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The overall traffic safety administration rates a four out of five stars.

With my Jeep compass you have to do almost everything manually. Such as locking the doors you have to press down the locks on each separate door with is pretty annoying. Also, headlights are manual and with my old car being automatic sometimes I forget that I have to turn them on. My side windows are manual, so you literally have to like push on the mirror for it to move instead of having a button to do it for you. Every time someone else drives my car they have to stick their hand outside of the car and adjust to their likings. Another thing is sometimes it is a little rough on bumps or just on the road in general, but other than that I love it.

- Chanel F

. The one nice feature is the rear view camera.

I have had Jeeps before. The best one I ever had was a 1995 sport. That car had a lot of get up and go. This one is all right but not the same. I am not thrilled by the automatic windows. They seem to do whatever they want to. The reverse view is a nice feature. The rest of it all just seems average to me. Haven't really had any problems with it, which is good. There has been call backs with it, all minor but still a hassle. Does not seem that the quality has gotten any better then in 95. I do not think that I would buy the same car again though. I would probably buy a Honda, Toyota or a Subaru next.

- Peter A

In the 45, 000 miles I have put on my car, I have never had an issue!

The reliability of my Jeep compass is absolutely great. I have gone on rugged roads, through deep puddles, and faced challenges with my car. I got into two accidents and neither time did my car or the other car get damaged. The mileage is okay, but I drive more than three times a day. I have never had internal issues with my car. I do have the most basic model so I do not have volume buttons on my steering wheel which I would recommend. I love the roominess of the car, it does not seem as big on the outside but there is plenty of space both in the back seat and trunk.

- Maddie T

Tough & awesome is my Jeep compass. It is cheap on gas but travels fantastic.

My Jeep compass is very comfortable to travel in. The mileage is so economically in savings it allows us to vacation longer. There have been two separate accidents I have been involved with in my Jeep compass, fault was the other drive. I was hit hard t-boned on drivers side two yrs. ago and it runs still like new. I am short so sitting in the driver's seat and seeing over the steering wheel was an issue for me until I just sat on a pillow and now I feel taller and more confident driving my Jeep . It truly is a tough and awesome machine!

- Roberta S

More room. I love the room in the back after the seats are folded back.

I love my Jeep compass but I wish it had more room. I wish it was wider in the front cause every time I put my arm on the arm rest it hits the other persons are. I wish it was a little taller since I am a tall woman. I like the room in the back. It could be a little bigger since I have to have my seat all the way back all the way. I love the fact that the seats fold down in the back because then you can fit quite a bit back there. Make sure when you get this vehicle you really love it.

- Amber M

2015 Jeep compass is reliable, sturdy and not fancy.

For our next car, we were looking for something a bit bigger and a bit rougher. Our Jeep compass has fit that bill perfectly. Living in a mountainous area, the 4-wheel drive is essential, and seat warmers an added bonus. This car is very reliable and gets great miles per gallon. Only issue I have with it is that I wish the stereo system was a more up-to-date system. There's no touch screen display and the phone connectivity is a bit complicated as it is all voice operated.

- Alex M

Automatic starter, seat warmers and mirror warmers.

I love my jeep compass. It is a great car that is not to big but also bigger than a car. We bought the car after having a Hyundai accent (very little car) and it didn't take much time to get use to it since it is a little bigger. So much room and is great family car. My absolute favorite thing about my car is the car started. It has came in clutch during the long winters in upstate NY. It handles very well in the snow which made me very happy since I hate driving in snow.

- Ali J

Jeep compass, comfortable and good on gas, great driver in any weather.

I am going into my third year of ownership with the 2015 Jeep compass, it is 4 wheel drive and drives probably the best out of every car/SUV I have driven in the snow. The dry road drive is great too. It is comfortable and the heated seats are the best! The fog lights are great for rain or snow and light up the road when there's no street lights. The back seats are large and comfortable too, and they fold down for great storage!

- Jessica B

2015 jeep compass: my experience.

The jeep is a small SUV but it runs good and it is great on gas. It does well in the snow. It fits four comfortably. The hatchback opens to a smaller space but it is good for groceries. I have mine for over 3 years and I enjoy driving it. The four wheel drive is easy to engage and disengage. For the four wheel drive you just pull up on a small bottom and the icon will light up in red to let you know it is in use.

- Karen S

Happy with my Jeep compass.

I am very happy with the quality of the Jeep compass. I get about twenty two miles per gallon, both highway and city driving. I have had the vehicle over two years with no issues. It has a spacious back seat - my husband is 6'4" and can sit in the back with no problems. It can hold five people - two in front and three in the back. It has a large trunk. The radio can be programmed for twelve stations.

- Jennifer C

Jeep compass is the best SUV for comfort, safety, and gas mileage in one package.

My Jeep compass is an amazing care. I have never had any problems with it and I feel safe in it while I am driving. I am 6'3 and I feel comfortable behind the wheel. I have plenty of leg room and my head does not hit the ceiling. I also love the gas mileage as I feel like I save a ton of money on gas each year while being able to take my SUV across long distances for family trips. It is a great car!

- Drew V

Reliable and comfortable!

I have not had any issues with my Jeep its reliable, comfortable and affordable. I have the high altitude version so I have the automatic start and heated seats and steering wheel. The only issue I have is the Bluetooth is not easy to use. It keeps wanting me to use preset text responses, have to go back to the garage to figure out how to send my own messages.

- Amy R

Black Jeep compass. 2015 in 2018. 25000 miles.

Very nice reliable vehicle.. Best purchase in my life.. Nice drive, sturdy steering alignment, tire tread is in good condition, only had 25000 miles when I purchased, nice travel vehicle as well, never had a day it didn't start, auto starter limited features, only 10 gal. tank so gas run me about 25 to 35 a week depending on price but nothing more than that.

- Brian E

Cost efficient with gas. Fits three passengers, tightly but comfortable.

My jeep compass drives very smooth. Pedals are not hard and steering is easy. One thing I do not like is the sound the motor makes when in idle or when it is really cold outside and the car is warming up. It was perfect for my little family of 4, but now with an infant, the back seats really tight. Wish the back seats were more comfortable.

- J G

I love my Jeep and it is awesome reliability and features. Reliable.

I heart my Jeep . Is the best car I have ever driven. The reliability and features are really what got me to buy. It is a comfortable ride with Bluetooth accessibility and the maintenance is as normal and never has left me stranded. When I am ready to buy a new car I am actually looking for a Jeep patriot because I love the brand so much.

- Rachel S

Jeep compass great purchase!

No problems so far. Gas mileage is pretty good. It is very comfortable and love the seat warmers. I wish it had the steering wheel warmer. I bought larger tires which makes your mileage off a few mph so be careful. Love the sunroof! No leakage and provides great airflow. I would recommend purchasing a Jeep compass. Compact yet SUV worthy!

- Cheryl S

Jeep compass 3 year review 77, 000 miles.

Jeeps are pretty different to drive compared to common and popular everyday makes: Toyota, Honda, Kia, etc. Recently, my compass has been giving me many problems with the engine. I have driven roughly 77k miles on it in 3 years so that may be why. I love the interior and room of the compass yet, I do not feel like I am driving a boat.

- Sarah T

Reliable and comfortable, in all weather.

During the winter, I have had no issues with the compass in the snow. I am very comfortable in all weather conditions. I have not noticed any mechanical issues yet. I have a basic package, but the vehicle is comfortable and stylish. After purchasing this vehicle, I am sure that I will always have a Jeep compass in the future.

- Mckenzie B

Comfortable, sleek,, compact, and dependable.

Comfortable bed hicks that is reliable and dependable. Could use more power for a crossover but overall very happy with this jeep! Trunk has lots of extra storage space and the interior is comfortable with leather and enough leg room for the back seat. Highly recommend if you are transitioning to a mini SUV type of car.

- Rebecca B

Jeep compass altitude edition 2015.

I honestly love my car. It has lived up to its standards. The only thing I have a problem with I s it keeps squeaking when I break. I have taken it to the repair shop & they keep telling me my brakes are fine. Aside from that I haven't had any problem with it. I would definitely buy another jeep in the future.

- Ruth D

Jeep Compass perfect "about town & commuter vehicle."

Great around town and local driving vehicle. Would prefer a little more cargo capacity and wider stance. Handles well and easy to park. Have averaged 28 mpg/Hwy (4 cyl 1.2 engine I believe) which I am pleased with. Average seat comfort. Some road noise--could be quieter. Overall, I am pleased with the car.

- Barbara S

Cute design but very cheaply man.

It is a cute car. But everything on it is cheaply made. There’s not pump to it when I hit the gas pedal. The letters that say compass are falling off. The interior is falling apart. The paint on it is chipping. The brakes lock up. And I am blind sighted still haven't got the feel for distance when parking.

- Sandra F

I took it from jasper Indiana to Cape Cod and had no issues.

Haven't had any problems yet. It has ran effectively the whole time I have had it. Cruise works very nicely and I use it all the time. Offers a nice smooth ride on the highway. Gets pretty good gas mileage as well although the tank is not very big. I drive it all the time and it has always been reliable.

- Cal K

Perfect compact adventure Jeep.

I love my Jeep compass. It is the perfect size for me and perfect for road trips. When I first bought my Jeep I took it to Wyoming and "climbed" a mountain with her! One thing I wish was different was being able to have Bluetooth connection. Traveling would be much better if I could connect wirelessly.

- Madison L

I like the Jeep for its ability to help me with my projects and hauling.

I like the storage space and roominess of the back seat area, and how it folds down to allow for hauling. The traction is actually not that great for a Jeep which is surprising and the gas mileage in city is good. Some of the dash features and the gear stick are flimsy plastic and have broken.

- Brian T

Love the 2015 Jeep compass!!

I haven't had many problems with my 2015 Jeep compass. I just recently had to have a part replaced but it was still under warranty. The Jeep is very reliable. I love the features except for maybe having a USB port, which would be helpful. Not great gas mileage but easy to get in 4 wheel drive.

- Stacey Q

The rear view mirror has a dimming option. It works great driving home from night.

Jeep compass altitude edition is amazing. Upgraded larger tires, sportier and edgy. Heated seats is a nice addition. The compass is great on gas and rides really smooth. Not one problem in 3 years. Super reliable and super reasonable. It is roomy for everyday driving as well as road trips.

- Ashley V

My first car, the 2015 jeep compass.

I enjoy its remote start, navigation, Bluetooth, heated seats, sunroof, and off hands control. However as a 2015 car, the navigation sometimes fails to work or lag and sometimes remote start does not work, but I still love my car regardless as it is my first car and very reliable.

- A S

You can still say you own a Jeep

I love this jeep, it is great because its not as big and clunky as the traditional jeep models but it still has the engineering of a jeep. (You still get to say you own a jeep) its a perfect midsize SUV for road trips and the gas mileage is great considering its predecessors

- Sarah Z

This is a great vehicle for the price.

I absolutely love this vehicle. It is very comfortable, I love the fog lights, they help a lot. It is decent on gas, getting about 28 mpg. I have a 5 speed and it could use a little more power. It is good for daily driving around town but not so much for interstate driving.

- Helen B

I have a red jeep compass with 4 wheel drive.

I think it is a little to compact in the front and it is a big gas hog.. But I still like my jeep I might get another one soon. It will hopefully be a wrangler my favorite kind. I love the heated seats and satellite radio in it too. I wish there was more room for my dog.

- Jess H

A great all around vehicle.

Highly recommended as a small SUV. Great on gas mileage and in all sorts of weather. Great for road trips and beach trips. . Small enough for one person but big enough for a family of 3. Plus a dog. Great off roading vehicle as well! Lots of fun to drive in the snow!

- Sarah D

it you have kids... get a bigger vehicle! this is too small if u have more than one kid.

It needs more room. the compass not a family car at all. when something on it goes wrong it all goes wrong. the hatch doesn't work half of the time. the trunk space is smaller than a nissan altima. i really wish i had gotten a minivan at this point just for the space.

- rachel h

Love my Jeep compass. Comfortable. Reliable and fun to drive.

I have not had any problems with my Jeep compass, none. It is comfortable. I get great gas mileage. It handles well in rain and snow. I have the ability to go from automatic to stick shift drive and that has been helpful when I have been confronted with an icy hill.

- Jerry C

The amazing dependable 2015 Jeep Compass.

My Jeep Compass is great on gas, comfortable to ride in, has power window, locks and cruise. It really only seats 4 comfortable you can do 5 if there is a small child. The only problem we had was the throttle body sensor went out but that was covered by warranty.

- Angela F

A Jeep that does not look like a traditional one.

There’s no pump to it when I press on the pedal like my Plymouth breeze had, a little blind sighting and very touchy brakes but I love how much I get compliments on how cute it is. A little weird but I always see strangers hanging around my car checking it out.

- Sandra F

Jeep compass, great little SUV for the family.

There have been no problems with this vehicle. It is a sport little SUV that has enough power to get out of the way when you need it to. This is a fun family compact SUV that is worth the money. If you are looking for a compact SUV, this is the vehicle for you.

- Dwayne H

It seats 5. Gets me where I need to go. The price was good and affordable.

Would like for it to have move port Chargers it only has one would be nice to have one in the back seat and one in the hatch. Overall I like my Jeep I will buy another one it has been a great running vehicle. My next Jeep will have more bells and whistles.

- Marilee S

The compose is easy to get in and out of.

The compass is very comfortable. It is easy to get in and out. It has a smooth ride. There is lots of room in truck. There is lots of personal room. It has an easy view to see around the vehicle when driving. It has great inside lighting at night. I like it.

- Patty S

I am short and find it very comfortable.

The car has slow pick up. It does give a smooth ride though. Nice appearance. I have gotten many compliments on what a nice looking vehicle it is. It gets good gas mileage. Comfortable seating. Hatchback has plenty of room. So far car has been very reliable.

- Linda W

Jeep compass features and performance.

Never had any problems, performance issues or reliability issues. Comfort for me is great and I have the sport package so no really added features, but I don't really need them. Had to get new tires and new brakes after 3 years. Payment in it is affordable.

- Christina Z

This vehicle has a lot of good characteristics.

My Jeep has leather heated seats great air conditioner is 4 wheel drive gets good gas mileage. You can get XM radio. There is a backup camera. Has enough hatch space to pack for a week vacation for a family of 4. Very reliable and dependable. Easy to clean.

- Jessica H

Reliable, low maintenance, spacious and comfortable.

I really like my 2015 Jeep compass. It is very spacious and driving is comfortable. The only thing is that I have the very basic Jeep compass. It accelerates very slow, no Bluetooth, automatic seat adjustment or backup sensor but overall, it is a great SUV.

- Marcus L

It is sporty, rugged and roomy for utility yet stylish and understated.

Really like the jeep compass because it is great on gas mileage and does have the 4 x 4 which is great in snowy weather. The only thing I do not love is the lack of speed. It feels like the 4 cylinder is too small for a truck that can do and hold so much.

- Rosanna L

2015 Jeep compass latitude review.

I love being higher up than I was in my previous car (Honda Accord). I get good gas mileage and the ride is surprisingly smooth for a SUV. I have no blind spots while driving. My favorite features are the backup camera, remote start and heated seats.

- Hail O

It's a good small family vehicle. Wouldn't suggest with 2 or more small children.

I like that it gets me where I need to go. It's a good family car. I don't like how small the back seat is. After you put two car seats back there nothing else really can fit. I also wish it had more get up and go and a larger gas tank.

- Desirae B

Independent individual friendly AND family friendly.

I absolutely love my 2015 Jeep Compass, it gets excellent gas mileage for a jeep, it's family friendly and independent friendly at the same time. I would only change the color of it, as I've only seen my vehicle in dark blue or black.

- Megan C

It's fuel efficient. It gets great gas mileage within the city as well as outside the city.

I'm a very big fan of the Jeep brand. I live how my compass is compact for my Fury life. I also like how it's equipped for a more rugged trip. However, I'm 6 foot tall and it could definitely use sine more head, leg, and elbow space.

- Antwone S

I like how it drives kind of rough but is still smooth.

Love the interior and exterior. Dislike how rough it can be sometimes but overall really like it. I think it could have more of a luxury feel to it on the inside and maybe more feminine features since the compass is not a manly car.

- Heather F

It is reliable and a great car if you have children.

Just want my dream car. Jeep Compass is a good car especially when you have children. I want a faster car with more get up and go but other than that it is a great car. I don't have anything bad to say about the Jeep compass sport.

- Mary B

My car is enjoyable to drive and makes me feel safe on the road.

I like the remote start feature. I like the heated, leather seats. The interior has tan leather seats with orange thread detailing that I really like. I dislike the lack of legroom in the back seat. I dislike the small gas tank.

- Whitney B

What I thought about my vehicle. Good and bad.

Overall it is a reliable vehicle. It has good gas mileage, it wasn't really what I was looking for. At the time it was what I good afford. Next time I hope to get what I really want. Kia Soul or some kind of Nissan suv. You

- Lisa S

It has a lot better has mileage than it advertises. That is a rarity.

I like the great gas mileage. The ride is smooth and it has low mileage. It like the outlet in the console to plug in my phone charger. I like the leather seats. It is a great investment. I have not had any dislikes yet.

- Kevin M

It gets me where I need to go. Drives and runs great.

Well I went a year without a vehicle. The Jeep was a great price for me. The only thing I do not like is it is the bottom line basic model. Only has one charging ports in the front of the car nothing in the back.

- Marilee G

Great on gas backup camera satellite radio just an all around great car.

I love my car because I drive lot and have put on over 100,000 miles. It drives great, spacious, and just all around love my car.... Dislikes are after driving for so many miles the seat has become uncomfortable.

- Margaret M

Basic Compass still beats A fully loaded Toyota RAV4.

I like that it has comfortable seating in front and back, great gas mileage, little in regards to repairs. I dislike Its size, I would prefer it a little larger for more storage room in back and seating in rear.

- Nickcole V

Reliable Jeep Compass Sport - LOVE

I really love my Jeep Compass Sport. I have had it for a little over 3 years now, and it has not given me any problems. I get pretty decent gas mileage. It is comfortable, even though it is only the base model.

- Rachel M

I really love my Jeep compass.

It is green. Purchased new 5/15. Only 28, 000 miles. Average gas mileage 28 mpg. No maintenance issues. I have had all recommended preventative maintenance performed including oil change every 5000 miles.

- Jeff L

Safe And Comfortable Drive

Easy to drive for someone petite like myself and for my husband who is taller as well. I feel safe in it and it drives smoothly. However, I do think a recall was issued few months ago on one of the parts.

- Yumna M

It's not good on gas, and you can't drive fast, but it might protect you in a side collision accident.

I love the interior, and the overall capability of the vehicle. I hate the gas mileage, there is no acceleration, and the U-connect bluetooth system is AWFUL. Also, the keyless entry often doesn't work.

- Char B

The most important thing people should know is that even though there are a lot of windows and window space there are 2 fairly large blind spots right behind both of the front seats.

I like that our vehicle is a crossover SUV so has the look of a mini SUV. It drives easily. What I don't like is that we have 2 fairly large blind spots and sometimes it takes a while to pick up speed.

- Lynnette M

It handles great in all kinds of weather!

I love my Jeep Compass because it looks modern, easy to drive, and is reliable. I don't like the position of the back seat car handles. They are parallel to the window, not in the normal position.

- Valerie M

My car shakes when the brake is being used. Everyone says that it is fine, but I don't think it is.

I like how spacious the car is. The only complaint I have is that is it not as big as my other car I used to have. I also do not like how my car shakes and apparently everything is okay with it.

- Katelyn W

The dealer says squeaky brakes are very common for this model car.

My Jeep Compass runs good and has a lot of room instead to load the things I need. I have had problems with squeaky brakes from the beginning and that I do not like. I get decent gas mileage.

- Linda N

It is a well put together car if you take care of it.

It has plenty of space. The car has a safe feel to it. I don't like that there is only one port for auxiliary cords. Also I have to get oil changes a lot more frequently than my other cars.

- Martin J

The price of the car is great performance of the car is excellent.

Love the style of the. Car. Good on gas. Runs smooth. There's nothing I dislike about my car. The price was good. When detailed, car looks extra nice. Cannot think of anything else to say.

- Vicky A

That is has great gas mileage, we only have to fuel our jeep once a week, that's with going back and forth to work everyday and weekend errands. It's a great money saver.

We used to have a 8 passenger vehicle, and since we bought the jeep, we have been very satisfied with the gas mileage as well as the comfort and overall performance of the vehicle itself.

- Debbie W

It's reliable and affordable. It has good space in the back for groceries. It's also easy to handle on the road.

I like the size and comfortable seats. Had a problem with squeaking wet brakes when I back up. Dealership said nothing wrong. It bugs me to this day. Also wish it had day running lights.

- Marie C

It is a very dependable car.

I love how spacious it is. I love that I feel like I can adventure in it. I do not like that I have a new vehicle and I've had engine trouble and it doesn't run as smoothly as it could.

- Rachel M

Great 4wd feature. Has an option to use manual gear shift.

My vehicle is a 2015 Jeep Compass. I really enjoy it. It's very reliable. I like that it alerts me when I need to change my oil. No problems with it in the year and a half I've had it.

- Megan M

Great Sized Car for Zipping Around

Love the size of my Compass; great for hauling things around. Back seats are not meant for large passengers. Gas mileage is average; tank is rather small. Great little car, all in all.

- Sandy C

The most important thing to know about my car is just how good it is.

My vehicle is very efficient in how it allows me to move at high speeds. It also is very comfortable for Its size. The only thing I dislike is that it takes a good amount of fuel.

- Chris C

It's very dependable and easy to drive, there's no learning curve.

I love how it drives and it is very reliable. However, I wish there were more high tech features. I also like the compact size but would love more room to carry things with me.

- Megan L

Very reliable affordable vehicle with comfortable seating and lots of cargo room

It's a great fit for me. 4 wheel drive gets me where I need to go in bad weather lots of passenger and cargo room. Reliable but doesn't get as good mileage as I was hoping for

- Kathy D

Very good, small SUV. Very reliable

The only issue I've found is that while reversing, the breaks make a very loud squeaking sound. I've also been told by others who have the same vehicle that theirs do the same

- Sheridane Y

Good gas mileage for an suv, like the size for everyday use plus a bit of extra space. Comfort

The size fits my life well offering enough cabin space as well as storage/ trunk space without being too large a vehicle to be an everyday get around town kind of vehicle.

- Tracy M

There's a possibility for transmission and other maintenance issues.

It's been an ok vehicle but has had some problems. I had to replace the fuel pump about 6 months after I bought it, and the transmission has been slipping for about a yr.

- Adrianna S

It burns through gas like crazy and it is not cheap to fill up

I like that it is an SUV yet still compact. I also like that it is a good sized trunk for anything I need. I don't like that it is horrible on gas and also very pricey.

- Kimberly S

The perfect sleek roadster.

4 years and not a problem! Rides smooth, great on gas, roomy for road trips and great accessories inside (heated seats). Super reliable and the best I have ever owned.

- Ashley B

The doors on the back the handles are on the side.

I do not like how there’s not much room in the back of my car. Also how’s there's a lot of blind spots. But I love how it turns into sport mode and drive smoothly.

- Maria E

I bot my jeep used yet still very reliable...we all love reliability

Very reliable in extreme temperatures...it helps to use full synthetic oil and use the best quality gas...I don't believe I'll buy any other make for as long as I live

- Joseph H

The most important think i look to buy new car is the price, good mileage, color The most important think i look to buy new car is the price, good mileage, color The most important think i look to buy new car is the price, good mileage, color

very good car good on gas the gas tank little to small very good car good on gas the gas tank little to small very good car good on gas the gas tank little to small

- bruno p

Comfort and dependability.

I love my Jeep compass. I feel like I can travel through any northeast weather event and make it safely. . Its dependability and comfort is definitely a thumbs up.

- Lesley M

The 4WD messes up after a while.

I like the way the car picks up, the interior is great. I love the mileage I get on gas. I love little need for maintenance and the way it stays runs very smooth.

- Raven B

The Jeep Compass runs well, is fuel efficient, and a good investment. Also priced reasonable for a reliable vehicle.

I like my vehicle because it has good gas mileage. I like that my vehicle has low mileage and is well maintained. My only complaint is that my vehicle is small.

- Angela K

Good gas mileage, small engine, but still has good acceleration.

Small SUV. Gets great gas mileage easy to drive and does a good job in the snow for Pennsylvania winters. This is my second Compass and I'm hooked on them.

- Tom P

Dependable and safe. Plenty of room and super cold ac.

All weather and decent on gas safe looks nice and is very dependable. Jeep is a great reliable vehicle good factory stereo and roomy enough for our family.

- Angie H

Total package. You get a car feel with SUV perks. Compact yet plenty of storage.

Big enough without being too big. SUV without the big vehicle feel. Good gas mileage, great storage room, dependable, classy body style, smooth ride.

- Beth H

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it has good performance and comfort for long journeys

My vehicle has a great performance on the road I like its comfort, it is economical with gasoline, the spare parts, although original, do not last long

- Rodrigo P

It has great gas mileage. I can go on super long trips and don't have to worry about running out of gas.

It's very spacious. Handles really well on the road. I don't have to worry about it handling in bad weather because it's very sturdy and solidly built.

- Nora R

That is very comfortable to drive in.

I don't know just go buy what you want to if you like it than go with what your gut tells you to do so that you don't miss out on a big opportunity.

- David S

Very satisfied Jeep compass buyer.

My Jeep compass is a very reliable vehicle of which I have had no major maintenance issues. Driving it is comfortable and I feel safe on the roads.

- Scott M

Transmission can be both automatic or standard just have to slap the shift stick a certain way to change it

It gets me around where I need to go. Has heated seats which I love. Can switch to automatic or standard which makes it a great vehicle for anybody

- Amanda G

I have the most standard model. The one thing I enjoy most is the Bluetooth.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I have continuously gotten routine maintenance checks. I would strongly recommend purchasing this vehicle.

- Jenna M

Great car, not sure what the most important aspect would be.

I love the jeep Cherokee, it is reliable and sturdy. The inside is comfortable. The only thing is that it can be a little bit of a gas guzzler.

- Laura S

It is reliable and comfortable.

I like that my vehicle is spacious and comfortable. I can rely on it and gas is not a burden. I dislike that my car is only front wheel drive.

- Carson M

The tires can be a little costly. The radio doesn't always stay connected to Bluetooth.

Amazing jeep! The 4x4 helps save me in any bad weather we may have. My only issue is my radio likes to randomly disconnect from my Bluetooth.

- John G

The Jeep Compass is a very reliable car.

The Jeep Compass is a very comfortable car. Great on gas on and off the highway. Love the heated seats. Wish it had a larger storage area.

- Yvonne E

It is a pretty good price and drives well.

I like my vehicle because Jeep is a good brand. I love the white color. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a sunroof or navigation.

- Megan C

It is a comfortable vehicle. It works well in the weather. It gets through 5 inches of snow with no difficulty.

If you need to fit three large carseats than this vehicle is not be enough for your family. Two car seats fit in the back perfectly.

- Mary M

The gas mileage is not what I had expected, I thought it would be over 25mpg

The only thing I am not happy about is MPG is only about 25 mpg which is stretching it. I love the hatchback for hauling my pets in.

- Anita S

It is fast. Ok I have said all I have to say about my car, I love my car.

I love my jeep because it is well made it looks really tough with that jeep grill.. And if taken care will have a good resale value.

- Donna H

That is has great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and the overall aesthetic of the car. The interior is nice but not very spacious. The backseat is too small.

- Ohara P

I named my car (I name all my cars) Panther as in Black Panther it is sleek but mighty.

I like the gas mileage of the vehicle. It also has a fair amount of cargo space. I do wish it had a little more cargo space though.

- Don w

A small/ compact SUV that gives more room than a sedan and better gas mileage than a full SUV.

Great for singles, couples or small families, reliable, remote start is a must. Small gas tank is my only negative besides size.

- Shannon S

It is pretty good on gas. It is not a smooth ride, very bouncy

Dislike: Over the winter my windows were covered with condensation on the inside and my windshield actually froze on the inside.

- Karen H

It is a smaller SUV, but it gets great gas mileage.

I like the high gas mileage. It like that it has low mileage. It has a smooth ride. It could use a little more get up and go.

- Kevin M

It is a good vehicle for the money. While it does have lower end features, it gets me from place-to-place with no problem.

I enjoy my car very much. The only problem I have with it is the drum breaks. They cause a lot of squeaking on a regular basis.

- Holly P

It is very low to the ground for a jeep.

I like that it has a backup camera. I dislike that you have to switch back and forth between the mileage and the temperature.

- Jesse H

I guess that it is good on gas and does well in the snow.

Good on gas, wish I would of purchased he next jeep size up for more room for more storage like picking up building material.

- Dominic A

The backseat handles on the outside are on the side of the door.

I love the ability to go in and out of 4 wheel drive pretty easily. I wish it had Bluetooth capability and a back up camera.

- Allison R

Slightly Above Average Compass

Engine is loud, I like the 4x4 wheel drive. The engine is somewhat powerful. Gas mileage is average, could be a lot better.

- Ben S

I would say that is would be that there is not a lot of room in it. It has same amount of room in it as my last car which was a 2011 avenger.

It don't handle the best and it is not very powerful. It also is not that good one gas for having a very small motor in it.

- nicole f

Jeep Compass pet friendly review

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. It has tons of room for my dogs. The back seat lowers easily. The radio is easy to use.

- Annie F

It's awesome! I love the way it makes me feel

I love the heated seats I do not like how my headlight are not automatic I love the spacious room I do not like the color

- CAtherine S

Jeeps are dependable. The ride is smooth, but can also handle rougher terrain.

The Bluetooth system does not work as well as it good. I would like more comfortable seats. My payment is ridiculous.

- Rachel S

For a small size SUV, it is great on gas. It is very dependable.

The interior design is not as updated as I would prefer but the car itself is nice. I like the gas to mileage ratio.

- Marilyn L

Compact good on gas was a great price.

It is better on gas than my truck was and so far needs no repairs and much easier for me to get into than my truck.

- Barbara E

Great SUV, smaller than traditional SUVs.

Leather interior, sunroof, power seats, spacious. Engine is making a strange sound. Great on fuel, highway miles.

- Michelle G

Absolutely love my vehicle

Great for anyone with a family that wants a vehicle that works in the snow. Very comfortable and rides smoothly.

- Jeannine C

Very dependable and comfortable.

Awesome car. The only problem I have is that it does not have automatically headlights. I love the heated seats.

- Catherine Z

This vehicle is very good on gas.

This vehicle is not spacious. However it has proven to be very efficient on gas and is very safe for our family.

- Taylor B

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a great vehicle for outdoor activities. It can get me to the difficult places that I need to travel and to carry my gear.

I really like my Jeep. It's comfortable, reliable, and has the basic functionality I'm looking for in a vehicle.

- Cassandra M

Its size is great for a small family. Great on road trips.

I like the size and its features. Gas mileage could be better I commute a lot. The insurance is also expensive.

- Sara B

It handles nicely, it is comfortable, and fuel efficient.

I like the comfort, way it handles, interior design, ability to carry stuff. I do not like the gas mileage..

- Cindy P

it is very reliable and safe

It has very comfortable seats and has good sound for music and also nice wheels and good safety precautions

- Justin H

Not enough pep in the motor for me. Slow when you start to go.

The vehicle is to small for transporting small children and all the strollers and car seats that you need

- Heather M

Cheap and reliable gas saver.

Great 4x4 for a reasonable price good on gas comfortable on long trips easy to drive no problems stylish.

- Amanda S

Do not buy it. They do not make roof racks.

It has no get up and go. The blind spots are ridiculous. It has nice features. Tires are super expensive.

- Jack D

A car for all seasons. Cool in summer. Warm in winter.

Very reliable. Fuel efficient. Easy maintenance. Comfortable to drive. Reasonable maintenance costs.

- Elizabeth R

The compass rides very smooth.

I love how my car looks. The only problem with it is that it is very slow. I wish it had a bigger motor.

- Tori V

My vehicle has great mileage, it is highway ready. It is a good all around vehicle

I have no complaints about my vehicle but I would have loved to have heated seats and adjustable petals

- Carla G

It can carry a lot on the inside.

It is very reliable, easy and smooth to drive, has a lot of room inside and looks great on the outside.

- Lisa H

I feel safe when driving my jeep. Also I like the height from the ground .

I feel very safe when driving my jeep. I am able to see the road and other drivers from a higher seat!

- Liyah C

Jeep compass is the next best thing to a Wrangler.

It's an awesome size without being too big or too small. Seats fold down in the back. Great leg room.

- Cpooh S

It is comfortable and has enough leg room

I have had no major problems. It is easy to handle easy to get in and out of gets great gas mileage

- alberta s

It is good on mileage for a Jeep!

No back up monitor or car starter. Everything else I love. Wish it showed the miles until empty too.

- Mal F

One really important thing about my suv is that it gets good gas mileage.

It's a great vehicle. Only complaint is that it gets air in the brake lines and squeak sometimes.

- Stacey R

The compass is a tough little suv that gets you where you need to go.

I love that it is a small suv. The gas mileage is pretty good. The payments are not so fun.

- anna r

Jeeps although great cars can take a lot of gas and use it up quicker than other cars.

I like how smooth it drives and the wheel is easy to handle. I love the interior as well.

- Abby R

It's good on gas and cheap to fill up once every two weeks

dislike the space smaller than my last suv and things it offers bad bluetooth etc

- M B

The vehicle was not what I expected

Brakes squeal when backing up. Rides very rough. It does get decent gas mileage

- Arthur K

I have 4 wheel drive that I can turn off when not needed.

I love the gas mileage. The design of the vehicle is great. Drives great!

- Wendy H

I love the way it drives. However I do wish the gas mileage was better

It keeps me safe no matter where I am going, I know I will get there safely

- Rylee P

that my compass is comfortable and fun to drive

It's very easy to drive. it is very comfortable. it gets good gas mileage

- jody L

It's cool and sexy and it gets me where I need to go in style

Ride is smooth and comfortable. Decent gas mileage. It's a chick magnet

- T M P

Its dependable gets good gas mileage and has lots of room

I like the style and the gas mileage wish a few more electronic upgrades

- Karen B

Smaller SUV but has enough room for two children. I do wish it was a little more spacious and I would prefer a vehicle with 3rd row seating to accommodate guests. It is good on gas!

Good on gas and a reliable vehicle for a small family with children.

- Lisa N

The trunk/storage area is too small. I would never purchase again. I like the four wheel drive. It's good in the snow.

It's too small. Can't fit enough beach chairs for four people.

- Lisac C

It is roomy and comfortable but it uses too much gas. the ride is not very smooth and the brakes squeak

This car is not very fuel efficient, I was expecting it to be

- orlin f

Great price and very economical. Very reliable with a great warranty.

Great gas mileage. Perfect size for me. Very comfortable.

- Tracy S

It's Roomy and It Has Plenty of Space for Vacation luggage

It Is A Beautiful Red Color and Has an amazing interior

- Jerrod W

It seems to be safe for my family which is important to me.

It is very basic. It is not roomy. Hard to get out of.

- Aly C

It's safe and very durable

It's a very dependable car and very good on gas

- joe P

Overall, this is a good vehicle, but do not expect more than what you pay for.

- Catherine T