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Great 4x4 everyday family vehicle!

My vehicle is perfect for someone who is looking for a mid size SUV. The leather, heated seats are comfortable and cozy during cold weather. I love the automatic start during the colder months. I also love the push button start. I can keep my keys in my purse and do not have to dig for them. The button on the front door handles and the liftgate allow me to open with just the touch of my thumb as long as the keys are nearby. It drives good and gets good gas mileage. I can drive almost 500 miles on one tank of gas. The 4 wheel drive all the time is handy for slick conditions. It is an overall wonderful family vehicle and has lots of added benefits.

- Leah O

I love my Jeep for city, highway, suburbs and off-road work, play and fun.

My Jeep is super reliable and fun to drive. I originally leased it, but loved it so much that I bought it at the end lease. Nice interior, powerful engine, limited problems since I get oil change and maintenance regularly at dealer since buying. American made is a bonus. Works in city, suburbs and off-road, so it is all purpose for my family needs, plus has plenty of storage space. Stereo, CD player and cassette is ok, but to use my iPod, I need cassette adapter, which wears out, but sounds fine. I recommend Jeeps to everyone I know.

- Darren S

It is a very reliable car. Great gas mileage as well.

It is extremely comfortable. I have the basic model, so not a ton of bells and whistles. One thing I do not like about is when I go over bumps. The suspension is not phenomenal, so it is not as smooth going over bumps as some other cars. Another thing I wish I had an option of in it is a third row seat. That would be so nice to have. However, I do like how much space is in the backseat. There is plenty of legroom for whoever is sitting back there. I also love the tow capacity. It is more than enough to pull a boat or jet skis.

- Rachel L

The Jeep grand Cherokee has all the latest trends while keeping a classic look.

I love this car and it definitely has been super reliable. I have hardly had any problems with it over the past seven years and even when I do, the Jeep dealership quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively fixes the issue. The sound system, air-conditioning, seats, dashboard, etc. Has all the latest features and is easy to figure out. The seats are super comfortable - my car is always the first choice out of my friends for road trips. It rides super smooth on all types of terrain. I would highly recommend this car!

- Megan R

It was the very first car that I ever negotiated and bought and leased by myself.

I loved my Jeep grand cherokee from the day I got it even up until today, even in the shape it is in. I think things began to go wrong after the warranty expired. First it was the automatic start, next I had problems with the fob (it wasn’t the batteries). Then the locks went, then the heat stopped working on the front passenger side. Next it as the heat that went last winter on the front passenger side. This summer, I began exp travel with the functionality of the automatic windows. It is time for a new car.

- Kari L

Love my Jeep a trustworthy SUV!

I got my Jeep grand Cherokee 3 years ago. It was used with about 60, 000 miles. I have always love Jeeps they are very durable. Well so far my Jeep has not given me any problems. I have put in another 60000 miles and no problems whatsoever. I do get oil changes every 3 months and have change tires, but about motor, transmission or any big expensive problems nothing so far. I love the build in GPS I never get lost now. Inside is leather and seats are very comfortable.

- Leo M

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 70th anniversary edition, review!!

We just recently purchased the Jeep, and absolutely love it! The interior is so comfortable, sometimes I find myself sitting in it in the driveway b4 I enter my house!! It drives like a dream, this potholes you see, well we tried them out and damn!! Takes them like no problem, but we do steer away usually, the 4wd we love cause we don't need to hit any buttons, if the tires slip on anything it automatically kicks in!! Amazing technology!!

- Paul M

A great all around vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my jeep grand Cherokee. The performance is great with all wheel drive and a v8 engine. It had a very comfortable ride for my daily commute on highways, handles well on the back roads to my house. The all wheel drive is very useful for and off-roading or driving in the snow that I have to do. It had all the modern features with rear view camera and park sensors.

- Samuel W

It has a regular electrical outlet that is very useful. My family loves this.

I love the options that my car offers. The extra options like Bluetooth and controls for the Bluetooth and radio on the steering add not just convenience but a safety feature. The car itself has been for the most part reliable however for some reason the check engine light has always come off and on, even after addressing the suspected transmission issue. The car handles very well!

- Rebecca H

My jeep is a good reliable vehicle with a few minor problems.

I like the looks of my jeep. It handles well and looks good. However, it has very loud road noise when driving. I would prefer it to be quieter. Also, it does not seem to be capable of emitting much heat on ones feet. I had the same problem with a former jeep. The passenger side of my wiper washer has never worked even after several attempts to have it fixed at a dealer.

- Cheryl T

I love the hands free capabilities.

My Jeep grand Cherokee is great vehicle. It drives and handles wonderfully. The leather interior is comfortable. It has a sunroof which is nice when the weather is nice. It has Bluetooth capabilities for easy hands free phone conversations. You can control nearly everything from the steering wheel. It is spacious for a midsize SUV. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Michelle S

Comfortable and Works for Family - Dual Air doesn't have us complaining about car temp

Comfortable seats with some cushion. I love the heating in the seats and the dual air controls. My family needs the dual air due to different hot/cold likes. It rides smoothly and still feels pretty tight. It's the main vehicle and driven a lot. Plenty of room for groceries. I don't like the auto controls for tire pressure. They go off with any weather change.

- Sjc S

Jeep grand Cherokee: the SUV I have always wanted!

I love the look of my Jeep grand Cherokee! It rides smoothly and is just the right size SUV for my busy family’s daily life, and great for a road trip. Gas mileage is about 16-17 mpg in the city and up to 24 mpg on the highway. My only problem is the ac on the drivers side started blowing heat in the summer. I'll have to take it to a shop to get fixed.

- Angela H

Turning vehicle on often takes two tries.

There seems to be a catch on the ignition switch, it takes it 2 times to turn on at times. Not often. You have to allow the ft. First time to finish the process before you can try again. The second try it will turn on, and you're set to go. This has been my only issue with the vehicle. Other than that, I have had none. I am a gauge fan of my Jeep!

- Monica D

Roomy cargo space and keyless entry.

The feature I like most on my Jeep is that I only need to have the key fob in my purse and I can touch the handle to unlock. I like the amount of space I have in the back to haul around anything I need to, and the rear seats fold down to make even more space. I do find myself double and triple checking to pass as there is a bit of a blind spot.

- Jessica M

2011 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

Is a really good vehicle. I am actually having issues with the relay pump. I read about it and is really common in this vehicle. Is a little bit expensive in gas but I knew it will happen! Mine is 8 cylinders 5.7 l and a hemi motor. Is super big inside, it has a lot of room especially when you drop the back seats. I pick a lot of stuffs on it.

- Xavier L

Very spacious, great family vehicle.

My vehicle is a silver 2011 Jeep grand Cherokee. It has cloth seats, spacious trunk area, push button seat adjustments, Bluetooth ready, 4 wheel drive. It is a very reliable vehicle. Have not had any major issues with it since we purchased it other than the normal oil changes and usual maintenance. Drives great in all weather conditions.

- Ashley E

Best car I have ever been in.

It drives really smooth gas isn't that bad easy car to handle only problem I have had with it is my headlight going out it has all the features people want in a car the car is very comfortable while driving. The car is very good looking it's got snow mud rock mood the steering wheel heats up when it's cold outside heated seats.

- Jordan N

2011 Jeep grand Cherokee - love it!

Love the quadra-trac. It's like having all wheel drive but doesn't hurt the gas mileage like it. Also, for being a 3. 6l engine, it has plenty of power. It also has really good gas mileage. There aren't many SUVs that get high 20's miles per gallon. The inside is also very roomie and has plenty of comforts. I love the XM radio.

- Trevor Y

Overall satisfied with this vehicle.

Problems with the braking system, and sensors. Other than that it has been a reliable vehicle over the years. We do have some condensation in the headlights and the paint in oxidizing, could use a good paint job and a new set or tires. There was some problems around 80 thousand miles and had to have the timing belt replaced.

- Bella Z

Love my Jeep - hemi need I say more!

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee. It is very comfortable, drives smooth and handles easily. It looks sporty, has a great sunroof which I absolutely love. Decent stereo system. The navigation and hands free uconnect are not the best. As an SUV goes, it is big enough but not too big, and of course it has a hemi - need I say more!

- Bridget C

Spacious, rugged yet luxurious!

My Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo is great. I bought it used (2011) in 2016. It is very spacious and comfortable inside. It is equipped with Bluetooth and heated seats. It has neutral leather seats and a beautiful silver exterior. The 6 cylinder engine is power enough for me. Great for off-roading and in bad weather conditions.

- Cara A

Amazing smooth and comfortable ride!

Great vehicle! My wife and I are extremely pleased. Jeep vehicles hold their value very well. For a v8 hemi, we get great mileage. It was unfortunate that around 85, 000 miles the water pump burst while we were driving causing the vehicle to become inoperable and the steering wheel to lock up. Other than that, great ride!

- Josh J

Works hard--stays comfortable!

I really enjoy this vehicle. It has the power and performance to pull a trailer effortlessly yet it drives like a car with a great turning radius. So it works like a truck but handles like a car. This vehicle has great comfort features also. Features like a back-up camera along with leather seats make it very comfortable.

- Ba U

First time jeep owner, will never switch

My Jeep is absolutely amazing. It is the first Jeep vehicle I have ever owned and I don't think I will ever buy from another brand. Besides standard maintains the only problems we have had have been from recalls, which Jeep promptly informed us of and corrected at no cost. For a 7 year old vehicle that is pretty amazing.

- Liz L

My 2011 jeep Cherokee has had to replace the transmission.

The 2011 jeep grand Cherokee has been a very good vehicle. Overall, it has been my most favorite vehicle in my life. The jeep brand is my number one favorite brand to purchase a vehicle. So far, my vehicle has transmission repair work and one round of tires change, with the next round of four new tires soon this year.

- Sean P

I love the auto lights, the push to start and the power seats.

I haven't had any issues with it except for a couple of recalls which the dealer took care of. I love everything about my jeep. I have 103,000 miles on it and it runs like it is brand new. The only complaints I do have is that the console vinyl has cracked and I do not like that it does not have phone connectivity.

- Susan E

Perfect compact SUV for the family.

Love my vehicle, it's a perfect 4 person card little cramped if you have 5, it tows nice, and love that I can lay seats down and fit quite a bit of stuff in the back. Love size for travel and handling. The back seats recline just a little bit which my kids like. Love the heated seats, back up camera and gadgets.

- Amanda M

Just want to fix those blind spots and mainly the Bluetooth.

There are a few blind spots, the automatic save seat position switches a lot, the Bluetooth sometimes does not work. The gas gage is not great. I love the press to start, love the heated steering wheel, seats are very comfortable, love that the back seats also can be heated and that there are available outlets.

- Chloe L

Heating and air condition problems.

The heating and air conditioning has gone out 4 times since I have purchased this vehicle! Every time I get it fixed it will stop working again. It should have been recalled because I have heard this is a problem... Other than that it has been a very good vehicle, I have not had any issues with it otherwise.

- Kevin C

Jeep grand Cherokee: excellent midsize SUV.

Great reliability. Drives very smoothly for a large SUV. Great comfort area for 3 adults in back. Can easily transport large items with the seats folded down flat in the back. 4x4 is helpful during the winter times. Only disadvantaged is moderate gas mileage and bucket seats could be slightly better padded.

- Erica C

Jeep grand Cherokee: amazing!

Best car I have ever purchased. I bought my Jeep pre-owned, and I have had it for several years now and I have never had to take it to the shop for any reason. It is a beautiful color blue, and has black interior. I would have gotten the limited package, but I didn't want to have a higher monthly payment.

- Kaitlyn B

Driver's seat is super comfortable.

Runs through battery life but no other problems. I love it. Great size seats 5. Classic nice look. Runs great. Has awesome look and feel. Very reliable. Low maintenance costs. Full size spare tire. Good size cargo space. Most comfortable driver's seat ever with adjustable lumbar and other features.

- Jay S

Jeep compass is a perfect family car. Great starter car for a family.

Performance is great. Car sat in storage for 2 years while owner traveled, started once in a awhile. Car drives smooth, love the automatic car starter for cold winter days. Also came with engine block that is never used. Lacks power though, great family car. Good gas mileage both city and highway.

- Holly P

Breathtaking, dependable vehicle!

This Jeep is loaded with amazing features! Uconnect system, leather seats, heated steering wheel, heated seats, and navigation! Not to mention great gas mileage! This Jeep gets around 17-20 mph on the highway. This is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned! I would purchase it again in a heartbeat!

- Brandy B

Wouldn't buy another Jeep.

Heated seats do not stay on, the heat/ac makes noises and gets louder the higher the fan goes, lights constantly go out seats are not very comfortable, and sometimes vehicle will not start, and you cannot stop it from announcing who is calling even when you hit the button to answer it continues.

- Brandy H

The jeep I own is reliable and looks good too.

My vehicle has custom made leather seats (black & brown). The seats are also heated and have ac fans. There is plenty of room and it is extremely comfortable for long trips. Currently, it needs new shocks and new windshield wipers. It could also use a new set of tires. Otherwise it is great!

- Sara M

Retained value, safety, and reliability. What more to ask of a daily driver.

The jeep grand Cherokee rides like a truck with the comfort of a car. The safety features integrated by jeep have proven themselves as functional in one accident had. The jeep also retains resale value better than some other vehicles and has been reliable mechanically which is always a plus.

- James G

Great trunk space, sleek design, and long term quality.

I love my car for the most part, it is a bit of an older car so it does not have all of the latest features - it came with a CD player lol. . But overall seats are great for long and short trips, great trunk space and very roomy back seat. . . I like the space in the center console as well.

- Marli E

2011 white Jeep grand Cherokee.

Small backseat, I like that the back seat can recline. I like that the front seat driver side can be adjusted many different ways. I like to sit high and I have that ability. It has a big trunk space. I haven't had any issues with the Jeep besides recalls and the dealership corrected these.

- Alyssa W

My vehicle runs great, has tons of cool features, and has beautiful interior.

My car has been absolutely amazing except for the fact that the ac has stopped working properly and I constantly have messages saying I need more windshield wiper fluid even when I don't. Other then that the car is wonderful! I also wish I got better gas mileage but it's not awful either.

- Mary W

Once a jeep owner, always a jeep owner.

Really comfortable, reliable SUV. Has extra comforts like heated and ac seat which re my favorite feature! Feels like a luxury car without the luxury car price. Have had no engine or transmission issues. . The last three cars I have had are jeeps and I wouldn't want anything else.

- Amanda G

Very interested yes I like it so much and everything is right.

Is awesome, incredible, comfortable, nice. I like to have it in my house. I had to use for many things like drop off my kids in school, buy groceries, travel trip. Is very economic, not much gas, very good smell, color and others things. I really like it and I am happy with my car.

- Louisa T

It has tons of room inside, both legroom and cargo space.

I like that it is a true SUV and does not look like a crossover. I also like that it is all wheel drive and sits up higher off the ground. The radio controls on the steering wheel are also great! I do not like the large blind spots created by the wide frame around the rear window.

- Jennifer R

Jeep grand Cherokee overland 4x4.

I have never had any issues that weren't repairable by myself at home. Very dependable vehicle. Does everything I need it to and more. Maintaining the vehicle is easy. Accommodates all my needs i.e. family, sporting events, and hunting. I love it! Would definitely buy another one.

- Brent T

Very reliable vehicle Rarely has it given me problems outside of the starter.

I bought it used with 11,000 miles on it and it has lasted past 133,000 miles on it. The only problem i have ever had it is that the starter went on me for 4 years in a row but has worked now for the past 4 years. It has been very dependable with very few problems over the years.

- Joshua W

Wow yourself with the jeep grand Cherokee.

I really enjoy the flexibility of the grand Cherokee because it gets great gas mileage and can off-road. It also has a lift package which makes it great for camping and towing. It is sleek and also has a ton of room inside. The ceiling height is grey for tall passengers as well.

- Laura S

Great car with some issues.

I have recently had issues with this car. We have had to have it towed 3 times in the past weeks, as it keeps dying. Worked great for 7 years, and there were only about 50, 000 miles on it. Other than these issues, it has been a great car. Very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Kathryn B

The vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. Great for longer road trips.

I have had minimal issues with my Jeep. However, from past experience, it seems that when things go wrong it is typically big and a lot at once. I probably would not have chosen this car on my own. I have also received a lot of factory recalls which can just kind of be a pain.

- Liz F

2011 Jeep grand Cherokee.

Rides smoothly. Great sound system. Love the look and body style. The back up camera is the best. I love the sunroof. The seat heat and remote start is super nice. It is not very fast and does not get great gas mileage. Very comfortable and roomy. Has lots of room for storage.

- Liv S

Perfect size for a small family or individual.

Very roomy, great for a small family. . Very durable as long as you maintain it. . Not too big or small, it is literally the perfect size. . Great for long distance and short distances. . Not too bad on gas. . Make sure to ask for upgrades such as USB charge and touch screen.

- Marli S

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee, I haven't had any problems with it at all. Had a few manufactures recalls on it that were fixed quickly by my local Jeep dealer. The fit and finish is great. It is been a great vehicle and I will own and drive a Jeep the rest of my life.

- Bobbi M

Why Jeeps are not for me!

The vehicle does not drive as good as I thought it would. Seems to be cheaply made for the money. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. I will never purchase another Jeep for my family or I. Drinks a lot of gas and noticed several computer issues. Not for me!

- Blaine H

Love the backup camera heated seats and mirrors.

My Jeep has been very dependable. The only problems I have had is the actuators on driver and passenger sides quit working and the gas cap light stays on saying the cap is faulty but I have replaced it with a genuine Mopar cap. I have had to take it in for recalls.

- Shannon H

Jeep grand Cherokee overland summit package.

Some reliability issues, nothing major. I feel like small things are always breaking. Little fasteners in the interior and daytime running lights and things like that. Overall it is a great car and I love the power and the ride. Very comfortable and looks sharp.

- Kayla M

Black Jeep grand Cherokee 2011.

I love it but it is not big enough if you have more than one kid. I have three and it's a very tight fit. Rear facing kids will be sitting weird. But I love how smooth it rides and its does not use a lot of gas. It's a really nice car just not for a big family.

- Tawnie H

It is a very safe vehicle.

The vehicle has a very smooth ride also good gas mileage on the inside has wood grain all around it. Plus the color is gorgeous. Its mint green with all silver door handles' also goes up and down based on how fast u are driving. I love everything about it.

- Nancy W

Reliable and good looking.

The car is very nice looking. I have had the vehicle for 4 years now and so far I have not had any mechanical issues. It's a very safe vehicle. I like how smooth the ride is. Gas mileage isn't great but it is a large SUV. I get compliments on how it looks.

- Joseph B

Reliable, comfortable and problem free.

Jeep is comfortable and back seat is big enough for my father with ran to get into and out of it. I have not had any problems with performance or reliability. It has a remote starter and heated seats for winter. I wish it had the cooled seats for summer.

- Kathryn M

It is spacious and has great features. Drives amazing in snow.

I love the car. It has a good engine and really nice features. I love the leather seats, and the heated steering wheel really helps in cold winters. The trunk is another great asset. I can fit a lot of groceries inside. The back seat is spacious as well.

- Rebecca B

It is a 4x4 family car, which is amazing!

I love the interior and how smooth it drives. I adore that it is a 4x4 and I do not have to worry about weather or getting stuck anywhere. I do not like how many miles it has on it, but that is just because we love it so much that we take it everywhere.

- Jamie P

Safe and sturdy, with a smooth ride feel.

I like the feeling of it being safe, especially in bad weather. It has a sturdy feel yet easy to control. No issues and I bought it in 2011. I have 2 kids, and the interior space is sufficient along with trunk size. Pretty good on gas mileage.

- Brian H

It might cost a little more than some but it is a very well made vehicle.

I absolutely LOVE my vehicle! It is pretty good on gas. It is always in 4 wheel drive so there is no turning it on and off. It seems like a very well made vehicle. It is very nice inside and out. I don't really have any complaints with it.

- Denise G

Jeep grand Cherokee 2011. 4 wheel drive

This Jeep is great in all weather, I've had it for 5 years and I haven't had any issues with it. The gas is as expected for a suv but not horrible. I wish it was a seven seater because with two car seats there isn't much room in the back.

- Jennifer C

Reliable daily driver. Performs in the elements.

Has not left me on the side of the road once. Love the sun/ moonroof. Have not needs the manual shift option but it is nice to know it is there if the weather does turn nasty. Have not had any issues with performance in the elements.

- Todd S

The back up camera is fantastic. The vehicle is not crowded and has hands free ability

I have been overall happy with my jeep purchase and it has been a good vehicle. as far as maintenance it has just been routine. Gas mileage average for an SUV. The only disappointment there is some rust on the hood of the vehicle.

- Tina S

Black 2011 jeep grand cherokee laredo

The jeep has been really reliable, and we love it. The only problems it has had is with the electrical. The lights inside the car flash on and off when we open the doors, and the radio is being weird. Does Not work occasionally.

- Crystyl S

Not what it's cracked up to be

Its comfortable riding in the front, but you feel every bump in the back. Driving is extremely sensitive which can make the ride quite jerky, not good for someone who gets carsick easily. Not as much storage as you would think

- Michelle H

Do not get all the bells and whistles if you do not how to use them

The 4x4 handling, but hate the gas mileage. Love the armor tank feel and that if in a wreck I would not get hurt much. Maintenance is expensive and if you do not watch out the dealer will rip you off with unnecessary repairs

- Joseph V

it's comfortable and stylish. I like how it really "goes". There's good pick up.

I like the body and how Jeep doesn't change it's bodies much. That way you can't tell its 7 years old, because it still looks like new. I like the gas mileage. So far no complaints - I just got the car about 8 months ago.

- Amy K

It is extremely reliable, and is great with kids. We have plenty of room for our 2 kids and 2 dogs and make family trips all the time.

It is a luxury SUV that is extremely reliable, but can also haul things. We are able to use it as a truck (with a trailer), and the family car. My biggest dislike is that it doesn't come in the option to have a 3rd row.

- Ashely B

Very dependable and handles well in snow.

Runs, sounds and looks great! I have not had any problems other than the drivers side seat is cracking on the outer edge. Also, sometimes the gauge will show low tires which will cause the auto start to not work.

- Lisa H

It is a reliable vehicle.

It is an overland summit edition. The leather interior is dark brown and tan. We love the amount of passenger space in the back and the trunk/hutch space in the back. It's been a reliable vehicle for us.

- Colleen X

Absolutely the best vehicle I've owned

I have the grand cherokee limited so I get all the luxuries! Heated steering, cooling or heated seating, large sunroof, built in navigation, bluetooth enabled, and a hemi engine so I can go Zoom zoom.

- Christina R

Purchase the extended warranty. It has been used several times and the rear suspension had to be replaced, in under 60k miles

I love the features that the vehicle has for the price, such as a heated steering wheel, air cooled seats etc. I don't like that it creaks and squeaks. The radiator has had to be replaced already.

- Angela V

My Jeep is an automatic-selection of 2/4 wheel drive, suitable for fairly rough mountain roads and trails.With comfort!

My Jeep Grand Cherokee is very reliable, reasonable gas mileage, and capable of performance and control on all types of roads, from pavement to gravel/mud, such as mining roads in the mountains!

- Neil G

My Jeep Grand Cherokee is white with tan leather interior. One of my favorite features is the seat warmers.

I love my Jeep. It is gas efficient but also provides a lot of storage. Maintenance has been easy and inexpensive. The interior feels nicer than that of comparable vehicles such as the 4runner

- Brooke M

I love that my Jeep drives smoothly and has required almost no maintenance in the 7.5 years that I've had it. The exterior is still modern; most people don't guess that it is as old as it is. The interior is comfortable and luxurious with every feature I could want - and more that are nice bonuses. My only semi-complaint is that the back seat is a little cramped for adults.

My Jeep has excellent 4x4 and off-road capabilities, while also driving like a luxury vehicle. It has required minimal maintenance, even with heavy usage (about 150k miles in 7.5 years).

- Cassie C

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

I drive a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the Luxury Group II package. I have never driven a more comfortable and genuinely nice SUV. Our family loves taking extended trips in it.

- Cassandra W

The vehicle my daughter picked for me, because she knew she would get it next.

Being a mother of 2 travel soccer players we spend many hours in my jeep. Gas mileage is better than expected. Comfort and safety were the main two reasons we purchased this vehicle.

- Amanda T

Always wear seatbelts because I don't like hearing the singing sound it makes when you don't wear it. Also it's safer anyway

My car is amazing, it tells me what's wrong with it with a little message. It drives real smooth. It fits my family size perfectly and has enough space for a stroller and child's bike.

- Valerie M

There are constant computer malfunctions and error codes.

I like the appearance and design of the vehicle. I do not like the way the vehicle runs, leakage from windows, computer malfunctions. I also am nervous about current safety ratings.

- Heather G

That it rides like a dream, hardly feel the road underneath you.

We just upgraded from a 2007 Jeep and will always buy a Jeep! They are wonderful for our Minnesota winters and have great gas mileage. Always a classy and dependable vehicle.

- Christine B

It's got everything you need for comfortable road trips

I love all the extras that come with the car. I love that I can turn a dial to change from sport mode to sand or snow. I like the fact that the back seats are heated as well.

- Trisha M

It's a very nice, affordable, and comfortable car.

Plenty of room for up to 5 passengers. Very comfortable for road trips. Features like rear view camera, reclining back seats and sunroof make for a nice family car.

- Seida G

That it's awesome, it's tough, and has 4-wheel drive.

I like that it's not too big, but big enough. It's got 4-wheel drive, so it can get through anything. I never have any problems with it, it's been a great vehicle.

- Robert M

It is a durable vehicle that you can take anywhere. It is also comfortable for our family. It's a great multi-function car.

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love the leather interior and the built in navigation. It is a smooth and comfortable ride but has enough power to pull my boat.

- Cassandra I

It has a very comfortable interior and the entertainment setup is great.

I like the size of it and having room to load my kid's stroller as well as groceries. I hate the gas mileage. Also not great backseat when it comes to car seats.

- Lauran C

It's a great car. Very dependable and the only upkeep I need to do is the routine care. With my previous car there were far too many issues that needed attention, not with my Jeep.

I love my Jeep. The only complaint I have about it is the UConnect. It has difficulties with trying to use the phone and iPod. I would prefer Apple CarPlay.

- Lori M

2011 Jeep grand Cherokee - great ride very dependable.

My 2011 grand Cherokee has been great. No real problems with it in the 8 years that I have had it besides replacing the battery twice - which is expensive.

- Lori L

It's built to withstand the times, and it's built to love.

I love that it drives so smooth. It's a safe family vehicle. I love that it has some of the newest technology- the awesome backup screen being my favorite!

- Abby B

That it is a roomy, comfortable,safe vehicle to have.

I like that it is roomy enough for two car seats. I like that it has storage space in the trunk. I like the back up camera. No complaints, I love my jeep.

- Jami H

How much room is available.It is also very comfortable both in the city and on road trips.

It has lots of room and is very comfortable. The gas mileage is good. At the moment there is a problem with the back door but it will be repaired soon,

- Melva E

Its versatile - elegant interior with a lot of high end functions included.

Everything except the high front end on the car which blocks my view. Love the interior and the comfort and the amenities the Jeep model I have offers.

- Suzi C

It is a cool vehicle with a powerful engine and great features.

It has plenty of power for a compact SUV. It has some very nice interior features and a comfortable atmosphere. It also looks sleek and stylish.

- Zane O

It is silver with a gold trim. 16 inch wheels, 6 cy, tan interior with a lot of awesome gadgets inside.

It is a very smooth driving vehicle with a lot of leg and storage room. The only problem I ever have with it is keeping brake pads from going bad.

- Jason B

Jeeps are really durable and hold up to pretty much anything. The cars last long as long as you take care of them

I like the durability of the vehicle and that I can drive it pretty much anywhere. I dislike that I get low gas mileage while driving in the city

- Jennifer S

It's American made and of very high quality.

I like sitting up higher than other vehicles. I also like all of the storage space in the back. I wish there was a third row of seating, however.

- Janine W

It was my dads car before it was mine.

It is been a long lasting SUV without any problems and I just love driving a jeep.... I dislike that it is so old now and has a lot of mileage..

- Kari M

It will get you from point a to point b.

The glue was faulty and the covering on the dashboard is coming off. I have attempted to have jeep fix it but they claim they are not at fault.

- Julia J

Great gas mileage. Great ride.

I absolutely love my 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo! I have not had any problems with this car. All I've had to do is get routine maintenance done.

- Mitzi H

It offers great size, comfortable handling and smooth ride. I feel safe driving it. Gas mileage is to be expected for a large SUV.

I love the body style and size of the car. Comfortable drive and can trust in bad weather. I don't love the gas mileage and the monthly payment

- Lauren K

I feel it is safe with all the features and since you are so high up you see all and the back up camera is so important. Can not live without a backup camera!

I love sitting high up since I'm only 5'2". It pulls our trailer with ease. The inside is wonderful with heated and cooling seats. Love it!

- Marilyn D

I Drive a White Grand Jeep Cherokee.

It is 4X2, Very spacious and comfortable for road trips.It Is very smooth to drive. Love My Jeep. I would recommend this car to everyone .

- Lizet F

It still has low mileage. I don't drive great distances very often.

I like the size, the quietness, smooth ride, easy visibility, and low maint. cost. I also like the color. Seems to be easy on tire wear.

- Carl W

It is not cheap but it holds its value.

Built like a tank, drives like a Cadillac and as comfortable as a living room set on the inside. Great features and I absolutely love it.

- Scott F

It is a great multi purpose vehicle.

Like that it is an SUV and drives like a car. Like the size and height. Like the gas mileage.. Dislike that it has too many blind spots..

- Barb U

I'm ready to trade it in, but I'm afraid i may owe too much on it.

Dislike mileage per gallon of gas. Like size and relative comfort. Dislike absence of back up camera. Dislike cost of dealership repairs.

- Doris R

It is easy to drive; driver can see well; it has power!

I like the size. I like the engine. (V8 hemi) Mileage is not the best but I do not drive a lot. I like everything about my Jeep GC!

- Larry R

Great suv. Get the hemi, not the air suspension!

Love the style, power and comfort. Don't like the reliability of the air suspension which is really the only major issue we've had

- Matthew H

It is a Jeep and reliable

I like the gas mileage I get even in town. The sun/moon roof opens past the back passengers. It rides and turns really smoothly.

- Nancy T

I do not like people touching my Jeep. I payed for it so keep your hands off!

I like the smooth ride and the size. I like the mileage and the 4by4. I have no complaints with my Jeep! I bought what I wanted!

- Lisa M

it's so comfortable! it's even comfortable for 5 people on a road trip

I love the look and everything about it overall (enough room, comfy ride), but sometimes it's mechanically not good or reliable

- dainna g

Comfortable - stylish - safe.

Love my vehicle. The only dislike is I like to put my vehicle into 4 wheel drive on my own. My vehicle is auto 4 wheel drive.

- Cindy B

It is not cheap to drive.

Always gets me to where I want to go. But when it does break it cost a fortune to fix. I wish it had true four-wheel-drive.

- Laura W

Reliable and can depend on it.

A very comfortable ride. A good reliable SUV. Good dependable performance. Good gas mileage for an SUV. Good storage space.

- Anne M

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It has well over 100,000 miles.

I like all of its features and that it is an off road vehicle but is also luxurious. It is roomy and is really good on gas.

- Erin S

The steering is right on allowing for tight turns especially illustration useful when parking g

Best maneuverability. Can park it anywhere easily. Like being up high especially on highways. My dogs can fit easily.

- Christine F

It is very powerful and Trail Rated. It will drive over almost anything!

It is sleek and rugged at the same time. It is very versatile and roomy. Packs plenty of power. A good overall vehicle!

- Eric B

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Utility

I love the jeep because it is reliable. It has great features that make the suv very comfortable. It's fun to drive

- Meg H

I have had it 7 years with very few mainlanders issues

I am tall. I love the amount of legroom for the driver. The gas mileage is good for a V6. I think it looks sporty

- Karyn J

That it is a wonderful car to have.

What I like about my car is the 4x4, sunroof, leather seats. My car drive really smooth it also great in the sand.

- Liz C

It is all terrain option makes for safe driving.

I like how it rides. I like that it has heated and cooled seats. I like that it has a movie screen. No complaints.

- Beth Z

It is very luxury. You can be comfy while actually going off-road.

I love how you can go anywhere with this vehicle. Whether you want to travel on a family vacation or go off road.

- Tyler S

It's a white grand cherokee, good on gas and reliable.

I love my jeep grand cherokee. I have never had any problems with it. I feel safe in it with my children, great.

- Amanda H

Nothing specific. It's a good car and reliable.

I like that my Jeep is space, is reliable, and does not waste gas quickly. I really do not have any complaints.

- Christy L

Long lasting as long as you continue maintenance.

I just got it 3 days ago, so far love everything about it. It is much better than my old falling apart vehicle.

- Kim A

The overall safety of the vehicle.

I like the comfortability. I like the off-road capability and all the options it has. I like the gas mileage.

- Ken G

I like the way the seats fold flat in the back.

It is a great size car for trips, can hold a lot in back end and very comfortable. It is a great car in snow.

- Nancy C

Grand things about my grand Cherokee

Reliable, beautiful leather interior, hemi engine is awesome, the 5 speakers stereo is nice. Good gas mileage

- Jim A

It is like driving a computer on wheels.

Like: leather, auto wipers, extended sunroof. Dislike: very limited space in front for cups and other items.

- Heidi W

It's relatively fuel efficient despite the V8 hemi engine.

I love the power of it, the added features it includes, the aesthetics of it, and how great it is to drive.

- Marie R

My vote is on a jeep grand cherokee

My vehicle is awesome. Knock on wood no problems. Has been the most reliable vehicle yet. I love my jeep!

- Amber M

It us reliable, cost effective.

I love the way my jeep looks. It gets me where I need to go. It is reliable. My jeep is a pretty color.

- Hailed M

Don't buy the lifetime warranty

The dashboard cover on my Jeep came unglued due to poor craftsmanship and Jeep would not fix it.

- Richard K

It is very reliable and dependable and will last a long time.

It had 230000 miles! and still going strong, I wish there was more room in the cabin

- Amy R

my jeep is like an extension of myself. when i think of jeeps i think of fun loving and thats me

loved my jeep. had it for a few years but sometimes seems small only fits 4 people

- Helen K

It's safe and a great size SUV. It's comfortable and drives good.

I love the size of my car and how it drives smoothly. I dislike the turn radius

- Nicole D

it is a versatile, fun to drive vehicle.

i like the size and styling of the vehicle. i do not like the gas mileage.

- susan B

I love my car. Dependable, reliable, stylish, roomy. I do not have anything to say negatively about it

It is made by a great manufacturing company that has done well for years

- Courtney J

When riding in this car you feel safe and secure inside.

It is an SUV. I feel safe. It drives well. Had a jeep in the past.

- Sharon K

I usually keep a vehicle 3 years or less. I have had this Jeep for 7 years. it is very reliable, very comfortable and very stylish. it carries all my junk and has enough tech to be useful. feels safe.

it has been very reliable for 7 years and still looks stylish

- marie s

That it is a great car, Just not updated to today's technology

It's not updated. A Lot of miles, Would like a newer one.

- michelle c

Fun to drive. Has lots of room for groceries, passengers, pets.

All wheel drive is great, it gets me anywhere I need to go.

- Jane M

Bad gas but its runs very good,mine have sunroof that's really cool.

It's just awesome pretty nice car and its four wheel drive

- Retno G

Good quality value. It is a great looking vehicle .

I like how it looks how it drives and how it is reliable

- Duke H

It's nice to drive and is comfortable on long journeys

I like the shape but I don't like how much gas it uses

- Emily B

It does well off roading, and is all time four wheel drive.

I love my jeep, it is reliable. I have no complaints.

- Samantha Y

I love the car. It sits at the perfect height. I bought it used and the. Check engine light is on and the air and heat don't always work.

That it is very comfortable and over all a great car.

- Danielle M

It's perfect for all kinds of weather

it is reliable and well made and i am happy with it

- darryl W

drives great in the winter will never get stuck on the roads. very roomy and have lots of cargo space

love everything about my car no complaints at all

- Marcus H