy driving it. The car feels large and safe but also easy to drive and maneuver

- Emily H

Amazing and reliable vehicle.

I can honestly say I love my Jeep . I have not had a single issue with it yet. It is extremely reliable no matter what the weather is like and I live on a high mountain, so winters can get extremely rough. I wouldn't trade my compass for anything else.

- Nicole Y

Has a great sound system.

This is a very comfortable car, that gets great gas mileage. The problem I have with it is that I've had to replace the gas cap 3 times in the past 2 years. An issue that I haven't had with my past cars. Overall very reliable and nice looking car.

- cecilia c

There's a blind spot that is a major distraction while driving.

My biggest complaint about my Jeep is that it has a very bad blind spot on the driver's to the right of the windshield. It has not needed very many repairs, although currently the FM/AM radio stopped working. It has been a pretty reliable vehicle.

- Kristin D

I just got a new starter and a new battery for my car.

Car is not big enough for my growing family. I need more seating and trunk space. I don't like having to decide if I am going to need a stroller or not or not getting everything I need at the grocery store because I have not enough room.

- Katheryn Z

I doubt I could drive it in a mountainous state.

I like the size and the legroom both in the front and back seats. I like the height of the car. I wish it had more tech but I bought it used. I wish it had more power. It does not have enough power to really drive around 4 people.

- Eric W

Very economic on gas while maintaining that suv appeal.

Love my Jeep Compass. The only problem I have are the blind spots. Quite a few of those when backing up. Other than that nothing at all. Good gas mileage, good drive - I drive it daily to and from work. And for errands in between.

- Jennifer P

It packs a punch. It feels like you are driving faster than you actually are.

I haven't had any major trouble with it, the gas mileage is okay for the type of vehicle but for the price it does not have any of the extra bells and whistles that I could have gotten for the same price in a different vehicle.

- Savanna K

This is a family car for a small family . My dog and infant car seat fit here comfortably and it was great in Italy where big car would be difficult to drive and find parking

It is big enough for my husband and has efficient enough for me. That's why we bought it and we both loved that it had black rims when we bought it. It was great driving through Italy small roads and to go to places . I

- Liset C

great mileage and helps you save money on gas

i love my car because it has great mileage and gets me where i need to be. it is pretty cheap on gas. i dislike that it's smaller than other crossovers but it gets the job done and it has everything i want in it

- giovanna R

It handles really well in all kinds of weather.

My Jeep compass is very reliable and fun to drive. It is also very comfortable. You can take it off-road. It has 4 wheel drive which is really needed in the area I live because we get a lot of snow and ice.

- Kelley M

The amount of storage space is good for trips. You can fit a lot in the back and move the seats down

I dislike that my jeep is not 4 wheel drive and handles very poorly in the rough snowy chicago winters. I do like that it is a manual transmission. I love the look of it. It has a lot of storage space

- Brian S

Nice family car or crossover. Good on gas and rides great.

I like that I can start my car and let it warm up or cool down the inside, depending on the season. The size of my compass is the perfect size for my small family. I do not like that its a 4 cylinder.

- charley d

Small and compact while still having enough room to transport large things

This car has been super reliable for my family because the only thing I've had to pay for outside of normal maintenance was a new windshield. In six years it still runs like a brand new vehicle.

- Mason S

4 cylinder is simply too slow to "battle" everyday traffic conditions

Included with vehicle is the option to switch to a "non-clutch" 6 speed. All well and good....but it is to accessible! You hit the gear shift and you're in "manual" mode! Dangerous!!

- Jimmy P

My Jeep Compass: The car has a very smooth ride and gets great gas mileage in town and highway.

Smooth ride, reliable car. Great gas mileage. Comfortable seats. I haven't had too many problems with the car and we drove it across country. The radio could be a little better.

- Penelope m

Not really recommended. Works for 1 person but not a family car

Too small. Brakes need replaced a lot. Lack of legroom. Not for tall people. Seat belt come in front of the body in the back seat making it hard for kids in booster seats

- Michelle L

Short Term Comfort, but reliable and attractive.

The vehicle is fairly reliable and nice. It's kind of uncomfortable for long trips and has poor pickup. Comfort is great for trips to the store, etc., but not road trips.

- Taylor G

I bought it after my previous Jeep was totaled in a wreck. I have also been safe inside it during a rear impact collision.

I bought it used after my previous Jeep was totaled during a side impact collision. From having the other Jeep and been safe in such a collision, I was sold on the brand

- Brian D

Jeep compass think before you purchase.

Hesitates when switching gears, is not roomy enough, needs to be updated with Bluetooth backseat is tiny and cup holder gets in the way on person sitting in the middle.

- Shan C

Not fast or fun to drive but practical with gas economy

I have had issues that 3 separate dealerships could not figure out. It stutters accelerating but I like the size of it. I can park it anywhere and haul lots of things

- Kat V

It is spacious! It doesn't look like it would have as much room as it does.

4WD, very roomy, very nice design, very visually pleasing, drives great. No complaints other than having a major blind spot on the drivers side that can be dangerous.

- Amber E

It's very reliable and stylish. It has a lot of room to hold things.

I have always owned a jeep and find it very reliable. I do a lot of traveling so I need the cargo space. I love it and have been considering buying a new one.

- barbara h

It is a nice small. Family ride for road trips.

The Jeep is used but it has this clicking noise when you put the a/c on a certain setting. The ride is always smooth though and the seating is very comfy.

- David H

Reliable. With proper maintenance, my Jeep Compass has performed well.

Have NEVER had a problem with my Jeep. Very comfortable and reliable. My model does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does the job just fine.

- Andrew V

My favorite part about the car are the leather seats. They are cream colored and look brand new.

I love my vehicle and have found little to no problems with it. It drives like its brand new. It is super comfortable and has so many great features.

- Becky B

It's a comfortable ride, smaller gas tank than I am used to

I love my Jeep! It is a comfortable ride and is somewhat good on gas! So far I have not had many problems with it but it is still fairly new to me.

- Elisabeth H

It's a 2012 Jeep that I have had for 3 years. I have only had to replace the battery once, brake pads once and tires once.

I have had my Jeep for 3 years and it has never given me any major problems. It's also nice whenever I need to drive through some kind of dirt road.

- Julienne Y

Nice. Simple. Dependable.

Nothing fancy. Good 4 wheel drive performs well in all weather conditions. Adequate cargo space. Reasonable gas mileage. Very dependable to date.

- bart b

This make/ model/ year was a good quality for the price.

I like the way it looks. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I would prefer if it had a little more power for when we vacation in the mountains.

- Molly B

Love my 2012 Jeep Compass

The only thing I would change is if I could get better gas mileage but I know this is the price you pay for four wheel drive. I love my Jeep.

- Vickie N

The vehicle I have is a 4×4 & a sport so it runs fast & it is awesome on gas. ðŸ˜

It is a very good vehicle! Replacing & fixing things can make a good vehicle last longer! It has 135,000 miles on it & it still runs awesome!


Its difficult to see out the back.

The compass is just the right size, but the shifting transmission sometimes has issues, and it is very difficult to see what is behind you.

- Kim P

It is long lasting. I have noises with my vehicle but it seems to run ok.

It is spacious. It makes a loud noise when turning right, but not left. Also, it makes a weird noise when I reach greater than 2 rpm’s.

- Anne R

It handles really well and is fun to drive

I have owned a jeep for the last 15 years. They have the storage capacity I need and love. They handle well and I just love the look.

- barbara G

My Jeep is excellent in the snow, especially when using 4WD.

I love the handling & 4WD. I dislike that it doesn't have power seats. My Jeep gets good gas mileage. It has a very nice style.

- Elizabeth D

Jeep compass great vehicle

great vehicle can go just about anywhere and do anything. Only problem that I have is the gas is always going by so quickly

- Bethaney L


Have had no problems, very reliable for the mountains where we live, good gas mileage considering we live in the mountains

- Margaret B

My car is the perfect size for me and it's s good road trip car.

I love my Jeep Compass but it always has problems. I wish it had a sunroof. It's not horrible on gas but I've had better.

- Tierra W

I have been very pleased with the quality and long life.

I think it has run great. It has held up really well. Servicing it is no problem at all. The gas mileage is acceptable.

- Gennifer P

It is an okay vehicle but I'd prefer something better.

Brake issues. Brake screeching. Accelerated slowly. Brakes slowly. Speakers are not loud enough. No rear view camera.

- Jazz C

Great vehicle, minor mechanical issues.

Great overall. Have had a bit if a problem with it chugging, but it's been doing it for 2 years and is still going ..

- Rachel H

engine is too small for a heavier vehicle such as this

vehicle is comfortable and looks great. 4-cylinder engine has very little pick-up. would like better gas mileage.

- ch g

It's a great Jeep! Goes good in snow!

Very reliable, goes great in snow/ice, sporty, great on gas as well. Also my car is a certified pre-owned vehicle.

- Ashley D

Love the car new lover of Jeeps.

Love comfort and all added bonuses hidden CD player nice trunk space comfortable and roomy. Cruise remote start.

- Melissa G

A very good size for a family.

Have no problems. I like the size and how easy it is to drive. Has good gas mileage. . Able to maneuver easily.

- Bebe G

Has a bad reputation for being problematic.

It is a little small. It could use a few more weeks and whistles. It is been good on gas and fairly reliable.

- Kaitlyn Y

it fun to drive, and good on gas. however it lacks storage, that is needed when traveling with a full load of people.

it a small car, so sometime it feels very crowded. it drives well and is good on gas. not a lot of storage.

- Chris C

Great family vehicle with safety features and comfort.

I like the heated seats and the comfortable back seats. It's great on gas and is safe for me and my family.

- Sami C

The previous owner didn't take care of it. I've replaced just about everything on it and it's only a 2012. Gas mileage is a pain.

Gas mileage requires frequent fill ups. It is better to track by using the mileage instead of the gas tank.

- Anne D

Augh - has its perils and problems. But all in all reasonable.

Door gaskets seem to come off or get misaligned easily. Transmission is in constant need of refilling. =.

- Holly M

It gets great gas mileage, I spend about 20 a week on gas.

Like the gas efficiency. Dislike the maintenance. Like the look of the vehicle. Dislike the horsepower.

- Jacqueline C

Jeep is a quality brand. I have been driving Jeeps for more than 30 years

I like the size. I like the way it drives. I like being able to carry several passengers and cargo etc.

- Judy T

I like the space, not too much and not too little. I like the ease of turning and braking. I don't like the small gas tank because I drive a lot.

The gas tank is really small, so if you travel a lot, I wouldn't recommend this specific car.

- Jennifer M

It is my baby and I expect them to treat it as as such.

It is a reliable vehicle. It gets me to and where I want to go.It is adequate for me.

- Jeff s

great value and good looks, would buy a newer model

great value for the money . hat the rear drum brakes, looks great

- Frank E

they are good in the winter time.

I like everything about it. I get good gas mileage.

- Bob L