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08 Jeep grand Cherokee: a car built as tough as the original.

I like my vehicle well enough. It has all the important things: good ac, automatic windows, leather seats (at least I am pretty sure they're leather), decent gas mileage, reasonable seating, and more than enough room in the back for groceries or other daily things. It even has heated seats, which come in handy during the winter and helps the car feel a little more cozy. My car has over 100, 000 miles on it, and despite a few replacement parts over the years (lights, flash relay, brakes), it still runs pretty well. Nothing super substantial like the engine or the transmission has been replaced, nor does it need to be. Lately, it has been consuming more fuel than usual, but I think it just needs a tune-up. All in all, I think it is a great car to get you from point A to B, or a great starter car for a teenage driver. Besides what I have already mentioned, I do not have anything else bad to say about it.

- Richard S

Great safety features. Great family friendly vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It is the first Jeep that I have ever owned and glad that I took the leap to purchase it. It is a small SUV perfect for a family of four. Open trunk space with seats that can be folded down so that you can transport and move things if needed. So if you are afraid of a truck then this vehicle makes up for it. I love the safety features that come with it as well. The car tells me when my airbags on the passenger side is off. It has child safety locks and when you reach a certain speed while driving your doors automatically lock. It has a warning sound that does not stop until you put on your seatbelt that helps to keep you safe. It is an amazing family friendly safe vehicle.

- Tonja B

Best vehicle I have ever owned!

Owned my Jeep since 2008. Has 120, 000 miles. No major issues. Had to change the alternator 3 years ago. Currently on my 3rd set of tires. I do have issues with some of the seals by the sunroof & hatch. So when it rains heavily, it leaks into the car. I make sure oil changes are done every 3000 miles. No motor issues & the car runs great & is very dependable. There was a recall for the ignition & the key would get stuck. Jeep corrected the recall & have had no problems since. Overall I am very happy with my Jeep & will have a hard time letting go once I decide to trade it in.

- Paula A

Very roomy and comfy drive.

I've always had Jeeps and I love them, I love how durable the car is and how much room is in the car. The Jeep has some electrical issues/computer issues. The tire pressure system messes up and one tire does not read at all. The evap leak code will not clear along with the airbag code. The car leaks oil and I often have to add oil in before my oil change is due. It overall is comfortable to drive in. It has a great speaker system and a back up camera. It is very spacious and roomy. I love having a sunroof and heated leather seats.

- Stephanie S

Jeep grand Cherokee family review.

The windows come off the track and the air conditioner needs to be recharged often. The vehicle is comfortable and runs well. We have enough head room and since I am tall this is important to me. The Jeep was a good price and works well as a family vehicle that I am not embarrassed to be seen driving around in. I wish the steering wheel was more adjustable and had a bit more padding for comfort. Overall we feel safe driving even in winter and have utilized the 4 week drive often.

- Kevin E

That it is very comfortable to drive and handles really well.

I like the comfort most of all. The seats are really comfortable for long trips and it has heated seats. I also like how it handles on snow and ice, but wish I had more control of when it is in four wheel drive. I like the amount of room for hauling things. I wish it was just a few inches lower for ease of getting into, but it works for me, for now. I wish it got better mileage, but for a four wheel drive, it isn't too bad.

- Kathy M

Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. Comfortable. Reliable. Sun roof. Lots of amenities.

My Jeep is very reliable, it fits my family’s needs. There is a sunroof and many areas to plug in adapters for phone charging and portable DVD players, which is a must with children. It is all wheel drive although it tends to hydroplane easily on really wet roads. There is a 6 disk CD player and an AUX cord plug in. It is very comfortable for short or long traveling. Best family vehicle I have ever bought.

- Coral S

Electrical issues, but still worth it.

I have only owned the car for a little over a year and am on the fence about it. There are many features that I like about it, but I have had strange electrical issues all along. At 10 months of ownership I had to put in $2000 worth of electrical work and still feel it's not reliable. I have never owned a jeep before and all and all I would probably still consider buying another, but maybe as a spare.

- Gina J

I drive a 2008 jeep grand Cherokee.

I bought it used. I love how it drives and all the extra room it has. I love that it has remote start. I didn't buy one without all the extras like a back up camera or touch screen BC it was going to cost up to $2000 extra and those things break like anything else, plus they cost more to fix. I had to replace the water pump, but like I said, I bought it used and that is simply maintenance.

- Heather B

My 2008 Jeep gc is a sleek black running machine.

I love my Jeep. By far the best vehicle I have ever owned. The only problem I have ever had was two years ago I had to put on new starter. It looks brand new and rides and drives like a dream. The only thing it does not have and that is heated seats and so it has almost everything for that year. It is not bad on gas and it gets good mileage on the open road.

- Carolyn C

Gas mileage, safety, anti theft resources.

Very good on gas mileage, very spacious on the inside, I like to take this vehicle on road trips. Drives good on all kind of roads. We have not had any major mechanical problems. Easy to find a mechanic, spare parts are always available and a reasonable price. Had this car for 10 years, very happy with our purchase, will recommend it to anyone.

- Eva B

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Going Strong at 318,000 Miles.

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been an excellent vehicle to own. Currently has 318,000 miles on it, one owner. Beginning to have some rust on it now but the bumper to bumper lifetime warranty has kept it going with a new engine installed at 250,000 miles. Good amount of storage room in the back and comfortable leg room in the middle.

- Chris C

Nice vehicle but expensive to maintain.

There have been numerous recalls over the years, the parts and labor have been much more expensive than other SUVs. When the vehicle was under warranty, the service departments for Jeep were terrible. It was difficult to get in, even when it was for a recall and they frequently didn't have the parts that were being recalled.

- Trish H

It is a Jeep, but it is also a (semi) luxury suv as well. In my opinion it is the best of both worlds.

I really like that my vehicle has plenty of space to carry people and or things. It is roomy enough that I have to problem fitting anybody and (almost) anything in it. And it is also very nice. There are no accessories that I do not have, but need. It is pretty much a perfect vehicle for my needs at this point in time.

- Laura R

Grand Cherokee four wheel drive reviews.

The dealership in the town where I live is super slow about getting parts in when I get it serviced. It is a common car so issues typically get resolved quickly. Not too good on gas. Love the 4WD and all of the spacious room it offers as well as the leather. It cleans up nicely and stays clean if I keep up with it.

- Linda T

Love my jeep and the handling and the ride.

Love the handling and room, low maintenance, great for long trips lots of room, air condition is great with auto temp. Drove across country 2 times with this vehicle, with 3 adults and plenty of luggage and still had plenty of room. Set cruise control at 80 mph on those long interstates and enjoyed the ride.

- Doug B

Why you should buy a Jeep .

For the most part I have had no major problems with my Jeep . Last winter my cruise did go out. And sometimes my front drivers window will not respond. But I have never had a problem with my heated seats or my heater it has always been top notched. The steering is great and the break have never failed.

- Alicia E

Jeep brand dependable and reliable.

Great power roomy reliable spacious dependable poor gas mileage holds its value great all weather vehicle love its not for people with short legs powerful small backseat love telescopic steering wheel luggage rack great radio love the quality of the brand drives well bumpy not smooth to ride in.

- Leigh H

Jeep grand Cherokee is a great family car.

Only problem I am having is that the vehicle starts by itself if you are not too careful. But it is roomy for my kids and I. I am little and short. So I love that I sits-high. Having a sunroof is nice also. And the outlet plugs in the back seat and truck is a plus. The truck is also very roomy.

- Shayla N

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008 Best truck on the road for safety and reliability.

I bought this Grand Cherokee in 2008 New. I've never had any issues with it and love how well it handles in every situation. I plan on keeping it in the family down the road I will pass it down to my son. Great truck. Very safe and Dependable. Okay on gas. Rides smoothly on any terrain.

- Kathleen C

A good humble daily driver. It is capable in snowing conditions.

The Jeep drives good. It has 125, 000 miles. I had to replace the water pump, battery, and alternator. It does well in the snow and on back roads. It is a little unstable at speeds greater than 75mph. The electric windows seem to have trouble they don't always work. Overall I like it.

- Dean L

No one does winter better than Jeep.

I love my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee because I live in the northeastern U.S, where winters are pretty bad, but the Jeep handles them fantastically. While compact sedans are pulled over on the side of the road, unable to safely travel, I'm casually and confidently cruising down my lane.

- Jordan M

This is why I love my jeep.

I like the heated mirrors, the heated seats, and the auto start features. It is very handy for hauling furniture, groceries, and gardening supplies. The all wheel drive means I never get stuck in the snow. It has very good road visibility. The folding split rear seat is very handy.

- Gwen H

I really enjoyed having heated seats during cold Midwest winters.

Very few problems other than some minor electrical issues which were resolved very quickly and economically. Only other issues were those of normal maintenance, such ad brake repairs, battery and tires. Overall this has been a very dependable vehicle which is safe and fun to drive.

- Carolyn F

4x4, tinted windows, all automatic, comfortable ride.

I love the Jeep, it is a 2008, but it is such good shape, people think it is new one. Love driving it, very comfortable, it is a 4x4, gets me out of the snow, you don't have to set the 4x4, it automatically kicks in, all automatic, love the tinted windows. I will buy another Jeep.

- Linda P

My jeep grand Cherokee the details I really love about it.

My jeep is great. Have had a few minor mechanical issues but otherwise runs great. I have added a lift so that helps going off road with clearance. Putting bigger tires on helped. I love my tow hitch so I am able to carry trailers. It is 4x4 so it takes me anywhere I need to go.

- Carson M

Jeep rocks and should be considered he beat. .

My Jeep grand Cherokee is an awesome vehicle. It is four wheel drive and can operate IN. The sand gravel dirt and snow very well. Snow and ice traction is the best the mechanical part of the Jeep is lacking lust. The screen for the radio satellite airfoils needs to be bigger.

- Renee S

What to know about 2008 Jeep grand Cherokee.

It is hard on gas because it is a v8 and is always in 4WD. But I love it anyway. It is very roomy. It is so easy to get daughter in and out. I have my stroller in the back and still have room for groceries. Bright lights. Good in all weather conditions. Great family vehicle.

- Alyssa A

I will have to upgrade eventually, but it has held up well and is timeless.

The Mercedes Benz diesel engine gives me great gas mileage traveling across the mountain passes and enough torque to pull small trailers. I have a set of snow tires and the back seat heated seats make it perfect for the ski season. It is my favorite vehicle I have owned.

- Shelly D

Low mileage for a 2008 Jeep .

My 2008 Jeep has 74, 000 miles on it and is in excellent condition. Goes great in the snow and have had no major problems with it. The radio is awesome sounding too! I love how the back seats fold down so you can haul large items. Its comfortable on long road trips.

- J J

Excellent value and all in all a very dependable vehicle.

Excellent in all areas. Very happy with my jeep. I haven't had any issues or problems with it with the exception of a starter issue. And that was a known problem and it was covered under a recall. Overall just basic repairs. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- La B

Spacious yet sporty and reliable.

I absolutely love this vehicle! It is so spacious which is perfect for our growing family. I love that we have the ability to have a third row, or huge trunk if the third row is not needed. This car has been amazing and I hope to never have to buy another again.

- Taylor P

Best off-road vehicle, hands-down.

It is the best off-road vehicle I have used, however I do recommend upgrading to premium car parts. It just happens that the OEM stock parts do not cut it unless you are using it primarily for highway miles. Any 4wd use will require you to upgrade the parts.

- Robert H

Jeep Cherokee -watch out!

The Jeep has starter problems, had to put in a new one. The rear differential cracked had to replace that and that happened the same day as an oil change. This car has transmission problem. It has no pickup speed so getting on the highway is a bit dangerous.

- Kim Y

Reliability. This vehicle is reliable. I live in a state where it snows and has terrible weather for majority of the year but I feel safe driving my Jeep because it's reliable and dependable.

My vehicle is a 2008 Grand Cherokee Jeep. My vehicle currently has no problems and runs great. It is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. I enjoy the style of the interior and the many features such as heated seats and an auxiliary outlet.

- Peyton H

Great build and durability, but it's a gas guzzler.

I love the dependability of my Jeep. I have never had any problems with getting from point A to point B. The only thing that I makes me want to purchase a new car is the gas mileage. My average mileage per tank is ~300 at 17-18 per gallon.

- Stacey M

It is pretty quiet for outside noise. Also, the spare tire winch is junk.

The all wheel drive is amazing off-road. I was surprised that it performed as well as it did. The air conditioner is fairly loud however when it is on high which is the only setting that will cool the vehicle down.

- Taylor G

Amazing vehicle. Very dependable. Well manufactured.

I love it! It is still stylish and is very comfortable. I have had very little problems with it in the 10 years I have owned it. I would really recommend this vehicle and will probably replace it with another one.

- raven h

2008 Jeep grand Cherokee is a great family care.

Only issue I have is that sometimes if not careful it will start up by itself. I bought it used at a auction. Runs great. Very roomy for my kids and I. I am a small lady, love that I sit high.

- Shayla W

The gas mileage is not the best with the large hemi engine;-)

I very much dislike the key "fob"!! have had 2 recalls for this item. Very much like the sound system. Like the in dash navigation. Wish it was easier and less expensive to update navigation.

- Steve H

It works great in many terrains, but the axel and rims can diminish over time

The jeep grand cherokees are general sturdy cars and can help you in many rural areas where road don't happen to be pavement, but the rockers go bad easily along with many axel/rim problems

- Caleb N

It is an excellent car. I definitely recommend it.

Durable and fun to drive. It was top of the line for it is time with leather seats and all auto, but it is getting old with high mileage and does not have a global positioning system.

- Jon C

The thing has no get up and go. You can't put the car in 4 wheel drive. It's on all the time.

I don't like the fuel consumption I get 14 mpg in town and 18 on the highway. The car does not have much power. It starts good in the cold. I live 10 miles outside of Fargo ND

- Ryan G

Great Family Car with Plenty of Room for everyone and everything

I love my jeep because it is fun to drive and is really good on gas. It also has plenty of room for my family to not feel cramped and be able to carry all of our needs

- Bernice D

Good low-end torque and decent gas mileage.

It looks nice and has the features I want in a vehicle. It's reliable and has good power. I wish the ride was a little smoother and it had more room in the back.

- Ryan M

the truck has ROOM. looking for room, it's got it. you are not cramped in the front or the back and it has good size back for carrying things, with or without back seats folded down

love that its fully loaded. It is very roomy inside, can fit 5 people comfortably. one thing i don't like is it doesn't take bumps (speed bumps) all that well

- stephanie c

It is dependable and safe and very enjoyable to drive!

Love it is a Jeep and I feel safe! I hate that it is getting older with already over 100,000 miles. Hoping to stay with the Jeep family in the future!

- Christine S

Best vehicle in the snow!

I love that it handles new York winters so well. I don't like that, being 8 cylinders, it uses so much gas. I also like that it is very comfortable

- Elena C

It is a Diesel!! Which means it will last longer than a regular Jeep.

I love my Jeep. It is a 2008 Diesel, which is rare. It is Overton and fully loaded. It gets great fuel mileage. It very comfortable for road trips.

- Randi P

Great vehicle but the gas mileage could be better!

I don't like the gas mileage. I do like the comfort of the vehicle and how it drives. I like the amount of room that it has to take things with me.

- Laura H

Dependable and safe low cost to maintain.

This Jeep has been a workhorse for me. Pulls a boat and handles bad weather with no issues. Very little repair cost other than normal maintenance.

- Brenda Y

Make sure you get the recalls fixed.

I now love Jeeps and will continue to buy Jeeps. Very reliable and safe. I like being higher up in making it easier to see around cars and ahead.

- Ryan B

Great gas mileage without sacrificing comfort.

It's a good reliable car. It has lasted a long time. Has had some small/minor problems. Those problems gave me a headache but its lasted so long.

- Marshall C

It my favorite car to drive

It is a very good car a whole lot traveling it motor run good good on gas a good family car sometime just can't wait to get in and start driving

- Marcellus P

That it is a great gas saver.

I like my Jeep because it is great one gas. My Jeep does not have any major issues. I have always wanted a SUV and I think I got a great one.

- Heather S

Even with the hemi it is still fairly fuel efficient.

Ignition switch module has been recalled twice, the gps is wonderful for trips! The fully adjustable heated drivers seat is great for winter.

- Steve H

Awesome Jeep! I love the style!

I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's very stylish and it is just what I need to haul our grandkids, our dog and our groceries. I LOVE IT!!!

- Mel K

I would highly recommend getting one. I will never "not" have a jeep again.

It is reliable and stylish. It is a 4 wheel drive and my road is cleared last, so can always get to work. There is nothing I don't like.

- Sarah K

Overall rugged vehicle. Features a 3 inch lift, and tires only a year old.

Very reliable, I have never had any performance issues with this vehicle. Gas guzzler, so be prepared for high gas toll. Good handling.

- Taylor E

Ac issues. Other than that I love everything.

It has always had issues & I have to slam the glove box in order for it to work. I love the heated seats & it has been very reliable.

- Beth F

Great vehicle to drive in the city and to go camping in.

No problems. Very reliable and comfortable. Handles great and always feel safe when driving it. It does everything I need it to.

- wes g

Overall a great starter car.

It is in excellent shape. It goes good in the snow. It has very low mileage. Has a good sounding radio.. Dislike is no navigation..

- Joyce J

Dependable, solid car that works well for my family.

My Jeep has provided reliable transportation for many years now. It continues to get decent gas mileage with regular maintenance.

- Meredith F

the handling in snow and ice is excellent and has good fuel mileage

good on fuel it is very dependable also goes through the snow very well not afraid to drive it on a trip without it breaking down

- doug s

It is economical with a lot of comfort and convenience features.

It's older so the interior is outdated looking and there is some rust but it has 4-wheel drive and is a very reliable vehicle.

- Kaitlyn W

Mine is a four wheel drive

The seal along the lift gate is broken and make a rather loud sound when being driven. There are no recall that I am Aware of.

- Jessica L

The most important thing you should know about my car is there's a sun roof.

I like how big my jeep is, makes me feel safe. I dislike the gas mileage but all in all its a good car and gets the job done.

- Anne T

It has a rebuilt engine. And a new windshield.

Dependable, and appealing to the eye, its just what I want, and no payments! Its white and has leather interior and XM radio.

- Berry L

It's kind of a gas guzzler.

No complaints really. Easy to find auto parts. I can go to any regular auto parts stores. It's fun and comfortable to drive.

- Michelle B

Jeep is a rugged vehicle that runs so well in all climates.

My Jeep is reliable and runs really well. Jeeps will last for years if you treat them right and get them serviced regularly.

- Tina S

It's a smooth ride. Not as bulky as other SUVs

It has a spacious amount of room. It seats the whole family with no trouble. The gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV.

- Rusty r

great all wheel drive in snow and storms and slippery roads and long drives

the all wheel drive is great in snow, i wish it had more back seat room for kids and car seats trunk space is great

- angie k

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee is great

Always Reliable, strong engine and performance, paint has been holding up well for its age. Heated seats are great!

- Monique E

It gets good gas mileage and good warranty.

I cant believe how smooth it rides. I highly recommend this vehicle. It's just hard on gas and great highway mpg.

- Adrian W

It's a great car. I've had it for 10 years and other than normal wear and tear it's been great.

I love my vehicle. Only main problems I've had have been with the opening the trunk. The spring has broken twice.

- Alexis W

It's got a great ride for an SUV and feel very rugged on the road.

It's smooth to drive, gets decent gas mileage, and hasn't given me a lot of trouble. There is nothing I dislike.

- Elizabeth G

It is a great diesel powered car

It is equipped with a Mercedes Diesel that I love. It is very reliable. I love the fuel mileage about 25 mpg.

- Bob M

high quality, reliable, dependable.

Very reliable, can drive through most bad weather conditions and have hauled quite a bit of large items in it.

- Margie B

It's has a very nice interior

It is a very nice car. I enjoy it because it drives nicely. Ours is a 4 wheel drive and works well in climates

- Sylvia S

Compact reliable family car

Very comfortable car and very reliable. Never had an issue with it and it's great for long trips short trips.

- Jocekyb M

It has some blind spots that can be tricky when taking turns.

I love the style, and the color. It has a lot of space in it. I don't like the gas mileage it could be better

- Kyna C

Good to ride in for long distances; good. Visibility; low gasoline consumption..

No complaints. Love if. Daughter purchased it for my. Drives great, low maintenance and good gas mileage.

- Virginia C

Modern yet pays tribute to older models.

It is great and reliable! Would recommend to anyone in the market for a new car. Durable as well. Get it.

- Marshall C

Ten years and it is just now starting to have issues.

I have had 1 wrangler and 2 Cherokees. The first two were nothing but trouble. This last one is better.

- Christine W

It is perfect for a big family.

Like the ride it is very comfortable. I also like the large size. I am not so happy about gas mileage.

- Catherine D

My car is very good on gas and very comfortable to drive.

Getting older but is right size and a good product. Like design in and out. Paint job has lasted well.

- Carmen U

It's in such good shape and great looking

It's very reliable and good looking with it's black wheels. Has low mileage and goes good in the snow

- Joyce D

There is not enough leg room in the back for adults to sit comfortably.

I like it because it looks good. I don't like it because the air conditioning doesn't blow very well.

- Catherine J

It is safe and dependable

I love my jeep because it has been virtually maintenance free. It is comfortable and fun to drive.

- Cathy C

It goes great in snow. It doesn't have to be put into 4 wheel drive. It's a great winter vehicle.

it goes great in snow. it is a very dependable vehicle. it doesn't get the greatest gas mileage.

- carol r

Amazing traction and control when driving in slippery conditions

2nd Jeep I've owned. Love everything about it. Traction in snow, comfort, ease of handling.

- Melissa B

Can't beat this diesel pulls great good mileage.

Jeep Grand Cherokee with Mercedes Turbo Diesel. It runs great. Tows great. Offroads great.

- James C

it has 4 wheel drive for if you live in the country

i love how it has 4 wheel drive. i hate that when people smoke it doesn't have an ashtray

- dominique g

all wheel drive comes in handy in snow.

Don't dislike anything. except the coin holder and gaps between seats and center console

- charlie H

No complaints...I love my jeep. Really reliable and can get around in any weather.

Awesome jeep and I am a jeep lover. I think it is the most beautiful vehicle ever.

- Bev S

Very dependable in inclement weather. Its affordable.

I like the style the dependability. It has been very trustworthy. No complaints.

- ron a

Expensive to repair. Parts are pricey and sometimes hard to source.

Generally good, but aging and showing signs of engineered planned obsolescence.

- Mister W

It's my favorite car so far

It's been reliable so far. I like to drive it. Like the size of my trunk

- Christina W

its reliable, will go anyway . and very dependable

we love our jeep. very reliable Jeep, what i dislike is its hard on gas

- karen h

Jeeps have a greater Safety rating. Drive really well and handle better than most SUVs.

Don't like screens. Love the capaciousness. Too much computerization.

- lefty b


I love how it handles. The nav system is cool. It has everything.

- jane e

size, safety, weight and overall power

this is the best car that I have ever owned. Big fan of Jeeps

- william G

it is a great car in snow storms and has all wheel drive to help navigate the worst of roads

love the dependability hate that its interior is so cramped

- soto k

brand new tires.recent oil change.

good vehicle. v-8 lots of room. good on gas mileage.

- bill s

i love my jeep. I do not hate anything about it and I would highly recommend them.

It has great gas mileage and has never let me down.

- michelle m

Good car for a family on the move

Plenty of room and is fun to drive around.

- Bernice n

safe and comfortable, reliable

dependable fair gas mileage nice riding

- Kenneth R

I like that it does not get to hot inside the car.

- Wendy W