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Driving my vehicle is exciting and not a task.

I have had my vehicle for 9 years, and have not had many major problems other than regular things that I believe need to be maintained on any vehicle. It is currently at 130,000 miles as well. A couple of years ago, my transmission misfired, so I replaced it with a rebuilt transmission. I am currently having some problems with the automatic brake system, and I need to have the vehicle looked at for that. I have also had to replace parts of the ac because that has had problems on and off over the years. I love my jeep, and I hope it will last me many more years. It is comfortable and the perfect size for my family. Because it is a v8, it does use a significant amount of gas, but it is affordable for me. I also love the feel of the v8, as it makes me feel more powerful and in control of my vehicle when driving. The leather on the two front seats has deteriorated over time on the seat portion, and I have had to get seat covers. However, the seat warmers are one of my favorite features and still work wonderfully.

- Marie M

The Jeep needs a lot of work, but I'm not sure how much it will Cost to fix

The Jeep that I drive was my parents and when they first got it they had problems with the engine. So they went and got a whole new engine for it, then the front wheel bearing was messed up and the whole wheel came off while they was driving on the highway, so they had to get that fixed. Next was the air conditioning, it's still not working to this day but when they took it in the mechanic said that it just needed charged and freon put in. It worked for a little bit then it stopped working again. So now the air conditioning still doesn't work and the transmission is about done for and the same front wheel bearing is messing up again and it probably needs an oil change. It still runs but we try not to drive it long distances. Just locally

- Bree L

Jeeps: built to get you where you want to go, no matter the road conditions.

Living in an area that gets a lot of snow, a vehicle like a jeep is a must in my book. This is not my first vehicle purchase but it is my second jeep grand -Cherokee. They handle really well in bad weather conditions, I have yet to get stuck in the past 4 years that I have driven one. The gas mileage is not the best however, this is fairly typical of most SUVs. Jeeps are generally built like tanks, I drove my last one until my gas tank nearly fell off, this being said they've proven to be fairly dependable and built well. The few mechanical issues I have had to deal with in owning these jeeps are things most vehicles need fixed once they have a certain number of miles, nothing out of the ordinary.

- Sarah M

I just really love the button that helps steer the vehicle in snow icy weather.

The main thing I love about my vehicle is the space! I have two full size car seats in my back seat and both kids are back there comfortably, trunk space is amazing! I have had the car for a little over a year and have not had any serious problems, it drives smooth! The main reason I chose this car is because Ohio winters are super crappy. . . Snow and ice and the car does not slide. There is a button I push in bad weather and it helps with the control of the steering and the breaks so the car will not slide in poor weather conditions. No Bluetooth or any other fun hip add ons but it is only a 2006. It's a very reliable vehicle 10/10 would buy again.

- Katie F

Comfy, cozy and fast!! Sharp looking vehicle that gets up and goes!

I love my Grand Cherokee! It has a Hemi engine so it has great pickup. It is very comfortable and cozy. It also hold a good amount of cargo. I've never had any engine trouble, just normal wear and tear on the suspension. It's great in the winter too! The only thing I really don't like is that my radio/ navigation stopped working. I can play CDs and listen to one radio station. The navigation doesn't work at all. I've heard about many people with the same issue. Otherwise I wish I could afford a new Grand Cherokee.! I love it!!

- Heather R

Once you have a Jeep you'll never want an ordinary car again!

Love my Jeep. Having a utility vehicle is very helpful and would never go back to a regular car. The ability to lay down the back seats for moving large items is perfect. The luggage rack on the roof is so versatile for tons of extra stuff. Gets great gas mileage and the interior is very roomy, especially for my 6+ foot tall husband. Plenty of cup holders in front and back seat, also love there are air vents for your passengers in the back too! Keep your maintenance up and your Jeep will never let you down

- Bonnie-Sue H

Luxury Jeep Overland still amazing after 13 years.

I love my Jeep. It is reliable for long road trips. I have not had too many problems as I keep up on regular tune ups and maintenance. It is comfortable if you are the driver. The other seats are not great for long periods of time and the ride is rough if you are not the one controlling the wheel. It is dependable though and that is why I love it! I have had problems with the car but I am getting high mileage. All cars have that. The car is older but has been taken good care of.

- Sarah W

2006 Jeep still running, but probably time for a new one

Overall have enjoyed my Jeep. Has over 150,000 miles and the only real issue has been a couple starters. Starting to sound and run rough though, but expected with that many miles. Leather has held up and does not have cracks or rips like most vehicles that age. Seats are comfortable in the front, not so much in the back. Just not a lot of legroom. Towing package has been okay. Gas mileage is horrible, about 15 miles to the gallon

- Adam H

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo� the car that lasts

I own a tan colored 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, with tan leather interior. I love that the interior doesn't get overheated in the summer (the tan helps to keep it cool) and that there is plenty of room for my family of 3 and a dog! It drives perfect and I have only had to repair the struts and pulleys. It comes with heated seats and steering wheel, AUX in the stereo with CD holders, sunroof, and multiple cup holders.

- Madison S

Jeep Grand Cherokee comfort ability.

My Jeep is a wonderful vehicle. It has the power and comfort I need for my daily life. I feel it is a safe vehicle because of the way it is built. That is important to me because I do have a wife and a two year old. The inside of the vehicle is very nice, comfortable and easy to clean. The only downside is that the gas mileage is a little low. But that is understandable since it is a large vehicle with a V8 engine.

- Jameson H

It handles great in the snow and is a 4x4. It certainly is a "Michigan" car.

I purchased my Jeep used, and had gotten an inspection before signing. The rear differential was going out, it has a small leak near an oil seal and the air filter needed to be changed. Not too shabby for my first "family" vehicle. TONS of head room so I am not hitting my daughters head on the sealing when I put her in the car seat and there is so much room for groceries. I would definitely buy another Jeep

- Mary B

It�s an easy to drive, comfy, and Super safe vehicle.

I've had my Jeep since I was 16 years old and it has been reliable beyond belief. It's only recently in the past year that I've had any sort of issues or updates. But after 140,000 miles, I'd say that's pretty good. It's super comfortable and easy to drive. I live and have to street park in Brooklyn and the car is so easy to navigate. It also warms up easy on the winter months. The heated seats are awesome.

- Amy B

My mountain Jeep is the best vehicle I have ever owned, I've owned three.

I have had the same Jeep for over three years, I've only had to replace the tires so far. This Jeep runs like a dream for the Colorado winters, and is great on the highways of downtown Denver. If you live anywhere that has severe winter weather, get a Jeep. I never have to worry about getting stuck, I never have to worry about sudden weather, and I never have to worry about my vehicle breaking down on me.

- Renee Z

An interesting detail about my car is the heated seats.

I love my vehicle and it did not have many issues until recently. A few years ago both of the rear inside door handles broke off for no reason and there have been some troubles with leaks in my engine and leaks in my windshield wiper fluid, but other than a few minor problems, which is expected since it is 12 years old, I love my car. It's also very comfortable, everyone loves when I drive them around.

- Georgia K

I use it daily, but it is great to take camping also.

It is been great, the one problem I have is a repeated wiring issue. The drivers side door seems to bend the wires over time, pinching the wires, so every few years, the unlock button stops working, first on the other doors, than the drivers side stops working also. If I take to long getting it repaired, it will eventually affect the window control also. I have to get it fixed every couple years.

- Shirley M

It�s a black Jeep grand Cherokee. Very nice to look at, drives great!

There is a blind spot in the front between the windshield and the driver window, the beam is just a little big. The check 4 wheel drive light came on, and we couldn't figure out what that meant. Lots of different reviews on what it means. Drives great still haven't needed 4 wheel drive so haven't worried about fixing it. Great vehicle, comfortable drive wonderful in show and roomy for my kids.

- Jordan P

Jeep Grand Cherokee/Roof Lining

The main problem I have with Jeep is the poor making of the roof of the car. If it rains or I go to get a car wash it sinking through and falls inside my interior. I do like my interior so it does bother me when I have to spend more money on cleaning and fixing my interior every time it rains or get a car wash. I hope the newer jeeps were improved. But I enjoy my jeep for the time being.

- Maria M

Great for an off-road family adventure!

The Jeep grand Cherokee is a very sturdy vehicle. It could get better gas mileage but it does not guzzle it like some other larger trucks do. Of you are looking for a nice vehicle you can take trailblazing and not have to worry about getting stuck then this is the vehicle for you. Enough seats for a family of 5 with a large storage area in the back or another row of seats, your choice!

- Richard G

Jeep- good mountain car for all activities.

I have had problems with the car breaking down a few times. I also have trouble with the heating element in the car. I have put a lot of money into this car. Other than that the car does drive well and handles well in the snow. I enjoy using the vehicle for going up mountains and backcountry roads. It is spacious and I can sleep in it with the back seats down if I want to.

- Emily C

My first Jeep is not what I thought initially.

Not big enough for the gas it uses. I need something with at least a 3rd row of seats. I have 3 kids with one of them in a car seat so to fit my wife, myself, my three kids is sometimes tough. I bought it used and the catalytic converter is going bad. The oil runs out every week or so and I am always putting more in. I like that it sits high and I am used to that now.

- Frank M

Love my Jeep. It's very dependable. Often so many years I can still count on it.

very few problems, performance is still great after 150k miles. Very reliable, and still comfortable. It has been a long lasting vehicle. If and when, it comes to the end-of-life, I plan to replace it with another Jeep. I just love my Jeep. It has little to no rust, and my jeep is very dependable. I can always count on it to start very winter, not matter the weather.

- Jay S

Rugged vehicle in all weather conditions.

I purchased this vehicle 5 years ago and has performed above my expectations. It is 4 wheel drive and I have been able to go anywhere I have desired, rain, mud and snow without being stuck. I have only had to replace the battery, brake pads and battery. It now has 144,00 miles on it. I will definitely eventually replace it with another of the same brand and model.

- Rudy C

Great vehicle, quality performance. Heating and cooling system is fast.

One thing specifically I would like to highlight is the handling of the vehicle, it is the best quality. The rugged interior allows for proper Jeep usage and is easily washable and maintainable. Lastly the overall appearance of the car allows for both feminine and masculine drivers to comfortably drive this vehicle, having a rugged yet quality look and feel to it.

- Taylor E

Jeep Grand Cherokee -built to last!

Overall great vehicle. Durable. Lots of room. Very dependable. Comfortable. Biggest problem I've had is the engine and traction control light stays on most of the time. Have had it checked several times, vehicle fine. Can't seem to get that resolved, computer sensor Im guessing? other than that no problems. Ours last over 200,000 miles with basic maintenance.

- Darlene B

Love my Jeep, reliable and comfortable.

My Jeep grand Cherokee is very comfortable and reliable. I have had minimal problems, non being major. It holds up to daily driving and kids. The paint has help up well. I love the heated seats and sunroof. I do wish it had Bluetooth capability or someway to hook my smartphone up for music/calls. It drives smooth, not rough like a truck, and is easy to drive.

- Ann D

My vehicle alerts me to what's wrong with it so that way it's not a guessing game.

Any time that we have heavy rain I notice that a puddle forms in the front seat floor of the passenger side of the car. I was told by my mechanic it could just be from a loose hose that leads to the sunroof. I know that I can rely on my car no matter what the road conditions are which makes me always feel safer when I drive, which I do a lot for work/travel.

- Catherine C

Runs like a dream even though it�s 12 years old

My Jeep is old but it runs great. I love it so much that when I purchase another vehicle I plan to get a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has not given me any problems in the last 10 years I have owned it. The only issue I have had was that the air conditioner stopped working 2 years ago. I don't mind riding with the windows Down though so I never had it fixed.

- Kelly D

Poor gas mileage, poor space between front seat and back seat. Gets around well in wet and dry weather as well as winter, snow and ice.

I love my jeep. It gets around well in dry & wet weather & in the winter as well. The only things I would change would be more back seat space and better gas mileage. I get an average of 14-15 MPG daily between highway & interstate travel. It was a DVD player that we use frequently with a 5 year old and it comes with game controllers to play games as well.

- Megan F

The v-6 engine and 4 wheel drive have been amazing!

I love the Versatility of my Jeep . It is very spacious and comfortable. It has enough power and 4 wheel drive that I do not have to worry about snow, ice, mud or anything that I could get stuck in. It is built well and has 200, 000 miles but still running well. The downside is that parts can be expensive but overall I would absolutely buy another Jeep .

- Jenna M

Like not love, needs repairing often.

I like the make and model but it has had many issues and need of repair. It is 4x4 all wheel drive and it has needed a new transmission, amongst other repairs. The 2wd versions have less issues from what I understand. I like jeep but I wish they had better options in regards to fuel. I wish they had a hybrid or electric version of the grand Cherokee.

- Justin B

It has the best headlights that I have had of any vehicle.

Only issue is the tire pressure sensor is faulty. Other than that it is very reliable, comfortable. Haven't had a chance to try the four wheel drive out yet. I would be willing to buy a newer model in the coming years. It does decently for gas mileage as well, even though it is full time four wheel drive. I just wish it has third row seating.

- Josh R

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

This particular model is not four-wheel drive, but it does have a V8 motor, which is very powerful. This model can be used to easily tow and/or haul. There is enough seating space to hold five people comfortably. The cargo space behind the rear seat has plenty of room for loading items, and the rear seats do fold down if more space is needed.

- Brian O

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee pros/cons

Nothing major. We have transmission warranty so that covers the main typical problem. Our problems are mostly just wear-and-tear issues, like AC issues, coding issues, etc. We really like the durability of it and it's great for kids since it's higher. The back has lots of space for transporting things. We wish it had better gas mileage

- Kalyn K

Great car. Little repair nothing bad

I bought it used the only thing I've had a problem with is the emergency break is rusted and needs replaced and my water heater broke but was a cheap fix. It drives great and is amazing. I use it to drive to and from school and work. The back seats fold down making it easy to pack things. It has a sunroof and the trunk window comes up

- Taylor O

The tough car; in my eyes at least

I love that I can drive in most environments (Snow, rain). It is very comfortable. I love heated seats, which is a plus. Since the car is over a decade old now though, lots of work has been done on it. The engine light is always on. It has a hard time starting. Sometimes it stops all of a sudden, especially during the worst times

- Keat G

Stylish yet modern everyday driver

I've had very few problems. Most of them typical maintenance issues (brakes, new battery, etc). A few related to weather(rusted out skid plate). Even though it's 13 years old, my grand Cherokee still runs really well. I love the additional compartment in the back cargo area. It's great for holding wet towels and other beach gear!

- Jessica R

The pros of the car that I drive.

It is an automatic and manual. Whichever you prefer. It is all wheel drive. It has automatic seats and power steering. It also has seat warmers. Because it has leather seats. It seats six people and the back seat folds down to wear the driver and passenger seats are the only ones open so that you can fit bulky stuff in the back.

- Kelly P

Not a bad vehicle, even with some issues.

It runs very well for a vehicle that has over 215, 000 miles. Some of the difficulties at this age is the transmission seems to be tired, I had some troubles with the tires, and issues with leaking in the cabin. I am not sure if the sunroof is leaking, but water seems to be coming out of different cracks and borders of the cab.

- Robert Y

Jeep strong, a decade plus.

I like the fact that the car takes a beating and keeps driving. I am bummed that the CD player died around the 11 year mark. I wasn't able to change the oil for a year, and it still was okay. Parts are easy to replace, whether finding a place to do it it going to Napa and doing it on your own. Really a solid car otherwise.

- Suz T

Color, style, ease of drive.

It is like a luxury off-road vehicle, I enjoy the 4 wheel drive, the 6 cylinder engine, the heated seats comfort and smoothness of this vehicle, I love the Jeep brand. If you want a nice stylish off-road capable vehicle I would suggest any of the grand Cherokees, I have owned it for less than a year but love it so far.

- Michael A

2006 Jeep. Go Jeep or go home.

Couple of problems with engine, tires, axel, and other things. Couple of problems with engine, tires, axel, and other things. Couple of problems with engine, tires, axel, and other things. Couple of problems with engine, tires, axel, and other things. Couple of problems with engine, tires, axel, and other things.

- Megan L

JEEPS ARE GREAT and you should buy one today

There is just something about jeeps that put a smile on someone's face. This is such a prime car for a new driver to get the feel of driving in a steady and safe car. The older Cherokees are simple which makes it easier for distractions of new technology to be put aside, to put simply it's a good car for teens

- Grace C

Comfortable full size SUV.

Very few problems, routine maintenance, extremely reliable, third jeep owner. Leather interior seats afe comfort and the drive is smooth for an SUV. The back seat leg room is only con, not enough. Like body style. Jeep is still comfort and reliable with very high mileage. Highly recommend jeep grand Cherokee.

- Dee D

Nice vehicle but would not purchase another.

V6 good gas mileage 4 wheel drive when needed 5 door rear hatch with serrated window. Fold down rear seats for more storage. Evan with the rear seats folded down not enough hauling capacity overall a nice vehicle. Main problem is blind spots on passenger and drivers side of windshield due to front supports.

- Patrick S

Very happy with my Jeep grand Cherokee!

I love my grand Cherokee Jeep. The power it has is amazing. I have a hemi engine in it. The gas mileage with this bigger engine is not real beneficial however. I live in snow country so I needed a very reliable car. This Jeep does amazing in the snow. It is very comfortable and a perfect car for my needs.

- Susan R

Grand Cherokee is spacious and I like the design.

The exterior is sleek and streamlined. The interior is spacious. The trunk is large and able to fit all of my children's sports equipment. I do not like the gas mileage and the costs of repairs are high. Several recalls on the car and they were serious safety concerns. My kids seem to like the vehicle.

- Amanda D

I sit high up for being a short person.

Great on gas, runs great, good on 4 wheel drive, have to do regular fixing, could have more features like back up camera, could have built-in GPS, could have heated seats, I would never buy anything else but a Jeep, I am a short person so having a Jeep being high up it's easier for me to drive safely.

- Christine B

I like having the heat and air conditioning available for the back passengers.

Leather seats are nice along with being heated. I like the moon roof with closed hard top. The driver seat is all electric power. It has air and heat for the back passengers along with child safety locks on doors. Heated mirrors, Bluetooth, temperature gauge for outside, plenty of room for everyone.

- Theresa H

5 seating, 4 door v8. Grand Cherokee Laredo.

The jeep grand Cherokee is my favorite because it is the perfect amount of space, 5 seats with a nice, big trunk space. You are up high in this car, so it is easy to see all your surroundings. The only downside is it is got extremely bad gas mileage. But it is a v8 & can pull cars pretty well.

- Kaitlyn S

The Jeep grand Cherokee, a reliable, sturdy car built to last!

The only problems I've had are the recalls on the ignition switch, and the engine light coming on randomly. The, model is great I love the reliability. I've got it jacked up with mud tires so the ride isn't as smooth with the tires. The factory tires and rims were great. All around great car!

- Stephanie T

My awesome Jeep grand Cherokee limited!

I love my Jeep it is a limited Hemi addition and it is pretty fast. The only downfall it does not get a lot of mileage to the gallon maybe 14 on the road and 17 on the highway. You can program it to do different things from the windshield wipers automatically started as soon as it rains.

- Sabrina L

Seats go down. Radio is loud.

It is rooms for my family. Have plenty of room for when I go get groceries. I love it when I am able go out of town and does not use all the gas. I have used it for parades and when I have gone camping. I have used it when husband needs it for gardening. I wish I can get a more new one.

- Claudia V

I love that it is a four wheel drive as well.

I just recently had to replace my transmission. Now my starter is acting funny. Always something. I really love my Jeep but I am thinking about trading it in. I am still wanting a Jeep but just a newer one. The payment would actually be around the same so why not get a brand new one.

- Tom H

The best thing about my Jeep is the reliability of it during New England winters!

I love my Jeep because it has so much room and it's easy to transport all my sporting essentials like my snowboard, paddleboard, golf clubs, etc. It's also great in the New England winters. It's lasted me quite a while although now that it is older, things are starting to go quickly.

- Krysta K

It still drives well even with 170000 miles on it.

It drives well for the most park it did have a radiator leak which is fixed now but it makes a new noise after we got the leak fixed. It is comfortable but it is missing most of the modern conveniences, like an AUX port or a Bluetooth connector. The CD player is broken and eats CDs.

- Sara D

For being an �06, it only has 3 small rust spots that are hardly noticeable!

I have had this car ever since I turned 16 which was 8 years ago and it is still running well for me. I have had some problems with the alignment and power steering. It has gotten me through rough winters and can be stable in winter weather. It has been a great first reliable car.

- Megan K

Jeep - a dependable, durable, comfortable vehicle.

The only problem with my Jeep is that it does not get the best gas mileage around. Otherwise, it is excellent in bad weather, perfect for camping trips, and I feel very safe driving in it. The spare tire access is not very user friendly but it does not take up any storage space.

- Shaun M

Handles rain, flooding and snow great, meant for New England.

It pulls a little on the engine when running between 35-40 mph, but very room and handles great in snow. The back seats pull down easy for added space and very open front dash board. I do not feel boxed in, but not lost in the vehicle either. This is my favorite vehicle to date.

- Maria M

Jeep grand Cherokee- above average with a few issues.

My jeep has never left me stranded and is very reliable. There are some computer glitch problems that are pretty expensive to fix. I would say the comfort in the seats are above average. They are a little stiff in the back seat. It drive very well but my gas mileage is terrible.

- Heather F

All around amazing car with minimal issues.

I really love my car, although I have encountered several issues. Primarily I have found that my car leaks from the roof. I also found the tire pressure system is wonky at best. Neither of these are too bad though, however they can be pricey repairs. Also the interior degrades.

- Rees F

2006 Jeep grand Cherokee!

Love the color of my car (red), it rides smooth, 4x4 works awesome. Never had any problems with the Jeep like maintenance wise. Very good gas mileage especially when we go on trips. Would recommend this Jeep to anyone looking for a roomy car for a big family or off-road stuff.

- Chelsea G

I have always been a Jeep lover but this 2006 grand Cherokee has disappointed me.

Had some problems with electronics. Overall good performance off-road. Rear wheel speed sensor has gone out twice. Thermostat failed. Crank positioning sensor has hailed twice. Tiptronic shift control goes in and out due to contacts in shifter. Back glass is loose and rattles.

- Nathaniel R

Being it has over 100,000 miles on it and still runs great is amazing

The grand Cherokee is reliable I have over 100,000 miles on it and it's still in good shape. The handle on it is great. I drive it every day to work and on long 5 hour trips and never had a problem. The interior is comfortable and had a lot of room in the back seat and trunk.

- Jacqueline P

The transmission was bad from the start I think.

Had to put a new tranny and a starter within a yr. Other than that it's been a pretty good truck I guess. I just didn't like the fact that I had to put all that work into it that quick. With me only having my truck for a year and having to spend all that money was ridiculous.

- Carol K

Mote headroom. Good, reliable. Vehicle, looks great, but needs more headroom.

It runs great. Looks nice. Headroom is too compact for a tall person. I have trouble getting in and out without hitting my head. It could be a little roomier for passengers. I like the performance and reliability of it. Good car for people looking for a all terrain vehicle.

- Stephanie M

Jeep's a forever vehicle!

I love my trail rated jeep. It's the most reliable vehicle I've owned. Comfortable and quiet while going up the Rocky Mountain roads. What's not to treasure. Summer fun and winter durability. Jeep performance is a must in my family. We don't stop and neither does our jeep.

- Tonya P

Great use for all year round and even to haul things.

Love the all time 4x4 and the way it rides, but the gas mileage could be better. The transmission has had to have two sealed replaced besides a new transmission. Other than that no problems. The back seats have lots of room but the back could have more room to haul stuff.

- Mikayla H

Good condition very good condition everything works great.

No problems it runs good, it is reliable and safe, do not have trouble, good gas mileage, clean leather seats, fresh paint job, transmission and motor runs good, brand new tires, radio works, air works, heat works, sunroof on there, no problem with transmission or motor.

- Constance A

Best car I have ever drove.

Drives smoothly and switches automatically to four wheel drive on slick roads. Built sturdy. Has a few issues with maintenance but my car is a 2006 model. While it has been in my possession I have had no overall major problems. Would purchase another jeep in the future.

- Maggie V

Old but good, runs well even without many features.

Its old but it still holds up really well. It's not the most comfortable car in the world mostly due to age. The car runs well considering how old it is. Have a had a few problems in the past but they've all been squared away. Car has a radio with AUX but no Bluetooth.

- Luke B

Great Vehicle - needs internal updates

I love my jeep, however the manufacturer should stop using plastic coating for the door handle frames. They break due to not being backed by metal and will have to be replaced at some point. If you do not have someone who is handy with vehicles, this can be expensive.

- Cassy M

The vehicle gets us from here to there.

We have had a lot of problems with our Jeep. It is not that great on gas mileage. It is very loud but it also gets us from point A to point B. I am definitely more interested in newer vehicles. The vehicle we have now is also very small and is crowded with older kids.

- Samantha R

Poor insulation of wiring.

This situation the second jeep I have owned and they have recurring issues that I am surprise have not been address and corrected. The wire on them for the light go all the time and short out to. Will not buy another one. Spend your hard earn money somewhere else.

- Colin R

There is just so much room and it drives so smooth

No problems lots of space runs very well in good condition comfortable seats fit 2 car seats in the back with no crowding trunk space is huge not the best on gas but still very manageable. Drives very smooth by far my favorite are out of all the cars I've ever had

- Tyler T

It is very dependable and nice.

No problems. Love it! Best car I have ever owned in my life. Very dependable. Would drive it across the country if needed. I am going to have another one for my son when he is old enough. This car has never given me any trouble and I have maintained it very well.

- Kate R

All you need in a vehicle.

2006 Jeep grand Cherokee limited. Luxury with leather heated seats, navigation, and sunroof. Very reliable and safe vehicle for families. Four wheel drive, made for all seasons. Folding armrest in middle of back seat. Spare tire underneath vehicle in back.

- Victoria P

How durable Jeeps are as well as their style, especially the grand cherokee and wrangler.

I like the size and how long the vehicle has lasted. I also like the features in the car. It is getting old and has many miles on it so it is starting to have difficulties with leaking fluid and transmission is loud. The gas mileage isn't the best either.

- Natalya R

Jeep Grand Cherokee MOM APPROVED

Great size car for a mom on the go. Fits two car seats very comfortably in the back seat and still plenty of room for our belongings. The trunk is extremely spacious for our large stroller. Drives very smoothly and I feel safe driving my family around.

- Molly M

The only thing that I can do today is gonna go with my Jeep Cherokee and ya I kn.

It is very nice and I love the way it has the best part of it my friends love it and I appreciate it so much and I hope you guys are having a nice day to go pick up my kids from school and I can go to hang out with him and then I'll let you guys know.

- Nancy S

Toyota is the best vehicle.

Easy to drive nice to look at is it needs a little bit paint job on the front hood as it is an older model looking like I'd love to buy a brand new one of the same model haven't had much problem got good tires very good radio it is been very reliable.

- Sharon Q

it's roomy and comfortable, while a little rugged and tough. a great mix of fun + luxury.

I love Jeep and am pretty loyal to the brand. This car is big enough to hold my family, while not being too big. I love the sunroof! I prefer a Wrangler, which is the only reason why I rated if 4 stars of love instead of 5.

- tanya c

It is very dependable and comfortable, to ride in and to drive.

Good vehicle to use for running errands, plenty of space. Nice extras, sound system and sunroof..... Dislike that after 200,000 miles it, like any vehicle, begins to break down faster and cost more money at the shop.

- Kate N

The car is Capable of going off road and into rough terrain.

Runs very good. Dependable car that can go off-roading. Only thing to watch out for is over time the sunroof drain can get clogged or deteriorate. Keep up on the maintenance and this is a great vehicle to own.

- Amanda M

My car was given to me as a graduation gift!

I really like my jeep, and love having it. I don't like how it guzzles gas, but I do like how I can get from point A. to point B. in it. I like how I can lug a lot of equipment and that it has roof racks.

- Julie P

It's not perfect, but if you are willing to stick with it, it's worth it.

I like that it is reliable over all. There are often electrical issues that need to be addressed, but generally never issues with the actual driving of the vehicle. The engine and transmission are solid.

- Carly A

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it's great for hauling things.

My vehicle suits my needs from getting me from point a to point b. It also has a good ride and I feel protected in case of an accident. The only major complaint is the gas mileage could be better.

- Brad S

Most reliable, trustworthy car.

My Jeep is the most reliable car/truck I have ever owned. More than enough room to function as a truck when needs, classy enough to be my everyday car. A few fuse issues with the seat belt alarm.

- Susan F

It's very safe; will get you where you need to go in the winter.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and gets me anywhere in the snow. I like that it is paid for. I hate that it is a gas hog. I hate the windshield (blind spot) and no fresh air circulation.

- Pat D

It is reliable, no matter what happens I can always count on my Jeep.

I have had very few issues with my Jeep, with regular maintenance it runs extremely well. It is comfortable to drive and has gotten me around in different terrains and weather conditions.

- Chris S

Jeep isn't ordinary, long lasting and a favorite.

i've had this car for 12 years and it has done very well. Just recently i've had to do some repairs. It is very long lasting and not horrible on gas. I would always recommend it.

- Enedina c

Love my Jeep grand Cherokee.

Just love everything about it. Would buy another 1 if I was to purchase another 1 in the future. Love the look of the new of the new model. I have had mine for about 8 years now.

- Sandy M

It's taken me anywhere I need to go for years.

It has been great and very reliable. I like the style, it has plenty of cargo space, and I feel safe driving it. I dislike that it's older and is starting to have some issues.

- Kate H

It gets the job done. Gets me from point A to point B

I like that it is a hatchback. A hatchback makes it easy to load and unload things like groceries. I dislike that it doesn't get as good gas mileage as I wished it did.

- Deborah W

that it is very dependable, start first thing in the morning. great on long trips. not to much road noise.

has been great 150 thousand mile and no problem . does great in the snow and off road. the only thing i don't like is the gas mileage. it has a hem in it, very fast

- armando N

Runs great, lots of room, v8

I love the space around me, it's ask metal. There is plenty of inter room front and back between the seats so everyone has space. I really like the keep body style

- Lynn S

I drive consciously its black.

It fits all the family can go off road mainly drive kids to school have taken it up in the mountains in the snow before handled really well going up the mountains.

- Aaron P

Reliable, dependable, comfort

I love this car in the winter. It performs really good in snow. I love the convenience of having enough space to transport anything from groceries to large items.

- Nuria P

Greatest car to drive on the road.

My Jeep performs great! I have had it for 4 years and I wouldn't want any other car. Handles great, can seat 5 people comfortably, and has lots of space in it.

- Christopher J

Very roomy seats 5 comfortably.

5. 7 v8 hemi with 356 hp 4x4, dependability and nice leather interior, moonroof, a/c. Multi CD deck, built in satellite radio, 4 wheel disc anti lock brakes.

- Carlos E

That it takes off really quick. So, be careful when pushing down on the accelerator.

I don't like that when the air is on, it makes a clicking noise for no apparent reason. I don't like that part of the roof leaks whenever the sealant melts.

- Nicholas R

It's very durable and reliable, especially in the winter. I always feel safe driving it.

I like the size of it. It is also fairly comfortable, but it could be better. The technology is also very out of date and I wish it had the latest features.

- Olivia S

It has a sunroof! I can also fit 3 car seats in the back seat. There is plenty of the room in. The back for all our groceries or soccer gear.

I love my sunroof! It's awesome in decent weather. My only complaint: it runs hotter than any car I have previously driven and gets super hot in traffic.

- Sara S

Do not get a hemi unless you can afford the gas.

I love my Jeep, however it only gets 14 miles per gallon. The speed/pickup is great, it is comfortable, great for road trips, very minor repairs required.

- Kelley C

That it's comfortable and it has a great Audio system.

I love my jeep. I have no complaints. I like the way it handles. I feel safe in my jeep. It is a very reliable vehicle. Hardly have any problems with it.

- Laurie S

It is reliable and easy to drive.

It great. I love driving it. The power is awesome. I wish it was better on gas. I can get 17.5 on average but it would be nice to get more out of it.

- Jessica C

My car has lots of little gizmo's to make you more comfortable. Like a heated seat, dual comfort controls for heat and air and extra places for cups.

I like the comfort of having a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I don't like that it kind of rides like a boat. It doesn't handle as well as the Jeep Liberty.

- Sandy V

The Jeep is a very reliable vehicle. It is fun to drive.

I have owned my Jeep for twelve years and I love it. It is great in the winter for dashing through the snow. I would purchase a Jeep again.

- Julie y

It gets around in the snow really well and it feels safe.

I feel very comfortable in it from the day one. It has been a good vehicle and when I decide to buy a newer one, it will likely be a Jeep.

- Dawn P

Jeeps are one of the most vehicles still on the road today.

I love that my vehicle is a SUV. The Jeep has big tires so it can go places other cars can't go. My car has more room and more trunk space.

- Samantha K

it is a strong and durable vehicle.

I like the fact it can be used for multiple tasks. I dislike that it uses a bit more oil than I like. there are no other complaints.

- wendell F

It has been reliable, roomy, and safe.

Great car, but as the years go on the cost for repairs have risen. New engine, new ac, but overall, I like the Jeep, grand Cherokee.

- Kenneth L

Tons of storage space. And durability.

Its compact but still has loads of storage space. It is heavy duty. Has easy maintenance and low cost. I love the style of my car.

- Patricia B

It has good gas mileage and is a good size for a family of five people.

It's a great vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and can take all sorts of weather driving conditions such as rain, snow, heat, etc.

- Erin L

Great in the snow and heavy rain _ flooding

Great in the snow, but has a slow start, does not accelerate quickly on highway. Overall it's a great vehicle with minimal issues

- Mia S

my vehicle is well built and dependable it has been a good car for my needs

i like my vehicle it is roomy and well built it could have better gas mileage and a smoother ride but am well pleased over all

- wally s

It is a fun SUV that is great for outdoor adventures.

I love my vehicle for it is durability and 4wd. I dislike how cramped it is with car seats and pets. I will always have a jeep.

- Chelsea T

Reliable vehicle easy to handle.

I have no issues with this vehicle. It is smooth riding and easy to handle. Very satisfied. Would definitely purchase again.

- Lynn P

It has a 5. 7l hemi in it and has quite the power under the hood.

The only problem my Jeep has is that the windshield is cracked from when a semi drove by and spit a rock out and hit my car.

- Ethan D

Great passenger/cargo traveler.

Maintaining problems, non-efficient gas mileage, expensive to fix parts, electronic failure, no advanced technology etc. . .

- Alex W

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a quality vehicle that is reliable and has held up well with regular maintenance.

Reliable, looks nice, held up to tough midwest winters, some repairs needed but less than other vehicles of the same year

- Leah O

Safe vehicle to drive with children.

Leather seats, sunroof with navigation system. All wheel drive, very reliable vehicle. Drives excellent in rain and snow.

- Victoria P

tough and durable Jeep Grand Cherokee

it's reliable, durable, easy to fix, comfortable, easy controls, fantastic in snow, ice, rain and holds up to hail.

- andrea r

jeeps are a great vehicle and very reliable and fun to drive

i love my jeep. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. i will definitely buy another jeep for my next vehicle

- kathy R

It drives very smooth most of the time.

It drives okay. Sometimes the battery goes dead. The weather effects it sometimes. Besides that it's pretty good.

- Hannah D

I love my car. This is the first brand new car i've ever owned. I love just anout everything on the car except for the volume buttons. There is none. I know they changed that on the 2019 model.

my vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. it has taken me back and forth on long and short trips. i love jeep

- patricia B

My Jeep is reliable, comfortable and can get through the deepest snow.

I live in Michigan and love my Jeep in the snow. It has never left me stranded. I can drive through anything.

- Jennell M

The most important thing about JEEP is reliability.

I've always been a fan of JEEP. It's comfortable to ride in. They're very reliable. They're great in the snow!

- Heather H

That it has been reliable.

Like safety and reliability of car. Minimum upkeep of car. Car maintenance is at a lower cost. Easy to drive.

- Suzanne B

You need the remote to open the door. If you use the key, the alarm goes off.

I love the space the most. The features like automatic high beams and the memory drivers seat is awesome too.

- Michelle R

They do not make them like this anymore.

I love driving a jeep. Seats are very comfortable.. I dislike the gas mileage.. I love the look of the jeep.

- Nikki T

that even though its beat up its dependable most of the time.

I like that it is running. I hat the it is a gas eater. Has a dent on the side of it. the a/c doesn't work.

- Mumtaz A

It is larger inside than other jeeps. It is a smooth driving vehicle.

I love the body style of my Jeep. I like the room it has in it. It is spacer than some of the other jeeps.

- julie m

Love my car has great features

Love my car wouldn't trade it for anything has all things I wanted and got a great price on it.. best car

- Bonnie C

All wheel drive dependable car

Very dependable, poor gas mileage, all wheel drive, very good in the snow. Repair parts are inexpensive.

- Ann M

The car is really reliable.

No complaint. The reasons to love is that the car is reliable and smooth. Has not broken down on me. .

- Evelyn R

2006 jeep grand cherokee 4x2 limited 5.7 hemi v8

In the long run good vehicle except lots have computer problems like mine did replaced rear diff also

- Carlos E

That it is reliable, with lots of room.

It is sporty, has 4 wheel drive, tinted windows, leather seats, and sunroof. It also has tow package.

- Vicki P

Great for weekend trips and shopping on the way home. Classy and rugged combined.

It tends to pull a little between 35-40 mph otherwise no problems. Excellent in snow and heavy rain.

- Maria S

The amount of gas it uses and that it has lesser miles per gallon.

I like the space and it is a comfortable ride. The only dislike I have is the amount of gas it uses.

- Isabelle A

It has been well-maintained. It has brand new tires and a recently serviced AC.

Generally a good vehicle for its age, but the transmission has been quirky from the time it was new.

- Michael W

I have owned my Jeep for twelve years and it has been very dependable.

I love my Jeep. It is stylish and dependable. The only thing I don't like is the bad gas mileage.

- Julie A

Not ideal for someone who needs to make long drives regularly

The car consistently gets me where I need to go. Doesn't do well on gas. Good storage space

- Ryan P

get one and they will see how important it is to own a jeep especially in the winter time

no complaints i do love my vehicles they are very reliable and they are very convenient to me

- lionel c

It's pretty great isn't too bad jeeps are pretty reliable.

My vehicle has leather heated seats that I love but hate the tires and brakes on my car.

- Hope C

Good ride all wheel drive when needed Fold down rear seats

Nice vehicle comfortable ride Not great on gas mileage Not enough room in the back

- Patrick S

Fantastic to drive and all around fun with just the right amount of horsepower

No four wheel drive. ride height could me higher. Engine sometimes lacks in power

- Ben L

My 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee is very reliable...have not had any issues with it

like the reliability of the vehicle, the usefulness...can haul almost anything,

- Chris k

it is a very reliable and dependable vehicle and has plenty of interior room

roof leaks from some odd reason and not in a normal place but it is dependable

- heather p

It's reliable and dependable it is good in a homeless situation

It's not running as smoothly as it should. The transmission is going bad

- Krystal B

The most important thing about my vehicle is that it has lasted a very long time.

I love it. It was just what i wanted. It's good on roads in winter too.

- Jaclyn S

It handles great and works awesome in both city and mountain terrain.

I love that I can take it off roading. It handles great in the snow.

- Jaime K

I love my mid size suv. The only thing is it's miles are about to hit 200,000 soon.

My vehicle fits me and my three kids! It is a perfect mid size suv.

- Josephine M

It is the luxury edition. It has everything from tow package to leather seats.

It has the 5.7 Hemi. Love how fast it goes. Great family vehicle.

- Abby B

door hinges are falling off, radio works when it wants to, but I like the height

it has 250,000 miles and is still running like a champ

- kate h

gets me down the road, ya boi.

nothing. nada. all good. hubba bubba. yabba.

- Robert L