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Jeep grand Cherokee black out package.

I do not have any problems with the car. I wish it had a sunroof and had the turn knob for gear shift. Which would be a limited but I wanted to keep my car payments lower and couldn't afford the limited. However I do have the upgrade package with the black out wheels that look great with the color burgundy that I got. And I get a lot of comments on it. I like my back up camera it is really clear and the sight lines move with the direction of the steering wheel. My husband said it stopped on it is own when he got too close to a pole for safety. I like the back hatch, I have a button by the rear view mirror and also is easy open from the outside and easy close button when done. It also has the auto shut off when at traffic lights but I do not like the hesitation nor do I like when it turns off and right away I need to go. Thankfully that option can be turned off it really bothers you.

- Kathy L

2016 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

Love my jeep grand Cherokee Laredo! It was the first car I looked at while looking for a car. When I test drove it I knew it was the car for me! It gave me a sense of comfort for my family and I. Great mileage, smooth ride, nice interior and spacious. The back seats even recline a bit so your not sitting straight up. They also go down so if you need to transport something big, making a big purchase or even moving you can put a lot of stuff in the car. As for reliability I haven't had any problems with it and I've had it for about 2 years now. Maintenance on it is not pricey at all! Overall it's a great car for a single person who likes a spacious SUV and it's perfect for a family of 4-5.

- Vanessa B

Jeep grand Cherokee is a safe dependable car!

I have a Jeep grand Cherokee and I love it, very reliable and I have never had an issue. I live in a state where it snows and this past snow storm I was able to get to and from work which was a longer commute than normal with no problems at all. I watched many people skid and lose control of their cars to the point where they had to park on the side of highways and I was just going around them. I felt very safe and I was pregnant and the time so that says a lot. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who lives in a snowy state you will love the comfort ability of this car. Even my sister in law had to trade in her car for a Jeep once she moved.

- Katrina L

Love the overall, not happy with quality of speakers and paint job.

Beautiful 2016 Jeep grand Cherokee 75th anniversary limited edition. Sporty on the outside and luxurious on the inside! I love everything about it, except the speakers and the quality of the exterior paint. One speaker started rattling almost immediately, and there was a chip of paint off the side of a door. I took it to the dealership and they were supposedly ordering another speaker, which I have never received. I was told that the paint chip was not covered by the bumper to bumper. Those two issues aggravate me, but I still love my Jeep. Best driving, most comfortable, great looking vehicle I have ever owned.

- Cindy W

Jeep gc limited is luxury for your daily life and the business class.

The Jeep is very comfortable to drive daily and on long trips. The leather interior feels nice and the heated seats throughout the vehicle (yes! driver, passenger and back seats all have heated seats). I use them after a long day at work to help my back pain. The Jeep has great amenities like Wi-Fi hotspot, Sirius XM with travel link, Uconnect, Bluetooth and 12v charging ports (you can charge a netbook or tablet). The Jeep really feels like it was made for business trips with all the connectivity it has available. It rides smooth and is fun to drive.

- Jess R

Kid-friendly. Great for road trips. Spacious, comfortable, stylish.

I absolutely love my Jeep. Smooth ride. Push to start feature and keyless entry are so convenient. The ability to override automatic engine stop is also nice. One downside is automatic 4WD. Living in a climate with frequent ice/snowfall, I would like to be able to control the 4WD feature. Another downside is the manual transmission turn on is on the steering wheel and can easily be turned on by accident, which could lead to permanent damage to the vehicle. Very sleek looking vehicle and very spacious! Climate control feature is also splendid!

- Mary H

Great mid-size suv with good gas mileage.

The size of the Grand Cherokee is perfect. I love the large trunk space and the fact that it sits high off the ground (at least to me). It gets great gas mileage and we've taken it on several road trips with no issues. The only thing that really bothers me is the automatic energy saving mode. It sounds like the car shuts off when it idles. It automatically restarts but it's very annoying. There is a button to disable it but the button has to be pressed each time you start up the vehicle. I'd never buy another vehicle with this option.

- Jennifer B

Extreme comfort while still rugged.

Extremely comfortable and drives smoothly. The car regularly does city, highway and bumpy country roads. I have driven the car in all types of weather and various road surfaces and it handles beautifully. We recently took the car on a 1000 mile road trip and did not experience any stiff or sore muscles during any part of that long drive. The basic sound system is mediocre and the upgrade is a must. The automatic trunk door is great, especially for someone who is on the shorter side.

- Michelle B

Heated seats and steering wheel. Leather seats. Back up camera.

I love our jeep grand Cherokee. Has leather heated seats and heated steering wheel which are nice on cold days. The front seats move by electric buttons on the sides of seats. Has a backup camera to see behind our vehicle when backing out. This is a nice future. Jeep grand Cherokee is a so easy to get around in snow. There is plenty of room inside for big items purchased. Back seats lay down flat for more storage room. We have really enjoyed our jeep grand Cherokee.

- Jeanette W

Great purchase of a Jeep grand Cherokee, the 75th special edition! Very reliable.

My Jeep grand Cherokee was the best purchase of a SUV I could have gotten. The seats and the drive are super comfortable. Very easy to handle and smooth on most roads. I haven't taken it “off-roading” but I am sure it would do well over larger rocks and dirt. I feel that Jeeps are a very reliable SUV. They have been around for years and very easily maintained as well as comfort and safety features are there for one's ease of mind.

- Caitlin B

Could be happier with my Jeep grand Cherokee!

We bought a four wheel drive grand Cherokee and could not be happier. It is a very reliable car, and there is so much space inside so very comfortable for long trips which we always do. We also love the gray features such as rear, front and side sensors so it alerts you when you cars are close at certain distance. This car is very solid and has very good safety features. We never have any problems since we bought from two years ago.

- Bing C

My 2016 Jeep grand Cherokee.

I love our Jeep grand Cherokee! Very smooth ride, long distance trips are done in comfort. The cruise control is a very welcomed feature. Rear view camera is also very helpful for reversing and mostly for safety. I have not found a blind spot in this vehicle. It has a very open concept. Great sound system. And very comfortable seats with lumbar support. This is a wonderful vehicle for a couple or a new family.

- Kelly G

Comfortable and convenient grand Cherokee.

My car is very comfortable and has many nice conveniences. I love the heated steering wheel, seats and side mirrors. It had an easy to use Bluetooth connection so I can easily sync my phone to make calls or listen to music/podcasts. It is roomy and fits car seats and kids well. There is not enough space in the back to fit a lot of stuff. I like sitting up higher for a better vantage point while driving.

- Stephanie G

The feature is good, sound stereo, good interior, the gauge is pretty nice,

The comfort of this vehicle is excellent, the most problem is all the record we receive from this brand, also I see the consumption is to high and some quality piece la fender and bumper is to fragile, the visibility of the front is not good, also the stability I notice some inconsistency, but with the rest is good SUV, but the price this cost we can get a better SUV like similar this.

- Jose E

Great vehicle, a lot of fun to drive.

The vehicle is all around a lot of fun to drive and very comfortable. I did have a problem with the vehicle early on with the electrical, but the dealer was able to fix it (it took two days) and I have not had a problem since. The problem affected one of the turn signals and some lights on the dashboard. Other than that, I have no regrets about the vehicle. I like it a lot.

- Jeremy P

Great but some issues mainly with the back opening.

I absolutely enjoy my vehicle but have had to take it to get serviced at the dealer for some issues. I have mainly problems with the back opening and it is inconvenient considering I need to store stuff often such as groceries and pet supplies. Performance is great though keeps me warm in winter and cool in summer with air conditioning. Great speed and very reliable.

- Tiffany C

Do not weep and get your grand Cherokee Jeep .

The vehicle is very spacious. The trunk has good space to fit large things. The heated seats makes it more enjoyable and I love how big the radio system is. The radio comes with Sirius XM and comes with camera to see the area behind you which I love. Reclining seats is nice feature, very comfortable to lay back and rest. Tinted windows and big tires.

- Cassy A

The Sleek and affordable Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very reliable car. It drives very smoothly and accelerates with ease. I enjoy the quiet nature of it when other vehicles are loud and obnoxious when driving down a highway. I have not had any maintenance or reliability issues with it to date. The sleek interior is appealing, as well as the keyless start button.

- Zachary B

It is a great car in the snow. It keeps me and my family safe when we travel.

My car is like family. It get me back and forth to work. I like the brand because it is a good truck. I would not trade it for nothing. It is very good in the winter and I have a lot of good fun in the Summer when I take road trips. The price of the truck is a good deal for what it can do. I hope others can get the same car to have fun like I do.

- Mike R

Love my storm trooper! It keeps me moving.

I still enjoy driving my car. When I walk up to it I think it is a pretty car. Star wars was out and my family said that it looks like a stormtrooper. It is a 4 wheel drive so I can drive it on the beach. When we get snow, and we do get snow, I know that I can get into my car and it will move. Yes it is a fun reliable vehicle.

- Janet P

My vehicle has awesome features, such as, back up camera, and navigation system.

I love my vehicle because it has all wheel drive feature. My vehicle drives well in the snow. Great fuel efficiency. I also enjoy various features such as, back up camera, navigation system, and side alerts. I do not plan to purchase another vehicle anytime soon. My vehicle requires low maintenance, which is difficult to find.

- Angelica B

Jeep grand Cherokee - great family vehicle.

My grand Cherokee is a great family vehicle that offers great cargo space and has a spacious backseat. It is a comfortable vehicle for long trips as well. It is a great vehicle for my two girls. I love the touchscreen dashboard and the app features that are offered. I also enjoy the XM radio as well as the Wi-Fi capability.

- Heather C

Jeep grand Cherokee is a great, reliable car!

It is never needed any work aside from an oil change, and the need to put air in the tires this past year. I do, however, live in NYC. I only drive my car on weekends or for special trips, so that might be why. We are likely going to hit 10, 000 miles in the new year, which is not a lot for having a car for almost 3 years.

- J S

The interior is not only luxury-feeling, but withstands abrasions that would scrape up the interior of lesser vehicles. Car seat installation is also a breeze, even for 3-across.

I love the luxury vehicle feel that I get when I'm in it. This is my second Grand Cherokee and it feels like a Mercedes. The only thing I don't like about it is the lumbar setting changes at random sometimes. Everything else is perfect. I'd love a 3 row option for when my family grows. Right now we have plenty of room.

- Sheena H

Up to this point it makes me feel safe and that my Jeep is reliable.

I love the style of my vehicle. It is also great on fuel. I like the rear window wiper. My vehicle makes me feel like my family is safe and comfortable on the road. The rear camera is already having issues but, I plan to have it looked a very soon while my car is under warranty. I also love the 100, 000 mile warranty.

- Kenyon W

Great vehicle for a family.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee for the size, push start accessibility, and the way it drives. This vehicle rides very smooth on the roads and is a great option for a growing family. I also love that I can start my car from inside my house to warm up or cool it down before I get myself and my toddler in to go somewhere.

- Blair W

Fits me perfectly, it drives great and it can use regular, . .

The Jeep handles very well. Easy to drive and park. Not too big or too small it is just right. Have not had any issues with this Jeep. My last vehicle was a Jeep also, drove it for about 15 years. The side mirrors seem. To be too large or maybe it's the placement of the mirrors, seem to obstruct my view at times.

- Brenda B

Great reliable car good for long trips!

Great reliable car, couldn’t be happier! Very good safety features and didn't have any problem since we bought it. The seats are very comfortable and has enough room inside. I love the rear and side sensors which makes you feel more confident reversing and changing lanes as you know you will not hit anything.

- Bing N

Bronze rims and grill inserts.

My grand Cherokee is the 75th anniversary package so it have bronze rims and accents which is the why I bought it. I had many features but a few things I wished it had was air conditioned seats, better headlights, and keyless entry. The ride is comparable to a more luxury vehicle without as steep of price.

- Julia O

It is reliable and nicer than many luxury vehicles.

I love my grand Cherokee. Compared to my husbands 4Runner it is backseat is much more roomy, does not drive like a truck as the 4Runner does and it is nicer on the inside than man luxury vehicles I have been in. Jeep does it right on the grand Cherokee. I think I'll be driving one for the rest of my life.

- Rachel K

Recent recall on my model. Stereo & WIFI issues. Mirrors do not tilt in reverse.

Comfortable driving with sensors to help getting into tight spots. Fast. Great features. Dislike the gear shift. It can easily slide into neutral without knowing. Can be dangerous when pulling out in front of another car. Breaking system has jerking i do not like. Makes car jump when almost at a stop.

- Chris C

The Jeep grand Cherokee has lots of room.

I am so happy with my Jeep grand Cherokee, the power, the look, the space inside and how it handles on the road. I feel safe driving in heavy traffic, the response time of the Jeep is fast and the maneuvering is top notch. Rain, snow or warm weather my Jeep is a safe and reliable vehicle to drive.

- Danny K

Jeeps may be a more money compared to other SUVs but are definitely worth it.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee. It is very reliable. I have had no issues and I feel very safe in it. We. Have the base model and it still has a backup cam which is great. I have only owned cars and didn't know how I felt about driving an SUV but I love it and do not see myself going back to a car.

- Nicole A

Jeep grand Cherokee review by a Jeep lover.

The Jeep is very spacious inside and the back. The technology in the car is high tech but easy to use. I haven't had any issues with the car. The car is very reliable and I love it so much. I take the car on long trips and it is amazing for the whole family. I highly recommend the Jeep to anyone.

- Brooke E

My vehicle is one of a kind. I love it because it mine.

I drives well, great shape. The features are okay, I love the night effects of the lights in the car. I have a special name for the car. It will let you know if your car is in need of a oil change or flat tire or the pressure is off in one of the tire. But all is well, does not burn out gas fast.

- Tina L

Best Jeep of all time you should by it.

None that I know of. The car runs great and wheels are solid. It has fresh gas mileage too. I always like the trim and GPS navigation. The sunroof is also good too. It has nice backseat and cord outlets. The rear view camera allows me to look behind while reversing without hitting things.

- Gabriel P

Jeep grand Cherokee love post.

The car is spacious and has great features! I love being able to use my phone hands free and not have to worry about being distracted. With the screen in the car, you can dim the lights and be able to see the road or turn it off completely. The car rides very smoothly and hugs the road.

- Brooke P

My jeep grand Cherokee 75th anniversary edition is very reliable.

3 out of 4 of the my last vehicles were jeeps. The only Toyota was because I did not like the style of the jeeps. I will continuously buy jeep grand Cherokees in the future. The grand Cherokee jeep has been very reliable and safe for my travels. The wrangler is also a nice looking jeep.

- Kris D

There is no other full size SUVs for me other and jeep grand Cherokee.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle as of now. This is my 3rd jeep grand Cherokee. I love the comfort, ride, interior space, outside look and style of jeep. It is heavy and I feel safe driving it. I test drove other SUVs and nothing else compares to a jeep grand Cherokee.

- Sherry Z

Love it. Great car would tell everyone how great it is.

Love it great ride. Will always drive a Jeep smooth riding. And looks good. Great motor. Pretty style and good gas mileage. No problems so far and don't expect any. Will get a four wheel drive soon. Hopefully they will look different. It's not big of a vehicle hood stereo system.

- Haley J

Just a little more comfort.

The seat belt cuts into my neck, the driver seat needs to go back a little more, it is too easy to set the emergency brakes it needs to be located somewhere else. Purses and the location where it is at (emergency brakes) are not friends. I wish that the seat would adjust higher.

- Jacqueline J

It handles great in the winter months.

I like that it sits up high so it gives me a great view of the road in front of me. I also like the sunroof that expands all the way to the back seats. What I don't like is the emergency break button is right next to the gear shift, which makes it very easy to hit by accident.

- michael B

My cat loves taking trips in my Jeep.

I have not experienced any problems. Mine is a 4x4, no problems. Great gas mileage. Has push button start. Just be careful with door locks, my cat jumped on door lock, keys in car. Got locked out. Great family vehicle especially if you live with snow or sand, 4x4 is great.

- Penny S

Great value for the vehicle you are getting. However it's not great on gas mileage

I like that it handles well in the snow and rain. I also like that it sits up high and gives me a good view of the road and my surroundings. The pickup is also good in my car. I dislike the trunk space in my car. I wish I had more space to be able to load and carry things

- Michael P

Reasons we will keep leasing the Jeep .

No problems rides well, quiet, like safety feature. Can see better because it is high, love back up camera, and GPS, color, side safety indicators and in roof. Will lease again. Roomy, has power, line the new the new technology, 4 wheel drive and comfortable bucket seats.

- Patricia P

Durable vehicles that basically take you safely to your destination.

Features are missing for the price value compared to vehicles in the same class. You can buy a cheaper brand car with more features. The auto start for example requires you to have a monthly subscription. Not in other vehicles of similar price point and model similarity.

- Ron A

Good automobile, good deal, all around.

Good gas mileage in town or the highway good visibility can see traffic without feeling top heavy. . Got a good purchase price. . A very reliable auto to own. . No problems with the car. Excellent service facilities at the dealership in my town. Feel very safe to drive.

- Stephen D

2016 Jeep grand Cherokee details.

I like my Jeep grand Cherokee. It gets decent gas mileage and rides smooth. It also has plenty of cup holders. One of the only things I dislike is it does not have enough back room space. There is not enough foot room to stretch. Also the head room could also be bigger.

- Lesley B

Overall great.

Not happy with the speakers, they rattle, which is really disappointing in this level package: 75th anniversary edition. The paint has chipped in a couple of places as well. Otherwise, a beautiful vehicle, sporty on the outside and lux on the inside. Drives great too.

- Cindy W

The heated steering wheel is priceless.

No issues. Great vehicle love the heated steering wheel... The 20 inch tires provide a smooth stable ride. The 8 speed transmission is seamless with lots of power. Gas mileage on the highway at 75 mph is around 23 mpg... The interior is spacious and very comfortable.

- David G

The bronze Accents for the 75th anniversary package is much of why I bought it.

I like the Accents on the vehicle. I wasn't overly fond of the tires that were initially put on it. I have not had any issues other than routine maintenance. I would like if it had keyless entry. Another feature I would enjoy is air conditioned seats for the summer.

- Julia J

4WD in this vehicle is bar-none!

I have found absolutely no issues with my vehicle. It is extremely good in the snow, sand and rain. I have never gotten stuck in mud. I drive 60 miles minimum per day so a lot of time is spent in my Jeep. I have absolutely no complaints with this vehicle.

- Kyle W

Roomy interior. Excessive body size exterior.

Comfortable seats. Adequate gas mileage. Difficult if any electronic issues as only dealer can fix. Have already had a recall. Roomy interior. Seems too big though for total body size for driving and parking. Like the picture and sound alerts re reverse.

- Jane A

A great grand Cherokee for all seasons.

No problems. Very reliable. Great gas mileage. Comfortable on long trips. Few repairs have been easy to do. Outstanding features. Love cranking it from inside house when weather is freezing. Great seat warmers and steering wheel warmer. Very dependable!

- Laine H

Panoramic sunroof, heated seats, automatic start which helps in the winter.

The only thing I do not like about this vehicle is the automatic turn off button. It is a button that will turn your vehicle off when you are in touch and go traffic. Otherwise, it is the 75th edition and I love it! I won't go back to a small car again.

- Breanna G

How sturdy and top quality the vehicle is.

The jeep is a very sturdy vehicle. That is one of the things I love most. We replaced a 2014 Honda CRV with it and the jeep feels like a tank in comparison. The color of red with a black stripe on the hood makes it look very nice. It's very comfortable.

- Vicky C

Love it because it is a great SUV.

Love it. Drives wonderfully. Has plenty of room. Gets good gas mileage, love the color, love the price, love the place I bought it, love the interior, it is 4 wheel drive, does great in the mud and sand and rain and snow and ice and sleet, love it.

- Lisa R

The fidelity of the quality of the engine.

The vehicle is very comfortable, but the most problem with found on this kind of Jeep grand Cherokee is a lot of recall for fabrics problems, like the cruise control. But in general this vehicle is very good, and have a good future and fear secure.

- John N

2016 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4 wheel drive.

No complaints yet. My 2016 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 is the best vehicle I have owned yet. Rides smoothly, turns gently. I have taken it off-roading in the big bear mountains, and had a blast with it. It is stock with no modifications.

- Michael R

It's an extremely reliable SUV for anyone with a family

My Jeep Grand Cherokee is an absolutely amazing SUV. It's reliable, comfortable, sporty and a perfect family car. I love everything about it and wouldn't trade it for any other SUV the only thing I wish is that they would make it as a 3 row

- Aleisa P

Jeep Grand Cherokee: A Great Drive

I find the Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive very well. It is a sturdy vehicle that handles the road really well, drives smoothly, and is great for road trips as well as everyday commuting. The jeep is roomy, but not too big.

- JOanne S

Great gas mileage for an SUV. It gives multiple driving option to fit the driver's driving style, and adapts. This allows for economic fuel consumption.

I love the convenience that the interior space provides me for hauling bigger loads. I love that it has heated and cooled front seats. I love that it gets quality gas mileage for an SUV. It has been very reliable so far.

- Matt A

Both front and rear heated seats.

My Jeep is my pride and joy. I have never had a new vehicle till I bought this Jeep. It is very easy to drive and has all the bells and whistles nice heated leather seats both front and back. I absolutely love it.

- Kay B

It does wonderful in inclement weather and is reliable.

My jeep is comfortable for long distance traveling. It has many amenities that I enjoy. Although I wish I had cooling seats and memory for the mirrors/seats/steering wheel placement for the 2 drivers of my car.

- Kelly C

Reliable, good value. Holds value.

I love that this car has a lot of room for family vacations, but also a very sporty feel when driving solo. Great gas mileage for SUV and excellent extras. It has been my favorite vehicle I have owned to date.

- Mike T

Gives a wonderful ride when driving

Love the style, the luxury items, nav, moonroof. HATE how they reduced leg room, ceiling height and storage in back. Drives like a car but sturdy like a truck when you need to drive in snow, mud or dirt roads

- Scott m

It is perfect comfort and space for my family of four.

I love the way it drives. It is roomy but not too big. The only thing I do not like is that it shuts off when you come to a complete stop but there is a button that you can select to turn that feature off.

- Monica W

The interior is the most important part because if you spend a.

I love the inside and out of my vehicle. It is very spacious and comfortable and I cannot imagine owning a different car! The interior is my favorite especially the extended sunroof and touch screen.

- April A

this vehicle has unbelievable power and hills and in the mountains

I love this vehicle. It rides great and has great towing power. The interior is well appointed and high grade leather and provides a very comfortable ride. This vehicle has been extremely reliable

- George D

Best SUV on the road for 2 kids!

Absolutely love everything about my Jeep. We optioned for the Diesel engine, it gets great mpg. The heated seats and wheel are perfect for the winter and the A/c seats keep us cool in summer.

- Sarah K

It's reliable, rugged, stylish and it is so comfortable to drive.

My only complaint is the gas consumption. I love the entire car. Smooth ride, great technology, very comfortable, stylish and rugged. I love my jeep and would not get anything different!

- Elizabeth B

The break is very sensitive, but it is a great car for families or single person.

The car is the perfect is for many passengers. I love the huge back end. The mileage is fantastic for long distance traveling. It picks up speed very well, but the break is very sensitive.

- Rachael S

The great gas mileage makes the car much more affordable than my past cars.

My car is very comfortable. My car is very fun and easy to drive. My car gets great gas mileage! Along with that my car has enough seats to bring 5 people around which is very convenient.

- Chris B

The drive is smooth and not loud.

I absolutely love my Jeep. It is big enough to accommodate a small family with car seats. There is a great amount of room between the seats. I love the backup camera and park assist.

- Katy B

When the maintenance is needed a beeping will beep.

It is a very reliable car, no problems, the Jeep has electronic features that will let you know when things are needed to be preformed, gas is not bad, good in all types of weather.

- Claudia C

It is reliable and comfortable for traveling.

I love my car. It is very comfortable and roomy. I have had no problems with it. The only thing I wish was different is that I don't have navigation and I would love to have that.

- Kim O

The Jeep Cherokee is comfortable for the driver and passengers. Primary among these comforts for the driver is good visibility of the roadway and traffic.

The Jeep Cherokee Grand is durable and stylish. It performs well in the city and on the Interstate. A Cherokee was chosen because of It's safety record and ease of maintenance.

- David C

It's a reliable car. It has good mileage for jeeps.

Three things I like about my Jeep Grand Cherokee, are space, comfort, and design. I've always loved the style of Jeeps. What I don't like is that it's a little hard to control.

- Laura T

its sporty and fun to drive. I would recommend it based on reliability and durability

it's a very sporty vehicle with a slick design, the interior is technology advanced and user friendly. the car has been easy to maintain and reliable through the first 2 years

- scott t

That it is a very reliable car for a family. I also feel like it is great on gas and durable for New England Weather.

I love my camera feature I have in my car. I also like the safety features that it has like not letting me drive until all doors are shut. It fits my family of five great!

- Nicole N

Technology is top notch. Ability to have Wi-Fi, excellent radio, and navigation.

Ease of drive, 4 wheel drive, gas mileage, stereo and touch screen, technology, spacious trunk space, full size spare tire. Only complaint is space in the back seat.

- Tyler R

Grand Cherokee 75 anniversary edition.

There have been no problems with my grand Cherokee in almost two years of owning it. There is plenty of passenger and cargo room and handles great on off-road adventures.

- Beth S

It is a very roomy and a safe vehicle to drive. The ride is smooth and pretty silent as well.

I love this Jeep Grand Cherokee, it drives beautifully, the only complaint is the location of the cruise control tabs on the steering wheel, they are in the wrong place.

- Danny M

This car is so comfortable to be in, and the speakers in it are amazing! It's like being there with the artist themself.

This Jeep is considered one of the best midsize SUVs. I can agree, it's a very safe car and I know I can always rely on it to get me and my friends where we need to go.

- Bearika M

It's a great vehicle with great gas mileage.

Love that new car smell. It drives well and I get good mileage on it. I also love having a built in Navigating system. I don't really have any complaints about it.

- Judy r

You can fit up to 3 car seats so it is great for a family.

I like the size, and that it fits car seats comfortably. I also like the trunk space. It is good for a family of 5 or less and also for those with active lifestyles.

- Carla G

It is a reliable vehicle that comes from a quality brand.

I like the styling of my car in addition to the technology. It rides well & has plenty of room for my family. The heated front & rear seats are great in the winter.

- Jessica F

2016 Jeep grand Cherokee latitude. Drives like a larger vehicle.

Mine is a four cylinder. I wish I had gotten the six cylinder as the four has to shift often. The transmission has to work harder. Besides that I really like it!

- Edward N

Jeep offers a great vehicle for all weather drivers

I have the 75th limited edition and the details are nice. I feel safe driving around in any weather especially snow. The headlights could be slightly brighter

- Nicole P

The trunk is definitely not big enough if you have a family of kids that you need to move sports equipment.

Love my car. Just wish the trunk was a little larger. Good on gas. Gets great gas mileage. I only fill up like once a week. Good space in the searing areas.

- Theresa T

It is one of the safest and most durable vehicles I test drove

I love it because it is a durable suv that can drive through a variety of conditions. I feel safe while driving it and I love the feel of the steering wheel

- Hadley B

I love it is its power, with it I can go wherever I want and any obstacle that appears I can surpass it without problems

If I could generate a review of my car, it is an imposing model, its design is incredible and in terms of its performance it is fantastic, just 10 out of 10

- Landon T

Jeeps are definitely fun for going off roading and driving trails.

I haven't owned it long enough to encounter any big problems. Have only had it for about 2 years other than the power windows and locks already messing up.

- scott m

The service where they email issues to me.

It is a very smooth ride. I like the technology. They will send me an email whenever they notice that one of the tires is low or when I need an oil change.

- Lori C

Not for short people and not designed for a baby

The seats are to close for a baby seat. The window button need to be push back just a little. I also open back first. Other than those two i love it

- Chris D

easy to get around in. Easy to back up with the camera.

It gets pretty good mileage, It's comfortable. It has adjustable power seats, heated seats, and mirrors. Has a backup camera and build in navigation

- Magan J

It is a very reliable car.

I love the technology in the car. It is very stylish. Drives super smooth. Good price for what you get compared to luxury brands with similar features.

- Katie T

Ample leg and seat room both front and back seat

We have been Jeep owners since 1999. A luxury SUV that rides like a car. Comfy ride for me as I am 5'10" tall with ample leg room even in the back seat

- Jodi Q

The Jeep style is trendy.

I like how the back seats go down for my dogs and how much room there is. I do not like how the eco is always on. Also do not like the manual shifters.

- April P

My Jeep Grand Cherokee is dependable.

My Jeep rides very well and is spacious. Has all the features that I wanted and then some. I might have chosen a different color if I had the options.

- Maria J

My 2016 jeep grand cherokee is very comfortable and roomy.

My vehicle is very comfortable, both to drive as well as being a passenger. It's smooth and hugs the road. Big enough for the family, but not too big.

- Teresa D

I think it's important to know that it's safe.

I really have no complaints as far as my vehicle goes. Obviously better gas mileage would be a plus, but for the size it is I can't really complain.

- Nicole C

It's very spacey And has a lot of room, it can fit 7 people

It's a wonderful vehicle it's very reliable so far I have no problems with the car it's good on gas And it's very smooth and comfortable to drive

- Deniz A

I take very good care of it

Like the durability and the body style but as for negative the navigation system could be shaded some because hard to see screen when very sunny

- Jeff R

compare with the competition first and make your own choice. I put to much weight on reviews.

great handling in the winter but less cargo space than a pilot. quality of materials not as good as my past Honda. already on my 2nd recall.

- wil B

It is quiet inside when traveling.

I enjoy being up higher so I can see more. My jeep is plush and reliable. I love to shop so therefore I have plenty of room for hauling items.

- Beverly B

Good small SUV for the money.

Love the roominess, gas not bad, stereo and navigation. I like having a third row. Not super luxurious, it does not have any back up cameras.

- Kathy F

It is a reliable vehicle.

No complaints. It is reliable. Has great features. Looks nice. Rides great. Has new technology. Does not breakdown. Service work reliability.

- Co A

It is a comfortable ride.

I like that is has a lot of room. I like the 4 wheel drive it offers. I feel safe driving it. I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Austin M

Safety and comfort are the top things. Also the different models and options available.

I love the size and comfort of my Jeep. I like that I can feel safe when I ride it. My family also feels safe and it is a reliable Jeep.

- Nataly F

How it's a SUV that fit in your everyday active life.

I love having a hemi. She can also tow as much as a truck. The adjustable suspension is great for off reading and great fuel efficiency.

- Lexy H

It is definitely a good family car.

I love everything about my jeep. It is roomie big and do not feel smashed in a little car. There is not anything i do not like about it.

- Bay R

Great SUV - Easy to drive - amazing extras- heated steering wheel

My cherokee drives smoothly and I feel safe It is a 4wd drive which is great for the winter. It has heated seats and steering wheel.

- vickie h

It handles well. I like sitting higher than a sedan.

I love the look of it. I love the interior. It's very roomy and comfortable. It has a lot of power. I don't like the low gas mileage.

- Matt R

It runs wonderful, has plenty of room and is a four-wheel drive which is great for snow!

She is gorgeous. Runs like a dream. Is large enough and comfy enough for a few people. Has plenty of room for large shopping trips.

- Janet D

It has great gas mileage. EcoBoost easily turns on/off

The bluetooth takes too long to cycle on. I'm already driving before it turns on. Do not put chrome on the interior. Its blinding!

- Melissa M

It is reliable and American made.

Very reliable with lots of comfortable and luxurious new bells and whistles. Very nice car built to handle what I put it through.

- Arturo F

Numerous features that are beneficial and help keep you safe.

I love how much storage space is in the back. I like how the back seat adjusts and can lean back. I like the self closing hatch

- deborah b

It is an enjoyable vehicle.

No complaints so far. It does what we bought if for. Very comfortable and fun to drive. Smooth running and plenty of horsepower.

- Bob M

Handles great in weather and is a very smooth ride

Seems pretty reliable so far. Had a front lower plastic piece that is held together by clips get roughed up but that's about it

- Andrew W

Very affordable for is size, style and ability.

My Jeep is affordable, performs well and comfortable. It also look great. I love the style and color. It is also great on gas.

- Kenyon S

It drives very good...good power, nice design...it has a good back space

I like the engine. How it drives...I don't like the back seats...need more cushion and there is no backup camera, and back ac

- Cris G

Great vehicle in all weather

Reliable car - I haven't had any trouble with it since we bought it. I've used it in rain, snow and ice and it's been great!

- Jackie D

It is a jeep and jeeps are fun to drive and have personality

I love my Jeep, it is fun and can take it anywhere and drive it in all road conditions. It is awesome and has great features

- Dave M

very comfortable for long trips. I believe it rides as good as a car does

This is my 4th jeep grand Cherokee and I love it. Great handling,very comfortable to ride in. The best suv I've ever owned.

- charles w

It is stylish and functional.

I love everything about it. I love the style, the functionality, the rims, the panoramic sunroof. I love all the features.

- Ashleigh S

Very dependable and reliable SUV.

I have always owned a Jeep. The grand Cherokee is dependable and looks very stylish while still being a fully capable SUV.

- Amanda B

It costs too much gas and it can sometimes cost more than $75 to fill up.

Well I don't dislike anything. I like the way the steering is tight. How the vehicle has Wi-Fi and how the interior looks.

- Anthony R

I would like people to know how safe my Jeep is.

I enjoy the smooth drive. My Jeep is very reliable. I love that it is a family car. This Jeep is the best car that I own.

- Patricia M

You get a lot for the price.

It's a excellent vehicle. High performance, powerful and comfort.. Very economic fuel.. Very high ergonomic.. Full space.

- Jose G

It is very dependable and always starts.

It is comfortable to rude in.It is stylish, gets pretty good gas mileage. Like the heated seats and dual air controls.

- Patty A

my jeep rocks, on the road and off

I have had no problems with my jeep take it every 5000 for oil change it's a great car in the winter I don't get stuck

- kelly o

The Jeep is fine, just a bumpy ride and avoid leasing if you can.

The ride is bumpy. I do not have the ability to open trunk from inside, the Jeep and I do not have a rear view camera.

- Lisa W

It is a great vehicle for the price.

The vehicle looks great. It always runs very smoothly and efficiently. It is fast but also offers great fuel economy.

- Paul M

the gas mileage is awesome which makes it easier and less expensive to drive the jeep

the only thing i wish is that the trunk was was a little bigger because i travel a lot and need more room for luggage

- patti c

The car runs great, i never had any issues with it.

i love the way it drives. I love the off road and four wheel drive aspect. I don't like the extra price for upgrades

- Joe S

It is reliable, comfortable and dependable.

Love the way it drives in all conditions. I have no complaints for my vehicle. Stylish as well, with a sporty body.

- First Name P

It is very safe- I've been in an accident before and came out without a scratch!.

I like the 4 wheel drive.. It gets bad gas mileage.. Handles very well.. There is nothing else I dislike about it.

- Alfred N

This car is a great and reliable car with a great interior

Great car, no problems so far. Drives great on the highway and back roads. Handles well. Very comfortable interior


It is durable and great for the winter!

It is great for the winter! Drove it in a blizzard and it never got stuck! However, the mileage is not that great.

- Nis D

The car is bigger than necessary.

Overall safeness, but gas mileage is lacking. Comfort and roominess is important to me and legroom is beneficial.

- Jeff M

My vehicle provides me with a feeling of being very safe.

I feel very safe in my vehicle. In addition, it is very comfortable. It also is very versatile. No complaints.

- Dorothy A

It's an easy car to drive that is just the right size right engine power

Smooth ride good gas mileage Fun to drive/fun look love the amount of storage in the trunk nice extended sunroof

- Julia D

That there is two DVD players in it and it can be different movies.

Love my jeep! Very comfortable and dependable. Plenty of legroom on both the front and back seats. Great in snow.

- Barbara E

It is safe and handles well.

Drives good, roomy. Decent gas mileage, lots of trunk space and makes long commutes and drives very comfortable.

- Mike S

That there have been four separate recalls issued on the vehicle.

Bad seat is too small. Good gas mileage. Drives smooth and straight. It has plenty of cup holders. Smooth body.

- Lesley B

I believe my Jeep has Great Safety features, and feel secure driving with children in it.

Love my Jeep. Handles well, feel safe driving and is pretty. Love the color. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Joanie K

My jeep is safe, and it sends me updates about my jeep via email.

I like my vehicle because it is a bigger sized jeep, makes me feel safe, like my child is safe and is reliable.

- Janice B

DO NOT BUY A JEEP: Jeep is a shell of the company they once were.

It is too small, has too many recalls, and it has many annoying features that Jeep feels are clever and wanted.

- steven C

Comfortable car and also appealing body .

Comfortable interior and spacious trunk and seating . Rides very nice and feels safe to drive. Great in snow.

- Nicole G

Rugged, luxurious, fun ride

The 75th anniversary model is a super-comfortable ride. We've had no issues in the two years we've owned it.

- Sea F

Great gas mileage and comfy to drive.

I have no complaints. It gets great mileage. It is easy to maintain. It is a comfortable vehicle to drive.

- Tracey J

It is fun to drive. Having a jeep allows you to drive on different terrains.

I love the look of it. I hate the auto button that turns the engine off at stops. the mileage is not good.

- Pat G

It is a very safe and reliable SUV.

I like my vehicle because I feel safe. My vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. My vehicle rides smooth.

- Jennifer S

That it is a everything vehicle. You wanna go to the beach go. You wanna go to the mountains go. Jeep will get you there.

I love my Jeep. I love how much space it has. How it just hugs the curves. I love that it runs so smooth.

- Lisa D

That it has off road capabilities with four wheel drive.

I travel a lot and fits my needs. I dislike that it has the option of stopping the engine at stop lights.

- James B

Nice. Powerful. Excellent. Quality. Ergonomic.

It's a very nice car. it's a safe. High quality. Ergonomic. Full power, high speed and full power supply.

- Joan L

It's a jeep, beautiful grey drives amazingly well

I'm a big Jeep fan. The turning radius is unbelievable, great ride, great power, the best 4 wheel drive

- Joseph W

Very dependable and comfortable for passengers. Very good winter car.

I hunt a lot and the Jeep is great in the woods. Also good winter car. Very comfortable and easy access.

- Bruce C

Excellent performance with great gas mileage.

Mileage per gallon is great. Easy handling in traffic. Clear visibility at all angles. No complaints.

- Laine M

It performs well in any conditions and all around makes for a great vehicle

The vehicle is very comfortable and has great luxury options. The cabin is roomy for people of any size.

- Chris C

Love my Jeep Cherokee!!!!

Vehicle is very clean and easy to maneuver. Plenty of room and easy to navigate. Very smooth driving.

- Karen R

Jeeps are very safe trucks and worth the extra money they cost.

I love my Jeep because I feel very safe. The Jeep has good handling and a lot of extra safety features.

- Nicole B

Gets great gas mileage. Is very comfortable inside.

Economical for an SUV, love the styling and handling. Wish it was a bit larger and more storage room.

- Kathy R

Love the sleek look and comfort

Love feeling high above the ground. The gas mileage is great, but not in the city. Features are great

- Daniela I

It's powerful and goes through snow great

no complaints. I love the power it holds and the room inside. I also like the roof rack for my kayak

- justin T

Very good quality for the money

I like the size of the vehicle. The jeep is very comfortable. It accommodates my family very well.

- Brittany C

My Jeep is fun to drive. It handles well in all driving situations.

I love the size, and the way it handles. This is a great vehicle! I really have no complaints.

- Rachel B

Daily maintenance is very important for better performance

It is a vehicle for all kinds of occasions and especially comfortable for traveling as a family

- Harry R

Slowing breaking, so use caution.

Stylish look and interior. Good acceleration. Gets a little loose in corners and in high wind.

- Dustin J

very roomy and a nice ride, especially when traveling

no complaints. drives great. very smooth ride. I would definitely buy another Jeep product.

- Lisa M

the quality of a car is most important

I like the practicality of the jeep. I dislike the less quality compared to foreign cars.

- LC R

It's fun to drive, multi purpose, sleek interior, looks sleek

Good gas mileage, comfy for all passengers, great off-road handling and good sound system

- kat w

It has everything I need to get me by.

I like the style of it. The interior is nice and comfortable. The performance is great.

- Phil H

Very appealing on the outside and inside of the vehicle.

Roomy, comfortable. Good on gas, great for long trips. Spacious and good technology.

- Mike S

That it drives great in the snow and handles like a dream

I love my grand Cherokee. The way it drives and the options inside make it the best.

- Sue P

It is too fun to drive, and so far has been reliable and good to drive long distances.

It does everything we expected, drives nice, looks nice, no complaints so far.

- Bob M

I love how the car drives, good balance of power and economy.

I like that it can travel anywhere and is reliable, stylish and comfortable.

- Jonathan M

Safe and reliable. Made in America. Parts are easy to get

It is large and safe. I wish it was 4wd, but it is beautiful. Dark grey

- P S

It drives so good in the snow and it looks great. It doesn't do so good on gas mileage

I love my car. It looks good. It drives great. I hate how much it costs

- Melissa B

The security of the car is important

I like the style the car, but always have the light of the check engine

- Jessica A

It drives very smoothly. It has enough technology, but not too much.

Midsize SUV - not too big, but big enough. Great interior. Smooth ride.

- Erica P

Safety is most important .

4x4, gas mileage, color, reliable. Stylish. Don't like the sound system

- Hal J

It's get good mileage It drives good in the winter.

I love the way it drives. It also gets good gas mileage. No dislikes

- Amber J

I love the ride, the size, features (navigation, adaptive cruise control, backup camera). The only thing I do not like is my local Jeep device department.

The vehicle gets very good gas mileage, especially on the freeway.

- Gary R

The unique feature of the auto shut off when you're stopped and on the break... it needs to be turned off every time

I like that it's higher off the ground but not as big as a truck

- Alison m

Low mileage and color. Compact

Too small on the interior. Too compact for what I need it for.

- Dixie P

My Jeep is great in bad weather. I like that it is higher than a regular car. The heated seat and steering wheel is wonderful in cold weather.

The MPG is good in this vehicle. It's better than I expected.

- Linda E

It is great and I would highly recommend it. It is very safe and great to drive.

Like the style & dependability. No dislikes. No complaints.

- Laurie G

Ecosystem friendly which saves tons of money when purchasing gas

Handles very smooth. Great on gas. Backup sensor and camera.

- Keane Z

I love the color and the smoothness of the ride. I love the gas mileage and the comfortability of the seats. It is a great car all around and there is nothing I dislike or need to complain about.

It drives really well and is a great car to take trips in.

- Tatyanna D

Love it. It sits up high. It has 4 wheel drive and it's cool.

It cuts through snow well. It's great for Chicago winters

- Gretchen L

I think it is the best looking vehicle in its class

Great size, plenty of storage, very good acceleration

- pete m

I think the jeep is fun.The dealership experience is usually terrible though.

It looks good. Interior is nice. Exterior is stylish,

- Chris P

The options. The color. The brand. The way it handles.

Great value for all the options that are standard.

- chuck m

It's faster than a semi powered charger

U like the guys wheel drive and the radio

- Rich B