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My Jeep will take me anywhere I want to go in style and comfort.

My Jeep has been a very dependable truck. It is very comfortable to ride in as well as sleep in if necessary. I maintain the basic repairs like oil, fluids. filters and have not had any problem with my vehicle. There is plenty of room for passengers and the back seat folds down in order to carry large items. It has a rack on top that adjusts for size and the spare tire is conveniently hidden up under the truck with a easy crank to lower it if you have a flat. There are compartments in the back for a jack and tire iron as well as tools. The lift gate is easy to access and the glass lifts up separately. If you need to haul anything it can surely handle the job with ease. I have been very satisfied with my Jeep.

- Helen R

The coolest Jeep grand Cherokee limited.

The performance of my car is great! The car speeds up quickly! I have had the car for 3 years and it has been very reliable. I have also had no major things wrong with it. The Jeep has very comfortable seating and a spacious trunk. I also love that the car has a sunroof. The car is 4 wheel drive, has power windows and seats as well as heated seats. There is also a hidden CD player behind the touch screen radio. I have recently been having problems with the car not wanting to shift correctly.

- Kelsey B

My jeep grand Cherokee is black with chrome details and a hemi engine.

I love my jeep grand Cherokee because it is a big car but still gets around really good. I have had no issues with it and it runs great. I like that it is good in the snow and any weather condition. The interior features include heated seats and a touch screen for music, navigation, and other things. Heating and air conditioning and heated seats in the back as well make the car good for everyone riding in it!

- Kennedy M

Very versatile able to haul many things and still go 4 wheeling.

Our Jeep has been very dependable, and able to go lots of place you couldn't drive a car. We have used it like a pickup truck as well - hauled a queen size mattress and box springs on the roof with the bed frame inside, lots of 8 foot lumber, tools, carpet, potting soil, 5 gallon buckets of gravel. It has been a great vehicle and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Jeep Grand Cherokee In the future.

- Jean B

Performance SUV family car.

My Jeep grand Cherokee srt-8 is a great fast SUV. It is great for parents who would love a fast family car. Although very nice, my husband and I have had many problems with it. We've changed almost half of the engine, replaced all the wiring and replaced a couple of modules as well. Not sure if the newer ones give as much trouble but I would recommend if you have the money to put back into the car.

- Carina V

One of the best Jeeps on the market. Lots of amenities and luxuries.

My Jeep is a very reliable. It really holds its value as well. It's still one of the top selling Jeeps and valued a decent amount on Kelly blue book. It unfortunately uses a lot of gas. Other than that it is a 5 star vehicle to own. The central air is very reliable and fast acting. It has great plugins for USB and chargers. It also has leather seats and a sunroof which is always a nice feature.

- Madeline T

Not too small, not too big.

It is a bit noisy. I like the comfort, the ride. I would have preferred leather seats. The heat sometimes is all or nothing; a bit difficult to regulate. The space is good, I like the look. Gas mileage - average. I like the windows; visibility is good. The cruise control sometimes turns off on its own. It has been fairly maintenance free. I did have to have work done on the air conditioning.

- Pamela S

Great comfort, decent performance!

The comfort of this vehicle is excellent, the interior is nice and love the backup system and navigation. It gets decent gas mileage and is the perfect size for our small family including a dog. We have had some performance issues with the suspension system and four wheel drive system but nothing terrible. We did find out the battery is inconveniently located under the passenger seat!

- Jess T

Has a great light system.

Reliable car has good brakes. Siri radio. Nice silver color. Has bright lights headlights and bright. Has a very good air system. I feel safe when driving. Has up to five seats. Has a huge trunk for storage. Great and safe airbag system. Spacious inside the car. Nice dashboard and has plenty of pockets for storage. Also has a charging outlet for cell phones.

- Kelly K

Love my Jeep !! Best vehicle I have ever had!

Great SUV! I love the size and handling of this hatchback SUV! It fits our family and sixty pound dog perfectly! It is efficient and great gas mileage for having the eight cylinder hemi engine. Great for running to the grocery store or going on vacation. Took rack can hold a storage box for traveling with extra luggage and extra people!

- Sheryl K

The Jeep grand Cherokee is a great car that gets you where you are going.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is a great car. It is a nice size. It has five seats with a spacious trunk. I have two hundred thousand miles on it and it still runs great. My only compliant would be the gas mileage. It costs about $45 to fill up and constantly needs to be filled. Not necessarily ideal for someone who runs around all the time.

- Nikki K

Great reliable car, very low maintenance.

The Jeep is a very reliable car, great on gas and durable. Spacious enough for children and trips. It is never broken down and is now almost 10 years old. Needs very little maintenance. If I could I would purchase another Jeep in the future. My teenage son is now driving it and I have peace of mind because it is also a safe car.

- Ann M

My jeep looks as good today 2019 as when I purchased it in 2009.

This my 4th jeep, they are a dependable cars. At 100,000 plus miles the water pump was replaced and the ac cooling evaporator had to be replaced. Other than that I have had no issues. The jeep get great gas mileage. It stays aligned ( tire wise ). It is comfortable to drive and ride in! My next vehicle will be a jeep!

- Keith D

Fantastic all purpose vehicle!

I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee! It has never failed me. I can drive in any weather condition and feel safe. I like the inside lighting and the powerful headlights. I also love the driver's seat that raises and lowers so that I see well and sit up higher. I can pull the horse trailer with no problems.


The good and bad of the 2009 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

The main problem is that there is really no leg room in the back seat. Anybody over 5 feet cannot really get comfortable in the back seat. Other than that it is a very reliable 4x4 and with the V8 it really has a lot of power. It averages about 15 miles to the gallon in town and 21 on the highway.

- Larry B

We love the car so much it is amazing for family use and travel use

I love the Jeep it really good there is really not many problems to it it's just basics but other than that we always take it out when we go places and it's really good car for family use and other stuff like traveling and etc other than everything else the car is amazing we all love it very much.

- Bianca S

Great long term vehicle for all seasons and uses.

Reliable. Rides well. Like a cat in the rain and snow. Perfect size. Awesome vehicle except for underpowered engine which keep no longer uses. 4. 7 ltr v8. Seats are comfortable for long rides. Feels like much more expensive vehicle. Not sure what else to write with this minimum words requirement.

- Philip G

Convenient car for my everyday needs.

My Jeep is a great car, it has everything I would want to travel or go to work. It is spacious on the inside and has great driving capability. The light to check the oil is usually going off every now and then but I still love my car. We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life.

- Samantha A

Newer Jeeps are junk! don't buy!

I would not buy a newer Jeep ever again. Had an older one 1998 Tj and was a awesome vehicle. So I got a newer one and to this do I regret it nothing but problems one after another. Mainly electrical which is the worst and don't definitely don't trust it in the snow like my other Jeep.

- Jeremy K

2009 was not a great year for Jeep.

Computer chip issues from day one that has caused multiple other issues. Chugging engines and constant engine lights on. Dealership can not pin point any specific issue. The tubing for the windshield fluid disintegrated within the first couple years. The costs for repair remain high.

- Kristin O

Jeep: best in the industry

I love my vehicle. It was my mom's old one and I bought it from her. 10 years old and still runs absolutely beautifully! Neither me or my mom have had many problems with it. If you're leaning towards a Jeep I definitely recommend a grand Cherokee, I find it to be the most reliable!

- Rylee P

It has enough space for multiple purposes but it is not so great on gas.

The car is very spacious and is good use for moving or loading large loads of grocery. I have had my engine light come on multiple times needing multiple repairs. My electric key ignition had to be replaced within the first 90 days of purchasing the car which caused me over $900.

- Nicole P

The amazing 2009 jeep grand Cherokee.

The 2009 jeep grand Cherokee is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I have never had any real mechanical problems in my 4 years of having it. The brakes were a breeze to fix and it does great in the mountains since I live an active lifestyle. No regrets on this purchase!

- Diego L

My Jeep driving capability.

I really enjoy the smooth ride it has! I rarely have maintenance issues. Wonderful for off-roading in the area I live in! Great performance. All-wheel-drive makes it reliable during the winter months and also on the backroads. Interior is sharp and its and easy to drive SUV.

- Erika M

Jeep grand Cherokee limited is a reliable and quality vehicle.

Jeeps are reliable but I have had some issues with mine. The extra features on it are great. It handles well in the snow. I love the v8 hemi engine. All in all, it is not a bad vehicle I would just prefer something bigger with an optional 3rd row and that sits up higher.

- Jennifer T

Jeep Cherokee review after being a Jeep drive for years.

This Jeep is a breeze to drive. I really enjoy this car it is been very reliable so far and I have had it since 2009. This Jeep in particular is not like the others, you do not feel every bump on the road which is great. Good car for road trips and going to the beach.

- Samantha A

It has a heated steering wheel that is nice

It runs fine, the my issue is that my brakes squeak. It runs perfectly fine! The issue for the brakes is probably just because I push them too hard. It is a bit of a gas hog, I feel like spent more money on gas than the car itself. But other than that it is a good car

- Brooke P

Efficient family car for a mom on the go.

My vehicle is reliable, and moderately comfortable, it has no special features. It has no problems, but does have a slower acceleration rate. There is a stain on the backseat, as well as the passenger seat, it has a spacious hatch, and heats up and cools off quickly.

- Victoria S

Engine issues before 30, 000 miles.

I had engine issues after only a year or two and had to replace several small parts (hoses, etc. ) Sunroof became disconnected and in order to reconnect it I would have to purchase and install the entire sunroof instead of just putting the window back on the track.

- Shane M

2009 jeep grand Cherokee. Runs great!

No problems ever with it and gets good mileage. Plus I like the look of it. I have taken it on vacation quite a few times and never had a problem. It is the only vehicle I would own. If anything ever happened to it I would buy another one. It is my second one.

- Karen H

2009 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo rust bucket with problems.

Rusting, brake issues, strut issues, constantly in and out of car shop, check engine light on and off since I have owned it. Constant oil changes, tire problems, slipping, . Wiper motors went. Windshield washer fluid doesn't squirt out problem after problem.

- Nicole R

I have owned 5 other jeeps and I absolutely love the grand Cherokee. They drive nice and I just fell in love with my first grand Cherokee and I keep purchasing them. I am a lifer when it comes to jeep SUVs.In my opinion it is the best SUV in the market.

- Mindy C

2009 Jeep grand Cherokee v8 review.

Amazing in the snow, comfortable for long drives, spacious. Has good suspension and handling. Has had some transmission issues around 185, 000 miles and the oil pressure sensor needed to be replaced around the same time. Otherwise no other major issues.

- Koren P

Fun and reliable vehicle great interior

has 4 wheel drive, sports feature, traction control, siri radio, and hands free phone capability. I've had this Jeep for a very long time has been very reliable, i have not had any real problems. from time to time dose get stuck in 2nd.

- tina s

Great small SUV. Drives amazing

No problems, just regular maintenance. Drives great, very comfortable. Back seats fold down to add extra room to haul things. Speakers sounds great. Drives amazing on highway and around town. Plenty of legroom in back seats.

- Christy P

Finally have my dream vehicle

I love my vehicle. It has electric seats in the front, rear defrost, excellent stereo system with surround sound and a bass cannon, it also has a input spot for an auxiliary cord so you can play from your phone or ipod.

- melinda c

The vehicle is a very cool pearlescent blue, which reflects light differently depending on the lighting

The Jeep grand cherokee is a fantastic vehicle for general use, however I've used mostly for winter driving. It handles well in snow, and generally can power through (with 4 wheel drive) most snowy roads with no issue

- Dominic P

I like that it has a lot of legroom.

My vehicle is reliable and has not had many things go wrong with it besides regular maintenance. One thing that I don't like is that tires go bad quickly, and the ignition key will turn off while driving.

- Nicole K

That it runs great. it was very well kept and maintained and so I do the same.

I bought it used but it came with a premium package. It has built in NAV, cd /radio (Sirius capability) power and heated seats . Too many features to name and its in excellent condition for a 2009.

- Yolanda G

Spacious vehicle for family and road trips! Furry pets will love it too

I like that it has a lot of room. Especially for our kids stroller. Since it's a passed down to us after Hurricane Harvey last year and it's 9 years old, it does have issues but overall it is good.

- Lorraine M

It is durable and good for rough roads.

I like that the engine runs pretty good for a long time. I like the shape, design, and how easy it is to lift up the hood. I dislike how much gas it takes up but that is understandable.

- David J

Love the Jeep but hate the upkeep

I've had to replace the transmission as it is a full-time 4wd. Love how it handles in the snow. It is a SUV but handles like a compact car. Love the cargo space but had the gas mileage.

- Nancy H

Very dependable in winter driving. It will cut through deep snow and keep going.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very dependable vehicle. It will go through deep water and deep snow the same. Decent gas mileage for an SUV. Wouldn't trade it for any other.

- Shelly R

Good solid car. To keep it running needs moderate maintenance.

Does require a good amount of maintenance as any car that you take care of would. The car is solid, comfortable, and has a surprisingly decent mpg considering its size.

- Greg B

A green four-door SUV that's easy to drive.

Performs great comfortable to drive and I really don't have any complaints. Had a problem with the sunroof leaking once but other than that no issues I can think of.

- Briana R

I love my Jeep and would highly recommend.

Like how it can make sharp turns, very reliable, and was good price for value. Wish it drove a little smoother and had a little extra leg room in back seat.

- Cristina M

I like the size and it has plenty of storage space in the back.

I love the size and all the features. I also really like the exterior color. The seats are a light color and that is one thing I am not that crazy about.

- Laura C

2009 Jeep grand Cherokee - honest review.

Some issues with leaking moonroof. In addition have had issues with reliability, including having to change the starter and the a/c compressor.

- Herman R

It is great if you have a big family or need to haul stuff for work.

I love that it is an SUV. It has a sunroof that leaks all the time and it is frustrating. I love the spacious room to hall equipment.

- Danny D

it's a great family vehicle but also fun to take off-roading.

it is very comfortable and has lots of cargo room. it's fun to take off-roading. there is really not anything I don't like about it.

- jaysen v

It's get me and the kids from point a to point b safely.

I like the space of the car. I don't like the constant repairs I have to get done. It doesn't have a smooth ride I feel every bump.

- Tashana P

It's a great vehicle but it uses a lot of gas. It's a lot of fun to drive.

It's a comfortable car with lots of room and it's a lot of fun to drive. It has a lot of cargo room and you can add more seating.

- Pamela E

I thought I did that in the previous page.

No problems but you don't get good mileage on gas. Would like updated features like navigation, updated dashboard, etc.

- Tanya O

Great looks, ride, utility.

A bit underpowered. But in every other way it is been and continues to be great vehicle. Cannot bear to part with it.

- Phil G

Average car, comfortable ride. Service really expensive.

Blind spots, placement of rear view mirror, weird electrical issues. Airbag connectors under passenger front seat.

- Barb C

The best part is the heated seats

It is Comfortable to drive. It has a Low cost for upkeep. What repairs that have had to be done have been minor.

- Maggie S

Very reliable car that I have had for 9 years and have not had any major issues with

9 years and no major issues. Very reliable and would absolutely purchase again. A jeep will be my next vehicle

- Rachel D

It is great in the snow and 4 wheel drive.

it takes a lot of gas unfortunately. I really love the size of the jeep and it drives really well in the snow.

- Michele P

The engine was not the original one It's much bigger.

I love the power that I get out of the 4.7 liter v8 and how I can feel it pick up and go when I hit the gas.

- River V

The roof is absolutely so beautiful sometimes I look up and just stare.

Its amazing I really enjoy driving it to the store and other random places like that 8/7 would drive again.

- Tim M

Touch screen radio with lots of pre set stations and the ability to download music to the vehicle

Heated seats and a sun roof. Cloth seats. Seats fold all the way down. 2 cupholders up front and 2 behind.

- Ally C

handles amazing in the snow, plenty of room for everyone

the sunroof has started leaking, and the gps system not even a passenger can use while the car is moving

- gem t

Reliability is the most important thing.

I love the size, looks, features, ground clearance, and towing capabilities. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Sarah A

Great Vehicle with Four Wheel Drive

I love my vehicle. Very reliable, comfortable, and I feel safe in the winter with my four wheel drive.

- Amanda F

I have had a great experience with this car. It has been reliable and I have had no real problems. It has over 100,000 miles and is still working great!

It is reliable and has great storage capacity. I can use it as a family car or to haul materials.

- Brian L

It is reliable and even though it's old, it still looks good.

Love that it looks good and gets me to work in bad weather. Miss having a sunroof.

- Joy S

It's a lot of fun to drive and has a lot of cargo room

it uses a lot of gas and the passenger side is a bit small for taller passengers

- Pamela B

Its reliable and dependable, great vehicle and overall an investment

Love everything about it. Want another one. It's amazing

- Jen L

It's our lifeline as a family. It takes us everywhere we need.

It's not as big as I would have liked on the inside.

- Rachel H

Most comfortable vehicle and I have sat in many when car shopping.

- Barbara P