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I love about the Jeep Cherokee unlimited it is automatic set button.

My 2019 Jeep Cherokee unlimited is an awesome car. It fits me very well the seat arrangement allows me to be able to bring the seat up and gives me a very comfortable ride. I love the fact that you have a button to push to select your seating in mirrors we have two one for me and one for my husband I think it saved my marriage. I also like the assist driving it makes me feel very safe. The automatic parallel parking is a great feature. I love the backup monitor. Watch the car looks very rich and beautiful it is white and never shows dirt. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely buy another one

- Sandra G

Jeep Grand Cherokee, The cool mom car!

I love the my Jeep Grand Cherokee, it's a beautiful vehicle. It's extremely comfortable and user friendly. The steering wheel music adjusters are very well thought out. There is plenty of cargo space in the trunk, enough to hold strollers and coolers for a day at the zoo! It has great acceleration and maintains speed on the highway and low country back roads. The only downfall would be the MPG but that is overlooked because overall it's such a great SUV ! I love my Jeep !

- Shannon V

The jeep grand Cherokee has it all! Style. Great handling and beauty.

I have enjoyed driving the jeep grand Cherokee and love the dual sunroof, four wheel drive and interior feel/ finish. What I am not thrilled with is the sound that comes in when driving over 40 mph. It almost sounds as if the windows are not sealed properly. I have pulled over multiple times to check the sunroof and back windows, and I cannot see any defect. I am very particular about noisy vehicles, and this would be my one complaint.

- Laurie F

Love my jeep, great car, smooth ride

This is my first time owning a Jeep and I couldn't be happier. It handles really well especially with sharp or last minute turns. The engine is pretty quiet especially with the automatic shut off. One thing that isn't the best is the AC. It takes a little while to get cool, and on those hot days, once the engine shuts off the AC will blow warm air. So it's best to turn the automatic engine shut off feature off in order to enjoy the AC

- Amy R

Jeep grand Cherokee is an SUV that handles well and is fun to drive.

My jeep has power, handles the road well, is good on gas in comparison to other SUVs. It is equipped with touch screen, lane sense, eco drive, sport drive, CarPlay and sunroof. The cabin noise could be a little quieter but it is still not horrible. I also love the uconnect app which allows me to auto start car, lock doors unlock doors without the keys. I also enjoy the keyless entry, as long as the keys are sensed,

- L T

Great SUV for the money would be better with a few tweaks

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a comfortable ride for an SUV. It's roomy enough for a family of 4 with 2 dogs. The only thing I would change is the steering wheel 'bar' is too long if you have long legs. When exiting the car if you are not careful you could hit your knee cap. In addition the leather could be better quality. Not even one year and the passenger side seat is cracking.

- Katherine J

The sleek appearance. The black rims are very sharp looking.

I've only owned my car for about one month now, but so far I've been very pleased. For a full-size SUV, it's not bad on gas (about 19mi/gallon). Drives very smoothly. Love the black rims. Seats are very comfortable- suede with leather trim which I much prefer over all leather (they don't get hot in the summer heat). One dislike that it doesn't have memory seat presets.

- Stephanie D

The fact that when we have bad weather we can change suspension is incredible!

This car is the best! The thing that I love the most is the secure that me and my family feel. Is spacious especially in the back where I have two car seats. The details is a most! The heated seats, the fact that the side mirrors goes in when you park and suspension that let you put your car higher or lower when needed. It is a comfortable car for a family of 4!!

- Valerie T

Rank number one SUV. Top selling cars. Great for a big family.

The next larger size is 'mid-size SUV'. Outside of North America, this term is not commonly used, with mid-size SUVs being grouped together with full-size SUVs. Some mid-size SUVs are based on platforms shared with passenger cars and are therefore crossovers. Other mid-size SUVs are based on compact or midsize pickups.

- Russel C

Great family car with lots of options and feelings of luxury.

My jeep is fully loaded. It is a very comfortable family car for me, my husband and my 2 teenagers. The GPS/radio/entertainment system is easy to use and one reason I chose this car was because it has apple CarPlay. The 4 wheel drive is great for all terrains. The car drives relatively smoothly and I enjoy driving it.

- Jennifer V

My new jeep Grand Cherokee

Brand new easy driving, handles well, curvy mountain driving is no problem. Brakes appear to be a bit soft. Engine turning off while stopped takes a bit of getting used to. No problems at this time. Had for three months 6000 miles mileage not as good over road or in town as previous Jeep Grand Cherokee (2013).

- Allen T

Jeep grand Cherokee limited.

The jeep grand Cherokee limited is loaded with extra comforts that are available in more expensive vehicles. These include:. Automatic high beams, automatic windshield wipers and vented seats. The vehicle is solidly built and offers the ruggedness of a jeep with the sophistication of a luxury vehicle.

- David K

This jeep grand Cherokee is indeed grand.

The 2019 jeep grand Cherokee provides such a smooth ride. It has great technological features including an 8-inch screen with a vibrant display and is very spacious. I haven't had any problems in the 5 months that I have owned it, and I look forward to having this vehicle for many years to come.

- Bound K

Super comfy and reliable, and easy to drive in the winter. I love the leather, sunroof and customs weathertech floor mats. The only thing that I would change it the cost! It is very pricey. The gas mileage could be a little better and the cost to fix anything it is through the roof!

- Casey C

Summary about the Jeep Cherokee.

It's an amazing vehicle. It has the horse power I need and more. Also its a luxury car as well as sport. Very happy about my purchase, and would recommend anyone that could afford one to get one. Also it has plenty of room for sound systems if one is installed into the car.

- Brandon B

Great features on car in that it saves gas and energy.

I think this vehicle is good for all conditions, especially the snow. One feature that I love is that it has automatic shut-off if the car is not in motion which saves a lot of gas and energy. Also they have heated seats in the front and back which is a must in the winter.

- Danielle G

Good vehicle, a couple bad features

This Jeep is a really smooth ride and has a lot of nice updates. The gas mileage is not good and it is not as roomy inside as it appears to be. I also do not like the automatic shut off that it has. Altogether it is a really nice vehicle and I am glad that I bought it.

- Ashlyn G

Awesome SUV and my baby loves the panoramic roof

So far no problems, drives really well, love heated seats and panoramic roof. it's loaded with safety features. Trunk is a good size, maybe little bit smaller than I expected from an SUV but still a good size. One of the best features is self park and lane assist.

- Joanna A

Jeeps are great! Must lease SUV

Car drives really smoothly no complaints for the price and level of the car. Drives smoothly and has good extra of the back up camera, parking assistance, and echo feature. There is also side safety and notifies you if you are merging into a car in your blind spot

- Lauren L

The Jeep grand Cherokee limited X is Affordable Luxury

The vehicle is very comfortable, the seating is very roomy in the front and back. Trunk is large enough for all our camping gear!! It has a very smooth ride with a good mile per gallon. Great exterior look and interior look. Great value for the luxury you get.

- Katerina B

Comfortable, great size, dependable, roomy good gas mileage great for trips

I love my Jeep. It's dependable, sporty yet luxurious. My comfort is key, the interior is spacious and roomy. I love the profile of the car, shape and body style. It is affordable and dependable. My spouse works for Chrysler and I love buying American

- Melody R

Love My Jeep Grand Cherokee

I've only owned by 2019 Jeep 4 months but I love it. I get a combined mileage of 23 MPG. The front seats are comfortable. The back seats are not. You can't adjust the seats and there's not a lot of legroom. The storage in the back is great. Lots of room.

- Regina D

I like the the hands free phone and on the road emergency feature.

I love the ease of driving it. It has hands free telephone and the option for on the road help which I have. I like the blind spot light in my rear view mirror. There isn't anything I dislike about it at this time.

- Joan K

Again it's a brand new vehicle and it has all the bells and whistles that I wanted

Only a week old there shouldn't be any problems. Just needed a new vehicle and always had great luck with Jeep

- Joe M

The vehicle is very reliable.

The vehicle is comfortable to drive. The vehicle is great on gas. It looks great and handles very well.

- Mike B

with the second row laying flat

What you pay for this vehicle is what you get. It is very spacious in regards to: trunk space

- Faith K