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Jeep grand Cherokee is a good solid vehicle.

I have had my car for 15 years and it has been very reliable. I am not the best about keeping up with maintenance but this car has been very good to me. The car is nearly 20 years old and I have only had 1 major repair. Other than that it is been normal wear and tear maintenance. It is a good solid vehicle. I wish Jeep made a third row vehicle, though. Other than that my only small complaint is there seems to be an issue with the tail lights because I feel like I am always replacing them and often seeing other keeps with the same lights out. I love my Jeep. It is reliable, sturdy, comfortable and has been good to me over the years. If I didn't need more seating for my growing family, I would probably only buy Jeeps.

- Tam C

Perfect For Me and My Life

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee has over 280,000 miles on the original motor and is an amazing vehicle. The seats have lumbar support and fits my 4 ft 11 inch comfortably. The middle console is perfect for pens, coins, and CDs. I love being able to lay down my back seats. My father and I have done most of the up keep to ensure that my Jeep is good to go. So far we have replaced 2 window regulators both drivers side, cleaned the radiator, regular oil change, plus brakes. We switched to high mileage oil because of the amount of miles on the motor and it transitioned perfectly.

- Amanda M

Old but reliable! Simple and fairly inexpensive fixes. Great gas mileage.

While my grand Cherokee is 18 years old and I've had to replace quite a bit of parts since buying it Its continued to surprise me and power through any issues and continued to run. The vehicle had little to no maintenance done at all in the 18 years its been on the road. The work I've had to put into it is usually fairly cheap and simple so that is something I really like about it. Its continued to run longer than any previous pre owned vehicle I've had and I have a lot of confidence that with a little work here and there it will run for another 18 or more years.

- Alicia K

Versatile, dependable and long lasting. . Meets all my ever changing needs.

My Jeep is awesome. It is been dependable, reliable and versatile. I can up the back seat down and haul furniture, the dog, camping equipment, or just groceries. Have slept in the back in a camping trip that the weather turned windy and cold. Moved twice now in the Jeep and it is been great. It is four-wheel drive has been handy living in the mountains, particularly in the winter months. Never stuck. It is piece of mind to know that you can get where you need to when the weather is terrible. Comfortable interior and has held up very well. Jeeps are awesome.

- Karen S

It is been a good ride, it has been a reliable car for 18 years.

I own a 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee. This vehicle has supportive, comfortable seats with many electric adjustments to get the perfect fit. This car has been very reliable, I have had to replace many things due to its age at this point but nothing unexpected. Now that the car is 18 years old, the left blinker is very unreliable, sometimes not working at all. This car is a v8 and feels very powerful to drive. It has safely gotten me through the snowy mountain pass many times. Overall, I love owning this car and plan on driving it into the ground.

- Linda R

Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 2000

A lot of electrical issues. Like the lights. Before I messed with the tail lights housing a lot the right running light would work while the left would not but once the brake was applied it wouldn't work on the right but the left. It was silly. Finally I fixed it AFTER the lights malfunctioned under auto stayed on all night melting my left tail lights housing. The jeep also leaks very badly at times. The back seats seating space as in leg room isn't the best. Also I have a horrible fuel issue. And terrible gas mileage.

- Savannah G

My Jeep is the most reliable and durable vehicle I have ever owned.

The Jeep is very reliable however the blind spots are very thin. Aside from the blind spots, I would say that is the only problem I feel unsafe with ever if at all. I have noticed I have to change the tires more often than other vehicles I have own previously in the past. The brake pads tend to need changing often as well. I believe the constant upkeep is what contributes to the Jeep being such a reliable vehicle. I recently drove from Texas to California and with it being 18 years old, I have not one problem.

- Cheyenne J

My 19 year old jeep that still runs like a newer model

I have an older car but it runs like new. It has power locks and windows. The power steering still works and drives smooth. For a 19 yr old sport utility vehicle it runs like the day it came off the jeep lot. I would definitely recommend jeep as a car to buy if you plan on keeping one vehicle for many years. It currently has over one hundred thousand miles and has no major issues. I have different rims on it and have had it painted to keep it looking as well as it runs

- Michelle W

Nice Jeep! Best vehicle I've owned in a long time!

This Jeep is the first 4wd vehicle I've owned. It really came in handy during the winter months with all the snow! I like the fact that it's roomy (I'm a big guy), plus the cargo area is quite large. I run a painting and decorating business and there's more than enough room for all my equipment. Even the ladders! It's very comfortable, well equipped and I enjoy it. On the downside, it seems to use a lot of gas, and the large tires are costly to replace!

- Dean M

My vehicle can has a strong engine, can make it t.

The vehicle is great, I love to drive it. There are a few things I do notice and that's that the wheel sometimes can feel really loose, I think it's a great car and works better than the newer models. I do notice premium gas does get you further and the gas actually last longer. Otherwise it goes as soon as you put it in. You don't want to be cheap on this gas. I have went through a variety of terrain and have always felt safe and confident.

- Laura L

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I really love my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although it is not the newest car, it is reliable and comfortable. It has extremely soft seats and it is very homey. It has a few minor problems but no serious issues. I have had to replace a few things and make some improvements. I love how much space there is and how great it is for transporting my pet dog. Overall I think the 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee is the perfect car for me.

- Sarah K

My vehicle is unique with its little problems but still runs good enough.

My car is really old so it breaks down a lot. There is no ac or heat, and there is often many other problems. Although there are a lot of problems, this is all due to the fact that it is old. I love all of the features with this car such as the adjustable seats, seat heaters, sunroof, etc. Even though most cars have much more features, these were a lot of features for 2000 and some cars still do not have all of them.

- Diana F

Old but very reliable. I would recommend a jeep to everyone.

It is an older vehicle so all of the problems it is facing comes with age. The engine is wonderful and still runs well. It does need a tune-up for its general health, with spark plugs and cables replaced, as well as filters. I have drove it nearly 10k miles in the past month and it is still running beautifully. I would always recommend a jeep to anyone that wants to know of a good vehicle to get.

- Jennifer M

Jeep home office life my jeep lets me do what I need without stopping

Jeep is a good brand and I have not had any major problems with the SUV sense the time of purchase over 10 years and a half a million miles all I've had to do to it is replace some seals, sensors, and a rear differential (my mistakes not a common problem) my jeep also has been all over the country in all conditions and still runs like a champ the next vehicle I will buy is another jeep for sure.

- Collin R

Great as a public transportation.

Really nice car, brand new, works perfectly fine has air conditioner and has a place to charge your phone, clean mirror and windows, can fit about 4 to 5 people. Also cars are linked to a culture of waste and sloth. There is one good thing about a car for which I have not found an exact replacement: it seems to make conversation between parent and child so much easier, and more fruitful.

- Maggie B

The vehicle does have 4 wheel drive.

Its' very old, the people who use to own it didn't take good care of it so I am always having to put money into the vehicle now. Seems like everything is falling apart on it. I have seen other ones just like it that drove very nice and look very nice. I think it is just how the people didn't take care of mine. I am sure it is a great vehicle if you take care of it from day one.

- Tanya H

Owning a Jeep meaning having the freedom to drive anywhere.

I have been a Jeep owner for many years. The grand Cherokee is by far my favorite. Living in the northeast, winters can get bad, any of my grand Cherokees have never once left me stranded! The grand Cherokee is the perfect vehicle for camping off the grid also! The places a Jeep can take you is endless! Owning a Jeep meaning having the freedom to drive anywhere you desire!

- Cass D

Jeep Grand Cherokee Assets

My car is now 19 years old and is a very sturdy and has a lot of comfortable room. The seats are roomy. Having push buttons for seat adjustment is great for me as a driver on a lengthy trip. The inflation for the lumbar is great. Having the 'lock' on the windows stops my grandchildren from playing with the windows and the child locks on the back door is a great safety item.


Love my Jeep, hate electrical problems

In the last 3 years my Jeep has had some sort of electrical issue. If it weren't for this I would have given it a 5/5 rating. My gauges don't work so that means I don't know how fast I'm going or if it's overheating or if I'm running out of gas. Sometimes my windows don't roll up or down. I have had a few mechanics look at it and they can't figure out what's wrong with it.

- Jill S

Great all weather family. Vehicle.

Although I love my Jeep there have been some flaws in it throughout the years. The air conditioning is definitely not the best. Also the brakes had to replaced way too early on and many times after. Upon research it would appear that particular year Jeep has flaws in both systems. Other than that normal maintenance and it is still running after 110, 000+ miles.

- Teresa D

I believe that all of the jeeps are prone to some design errors and therefore premature failures.

The vehicle is very comfortable and handles well. Over the many years of ownership several components have failed on the vehicle even those that one would not expect. The miles per gallon is pretty low. Because it's an SUV and have a lot of cargo room. Although I've never been in an accident, I expect that the vehicle (because of his size) would fare well.

- Doug C

Brake lights glitch sometimes

Vehicle runs great but there are problems with the brakes every once in awhile. The brake switch needs to be replaced every 6 months or so or else you will have no brake lights at all. Other than that the car is reliable and I like the highness that you get when riding in the car. The car comes with seat warmers which is also a nice feature in the cold.

- Alyssa V

Minor electrical issues, but great vehicle overall!

As with many Jeeps this old, the main issue with this model tends to be minor electrical problems, such as faulty turning signals, brake lights, electric windows, and locking system which malfunction from time to time. Besides that, the car is very comfortable, spacious, and great for outdoor adventures. Very reliable as long as it's well taken care of.

- Ricardo Z

2000 jeep grand Cherokee limited are 'lemons' ??

The issues of my 2000 jeep grand Cherokee are many. Stemming from the lower undercarriage all the way into the motor as well. U JOINTS AND OIL LEAKS. Battery draining. Motor replaced already once since I got it. Every time I fix one thing, another thing breaks. I have never neglected service tune ups so this, you can imagine, became quite monotonous.

- Michelle H

It lets me know if something is wrong or the fluids need to be checked.

My Jeep has a strong motor but has electrical problems. The alarm started going off at 2 am and would not shut off. The dash panel flashes from bright to dim. My door will not close most of the time and when I go around a sharp corner it opened. Other than that I love my car the motor is very strong and when I need to punch the gas it goes.

- Tiffany G

I love my Jeep; I feel comfortable and safe.

My favorite part about my Jeep is that it is reliable, and I feel comfortable driving it in all kinds of weather. I love my heated seats, and I have tons of room for friends and it is spacious for moving stuff from place to place. I do not have any current problems with my Jeep, but I have had the breaks done several times.

- Gabby G

Old, reliable and sturdy.

I love the size of my car and how it drives! It is a very reliable car and I personally have never had an issue with it! The seats are comfortable and the car is a great size. I don't feel compacted in. They air conditioner is not as cold as others but it does the job. It's a great car for all around weather types

- Shay S

Not too shabby for the year 2000!

A 2000 jeep grand Cherokee is great for mid size SUV. It has decent air conditioning but none in the back. Great for travel. Sits high off the ground if that is something you like. Powerful engine but not great gas mileage. Obviously is not a first choice for tech aspects since the car is on the older side.

- Caroline M

Electrically a complete mess.

Has a death shake 225,000 miles. Transmission is now slipping. Have electric issues, comes and goes. Two emission controllers and some issues with egr valves. Leather cracking. Open passenger side door cannot lock vehicle. Also when turn key on to start sometimes passenger back window rolls down on its own.

- Carl G

The V8 Jeep engines really get going!

This Jeep Grand Cherokee limited is doing pretty well for the age it is. I bought it around 100,000 miles in December of 2016 and now have about 120,000. I've run into some problems under the hood with fuel pump, and a few other minor things but engine always runs very well and just an overall great car!

- Jesse M

I would tell people that it still in great shape.

I love how my jeep can go anywhere. I also love the size of the cab on the inside between the front, back, and very back. It is very comfortable and I feel well protected in it. I really dislike the color of it, and how easy it was for the paint to start peeling, and the interior to start to fall apart.

- Jane B

My vehicle is a reliable and big SUV with a lot of room.

I really enjoy my jeep gc. It drives really well and handles bumps and potholes greatly. I've had some issues with the brakes but nothing that could not have been fixed. My jeep is definitely reliable. I wish it got better gas mileage but it's a big SUV with a lot of room and space for whatever I need.

- Michael V

Very good on gas, nice looking vehicle

I really enjoy driving my Jeep, it has been a very reliable vehicle. I Have had to replace the starter, and the alternator. Other than those two items I am very satisfied with the performance of the jeep. It rides very well and great for hauling bigger items with the center seats laying down flat.

- Lisa A

It does well in the snow and has very good clearance.

When it was younger I enjoyed it a great deal. 4wd on demand came in very handy. It was very useful hauling gear around to CW re-enactments. But it has had its share of issues such as the driver's seat breaking and hard to replace, brake lines rusting out, and a A/C that leaks into the floorboard.

- Joseph Y

Jeep is a good car more for individual than family

I like having my Jeep. But for some weird reason the left blinker only works sometimes but hazards, running lights and right blinker always work. It doesn't do the best or worst on gas. It is compact so my family is a little tight it seems more for a married couple with no kids or individual car

- Maria M

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000 a great SUV

Few problems. It is a joy to drive. Plenty of space. Nice to drive in the mountains and in town and on the freeway. Gas mileage is a problem, but careful driving improves gas mileage over time. I enjoy the sun roof and all of the bells and whistles. Everyone should consider one of these.

- Michael W

Great ride just not car seat friendly as I'd prefer.

My Jeep is fantastic as far as driving goes. Smooth ride, no jerks, and if I hit a pothole it cannot really be felt. The only real complaint I have is that there is no latch system for child seats, and the seatbelts have to be relocked each time I put my kids in. Otherwise it's a solid vehicle.

- Kelsey R

I love that there is plenty of room when going on vacation

Ever since I had gotten my car it has been very good and helpful. I get to and from places. Very comfortable and seats 5 people. With enough space in the back to carrying a lot and big items as well. I live that it goes 4 wheel high and 4 wheel low as well. It hasn't let me down knock on wood.

- Tiffany B

That it is a safe and rugged type vehicle that is comfortable.

We have a few leaks and other worn parts. Thought for the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle is not a lot. We use this Jeep to pull a trailer and for a lot of things over the years and Its lasted really well. This has seat warmers and adjustable seats and is a comfortable and nice vehicle.

- Patrick R

We have had this Jeep for a long time my daughter learned to drive in it.

My Jeep is a very good winter and snow vehicle have owned it since 2004 and have had no problems very reliable other than fixing brakes and oil changes the biggest complaint is the driver and passenger seats are cramped especially on long trips the driver side is very cramped for leg space.

- Richard J

Jeeps are beast! Tough and safe!

We absolutely love our Jeep. It has been the most reliable and dependable vehicle for the last 10 years. It is also 4wheel drive so we tend not to end up stuck anywhere. You cannot go wrong with a Jeep. Maintenance and check your vehicle's fluids regularly and I swear they just do not quit!

- Cassandra W

Grand Cherokee Laredo, awesome safety features and reliability

My Jeep performs a new one. It starts even in the coldest days. Rides really good. Has Sunroof, air. Has 4 wheel drive, although I do not use it in snow, it goes right through. Good gas mileage 17 in city and 24 highway. Always dependable. Loads of space in back. 70-30 split seats in back.

- Marcia L

This SUV has plenty of ground clearance

This vehicle provides minimal amenities but is very reliable. Comes with 4 wheel drive which is handy for the environment I live in. This SUV also features leather interior that last for a good time. The gas mileage is not that great compared to the current vehicles on the market.

- christopher G

It's a Jeep. What more do I need to say.

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has a 4.0 inline 6 engine that has been running strong for 19 years. It's performance level is top notch. It has standard stock features. It's my baby and she's more than reliable. Everyone with the same model would agree that it's a great SUV.

- Sierra W

1996 Jeep... Worth a look.

Very reliable, but is beginning to have mechanical problems that cost a lot... Therefore, I am planning on trading it in. It is a four wheel drive vehicle and can navigate heavy snow with ease. The radio is fine... The seats are leather... And it has a full sized spare tire.

- Patrick G

What I like about the Jeep grand Cherokee.

My vehicle is a reliable daily driver. I enjoy the size and comfort and performance of this vehicle as well as the reliable operation. It has a fair amount of features such as premium stereo, air conditioning, sunroof, electric leather seats, wood trim and cruise control.

- Rodger R

Amazing comfortable vehicle

When I bought the truck it had a lot of problems. I had to replace brake lines, all brakes, all tires, and many other parts. I still have to replace the front shocks but it is a great vehicle. For its age it runs amazing, it's comfortable, roomy, and my favorite vehicle.

- Christine A

Durable and reliable for being 19 years old.

The only problems I have with my vehicle are normal wear and tear. It has over 200,000 miles on it, so I have had to fix a few things, because it is an older vehicle. I'd say it has been a pretty reliable vehicle, thus far. It is durable, because it is made out of metal.

- L J

Jeeps are great for off roading.

The jeep is dependable and pretty good on gas mileage. The ride is comfortable if you are ok with the lean it makes on turns. It gets up to speed with little hesitation and stops quickly. There is no Aux hookup on the stock radio but it can play cassette tapes and CDs.

- Alyssa B

This vehicle is very good on fuel.

Our vehicle is in fair condition however the transmission has started slipping and it needs repairs. It needs a tune-up, oil change and front end alignment. It has damage to the bumper but never in an accident. It's very good on gas. It has around 243, 534 miles on it.

- Deborah H

Our Jeep is a beautifully stylish work horse!

I love our Jeep! It is roomy, comfortable, and stylish. It has the power and reliability to get my husband through the mountains of WV like a boss! Even though it is a work vehicle, it still looks good enough for date night, after a bath that is. Again I love our Jeep!

- Jennifer B

Other people I know who have this particular jeep have the same problems.

My jeep is older. It's a 2000 and is not a four wheel drive. I'm sure it was nice when it was new but now a lot of things are breaking. Electric locks, power windows on driver side. Center console. Exterior rear view mirror on passenger side. Brake lights burn often.

- Valerie V

Vehicle is a good all around type car.

Reliable vehicle in the snow with its select 4wd. Car does drink a lot of gas. Tires are not cheap for this type of vehicle. It's easy to keep up with the maintenance. Good family and towing vehicle if you need to haul a trailer uhaul. Interior is really comfortable.

- Tim L

Built for family travel!!

My Jeep is very reliable! It has over 150000 miles but still only needs minor maintenance. It is roomy enough to take the family on trips. Has plenty of room in the back for lots of take along stuff and luggage. It currently only gets 16 miles to the gallon though.

- Cathy B

Jeep Grand Cherokee. Awesome

Super reliable, parts inexpensive, have not had to invest money into it other than basic care. Really comfortable, have not had any problems with it just having to change oil and tires as well as brake. AC works well as well the stereo and the seats are adjustable

- A Z

I have a real sense of safety in my Jeep. Solid construction, roomy.

My Jeep grand Cherokee has been a sheer joy to own. Have had minimal service work done other than preventative care. My two hounds think the back third is their bedroom. Gasoline mileage is not great, but typical of this size SUV. Would buy another Jeep next time.

- Beverley S

Good overall vehicle. Does great in snow and off-road.

Rough ride. Good highway mileage. Plenty of room. Plenty of power. Does great in snow and mud. Comfortable seating. Lots of room. Power steering and brake problems. Tends to burn oil sometimes. Shakes when brakes are applied at high speed. Overall a good vehicle.

- Daniel A

It's very reliable and I love it.

It's a good car that runs great has no problems to speak of since I bought it 5 years ago in a auction down in Texas last summer with my son he lives in Missouri so its along the way he drove half the time and I would help navigate the way there and the way back.

- Gerald S

Jeep grand Cherokee for the win!

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee! I have been a Jeep owner my whole life. Owning a Jeep gives you freedom to go anywhere you desire! The 4x4 will also never leave you stranded! If you keep up on general maintenance and repair your Jeep could last you a lifetime!

- Cassandra D

My thoughts on the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2000 Jeep has a very solid engine. If you don't know, it was the last year that Jeep made the engine with a cast iron engine. I have had few major issues with the car that weren't wear and tear related. It sits very nicely and is a very good daily driver.

- Andrew L

Snow and driving in the bad weather,

I love driving a Jeep but the one I have is not a 4 wheel drive and it sucks in the snow. Jeep are a great vehicle to drive as long as you have 4 wheel drive, they will get you anywhere you want to go. I am looking to purchase a wrangler at some point.

- April B

Apparently relay switches go out often in Jeeps and that one small thing can cause MAJOR issues.

I like that it's an easy vehicle for someone to work on rather than take it to the shop. I don't like how there is barely any room. And I don't like the plastic panel that goes around the bottom of the car, I like the full frame of the newer ones.

- Ashley L

It is a reliable vehicle.

I like the cargo space a lot. I also like that this vehicle rides high so I can see well. I like the reliability of my vehicle. The only thing I do not like is that the windows are tinted and this makes night driving a bit difficult.

- sherry R

Jeep: Amazing For City or Country Backroads.

My Jeep has held up really well driving around the DC beltway for 12 years, country backroads (including dirt and gravel) regularly for 7 years. I have never worried about reliability since she has never really had many problems.

- Angela S

It can drive anywhere, on or off road.

I like that my jeep is comfortable to drive. It is easy to fix and find parts for even though it is an older vehicle. I love my jeep because it can drive anywhere, on or off road. There is nothing that I dislike about my jeep!.

- Cassie D


I purchased it used, however I did purchase an extended warranty. Everything imaginable, sans transmission, went out during the extension. Since replacement of all the parts, it has run perfectly and the Jeep is a 2000 model.


That it's a pretty tough car. Even though it has its issues, it made through so much.

I like the fact that it has good gas mileage. Plus, I love how roomy it is. However, it doesn't have good gas mileage and I have issues with the transmission. Moreover, It can't go in reverse and one window doesn't roll up.

- Chanelle C

It is easy to drive and navigate.

I like that it is an SUV, sits up higher. It is all wheel drive, but also has 4 wheel drive for the winter months.... I dislike the way they have changed the looks of the newer jeeps. Definitely like the older jeep look..

- Wilma W

Jeep Grand Cherokee Experience

My car is very reliable, it drives very smoothly. At the moment I need to replace the heating core, which I have and haven't had the time to do so. I just put new tires, water pump, thermostat, and engine in it.

- LaTorya E

It can take you anywhere, pavement or off road

I like my jeep because Jeep's run well in the winter and I don't like driving in the snow. A Jeep can literally take you ANYWHERE you want to go, on pavements or off road. Last, I like my jeep because it's a Jeep.

- Cass T

It is a great family vehicle.

Super reliable car! It is a 2000 but has a sunroof as well as heated seats! The heated seats definitely come in handy for the cold winters and the 4 wheel drive is extra convenient for our cold and snowy winters.

- Sara B

You ever heard that saying old faithful? This Jeep has never let me down.

It's a comfortable vehicle to drive in. Going up hills it runs a little slower which I don't like. Maintenance seems like something is always going out but easy to replace. Otherwise It's been a really good Jeep.

- Bucky S

It is bright red! So it gets a lot of attention.

It is a very great car! It rides very smoothly, the only things is it is not good on gas. It gets around 14 miles to the gallon which may sound good but not really! But other than that it is very cozy and comfy.

- Lindsey V

The gas mileage could be a little better but it's a great car. Especially in the winter months.

There seems to be a few problems that are problematic of all Jeeps but most are pretty minor and have been an easy fix. But overall it's a great vehicle that hasn't let me down in the 13 yrs I've owned it.

- Jennifer W

It a long lasting, reliable (more or less) car.

I like that it is roomy. It also has a nice ride and is fairly easy to maneuver. I'm short so I like that It's easy to back into a parking lot. I don't like that it's started to need a lot of repairs.

- maria g

As with any car, regular maintenance is a must if you want to keep it out of the shops.

I like the way it feels sitting in it. I like the way it handles driving it. I like that it is very dependable and hasn't needed much repair out of normal wear. I hate that it is now very high mileage.

- Dan H

My car is extremely reliable in all types of weather circumstances.

I love my Jeep because I lived in upstate NY for a while where the winters were freezing and the snowy roads were scary. The power and safety of my Jeep made me confident and safe on the roads there.

- Tricia G

JEEP are good brand of car. It last long as long as you take care of it. They got new and sleek designs even the old ones!

I need a car, though it is already old but still it works great, probably just for work and not for long travels anymore. I love the brand Jeep!.. I'm planning to buy same brand if I got the money.

- Annielyn A

I really like it. I didn't think I would be an SUV person, but after driving it a while, I prefer it to a normal car, even with its downsides.

I like the overall interior layout, I like having the ability to carry a lot of cargo. I like the v8 engine and its awd capability. Gas mileage is kind of poor. Maintenance costs are kind of high.

- Mike M

Best reasons to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo are a very reliable vehicle. Providing all maintenance is kept up. They have a smooth ride. They sit comfortably, and have at hand controls that make driving enjoyable.

- Daniel G

Love everything about this vehicle.

I have loved this vehicle from the start.I loved sitting up higher able to see what is ahead.It performs great. has always been reliable.Very comfortable,great for transporting my large dogs.

- Sandy T

There are electrical problems.

I like that it is larger and have four wheel drive for winter. I like that it is higher up and that you can see more of the road when you drive. I dislike that it is bad on fuel mileage.

- Tyler S

It has great mileage and the maintenance is manageable.

No complaints at all, I love my jeep, she's tough, and dependable, have had lots of adventures with and look forward to many more, I recommend jeeps to everyone I think needs a vehicle.

- Abdal R

I would recommend a Jeep to everyone!

Drives great. The off road capabilities are a huge bonus! The engine runs smooth and hasn't had any problems. Super comfortable with LOTS of cargo space to transport. Favorite car EVER!

- Montana W

Enough horsepower to get every job done and it's made in America

My jeep has enough cabin capacity to carry everything I need. It has enough clearance to crawl underneath to do any work I need to do on it. The gas mileage could be better though

- Chris W

It's my storm Chase vehicle and the best vehicle I've ever owned and I plan to drive it into the ground

I like the sturdiness and ruggedness and the power of the engine. The ability to upgrade almost every component of the vehicle with aftermarket parts. I dislike the fuel economy.

- Kevin L

Jeeps are one of the best vehicles

It's a great Jeep, I just love it. I have had no problems with it and it runs great! It wasn't a hard choice choosing this Jeep. I love jeeps and will always drive one!!

- Shannon H

My truck is old but reliable!!! It works but needs work!!!

It is a used truck that we needed in a pinch. It smells old and really used!!! It gets us from point A to Point B but I would have liked something a little newer!!!!

- Kathleen S

Safe and dependable, sitting up higher gives a great view of the road ahead.

A safe, dependable car, holds the road safely during a bad snow storm when I put it into 4 wheel drive. I have owned 2 other Jeep's in the past & would buy another.

- Marcella K

Jeep Grand Cherokee - best vehicle on the market

Great vehicle, problems with the transmission after 75000 miles replaced no problems since. Back tail and brake lights have shorts which constantly need repairs

- Hope M

The car that I would trust my life in

It is extremely reliable. I have driven it so many years through so many conditions and I always feel extremely secure and safe. I also like the fabric seats.

- Darrick C

My strong body Jeep Grand Cherokee

Heavy duty body. Hit hard from behind by a large moving truck (70 mph) just bent door hinge and shattered window. Replaced door and window. Feel safe in car

- Donna S

i love how my Jeep is fits all my needs for a car. love the space & it's reliable

first off, I love the Jeep in general. Jeep is a great brand. the car is so roomy and I love that I feel like I own the road whenever I'm driving my Jeep

- freida r

It drives great in weather.

I have no complaints. It has been a great vehicle, even in its age! It does great in weather. I commute to work and do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Danielle L

That I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything else but a new model.

Love the room to carry things. It's very comfortable to drive. It's great in snow with the four wheel drive option. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Susan H

Great space, decent sized vehicle, reliable.

Safety switch. Performance is great. Good for off-road or everyday driving. Customizable. Comfortable for a majority of people. Great hauling power.

- Justin B

Lots of space which is very helpful. I live the 4 wheel drive which is helpful for the winter time.

Problems have occured very often. It's an upkeep for an old vehicle which is constantly annoying and lots of recalls lately for specific car parts.

- Lindsay B

The reverse doesn't work and you can't take the key out of the ignition or else it takes forever to get it to turn.

I like that it is cheap and easy to fix. It is long lasting. I dislike that it needs so much work and I'm too poor to fix it. Overall I love it.

- Amy T

Its 18 years old and still has less than 200 thousand miles on it.

Its a v8, has a lot of power. It functions just like it should for it being 18 years old. Good on gas. By far the best vehicle I've ever owned.

- Angela W

That it is a Jeep. It has had past work and care to keep it running best as it can. Back breaks are the only thing it needs.

I don't care for the year of my vehicle. I love that it is a Jeep. I has been a good vehicle til this past year. I need to do some work on it.

- Michelle H

Fun to drive and easy to drive "upgrading" is relatively easy if you know what you are doing

loads of problems but overall fun car, great to go offroading in after a few modifications. easy to upkeep and fairly inexpensive to upkeep

- jonathan k

Dependable and comfortable.

I like that my vehicle is a SUV and I dislike that when I purchase the car being used that the sunroof been sealed shut because of leaks.

- Tee V

The Jeeps really do not have.

My Jeep is old but like a fine wind I have no issues with my vehicle I have owned the vehicle for 5 yrs and she has always ran wonderful.

- Edwards E

Jeeps are great very easy to drive no blind spots can hold 5 people easy.

My vehicle a 2000 Jeep has leather seats electronic 3 position seats very roomy can haul a lot of stuff good on mileage easy to drive.

- Jeanette J

Great for all terrain. Comfort and power.

Probably has more power than I need, but I enjoy driving it. It makes me feel safe driving in bad conditions. Love being up high.

- Kari B

Jeep Grand Cherokee, pretty reliable car overall

My Jeep runs very good, it has had no problems with it since I got it a couple months ago, given the fact that it is 18 years old.

- Alejandra Z

I have a Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. Good family vehicle.

Has very many electrical problems. Also air condition problems and leaks. Has comfortable seats and is a great daily driver.

- Ashlee G

It is very durable and handles well.

I love the size. I like the handling, it drives more like a truck. I don't like the low gas mileage but it is very durable.

- Jenna P

The gas miles is bad and the brakes are falling apart.

My Jeep is not getting enough gas and it is a gas guzzler so it cost me even more money to fill up. It had bad brakes to.

- Crystal N

Uses a lot of gas and it does not hug the road.

I like the vehicle because I can haul a lot of things in it. I do not like the vehicle because it does not hug the road.

- Mary V

Still rides nice. Get fairly good gas mileage. Get slotted, drilled rotors and the break problem goes away.

Jeep had issues with brakes and rotors that model year. Other than brakes, the rest of the vehicle has been wonderful.

- James B

That I still looks brand new.

I love that it is quadra trac. I love the color blue that it is. I love that I feel safe driving it in the winter snow.

- Cristi T

It has been going strong for 280,000 miles.

I am experiencing many of the common issues. It is sitting right now, waiting for replacement part (crankshaft sensor).

- Shannon F

Car design is sporty and stylish, but it should be functional.

I like the design, shape, color and function of the car. I am not happy about this car needs lots of Gasoline to run.

- Kei V

The four wheel drive is super dependable.

Window motors go out a lot, it's nice to have the sunroof. However when its stuck open or closed it can be a pain.

- Opal A

I love its speed. I love its speed. I love its speed.

The engine has a lot of hard to reach parts and the sensors keep going out. I love the way it handles and drives.

- Sunni H

They SHOULD have continued making them like this!!!.

Got it used. Mint condition then. Over 200K miles and still going. Great car. Don't make them like this anymore.

- john r

Car will go anywhere.and it's only a 4x2. Also it has a nice ride.

Love my Jeep but there have been some problems.like elect issues with the gages. Also with the windows and key.

- Scott N

That it has a shake if you go too fast.

I like the all around feel of the ride when I drive the jeep and I like how it handles on the road most of all.

- Alan S

Because I would use it because

Because I would rather because my parents have one and I feel to buy my own and help raise my self and parents

- Ahmad S

it is always on the go it takes me very were and my daughter to

i like the room it has. it is very comfortable. i like the color of it. what i don't like is the gas mileages

- Bettyjo T

That it takes a beating but keeps on ticking.

I like the 4 wheel drive. It makes me feel safer in bad weather. I also like riding higher than regular cars

- Carol R

Good for moving and very comfortable.

I love having a vehicle that is up off the ground. It has a lot of space to put plenty of things in the back.

- Haley E

My jeep grand Cherokee suv

I love my jeep grand Cherokee it is reliable and fun to drive also safe. Haven't had many problems with it

- Tiffany W

it is really good to have in the winter. it has heated seats, cruise control, and many other features.

good in the snow. horrible on gas. I wish it was better on gas, it costs too much money to refill the tank.

- Angelo A

It drives okay. Very hot without air conditioning.

The engine is very good. Many things are rusty. The air conditioning is broken. Leather interior is nice.

- Troy H

jeeps are amazing in any style

it's great it powerful, 4x4 leather heated seat and runs great, but the age is starting to show a little

- April D

4.0 is the best engine ever made. if you dont do alot of modifications it will last forever

good gas mileage for as old and big as it is. its starting to wear down after this many miles and years

- j h

It's old but it works really good and I can't complain because it my first car

It gets me where I need to go and back. I dislike how my windows in the front down roll down or up

- Mileena S

The one most important thing is Good gas mileage on this Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It has a lot of miles on it. Jeep has a lot of room and also good on gas. I have enjoyed mine.

- Latoya S

Terrible mileage, but still love it.

Only complaint is it is so old. Starting to have electrical problems. In general love it.

- Mary h

The Jeep is roomy. You sit comfortably and there is plenty of storage in the trunk.

I like that our Jeep is roomy, comfortable and rides smoothly. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Jenn G

It's paid for. I do not have to make a monthly car note and this gives me financial freedom!

It's dependable. Good value for the money. Easy motor to work on. Comfortable to ride in.

- Leslie B

Has a great ability to handle all weather conditions. Easily altered

Rugged and sporty. Poor gas mileage. Able to haul kayaks and other sporting equipment

- Jessica L

reliable and goes very well in snow, pretty comfortable to travel long distances.

love 4wd in the snow. pretty reliable vehicle. don't really have any complaints.

- susan r

That you will never have any problem when it come to driving in deep snow or off the beaten path.. 4WD gets the job done..

I like the ride height, Enjoy have leather seats, the moon-roof is good

- mac t

that it is dependable, that it always starts and that it fits several people and is fun to drive

I love that it is easy to get in and out and hate that it is so old

- ann b

This vehicle gets very poor gas mileage compared to other brands.

It is a very sturdy vehicle. However, it gets very bad gas mileage.

- Nathan S

The car gets poor gas mileage and when it gets old it wonders on the road.

It is roomy. The car is comfortable. The car gets poor gas mileage

- Steven V

It's a durable and reliable vehicle and the only brand for me

It's a Jeep and there are seldom any issues with this vehicle

- Mickey G

It gets us places and is paid for so it's good enough.

4 wheel drive and extra room. Bumpy drive sometimes.

- Brooke D

It is family friendly with plenty of space.

I love my jeep. Family friendly and steers easily.

- Kelly R

everything safely oil etc. ect. gas intake It's it all overall reviews

i like suv it runs great but It's take a lot of lot

- a k

It has over 200k miles and haven't had any major repairs

It rides good, I sit up so I feel like I see better

- Patricia P