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My Jeep goes camping with me & is a great addition to my adventurous lifestyle.

The brakes have had to be replaced since I bought it. I got it at 100, 000 miles, though. The alternator has also died. Otherwise, it handles my aggressive traveling and camping lifestyle pretty well. It has a big trunk and you can put the back seat down to make it bigger. This helps me when I am switching apartments, I have to make less trips. It handles ice and snow well. You put it four wheel drive and it can really go. I wish it has an AUX port for music, but you can easily purchase a new radio for that. The wipers need to be replaced, but I use them a lot in the weather I live in. I love the seat warmer, it helps in really cold days. I haven't had too much trouble with the seats being too hot in the summer. It is good for a tall person, I never feel like I am ducking to get in this car. It handles itself well if someone rear ends you. My back extra tire has saved me from damage before. And the one time someone hit me, my Jeep was fine while their car took some damage. The cruise control works well and efficient for reducing gas mileage on long road trips. I love that the trunk has a door that opens but also a window that pops up. It makes for really easy unloading. The seats go back really far if needed, which is good for my long legs. They also tilt forward and back, this has been useful to me on long drives when my hips start to ache.

- Mckenna M

Amazing vehicle to drive around very economic.

The 2003 jeep liberty is an amazing SUV family car. The car is very spacious and comfortable from inside. The sport look on the SUV makes it really fun to drive. Performance is very good has good acceleration and picks up speed in no time. Mileage for an SUV is not bad either it gets a good 20 miles driving around the city not bad for a powerful v6 engine. The suspension on the car is good as well it has a nice height as well makes it easy to see traffic or make difficult left turns. Suspension is so smooth it makes the car handling very smooth. The trunk on the car is very spacious as well you can fit a lot of things back there. The spare tire is very easy to access as the tire is located on the rear.

- Francisco O

Basic and very uncomfortable.

The Jeep liberty is very basic and compact. It sucks gas and is very uncomfortable. You feel every bump. To roll your window down is in the middle by the counsel. As of running though it has not done me wrong. It starts everyday and has heat and air. The drivers seat only goes forward and back. It does not go up and down or lean at all. Just one setting and no lumbar. It is a great vehicle to slide around in the snow with. I live in Iowa and the winters can get rough here. But that vehicle always seems to get me through it with no problem. It does slide very easy though. Oh and storage room is close to none. Just a basic stereo too. No CD. The engine and motor run good though.

- Rachel B

It's strong, durable, tough, smooth to drive, good-looking, useful and a lifesaver.

Jeep was a lifesaver. It saved family and my life twice; in snow and rainy day. Those were the times when my tires where worn out, my car turned but my break saved me and even when one of my tires explode because it hid the border in the road it didn't cause any damage other than a tire. My kids were safe and I'm lucky enough that I didn't hit any oncoming cars. It's already 200,000+ miles and it's still smooth to drive. I use it like a pick up truck, and it helped me with moving, twice. When I buy furniture or appliances, I have no trouble with it, it's very strong and durable. I love this car, it's a 2003 but there's so much more life left to it. And it's spacious!

- Zosimo C

This is the best vehicle I have owned.

I love my jeep. I have owned it for 2 1/2 years now and I do not ever want to own another vehicle. I did buy it used but have had very few problems. Mostly just normal wear and tear. I did have to replace the transmission at about 160,000 miles but that is the only major problem I have had. There is also a common problem with the radiator getting a leak on plastic piece at the seam but it is a quick and cheap fix. The four wheel drive works great. I love being able to lock it in just by pulling a lever while driving or sitting still. I would definitely recommend a jeep liberty to others.

- Daisy B

I have a whole bunch of bumper stickers on the back

It does not drive smoothly, meaning that you can feel every little bump in the road, but my Jeep Liberty has been so reliable especially on my commutes to and from school three times a week for the past two years. I hate to give it up but I don't want to take the risk of using it until it dies. The vehicle itself is comfortable, but definitely not the most comfortable thing but you can definitely spend a few hours drive in comfort. The features are not great; I installed an aftermarket radio and it works beautifully and I believe it improves the value of the vehicle.

- Emily G

2003 Jeep liberty. Perfect for newest drivers.

This vehicle is great for young inexperienced drivers. It is a safe vehicle. It is very easy to learn to drive for it is not complicated. The driver sits tall above others for good view of the road. There is no aux, so buyers need buy one to plug into a cigarette hole. The car becomes rusty and rots after a few years. The interior is comfortable. Oil changes are needed regularly. The gas mileage is not ideal. Using the car everyday resulted in filling up about biweekly. The car does not accelerate quickly, but is still capable of going on the highways.

- Lindsay S

Any problems with Jeep liberty engine can usually be handled with ease.

The car has been extremely reliable. The most major issue I have had was with a serpentine belt being shredded because one wheel in the system in turned around snapped, but I was able to take care of that issue myself. Because, unlike a lot of more recent cars I see, the Jeep liberty engine (from 2003) is easy to work on yourself, given a little automotive knowledge. And even if you've not previously worked on an engine, with this particular make and model you can find tutorials and repair walkthroughs for about any problems that could come up.

- Jack H

It's extremely reliable. This is a car you can count on to not break down or fail in any meaningful way.

The 2003 jeep liberty which I bought new and have owned for around fifteen years now has been a reliable and useful vehicle. It's large enough to haul things if I need to move or make large purchases, but small enough that it's not difficult to maneuver or find parking spots for it. It's also one of the cutest cars on the market - very rounded while still having the classic look of a jeep. I love it and will be driving it until it ceases to function entirely, which at 200,000 miles it still shows no sign of doing.

- Jeff J

A compact SUV that gets you from point A to point B in comfort, style, and care.

I really love my Jeep Liberty. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to have a Jeep one day. I love the size of the Jeep Liberty, it's an SUV while still feeling small enough. A couple years back I had to have a tow hitch installed due to a recall with one of the parts, but that has been one of the only 'problems' I have encountered with this vehicle. My interior is comfortable black leather seating, lots of storage in the back, and a stereo. It's a reliable car that I am so grateful to own.

- Megan E

Reliable. It gets me where I need to be.

I love my Jeep Liberty. I've had it for 10 years and still runs great! I did have to replace 2 cylinders but other than that no major work. It's made it across the country a few times, and fits my needs. I plan on keeping it till it dies, or I need more room for the kids. We did have to replace the radio, also get the windows fixed, the gears wore out and needed to be replaced to go up and down. Also it would be nice to leave the back window open? Otherwise it's great! Love the sunroof!

- Kathleen K

Great traction in all terrains.

I bought my Jeep used. I haven't had any issues with it nor the owner before. Great traction in all terrains. It's been driven in rain, snow, flooding. Super great heating system for cold months and incredible air conditioning. I love the overdrive on my Jeep the most. Gives the Jeep a lot of power for off roading.Good gas mileage for such a heavy duty model. I've never had any other car than my Jeep and I hope I can always have it.

- Sabrina M

Rusty and reliable jeep liberty.

The jeep is a 2003 model that I got used at just under 100k miles. The biggest problems with jeeps are the rusting out from the bottom. The exhaust pipe actually rusted off and I ran over it. Another issue, also rust related, is that one of the locks on the back door went and the door had to be seen by a body shop. Other than rust the vehicle runs great and is reliable. I have never had an issue with the engine or anything vital.

- Michael D

A highly reliable vehicle my Jeep Liberty

My 2003 Jeep Liberty has plenty of space and the car drives well although being a little too heavy the car is very reliable good on gas. It's has plenty of room for up to 4 people and plenty of cargo space when the seat are folded. The entire time I've own my vehicle I've had no major engine problems. Finally all I have to say is that as long as you treat this type of vehicle with respect it will last you a very long time.

- Michael D

I have a touchscreen Bluetooth radio & I feel like that makes it pretty special

I have had my Jeep Liberty renegade since I was 16. I am now 18. I adore my Jeep. It has taken me everywhere I have to go. It is a bit of an older car but it is very reliable. It's really spacey inside. It's very easy to drive and a good car to start of with. It has always been a car which I got complimented on. I have a green/brown/gold ish car color. I think the lights make it pop and it's unique. I really like my car.

- Camila G

My vehicle all in one is excellent as long as you get regular tune ups.

Well problems that I have are just minor wear and tear issues, performance is great, reliability it depends on how well you take care of your vehicle, comfort is okay, set cover is definitely a must just to prevent cracking, also back seat is as spacious as newer models, features I have on my Jeep liberty 2004 limited edition is a sunroof, and gas mile reader and temperature reader located by sunroof.

- Ashley M

Jeep Liberty- A car for someone who doesn't drive a lot

Loud, you can feel every bump in the road, comfortable and high up for safety, sunroof, big enough for 5 people, ample storage in trunk, seats fold down, bad on gas. I would recommend this car for someone that travels short distances so you aren't constantly filling up with gas. Overall I like the car but if I could change one thing it would be how good it is on gas. I spend way more than I should.

- Lauren K

Pros/cons from a mom of 2

I love my Jeep but had a lot of problems with my engine. I did buy it used so the dealership did fix it and it's also 15 yrs old. It's very comfortable, I used to drive a lot for work, and there's plenty of backseat space for my children. One other complaint is the electric windows, instead of the switch being on the door it's on the center console. It's nothing major just an inconvenience.

- Lacy B

Very reliable, not technologically advanced.

My Jeep liberty is very reliable. I bought it used and have now had it for almost four years. Even though it has many miles on it I have had very few problems. The only time I have had to take it into the shop was for a popped tire, for oil changes, and for yearly checkups. Another plus is that it has four wheel drive. The only downside to this car is that it is not very technologically advanced.

- Jewel W

Nice looking car with lots of room.

This car is very high on gas so I do not recommend for a fellow college student. Expetc.to spend about $40 easily. It is very comfortable and spacious. Convenient for traveling in large groups or moving furniture/ carrying a bike or other big items. Lots of issues with the transmission, it tends to shake suddenly. Issues with alignment as well, need to get tires rotated very frequently.

- Liliana A

My fun little off Jeep liberty.

My liberty is a very fun reliable vehicle. It is amazing off-road vehicle for its smaller size. It comes with a factory towing option that has been very handy. The sound system is great, being that it comes with a factory 8" subwoofer. My only complaint I have had with it is that the gas mileage is horrible! I make between 12 to 15 miles a gallon. It has been a very good little vehicle.

- Corey V

2003 Jeep Liberty!! It's a good little vehicle it has its days.

Overall it's a good vehicle, it has some issues, a/c doesn't work, door panels are broke, the electric fan for the radiator is making a noise, was told its the bearings. Back driver side window is off track. The back door is dented, we had a new one for it but someone stole it. The visor on driver side is broke, the seats won't lay back (no handles). One speaker for stereo doesn't work.


It is very dependable, it has room for five to fit comfortably, and it handles really good.

I love my Jeep Liberty Sports. It is large enough for 5 persons to fit in and still be comfortable. It drives really good and it is easy for me to get in and out of. It has 4 wheel drive if I ever need it and I think it is good looking. The only thing I don't like about it is it does not get as good gas mileage as my little Toyota use to get. But I am very satisfied with it.

- Johnnie A

It is a fun vehicle to drive, feels very safe, and is kind of a masculine car.

It does not have room for a purse (middle console is not big enough, especially for the ladies). The car is technically an SUV, and me being only 5'2", it is hard to get out of it sometimes. But I feel very safe in it. I do not like tiny cars, which is why I love my Jeep. The only thing wrong with it I have experienced is the light mechanism failing whenever I have them on.

- Alexis V

2003 Jeep Liberty issues in online Jeep forums.

My 2003 Jeep Liberty leaks oil and I have found that it is a widespread problem with other owners of my vehicle. Also, gas float problems is an issue. Some of the most looked up problems on Jeep forums is about the catalytic converter and how the engine light stays on constantly. However, I do like the sporty look of my vehicle and how it handles the road.

- Sandra K

used jeep liberty, great 4x4

It is a very reliable vehicle, it's over 15 years old and has never given me problems. The cosmetics are wearing which is to be expected, but nothing performance related. The leather seats are very comfortable, though on hot days it does get VERY hot. Gas mileage is also not too great, as a commuter car it's not the best. It gets about 17 mpg combined.

- Cheyenne S

What is wrong with my Jeep liberty.

Two of my car windows do not work. The transmission is slipping. I've already had to replace air conditioning and brakes since buying it a year ago. The air and heat won't work unless its on the highest setting or it won't blow out any air. I wish I would have searched for a better car. I don't blame the vehicle, I blame the dealer who sold it to me.

- Amber R

Very reliable Jeep will leave you satisfied.

I have had my Jeep liberty for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it. The only problems I had with it was during this year, the radiator went bad and so did the battery. We have to replace both of those with completely new ones. Also, my Jeep eats oil like it is nothing but if you do not mind checking the oil once a month then it is good to go.

- Lupita G

It is easy to steer and control.

Pros: - reliable. - I have had it for a long time and it has only had a few, easily fixable problems. - good looking vehicle. - four wheel drive, I have had no problem driving in the mountains and in the snow in this vehicle. - has sunroof. Cons: - bad on gas. - seats are a little stiff and not good for long trips. - old stereo system.

- Katie S

That the crankshaft and camshaft sensors, and other parts consistently fail.

I like the ability to go off roading for sure, and the four wheel drive is a huge plus. Jeeps are for the most part reliable too, so that is been nice to have. But my jeep has definitely had some problems with it, and judging by the internet responses these problems are way too common for this model for me to be totally happy with my purchase.

- Justen G

4 door Jeep with room in back but also not too big.

Its spacy, plenty of room for 2 car seats in back seats, 4 door, and storage/trunk/back area to put groceries or bigger things, good place for dog to ride, has sunroof and lights on top, everything is power, windows and locks, got 215, 000 miles and just getting to have some issues, but well taken care of, little but roomy for family.

- Scarlett T

Great vehicle little issues and good space.

I bought my jeep with 160,000 miles on it. Now it has 174,500 miles on it and I had no engine issues the only thing I had to fix on it was 2 wheel bearings and new brakes. I drove it on a 700 Mile Road trip with no issues. It has a lot of space for passengers and luggage without feeling cramped definitely would recommend this vehicle.

- Corey R

jeep liberty 2003 black w/ light bar

The jeep is great for a first car!! gas mileage isn't very good but it is s jeep. We have had many issues but it's because majority of the car has never been replaced or worked on. I have spent a lot of money on the car and fixing it. I really like how it rides, it is very sensitive when driving but I feel safe whenever I drive it.

- taylor A

White Jeep Liberty with great story

I bought this Jeep used on Craigslist in 2017. It is a white Jeep Liberty. My vehicle has not had too many problems over the few years I have had it. I have taken it to the shop a few times due to the engine light being on and low air in the tires. It is extremely comfortable and I recently had a brand new stereo system installed.

- Rachel H

Amazing turn radius, very reliable after 256k.

256k miles. Not well taken care of by past owner. Just replaced the u joint. Need to replace the front drivers side window regulator, apparently fairly common. New noise when I turn, this will be the next thing I fix. Hate the window controls are not on the arm rest of the door. Runs great but needs a valve cover gasket replaced.

- Matthew R

The black beauty and the beast.

It used to run really well but lately it has given me problems and I have had to spend almost $500 in repairs because of how old it is. The paint job and the interior are not perfect but I feel that they are both in good condition, especially for how old my car really is. I love Jeeps and I always will so I do not mind.

- Desi S

I enjoy the versatility of the vehicle.

No problems really, it has it's issues but it works for me for everyday travel. It works well for travelling on vacations too because it can carry a lot. I hauled a kayak in the back and it did not fall out. Really great utility vehicle and very reliable. I would recommend a newer year but it will last you a long time

- Tricia B

My car is very old and needs caution when driving but is great for long drives.

My steering wheel shakes when I brake even with good fluid. And after a certain amount of miles it starts to drive bad for example making a lot of sounds, overheating, and breaking down. I have had to replace many parts but the car is very comfortable I love the look, height and capacity of my Jeep liberty sport 2003.

- Jenna F

Great vehicle, terrible taillight design.

The only problem I would have with the jeep liberty is the tail light above the back gate. For some reason it rusts out and the tail light then falls out and when it rains the gate will leak into the bed of the jeep. This is a problem that not only I have experienced, but other of my friends who own liberty's as well.

- Val S

You can make the tightest turns and snow or rain does not slow it down.

My jeep can take off road and highway trips and run smooth and has great gas mileage. It can turn on a dime and while it has tilted at times, it has never rolled over as some trucks will do. It has great traction in snow and rain. The oil pan did rust out and had to be replaced as well as the spark plug wires.

- Hope Y

My first and favorite car: Betsy the silver Jeep Liberty that keeps on going

I've had this car for 13 years and it is great. It is getting a bit older now and has a high mileage, leading to some performance issues related to age, but it is still comfortable and has only ever had 1 break-down it it's entire lifetime. Features are lacking some, but I don't need a fancy car to get around

- Catherine M

Jeep liberty sport is a great vehicle for those who need lots of space.

I have really enjoyed my jeep liberty, it has lots of space and I love all the room it has in the trunk area. I also find the option to just open the back glass very convenient. There are not many downsides that I have found, other than the gas mileage. It is not terrible, but it definitely could be better.

- Caroline G

Any Jeep is a fun car to drive and they have a timeless and classic design

I find the Jeep Liberty to be a very fun car to drive, but it does have some issues. The back windows are notorious for not working so I simply don't use my back windows. I bought my Liberty used so the passenger side window also has some issues and I can't roll it down all the way otherwise it gets stuck.

- Molly C

Sized right for my fam and keeps up with my safety standards

Reliable and trustworthy. Had one problem years ago and none since. Drives well and is comfortable for me to maneuver, since I'm short. I also love the roomy trunk and easy to operate seats and windows. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting a sturdy farm vehicle that is safe and budget friendly.

- Christine C

It is a 2003 jeep liberty and has a gas pedal and a brake pedal.

It's a good car but once 1 thing messes up on it then a lot more problems start up! We have had our jeep for 3 years and it's about time for a new car. The main problem is the back locks up and does not want to open half of the time! Other than that it's a great car just make sure you keep it up to date!!

- Nicole A

4 wheel drive. Spacious sport vehicle.

She very reliable. The biggest issue this year so far way tires. Drives smoothly through snow. No repair issues for 3 years except the tires. Fairly comfortable for a sport Jeep. Not like a luxury vehicle. 4 wheel drive is very convenient in snow and mud. High tip over risk however that's never happened.

- Renee R

Jeep Liberty all the ins and outs

Gas mileage is average but it is built to last. It is great for everyday travel and use on different terrains. The comfort of the car is well enough for someone who like small space and will be able to travel very lightly on trips. Overall the gas mileage is about average but does better than most cars

- William M

Silver, 2003, Jeep liberty.

I love my 2003 Jeep liberty. It is an older vehicle so of course it is not perfect, but has done wonderful to last this long. I have had no problems out of the vehicle other than having to replace the air conditioning unit. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cheap, affordable vehicle.

- Hannah R

This car’s gas mileage is garbage.

I do enjoy my vehicle, as it sits up higher than my previous car. There are only a couple things I do not like. When I purchased my car, the previous owners put in a new radio that does not work well. The seats are a little uncomfortable and since I have had it I have had to replace a lot of parts.

- Brandon U

Jeep liberty is the way to be.

The suspension is a little noisy but overall it is a reliable vehicle and would recommend it for all to drive. It currently has 200, 000 miles and still going strong. It is a sturdy and fairly had friendly. It is compact yet roomy I was able to take my family camping 4 hours away and comfortably.

- Brandy D

I just plain do not like me car.

Too small, too square, uncomfortable, not enough room, ugly style, tires ride funny, windows not big enough, seats uncomfortable, that is about all I know, generally not a suitable car for me, I need more leg room and room on the top, car never seems to be warm the air does not circulate evenly.

- Becky G

Not gas friendly, air conditioning does not work, good car for someone my age.

Does not have air conditioning, sunroof does not work. I love my car but there are some issues that can definitely be worked on. In the winter the tires are not the best, I slip a lot and it scares me a lot. Being my age this is a good car for me but it is not a car that would last me a while.

- Jenna T

2003 Jeep liberty sport color red 4WD.

I like the Jeep liberty, it is really a good SUV. The seat room is great. The performance is good. Although the liberty seems to have issues with the cooling fan. The Jeep runs good other than that it is 4WD. Color red. It is very sporty. . Nice interior good sounding stereo. Love it.

- Diana S

Safe to drive in several feet if snow. Not afraid to drive it.

Have had the Jeep for years. Love it. Great in the snow and ice, feel very safe in it. Large enough to pack up and go on trips, has hardly had any maintenance except for the usual oil changes, tires, etc. Would strongly recommend this vehicle. Great for storing stuff in the hatch too.

- Sue R

Great to drive, easy to get around in, easy for parking and just a great fun.

Love the jeep! Will keep forever, as long as I can drive! Just a fun and useful vehicle. Decent fuel mileage, comfortable, quiet, and very stylish! Can haul stuff, go to dinner, great for grocery shopping because of rear gate opening, great for my dogs, they love to go in the jeep.

- Jack M

2003 Jeep Liberty poor performance

The Jeep is cheaply made and it has poor interior. The parts are expensive and they also break easily. It has a lot of electrical issues and something is always breaking. It's not reliable at all and once you fix something another thing breaks. I would not recommend this vehicle

- Brittany G

My Jeep Liberty, From Childhood to Adulthood

The only major pet peeve is the gas mileage. Love driving it though in all seasons. It's currently at 150,000 miles and I hope it will achieve another 100,000 miles after that. Reliable engine, transmission and everything else all around. Jeeps are my favorite since childhood

- Shane P

Jeep Liberty. Very great vehicle.

It's great it just isn't very good on gas. Very good motor. Have had it for awhile and I have only had one problem. It is kind of a smaller vehicle but I love it. I'm a Chevy kind of person but I love this car. I wish it had more cargo room though and was better on gas mileage

- Hope B

Not the smoothest ride and you hear a bit of rattling while driving.

So far, the repairs I have needed are a new fan belt, new brakes, and changing all spark plugs due to a coolant leak. I like that the engine isnt flipped like it is on new cars so I can easily access problem points. It has proven to be reliable so far aside from those issues.

- Regan F

I would not recommend a Jeep liberty to anyone unless you want an unreliable car

I've had to replace my upper and lower ball joints twice within a 3 year period. And now suddenly my key is not wanting to turn my Jeep on , .I would not recommend a Jeep liberty to anyone. It Makes noises, it squeaks, makes loud popping sound and my transmission is going out

- Tammy P

Fun car, not for everyone

Vehicle is loud and has terrible gas mileage but what can you expect from a Jeep. The cabin is comfortable enough and the finishes are what you'd expect in a vehicle of its age and class. With close to 200,000 miles the vehicle has certainly held up as much as I could hope.

- Timothy S

Bought it used and it is still going strong.

I wanted a Jeep since I bought my first car back in the 1970s, but it wasn't until 2006 that I managed to buy one. I have been happy with my choice sine. It is now got 130k miles on it and is still going strong. I have no plans to retire it until it rolls over and dies.

- Becky L L

The most important thing is this vehicle's ability to get through winter weather. Aside from icy conditions, this vehicle is really reliable in the snow & other precarious weather conditions

I'll start with the dislike and that is the gas mileage. The likes are many. Most importantly, I feel safe in this vehicle, especially in snowy weather. The vehicle is quite comfortable and roomy. The vehicle is durable and easy to drive. In short, I love this vehicle

- Linda N

I love my vehicle. Love the way it handles and what it offers me in the winter.

Brake issues, and no other real issues that I have had with this vehicle. It has done very well for me. No real problems. I take care of my vehicle on a regular basis and so I have had nothing really go wrong with it. I love it. I want another one for my next vehicle.

- Ki L

My dream car..What a jeep!

Needs a new battery but other than that the vehicle runs fine. I love how it is a gas saver and gets me around with no problem. I hate that my back window is broken, but it is a very comfortable truck. And the tires are smooth just like I like them. I love my vehicle.

- Jordan M

May have a Leak, but is So Practical and my fave

Slightly older Jeep. Has a leak that is only a problem during the winter. Looked it up, somewhat common with this Liberty. Could not find the leak even with the tricks mentioned online. But LOVE this car. Have two large dogs; easy to get them in and out of the back.

- Meredith K

jeep liberty positive and negatives

The jeep liberty is great it's really comfy, has really good features, the only bad thing about it is the gas mileage. I am constantly filling up my gas tank. Sometimes when driving through a canyon you can experience the rpm raising and lowering drastically often.

- hannah A

Easier to enter/exit for older folks.

I love the jeep. As an older person, I find it easier to get into and out of a car that sits higher. The only real problem with this model is that the back window comes open by itself. We 'fixed' it by ramming a sneaker between the window and the spare tire holder.

- Suzanne P

Decent small SUV will get you from point A to point B

Jeep Liberty has run well and been pretty reliable. There have been minor problems such as the ball joints going out. Also the fabric stains very easily on the inside. The gas mileage isn't so great. But it is spacious and Powerful with a tow package which I like.

- James F

The best thing about my jeep to me is visibility.

My jeep liberty is 16 years old and overall it is been very dependable aside from some small repairs. It has new tires and a new air compressor and has been a good ride to me since I bought it in '03. The new ones do not appeal to me as they've changed the style.

- Ann H

Good vehicle, wouldn't change it

Has a lot of mileage, ac not working, driver side window not working, need step to get in car. Has crack window, back window shocks need replacing. Other than that it works great. Love the way it drives, runs smoothly, even with all the miles. Wouldn't change it

- Carlos M

I sure do love my Jeep Liberty.

I really love my Jeep. It is very reliable. I have just done general maintenance. It Still has the original clutch. The only I could improve on is the radio. I find it hard to program or change the time. You have to use an ink pen or straight pin to change

- Sue N

It rides very well on long trips and runs very well at high speeds.

We bought our Jeep used 8 months ago and have loved the way it runs and it's reliability. Except for a sensor on the transmission failing and less than great gas mileage we have thoroughly enjoyed owning it and will definitely consider another one in the future

- Donna K

I love everything about my Jeep liberty.

No problems with my Jeep liberty. Of course it does guzzle gas like it is going out of style. The size is convenient, not too big or too small. Easy to transport school and work stuff without feeling cramped. Very reliable. I would recommend a Jeep to anyone.

- Haley H

If you're going to buy a Jeep Liberty, or most Jeeps, you should know that they aren't easy on gas mileage. They use a lot of gasoline!!!

I love my vehicle. It is very smooth and has plenty of space, but doesn't feel gigantic when driving it. I've had very few problems with it and it is over 15 years old and has a lot of miles on it. It is a reliable car and always gets me where I need to go.

- Charlie W

A simplistic review from an average consumer.

As a daily driver, the car is great. Mileage is decent and the cargo area is a generous size. The bottom of the chassis does rust easily and the alternator would need replacing once the vehicle is ten years or older but for reliable transport it is perfect.

- Kelsey H

It has four wheel drive with helps on the backroads.

We use it to travel into the mountains so I can do photography of the wildlife and landscapes. It is great for the off the road and dirt road trips we make to capture photos. It has been reliable for us and if we could afford to buy a newer model we would.

- James T

The amazing reliability and dependability of our Jeep liberty sport.

I love our Jeep liberty sport! It gives you all the strength and reliability of a Jeep and a stylish look outside and inside of a family friendly SUV. I am currently teaching my 16 year old to drive in this vehicle and would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Jennifer W

I love my 2003 jeep liberty.

I have had absolutely no issues with my 2003 jeep liberty. I get my routine maintenance done regularly. The vehicle has made numerous trips back and forth between Chicago and Minnesota as well as Chicago and Tennessee. I am more than happy with my jeep.

- Chris M

2003 Jeep liberty is a great vehicle.

Jeep livery is a great vehicle. Perfect first car for someone learning to drive. Has 4WD. Perfect for the winter. Haven't had issues since purchase. Had to do small repairs including changing the brake pads and rotors. Small in size, but it is perfect.

- Cody A

Keeps both family and sport vehicles . A truest all purpose automobile.

I love the way it handles both on and off road and the comfortable design however it has lower gas mileage than some SUVs but it more than makes up for it in reliably and the roomy cargo space makes for both a family vehicle and a recreational vehicle.

- Wanda M

It is great for gas if you are on a budget.

This jeep is sporty looking, turns on a dime, has a lot of room for big items. Since the jeep liberty is taller I am able to see when I am at a stop sign or something it makes it much easier to see other cars. It is a fun vehicle that meets my needs.

- Melinda J

The most important thing that others should know about my Jeep is that it's completely paid for and it's a four wheel drive too

I like that my Jeep sits up higher than other vehicles on the roadways. I hate that my Jeep rides so rough, reminds me of a logging truck or a dump truck. I also hate that my Jeep is very top heavy, making rollover accidents more likely to occur.

- Sharon J

Great awesome car that has never failed me in bad snowy weather

I love my truck. I purchased it in used condition. Although it's old now it still serves it purpose. Many, many, many miles later it's still on the road. Regular yearly maintenance is all it needs. Great family truck and so awesome in the snow.

- Jessica G

The Jeep Liberty is perfect for college

I like how compact my car is, but it has definitely had a number of problems. For example, there are fluid hoses that have frequently needed to be replaced and were eventually recalled. However, it has a really great heating and cooling system.

- Meghan K

It is good on gas and it has a lot of space.

It is really spacious but one of the headlights are out, the air conditioning does not work the fan for the engine is broke the passenger window barely rolls down the passenger back window is broken only one windshield wiper works.

- Heaven J

It is a really great family car and has a smooth ride.

I love jeeps in general. My jeep has lights on top, they're good for when I go camping. I do not really dislike anything about it. Except last time I changed a tire I stripped 3 lug nuts and couldn't get the tire off.

- Derek W

Hmmm....never been asked that before. I guess that my car is my independence. My freedom.

I LOVE my Jeep Liberty! It's not exactly the perfect car for New York City, but it takes the potholes pretty well, lol. I love it because it's rugged. What I don't love is the poor gas mileage. But I'll keep it!

- Cindy C

Some of them have got a sunroof!!

The inside chairs are not made of dead cows so that is already a plus, is small but it is also high off the ground which is great. It is quite comfortable, more than any leather I have sat in, it accelerates well.

- Victoria S

Overall it is a decent truck, it is comfortable.

I have been running my 2003 Jeep liberty for around 3 years now, Its a 4x4 limited with auto transmission and Its best during the snow season, were it climbs out over small drifts like no other 4x4 I have driven.

- Elizabeth H

A sturdy, all-terrain vehicle but very bad gas mileage.

I love sitting up high and the fact that the Jeep can handle any weather or road. I don't like the bad gas mileage or the fact that lots of little things have broken over the years, like the power windows, etc.

- K L

It works great in the winter

I own a blue Jeep liberty. I upgraded the stereo system to be more modern. I like the four wheel drive and comfortably of the car. I hate the windows being in the middle of the car not on the sides like normal

- Tevin R

I like the fact that it is 4 wheel drive and that there are several options in the 4 wheel drive would make the vehicle very functional.

The vehicle is very reliable and has very few problems. It does very well and gas and as required little or no maintenance. Just vehicle is great for any type of driving and is very comfortable is well.

- Dennis H

Who ever is in it, is the current owner of the vehicle.

Not as efficient on fuel, but with a healthy amount of maintenance, it maintains 18ish gallons to the mile. Low upkeep, easy maintenance, parts are cheap. carrying capacity gets the 5 W's to and fro.

- Robert B

Even though the Jeep is awesome to drive in the winter, it doesn't do very good on ice or in heavy rains.

I love the way my Jeep drives, especially during the winter. I hate how expensive it is to fix though. I try to keep up on maintenance, however being 15 yrs old stuff is starting to go wrong with it.

- Hailey F

They should know that the AC does not work.

I like the fact that it is a jeep cause it has been my dream car since I was in middle school. It drives great and does good on gas. The only dislike I have is that it has a few major rust spots.

- Haleigh M

Gas mileage and how much you run when using air conditioning.

I don't like my gas mileage and how using my air conditioning drains my tank but other than that it's a great car! I love going off-roading in it because it has 4WD and can easily go over bumps.

- Kaytlyn W

I think I'll always drive a Jeep from now on.

I absolutely love my Jeep. Living in New York, it's great for all year round. It's great in the snow and great to drive on the beach. It's a comfortable SUV. My favorite vehicle I have had.

- Megan T

my vehicle is pretty great overall. one thing that I find interesting is that to roll the windows up, the switches are all on the console instead of by each window. I find that odd lol

my car is pretty great I guess. I mean it gets me to & from where I need to go. right now it has a few things that need to be fixed but when it's running good, it's a great vehicle.

- Kelsie H

There have been a lot issues with a sensor. Also does not get good gas mileage.

I like that my jeep liberty has four-wheel drive and that it is affordable. The only thing that is not affordable is the gas. Overall it is a decent car with only bad gas mileage.

- Olivia G

It is a fun and dependable ride. It doesn't get great mileage but it makes up for it in utility.

It's a very fun and all around decent vehicle that will work for a long time. I've yet to have a major complication with it. It can hold alot and can handle most terrain as well.

- Joshua S

That all liberty's have heating problems.. I looked it up on Google and it's a very common problem.

Has great features, four wheel drive, smooth and comfortable to drive. Problems occur on it more than it should. The heating on it hasn't worked good and I've replaced all parts

- Terry W

It is very spacious so there is a lot of legroom even in the backseat.

This jeep is high off the ground so it's easy to see the road. The back seat can fold forward so you can move a lot of stuff or something big. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Mason K

It is a 2009 and it only has 10,000 miles on it.

I like that my vehicle is and SUV. I like that my vehicle is high off the ground. I dislike that my car is a 2003 liberty. I dislike that my car does not have Bluetooth.

- First Name L

It is not so bad on gas mileage.

Has a lot of problems. Something is always going wrong with and no one can figure out why. My check engine light is on and no one knows how to turn it off permanently.

- Alyssa M

Small reliable suv with four wheel drive. Great on gas

I love my Jeep Liberty. I mainly bought it due to having major back surgery and a small child. I wanted a vehicle with four wheel drive, good on gas, and a small SUV.

- Eliza C

It had high beam lights on top of the roof. They are very bright.

It rides a bit rough in the back seat. It does not have auxiliary cord access but has a CD player. It drives easily. Easy to park and turn and reverse. Fun to drive.

- Marie K

The Jeep Liberty is a car that is good for long distance traveling because it is able tolerate harsh weather conditions.

My jeep Liberty is a fairly reliable car that is proficient in getting me from place to place. it's definitely worth buying if it doesn't have any interior issues.

- Bryan R

Some parts are probably going to break down on you, be prepared to sink some money in

I like that I can go off roading and the four by four option is really nice to have. I don't like how there are problems with the model that are consistently bad

- Justen G

I love that it is compact, yet has enough room for a small haul. It is fun to drive. It doesn't get very good gas mileage. The replacement parts are a little expensive.

My Jeep gets me where I need to go. I can haul a load of groceries or a small load of wood or whatever I need. It is dependable and compact, sporty yet durable.

- Bobbie B

It goes in the snow because it is 4 wheel drive.

I love my Jeep because I can see out the back, it is easy to drive and very reliable. I won't trade my Jeep because it is the best vehicle I have ever had.

- Chris W

I do not know, this is a strange question.

I love the style, the engine, how it can handle rough weather. I dislike how old it is though, I feel like I need to get internal repairs on it too often.

- Jacky F

Dependable and cheap on gas

I love my jeep,it's comfortable to drive,and it's cheap on gas,it's very reliable and dependable,it has a lot of space,I wouldn't want any other vehicle

- Kelly M

It would be a great car with a new motor, I like it for the hatchback.

It has 2 cracked cylinder heads so it does not run correctly, the oil light is on and I am not sure why, the check engine light is on due to misfires.

- Justin D

You can go almost anywhere in this

It's small but still has lots of storage room, the 4WD capabilities are amazing; I dislike that the rear window regulators are so terribly constructed

- Jaime J

Will run forever if you keep up with basic maintenance.

She runs like a tank. Great for the snow and winter weather. Great for carrying lots of groceries, people, etc. Reliable and never have to worry.

- Alicia B

2003 Jeep Liberty after 10+ years

I really haven't had any major problems with it, and I've had it for 10 years. I keep up with the regular maintenance on it and it does just fine.

- crystal b

I love the shape and model of my car. I love the color.

My vehicle has had a lot of problems with its air and water leaking into the hood and rusting my pipes and such but it runs nicely and I love it!

- Zoe W

She's a cute one, very good at her job.

She's a little old so she sometimes takes a second to move along. But she overall is awesome, super comfy and fits a lot of friends in the back.

- Amanda D

I love that with 4 wheel drive I don't need to worry about the weather. I love my Jeep!

I absolutely love my Liberty. It is dependable and rugged. When it is time to buy a new car I will definitely choose another Jeep brand vehicle.

- Carrie A

There is not a lot of legroom in the third row. I keep the drivers seat back.

Love the ride. Love the 4 wheel drive option. Love what I can carry in it. Want another one and will be looking for another jeep sometime soon.

- Kim H

Great car but can be a money pit

We loved the vehicle at first.. but shortly after we got it the alternator went out, then the starter, then the suspension lots of money spent

- Elizabeth A

My car is a dependable car.

Love style of vehicle, has good gas mileage,.. No complaints, the vehicle runs great, easy to manage, enough trunk room, good air condition.

- Michelle F

Sucks on miles per gallon of gasoline.

I love it is compact, yet big enough to haul. I hate the mpg, It's is very low for a small vehicle. The tires on mine are loud for radial.

- Kim M




It's a lot more compact than the regular suvs so just be aware

I love our vehicle. It is a little small for two car seats but it gets the job done. My husband is very tall and it's a nice car for him.

- Angelica H

Car is very light and slides around easily

It is a very Poorly made, very light and hydroplanes very easy. Just does not get very good gas mileage in the city or on the interstate.

- Caleb P

Has 4 wheel drive when needed. Not much cargo space.

Has been reliable. Has electrical issues that haven't been looked into. Loses some oil, but mechanic hasn't found out where it's from.

- Amy D

It's held up very well for these past 15 years I have owned it

It's easy to handle, sturdy. Gives a comfortable ride. Has held up in all types of weather and handled snow like a champ. No complaints

- Lynn D

Good running vehicle, bad on gas

Its drivies awesome but my model is falling apart due to the owners before me. It looks like it went the the snow or was at the beach

- Stephanie G

It is comfortable to drive.

The vehicle was a gift, not purchased BY me. I like the comfort, and gas mileage. I don't like that it needs several things repaired.

- Vernie L

It is a gas hog and expect to spend a lot on gas.

Likes: powerful. Can haul materials. Workhorse. Dislikes: bad gas mileage. Big and bulky. Transmission issues. Power window issues.

- John L

The car is very spacious, I've owned a different SUV's before, and definitely this is my favorite!

I bought this car 3 years ago and since then I been having problems with the a.c. and overheating problems. I bought this car used!

- Rosa T

A very dependable older American made car by today's standards

It's a very dependable suv no major problems as far as maintenance has enough space for a family of 3 even has off road capability

- Johnnie J

It is safe and fun to drive.

I like the size of the liberty. I like driving a 4WD in the snow. I do not like the gas mileage. Only complaint is gas mileage.

- Kathy H

It is durable trustworthy vehicle

It is Cool and stylish. It is very fun to drive and fits my personality. it is also four wheel drive allowing me to go anywhere

- Barry C

For a 4x4 it has decent gas mileage.

Love it is a 4x4, 4 doors, full size spare tire, and it has a in car cigarette lighter and ashtray. Dislike small trunk space.

- Russell J

Vehicle with a lot of problems

Having a lot of fuel system problems and also front end problems. Needs$3000.00 worth of work and only has 144000 miles on it

- Boyd A

It is really durable. It is got plenty of room. And nice car.

Likes include how smooth it drives, how much good shape it's in. And dislike, mileage per gallon. As well as wear and tear.

- Alicia M

If it is reliable to take you where you have to go.

I like my jeep because it is sunroof. I do not like the rough ride not very comfortable. The gas mileage is not very good.

- Karen D

How comfortable it is to drive.

Awesome vehicle with excellent handling. Very comfortable drivers seat with electric adjustments. I love my Jeep liberty.

- Guy P

Get the most current year available.

Jeep works well but the air shuts on and off sometimes. Lots of room and good sound system. Gas mileage could be better.

- Angela N

The 4 wheel drive works good but I would worry about the oil burning

Burns oil other than that it has been reliable. Quite a few recalls but the dealer has been good at taking care of them

- Jerry G

It is reliable and looks awesome.

Leaks fluids but is reliable. I would most definitely purchase another Jeep. It has lots of room and the kids love it.

- Karla B

Reliable transportation. Great first car.

Easy to fix. Generally inexpensive. Suitable for small family. Accommodates all mom duties like grocery shopping etc.

- Miranda S

My Jeep is bright red and I love it because no one has the same color so it is easy to find in a parking lot.

The only thing that I do not like about my car is that I feel I am constantly having to fix different things about it

- Madysen F

Do not purchase! I will never own a Jeep again!

Window regulators going out, head gasket going on, terrible gas mileage, ac vents going out. Not a reliable vehicle.

- Emily M

Excellent in snow ! Tight turning radius. Good towing capacity.

Dependable, runs well. Great in snow. Decent towing capacity. Gas mileage is not it's best feature. Would recommend.

- James R

Its old, beat up and falling apart.

Its old and needs some tlc, I just don't have the time or patience to take care of the issues my Jeep has currently.

- Lora N

I like it because it's been working these past few years and gets me where I need to be. But because it is old it is starting to fall apart a bit.

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that the car does well in any weather condition.

- Diego T

That it is practical and driveable

I love that my vehicle is sturdy and compact. It is swift and comfortable. And it gets me wherever I need to go.

- david h

2003 Jeep liberty review!

I like it. Great in the winter time! Gas mileage will not the greatest. Runs well. Rides nice handles very well.

- Randy D

It has rear wheel drive. So when road is wet or in gravel or leaves.

I have about 280, 000 miles on it and it still runs great. Just do general maintenance and upkeep. Fun to drive.

- Vicki M

Very dependable and reliable.

Very dependable. Does very good in the winter with 4 wheel drive. Does very well on gas has a very smooth ride.

- Nancy L

Jeeps are neat, their parts are usually easily attainable and affordable

Not very stable, a lot of jiggling and jostling. Poor gas mileage. Solid 4x4, heats fast, heated seats, good ac

- Joe N

It is the perfect size and fun to drive.

Small, reliable, fun to drive, pretty, sporty, comfortable, sunroof, plenty of space in the back for things.

- Danielle S

There is not a third row seat.

My car has a great braking system, the back seat is spacious and has a lot of room. It also has great speed.

- Downey D

It is comfortable to ride in. It is easy for me to drive.

I am a short person, and it is easy for me to drive. It is easy for me to park. It has decent gas mileage.

- Dona L

I think people should know that a Jeep Liberty is a gas hog.

I like that it is comfortable riding. I like that it is good in the snow. I dislike that it is bad on gas.

- Cheryl B

It is a reliable vehicle that has very few problems,

I like it a lot. My only issues are the gas prices and I would like a newer model. Something that is new

- brianna W

My gas is the most and best part.

It is super easy to drive. Very comfortable and convenient. It does burn oil. It is very easy to drive.

- Christina G

Even though It's an older car if you take care of it it will last.

Love that our jeep is dependable. Our car is Good on gas. Even though it is older she still looks good.

- Blanch C

dependable as your life. save yourself, drive fast with jeep. carry extra fuel, that way you burn hotter.

dependable, well made. will buy again. proud to own and a joy to drive. wish I had a fleet of them.

- doug M

its cool, its mainly for mountains as it is 4x4 drive

i love my car but it seems to have issues staying fixed. It is comfortable drives well has a sunroof

- christina r

My husband and I love the feel of how Jeeps ride, how they grip the ground, and their look. Given that it's an older model, there are many miles on the car and artificial issues - not a quiet car, dashboard lights that stay on, etc.

It is reliable. Even with all of the miles, the age, the wear and tear, we can depend on this car.

- Alesha B

Bad gas mileage but good mechanical work and very little upkeep

I love it. It has had very few mechanical issues and gets good mileage. Only complaint is fuel

- Kelly B

That it's bigger than it looks in the interior.

I like the roominess of the interior. I like the gas mileage. I like the color and the style.

- Dave d

It's dependable and great for traveling long distances.

I like the convenience of a car but the room of an suv, I just wish it got better gas mileage.

- Lora N

Gets good gas mileage for a 4 wheel drive vehicle

Gets good gas mileage. Easy to park. wheel drive, great for winter season in New England.

- Nicholas T

It is safe and fun the drive. It captures my personality.

I like how it drives. I love how it gets around in the snow. I like how safe it feels.

- Rac M

It's very reliable but don't keep it longer than 10 years.

It worked great for many years. Then it started having issues. I still like it though.

- Lolo C

It's hard to gauge distance of car

I like that i feel tall driving it. It's comfortable to drive. Bad gas mileage

- Christine M

I like the roominess of the interior. I like the gas mileage. I also like the sportiness of the style. My only dislike is the color.

The vehicle is more roomy than it looks and gets very good gas mileage..

- Dave Z

built to last forever for me and my kids for 15 years

reliable,depending, long lasting , american , amazing , built to last

- angelique r

The Jeep Liberty is fun and easy to drive, park and maneuver.

It's easy to drive. It's easy to park. Love the cargo space,

- Linda C

safety first to prevent accidents on the road everywhere

love the ride and flow safety not a big fan of the color

- jessica n

It is paid for and is reliable and I like it but I need new tires.

I like the body style. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Shelia C

Good car, not great. Not that reliable as it gets older

I love my jeep. I wish it had less problems though.

- Kay B