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Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV that's with you for the long haul.

I haven't had to spend a lot on upkeep or repairs. The only consistent problem is rust on fenders and undercarriage. I had to replace the bands that hold the gas tank and the protective cover for the gas tank. Over the years I have had to replace the window motor for both front windows, breaks, struts, tie bar, tie rods, muffler, and the usual maintenance expected for a car this age. I feel safe when I drive my jeep because of its size and height. I have never gotten stuck in snow or mud because of its 4 wheel drive. It's easy to drive, has plenty of legroom. It's as comfortable as sitting in my living room. The mileage is only 12 mtg but I don't care. I live in a small town so I don't drive far. I can go on a full tank for a whole month. This jeep is my favorite car of all I've owned. I will hang on to it until it becomes undriveable. Then I plan to buy another Jeep Grand Cherokee in red. I have been so happy with my Jeep and recommend it to everyone.

- Cynthia L

Jeeps can be lots of work.

First and foremost, I love how spacious my jeep is. I have two toddlers with two giant car seats. My car seats are both rear- facing, which in some sedans left little floor room. My jeep however, has plenty of room for the diaper bags and other things that I want to put down. My jeep is pretty old though and seems to have a new problem every month. The radiator along with corresponding tubes have all been replaced. The fan that cools down the engine keeps falling off. I bought a refurbished one first, which broke off soon after. I bought a new one after that and it is been a few months since then. The ignition is weird in that once you start the car the key can just fall out, but the car stays on. It really scares me. Oftentimes I have to put the car in neutral just to start. I do not know what kind of issue that is. If I had a lot more money I would buy a different car. But I do not, so I am just trying to keep the car alive with all these repairs.

- Ashley D

I love how versatile this Jeep is.

For family, this vehicle is great. Though having a car seat in the back middle it has no anchor points. The large cargo area is amazing for shopping or taking the dog for a ride. Traveling is amazing, as it's large cargo area also has a net and cover to help. The back seats are able to fold down for extra room for those DIY home projects you may need to bring home! The radio is outdated, as it has a CD player but also a tape player and no way to use any external music devices. Though the speaker quality is amazing. This Jeep is comfortable to ride in as well as drive with automatic adjustable front seats, great gas mileage, this jeep is easy to handle with 4wd. And for those muddy or iced over roads, 4wd low. It also is equipped with a thermometer, miles left on current tank of gas, and a reminder on when you need your next oil change, and calculates miles per gallon usage and a compass.

- Toni K

Jeep Cherokee 2001 limited edition.

The 2001 Jeep Cherokee v8 limited edition was an excellent purchase. It is not very spacious for a 5 seater vehicle but a decent truck space. The front seats, once adjusted, come too far back on the back row. Just not legroom for children in car seats or taller, bigger people. I think it would be a better fit for a single person or couple with no children currently. Pets fit in wonderfully to the truck space or even riding upfront. The leather seats worn down pretty quickly. It is a reliable car and gets up to speed good. It is a 2 wheel drive which is a bummer for a Jeep. Also making winter a nightmare to drive in. I personally love it regardless of the minor flaws. We have had some wiring issue which lead to the heat going out, speakers crackling the whole car ride and the turn signals not working sometimes. Other than that this is a great vehicle and I recommend it to anyone.

- Sierra M

a good workhorse for me over the years

It is a nice vehicle for driving for me, since it sits higher off the ground than a car, and gives me a better view of the surroundings while l am driving. It is also easier for me to get into as l get older! lt holds 4 adults comfortably--we are also getting larger as we age--and plenty of groceries in the back area. The gas mileage is fair, since it is a V8. Since it is just about 18 years old, it is showing its age a bit now, with a bit of rust on a door panel, gas lifts for the back hatch don't work well, nor does the zapper, so no more opening the door with that! However, it still drives very nicely, and since this is my 3rd Jeep in 20 years, one could say that l do like this brand!

- Diane F

I love the wood grain, space, and the leather heated seats.

I have had this car for about three years now. In that time. I haven't had any major issues until last month. My air conditioning stopped working, so I had to get that fixed. Prior to that repair I've only done routine maintenance on the car (brakes, oil changes, tires). I live in Chicago and this Jeep has gotten me through three winters with no problems. I love the leather seats, adjustable seat settings/memory, and the fact that the driver and passenger controls their own heat/AC settings. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that is serving me well. In the future, I would definitely consider getting a newer version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.

- Nathan B

Jeep grand Cherokee limited, v8 with a tow package.

I love how this Jeep pulls a trailer and gets me out of deep snow or mud. Pulls a small hay wagon, a 1 horse trailer and firewood very easily. This one has a sunroof, and that works pretty well. We overhauled the engine and the transmission (and something else), had some rust removed (a “dogleg?”) and it has over 250 thousand miles on it now. One recurring problem we have found is there is a puddle of water underneath the front right floor mats, from some tube that gets blocked from leaves maybe. Another problem is the blower motor for the heat/ac has burned out a few times. It gets fairly reasonable gas mileage for having 4 wheel drive. Love it.

- Beth K

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo: Safe Stylish and Reliable!

My 2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo is a safe yet stylish car. The interior is comfortable and roomy which makes driving a pleasure. It has a powerful engine that has been very reliable. I really like that it has great 4x4, which is a necessity for me and it has safely gotten me through many New Jersey snowstorms. The gas mileage isn't that great but you can't win it all. Overall I've been very happy with it. I've gotten lots of use out of it, including my daily commute and I've gone on plenty of trips with it as well.

- Shul A

We love our Jeep an the 4 wheel drive is amazing.

I love my grand Jeep Cherokee. We have had a couple issues with the sunroof being clogged and having to put new drain lines in the sunroof which was not that hard and works like a champ. The back windows motor have went out so we have to replace them at some point. Then there's a noise in the dashboard when you turn the engine off it makes a load drawn out clicking sound for at least ninety seconds. All in all no matter what kind of older vehicle you get they all have some type of issue but we love our Jeep.

- Wendi D

The heated windows in the winter time.

My Jeep is an awesome car, especially for living in the mountains. It does good in the snow and has very minimal problems. I have the v8 engine so it is a gas guzzler and uses up oil pretty quickly. My car is the limited edition Jeep so it has black leather seats and interior and has heated seats and windows and also has a sunroof. This car is perfect for the summer and the winter. When I do have problems with my car it is affordable and fairly easy to fix. Overall, I love my car.

- Taylor C

Things I love about my Jeep.

I love my vehicle because it has leather heated seats and a sun roof the seats flip down so that I may carry many things I had a tow package which was amazing and it was very helpful for pulling a trailer. The vehicle size is perfect for me it is not too big and get in the way but it yet it is not too small for being on the highway. I am a mother of 3 children so trying to do luggage groceries and backpacks is a big deal and I love the space in the back.

- Jill K

My Jeep overheats!! You cannot idle for over five minutes on a warm day, or it will overheat!

I've had my Jeep about five years now, I bought it used from a small car dealership. The first four years it was wonderful, it had lots of space for my family, it was reliable, even though it was a little rough on gas. However in the past year it has started to give me problems. As I approach 250,000 miles, I'm having trouble with the transmission and the coolant system. It's been in the repair shop around ten times in the past year.

- Liz M

Why you should buy a Jeep!

My Jeep Grand Cherokee is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. It is great for kids hauling stuff around you can pick up anything just know you'll be able to get it home. It is a fun & very comfortable.SUV & is under rated for what you get. It is great to drive safe & can go anywhere I want to go. I would highly recommend this SUV just wish I could have a new one! I wouldn't buy anything but a Jeep!

- Galen G

My unfortunately unreliable jeep...

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that was given to me as a gift. It was my first car. I have had it for 2 years now. It breaks down quite often and most repairs necessary aren't simple. It is unfortunately very unreliable. Almost every part in the vehicle has been replaced at least once. Besides the mechanical problems in the jeep, I love the comfort and look of it. If it was reliable I would love the car.

- Amber T

Always change the oil and check your filter.

I love the SUV, I have no problems getting my kids in and out, I have to step up to get in the Jeep and don't hit my head. We all been there. I love the cold air intake added on. My sound system is sweet. The Jeep drives well. The things that need looked at is the starter sometimes needs to be put in neutral. Then there is the dead shake. . . But that is because my spacer. It needs work. But its my baby!

- Samantha S

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee worth checking out

It's the perfect size SUV it's not too big and it's not too small. It's great to take off roading with the 4x4 that it has. It's good to use to pick up items that I can't with a regular car. I have issues with it once in awhile I just had an issue with a short going through the wires for the brake lights but besides that it has honestly been a good vehicle. It's good for business and for leisure.

- David D

Jeep grand Cherokee a very reliable vehicle.

My jeep grand Cherokee has been a very reliable vehicle. I have had to do limited repairs. It has also performed well in inclement weather. The only few issues I have had is that it has developed some rust in one tire well. Also it has had to have the radiator replaced because of corrosion but it was after the car was 16 years old. Lastly it gets about 17 miles to the gallon in gas.

- Michael L

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee durability

Very reliable in cold weather or snow. Able to easily scale off road areas or travel hills. Fairly comfortable and fits 5 people easily. Lots of travel space and storage in the back trunk area. Slightly tippy on curves but more stable than liberty models. Had to repair parts of wheel area because of wear but was easy to access and change. Easy to change oil and perform maintenance.

- Madison S

Going in style and comfort.

When you have to go somewhere, a Jeep will get you there. I live in Idaho. We have mountains, prairies, high desert, and hundreds of miles of open highway. Nothing is off limits in my grand Cherokee. Luxurious leather interior, tough all steel exterior, and all the features that make a SUV fun to drive are available. Sun, wind, rain, snow or ice, driving my Jeep is always nice!

- George S

Proud owner of a Jeep my family loves it.

I really love my Jeep grand Cherokee, it is very spacious and comfortable to ride in for all passengers. I have had problems with my tail lights and had to replace the circuit boards and problems with two windows where the cable had to be replaced. It gets pretty good gas mileage for being a straight six. Insurance is not too bad either. Overall it is a great vehicle.

- Christy B

Great Vehicle for a family

Problems include a sensor in the engine that caused it not to start while warmed up. We had to wait for the engine to completely cool down before it would start. No other real problems except normal wear and tear. The vehicle is very dependable, durable and very roomy. I would recommend this vehicle to any family. I would recommend to get a tow package. Ours doesn't.

- Dale O

Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 2001 and very good pickup

We thought we were getting a great deal 1200 with minor sensor problems but that isn't what we received just to get inspection passed it costed well over 2000 dollars more problems than we could ever imagine spent all that money and things are still going wrong but it drives very well and I am definitely looking to put a lot of work into it to make it new again

- Jeff H

Be sure to thoroughly look over any used vehicle from a private buyer

Gold jeep, bought used about 2 months ago main feature for buying was it has the 4.0L, pretty much bulletproof motor when maintained properly. I've had to do ball joints, control arms, steering damper, tie rod end, tires, brakes, and other general maintenance that had been neglected, the interior was in extremely good shape, and the body had very little rust

- Storm S

Jeep grand Cherokee rides smooth and runs nicely.

I honestly really like my car. I bought it used. The only issue I have with it is that it guzzles oil and gas mileage is not that great as to be expected since it is a Jeep. It rides smooth, has nice shocks and has a leather interior. It is exactly what I need as a college student. I use it in the winter so the four wheel drive is super beneficial.

- Anne B

Overall the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a good motor with excellent features.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been a great vehicle. The Jeep has a sporty look. It handled with great performance. The gas mileage is great. The interior has real leather seats. The hatchback has a window that can open separately. It has rear seats that can be easily removed if needed to haul. It also has a jack installed under the driver's seat.

- Rachel C

It handles and drives well and is the most comfortable driving vehicle I have ever owned.

It has one of the most comfortable seats I have ever driven in. The interior is a good size for hauling people or items around in. It it very sturdy and the four wheel drive works great in inclement weather. The only complaint I have is that the gas mileage could be better, but I will buy another Grand Cherokee when this one finally dies.

- Kara C

Crack in radiator, not as reliable as I needed it to be

There is no air or heat, crack in radiator, transmission is going out slowly but surely. Overheats within minutes of being on. Not good for road trips or even going to the store. Gas mileage is okay but could be better not much space one door does not open it's not as reliable as I need it to be. Left brake light also has a default.

- Holly R

Easy to drive great on gas dependable.

Minor problems usual wear and tear no other problems that I am aware of would recommend Jeep to anyone I have drove it to Alabama Florida and back good on gas to no problems. I bought it used it was 8 years old when I got it been great ever since I would recommend to anyone looking for a good reliable economical for a good price.

- Jeanette J

I love that my car has leather.

I really love that it is leather and has a sunroof. The CD player in the back hold up to 10 CDs which is nice. It drives very smoothly. The only problem I am currently having is that it leaks onto the passenger side floor and it becomes a puddle. My heater also has gone out which isn't to bad since it's hot here most of the time.

- Ashley B

Though old it's sunroof and heated seat are very nice added option.

My vehicle is 20 years old almost. It is not reliable. It needs work or we need to buy a newer one. The sunroof I do like. The heated seats are awesome. It's four wheel drive so that has been a plus because we live in PA and you can have all four season in one day if your lucky. The color is a medium blue color which I do love.

- Regina W

I love that the back seats fold down flat.

Other than having to replace the transmission twice I haven't had any other major problems with my car. I have had to replace normal maintenance stuff but other than that it has been a very good dependable car. Only bad thing about keeps though they are known for some electrical issues but they are usually pretty easy to fix.

- Nathalie C

The Jeep grand-Cherokee: it will not die.

This thing just keeps on going. We did have to replace the transmission but that was after 200 thousand miles, and it seems the previous owners didn't maintain it well. It has helped us make trips half way across the country during rough weather, whilst hauling a U-Haul trailer. So, no complaints from me. I love Jeeps.

- Kristin M

I prefer SUVs. Higher up, easier to see the road. Tons of spaces.

Close to 200,000 miles, many problems starting to arise. Way too much money being invested to fix problems. Love the car, but tired of the constant issues. Transmission is close to going out again. Needs new engine. Needs many internal parts. I love the body of the car. Tons of space in the trunk for transporting items.

- Jen S

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo - durable and reliable.

I love my Jeep! Great to drive, love that it can handle dirt roads, mud, and snow. Mine is older, a 2001, and I had a 2000 before that. It has a few small issues to be expected in an older car. The driver rear window has come off the track. The transmission has a hitch in 3rd gear. But overall I'm very happy with it.

- Maddie H

Impalas have a lot of space are affordable in some way cheap and reliable.

My car drives nice and does not cost a lot to tune up and fix when needed. It is realistic le enough to get my kids and family or even friends where we need to get. I pay less than 40 dollars to fill my tank which is great. I would recommend this car to many people and advise them to invest in the car themselves.

- Sparkle V

Blown fuses and a gas hog in bad economy.

The fuses often blow so while driving you do not notice that brake lights or tail lights go off. Also is uses a lot of gas when gas prices are so high. Also need a Bluetooth to be able to use handless phones. To replace this it will cost more than the vehicle is worth. If you do not you are going to get a ticket.

- Jami M

My jeep is a SUV I've always been a fan of off road vehicle

My jeep just has one minor problem a whine that I can't see to fix I've change the pulley and the brackets. The performance of my jeep is smooth. Reliability is tough no hard edges and you can always pull through. Comfort and features my jeep is a older model but I have seat warmers and also a touch screen radio

- Terence S

2001 Jeep grand Cherokee sport stock limited edition.

Old model Jeep Cherokees have problems. My air conditioner does not work. My dash and interior needs fixing because it is outdated. On the drivers side the seat is torn. Suspension is bad. Water cooler is bad. I have heat soak. But it is a good vehicle that I can take off-road and toe what I need when I need to.

- Madison C

Comfortable and stylish and fun to drive.

In my experience of driving jeep grand Cherokees for a long time, they are very good in the snow, comfortable if the seats are not leather, fun to drive and they look good too. However when it breaks it breaks and they are not cheap to fix either but I think it is well worth it because it is a great vehicle.

- Danielle S

Jeeps rock! Wouldn't trade mine for any other vehicle.

If I was given a Lexus, I would sell it, and keep my Jeep. Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is Versatile, drives well, and comfortable. I can also carry a lot of groceries, etc. , In it. I have never driven any other SUV that has the ability to go down dirt roads and through ruts like my Jeep can.

- Tj L

Just the basics and some highlights.

Run and drives great. Love the way it handles the curves in the road. It has been the best vehicle I have had yet. And would recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in getting a Jeep! We just installed a awesome stereo system and speakers and let me tell you it hits so hard I love it. And you will to.

- Virginia M

Has a lot of great features !

I love the 4 wheel drive option on my vehicle for Michigan roads. I love the leather seats and heated seats. I do not like the gas mileage that I get. I have over 100,000 miles and my Jeep still runs beautifully. I love that my Jeep has extra room for things behind the back seat. I love that it is a V6.

- Sarah A

2001 jeep grand Cherokee.

While it's up to around 175,000 miles it still runs brand new. There have been a few problems with the brakes but were a quick and easy fix. The only major is being a 2001 model the previous owner didn't take good care of the car. This has led to the alternator needing replaced as well as the a/c unit.

- Evan W

Jeep grand Cherokee amazingly dependable even as they get older.

My jeep grand Cherokee is an extremely comfortable ride in all conditions. It has four wheel drive so it has no issues at all in the snow. It is been very reliable with the only major repair being a transmission replacement but that was at well over one hundred thousand miles. I love my jeep!

- Stephen C

My Jeep grand Cherokee 2001.

No real problems only tires wore out catalytic converters wore out window motors needed replacing windshield wipers replaced side mirrors replaced runs good on union 76 gasoline do not drive very much only 70000 miles in 17 years big enough to hold three kids car seats in back seat.

- Ellen I

Problems with my jeep cherokee

Every time I fix one problem another happens. Transmission had to be rebuilt, then a part of the suspension broke could not be replaced had to be welded back together. Had wheel bearing replaced 3 times, axle s replaced once. Engine now knocking and it only has 160000 miles on it

- Terry C

An Old vehicle with issues.

Love the way it drives and looks. It's an older vehicle so it has issues. Door panel coming off. Rusting by back passenger door. Back hatch door doesn't stay open by itself. One of the fans isn't working, and need to fix air conditioning. Also a huge crack in the front windshield

- Lisa F

2001 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

The Jeep grand Cherokee has had some electrical issues, especially with the break lights. The electric windows in the front have also both needed to be repaired at separate times. The flow door in the heating and air conditioning system has also need to be replaced at one time.

- Ben D

I fit nicely even with my lack of height.

I love my SUV it's comfortable even with me being under five feet seats adjust perfect.I don't spend an arm and a leg on gas or maintenance. A good vehicle to transport material with.I got mine used so it was affordable but I feel the prices for brand new is way to expensive.

- Melissa C

To be safe it has to be handled safely.

I like how dependable it is. I can get 3 carseats in backseat. I also haul lots of soil and gardening supplies, groceries and sacks of chicken feed. I spend little on repairs. This is my 3 Jeep Grand Cherokee. My first one was a 1970 model. My last one had 300,000 mile.

- carol L

The sound system is sweet don't need to do anything. Turn up the volume and go.

I love the Jeep but there seems to be a problem with the cv joints at a certain point after driving it. My radiator needs to be flushes also, but overall a good automobile to have when you have kids and need more room. Nice sound system and drives really nice for its year.

- Sara B

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Super comfy heated seats. Love the length of the vehicle. I'm short so being able to feel like I have complete control over my vehicle is great. Lots of room in the back. My son and nephew love going for car rides and enjoy the sunroof. Drives great and doesn't eat up gas.

- Rene M

It has lasted from 2011 and travel with me through 2019.

Bad transmission, bad starter, car horn honks a lot. Sometimes it will not start. The jeep has an oil leak. The turn signals sometimes will not work. The tires are worn. The radiator went south on me a couple of months ago. All problems that are known to occur with jeeps.

- Nicholas W

Reliable very comfortable get comments all the time from passengers.

Very reliable and very comfortable to drive especially on long trips. The vehicle has very little rust on it. The service we get at the dealer is great. Our front seat heater I has gone out and due to the age of the ethic le have not replaced. We have about 160,000 miles.

- Phyllis S

My 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee.

The engine and transmission are fantastic (knock on wood). however, there are minor nickel-and-dime repairs that I have had to do, like replacing a window regulator and thermostat. Even so, the parts are usually fairly inexpensive and I do not mind the extra bit of labor.

- Zachary B

Why buy a Jeep grand Cherokee.

It's in really good shape and drives good, it's a bit of a gas waster I spend a total of $130 on gas a week. But other than that it runs good I would prefer a new version because mine is a 2001 with a lot of miles. The only problem I have is that it's not good with rain.

- John M

Grand jeep Cherokee review

Has a death wobble other than that not a bad car. Not a bad car.for the price I paid for it. Had to replace a few parts not real easy on gas but it was used when I got it with high miles but I would own another one. Sporty looking good family vehicle goes good in winter

- Brandy E

The next time you're looking for a SUV or midsize SUV consider a Jeep.

Jeep grand Cherokee 2001 is a good car SUV it's been around a long time not many problems just ware and tare good for off-road and on the beach I would definitely recommend to buy one. Just make sure you change fluids. I always said the Jeep is a battle tested company.

- Anthony H

Jeep grand Cherokee never had a problem.

The problems are easy to find and fix. The Jeeps ride is very comfortable on long trips. The Jeep is very reliable. Has never left me stuck anywhere. I love the spacious truck area. For you moms or party planners out their it will hold over 100 blown up latex balloons.

- Jennifer D

Great car, take care of it.

I love my 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. It is a great car. You have to take care of it though. Over the years, it has had to have a few trips to the mechanic. But, overall, the car works very well. Currently working towards 200, 000 miles and still running.

- Kristen R

Jeep grand Cherokee the best owned vehicle.

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Goes threw the snow with no problems. I have never gotten stuck with this unlike other vehicles I have owned in the past. If you keep up on regular maintenance it will last for years. As with other vehicles.

- Michelle R

For all you Jeep lovers out there.

Great mileage, love how it feels like your in a minivan without being in a actual minivan! It's a great family vehicle. Good for long trips since its so comfortable. And the trunk space is huge! Love it and the family loves it. I recommend a Jeep to everyone!

- Brittany R

01 Grand Cherokee Review!

The 01 is a great SUV for someone that knows how to work on cars. The engine is great. Mine is at 201,000 miles. The blend doors and a/c will go but there is a easy fix for the blend doors. Great in the snow and for the year it is an excellent Grand Cherokee.

- Jamie H

Overall Jeep s are suppose to be good running vehicles.

It seems like the motor is good, but shifting is off, and the brakes are not too good, tires a bit big for it. I like that it is four wheel drive, and hope it drives good in the winter. I'd like to trade it in, but do not have a job and not the best credit.

- Cherie B

My used car: 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee.

It is a used car and the previous owners didn't take very good care of it, a window is broken, no muffler, brakes needed to be replaced, no radio, tires are rotting. No headrests in the back, seats are ripped, and you need to refill on gas every other day.

- Jesse W

I love my jeep it takes whatever is thrown at it

Very reliable SUV only problem I had was after owning it for 1 year my head gasket went out and I have an exhaust leak. I bought it used with 200,000 miles on it and it ran great. Perfect for a family of 3 to use as a daily driver or for out of town trips

- Amanda N

Very comfortable ride. Very smooth

Front end is shaking but other than that. Vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. Just hit 179000 miles and still starts with no hesitation. All around love the vehicles performance and it's lasted a long drive. With proper maintenance will last forever

- John H

Jeep is great for driving my family around and conducting my personal business.

Several problems, transmission slips when its cold, replaced the radiator twice, computer went bad as well as a fuel injector. A lot of other minor problems that gets fixed her or there. Other than a major problem once or twice a year, I do love the car.

- Robert M

This car is 17 years old but is still in great shape!

My Jeep has lasted 17 years without a major breakdown or accident. The body style is still cool. I like that it's a mid-size SUV which means it's not too big and not too small. Now that I have two kids it does not have enough storage space.

- Dorothy G

The versatile Jeep Grand Cherokee

My Jeep rides well and is reliable. I love the leather seats and sunroof. This vehicle has room for 5 passengers and their gear. Great grocery getter also. Considering 4 wheel drive and slant 6 engine it gets good gas mileage.

- Janel C

My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee.it will go anywhere.the leather seats are reclinable which with the sunroof open makes watching the sunsets on the mountain really good. The 4 wheel drive comes in handy too.

- Patricia N

It is comfortable for its size.

It is very spacious with comfortable seats. The vehicle is easy to get in and out of. The back seats lay down and with the spacious back I can carry just about anything. The top has a nice luggage rack.

- Anna F

My Jeep is beautiful and so very reliable. I have owned 3 and still own 2. You can't go wrong with a Jeep.

I love that it's a Jeep and it gets me anywhere and everywhere I need to go in any weather, any terrain. I have plenty of room for my family, groceries or anything else and it has an awesome engine.

- Caprice D

Its lifted and can do off-roading.

I enjoy the amount of space inside the vehicle. I also enjoy the ability of terrain its able to travel. I wish it could have a better gas mileage. I really enjoy being high up as we lifted it.

- Cora L

There are no important things about my car that is special.

It is very spacey for an older model vehicle, great on gas mileage especially if traveling on the interstate... The tail lights had to be replaced, something extremely common in that model..

- Crystal R

It is paid for! It will go most anywhere and it fun to drive . Not too big . Easy to park.

I love my Jeep because it is easy to drive and I can haul anything I want to. It gets great gas mileage. It is easy to work on . And parts are very easy to find and priced reasonable.

- Gina G

It is reliable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get spare parts!

Love that it is reliable, good on gas and seats are really comfortable. I have no issues, except that the window glass falls inside the door. The mechanism really needs improvement.

- Lana B

Great looking vehicle that does not change much from model year to model year.

I love the all time 4 wheel drive. I have never been stuck in snow of mud. Pretty good gas mileage for a 6 cylinder SUV. Comfortable ride and particularly easy to get in and out of.

- Terry Y

My car has lasted over 16 years and has over 200,000 miles, yet it's still comfortable and dependable.

I like its feel when I'm driving. It hugs curves and has great pickup. It's very comfortable, but it's still a work vehicle where I can transport things, both large and/or messy.

- SS J

Low maintenance vehicle, plenty of room.

The engine has piston problems keeps breaking the skirts. 16 mpg. Doesn't use oil. Has great Legg room, I'm over 6 feet tall and have plenty of space. Low cost maintenance.

- Scott L

A Jeep is a car that takes you where you want to go.

It's perhaps not as fuel efficient as other vehicles but I enjoy its reliability and ability to carry a heavy load and traverse passes that are otherwise not possible.

- Gillian E

It has a four inch lift kit and has leather seats.

It is a Jeep so the obvious problems are there. Other than that it rides like a champ and it is lifted 4 inches. It has power seats, heated seats and the are leather.

- John S

It's overall very well built and maintenance seems to be less expensive than other vehicles I have owned.

Overall the vehicle has been great, at 230,000 miles It's held up well and I have done basic maintenance along with minor repairs that were needed over time.

- Luke M

It has a very strong engine with good gas mileage.

Love that it's got a strong motor, but dislike the fully loaded options. There's a short in the wiring and it's drained my battery hard to locate the problem

- Ashley M

Heated seats and electric everything.

It's black on black. It has a V8 in it. It has electric everything to include seats and window, along with heated seats. Everything works and it runs great.

- Kari K

It handles well and has a tight turning radius.

I love my jeep because it's comfortable and I don't have to put chains on in the snow. The only thing I would change is I would like to get better mileage.

- Nicole S

Sometimes it has a "death wobble" that causes the car to shake at high speed.

I like that it's dependable. I've had it for almost 10 years now. The gas mileage could be better, and it has a "death wobble" which is troubling.

- Brooks O


It has been a great vehicle i love it had to replace transmission and radiator but it is expected with its age.And it is still running strong

- karen T

The space is great. Back seats can be put down to extend back carry space.

Very spacious and dependable. Great for driving in the city during the winter. Not only is it a very useful vehicle, but it also looks good.

- Guadalupe S

I own it and it gets me where I need to go.

It is a nice riding vehicle. It is very comfortable. It gets terrible gas mileage. The leather seats are uncomfortable in the summertime.

- William Y

It a good work car and for camping.

My Jeep is a good running vehicle It's a really good 4×4. For the problems little oil leak big dent on the driver side and need tune up.

- Michael R

It's well maintained and gets me from point a to b comfortably.

It is showing Its age somewhat. I've done a lot of repairs -- bad because It's costly -- but good because I know it's being maintained.

- Sue P

How well it drives in the snow.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle. It is great on gas, good in the snow. I would and have recommend this vehicle to others.

- Shelley P

It is very dependable, and inexpensive to fix.

I like its dependability. I like its 4 wheel drive system. I like how roomy it is. It is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

- Linda N

Do not purchase a lincoln. Not worth the money to repair it.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive, I like the heated seats, I dislike that there is a lot of issues with the power steering pump.

- Donna Z

Spacious for rear facing car seats and y'all adults.

It works great getting me where I need to go. It's loud and not super smooth to drive. Has a lot of room for my kids car seats

- Megan Z

reliable performance, enough horsepower, 4 wheel drive.

225,000 miles so far, very reliable, 4 wheel drive is great, good pick up, decent gas mileage, 6 cylinder engine , 177hp

- bill s

It is very practical as a family hauler or work vehicle.

Love how much it can store inside. Low maintenance, reliable. Do not like the fact that it has weird electric issues.

- Luke M

It is easy to drive and is a smooth ride.

It has 4wd, aftermarket sound system, and great handling. Lots of power and a comfortable ride. I have no complaints.

- Trish G

My car is old, but still keeps running. Please ignore the loud noise it makes because it does drive fine.

My car is fairly old, so it is a bit rundown. I wish it had an updated music system. I also wish the rust was gone

- Alissa H

That its well taken care of.

I love the reliability and comfort of my vehicle. I do wish it had better "pick-up," and was a more bright color.

- Kathy C

It is easy to maintain as long as you take care of it.

I like the Jeep because I feel safe and comfortable driving it. It's an easy fix of car if anything breaks down.

- Christy S

Great sporty fun little car.

I like the vehicle because I am comfortable driving it I dislike it because there's a lot of problem on the car.

- Christy S

Great driving car, spacious.

The size of the vehicle is really great. I can fit everything I need into it. I really like as a daily use car.

- Andrea S

It is very good and helps me get around to places.

It is automatic and I can go anywhere in it. My Jeep is a treasure to me and I will keep it for years to come.

- Mason H




It has always been dependable for me.

Great size for me to drive holds all my grandchildren and all my groceries still looks like new good on gas.

- Ellen C

a lot of minor problems, has been reliable until it began overheating.

Over heats, bought used. Tail light, electronic problems. Damaged door, tires need replaced, leaks coolant.

- Victoria V

It isn't pretty, but it runs great! The body is not built to last.

My jeep is old, the frame is rusting out, but the motor and transmission are solid. My jeep is reliable.

- Lynnette W

It Is extremely reliable. Strong motor with great gas mileage.

I love our Jeep. It is very dependable. It rarely breaks. It will go anywhere. It also very comfortable.

- Tim L

It handles very well in the winter time with 4 wheel drive.

I hate that I am having issues with lights and wiring. I do love the 4 wheel drive and it works great.

- Lisa M

It very spacious which allows for versatility for everyday use

I like that it gets me from point A to point B. I can use it for road trips and there's plenty of room

- Karla M

I've been driving the same jeep for 13 years

Great jeep been driving same jeep for 13 years. It's had a lot of mechanical problems but what doesn't

- Kae H

Just do not buy it. It is not worth it.

Everything goes wrong with it. Ac. Steering. Suspension. Wish I never bought it. Gas sucks. No alarm.

- Amelia W

Jeep Grand Cherokee that just keeps going!

It has over 200,000 miles and still going. The interior is roomy and comfortable. I love the style

- Katherine S

Floor space is limited between seats.

The only dislike I have is the mpg is all over the place. I like the all wheel drive, it does great.

- Amanda M

It is on the most part been very reliable and safe.

It is an older car so it has had it's problems. I like the size of it. It is very good on gas.

- Kathy W

It's reliable, easy to fix, easy to clean and just keeps going.

It runs really well. It has been through a lot and runs like a tank. It's easy to fix.

- Christina G

Best older model out there You will not regret purchasing this vehicle

Really spacey and great on gas mileage. Also can take key out without turning car off.

- Crystal R

Reliability always starts up without a problem quickly

I love jeeps. They are rugged and have great carrying capacity. They are very reliable

- Dawn S

It suits me very well overall.

It has been a reliable vehicle. I like the style. The size is just right for my needs

- Violeta M

They should know it's awesome and I love it. It's the best SUV they have made by far.

Pros are it drives great and good on gas. Cons are expensive and ugly color.

- Magan R

the jeep has been an excellent, and reliable family vehicle .

Good in all weather. There's plenty of room for passengers and cargo space.

- theresa l

Can have electrical issues, but is a great quality for value

Love the room and things u can do to accessorize it. Great family suv

- Krystle U

that it is dependable trustworthy hardworking and mine

I like that it has four wheel drive . It is roomy. great for camping!!

- eric b

It is a vehicle I would recommend to others because of its reliability.

It is reliable. It has a style I like. It is just the right size.

- Pedro M

It's my "baby" and I take excellent care of it.

I like my vehicle because it's dependable and has heated seats.

- Donna T

The Performance is incredible. it only problems is the normal wear and tear. that any vehicle has. I have no complaints

it is 4x4 which in my opinion is important for where i live.

- Ronda B

It's very comfy, has plenty of trunk space, great AC.

It's an older car, and it needs some work. Plenty of space.

- Josh R

The jeep is a good vehicle it's had no real problems. It's older but it's in great shape. But as with all cars it needs some engine work.

High mileage and has a lifter stuck but can be repaired.

- Marina W

That it has a broken back window and we cant put it up and down easily.

Sunroof, Power everything, 4X4. No complaints at all.

- Jen D