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2010 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

I have had my 2010 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo since 2016 and it runs great. It has no problems starting and runs without any problems. It has a couple of cosmetic and small performance issues but nothing that makes undrivable. On top of the various scratches on the exterior and interior I have been in three fender bender accidents in that jeep which has left slight damage to the front bumper, the passenger side doors, and the driver side tail light. The horn no longer works because of the front end damage. There is a single crack in the windshield from the extreme cold winter. Needs new wipers and tires although the ones on the jeep now work fine just not at peak performance. The electronic control panel that is connected to the driver side seat is cracked but still works flawlessly. A major thing to mention about my car is that it does not have the original engine. I had to replace it almost six months ago. The replacement runs great.

- Robert W

Beast from the east. Comfort is my greatest asset with this vehicle.

Jeep grand Cherokee is a great and durable vehicle. We use it for all types of things. Especially when it is vacation time. It is very roomy seats 5 comfortable. Has a large extended area in the back and the seats fold down to give additional room for hauling different items. I have had a few problems with the vehicle. I have replaced the points and starter. It needs to have the right sensor fixed all my idiot lights will not go off. The only other problem is that gas is so high right now. I get around 16 miles per gallon in town and around 20 miles per gallon on the highway. In all I really love my vehicle I have kept up the servicing on the vehicle(I. E oil changes, fluid changes, tire rotations.

- Norma J

How my jeep makes my life easier.

My jeep grand Cherokee has been a good vehicle. I live in Pennsylvania, where it snows quite often and the 4 wheel drive comes in handy in the winter. It has the room on the inside that I need when I go shopping. I also have 3 grandchildren and when I want to take them different places, I have the room for them. Since I live in the mountains, my jeep lets me go up and down them with ease. I am pretty sure the next vehicle will be in the jeep family.

- Dee P

2010 Jeep grand Cherokee limited edition.

One of the most irritating is the software I can not get to updated so I cannot use the Bluetooth for my music. I have a light problem on my dash and my screen when I use the blinker it starts the process of the screen and lights inside to go on in off. It is all around a good vehicle just a couple things I have noticed, they are not major but still a little annoying.

- Tori J

The great grey mean machine.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee, I call it my toy. I can drive anywhere it has 4 wheel drive and the commercials on TV are true. It has lots of interior room. My car is eight years old and has 115000 miles and runs like it is brand new. Even though it uses lots of gas average mileage in town 16 mph. On the highway you get around 20mph.

- Norma P

2010 Jeep liberty: its electric.

The 2010 Jeep liberty came with a few issues. I expected some with it being used, but it has so many electrical problems. Which I found out after getting the Jeep is a very common problem. The doors would not lock, a. C. doesn't work, and there are problems with the lights. I like driving it and it does great in the winter weather.

- Dylan H

Safe, reliable, family vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is safe. It is good on gas. It holds up for years. It is too top heavy so you don't have to worry about rolling. It's a very good vehicle to learn to drive in. It is easy to handle. It has plenty of legroom and trunk space. It is good for pulling trailers. It is a very good family vehicle.

- Addison R

The repairs cost for a jeep are really a pain when its comes to getting parts.

Well my engine doesn't run smoothly and it feel like the jeep shift gears while driving. Other than that I really love my jeep. The parts for it is really expensive and I have to work extra hard to take care of my problems concerning my jeep. The comfort of is excellent and it fits me and I also get a lot of compliments

- Miesha A

Suspension is really great.

It is roomy good on gas it has a lot of good features such as mileage to how many miles you can go before empty good performance on the freeway and all there's good in the weather that we have out here in Illinois to get through snow can be used as utility vehicle if needed good torque good suspension.

- Charles W

It holds up really well over time. It's 8 years old and we've never had to do any major repairs, just replacing the battery and regular maintenance.

I like the look of my Jeep from the outside. I like all the features it has like a Hemi, leather interior, heated front and back seats, remote start. I dislike that there's not more room between the front and back seats because it makes it difficult to fit rear facing car seats for our children.

- Ashley D

Great vehicle with plenty of legroom.

I really like all of the leg room that Jeep s have and it handles really great in bad weather also. I haven't had to do a lot of work to this vehicle either, so really the only drawback is the gas that is used on long trips. It is also a very comfortable ride as well and great to take on trips.

- Reb P

Grand Cherokee review. Reliable and fun to drive!

Car is very comfortable to drive, good pickup and good on gas. 77,000 mike's and no major repairs and still going strong. Inside interior is good and dashboard is easy to read, not cluttered. Jeep has plenty of cargo room in back for long trips. Overall it is a reliable and fun to drive.

- Victor V

Great in snow and safe but poor gas mileage.

It is a very safe car, a 4 by 4. It is large and has good power and drives great in snow and ice. The downside is that repairs are very expensive. I just had a $1, 500 car repair. A few months later, I needed to pay $700 for another repair. Instead of getting it fixed, I sold the car.

- Lisa W

Jeeps are awesome!! You should go get one. Go do that now.

The front seats are not very comfortable for a long drive. Although it is a wonderful car for 4WD and for fuel efficiency. The back is nice and it a very good reliable car in general. The recall notices come in a very timely manner and the service professionals are very courteous.

- Sally W

2010 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

Its reliable, plenty of space, and very handy when going on road trips. It has Bluetooth, good on gas, easy to find parts if something happens to the car. Cost efficient, I haven't had any problems with the car yet. It tells you how many miles left till you have to get gas.

- James W

Jeep has the market on all weather traction!

My Jeep is a very reliable car. Routine maintenance only. After eight years it needed a muffler system. I find the traction in all weather is superior. So so on gas mileage but it feels and is a solid riding car! When it's time to buy a new car I will buy another Jeep!

- Laura M

Jeep grand Cherokee: dependable and flexible.

Reliable and solid, the 8 cylinder motor runs good. Never had any major issues. Jeep is made for rugged terrain, so you can expect performance and durability. A comfortable ride, it serves as a solid work truck, yet sits a family of four comfortably with plenty of space.

- Kevin W

Black grand Cherokee jeep.

I really love my vehicle. It is very comfortable when driving. It is a black jeep with black seats inside. The seats are comfortable as well. I really do rely on it. The only problem I had with the jeep so far was my light, other than that I really do like it.

- Charney M

Black Jeep wrangler, 2010 2 door.

Awesome car, great interior as well as a nice handling. Not only does it look sweet, it also has a great engine and is very fun to drive. The stereo system couldn't be better. That being said, the manual locks are a drawback.

- Matthew B

A Jeep Cherokee is roomy and will fit a Suburban lifestyle very well.

It is a lovely shade of blue, sort of an Air Force blue. It is a smooth ride, once we put on new tires. The gas mileage is fairly good for the type of vehicle. Has plenty of room for carrying various items here and there.

- Sharon H

It is expensive but it is very dependable and comfortable.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very dependable vehicle and it is very fun to drive with a comfortable ride also. I don't have any complaints. I would purchase one again if it was roomy enough. Maybe with third row seating.

- Dia C

Take your Jeep to the beach!

I recently purchased a 2010 Jeep grand Cherokee, and I love it. Not only is it stylish from the inside out, it has been truly reliable! Great family vehicle, its roomy and comfortable and hey it can drive on the beach!

- Jenna B

It is a great vehicle and very comfortable to drive but could be better on gas mileage

I love my jeep grand Cherokee because it has been a reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and a perfect size for me and my family. The only thing I dislike is that the top does not come off for the warmer months

- Aimee l

I like that my jeep has 4 wheel drive all the time. This is very helpful where as live, as it snows often. I also like the durability of the car and its simple design. A dislike I have is that this jeep often has electrical problems as it gets older and the miles pile on.

Simply put, it gets me to where I need to be. It is durable up to a point (around 95,000 miles), after that, it will start to encounter problems and will be need to be maintenance and checked on often.

- Marcos D

That Jeep's last a long time as long as you can take care of them.

Size of the vehicle is perfect for camping and offroading. The four wheel drive on the vehicle works amazing for off roading and the desert. What I don't like is there is no ac vents in the back seat.

- Sophia P

It's fast and fun to drive, but takes premium gas and lots of it

It is the srt8 model of grand Cherokee. I love the horsepower, but it has grown too small for us since we now have a baby. Car seat barely fits in back unless passenger seat is all the way forward.

- Alecia W

Very comfortable for five people. Plenty of legroom for everyone.

It has all the room I need to almost make it seem like a truck. Very comfortable and plenty of room for five. 18 miles to the gallon which is not bad for a SUV. Rides very well for a SUV.

- Dave C

You can see out of the windows very good.

Sit up high and can see all around you very good. Smooth riding. Little heavy on gas. Very comfortable seating. Have plenty of headroom. Tows my pop-up camper with no trouble at all.

- Elizabeth K

Drives well when traveling long distances.

Number 5 which I have owned. It goes through any weather. Safety is great. Lots of room. Comfortable to ride in for long distance. Very few problems with it breaking down.

- Mary B

It's reliable and drives well in all weather conditions.

It's pretty comfortable to drive and very durable, but goes through gas quickly. We purchased it used and haven't had any major issues over the last 8-9 years.

- Maureen M

Amazing family car. If you have a big family then the it has great space available.

Family friendly car, great on mileage, excellent handling on roads and weather conditions. This car has been very reliable for the 8 years we've had it.

- Vic M

It's very roomy and great on gas mileage. It has great horse power

I love my Jeep. It has enough room for my family, for hauling and Horsepower to tow anything I need to pull with my trailer. It's great on gas mileage.

- Jamie b

It is very dependable and gets good gas mileage.

It has 4 wheel drive, cloth seats and a sun roof. I need it to make it down a long lane with snow. It gets good gas mileage and never lets me down.

- Jodi H

Good family suv. Looks sporty

I love the body of the car. Its sporty. I've had it for 2 months and so far it's been a good truck i feel safer than a sedan. Good off roading suv.

- Miguel R

I have a love-hate relationship with this car.

It gets me to where I need to go. It isn't speedy. It imuses a decent amount of gas. It has higher miles and still runs well. It is a mediocre car.

- Bian V

The 4X4 Feature on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is always on.

Very Reliable; WONDERFUL during inclement weather conditions. I wish that Fiat/Chrysler would make Jeep Grand Cherokees that can run on E85 Fuel.

- Scott M

The car is super fast and wastes a lot of gas

The comfort is ok and the gas is what kills me with the Jeep. Probably cause it's a 6.1 liter. The interior could have more technology features

- Harry H

It is a completely reliable vehicle.

This is the third Jeep I have owned, as far as I am concerned there is not a better car made and my next car would most certainly be a Jeep.

- Howard M

The mileage is great especially on the highway.

I love the space that this vehicle provides... I also like the keyless entry as well as the navigation system.. The heated seats amazing!.

- Sharon B

It seat 5 it also has heated seats great speakers.

My car is silver it has leather seats and 4 wheel drive sunroof fully loaded great in the snow it is very roomy and lots of trunk space.

- Robert E

Versatile and great for a family.

I love how versatile the Jeep is. It is easy to load with groceries, has room for 3 kids, and is at a comfortable height when driving.

- Lee D

It is the only model I would ever drive given my budget

My vehicle is very efficient and reliable. I always know what to expect and how to deal with any situation that may arise on the road.

- Lon A

I love my Jeep! It's the car vehicle I always wanted!

My car drives very well. It doesn't speed up super fast so merging onto the interstate can be tricky. It's comfy and good looking!

- Lauren B

This car is sturdy and ready for any adventure!

I love the 4 wheel drive, since we do a lot of off road adventures with this car. Very comfortable and safe car. Will buy again.

- Kelly L

It is affordable and dependable car that will remain classy for a very long time.

I love my Jeep Cherokee. It is spacious and has lots of room. It's sleek and modern on the inside. Feels like luxury in an SUV.

- Julie P

Wheel covers fell off and rattled. . Purchased wheel cove combo.

Very reliable and provide a good ride. . I changed the wheel overs to a aftermarket wheel and rim combo now very pleased.

- Don M

Very dependable for using in non difficult off road conditions

Great family car, however the placement and size of the windows make it difficult to easily see out the windows at times.

- Chris V

You cannot use the headlights and the right blinker at the same time.

It leaks in the rain, and when you use the headlights the right blinker stops working. Other than that, it is just fine.

- Max W

No major problems with this model.

It is a very safe and smooth riding vehicle. Excellent in the winter months. Comfortable interior. Nice looking SUV.

- John V

The vehicles mechanics need work!

It's a great car, however the mechanics of the insides are starting to fail. Other then that, it's holding up great!

- Lauren W

It's great for family events and for mileage if you're on the go a lot

I love the size and space. I love the mileage for the type of vehicle it is. It's just comforting and fits my life.

- Teriva G

It is the perfect size for me. It is not too small, but it is not a tank.

It drives very smoothly, and has a nice interior design. The main thing that is an issue is the poor gas mileage.

- shae S

This vehicle is extremely reliable.

This vehicle runs great. It is extremely reliable. It has had a couple small electrical problems. I love my Jeep.

- Ashlee K

It is paid off. And I drive it every day to work.

I love the look of the car and it's great to travel with. Very roomy. I also have heated seats that are awesome.

- Stacy W

it is very comfortable and stylish

i love my jeep. it is stylish and roomy for all ,my family. it has the tech that i want and gets good mileage

- Denise P

jeeps are the best! i think if you have never owned one u should definitely try one!

i love the 4wd , I live in Maine where winters are bad and I can get around. i love how comfy i am in my jeep.

- Stacie R

Reliable and comfortable. Very safe and well made.

I love my Jeep! It is comfortable and reliable. Holds all my family and their things. Spacious and sporty.

- Bradon W

It is very safe for children.

It really comfy smooth riding but slow speed and does not have a very good start to finish so no racing.

- Ian T

It is a one of a kind. I only use it for when I'm going to work and back home.

I like the mileage on there. The engine is perfect. Not used. And I have no dislikes about it

- Antonio D

There is plenty of room for my husband and I. We also keep a little girl and her car seat fits nicely also. Room for groceries and if we need to put her stroller in back it fits also. It has the option of Satellite Radio which we enjoy. Drives great and good on gas.

Good on gas for the size of SUV. We have been on road trips and didn't have to fill up much.

- Amber H

It is a great car room has many uses good turning only one repair in 8 years

i have a shifting issue is i take off to fast other than that It's a good size for me

- mary t

It is worth the money. Cutest SUV ever. Love my car!

I love everything about it. I have no real problems with it. It is such a cute SUV.

- Cherie` D

it's not a four by four. but it has a lot of room and the seats fold down

It's not a 4 by 4 but i do love that is has a lot of room but it is a cheaper jeep

- Laura P

It is awd so it has good traction

Now that it has a fair number of miles it seems to be nickel and diming to death.

- Tom S

It is a pretty good vehicle. It is reliable as it gets me from place to place. It never broke.

The gasoline type. Because without that then you wouldn't be able to get gas

- Juan C

A Jeep is a quality car that is not just a sports utility vehicle. It is an any kind vehicle you want it to be. It is perfect for me!

The car is dependable, safe and provides a smooth ride

- Laney H

Excellent in winter weather and snowy conditions..

Great car for snow, very few issues, love the size

- Katie G

This car is very reliable. You will love owning it.

It Drives great. It's roomy. It's Low maintenance

- Mariana C