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Compass: a good car for a small family or single person who wants an SUV.

I recently had an issue with the electric throttle control. The part failed and I had to replace it. My car still was under warranty but the part that failed wasn't covered. It was pretty expensive especially because I had to go to a specific dealership garage. Now it is been replaced and it drives differently which is worrying. I did get the most basic model because of my fear of having to replace a lot of features. It does not have power windows or locks which is kinda inconvenient but I do not worry about having to fix the window mechanism as often because I do not roll the windows down very often. The gas mileage is decent for a SUV and it is a pretty swift car when turning and speeding up. The design is pretty cute. It looks like a more expensive SUV. It looks like a more impressive SUV when you are paying for a pretty decent vehicle. It is a pretty small car that would be a pretty good type of car for a small family or young couple who do not want to get a van but need some space. This car gives you that without having too much car. It comes with a portable flashlight in the rear that it is attached to the overhead light. It handles pretty well in the snow and in the rain. But if you do slide a bit there's a automatic feature that shows you and stabilizes you as you drive. The 4WD is easy to find and to kick on. The parts are generally easy to find and do not cost too much to replace. I have found this car to be pretty reliable and easy to drive. I have gone on one road trip in this car and it didn't draw too much attention and was a decent comfort level. It has Bluetooth and the option to have satellite radio.

- Rosa B

Comfy driving, uncomfortable back.

I have the base model of the Jeep compass. It performs really well for what it is supposed to do - four-wheel drive in the snow. It has not let me down yet on the driving. However, it is not that comfortable, especially for a person with back problems, and the speaker on the right side of the car goes out every few days (I think it is something with the wiring). There is a really bad blind spot between the front and the back because the interior of the car has a large piece of plastic that juts out and takes off a piece of the window which prevents me from seeing. The gas mileage is not great, and coming up on the warrantee limit I have been experiencing more problems (weird noises, etc.). However, overall, it is a pretty good car - definitely better than the Nissan Altima I bought the Jeep to replace.

- Karen L

Wish there was more trunk space.

I love 4wd on the jeep since we live in a rainy and hilly area. It seems that the oil change light does not come on as often as it should, so keeping up with the oil changes has to be done based upon mileage instead of waiting for the car to automatically tell you. I love that the backseat is spacious, since we have a baby on the way, and need room for his car seat, and to be able to have others in the car at the same time. However, I do think that the trunk should be a bit longer. I tend to assume that larger items will fit since we have an SUV, but it surprisingly does not hold a ton. I also wish that the backseat would lay down flat, so that we can tote around larger items.

- Katie C

Buy a Jeep , be happy forever.

My Jeep is the best vehicle I have ever owned! I have no complaints at all. It has good gas mileage, it is comfortable, and the stereo system is the best stock system I have ever seen. I have the limited 4x4 compass, sunroof, rearview camera, and navigation. The only problem I ever had with this Jeep is the navigation part of the console. It stopped working about a week after we got the car and of course we had to pay extra for it so that kind of sucked, but I use the GPS on my phone anyway so it wasn't too bad. I researched what the problem was and it was a computer problem that required a whole new nav to be installed, I decided not to go that route. Buy a Jeep , be happy.

- Brittany D

Jeep compass latitude: perfect for leisure and business travel.

I have only driven/owned Jeeps and find them incredibly reliable. I really like my compass latitude - it is not bad on gas for a smaller sized SUV, it has satellite radio capabilities, plenty of space (especially with the seat laid down), heated seats, remote starter, etc. It did have one recall related to power steering, but has not given me any issues. The only additional feature I would have wanted is a backup camera, but it has power mirrors and minimal blind spots, so it is not a make or break. Overall, I have highly recommended both the make and model to many people and will continue to.

- Darby R

Rugged yet sleek jeep compass.

The 2014 jeep compass sport is a sleek, stylish vehicle for the one who looks for reliability and comfort in a smaller package. This SUV may look small, but it is zippy for a 4-cylinder, great gas mileage, and comes in a variety of unique colors. Although this SUV may not have four-wheel drive, it makes up for that in other areas, such as the head space for the driver and passengers. The jeep compass drives much like other jeeps, with a bit of that ruggedness without the rugged exterior. Some may call it a 'mom jeep' but it is loved by both men and women.

- Jennifer L

If you're buying a Compass, buy it purely for the function and not the form - or you'll end up being disappointed.

My Jeep is a base model, and the seats cause me back pain. It's an all-wheel drive, which is nice, but only a v4. My last car was a v6, and a lot more powerful. The car's speakers also tend to occasionally break on the right side. It's coming close to being warrantee-ending time, which is disappointing. Cars nowadays are made only to last until the warranty ends and then they start breaking. However, it's been a good car to me until this point. It's got me through snowstorms with two feet of snow on back roads, but it just isn't comfortable anymore.

- Kerena d

I love my Jeep compass and most importantly the seat warmers!

I love my Jeep. It is spacious. I can throw stuff in it no problem. Would be great for parents with active kids. So much sporting equipment could fit in the back. The back seats fold down for even more space. It is great on gas. About $30 fills it up and that will last me for a week back and forth to work. I live 30 mins from work. The leather seats are very comfortable. Great for cleaning up spills. I love my sunroof. I love my touch screen radio and the Sirius radio capability. I absolutely love my seat warmers for the winter time.

- Amber H

It has a small gas tank of only 12 gallons.

The Jeep compass drives smoothly and has great 4 wheel drive traction in the snow. With a 4 cylinder engine that moderately accelerates, it is a great vehicle for younger drivers that need a bigger vehicle like an SUV. It has a great turn radius and visibility that aids the driver in making lane changes and parallel parking. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to upgrade to an SUV from their sedan but not looking for a vehicle as big as a Suburban.

- Christina C

Great vehicle for small family.

We originally got our Jeep because we needed a bigger vehicle when we were expecting our first child. We have driven it across country multiple times and have always been happy with the way it performed. It is a smooth drive and have never really had any issues. We just had to replace our brakes and we have had it since September of 2013. The biggest concern is that we only get about 200 to 250 mpg per tank. Otherwise it's a fantastic car and suits our small family.

- Karin S

My Jeep compass review.. The good, the bad and in-between.

It is reliable, comfortable and I love that the driver's seat goes up so short people can have full view, which is important since I am only 4’10”. My complaint would be that the center counsel does not stay in place, it slides back too easily. Second complaint is the outside door handles for the back doors. They are hard to pull if you have nice nails and often do not unlock when you hit the button. Beyond those two things, I absolutely love it!

- Linda G

The pros and cons of my 2014 jeep compass.

Eats up gas quickly. The sound system is not great . Huge blind spot on the drivers side windshield-part of the car is very wide so it blocks your sight of what may be in front of you towards your left side. Wish the car had more room. Steering wheel has a heavy resistance to it . Able to drive well in snow or inclimate weather. Seat warmers are nice . The car has a nice sleek esthetic to it on the outside . Trunk has a good amount of space.

- Amy M

Jeep compass - . Great value for a youthful driver!

The vehicle exterior looks very nice. Also it gets good gas mileage. The interior parts used were very cheap plastic and vinyl materials that break and wear too easily, look bad and create discomfort while driving. There are 2 recalls for this vehicle and one is for the engine which chugs quite a bit while driving. I would recommend this car for a more youthful driver who may not be as bothered by the vehicle's poor quality parts.

- Renee C

A review: Jeep- worth it or not?

My Jeep is a rebuilt title and originally had no issues. Recently, I have had problems with the battery and other parts that have cost about 1, 000 in the past 6 months. My car is also the basic model and does not have a backup camera, Bluetooth, etc. I would not recommend Jeep, especially a rebuilt title, because more goes wrong with it as time goes on. It also makes an awful rubbing noise when I make a hard turn to the left.

- Courtney G

This is a solid and reliable car.

It does well on gas one tank can last me a four hour drive with 1/4 tank to spare, drives pretty smoothly, I have had it for over two years and have had no issues yet, the driver's seat and passenger's seat are pretty comfortable but the back seats are kind of small and the leg room can be minimal, sitting in the back can feel cramped, even with the back seats up there is plenty of room in the trunk.

- Emily M

Touch screen, updated features, hands free talk text. Amazing comfort and beauty.

Its compact and I can park in small areas. It has great performance. Easy to drive. Touch screen and updated features. Great on gas. Fits family perfectly. 3 Kids in back comfortably. Seatbelts are amazing. Back fits a lot of stuff and easy to unload and load groceries. Seats are comfortable and the air conditioner works great. Even though its a compact vehicle, you don't look small driving it.

- Megan M

Jeep compass 2014. Pros & cons.

Not to much to complain about. Not enough storage space, horrible gas mileage, not very comfy, and the radio sucks. I love how high the Jeep sits and how I feel secure. I like where the shift knob is and the other things. The seats are comfortable but like I said I wish there was more room and more storage. A back up camera and sensors would be nice too but I know the new one has all that.

- Jess R

It is a great Small SUV, but it has blind spots

For the most part, I love my Jeep! I inherited it from my parents and it has served my wife and I well! There have been some unique issues with some parts going out but other than that and the normal wear and tear, it has done great! We hope to utilize it for years to come. I am sometimes nervous though that it will fall apart on me one day as it makes interesting noises from time to time!

- Kenneth H

Not the best, but it will do.

Acceleration is poor. The car is quite loud when driving. The stereo system is good. I enjoy the features of a sunroof, leather seats, heated seats, and Bluetooth calling. There is decent amount of trunk space. The gas tank can only handle 12 gallons which is quite small so many trips to the gas station. The car also does not get great miles per gallon, at most 21 mpg highway.

- Rachel D

Pretty strong vehicle and gas saver.

I love my car makes me feel safe because it is made pretty solid. The only problem is. That my husband bought no a hundred percent automatic version. I mean opening doors, lift the windows or close these are manually. But the important thing is the security to take my youngest daughter safe and is good on raining days, specially in TX that we have heavy and all day rain.

- Moray T

A decent small SUV from Jeep .

It is decent for a small SUV, although the towing capacity is only 1000 pounds, and the acceleration is choppy when running the air conditioning. The lack of a power accessories package is not something I would recommend. I would also recommend a four wheel drive package if available. The two wheel drive handling leaves a bit to be desired.

- Ki B

2014 common Jeep compass issues.

The panels below the driver and passenger seats are cheaply made of plastic, and they both cracked shortly after I bought the car. The clock in the radio does not actually keep time, I have to reset it almost every other day. The brakes squeal very loudly when reversing out of parking spots, although the dealership says this is normal.

- Maria R

I really like the ability to turn 4 wheel drive on and off easily

I've been fortunate to not have any real problems with my car aside from damage due to vandalism and a couple nails. My car has been very reliable and I drive 16 miles each way to work (plus more if I do errands) every day. In the snow, 4 wheel drive makes me feel very safe (I hated driving in snow with my civic coupe I used to have)

- Katie K

It is very good on gas mileage.

Only one problem I have with my vehicle is that it has a very small truck space. It does very great on gas for the mileage. It drive very smooth. It very reliability for getting you to point A to point B. For about four years I have had my car I don't have any major problems with my car. It drives long distance without any problems.

- Jessie B

Jeep compass is reliable!!

I have had this car for 4 years and it has absolutely been a joy to have. The only issues I have had with my vehicle is I forgot to keep my battery checked and didn't realize this year that it was completely dead. So overall this is a very reliable car to own! I am very pleased with my husband’s choice for our family vehicle.

- Natasha E

Sleek off-roading family vehicle.

The car is a very smooth ride a good family car for older children. 1 convertible car seat can comfortably fit in the backseat with enough room for the driver to sit all the way back. The trunk has enough room for 3 laundry baskets full of clothes. The 4 wheel drive is awesome you get the off-road capability with a sleek look.

- Zakiya T

Love my 2014 jeep compass.

I love my 2014 jeep compass! It is very reliable and cheap on gas . . It is a great smooth ride. I have no problems with my jeep. I would recommend for anyone looking for a nice dependable vehicle that is cheap on gas and a 4 wheel drive! It is indeed the best vehicle I have ever owned and I am very pleased with my purchase!

- Heather K

It's a good compact suv. you can fit in most small places a sedan can with the exceptions that you can haul things.

the Jeep compass is compact enough to fit in tight places but the inside is large enough that i can carry most anything. Its a 4 cylinder so there is no get up and go. but what you trade in horsepower you get in gas mileage. if you're looking for a quiet ride this vehicle IS NOT the one. All and all a good vehicle to have

- ashley g

An interesting detail about my vehicle is the automatic start.

I have had a couple recalls; however Jeep always send me a notification to get it fixed for free. I love the automatic start as well as the heated seats, it is amazing in the winter time while getting ready for work. I have owned Jeeps on more than one occasion and my last car lasted a long time and it was very old.

- Maureen G

My Jeep is awesome. I love having an outlet in my car.

My Jeep is reliable and have had no issues mechanically. My only real issue is the interior. The panels on seat are falling off. About 6 months after I bought it (used) seems like interior just started falling apart. Overall, it's great I have had no mechanical issues at all just oil changes and regular stuff.

- Kristin T

2014 Jeep compass limited - fully loaded, tinted windows, and 17" rims!

My Jeep is amazing. It's the limited edition with all the bells and whistles; including heated seats, backup camera, Bluetooth connection, auto start, and many more. I haven't had any issues with the vehicle since purchasing it in April 2016. It is a reliable, gas saving, beautiful SUV. Highly recommended!

- Patricia G

The seat heaters are amazing!

I love the Jeep compass. The latitude edition has nice trim and leather seats. The heat seaters are a definite plus in the winter time. The engine also has more get up and go than the patriot I really like the sporty look of it. The only thing I would like to see is a better roof rack that comes standard.

- Travis Y

2014 Jeep compass- practical but not my favorite car.

The Jeep compass is an affordable SUV that offers very basic features. I wish it had built in Bluetooth, touch screen navigation, heated seating, and 4WD. I am thankful for the automatic windows, leather seats, and space. I would purchase a Jeep again. The compass just is not aesthetically pleasing to me.

- Victoria W

I recommend the Jeep compass as a family daily driver.

The pickup speed when you hit the gas takes longer then I usually would like it to. I would also prefer to have a third row of seats and some more space in the trunk. The drive is smooth and comfortable! I love the sunroof during the warmer months and even crack it open when it gets cooler outside.

- Kelli K

Best car I have ever owned!

My compass is great! It has a wonderful 4 wheel drive option that I can use in snow conditions or turn off during regular drives to save on gas. My gas mileage is amazing, I took a road trip across 3 states and did not need to stop to fill up not once. It is really the best car I have ever owned.

- Crystal O

An easy ride with good gas mileage.

The Jeep compass is a reliable vehicle with good gas mileage. With respect to performance, it does not accelerate well, but it is only a 4 cylinder engine. The ride is smooth and is very comfortable. Some of the features include heated seats, satellite radio, cruise control, and tinted windows.

- Colleen L

Great look, cool lighting features, great for long drives with lots of storage.

I love my car, it is a great size, can fit lots of people and items. I can take it camping or on long road trips. It has seen a lot of the us without any problems. I take it about every 6 months for oil changes and other fixes. The tank is a great size and I rarely pay over $45 for a full tanks.

- Amanda A

Great handling all around.

The type of transmission is definitely something you have to get used too. When you go to accelerate it seems like it takes longer to pick up speed which is so to the new type of transmission I am talking about. The audio system is awesome and it gets great gas mileage especially on the highway.

- Jacob R

Jeep compass is an awesome vehicle.

I really love my jeep compass! I love how compact the vehicle is and it works really well for my family of 4! I never had any issues with it and it is going on 5 years! It is features were really what I wanted and needed for my lifestyle. I am hoping to upgrade to a newer compass in a few years!

- Marissa L

The 2014 Jeep compass review.

My Jeep was 2 years old when I got it. I have had it for 2 years. It has not given me any problems. It rides pretty smoothly for an SUV. It is a pretty plain model. Bit does not have all of the bells and whistles I wish it did but, maybe next time. I would recommend the Jeep compass to others.

- Carol P

Driving a Jeep makes me feel happy.

I love the leather seats. Wish the bag also has seat warmers. Wish the Uconnect service worked like the OnStar did that I used to have. Rides well and is good on gas. The vehicle is used since I bought it and you can't really tell. Looking forward to seeing the 4 wheel drive in the winter.

- Katrina K

Great on gas, horrible on space.

The steering wheel will lock and not let you start your car until the wheel is in proper alignment. The brakes make a squeaking sound like you need them to be fixed, but nothing is wrong with them. The back seat cannot hold 3 people because of the cup holder in the middle of the floor.

- Yolanda O

I love driving Jeep compass I would boy another one.

I like my compass. It is comfortable and it drives well. I like the gas mileage but wish it was better. I would recommend one to my friends. I am satisfied with my car handles well on road and it has 4 wheel drive. I have had a Subaru 4 wheel drive and it did handle as well in snow.

- Susan U

Jeep compass: the good and the not so good.

This model is very basic and loud. But, it is dependable and reasonably low maintenance. Oil changes and maintenance are fairly low cost. It handles very well in snow and rain conditions. I would buy this make again, but not this model. It would be a perfect “starter” vehicle.

- Crystal M

Its 4 wheel drive and very reliable for winter driving.

I like the Jeep brand very much but continue to be concerned about the rust issue. The Compass is a good size for our needs and was a god value when we bought it used this year. Where we live you really need 4 wheel drive and Jeep historically has performed well in this regard.

- Gordon L

The jeep compass is a reliable, up to date, and practical vehicle.

Performance is excellent. Bought it for the ability to switch to four wheel drive when needed and also the space available for hauling things.. Great gas mileage for a crossover. Comfort is excellent and size of the vehicle is perfect for me.. Features are up to date and trendy.

- Jennifer R

Jeep compass shakes off the map.

From the onset of ownership (54,000 miles ago), the car idles very loudly and shakes. The dealer mechanic says it is a phantom thing he cannot recreate. Clearly they refuse to actually drive the car. The plastic molding on the front passenger seat makes the seat uncomfortable.

- Susanne G

Great vehicle best purchase that I have ever made!

Haven't had any problems. I love it! When I buy another vehicle it will be the same thing. The only thing that I have had to buy is tires it is very good on gas and the gas tank is only 13 gallons so it does not taka fortune to fill up $20-$25 dependencies on how much gas is.

- Charlotte B

Decent but could be a lot better.

Braking system could be better. Sluggish acceleration. Cheap seat covers. Alignment is always off. Not much room in the backseat of the vehicle. Would like more cargo room in the trunk. Car does not handle very well in the winter. 4x4 is decent, but could be a lot better.

- Dan D

Spacious / roomy crossover with 4x4, and heated seat feature.

I bought my Jeep brand new. It has been a a realizable vehicle for the most part. The only issue I have had was a rear axle that was covered under the transmission warranty. I love that the seats fold down giving me more room and love the 4x4 feature in the winter time.

- Kristina C

Jeep compass! Enough room for a family of five to ride in style.

The right size SUV if you do not want a really big one. Great on gas! Bluetooth enabled, and nice backseat for the kids. If you are looking for an everyday vehicle that you can pick up the kids, buy groceries and enough room for the dog to ride along, look no further.

- Jessica M

Wears tires. Garbage performance. Horrible gas mileage.

Loud cabin noise. Drives worse than a minivan.Takes forever to climb speed. Would not buy again. Out of date Bluetooth does not work is not good for bumpy roads wears tire treads quickly. I do not recommend if you live near unpaved roads. The black trim fades quickly.

- Brittany L

This Jeep does great in all weather conditions!

This Jeep does excellent in the snow. We live up on a mountain and have never had any issues getting up the hill. It is also excellent on gas. My only real complaint is that we are starting to outgrow it with our growing family. It has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Jennifer C

Reliability and rugged, but for everyday needs.

I have a jeep and I love it. I like the performance and comfort. I keep up with maintenance, no problems shine I bought it in 2014. I like jeep and I have owned that make for a long time. It is very trusting and rugged. It rides very smoothly, and I love the look.

- Terry G

I am happy with my decision especially as it relates to how the car handles.

No problems experienced in the year since I bought this car. It is easy to handle and I drive extensively. For its size the back seats are very roomy and comfortable. As with any vehicle maintenance is important and once kept up you will have a very reliable car.

- Fran H

I like my compact SUV it is perfect for my family of 4.

It is really gas economic, its 4 cylinders so it is a little reduced in space. It is designed for 5 passengers but it should be for 4 passenger traveling comfortably. It has good trunk space for all the grocery shopping or a small kids bike. I like the moonroof.

- Vere L

Considering 4 wheel options in vehicles, this Jeep is a winner.

It is a very good vehicle. The gas mileage is pretty good and having the 4 wheel drive option is super handy. We like the lay down back seats so we can haul bookcases, lumber, and mulch, etc. The car has been very dependable for us, and I would buy Jeep again.

- Fran E

Jeep compass: good on gas, drives well and is has enough room.

I haven't had any problems with my jeep compass. I use it for my daily commute. It is good on gas and a decent drive into work. I have driven in the snow and handles well. It is compact, but have enough room and no one complains about sitting in the back seat.

- Jennifer P

It is a sporty look on a small SUV, yet it is practical and fits all my needs.

I totally love my jeep compass. It fits all my needs and it is the perfect size for me because I am a petite person. I would highly recommend it to everyone. It is sporty, yet practical. I plan on getting a new one in the next several months. I cannot wait!!

- Maureen N

The good, the bad, and the okay.

There is not enough pick up in this car. I wish it sat up a little higher. I do love the seat warmers and the car does heat up and cool down quickly. The leather interior is nice. I like that the seats lay down which makes it easier to transport large items.

- Amy S

There is limited storage space in the trunk.

I have been overall very happy with my vehicle. The performance has been excellent and I have had no issues other than routine care. I do wish that there was more storage space and room in the backseat. I have two car seats in the back and it is very tight.

- Crystal C

It's a very good choice to buy this Jeep it's great to ride in the country or city.

My Jeep is great. I live in the country so it's great for dirt roads and the sand at the beach. . So if you or someone you know is looking to buy a new vehicle check out the Jeep compass its is great. . Thank you for your time good luck always. . . Misty.

- Misty S

The jeep compass is a great car if you want great performance and comfort.

I have no problems with my 2014 jeep compass, the performance is perfect on the car and works beautifully. The reliability of the car is great, the comfort of the car is great also because of the heated seats the radio and the amount of space in the jeep.

- Joey M

Jeep 2014. Enjoy the comfort and reliability of this vehicle.

Overall the vehicle runs great. This is my 3rd Jeep in the last 12 years. Very reliable and enjoy all the features I added. No issues to report. I like the comfort and stability. I also like the fact it is a 4 wheel drive which I need during the winter.

- Sera M

Smaller not always better.

The compass is reliable transportation but lacks the power of my grand Cherokee. The interior is cheaply made as the front seats have broken and the rear seats do not have latches they just fold up and down. The compass uses as much gas as a larger SUV.

- Karen S

This jeep can handle the cold!

We haven't had any major problems with it and we've taken it on some long trips. It is started up every morning in the winters here and sometimes that means -45?f. The ride is not very smooth though. It'd be nice if the seats were more comfortable too.

- Sarah B

Jeep compass rocks! 4x4 way to go.

No problems with this vehicle. Highly recommended. It is loaded with heated seats, auto start and 4 wheel drive. Sirius radio and also Bluetooth to hook up a phone to play iTunes. Gas mileage is great and I get 265 miles to a tank of gas. Love my car.

- Julie W

It is very reliable and lives up to the Jeep name.

Overall, my 2014 Jeep compass is a very reliable vehicle. It has many redeeming qualities to it including cruise control, heated front seats, power windows, and power locks. The only thing that is slightly displeasing about it is the gas mileage.

- Hanna S

It gets fantastic mileage! We made it from Edmond, Ok to Galveston, TX and back on only 3 tanks of gas!

It's a great size and comfortable to drive. I wish I would have gone with a leather interior but it still looks nice. My only complaint is that I didn't get the four-wheel drive, though it wouldn't be of much use in Oklahoma's icy storms.

- Ashlyn J

It's a nice family vehicle. The back seats fold down so you can carry more than just a normal trunk can.

I like that my Jeep has a backup camera. I use the GPS whenever we travel and It's very useful. I do not like the button to open the trunk in the back, where you push all your fingers into the rubber and push into it for it too open.

- Sierra b

Cheap for an SUV, but you get what you pay for.

I have had the car for 3 years and there are many problems with it now. It seems like I'm always fixing something. I love the fact that it's an SUV, though. Some room, not as much as I would like, but enough to move smaller objects.

- Jennifer O

It generally has been reliable.

It is a really basic model, but it has everything I need. It has enough room for two car seats. It does drive a little shaky and while nothing has really ever gone wrong with it, It kind of feels/sounds like something might go bad

- lindsay b

It's great in the snow!! I bought it to replace a car that was horrible in the snow, it's converted me to buy larger vehicles only. I'll never go back down to small vehicle again.

There is a gap between the folding seats and the back seats. Things keep falling behind them and I've lost many a sippy cup of milk back there. Not a great smell after a while. It's also impossible to clean under the 4x4 pulley.

- Diana S

That it is very good car for an everyday use.

I like how good on gas my Jeep. Is about 25-30 will fill up the tank and I rarely have to go put gas, the car is very comfortable to drive however due to the small motor it is difficult for it to go to the mountains.

- Marian M

It's good on gas for an SUV, and the Jeep brand is always recognizable.

The Jeep Compass is stylish, efficient, and eye-catching. I love the Compass Latitude edition, with it's leather accents and beautiful silver trim. The cup holders that light up for night driving are an added bonus!

- Brittany B

The car is very reliable in all weather conditions.

I love my Jeep compass, but it is a little smaller than I like. It is very reliable in the winter months which is necessary for me. I have had many issues with my battery but it might just be my car and not others.

- Asia T

It's a very reliable vehicle that drives well in all kinds of different weather

I love my vehicle because it has heated leather seats, a sunroof, remove start, four wheel drive, and subwoofers in the back. I really only wish my Jeep had push to start and Bluetooth. Other than that I love it!

- BreAnna F

it's a good quality car and worth the money you pay for it.

the vehicle is very reliable, comfy, and easy to drive. i have not had one single problem since i bought it. the gas mileage is decent but not perfect is the only dislike but its rarely a problem at all for me.

- matthew h

It's very reliable and low maintenance

My Jeep compass is the perfect size for me and my daughter. It has been very reliable since I bought it and it's very low maintenance. It performs great for all of the driving I do, over 250 miles per week.

- Tara b

It is an SUV with good gas mileage. Good family car.

I like that it has good gas mileage, was a reasonable price, and still is an SUV. It is not quite as sporty as I would like. I think it has good cargo and passenger space. I also like the 4 wheel drive.

- Heather K

It is a Dependable vehicle

I like that it is a Jeep but I wish that it was a little larger and had more trim space. I am not crazy about the look of it from the outside but it drives well and has never had any mechanical issues.

- Emily S

The ability of multi use and dependability.

I like the useable space for larger items I may pick up. The ride is very comfortable and roomy as well. Noise level is very low and I haven't had any mechanical issues thus far, it's very dependable.

- Jean C

High quality vehicle with a reasonable price and high resale

This vehicle is easy to drive,4 wheel drive let you go anywhere on or off road. Great gas mileage with a very smooth ride. Maintenance is low key does not require much except oil and filter changes.

- John F

It has heated front seats what does super nice in the Winter

I love my Jeep Compass it's a great family car has a lot of space but still compact. It is great for long trips. It is very comfortable in the front and back fits 5 people the front seats are heated

- Stephanie W

My Jeep Compass gets great gas mileage while still leaving room for storage but may not be as reliable as I need it to be for as long as I need it to be.

I love it because it is only a 4 cylinder so it gets great gas mileage but is still an SUV and not a small car. I don't like the fact that it feels much more cheaply made than other Jeep models.

- Kayla B

It is very good on gas, and is very reliable from a good car brand.

My car has no issues. It has been very good to me. It is only taken to the shop for routine body work and oil changes. No accidents and no problems. It runs very well and is very good on gas.

- Arianna J

The most important thing that other should know about my car is that it is known to have electrical problems.

My vehicle is dependable in all weather and terrain situations due to being equipped with 4WD. However, my vehicle is very compact. I wish that it had a more spacious backseat and cargo area.

- Danielle S

It's a crossover vehicle, but the small fuel tank and 4 cL engine make it seem more like a car.

I like the crossover because it allows me to sit up higher, but this particular vehicle has a 4 CL engine and does not have a lot of power. The cargo space is small. I like the Steel color.

- Phoebe R

The car has a lot of blind spots.

I love this car! It is a great size for everyday but is still roomy enough for road trips! The only downside is the blind spots, there are several but you learn to lean to avoid them fast.

- Maddie M

It is been very dependable and the gas mileage is great!

I love the size, 4 doors, ability to let back seats down and carry lots of things and the gas mileage. I dislike that it is cloth seats, not a great radio system, not many techy features.

- Deborah J

It has 4 wheel drive and drives great in the winter.

It s 4 wheel drive which is great in the winter. It has enough of room for what I need. It gets great gas mileage and I love the color. There is nothing that I dislike about my vehicle.

- Wendy C

Has helpful shelf in passenger seat that is great for storage

I love that it gets good gas and has space. The car seat fits well. Safety is another item I like about the car. Only thing I dislike is that it doesn't always get up to speed quickly

- Alex B

Most important thing others should know about my car would be the reliability and safety of it.

I've had my vehicle for about a year now. It was my first experience with a Jeep. I love the interior of the vehicle, along with the exterior look of the vehicle. Great, reliable car.

- Samantha S

American-made Trash: Less than what you were expecting.

Problems with poor engine performance, brakes are terrible, and belt is broken. The car makes a lot of squeaking noises when driving. Engine sounds like its about to blow constantly.

- John f

It gets me from point A to point B with no issues. It also is cosmetically appealing.

It is a white 4 door compact SUV. It is not very spacious inside including the hatch where there is not much room. It rides like a truck so its bumpy and not great feel on the road.

- Gregory T

Function over fashion. A car is designed to get you from point a to b.

I like my vehicle quite a bit. It has everything I need to get from point A to B, isn't flashy by any means and is easy to use/repair/etc. The maintenance cost so far has been low.

- Justin W

The main thing is that Jeep really uses cheap parts. Do your research. Jeep makes one of the worst vehicles on the market.

We bought it from Carmax a little over a year ago. It's had continual problems and isn't really a very comfortable ride. We didn't realize that Jeep made such a terrible product.

- Mark S

Do not want a big SUV? Take a look at the Jeep compass.

The Jeep compass is stylish and more on the crossover category as opposed to a full-blown SUV. It is comfortable, has the space of a small SUV, but drives like a sports sedan.

- Tiffany F

there is nothing I can think of other than the front windshield problem, very dangerous.

it's a nice car but its too big for me. the front things that hold the windshield in are way too wide. I feel they are very dangerous, blocking your view when checking traffic

- Gail L

It's a small SUV with decent storage space but uncomfortable passenger seating

The vehicle has spacious storage space but the back seats aren't very big or comfortable for passengers. It's 2 wheel drive which is annoying but it's overall a sturdy vehicle

- David F

Good gas mileage on the highway

The headrest is uncomfortable, otherwise it drives just fine. The radio/stereo is a little outdated compared to other 2014 car models. no screen or bluetooth capabilities.

- Nathan J

It gets great gas mileage.

I like my vehicle a great deal, great gas mileage, easy to drive and has many features. The only thing I do not like about it is it is not equipped with automatic lights.

- Jill E

It is not your standard definition of a "Jeep". It is smaller, more rugged, and works very well.

My car is the perfect size for my daily commute. That being said, it can be kind of small at times, though the great gas mileage has certainly made it more affordable

- Vincent H

2014 Jeep Compass: Great vehicle for anyone looking for a car.

I currently own a 2014 Jeep Compass Sport. Since owning this car, I have not ran in to any major problems. I would refer this car to anyone who is looking for a car.

- Taylor G

It is good on gas and a reliable mode of transportation

This is a reliable suv and has plenty of space for passengers. It has a nice cargo area and handles very nicely. It gets good gas mileage in town and on the road.

- Carol c

Love my compass it's perfect for everything I need it for.

I love my jeep compass.it's the perfect size with plenty of room.and gets great gas mileage. It also came with heated seats back up camera and touchscreen radio.i

- Stephen A

Comfortable seats and smooth drive makes it enjoyable to drive down the coast.

Smooth drive, does great mpg, The only problem is the manufacturer brakes make a lot of noise since day one of purchase they sound like they need to be replaced.

- Erika W

It's a great family car. The amount of space it has is unbelievable.

My jeep is my most favorite car that I have ever owned. I chose the jeep because of the sport style. The jeep is a very good family car, it has a lot of space!

- Amands H

Drives and handles nice, and you get great gas mileage. Great car for people that don't have a lot of stuff to haul around.

I like how it handles. The vehicle does have a lot of blind spots which makes it hard while driving sometimes. It also doesn't have enough room for my needs.

- Carla S

It is small for the price you pay. However, it is reliable and efficient.

I like the style of it, I like being up higher than a car. However, it is a little too small. I think a Cherokee would have been better but it's too costly.

- Stacey G

The Jeep is really easy on gas.

Love the color. Love the size. Love the storage when I have to transport supplies. When grandkids are here there is plenty of room for them and their toys.

- Kathy K

compass features and performance

i would prefer a vehicle much larger. not enough room. I also do not like the door handle being on the top of the door, it is sometimes very hard to open

- nancy h

It gets good gas mileage.

Love that is good on gas and is good in the winter! I hate that there is not much room in the backseat. I also had a lot of problems with the radio.

- Marissa V

The car is comfortable and reliable.

I do not have any problems with my car. My car is comfortable and reliable. It is very fuel efficient and gets me from point A to point B every day.

- Aly C

Easy loading back for travel.

Good performance vehicle. Good size with for 4 adults. Not comfortable with 3 people in back seat or 2 car seats and 1 adult. Easy to load back.

- Nancy B

It gets you where you need to go.

It fits my family of 4 ok. It fits 2 car seats in the back, just kind of tight for a rear facing one. The a.c. is a little wonky, not very cool.

- Ashley s

Love my Jeep Cherokee. Recommend it very highly. I have 97,000+ miles. No maintenance issues so far except oil changes, battery and tires.

Love my Jeep Cherokee. Previously owned 1996 Grand Cherokee, purchased in 2001. Accumulated 242,000+ miles. Very satisfied with service so far.

- Becky G

It is dependable and nice to drive.

I like the 4 wheel drive option. It is handy.. I dislike the gas mileage - it is not very good. Improve the gas mileage and I will buy again..

- Fran E

It handles a little differently and rides hard.

I love the gas mileage, the cargo space, and the stereo quality. I dislike the lack of power windows. The transmission seems a bit stiff.

- Kyrie-Inn K

Jeep compass...not the car for you

Gas mileage not great. Jeeps have a lot of issues. Currently bad rear wheel bearings. Bored of the car. Have had for almost 3 years now.

- Celeste F

Car gets good gas mileage. Its a cute car, but is way to small for me.

The car is to small for me. I can't fit a car seat in the back and have someone riding up front. To small for my great dane to fit in.

- Katie M

My car is a great inexpensive vehicle. If you need a great SUV this is the one.

I like the size of my Jeep Compass. It's a smaller SUV but not too small. It also doesn't have a fancy computer system that can break.

- Tanya G

It is very easy to put into four wheel drive.

I like the four wheel drive. This car was made very cheap. Makes a lot of noise when driving. The inside in back seat is very small.

- Pamela J

It seems to be reliable and mileage is good. Not bad for the price

I like how big it is for my kids. I don't like how the front by the sides is kind of a blind spot. I like that the mileage is good.

- Meri L

Could use some improvements.

Overall the Jeep compass is a very reliable vehicle. However I do wish that some of the features within my 2014 where more updated.

- L J

It is the perfect size for my normal usage.

I love the buttons on the steering wheel. I dislike that the stickers on the radio buttons seem to be starting to come off already.

- Allison B

It is reliable and safe. Good on fuel.

I like that it doesn't take much to fill up the gas tank. It gets a lot of gas per gallon. I wish it had more electronic functions.

- Lesa D

It's OK and I'm keeping it but it wouldn't be my top choice.

I used to have a jeep liberty and I loved it. I drove it for many years. Compare to that vehicle, the compass feels like a tin can.

- Amy T

It is very fuel efficient and very good on oil. It doesn't leak oil or any other fluids

I love my compass. It is very fuel efficient. It has a lot of room. If I had to change 1 thing it would be the outside design.

- Jenel G

Great vehicle. Small of town, big for hauling.

I love my car. It's small enough to travel around town but big enough to carry big items, it's great on gas and easy maintenance

- Sonjia C

Reliable and trustworthy. I have had this car since 2014 and have yet to need any maintenance other then oil changes.

It is reliable but also a little too big for what I need. I don't really like the way it looks. Not the usual jeep square body.

- Karen K

Jeep compass - Awesome vehicle overall

Absolutely love my vehicle. It is great if you like a mid size SUV. Great in all weather and holds up well as mileage goes up.

- Ashley B

That it is a compact 4 wheel drive vehicle that gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and the fact it has 4 wheel drive. It is small so not a lot of space for extra people or hauling stuff.

- Tory T

Performs as expected of a Jeep

Has a very small gas tank, only about twelve gallons which can be annoying if going farther away from densely populated areas.

- Eric T

Great gas mileage for all wheel drive. Fun to drive

I love the way the vehicle handles curves and rough roads. Don't like that some of the interior materials used are low budget

- Teresa V

It is only 4 years old and has had so many problems with it that I can not recommend it.

I do like driving it, it Is very comfortable. I have had a lot of issues with it though. With the electrical system and rust.

- Renae R

That it is much smaller suv than a cherokee however It handles extremely well and is very comfortable to drive.

I love the versatility of a jeep. I love that I can use it for multiple uses. And I also love the light blue metallic color.

- Karen R

Love my reliable Jeep Compass

My Jeep Compass has been very reliable. It is roomy and comfortable. I have had no issues with it and I would buy it again.

- Tara C

Good gas mileage. Easy, smooth drive. Family friendly.

Luxury meets durability here. The car is the best of both worlds. Comfortable, easy to clean, spacious and smooth to drive.

- Maddi W

If you have a larger family then this really isn't the car for you

The vehicle that I have is too small for my family of 4 but on the other hand it's good on gas and it is quite comfortable

- Derrick E

It's not very comfortable for long drives.

It isn't very comfortable for long drives. It's great on gas and fun to drive. I haven't had any major problems with it.

- Lisa B

Love the heated seats, remote start.

Good mileage, handles nice in winter, looks nice. Rides kind of ruff, seat adjustments, carpeting is hard to keep clean.

- Joan S

Gas mileage is great for this size vehicle. No problems since I have the vehicle

I love the compass because it has a good gas mileage. Great size for my family. Easy maintenance for it. Great vehicle.

- Nichelle F

It's awesome and makes me feel safe when I drive but is also fun.

I really like it. I wish it had automatic lights and a bigger gas tank. Overall I love it. I'm glad I got the sunroof.

- Brittany G

I've had it for close to 5 years now and haven't had any problems with having to get new parts for it.

My Jeep has always been good to me. It can handle any kind of weather. I've never had any real problems with my Jeep.

- Hailee C

Great comfort and style awesome in new england winter.

Don't like v6. Rather something more powerful for pulling out onto traffic on a major highway with small horsepower.

- Shawn V

It has a flip down tailgate speaker.

My vehicle is very reliable. It also has all the features I need such as 4 wheel drive and an amazing sound system.

- Ashley M

That it is a very dependable car but they do not make the dts anymore.

I like the way it drives. I do not like how you have to raise you leg to get over the ledge when you go to get in.

- Karen B

Smooth & quiet driving in city & highway.

A reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. It is modern & perfectly suited for what my needs are in a vehicle.

- Erin C

It is spacious and very easy to parallel park!! Love it

I love the look , the color. It gets great mileage and for that I am thankful!! Plenty of room for my dog too!!

- Melissa C

It would be a great car for a student.

The compass is too small. It does not have enough power to pull out in interstate traffic. And no Sirius radio.

- JoAnn H

4 wheel drive, fun to drive.

It is a reliable vehicle, no problems other than regular maintenance. Good milage. Good storage. Fun to drive.

- skip w

I love my car. No one would ever understand how much my car means to me.

I love Jeep?s. It is great on gas. The SUV has enough trunk space for activities and adventures with my kids.

- Stacy F

Do not buy this car you will not be happy.

My vehicle is very loud. It has bad gas mileage and drives very uncomfortable. I would like a different car.

- Chelsea M

It has great gas mileage.

Really great car. Great gas mileage. Has good power. Could have a little bigger trunk space to store things.

- Steven S

My vehicle was a demo car so it does not have all the extras that the model comes with

I love my Jeep it drives smooth and I have had no issues my only complaint is how compact it is for an suv

- Shawna S

I would like others to know that I am proud of my vehicle.

No complaints except the car payment. I love the car because it is easy getting in and easy getting out.

- Gloria L

My Review: 2014 Jeep Compass

Perfect size for me. Comfortable, dependable. Gets great gas mileage. Love that it has four wheel drive

- Martha B

It is Roomy and safe. Great in bad weather as well.

Very roomy inside. It's a quiet ride. A very safe vehicle all around. It is Great for traveling in. Yes

- Diana O

The gas tank is much smaller than other vehicles I've owned. I feel like I constantly fill up.

It gets good gas mileage. It has been a reliable vehicle so far. I do wish it had a roomier interior.

- Jennifer M

That it is great to have and very reliable.

Trunk is too small when you have a child.. Gas mileage is not all that great either for a 4 cylinder.

- Will M

It is a 4 wheel drive SUV which makes it perfect for driving in the winter, and has great gas mileage.

Love that it has 4 wheel drive. Wish it had bluetooth to call. Otherwise, it has everything I need.

- Desire B

Que pueden economizar gasolina en viajes. La seguridad que ofrecen

Es económico fácil de conducir no me gusta que se escucha mucho ruido exterior y es muy cómodo

- Federico R

size is a little small for me.

its medium size, gas mileage is o.k., and it looks good. engine problems with etc since year 2.

- richard e

It is not durable. I don't think it will last very long.

It is underpowered. It has an intermittent mechanical issue. Climate control is not durable.

- Marnie T

it has been reliable with no problems.. it is just right for our age.

i like the jeep due to its small size. it is good on gas. it has never given us any problems

- mary k

Great winter driving vehicle. Great clearance, and handling.

Like: high clearance, locking all wheel drive, handling, safety features. Dislike: none.

- Constance M

It gets good gas mileage. And is comfortable to drive.

Gas mileage is economical. I wish it was 4 wheel drive as I travel in the country a lot.

- Elice t

I like to keep it at least half full at all times. It drives smooth.

I like the height of it. It's easy to get in and out o it. I like the color, burgundy.

- Rachel L

My car has had it's driver's side door replaced due to an accident.

I love my Jeep. It is a good size SUV. I love the heated seats. I love the sunroof.

- Sarah S

It's has 4 wheel drive option. Bluetooth hands free available

Like the grill to vehicle and Bluetooth option. Dislike gas mileage and trunk space

- Will M

Good on gas and is efficient. Nice for the outdoor activities I do

I wish it were a little higher and more trunk space but other than that I like it.

- Kelly M

It is typically reliable but has Its quirks

I like the size and shape of the car. I would prefer if it had better gas mileage

- Kelly H

Drives great in winter, safe on the roads

I dislike the overheating problem that took 4 appointments to figure out and fix

- Karen P

It's cute as heck! And it's a Jeep.

It's sleek looking. It is okay on gas. I like the heated seats, and the look.

- Jillian Sergel S

handles very well in snow and gets good gas mileage.

nice look. easy to drive, handles very well. big enough to fit my needs.

- lis b

it is my first car and i'm very excited to have my own car. i so love being able to go anywhere i want. There is nothing that i dislike about my car

it gets me to the places i need to go and works well for me and my needs

- lilly m




I wish it was bigger. The time unk space is small. And it sits to low to the ground and the seats don't adjust up and down. However the 4 wheel drive is good and it handles well in weather

The radio has bad reception. The plastic paneling in the veh pops off

- Carrie J

Love the appearance. Love the simplicity of the interior. Only complaint is it is slightly small

It gets Great gas mileage and is comfortable for long distance trips

- Sara C

It is reliable and runs well to do what I need to do everyday

It gets me to work and back and is nice. It is mine and I earned it

- Jane W

It is a good, cheap vehicle. It has heated seats!!

The tires are noisy. The stereo is wonderful. It gets the job done.

- Amanda S

It has good mph, and is fast. It also looks very appealing.

I like this vehicle because it has good mph. It's also pretty fast

- Chevod R

Drives nice in all weather when you have decent tires on. If you put cheap tires on the car handles poorly

easy four wheel drive sunroof comfortable seating stylish design

- Mel H

not a lot of fancy features. more of a sports vehicle

room for several people. decent off road for a 2 wheel drive

- Jennifer B

its comfortable and looks good reliable. has good options

I like the looks of it ... looks like a baby grand cherokee

- allison h

COMFORT Affordable love the style not expense to drive

comfortable nice for traveling gas expenses very reasonable

- Diana M

Well, it is very good on gas.

Good on gas but cheaply made for a jeep.

- Anthony M

The compass has great space for hauling things while giving a smooth clean ride.

- Kelli K