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My Jeep compass it opened a new world for me.

When my car was involved in an accident my rental was a white Jeep compass. I fell in love with the Jeep . It was much more roomy than my car. It also looked good and drove excellent. People would ask me if was mine. I loved being seen in it. When my car was repaired I hated to give it back. I went online and gathered information about Jeep s and then compass in particular. Before the rental I had never ridden in a Jeep so I was impressed. I decided that the next vehicle that I bought would be a Jeep compass. I also asked some of my coworkers who own Jeep s about the maintenance. They only told me positive things. The day arrived that I decided to purchase a new vehicle and my mind reflected back to the Jeep compass. I researched the dealerships in a hundred miles radius, the prices, the interior room space, the technology that was offered, the color and interior. I also made comparison of the other Jeep models. From the pictures I could tell some of them are too big for me. After my research I decided to go to some local dealers and test drive, check out the exterior and the feel of handling the compass. I went to three dealerships. At the last dealership when I drove up I saw the Jeep compass for me. It was the right size, color. Comfortable in side, beautiful inside and was the perfect Jeep for me. I will never forget the rental Jeep compass it opened a whole new world for me. My experience with the Jeep compass is all positive.

- Joyce A

Jeep compass. Great gas mileage, comfy ride that will go anywhere in any weather.

I am happy with my Jeep compass and the many features it came with. It was reasonably priced for what I got. I got a loaded 4x4 with many options cheaper than any of the comparable in the other brands. So far the gas mileage is good and I have had no problems with it. I have had it for almost 3 years. It has great pick up and does high the road pretty good for an SUV. The transmission seems to be smooth. The heated seats are great. I wish the moon roof was a little bigger. I think the code on the outside of the car for the keyless entry would make this car one of my top picks for the money. I had a Ford Escape with the keyless entry code on the door and the convenience of not having to carry your keys was great! The radio system works well and has a great sound. The braking system is good and I have never had issues stopping. The 4x4 is great. I can go through all kinds of weather with absolutely no problems. The tires that come with the Jeep do not seem to last long. I had to put all new tires on my vehicle rather quickly. The total package on this SUV is well worth the money. I am happy with it performance and will be keeping it at least another 3 years. It also has the manual option and of works very well. The seats are very comfortable and the seat belt fits a short person like myself very well. I would get another Jeep when I choose to purchase my next car. you hope this little blur helps you on the purchase of your next Jeep.

- Cassie B

A nice ride with a couple of imperfections.

My compass is very dependable, so far. I only have about 8 thousand miles on it and have only owned it a year. Fairly comfortable but could use a little more room. I got a lower version of this model. The stereo is a little better than average. It sounds fairly decent but craps out at high volume. It has Bluetooth u-connect so your phone links with car stereo. There are also volume and channel changing buttons on the steering wheel along with buttons to answer your phone on. The only real complaint I have with this is you can only reply to text messages from a predefined list of simple messages. It can understand a little speech but could be better. I have not needed the all wheel drive yet and we did not get much of any snow last year to really test it. We did get some ice and I would tell you about the compass as any other vehicle, stay home if possible. The small engine is undersized for the car. It is peppy enough and you can get up to cruising speed pretty quickly with the 9 speed transmission but if you carry any weight or extra people with you, fuel mileage drops dramatically. They didn't put a spare tire in it because of mileage concerns. That size tire and an aluminum wheel would weigh, at the most, 50 pounds. What does that tell you about hauling a lot of things, around. Overall, I like it but next time I will know a little better what to look for.

- Randy E

The front passenger side brakes squeal and service can never hear it nor locate any problem with the brake.

The Compass Sport is extremely small inside. It can comfortably carry 2 adults and 2 children under age 12. Tall people will have difficulty sitting comfortably (better on passenger side). 2 overweight, average height can ride upfront, however it can be crowded feeling. It is a 2L engine so if you want to get up and go (i.e. while entering onto an interstate), you need to leave plenty of room between you and upcoming traffic. Since purchasing the vehicle in 2016 the passenger seat belt sensor goes off often when seat belt is properly in use. Dealership has never found the problem therefore no repairs attempted. Same with front passenger brake squealing, especially in wet conditions. Finally the rear seat should easily host a rear facing car seat. However this is not the case. If you have a growing family, checkout a larger Jeep.

- Belinda M

The 2016 jeep compass perfect crossover for the average size family.

I really enjoy all jeep products. I will always own a jeep. They drive forever. I have a jeep that was still running after 300,000 miles. This new jeep that I have, the compass, is a very comfortable vehicle. It has quite a few options and it was priced exactly where I needed it to be. I would definitely buy another one. I really like that I can connect my phone through the radio and talk hands free. I very much enjoy the heated seats. It is the perfect size for myself and my 9 year old twins. I love that it is white. I love the weathertech floor mats that fit perfect in the jeep. They keep the floors amazingly clean and ready for trade in time, when I get my next jeep. Which will also be a used car. I do not believe in buying new.

- Sherry W

Be willing to pay top dollar or it will not live up to your expectations.

My compass has no power. A lot of rev in the engine but it does not go anywhere. Mileage per gallon is great I pay about 32 for a tank that lasts a week and a half. It does have a hub noise which is not from wear and tear I drive the car to and from work that is all not sure how that happened. It is got a good sized trunk and the legroom in the back is great considering I have three car seats back there. The heated seat and remote start are amazing features but for a lease I feel like I am paying for more of a name than a luxury vehicle mainly because the drive is not smooth as mentioned before there’s no power and the interior is great but I have no backup camera. The radio is spotty definitely will not be buying.

- Dana V

The Jeep Compass, a wonderful winter, vehicle.

Small sized SUV but comfortable and able to put things in the back. Able to fit 8' 2x4's by putting the back seats down by pulling a lever. It has a smaller engine in it, so it doesn't have a lot of power. It does have all-wheel drive, which makes it handle better in the winter. Comes with automatic start, heated seats and mirrors and an alarm system. We have had it for 3 years and all we have had to do to it is change the brakes (all the way around) and of course, change the oil every 3-6 thousand miles, rotate the tires, and lubes. She runs great and I am glad we got her.

- Daniel H

Great choice for a small SUV.

All the benefits of a SUV in a compact vehicle. Room for legs in all seats of the vehicle. Plenty of room for 2 car seats for children in the back seats of the vehicle, still leaving enough room for driver and front seat passenger. Hatchback has room for stroller, groceries and most items you need to carry. Back seats fold down for more room to carry large items in the hatchback. Drives very well, can speed up when driving on freeways and holds speed well. Great steering. Takes hills very well. A real pleasure to drive.

- Debbie S

Amazing 2016 Jeep compass.

I absolutely love my 2016 white Jeep compass. I bought it second hand and I haven't had any problems with it at all. It is the base model, so it does not have any extra add ons which is fine. I wish it had heated seats since I live in the Midwest. This car is very reliable with all wheel drive and a 4-wheel drive option which is nice for driving in rough weather. It is very comfortable and the seats are nice. The vehicle drives very smoothly. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Alexia B

so far after almost 3 years i have 0 complaints other than the stereo system and camera that came with it compared to how it comes now.

i love the quality of the materials in the seats. I hate getting into a car now that does not have heated seats. i will complain i wish the salesman would have told me a new body was soon coming to the car i was buying, would have made a better relationship to go back. I hate that it came with an HDD for storage, i never use it, my partner got the 2017 jeep cherokee trailhawk, and i love the screen on that baby. plus the new compasses now come with that same screen. shame.

- Shawn W

The seats are heated & that is important.

The compass is a nice vehicle. It is really nice looking. It would be a perfect car for a young person or a young couple with no children. It is very comfortable to ride in for those long distance trips. I love the sound of the stereo system. It has a CD player & a Sirius. I can plug in my headphones & jam while my husband is driving. The only problem that I find with my compass is that the gas tank is not very big, so I am forever having to stop & fill it.

- Cindy K

I love my 2016 Jeep compass!

I drive a white 2016 Jeep compass. I love my vehicle, although I wish I had gotten more of an updated model style. I drive a compass latitude. I do not have leather seats (which I like, ) but I also have a basic radio, no backup camera, as well as other commodities you find on most newer vehicles, but I will say these things do not sway me from loving my vehicle. They would just be considered pluses if I had purchased a vehicle with these characteristics!

- Emily W

It is a four-cylinder in this car and save on gas but it also has good pull.

My vehicle with her you spacious, very gas officiant, compact. If it is a lot more things that I really thought I would have a shift of up to six gears so it picks up super fairly quickly. I like it in the city or the highway where sometimes you need to dribble of a faster this feature really helps. Also the look of the vehicle is pretty manly I want chrome and certain areas and I like it I enjoyed it.

- Alex A

Small compact, powerful, great storage, economical.

No problems so far. It is fuel efficient, and very easy to maneuver on the road and inner city. Due to small compact parking is a breeze. The four doors are a plus when loading and unloading grandkids and car seat. The rear tailgate is easy to access and storage is a big plus, the seats are retractable and lay down for more storage of potting soil and yard supplies such as mulch and plants.

- Phyllis K

Jeep compass, no other reliable vehicle.

It is the best car I have ever bought. It is very reliable, has great gas mileage, and is very comfortable and spacious. I love it! I am a mom to a one year old, so picking out a car was a bit difficult for me. When I came to my Jeep though, I knew right then and there this safe vehicle was what I wanted to drive my family around in. If I could, I would recommend everyone to buy this car!

- Victoria H

2016, Jeep, compass, cloth interior.

2016 Jeep compass, really nice small SUV, gets good gas mileage, roomy with storage space in the back. Some of the cons that come with this vehicle though, are, the acceleration is severely lacking and the tiny twelve gallon gas tank means even though you are not spending much to fill it up, you are going to be filling it up at least every other day if you use it to travel long distances.

- April B

Jeep compass is a good in between lifestyles car.

This Jeep gets good gas mileage and drives nicely however it is not made to last for instance my four wheel drive lever is not straight and it didn't hold its value but other than cosmetic issues and the tire sensors being sensitive it has been good for my life style of mild commute to work daily. Another note the back seat is not that big so if you have kids steer clear of this model.

- Alani W

This Jeep has a 4 cylinder engine, but still offers 4x4, which we need.

We purchased this vehicle because our previous Jeep had expensive engine problems. We also have financial problems associated with my poor health. We needed a dealer who could get us financing. Many say they can, but, in reality, they cannot. We decided to downsize, so we gave up many options we became accustomed to. . . Thus far, we are pleased with this Jeep's performance. . .

- Bermuda Bob R

It is a great buy for the money.

Love the size and space of the car. Have not had any major problems so far at 80,000 miles. I make sure to take it in for regular oil changes and maintenance. The only thing I dislike is the lack of power when accelerating, I have to be mindful when getting on the freeway or pulling out onto a busy street that I have plenty of room so my car has enough time to get up to speed.

- Christy B

It has optional 4 wheel drive.

I love the size of my compass. It's a bit larger than a typical sedan car so it makes me feel safer on the road, but it's not a large SUV which I don't have a need for. I wish it got better gas mileage but I understand that that has to do with the size. I also like that's it's 4-wheel drive because sometimes it snows a lot where I'm from and I feel like I always have control.

- Faith h

The reliability of the car.

The Jeep compass has been a very reliable car for me. I really like the size of the car, it has been very helpful when it comes to moving for me personally. I drive on first roads quite a bit and it handles them well. The inside of the car is simple. Not a huge fan of the monitor. There is the capability of watching a movie while the car is parked but it seems unnecessary.

- Kristen D

The autostick feature is nice. The lighted ring around the cup holders.

There are several things on the interior of the vehicle that have started to wear out and break already! Just to name a few, the driver side visor is cracked so does not lift up very easily. The latch on the back passenger side seat does not hold the seat back. I frequently have issues with the Bluetooth connection. And the factory tires lose air easily during the winter.

- Amanda T

The size and handling of the vehicle is great for a commuter looking for 4WD.

Very reliable, gas mileage not very great for size of vehicle, extra options on the high altitude model are very nice (heated leather seats, sunroof, remote start), oil changes are needed fairly often, and spark plugs follow oil changes often as well. Tire pressure monitor comes on randomly when temperature changes, and usually tires are not actually low in pressure.

- Brit M

The shape is very sleek and modern.

I really enjoy my jeep compass! When buying a new car I wanted something that I felt safe in. With a medical condition I wanted something that fit my needs but still looked great!! This girl has style and this jeep has it too! It allows me to talk hands free over my speakers, has satellite radio! Rides the roads very well and I don't feel like it has more control.

- Nikki B

Jeep compass is a worthy adventure car.

I always feel safe in my Jeep compass. It has 4-wheel drive and handles well in the winter, even on steep grades. The gas mileage is pretty low (23 mpg) and it has a small gas tank (maybe 13 gal) so you cannot get too far on one tank, though I have taken it across the us twice. I do like that it has a good amount of storage space for cross-country road-trips.

- Chelsea M

Runs good, very comfortable.

It is comfortable, a very smooth ride. The compass is very reliable, and as long as you give oil changes on time it has no problems. It is a very good car for rain, hills, and snow and I couldn't be happier with its performance. It is Bluetooth capable and also includes satellite radio which is very nice. It is a very spacious car and I enjoy driving it.

- Hayley S

Good looking Jeep, rough ride.

I love the size of the Jeep. It does not have as many functions as others I've driven, and has a bit if a rough ride. Although I do feel very safe in it and it is an attractive looking car. The main thing that bothers me is it doesn't have a port for my phone to charge and there is no compass installed in the car. It is called a compass for no reason!

- Lindsey L

It is a safe and reliable vehicle. Has lots of space and storage available for long trips. Hands free option for calls is a good feature.

I enjoy my jeep a lot. Rides comfortably and has a lot of space for me and my kids. I like that it is up higher than a car and is reliable for me to get where i need to. i like the bluetooth and heated seats. there are some features i would have liked to have. such as heated steering wheel or sunroof. usb plug ins. but in all i really like my vehicle.

- Lacy L

Jeep compass overall experience.

No problems as of yet. The gas mileage is a little lower than what I expected. The car is used for commuting with active children and performs all of the tasks well. It is easy to park, easy to clean, and inexpensive to maintain. It is smaller than expected on the inside, but fits 4 people comfortably or 5 if there are children in the back seat.

- Mike M

Jeep compass of little speed.

It is comfortable, reliable, and pretty new. At 30,000 miles, it already has a squeaky belt. It does not accelerate well. The heat works really well and I love the seat heaters. My car has remote start which is awesome in the winter. Four wheel drive is an excellent perk and it also has towing capabilities that have come in handy already.

- Lauren P

My jeep works perfect for me.

I love the jeep it has many great features and lots of space to travel with. My only problem with the jeep is power it does lack in the acceleration department. It takes a few minutes to reach decent speeds. Great size, great safety, does what is needed for being in the lower class of jeep models. Besides that no complaints!

- Jason M

Perfect for individuals or a small family.

Car is underpowered for size. But it does get between 26 and 34 miles per gallon on the highway and around 24 in city it is a smooth riding vehicle it has plenty of legroom for 4 people to comfortably ride car is styled nicely and would be good for a small family it is a smaller SUV which makes it easy to maneuver and park.

- Arthur K

Bluetooth capability with all wheel drive.

My vehicle is in decent shape, tires tend to be low on air quite often. Not to mention I have 70k miles on it without an oil change. Need to change oil soon. Very reliable vehicle that allows me to travel 120 miles a day. Comfortable as well for a small SUV. No standout features necessarily aside from Bluetooth capability.

- Tyler G

If you have multiple drivers adjusting the seat is a pain in the butt.

The car handles well and the fuel consumption is good for us going back and forth to work. What we have found to be a problem is that the room we need just is not there. The all wheel drive and road sensor makes transmission seems to over work on country road meaning the automatic downshifting makes the car jerk at times.

- Elan N

The real compass latitude.

Jerking when you accelerate, sensitive to brand of gas other than that no other issues great space. Should have a better radio option nice leather seats and the heated seats make it better. Wish I had a sunroof. Pretty good leg room. Lit cup holders which is great it should have a cooler and warmer for the cup holder.

- Tiffany D

Like the Jeep and would recommend it. Good handling and storage.

Since buying the Jeep we have had no repairs or additional expense other than routine maintenance. We like the 4 wheel drive in winter conditions and the heater and air conditioning function well. The suspension seems to ride a bit rougher than anticipated but probably within the norm for a Jeep. I would recommend it.

- Arlene G

The Jeep Compass is a great vehicle if you want to have the feel of a SUV, but you don't want the price tag that comes along with it.

It is a practical vehicle with a very reasonable price tag. I love the compact size of the vehicle, but I wish there was a little more room to transport large items. The four wheel drive works well in the winters. It is a good size for a small family of 4, but any more and you would need a vehicle with a third row.

- Amy K

My Jeep has an plug to plus your phone in to charge.

I love my Jeep compass latitude!! It is very comfortable while driving on long trips. My Jeep gets very good gas mileage. It handles real well, and brakes very fast! I wouldn't have any other vehicle. I love the seat cover, which is part leather and part material. The back storage has a lot of room to put luggage.

- Angella S

I was surprised but extremely satisfied.

Even though it has a four cylinder it still has plenty of get up and go. It also gets good gas mileage and has plenty of legroom. There is a lot of room in the back for luggage and packages. Drove it across country and had absolutely no issues. I've heard bad things about Jeeps bit I would buy this model again.

- James B

Safe road sound sturdy and cute to look at.

The top of the front window is a little low so you can't get too close to the signal lights or you won't see them. Performance is good, comfortable leather seats roomy back seat. Small gas tank thou. Good on highway mileage. A little slow on take off but good to go when at desire speed no problem. Safe driving.

- Gina K

Jeep compass 2016 smooth driving.

The car is not mine it is my mothers I drive it sometimes it's good on gas really smooth on the road very reliable great through rain. Got the car when it first came out I really enjoy driving it whenever I do. It's super smooth on the road if your short you may need a pillow though cause it is a high car.

- Ld D

My Jeep compass has 2nd row of seats that fold down easily for more space.

Plenty of room, looks and drives well. Dependable and easily to drive in heavy traffic. Great fuel mileage too. I get $8 oil changes. Cold a/c very important in Texas summers. Comfortable on my long road trips to see the grandchildren. The seats fold down quickly for more space is needed for large items.

- Constance B

Love my Jeep compass, fun to drive with great gas mileage.

My compass has cloth interior and is 4 wheel drive. It is comfortable for long rides. It gets great gas mileage and with a little weight in the back end it is great in the snow. The only thing I wish that it had is a hands free tailgate opening systems, that was the one thing I would have truly liked.

- Kat K

It has been a reliable vehicle with no issues. I have driven it on long trips and short trips. I love the shaded windows.

I love my Jeep Compass. It is a great looking small SUV. It has good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive. I have had no issues with it. The one thing I would like to see improved is to increase the size of the gas tank as I have to fill it at least once a week because it only holds 12 gallons.

- Patty R

I feel safe in my jeep and I love how I can . Make calls . Texts Using pandora.

I love my jeep. It feels safe and I love all the amenities including phone assist and Sirius radio. I can tether my phone to my car so I can send and get text messages and make phone calls. I can set up audio like Pandora or iheart radio as well. I love the size because it's not too big or too small.

- Tony S

Mino Issues with Jeep Compass

My compass has been great, give or take some issues. There is a lot of squealing from the brake pads, especially when it rains. Recently the seat belt like has been coming on when I am driving and wearing my seatbelt. I have to stop the car and unfasten and re fasten my seatbelt to get this to work.

- Lia G

Although it is not a large SUV, it has an amazing amount of room to haul things when you put the back seats down flat.

I like the size and color, it is a steel gray smaller SUV. It has a very good sound system and Sirius satellite radio. It gets good gas mileage and is smooth riding. The inside color matches the outside color but I honestly wish it was almost any other color because it shows every speck of dust.

- Patricia F

Small SUV with lots of comfort features.

Very nice small sized SUV. As a bigger guy, I wouldn't complain if it were a little roomier, but it is still comfortable. One other minor complaint, is the acceleration. It definitely does not get up to speed as quickly as some other small SUVs, but for the price point, it is a small sacrifice.

- Randall W

On a scale from 1-10 I would rate the Jeep compass a 7.

It is a great truck such as if you want to start off and get a new SUV it is the perfect size for a family of 3, I will say it gets a little tight at times but other than that it is the perfect size for a small family. It gets a little pricey on the gas but it can be very affordable at times.

- Jennifer R

I really enjoy all the room I have with the car only being medium sized.

Heated seats, leather seats, touchscreen, FWD, cute, compact, spacey, drives smooth. The cons would be that the car is automatic and manual, this causes the car to stall and transmission to slip if hit too hard while driving. Also, the back doors are shaped in a way that the car looks dented.

- Kaitlyn T

Fuel performance is very low, and the gadgets inside are simple. At the end it takes me from a to b, and sitting space is comfortable.

It's comfortable, but its not an efficient car. It looks big, but it's not very spacious. I feel that it could be a much better car, if the efficiency of the motor improves, maybe make it smaller, and add turbo to not lose power. I really like Jeep, but I feel this car hasn't done it for me.

- Andres M

It's a car for every day of the week. Good for trips and families.

My jeep is an extremely reliable vehicle that normally only requires routine maintenance. It is very comfortable and fuel efficient. It holds everything I need it to and cleans up easily. I would happily purchase a new jeep but I feel I may need a larger model. Excellent vehicle overall.

- Elizabeth R

The compass is a dynamite little vehicle that really meets our needs.

My vehicle is a 2016 jeep compass sport that includes a fuel efficient 4 cylinder engine, 4 wheel drive, automatic transmission as well as power windows, power locks, rear defroster, rear wiper and of course air conditioning. I used to sell jeeps and know they are the best SUV available.

- Kevin H

How I feel about the Jeep compass I drive.

It does not have any real problems to date, , it is easy to handle and really good on gas. It could be a little bit roomier especially for my uses but overall it was a good choice. I wish that it was not such a high step over to get in though. I don't think that it is soundproof either.

- Cee N

A good certified vehicle that has low miles.

I bought it certified. No problems. It is new to me, a 2016. It is dark blue. The wheels have lasted a while, so far. The lights work great as well. In the future I would buy another Jeep, probably a compass. I like that it has a CD player a Bluetooth options to talk to other people.

- Casey J

My vehicle can handle off-roading but is also a nice classy looking car.

No problems. I absolutely love my vehicle. I will always and forever own a Jeep. I am even trying to get my husband to switch from Mazda to Jeep. My first car was a Jeep. My second car is a Jeep. And my third car will be a Jeep. The only issue I have ever experienced is fishtailing.

- Lauren C

It is not worth the money and you can get a better vehicle for your hard earned wages

I paid too much for this Jeep. It has no power in the engine despite above average gas consumption. It does drive okay and the upgrades in the interior and moonroof make this vehicle dislike it less. I have previously owned 2 Jeep Grand Cherokees and would never buy another Compass.

- Paulette M

My experience with a 2016 Jeep compass.

I've had my Jeep for almost 2 years. The car is very reliable. I haven't had any problems with it. The seats in the back are very small. I would fit three small people. I wouldn't recommend it to a mother with two children in car seats. You would have any room for the third person.

- Tania B

It can only fit four people comfortably even though there is room for five. The pick up on the 4 cylinder is terrible. It does great in poor weather

It's a small SUV but it is the perfect size for me. It can fit five people but only four comfortably. I have a 4 cylinder and the pick up is not good but that is the only complaint about the performance. It is front wheel drive with abs and does really well in inclement weather.

- shannon j

Great seats and plenty of room for my family.

Love my Jeep compass!! Always have been a Jeep fan. Jeeps are good in the snow and mud. It shines and cleans up very nice. My leather seats and interior is really nice and easy to clean. I do not have a sunroof that is the only downfall. We have already used it for 2 trips away.

- Courtney P

There are blind spots where the front door meets the windshield because of how thick the pieces at the point are.

I love most of my vehicle however the GPS constantly loses service. I also dislike how long it takes to warm up in the winter and how small the gas tank is, I feel like I am always at the gas station. I do like the tunnel steering wheel and that the side mirrors have defoggers.

- sarah f

The dark grey color of my car is perfect for it.

No problems. Runs smoothly and can be used to drive on all terrains, from highways, all the way to the beach. Having the car is one of the best investments that me and my family have made in a long time. I do not regret the purchase at all. I encourage everyone to get this car.

- Nick C

I love my Jeep compass very much.

I love my compass it is very comfortable and reliable. I love driving it. It is a very smooth ride. It is good on gas and very efficient. It is very nice looking and sleek. I love the body style and how it looks. I wish mine was 4 wheel drive though. It is a very nice vehicle.

- Angela C

I wish it had a sunroof. More trunk space.

I like the jeep. How. I find it to be reliable and comfortable. I do think it is small inside. I have a big dog and he has problems standing in the back.. I think this jeep would be perfect for a small family or single person like me.. I haven't had any problems with the car.

- Trish K

The vehicle is a good option because the gas mileage is good, for an SUV.

The vehicle is great, fun to drive and very comfortable. I do not like the steering wheel area at all. The radio buttons are not on the wheel and the cruise button needs to be pressed every time you start the vehicle. Also, the odometer reset is too easy, resets all the time.

- Patti Jo M

Way too small! Just enough room for people only.

It is way too small. And way to basic, very plain. I do not have enough room for my groceries when I go shopping, it does not have a backup camera it is just very outdated for a 2016. Good on gas and it is really cute but it is just not enough room for anything at all.

- Gina L

Affordable, reliable, comfortable!

I love my jeep compass. It is a good size for me. It's the third jeep vehicle I have driven and I love the comfort and reliability of the vehicle. It gets pretty good gas mileage, it is easy to maneuver, it is the right size for me and I can haul things. I love mine.

- Mandy V

Spacious back seat, room for car seats.

I really like this car but I wish it was a little more “high tech” meaning push-to-start, digital speedometer, etc. It does fit 3 car seats across in the back which was really important to me. I could not have bought it without the room in the back for the kids.

- Devin B

It's a cute, fun car to drive. Wonderful to drive around town.

The car is loud inside of the passenger compartment. It also has 2 very big blind spots due to the backseat headrests. They cannot be adjusted or removed. It is also slow to pick up speed. Great for around town but must gauge for extra time when entering interstate.

- Janice H

Love it. Fun to drive and lots of room!!

I love my compass. We are a Jeep family and it is a true and trusted brand. The compass has more room than I initially thought and is very comfortable and reliable. The one downside is the tires wear very quickly. I had to replace the original ones at 25, 000 miles.

- Lois K

Jeep compass is a great first car for young adults.

I love this car. Its affordable, drives smoothly, and has a sleek look. It is compact but still roomy enough and comfortable the only problems I have had are electrical. When it gets cold the headlights sometimes flash and the windshield wipers go off by themselves.

- Stephanie D

Jeep compass is reliable and safe.

I bought the car used and I have had it for about a year and so far I have had no problems. It drives well in snow and makes me feel much safer which is why I wanted a Jeep. The gas mileage is also good, and I like the features it comes with like satellite radio.

- Melissa K

Why my jeep compass is great.

I love my jeep compass. I only have to fill the tank once every 3 weeks, and I drive over 20 miles to work a day. It is comfortable and smooth over the pothole filled roads of pa. . It has so much room, for our large grocery orders, and for our expanding family.

- Sarah P

Reliable and efficient and good gas mileage.

I haven't had the car for very long but its has given me no problems so far. It runs really smoothly and has cool features such as Bluetooth and a really good stock sound system. Plenty of space in the back to move stuff and very comfortable for long road trips.

- Alvaro C

Love my Jeep compass! 4x4 is much needed where I come from.

Likes: clean interior, comfortable ride, nice design, handles well, Bluetooth, satellite radio, a lot of storage, 4x4, excellent for winter. Dislikes: can be slow while trying to pick up speed, doors need to be lubricated every so often because they'll creak.

- Nicole H

Its dependable to get through snow and will not leave you stranded.

I like how my Jeep can get through the snow with no problems. It is reliable and not too big or too small. The only thing is when I hit a bump there is a loud rattle coming from the back of the vehicle. It rides smooth but can feel a little bumpy at times.

- Karen O

Jeep makes a great SUV. Love the moonroof and heated seats.

The compass rides and drives nice. It is great is the snow. I think it is lacking in the power dept but I do not need a lot of power. The interior is comfortable. My particular model does not have a backup camera or a compass but other than that I like it.

- Tina H

3rd Jeep purchase, more streamline for fuel efficiency.

Excellent comfort, heated seats, easy turn radius. Adequate storage for 4. Good gas mileage. Push on 4 wheel drive. Easy safety features, easy to shift gears, Excellent visual features. CD player, multiple preset radio settings Good comfort back seats.

- Martha B

Try out a Jeep compass - I like mine!

I really like my Jeep compass. It gets good gas mileage and is easy to maintain. It is reliable, and low cost. It is comfortable and has heated seats - a real plus in cold weather! It also has a remote starting feature, which I use a lot in cold weather.

- Susan S

My vehicle is very safe and reliable.

It has very good quality it has good and comfortable seats and has great sound for the radio also it is very safe and reliable because of the airbags and seat belts also has a lot of compartments to put my stuff in and keep my stuff safe and sound yes.

- Justin H

Looks small and dainty but is great for off-roading and is safe and durable.

Brake problems, roomy, reliable, off-roading, family safe, I would not change my car for anything. It is super safe and I would recommend everybody getting a Jeep, besides having problems with the brakes I have absolutely no other problems with my car.

- Susie V

If you're looking for a big SUV this is not the car for you.

This is a great car, however if you are a family of four like I am it's just not spacious enough. The trunk isn't that big to fit a stroller and some grocery bags. But for a second car in the house for not traveling with the family it's good to go.

- Benny S

It has an actual plugin in the care and again I love a four wheel drive

I have a two thousand sixteen Jeep Compass I love it it has four wheel drive so when it comes to getting stuck it doesn't happen it also had Bluetooth hook up to where I have a hands free and don't have to hold my phone when someone calls me

- Wendy D

It's absolutely wonderful to drive and it makes me feel like I'm safe on the road.

I love the look of the newer jeeps, especially the front grill. I also like the inside comfort of my Jeep Compass. The only downfall would be the gas mileage, but unfortunately when you want an SUV, fuel costs are always an issue.

- Laura R

The door handles are on the side.

I have not had any issues or problems with performance or reliability. I wish this model had a backup camera, and it throws people off that the door handles on the back 2 doors are on the side. It has been good in all seasons.

- Jennifer M

It's very reliable without any of the small faults you usually find with new cars.

It handles the road well in all weather conditions with good gas consumption. The ride is smooth if a little on the firm side. I dislike the touring tires that came with it and intend to swap them out when they need changing.

- Jeffrey D

Seats can be folded down to double trunk space. Back seat can comfortably hold two car seats for children. The trunk has a flat bottom and is open for pets to ride inside. There is a really cool feature with the radio that can upload your CDs onto hard drive and have multiple CDs available whenever you want.

The Jeep has a very comfortable interior and sleek design. The technology that was offered when I purchased it was up to date. It's a compact crossover, so it's a little tight, but still spacious. Gets reasonable gas mileage.

- Kayla C

That the cargo area is extremely too small for a vehicle of any type!

I love that it is awd. My biggest concern is the lack of cargo area in which to carry my wheelchair. It would be nice to be able to go to the store and have room for groceries AND my chair, and not have to choose between them

- Tanya B

It has window locks, drives smooth, five seats.

My jeep compass drive well and smooth. The seat belt lock whenever the break is pressed which makes it safe for our children. The only thing I feel is bad so far with my jeeps is the price of the tags when renewing them.

- Heaven M

It is useless for families

I like that it is awd and has air conditioning that works. However the cargo area is extremely small, rendering it useless for family use. The manufacturer needs to make the car larger in order to get more cargo space.

- Tanya B

Already in love with my First Jeep

I recently just got a jeep compass and i am already in love with it. The seats are very comfortable and the sound system is also great. It seems like a very reliable car. I also like that there is satellite radio.

- dinali w

Easy to drive and handles great!

This is my favorite car yet! Easy to drive, super comfortable and roomy. Excellent stereo and xm system, along with Bluetooth. No complaints after 2 years of driving! Have not had any problems with this vehicle.

- Julie L

It is very economical! Especially with the gas these days.

It's a really good reliable car. It handles well but I do have issues with it taking off. It goes a little slower than I like. I like that it is economical on gas. And it is very spacious for how small it looks.

- Sunny B

Nice vehicle but not much cargo room.

It is newer and more up to date than I am used to. I do like the audio system and the four wheel drive. I do wish that it had more room and cargo space. I would also like to see a more powerful engine and hitch.

- Kevin l

It's a nice size with enough room for a 6 4 tall man.

Like the look and color of the Jeep and the inside is roomy enough with lots of legroom and the drink holders light up at night. Dislike there is no sunroof to open and it is not 4 wheel drive but that is all.

- Gloria H

2016 Jeep compass Good and Bad

Not a lot of interior space for a small suv, pretty poor gas mileage, very basic features, Bluetooth frequently does not work, runs fine, nothing major about the car is good or bad, would reconsider purchase

- Greg F

It's a smooth ride and affordable especially given the features.

I love that I have an SUV that does not feel overly big when driving. There is enough space to transport everything and I like the extra features. I wish my car would have been equipped with a backup camera.

- Denise S

It is not for off-roading trips.

I love how reliable and sturdy my car is. Long road trips in my car are awesome. My car is very roomy and spacious trunk. A problem would be that you have to be careful when making sharp turns. It can tilt.

- Mariana R

Comfortable, great for long trips.

The car drives great except for in mountains. Uphill is sluggish in automatic mode. The tesla transmission allows vehicle to be driven in automatic or manual mode which allows me to downshift going uphill.

- Dee A

It fits my needs and lifestyle.

Vehicle performs well, has more "creature comforts" than my last Jeep vehicle. Four wheel drive is a huge help when needed during the winter months. Cargo room is small, but enough for my routine needs.

- Charles S

It is compact, but still very spacious on the inside. It's perfect for work, travel, and carpooling.

I like the compact size, and the smooth ride. I like that it's part of the Jeep family but feels accessible and perfect for everyday commutes. I love the luxury option of the specific model I purchased.

- Jamie B

The most important thing to know is it is very reliable and has little problems.

My car has been great and I haven't had any problems besides one. The only problems that I have with the car is that it is a energy saving car so when I stop it turns off and that can be very annoying.

- Kennedy G

It is easy to parallel park because it is a smaller SUV.

The compass is an SUV but it is small. It is easy to parallel park. It drives great and I feel really safe in it. You have to get used to the blind-spots but once you do, it is a great car to drive.

- Jessica F

Very affordable, and comfortable. Room for five adults easily.

No complaints, it rides good, it looks good! We go on long rides with it and it is comfortable. It handles the road really well in all weather conditions. I love my jeep and I would get another one.

- Linda M

Reliable and not a gas guzzler despite the reputation given to Jeep vehicles.

The Jeep Compass is super reliable and never have any concerns about my comfortability or that of the passengers. It has never given me performance issues in the two years that I have owned it!

- Karla E

The Jeep compass is a good value.

It handles very well on the road and is quite comfortable to drive. I like the way my compass looks. My only complaint would be that it does not have a lot of room for back seat passengers.

- Wanda A

That the Bluetooth audio (Uconnect) is not user friendly.

Overall I really like my car. However the Bluetooth audio does not work well- it is hard to connect to and often disconnects. My car also does not have USB ports which most newer cars have.

- Summer M

Its very easy to get parts that you'll need if something happens.

Very dependable, great for any type of weather, especially Texas weather. I love the front mirror it clears up the fog and help you see clearer. It's the perfect size for my family of 3.

- Christina S

If you don't have a trail rated package or four wheel drive I will not buy

I've always loved jeeps. They are really good when you need four wheel drive. Also, they are comfortable to sit and ride for off roading or when you need to get through a bank of snow.

- Dan P

great midsize SUV with good storage space

I have a standard jeep, I really like having an suv that is still small enough to get into most parking spaces. gas mileage is decent. rides comfortably, good storage space in back.

- nathan h

My car is 4x4 and drives nicely on the snow.

The gas runs out quick. I love how the car drives nicely during the winter season. Even though it is a cross over the trunk is very spacious and I can fit items by folding the seats.

- Natalie V

piece of junk, would never buy one again.

Unreliable, always in for repairs. There is nothing I like any longer about this vehicle. I thought that it was great at first, but have changed my mind after needing so many repairs

- David P

Perfect size vehicle for me and just enough space for me and my dogs.

Really like my Jeep Compass. Enough space for me to haul items and my dogs. Not to bad on gas if I stay in town. Can usually get about 3 hours long distant drives before refueling.

- Meg J

Very good car. Very reliable.

The Jeep is very comfortable, has low gas mileage, and has had no issues in the last 2 years. It fits our family of 5 very well. We would definitely get another one in the future.

- Nicole P

It is a good family car, it's a good size and has decent gas mileage.

It's big enough so I can see down the road, but not overpowering. It gets decent gas mileage and is very safe in my opinion. I've been in an accident and came out of it unharmed.

- Sara S

Reliable Compass Never Fails

I love this jeep. It has been extremely reliable and safe for me. I plan on buying this vehicle when my lease ends this year. Perfect size as well. Not too big and not too small.

- Mariah C

The most important thing others should know is that it keeps me safe and completely suits my needs.

I love the safety of being in an SUV and sitting higher up. I also love the sunroof/moonroof. Most importantly, I love the heated seats and remote start during the winter time.

- Morgan H

It's a safe vehicle to ride in and drive and also gets good gas mileage.

I like that it's easy to get in to and I can drive my handicapped son easily. I don't like the limited leg room when riding in the back seat. I like the sirius radio in my Jeep

- Pat C

I initially went with jeep for a wrangler but I'm so happy I chose the compass instead. It's a beautiful vehicle with all the bells and whistles at an extremely affordable price.

I really enjoy the remote start, the heated seats, the leather and cloth combination of the seats, and the touch screen display. My only complaint is that there is no sunroof.

- Lindsey M

Doesn't do well if you get stuck in snow even though it is 4WD.

I love my car for the most part. I don't like that it is just a 4 cylinder because it does not have a lot of get up and go. Comfortable, reliable and not bad for the price.

- Lisa H

It's a fun car to drive. I think most people would enjoy it.

I really like the comfort of the car. It's easy to use and fun to ride around in. I enjoy it for the way it is. I don't like the way it doesn't have more electronics in it.

- Jonathan D

It gets amazing gas mileage for small SUV.

I love that my Jeep is a 4 door car, and that it drives good in bad weather. It gets good gas mileage in the city and on the highway. It is very reliable. And it is pretty.

- Meg G

Jeeps are amazing and reliable car, highly recommend, especially if you have kids and drive in the winter snow.

I love Jeeps, as I love the 4 wheel drive, so I feel safer in the winter. I do wish it had a little more room. I love how sleek it looks and it gets good gas mileage.

- julie p

it sets higher than my camry and is so much easier to get in and out of

I've had my jeep for about a month and I love it it. It is easy to get in and out of the height is perfect. My jeep has has navigation system and other great things.

- linda L

Jeeps are reliable. They offer a comfortable safe ride and get good gas mileage. Plenty of storage

I love the fact it drives well in snow. It is 4-wheel drive. Plus it gets good gas mileage. the ride is comfortable. Plus plenty of room for store items in the back.

- connie g

It has four wheel drive. This is especially helpful in the winter

I like the fuel efficiency of the jeep. I also enjoy the size. It is not too large of an SUV but it is not the smallest. I also enjoy all of the updated features.

- Kara G

It is small and compact. Easy to maneuver.

Minor issues, things that you shouldn't have to worry about when you buy new- squeaky brakes in reverse, windshield wipers turn on when put on turn signal etc. . .

- Courtney S

Car is dependable and cheap to run.

This vehicle has a 2 liter engine which makes it underpowered. It does get decent mpg about 24 mpg city and between 27 and 34 hwy. It also rides a little rough.

- Arthur K

The Jeep is really great in gas, will not need much gas.

What is nice about the Jeep compass is the leather seats, the color, and that it is reliable. I wish the Jeep did have a better radio, and a little more space.

- Marissa G

They can haul a lot more than you thing and go great in the snow. Great buy.

Love the car but it has a transmission slip, and shakes when idling. The car is very versatile and fits my family well. I would definitely buy the car again.

- Jennifer R

It is has all the luxuries of an SUV, however, it still can still be compact.

I love the body style. It is roomy. It is an SUV, but not huge. It has good gas mileage. I really like the heated seats, I will always have heated seats now!

- April M

It's been reliable and dependable. I would absolutely buy another one.

It fits my lifestyle perfectly. It's just the right size and get decent gas mileage. The only complaint is the seats aren't that comfortable on a long ride.

- kevin M

Roomier than it looks. Even my large dog fits in the hatch back.

It great! Easy to get around in. Not good for wet weather. Good on fuel as well. Plenty of room for all my things on road trips. The seats fold down easily.

- Constance B

It is a slow vehicle. No get up and go.

I like the fuel mileage and the Uconnect feature. I do not like how slow the vehicle is and it feels overly top heavy. More than any other SUV I've driven.

- Patrice C

it's fun to ride. i enjoy using it.

i like having a newer vehicle so i don't have to worry about issues. i like the way my car looks and drives. i don't like it not having a lot of features.

- philip S

Great Beginner Family Car

Love the convenience of a smaller SUV. Has 4WD (reside WI). It's good on gas. Backseat is not super spacious but is enough for now. Great safety features.

- Corey B

Compact SUV, gives you the space you need without the bulkiness

I love the size, it fits in all the parking in the city. The car runs well and it looks nice. I like that It's easy to maintain and has decent gas mileage

- liz m

The tan leather on the interior is one of my favorite features. The color of the stitching makes the seats really pop.

It is very reliable. It has great gas mileage and we love the size! The backseat isn't quite roomy enough to take on a road trip with more than 2 people.

- Laurel S

Great on gas, in 2 years all that I needs was an oil change.

A few cosmetic things have broken off like the front light bulb and the left foot stump. The car is great on gas and requires very little maintenance.

- Jazz K

it is the very first car i've ever bought by myself

love the size, gas mileage and how it handles. loves that it is 4 wheel drive. only complaint is that is 4 cylinder, wish it had a little more power

- alice m

It's a jeep that has four-wheel-drive. I like the image that Jeep portrays

I like that it's small and it's white and it's got four-wheel-drive. But I don't like is that it's rough ride and I would not take it on a long drive

- Michelle F

This car Is not good with gas. Do not buy if you are trying to save on gas!

It is a Really good car. Problem is it is not a gas saver. Space is ok. Not enough space for back middle passenger. Does not have a place for feet.

- Herendira R

It is the best luxury/price car, compared to other vehicles of the same class.

It is an awesome close-to-luxury vehicle, but I think it is too expensive for the value. Needs a lot of gas in the tank. Very comfortable vehicle.

- Pedro Q

You get the reliability of a JEEP without the payment of a Wrangler.

Perfect small family crossover with the 4wd feature necessary in central NY. The interior is roomy enough for a taller person to sit in the back.

- Jamie W

Expensive to buy and to service.

Dislike lack of power. Like size of the car. The fact that it has leather is a plus. I do not like the fact that there is an antenna on the car.

- Athena S

It is very comfy and spacious.

Love this car! Very new has very cool and hip features. A very “young” looking car nice touch screen in the middle. Very spacious and comfy.

- Rachel L

don't buy it. I would stick to the grand Cherokee.

I have had a no start issue, also faulty door handle on the right rear passenger side, and very loud and strong rattle when idle/ foot on break.

- A B

I have always bought jeeps - but this compass is cheap - I liked the liberty much better.

It's average. Nothing special about it. It is white, the shift is weird. You just touch while in drive and it shifts to low. very dangerous

- Linda A

It is very versatile and can be used for so much stuff.

It is a good family car and holds a lot of stuff. The fact that the seats fold down is really convenient. It is also very sturdy. No complaints

- Joshua C

Not many problems to report.

Make noise when backing up. Chrysler not great about warranty issues. Over $800 in repairs (wheel hub, engine issues) at little of 50k miles.

- Joy R

Honda produces vehicles that retain their value more than other makes.

I like way it drives with 4 wheel in winter,.. Handles well, sound system not bad for.. Size of car. Needs more storage space.. And compass..

- Barbara B

It's shift on the go 4x4. Also good vehicle for the price.

I like the look of my vehicle. The seat warmers and the way it handles. I dislike the room, my family is tall and it feels a little cramped

- Susan J

I like it like the compass so much I am planning on getting a new 2019.

I enjoy it very much. . . I had a 2003 Jeep liberty. 2003. I didn't think I'd like this as much but I do. I am planning on buying a 2019.

- Kathy A

Can go over 200 miles on a tank of gas. It is very good on major highways.

I don't like that I had a recall and it was not fixed. I do like the color and the shape of the vehicle. I do like the mason the vehicle.

- Steve M

Great car but definitely not the best on gas!

This car is very reliable and drives smoothly. Poor on gas. The seats are very comfortable, specifically the drivers and passengers seat.

- Jamie P

The ride is very smooth and not too bumpy.

I love the feel of my jeep but I do not love the gas mileage. It feels like a luxurious car. I love the extra room I have with an SUV.

- Elizabeth G

Small gas guzzler only lease

The car ok. I find it is small inside and no very gas efficient. I wasn't even able to fit my Grandbaby full size stroller in the back

- Yvonne M

It's a very safe car and has top ratings.

I like the speakers in the car. I also like safety the safety features and ratings. The look of the car and the color are nice to me.

- Blair E

It is so small. The car does not ride well. Very loud and annoying.

It is like driving a tin can. It is so very loud. The radio is junk and it drives horribly. The brakes squeal all the time as well.

- Tina M

It's a very safe and fuel efficient SUV.

I love how comfortable it is. Especially on long road trips. I do not like that there is a blind spot when trying see out the back.

- Trish W

Its dependable. There's a reason why there are so many jeeps on the road.

I like the look of the car. It's just the right size for one person. My only dislike the acceleration. It could be a little better.

- Paul D

Comfortable and reliable! Great for a young driver!

Comfortable, reliable, no malfunctions. Good size car between an SUV and car. Downside - no back up camera, Bluetooth, phone jack.

- Ella J

It takes $25 to fill up from empty. It holds 12 gallons of fuel.

I love the fact that it is not super high tech but it is also not to basic. It is very roomie for my family and very comfortable.

- Jessica M

It's a 4 wheel drive that gets good gas mileage

Smooth running SUV that is pretty to look at and gets good gas mileage along with being a 4 wheel drive, I can take it anywhere.

- coltin V

It is a great family car. If you are just starting a family, this is a great car to get.

We love our jeep. It is a great family car. It is compact but still has enough space for us. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- Lyndsay N

It is a nice compact car, fairly good gas mileage.

Like - drives smoothly, compact size, 4 wheel drive, drives well on ice and snow, heated seats, dislike- blind spots too large.

- Susan C




The back isn't as roomy as I would like it to be. i had an older Jeep and it seemed to hold more.

I really like my car, I honestly just got it not long ago. It drives really well and is not bad on gas. It has a lot of room.

- Bryce M

It drives really well and you can trust it in bad weather.

I like that it has 4wd and is compact. It is really easy to drive and maneuver. I do wish there was more room in the trunk

- Blanca R

Jeep compass has great gas mileage.

I have experienced no problems since purchasing this vehicle. It rides great and the gas mileage is great for a bigger car.

- Lauren S

It has no power. The engine is too small for that big of a car. Especially a Jeep.

It doesn't have a big enough engine. The gear sometimes won't shift out of park. The steering belt has had to be replaced.

- Carla M

It is a great first car. I would not get if looking for a nicer car.

I do not like how it is harder to press down the blinker. I also wish it had a backup camera and better Bluetooth set up.

- Katie J

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the ride but I dislike the color sometimes it use to make noise when ever I turn it off it need a new ball joints.

- Marvin M




2016 Jeep Compass Review.

A little sluggish on take off. The inside capacity is great. The style is nice. Could be a little better on gas mileage

- Cindy N

Perfect winter compact suv

Leather heated seats, remote start, 4wd, satellite radio, great transmission with either manual or automatic. Bluetooth

- Lindsay B

Holds its value well, a better investment than some cars.

It's reliable, and good in bad weather. It's a big car feel, but not too big. I like the general look of it as well.

- Erin R

Four-wheel drive easy to set

I love that you can put in 4 wheel while driving. I like that I am high up on the road . I enjoy the room in the SUV

- Judith C

It's a good running,safe vehicle.

I like the size, gas mileage, I do not like the lack of power, the plastic trim that is discolored and looks cheap.

- Lynn G

that it is a jeep and has the durability of a jeep

The car works great and has enough room for any shopping chore while still being small enough for great gas mileage

- Patrick L

That it has great 4×4 wheel drive.

It drives smoothly, it has great 4×4 wheel drive and it has good ac. Only complaint it doesn't have a rear camera

- Helga H

The most important thing about my car is how it runs good.

I like how it has lots of space. However I don't like how their is no navigation and the seats seem to make noise.

- Maria T

It has good gas mileage and space.

My Jeep compass 2016 is in good condition. It is reliable and comfortable. Great gas mileage for a first time car.

- Winter C

It's great in the snow. I would buy one again.

I like the size of the vehicle, I dislike that is is missing some features I wanted, it drives and rides nice tho.

- tina C

Dependable but thirsty car

I like how dependable it is, (we hit a deer and didn't even get a dent.) But the gas mileage is lower than I like

- Marie O

The seating is comfortable and spacious; controls are easily readable and gas mileage is good.

No problems, so far. I enjoy the amenities (hands free phone, heated seats, voice control). Gas mileage is good.

- Janet D

Would buy again due to safety and reliability.

I have no dislikes.. Long as it gets me where I have to go.. I am very patient when it comes to things like that.

- Jamie A

You only have to change the oil every 6,000 miles.

Love everything about my jeep compass. Great look. Comfortable. Safe. Love the heated seats feature. Very roomy.

- Samantha P

That it needs a tune more than other cars that it is slower in acceleration.

Not real comfortable when driving for long periods of time engine is to small not enough power for acceleration.

- Stacey C

It's a nice reliable car and has great 4x4 and the exterior style makes it look awesome would like an upgrade tho

I don't like the interior could be a little better maybe some upgrades too because I don't have a backup camera

- Kaya E

Plenty of room. Drives nicely on trips.

Slow to pick up power; gas mileage is not good; not comfortable to ride or drive; it is not a good fit for me.

- Tena P

It has good handling, and unnoticed speed

I like that it is an off-road vehicle and a complete gas saver. I don't like that it's a bit small for an SUV

- Terrel D

A lot of room in a small suv

Love it. Good on gas and roomy. Fits a lot in a small SUV. Do not like the outside passenger door handles.

- Debbie A

There is lots of room in this car. My family of 4 fits perfectly.

Great car. Drives nice. Great on gas. Small trunk. Great for in town driving and traveling. I love my jeep!

- Dawn O

This is my GREAT JEEP !!!

My jeep is very nice looking, it runs very smooth, it runs very quiet, is good on gas, inside is very nice.

- Charles R

It is great on gas mileage.

Good gas mileage, 4 wheel drive, attractive, nice interior, good radio, seats fold down. Lots of legroom.

- Barb B

It has satellite radio. It is white. It is a 2.4l. It has a 4 cylinder engine.

I dislike there are too many issues. It had a defect. I like the color. I like the shape of the vehicle.

- Steve P

My Jeep offers a great value in transportation as it is very reliable.

I mostly love my vehicle. The only complaint I have is the driver seat is not comfortable on long rides.

- kevin c

It is very reliable in all weather.

It has plenty of space. The seats fold down allowing ample space for my dog. Does well in all weather.

- Amanda P

Its durability to withstand various terrain.

Like: mileage (highway, not city), style, simplicity, terrain durability. Dislike: blind spots, noise.

- Maggie B

I like the vehicle it has the style of a truck and it's heavy like one but it doesn't feel like it.

Tire sensor problems. Spends a lot of gas. Comfortable for traveling. Great driving over all. Good AC

- Beth T

The gas mileage is great!

The Jeep Compass has low power engine, comfortable drive basic features inside car, good gas mileage,

- Brittney m

Good running vehicle. Low Maintenance and good mileage

Generally like the vehicle. Gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive. Plenty of cargo space.

- Kathy S

The Jeep Compass is a reliable car.

I really like my car. I've had it for about a year and have not had any performance problems so far.

- Melissa K

It has more than enough room for passengers and storage capacity.

Doesn't have a lot of power when trying to accelerate. Doesn't have built in gps or back up camera.

- Michael M

It is comfortable. It also looks good and traveling in it is super.

I had an accident a few years ago. My rental was a Jeep compass. I fell in love with the Jeep then.

- Joyce H

It has 4 wheel drive and it's roomy it's good on gas little rough ride though

I like the way it runs or like everything about it but I still would have preferred the Rope type

- Tina W

It is safe and drives well in winter weather

I love how I feel safe and it drives very well in the winter. I love the brand and how it looks

- T R

The car is not luxurious but is a good deal for the price

Affordable and stylish exterior. Interior seems outdated when compared to other 2016 models

- Mindy S

It drives smooth.I don't like that it is slow to gain speed. And I hate the flush cargo rails.

It's very affordable, especially for a Jeep. And it's also a 4 cylinder so it has no power.

- Kristin B

The Jeep Compass offers great gas mileage.

I like the handling of the vehicle. It's good on gas. Has enough trunk space for shopping.

- Veronica C

It's dependable, but it does have many blind spots.

The only thing I don't like is that it has many blind spots. I love the way it handles.

- Kathy H

It's economical and it has great tires.

It's stylish, and It's a comfortable car. Has a good stereo, and it has 4 wheel drive.

- Xena G

It has blind spots making it difficult taking corners & backing up.

I'm not very happy with it..it has blind spots. As a result it's hard to back up.

- Joanne M

it's great! A very smooth ride.

It drives very smooth. It is a great car. I love it. It is a very good car.

- William D

I love the roominess and versatility of my compass, but it doesn't get up to speed very quick which kinda sucks on the highway. Not the best gas mileage but for an SUV it's pretty good. I love the heated seat option in the winter. Wish it were 4WD or AWD though

Great for a multi person long haul road trip for its super roomy and comfy!

- Cassandra C

This car is dependable and will last long if treated properly.

I like how the car looks and handles. The downside is the acceleration

- Pauĺ S

It is a dependable vehicle. There is not much more to say

Bad look - look like every other SUV. Nice features. Easy to drive

- Ann B

It feels amazing to drive it.

I love It's feel. The drive is very nice. The interior is fabulous

- Alex P

I bought it on a really good deal.

I can't think of anything to dislike but I love the way it drives.

- Jeff o

It has 4 wheel drive and definitely has some get up and go

I love my jeep. Sporty and powerful. Wish it had a sunroof though

- Michele P

it has blind spots that prevent me from seeing the side & back

Has a few blind spots that make it unsafe for me when I'm driving

- Bill M

It has been reliable for me so far

I have a jeep. I bought it used. It's been a good vehicle so far.

- Jo M

It is a all wheel drive but can be locked into 4 wheel drive

It gets good gas mileage, it rides nice, and is easy to drive.

- Rod B

Four wheel drive and has Sirius radio

No Complaints and soots the purpose for which it was purchased

- Steve C

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the interior, dashboard, and seats. I dislike the gas mileage/size of the gas tank.

It is not a very good car as far as gas mileage is concerned.

- Jeanette G

It's fairly comfortable and reliable for Its size and price.

It does what I need it to do reliably and safely.

- Terry K

11 month Jeep compass review.

- Mia G