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Jeep Liberty- the workhorse that needs a soft hand

I a whole I quite like my Jeep- I'm originally from rural upstate NY and it has many features (mostly 4-wheel drive) that are necessary for living where I did. I love that it has a sharp turn radius, which is hard to find even in compact SUVs. I have driven it from NY to Ohio and from NY to VA (and back) three or four times now. Any issues I have had haven't seemed to be a manufacturing issue but related to how much of a workhorse my vehicle has been since I got it. Though one of the things that does concern me, is that there is consistently a 'hiccup' when I accelerate (usually when going uphill). I would say overall though, it's been a very reliable car. Other than the hiccup when accelerating the other moment I've had was my own fault- the Jeep Liberty is known for being top heavy and I was driving far too fast on a twisting back road and managed to get my Jeep on two wheels, twice. It was terrifying, but I've since learned my lesson and never drive that fast on similar roads anymore. My Jeep is getting older and is almost at 200000 miles and it's still chugging along pretty well. There're more noises occasionally to check out, but that's to be expected. I imagine as long as I take good care of her I'll be able to get a least a few more good years.

- Heather L

2005 Jeep liberty renegade 6 cylinder 3. 7l.

I love the vehicle, but would not buy another one. Despite the factory claim of around 20 mpg, I rarely get any better than 15mpg. The cosmetics are not built to withstand a rough life like you would expect from a Jeep, they are all very cheap plastic and break at junctions very easily if you ever try to do much maintenance yourself. At about 150,000 miles many engine components shot, I had to replace my radiator and fan, ac compressor, receiver drier, thermostat, and radiator cap. In my opinion most of this happened because where there actually is protection on the frame below the engine, it again is very cheap plastic and hard to repair, making the engine, particularly the radiator and radiator fan, susceptible to damage from below such as rocks slung from the tires. Shortly after fixing all that, my transmission blew, making it unable to be driven safely. Considering the cost of transmission replacement would cost as much or more (depending on location) as the value of the car, it is not worth fixing so I am looking for a new vehicle.

- Ryan H

Love the liberty but some flaws in design.

I love the liberty and hate the do not make them anymore. The seats are not the most comfortable but not bad. The fabric stains easy, if it rains and you open the door and any water hits the fabric it will leave water marks. The is a tire pressure light that comes on when your tires are low which is great but you have to go to a Jeep dealer to get it reset. The other issue I had is the back seat windows the motor went on both sides. When opening the hood it does not have a standard bar that you use to keep the hood open, they have what they call hood struts but they fail. So if you have to open you hood you need someone around to hold the hood open. You can replace the hood struts so that is an option but I wish they just put in the stand bar. It is also the same with the back hatch window.

- Donna W

Great looking great gas mileage 4 wheel drive very roomy & spacious inside

I love my jeep because it sporty it looks great to be an older model it's very roomy inside the back seat lays down so that gives more space for shipping.or moving stuff . it's a four door plus it has a door in back that opens very easy to load groceries in & out. A space for my dogs to ride. It has a nice sound system. Its 4-wheel drive great for when we have snow ( not very often in Ga ) but it does come in handy ?? I get very good gas mileage . I really don't have anything bad to say about it I do have a couple of minor things to get fixed the windshield leaks & the rear side passenger window does not roll down. These things were like that when I bought it Overall for what I paid for it it's a great purchase I love the blue color it's painted

- Jan M

Lifelong Jeeper. I got this Jeep because of the spacious back.

This jeep is a lot of fun. I bought it used at 82k and have put on quite a bit of miles on it. The back is spacious and there are hidden compartments under the floor. However, as of late I have been having electrical issues. My jeep doesn't have 130k miles on it and at night my headlights will go off if I turn on my turn signal. Also the passenger airbag signal will go off and on depending on what I have in the seat. So there is that to consider when buying a jeep like this. Other than that, it handles well on the road. Off road I will have to get better all terrain tires, as I have got it stuck in soft wet sand. That was a first for me. The primary overall handling is good enjoy it in spite of its pitfalls.

- Tara J

Super cute jeep liberty silver.

This vehicle is very reliable. It does really well with a lot of miles and I use it to drive long distances. It is not too big or too small. I am 5'0 and I fit in this car perfectly. Has a roomy trunk that has fit a bunch of my belongings to and from college. When you put the seats down you can fit a lot of stuff if you need to. Gas mileage is not too bad. It has four wheel drive feature. This car has never broken down on me. The only problems I have had as it is getting older is that the air conditioning and heat only works on the highest setting (level 4). Also you need to check the oil more often than you would other vehicles because it does through it fast. Other than that I love this jeep.

- Ashley M

Jeep Liberty 2005 sport purchase.

When we first purchased the vehicle, it was from someone who had used it up to 165k mileage. The person before us did not take good care of the car. Although it drives smoothly, it has a transmission seal leak as well as other wear and tear like a bad timer belt and a bad ball joint and some parts that are rusting that we will be fixing up for the next 6 months. It's very good on gas. It's spacious yet petite for a small person like me. If the car has any issues, it makes a warning noise where the dashboard is as well as the sign of what needs catering comes on. The seats are comfortable. All together it's a good car it just needs love as soon as you notice a problem please fix it.

- Ma K

Radiator nightmare, expensive tires.

The parts and tires are so expensive and I have had nothing but problems with the radiator. I have had to replace things on it so often the guys at AutoZone remember me and joke that Jeep stands for "just empty every pocket" as for comfort the seats are nice, upholstery is comfortable. The stitching on the steering wheel felt kind of terrible I had to cover it with a fuzzy cover. It stands up to damage like any other vehicle I have owned. Not a month after a got it a fedex truck smacked me in a parking lot and left a huge dent above my back tire. But thankfully it was only cosmetic damage.

- Vanessa A

The jeep liberty is a great drive and has great trunk space!

The jeep liberty is very reliable. It is a great drive and has adequate trunk space. It also drives very nicely and handles well. The only downsides to this vehicle are that the back doors do not open as far as one might like, which makes getting in and out difficult. The back seats are also uncomfortable to sit in, especially for long rides. Lastly, due to the age of this model it does not have an auxiliary port, so unfortunately you cannot play your own music. Other than these few grievances, I love this car, and I do not plan on getting rid of it anytime soon!

- Maria D

A fun realizable vehicle with a few hiccups.

The vehicle is reliable, fun to drive performance wise and great in the winter. The only issues I have with this vehicle is that everything from oil, antifreeze and power steering fluid have leaked at some point, the vehicle is not very fuel efficient, and one annoying featuring is if you are at the gas pump and allow to the pump to fill the tank on its own, when the handle clicks that it's done, you'll see gas has overflowed and is running down the side of the vehicle. Despite these issues, I love the size, performance and the handling of the 2005 jeep liberty.

- Derrick R

Jeep liberty will last you for the long haul.

I really love the sports utility vehicles because of the space and ability to get through the snowy winters over a sedan. I upgraded to an SUV also because I wanted to be able to move myself from apartment to apartment without renting a truck. The thing that I dislike the most is the gas mileage. I get only 16-18 miles per gallon. This is the main thing that makes me want to trade in my vehicle for a newer more gas efficient model. Also, after having the vehicle for 10 years, the lights and windows are starting to breakdown and need replacing.

- Lindsey A

Reliable and wonderful all around.

My 2005 Jeep liberty is very reliable. I have owned it for 8 years now and it had never let me down. The 4 wheel drive gets me where I need to go, no matter the weather. The large front window allows easy viability of everything around me. I feel very safe driving my Jeep liberty. The seats are comfortable and the back provides a lot of storage. I love the hatchback, it allows easy transportation for many types of things whether it be fence posts or pets. My Jeep liberty drives smoothly and has a great classic type look to it.

- Tracy T

2005 jeep liberty used and abused, the car that survived it all.

I overall like my 2005 jeep liberty. They recalled a part on the frame that had rusted and broken but that has been taken care of. There have been issues with the heating and cooling of the engine, but nothing extremely serious. The four wheel drive works very well and comes in handy driving in the snow and winter conditions. Trunk size is very large and accommodating. I do not suggest gray interior, it shows stains easily. The car sits very high, so if you do not like to sit high I do not suggest this car to you.

- Julie M

The perfect powerful vehicle, but gas mileage is a problem

I really like my Jeep Liberty because I'm a fairly short person. The car sits up higher giving me a better view of the road while driving. The four wheel drive is amazing and has gotten me out of more than a few situations where I otherwise would have ended up stuck. The car does great driving in the winter when it's snowing. The only thing I don't like about my Jeep is the gas mileage isn't the best. I drive a lot and get usually about 220 miles on a full tank but have to fill up frequently.

- Caitlin R

The Jeep Liberty is a dependable car that takes you to where you need to go.

Considering the age of the vehicle, it drives well and has minor problems over the years, such as rusting. The leather seats provides comfort and the vehicle has a great turning radius. The AC and heat go on immediately and works very well, although when the fan is set at 1, it is hard to tell if air is coming through. I enjoy driving the car because it is reliable and gets me to where I need to go. Features include chrome, leather seats, and driver and passenger heated seats.

- Vanessa Q

I love the space available in the car. It can stow so much!

Honestly a great car! I love how high up it sits and I haven't had any problems with my engine. It is a little bit of an older model so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles but it has been a great first car. Because it's a Jeep, the engine is louder, which can be frustrating sometimes, and it's not the best for long distance driving, but I have nothing really to seriously complain about with this car! Great ride and a reliable model!

- Sarah A

Great car until 200, 000 miles.

I loved this car until it hit around 210, 000 miles. It is a perfect size, it is boxy build allows for great storage especially when the back seats are folded down. It is easy to parallel park and has great visibility. Pretty good gas mileage for being 4wd, 30 highway! It is a diesel so I expected it to last at least 300, 000 miles. Now that it is at 215, 000 it basically needs a new engine! So all in all great car while it was working!

- Tree H

Life is better when driving a Jeep.

I love driving my Jeep liberty. I am confident while driving it, I sit higher than a car allowing me to see better. Jeeps in general make great sharp turns which is one thing I love. The only main issue I deal with is that I have a 16 gallon tank which is very expensive fill when not getting decent gas mileage. Jeeps are great for driving to work but especially off-roading. I would never buy another car other than a Jeep!

- Brooke U

While the vehicle has it is issues, it is pretty reliable and gets me to and from.

I have had multiple transmission issues and have had to have the transmission replaced. Since it is been replaced, it is been perfectly fine. Over the summer the main belt fell off of my car due to a broken tensioner. It runs a little loud. It is large enough that it can hold a lot which is important for when I move to and from school for holidays. It also has 160,000 miles on it and is still going strong.

- Page D

Reliable Car! Great first car

This car is a 2005. My parents have owned it since 2007 and instead of them buying me a first car I chose to just get that one. I love my Jeep liberty. What a more reliable car. We haven't had any major issues happen ever with this car! (Knock on wood) I'm 22 and still driving my first car. That isn't very common. It is just now starting to have some small minor issues with almost 200,000 miles on it.

- Baylee P

jeep liberty 2005 off road

Vehicle problems start once it hits 160k you will have issues with transmission seal if you use it off road often without repair, performance is immaculate though, the car is reliable as long as you keep up with the repairs, its comfortable it's tight though so if you are a small person it is a perfect fit. Features would be off road 4wd I guess so that works out if you're using the car for a hunt.

- mariah K

It's easy to drive and maneuver.

I like that it's not very long so it's pretty easy to park or to get out of a space without having to do much maneuvering. I think it's A great height. The things I hate about it is that the buttons to lower the windows are all by the middle console instead of on the door where it would make more sense. Also, it's not very good on wet or slick roads. It feels like would be easy to flip sometimes.

- Patrice P

Overall, has remained a pretty reliable vehicle for being nearly 25 years old.

Back seat is slightly uncomfortable. Recently I have had to replace the tire rods and it needs new struts. The ride is not as smooth as I would like it to be. The paint on the top of the vehicle is beginning to chip off. The 4WD component is great and has gotten me out of several binds. The sensor for tire pressure must be failing because o keep my tire pressure adequate and check frequently.

- Orion B

Know one knew where the jack was to the car

there wasn't very many problems with this car, expect the normal wear and tear over the years. As far as the performance and reliability to me it was great, I cannot say that I ever had to leave parked anywhere over night so the performance was very good also. Comfortable for the passenger and the driver, but the passengers in the back seat was always tight. Not a lot of features .

- Davis D

Spacious Vehicle great for family of four & pet. Great storage space

Only complaint is the Passenger right signal light constantly out. It gets too hot never had a recall and it should have been. Also going up steep hills it's really slow you can have your foot all down has and everyone else is passing you. Besides this the car has been great had it 12 years and now looking to trade it in. As long as you keep the service maintenance you are set.

- Maria L

It is a good drive and comfortable too.

I like my jeep because it is generally fuel efficient. It looks good. It is reasonable on repairs whenever I have a breakdown. If it not serviced then the fuel efficiency declines. The other major problem is with the control arms which need looking at every couple of years. Apart from that, I do not really have any complaints. My jeep is reliable and has a lot of internal space,.

- Michelle C

Awesome vehicle for 4 wheel driving in the snow!

Love the 4 wheel drive, love the compact size, it is easy to drive, maneuver and park. The ride is a bit rough though, but is customary for a Jeep , I guess. I wish it was front wheel drive and not just rear wheel drive, when it is not in 4 wheel mode. So far only major issue was that the engine piston "blew" and broke at 115, 000 miles. . . Cost me 2500 to replace motor.

- Susan D

Decently older car for families.

There is a factory defect, but it will be fixed for free. It is a got a CD-player, the seats are comfortable, the car automatically locks with the key. It drives smoothly. It is got a lot of space in the back. The central air is nice. It comes with an extra wheel, it can be speedy if you want to push the gas pedal, and all, it is a good car for families and camping trips.

- Bella C

The car is a good a to b car. I like the interior and it holds up pretty well.

It seems like I take it into the shop every month. It constantly has issues and breaks down. It is not the most reliable car and needs a lot of care. It has some basic features and is overall a nice comfortable car. I would recommend a different car brand because Jeep is not reliable and by the end you will spend more money fixing it then you did actually buying it.

- Isabelle O

It is a great vehicle if you occasionally need to haul large items but don't want a truck.

I like the jeep for its ability to lay the back seat down and haul large items. I also like the way it drives. I do not like the gas mileage I get. I also have a car seat in the back and the short wheel base makes it difficult for me to have anyone ride in my passenger seat because I have to push the seat as far forward as possible to make room for the car seat.

- Carrie D

A interested detail is window buttons are in the center vs in the door.

What I love about my car is that it is compact but spacious, I also love that it is a well known vehicle making it easier to find parts when needed. I have owned my jeep for about 8 years now and it has just now started having issues, but nothing to major or anything my husband can't fix. The jeep is built to last and it's perfect for my little family and I.

- Caroline W

It has great gas mileage.

I do not have any problems with my car. I love how smoothly it drives and can travel well over long distances. I go to school 750 miles away and I have driven back and forth many times and have never felt unsafe or had any automotive problems. The only negative is that there is no auxiliary cord to listen to music, but that is just a minor inconvenience.

- Delaney B

2005 Jeep Liberty Review.

My car is somewhat reliable. It takes diesel fuel, which makes the car significantly louder than cars that take gasoline. It is comfortable to drive and has a sunroof. It is spacious. But, there have been a lot of problems with it, including issues with the transmission, brakes, steering, etc. Repairs have been more expensive than buying the car itself.

- gwen R

The Jeep liberty trail rated.

I lost my Jeep liberty haven't had too many problems with it seems to go through the brakes a lot. Also on the side there's a little bit of rust because water stays and wells up in a certain area on the door got a little ticking in the bottom of the motor I check oil all the time and it is still good but still got that little chick.

- Darlene J

Basic Jeep liberty feedback.

The vehicle I am writing about is my mother's, but I drive it once in a while. Therefore, I am not the most qualified to provide feedback. However, this vehicle has recently starting having frequent issues, with brake lights malfunctioning and lights on the dashboard not shutting off. I wish this car had an AUX cord port as well.

- Lauren D

Love my jeep liberty 4X4 limited!

I love my jeep liberty. I have been driving it since 2011 and it has been a very reliable vehicle. It does great in ice and snow and has not required any work beyond typical maintenance. My family drove to from Washington to New Mexico and back and had zero issues with my jeep. Great vehicle for everyday driving and road trips.

- Deborah S

Window problem that had recalls

The only issue with my jeep is numerous recalls for the electric windows. The part is defective and after having it fixed (recall) within 6 months it was back to the same problem (window will not stay up). I refused to pay $150 to have it fixed. Had my brother in law remove the part and secure the window so it will stay up.

- Brenda F

Space of a small SUV but fast acceleration and turning like a sports car!

The Jeep Liberty renegade can make the tightest and quickly turns. Parallel parking is so quick and easy. Super comfortable to drive and very easy to access. Seats fold down quickly for more storage. Fast acceleration makes it easy to speed in this vehicle. Great for off roading. Bounces over sand, dirt, mud, snow with ease.

- Jennifer C

Best of all worlds: sporty, reliable, efficient and trustworthy.

I really love how it is a reliable car that has not given me any trouble for the last 13 years. It is also an efficient car and the design is unparalleled. I wish this model would return. It is extremely comfortable and quiet for a SUV. The fabric of the seats could be less heavy given that in the summer it gets really hot.

- Danny N

Gets your from A. To B. But wouldn't rave about it.

I guess it's a great vehicle, but mine particularly though had issues with wiring and a hole in the oil pan when I purchased it used. I don't take care of it like I should and hasn't completely broken down yet though so that's a plus. Not the most comfortable seats and not super spacious leg room but it gets the job done.

- Jessica R

Jeeps are good vehicles and built to last if you can afford it

Burns way too much oil however this car has been very reliable and durable vehicle for daily commute to work and family road trips. Also has had several radiator problems so antifreeze is another thing that must be kept up weekly..one last thing the gas mileage is horrible so be prepared for more gas oil and coolant.

- Lydia S

Jeep ruggedness and unexpected comfort.

Car is nice but doesn't get good gas mileage compared to newer vehicles. Also repairs can be costly. Wheel and engine repairs can often be in excess of five to six hundred dollars. Older vehicles may experience leaky seals around doors and other windows. Features such as heated seats and windows are a nice touch.

- Jonathan M

Love my Jeep! Need to go mudding!

So far I love my little Jeep. Love the size of it! There is plenty of room to haul stuff as I am a junker!! It runs, rides, and drives great! I like the looks of this model better than newer models. I also like sitting up high on the road. My only issue is that the gas mileage is not as good as my little car.

- Becky H

The 2005 jeep has a lot of issues!

Jeep has had issues with the motor and transmission and bought it with cash for $10,000 and 3 years later cost $ 8,000 to fix motor, and the part time light comes on and oil light also does. On the 2001 Saturn the oil light comes on most of the time and the air conditioner compressor goes out all of the time.

- Michael L

Loving the Jeep life in a liberty.

So far the only problem I have had is trust due to the previous owners lack of care due to winter weather. I love my liberty! I love its ride and the way it handles. It handles like a Jeep but smooth like an SUV. Gas mileage is pretty good and the interior is very Jeep like not quite as cushy as an SUV.

- Jennifer F

Good value, strong off-road.

My water pump went out a while back and that made driving pretty miserable. My gas mileage is horrid and there's some front end damage that I never got fixed. Otherwise it is a fun car to drive and it was a great value. The four wheel drive system is strong and the car is surprisingly capable off-road.

- Kyle R

Jeep Liberty review. Jeep Liberty review for 2005 four door sport.

The Jeep Liberty is a fine vehicle with the same problems as any car over 10 years old, the radiator has been replaced, as well as many other parts that became wore out, but the vehicle is reliable and comfortable and affordable to a point. The performance is great, and I would recommend this vehicle.

- Dana R

Like new SUV. Best vehicle ever.

Turns on a dime. Its a 2005 and have had no major problems. Drives excellent. Looks great, handles great. Has electric windows. Great site lines, no blind spots. Seats are very comfortable. Very reliable. Would not be afraid to drive it anywhere alone. Great tires that I've only had to replace once.

- Karen B

It is great for me. I can drive it with no problem.

Needs new brakes and brake lights fixed but it gets me to places I need to be. Comfortable fit for 4-5 people. Reliable on pavement and off-road experience. Great on gas mileage and it always gets taken care of. I take care of it all the time and though it always needs work, it is a great vehicle.

- Nicole T

A fairly decent vehicle, as long as it's properly maintained routinely.

I have issues with my transmission. Normal wear and tear, it tends to be a little top heavy. I would most definitely recommend the jeep liberty for a first time car for probably a teenager. It seems to be safe and normally mechanically sound. I just believe that my jeep was routinely maintenance.

- Samantha H

Jeep Liberty 2005 Silver and Gray

I feel safe driving this vehicle especially in winter since it has 4wd. It is pretty good on gas mileage. I can drop the back seats to carry my bicycle. Since it has a truck engine you can get a lot of miles. It has had a few recalls in the past. I would buy a newer version probably next year.

- Kathy N

I cannot think of anything at this time.

It is a nice vehicle, but just had a few issues that I do not care for. One thing, the window openers are between the two front seats instead of on the doors. Also, my gas mileage is not very good. But it rides smooth. I enjoy the ride. I am not sure that gas mileage is because it an older car.

- Vera G

Wonderful jeep liberty 2005. Best jeep there is.

There is no problems with it. Gas is expensive though. Performance on it I believe is a 100. Very comfortable and cozy and the seats go down if you want to lay down. Features is not many but it is a great car and easy to maintain in snow, winter, summer and fall. I highly recommended this car.

- Ashley L

It is all wired for a computer. The color is white trimmed in gray.

My Jeep is very comfortable. It's the nicest vehicle I have owned. The gas mileage is average for a 6 cylinder engine. It has a hitch so I can pull boats or trailers. It's very roomy and has luggage rack on top. Spare tire goes on back hatch door. Back seats fold forward front seats lay back.

- Joyce K

The perfect sized SUV with timeless looks!

Has been very reliable and has kept it is looks. It's just the right size. . . Not too big, but can handle occasional large loads. My liberty still looks like a new car! Also has a roomy interior, very comfortable. I wish Jeep still offered this model. Just wish it were a bit more efficient.

- Alyssa M

For the ride of joy can't beat the price.

My Jeep is something that I am comfortable with it made for the small rides in country areas and a good get around car for the city. Rarely do I have problems with it and really thinking about upgrading to a even better one it rust in a few strange spots but have seen it in the newer models.

- Daryl P

Spacious silver Jeep liberty.

It is spacious. I like that the seats go down in the back. I have to fill up with gas pretty often through, that is probably the only downside. It is not too big, so I do not feel like I ‘m driving a boat around. I have long legs and I have more than enough room in the driver’s seat.

- Rain S

It's a compact SUV with all the benefits of a larger car in a smaller package

I really like my car. I got it at a good price and has been nothing but reliable. It has a comfortable interior. It handles excellently in winter conditions and has 4 wheel drive. The few problems that I have with the car is that it cannot support and aux input and only has radio or CD's

- Quinton R

The joys and the negative of having the Jeep library.

The air conditioning does not work, there is a crack inside the glass of the front window, need new brakes. It's good in the snow with has 4 wheel drive, good heat in the cold, sometimes it leaks when it rains on the front window on the left corner. The power windows work, radio is good, .

- Alice A

Great car for a college student.

A great car for a college student or something who needs a lot of trunk space. It can easily fit five people comfortably. Great interstate car, does not get the best gas mileage but drives great in highways. The car is very reliable and will get you from point A to point B with no problems.

- Joie T

It drives good and goes fast.

My vehicle works pretty well. I bought it used so it is not perfect. It is a diesel that I have. It is not very good on gas mileage, but it drives nice. It is blue and the paint is a little scratched up. Overall, the vehicle is very nice. It goes pretty fast. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Halley H

Dependable everyday vehicle.

Very practical and comfortable. Roomy. Dependable and great for traveling and or shopping. Have had it for about 4 years and it has never given me a problem. Just routine maintenance. Am currently thinking about getting a new car but can't find one that will match what I have with my Jeep.

- Silvia M

My Jeep even has a moon roof which I use often. .

My vehicle is easy on gas and the maintenance is great. The ride is smooth for a smaller SUV even when the 4 wheel is engaged. It has plenty of room to haul around my things and make my passengers comfortable. It came with an impressive package of options. I have no complaints about it.

- Karen W

On the move with all the gear for a great day.

The jeep liberty is a great vehicle for going around town, it has an 8 disc CD player in the back to listen to music on long trips so you do not have to search for another station while driving. Great for gathering food for food pantries, along with taking my son's bike along with us.


I have pulled multiple bigger vehicles from ditches.

Alignment is kind of off right now. Turns are a little heavy because I need to tightened wheel bearing bolts. But very well maintenance and drives great. Very reliable during all seasons. Especially during winter with 4X4, that will get you home safely every come night with icy roads.

- Robert B

My vehicle is old but gets me where I need to go

It has a good amount of engine problems, which is most likely due to its age. But although it does not have many miles on it so it shouldn't have this many engine problems. The steering is a little off because it pulls to the right often. Other than that it's a pretty good vehicle

- Cain T

Your decision. It's a 50/50 shot of this Keep being worth the time.

Not too bad. . . A bit of a gas hog, but otherwise ran and drove until we didn't need to drive anymore. Drives smooth, I guess. . Seats could be a little more comfortable. It had a sunroof until the sun roof came off the tracks. . Now we have a pool of water in the passenger seat.

- Hope W

The good and bad of my Jeep.

For a 2005, it is only main issues are the transmission and rack and pinion, power window gears. It is large enough to fit my 2 6'4" tall sons in the back seat. And it is a Jeep. Gas mileage is not the best but as long as I keep maintenance on the vehicle, it should last a while.

- Crystal S

Has flood lights on top it stands out.

My Jeep is reliable sturdy holds up well drives smooth is a 4 wheel drive. Is pretty has nice stereo air is very good four doors flood lights on top fully loaded was very well maintained have not had any repair beyond regular maintenance nicely tinted windows very nice vehicle.

- Shawn R

I am sold on Jeep s and will make my next purchase another Jeep .

The Jeep is very responsive even though the ride is not real smooth. No problems to speak of. I am very happy with it and the next car that I buy will most likely be another Jeep . It may not be the liberty but it will surely be another Jeep . Which will probably be a wrangler.

- Bobby G

Small but spacious. Family friendly

I like the size and handling of my car. Very spacious for my family and shopping needs. It was a second hand car so I can't really complain about the mechanics of it. It's been a reliable vehicle to me for the past 4 1/2 year and I am happy with the performance and gas mileage.

- Ashley A

Great SUV great space comfortable ride good long distance travel vehicle.

I like the overall performance of my vehicle. The issue I have with the car is the loud sounds from the air coming in around the window, and the fuses for the taillights have to be replaced about every 6 months. I like the interior space and comfort the storage space is great.

- Veronica V

My Jeep and why I love it.

This vehicle has served well in all areas (reliable transportation to and from work, hauling recreational equipment, cross country vacations) with minimal repair and maintenance. It also easily transports two large dogs. In the future we would consider purchasing another Jeep.

- Margaret L

Its sporty and 4 wheel drive.

I love my Jeep liberty it is comfortable good gas mileage 4 wheel drive is great and fun 100 percent reliable has never let me down can park anywhere only issue is wiring blinkers and tail lights go out sometimes I have 140 thousand miles on it wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Tracy P

Jeep liberty is my favorite car.

It is just my style. It reacts quickly and is very comfortable. The jeep is a fun car that my grandchildren enjoy as well. The sunroof gives you a feeling of open space and is easy to operate. The heated seats are also a great feature. It is high enough to see over traffic.

- Dot H

Jeep liberty is reliable and comfortable.

Although it is 14 years old, I have had very few problems with this vehicle. Reliable, comfortable, able to pack a lot of stuff in it! Windows have been a bit of a problem, but once fixed they've been fine. Would definitely buy another jeep when I need to get a new vehicle.

- Laurie D

My Jeep doesn't get the best miles per gallon.

My Jeep liberty is a great car. Good for off-roading and good for casual drives. It comes with heat leather seats and a pretty good Audio system. It has lots of space so for the five seats it holds everyone gets room. The four wheel drive helps out a lot. Overall good car!

- Joseph N

This vehicle has a very small turning radius.

This vehicle is a very good buy. I have had only normal problems with this vehicle and none of them have been catastrophic. This is a small 4x4 vehicle that performs very well in all weather conditions. It is very reliable and very comfortable for a small wheel based SUV.

- Keith M

2nd owner. 2005 Jeep liberty.

Great on gas Turning signals keep aborting 4 wheel drive is great for north eastern blizzards Wish it had a port to connect devices like a cell phone. Wish it came with dials and or functions for radio on steering wheel Great sound Good breaks Small but comfortable SUV.

- Doris G

Jeeps are useful nice looking but quirky.

All Jeeps a quirky. They have starter issues usually and other weird things that happen to them that are just annoying. I have replace the starter twice I am getting a lot of mileage out of it the body looks great it is holding up well considering the age of the vehicle.

- Jeannette C

The comfort and the vehicle height is very comfortable.

The only problem that I have is that the vehicle is a gas guzzler. Other than that the only money spent on it is routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire replacement. If there was a vehicle with this body style that was fuel efficient I would get it in a second.

- Silvia M

This car makes you overlook it is problems because it is just so fun to drive.

I love my car it has the perfect amount of technology for me. The speakers are great, the windows are huge, it is very pleasing to the eye. I is not the most dependable, but it is an old car. The sun roof leaks and it is very top heavy so you have to drive with caution.

- Allison T

Jeep Liberty 2005 Review !

Amazing car! Lasted longer than I've expected. Tough, reliable and safe. Gas mileage isn't the best, but the overall benefits of this car will compensate for that con. Would recommend to anybody who is looking for an SUV. Perfect size - not too big and not too small.

- Br R

It's horrible! Do not buy used jeep liberty

It's absolutely horrible on gas. We have had nothing but problems with the vehicle. Including brakes, premature rust, struts. I would never recommend this vehicle to anyone unless you plan on investing a lot of money into it and the fuel. Will be getting rid of soon.

- Daniel P

Very Satisfied with this vehicle

I have owned this Jeep since it was bought brand new, and have loved it ever since. Like any car it's needed some maintenance over the years, but it's always been very minor and things I've always been able to do myself. Great for large/heavy loads, and great on gas

- Anthony B

A great car for a new driver.

The performance is great however it tends to break a lot or have problems that need to be fixed and cost a lot of money this is probably due to the fact that the car is thirteen years old though, I would buy this car again if I had the chance it was a very good car.

- Kyle A

Jeep Libertys have poor gas mileage, uncomfortable seating & bad parts assembly.

Gas guzzler, front seats uncomfortable, ac vents cheaply made & they come out or plastic breaks, terrible configuration of window regulators and door lock/open & close assembly's -I've replaced 2, vehicle jostled by wind blowing underneath it, fast take off

- Jessica B

It is the best vehicle I have owned.

It is a good car for a small family. It does well on gas, has a smooth ride, and easy to drive. Parts are easy to find and manually fix when rare problems occur. It is very reliable and can be used for many years. How much am I really supposed to say about the car?

- Rebecca B

Vehicle review. My Jeep is trustworthy and fun to drive.

I have not had any major problems. It has been very reliable and I love to drive it. The ac needs to be repaired now but it is the only problem I've had in the 8yrs. I've owned it. I take good care of maintenance. I will replace with the same model when I have to.

- Mary R

Two options for 4wd: high and low.

I love my jeep liberty and would buy another one if they still made them! I live in the snow and the 2 options of 4wd (lo and high) was one of the features that sold me on this car. I had never had leather seats before and I love them. I also like the 6-CD player.

- Susan H

Great Jeep model, Jeep is great overall

The reliability of this Jeep is amazing. I have only had to change the basic things such as spark plugs, oil and such but other than that my Jeep has surpassed newer model cars. It's a great model and Jeep has always been known for its reliability and durability.

- Valeria R

Great for long trips and tons of space!

I love the design and space inside. The back seats fold down for great storage. This vehicle goes through brakes and rotors more quickly than any other. I've been told it's just this style of vehicle. If you need a compact and reliable vehicle, this is the one.

- Tiffany B

Fantastic turning radius!

This car is consistently dependable, and I love it. . Have had this car for 13 years. Minor repair problems, but nothing more than $750. Perfect run around town car. Amazing turning radius, turns on a dime. Do not want to get another car solely because of this.

- Liz H

Would not buy one again: the Jeep liberty.

My car is very old. The engine seems to still have decent power for its age. However, the transmission is starting to skip, the car itself is too small and the inside is poorly made. All plastic and old. Not very comfortable. No Bluetooth, bad stereo, etc.

- Heather S

Leather interior, sunroof, tire cover

Had to replace fuel tank and a lot of different sensors over the past 5 years. Only gets about 17 miles to the gallon so it takes about 35 to 40 dollars to fill up. Great first car but not a good life long car. Has cool features like a sunroof and power seats.

- Carol R

It�s a pretty decent car.

It has a small oil leak, so I have to check my oil often. However my car is great. Its comfortable (to me), gas mileage is average, it's good on the highway but regular leisure driving it's kind of a guzzler. Other than that my car drives nicely and I love it.

- Axel D

Jeep Liberty: good at a cost.

My vehicle has a large amount of space and the four wheel drive is nice but my issue is that it seems to have had a lot of trouble recently whether expensive or cheap. This all adds onto the fact that it is falling apart from the rust thanks to New York state.

- Mark F

The tile of my review is: Loving my Jeep.

I purchase a used 2005 Jeep liberty two years ago and the only problem I had with my vehicle, is to change the brakes. I love my Jeep and I would not trade it in for nothing in the world. Also, I will be riding my Jeep until it can not provide for me anymore.

- Jacqueline D

The car is great for road trips, spacious, and a family friendly car

I love the Jeep because of its ability to drive on a rocky ground without getting torn up due to the lowness of the car. It also is very spacious inside. The downfalls of having the Jeep is how high it is from the ground because on road cars are harder to see

- Philip fuentes F

2005 Jeep Liberty. Electric gas gauge

Leaks and burns oil and gas. Very comfortable otherwise. Drives off road well. Can still make long distances despite years and mileage. Comfortable seating and drives well. Electrical system sometimes faulty. High mileage, but handles well. Decent vehicle.

- Melissa T

Car very good on gas and very dependable.

I had the car for over ten years. Sometime around year 3, I had problems with the driver's side rear electric window. After about 8 years, I had a problem with the transmission where after driving for 10-15 miles, transmission would get stuck in one gear.

- Lewis S

Cooling fan an issue with 2005 jeep liberty.

The cooling fan has gone out 3 times. The windows fell off the track in the backseat. . The car has 178,000 miles and it still running. The transmission had a small problem but only cost 900.00 to repair. Otherwise the vehicle rides well and is reliable.

- Mary B

Like my Jeep you would like it too.

No problems runs well is good on gas nice looking smooth ride performs well in any situation like this Jeep guess you will have to get one and see for yourself how good it is hope you take me up on it and come back tell me what you think goodbye for now.

- Debra M

Navy blue four wheel drive jeep liberty.

Needs tires and a alignment. Needs a light cover for the right blinker. It's pretty reliable. It's been rebuilt twice. Its navy blue.. It's a bare minimum car. Probably not good for road trips until I get new tires. And the transmission slips sometimes..

- Savannah S

Safe road trip and daily driver! I love my Jeep!

It has some cosmetic damage from a minor accident and after owning for 4 years I had to replace the radiator which was cheap and easy. It has made 10+ mountain drives (6 hrs one direction) comfortably and is my safe daily driver with my infant daughter.

- Ash V

Who doesn't love their Jeep?

I really love my Jeep. It's fun to drive, and I feel confident driving in the snow and rain because of its ability to switch into all-wheel drive. It is a little too heavy, and as it has approached 100,000 miles it's starting to show the wear and tear.

- Alison B

Its safe and it's been in 8 accidents and still drives like it did from day 1.

Great on gas. Good on speed. All the parts are plastic. Stands strong! Has been in 8 accidents and still drives perfect! Very spacious and roomy. I feel very safe in my car. It does fall apart rather easily but the parts are cheap and easy to replace.

- Alyssa W

It is a fun vehicle to drive!

This is an ok vehicle. I did buy it used and it had been lifted and some additions done to it. I have had to replace the radiator, and the battery. At it is age, both are normal. It is a manual transmission, which I really enjoy. A rare find for sure!

- Jennifer S

I depend on it and am also attached to it, so I would not want anyone to damage my car in any way.

I bought it used but have never had any trouble with it at all. I had to replace brakes once and 1 blinker bulb. I moved from Georgia to Colorado in it 1 year after purchasing it so I have really used it. I can't say I have any complaints at all.

- Donna h

Efficient 4WD which means safer driving in poor conditions.

I like that it is 4WD and trail rated. Having been caught in a disaster zone they are attributes that you only appreciate when you don't have them. The wills get very dirty because of the door design which means your clothes get dirty.

- Paul B

If routine maintenance is done than you should have no major issues.

The only problem is the remote wire to the starter from the ignition. After replacing the connector and sealing it with shrink wrap it has no longer been a problem. Very reliable, and parts are easy to find and very reasonably priced.

- Kyle P

It is functional for a family and safe for children.

I call it my little jeep because it is cute and little and very reliable. I have had it for a short period of time but it is been dependable maintenance is low and having this car allows me not to have a car note which is amazing.

- Shannon R

It is very dependable and has not had any major issues.

I like it because it is small yet big enough for me. I love having an SUV for having space and being up off the road. I do not like how many miles it has. I do not like that some of the cosmetic issues it has.

- Maggie H

You should know that my jeep is all-wheel drive.

I love most things about my vehicle. For instance, I like how long its lasted. Also the size of it is perfect. However, one thing I do not like about it is that sometimes the back lights burn out frequently.

- Audrey L

It drives well in the New England snow!!!

I LOVE my Jeep Liberty. It has low miles for It's age which is 2005 -- and it only has 88,000 miles. I have it serviced once a year at inspection time and it has always taken good care of me on the road.

- Carolina D

It is four wheel drive and will go almost anywhere.

My SUV is not really good on gas. It only gets about 17 to the gallon. I also take issue with the interior, as it is low quality. I prefer a light color leather interior instead of a drab color cloth.

- Candice E

It hydroplanes making it feel unsafe on wet or icy roads, even with new tires

Fuel pump has gone out twice, the car is top heavy and hydroplanes, it has leaks in the windows and doors that make it noisy on highways, the AC isn't very strong and the zerks are noisy when turning


One thing would be that it's got an awesome built-in trunk organizer.

I love this vehicle! It's reliable, fits all my needs and it may be older but still runs great! I know now that I will only ever by a car made by jeep as they seem to be the best value for the money.

- Zoey P

It is a good car that doesn't need a lot of repairs.

My Jeep is dependable and tough. It has lasted well without too many repairs. I don't like the gas mileage it gets, though. It is not super comfortable, but we give that up to get a dependable car.

- Vicki B

It's a nice car, high enough so shorty me can see well in all directions !

I love just about everything with my jeep. The main drawback is the gas mileage, only about 15 miles per gallon in city, which is mainly where I drive. Other than that, it is a great car !

- Judy C

It has 129000 plus miles on it and I spend very little on it to maintain it. It is perfect for my lifestyle.

My Jeep has been dependable, functional, and comfortable. It is a means to get me to and from where I need to go. There is not much that I dislike, maybe gas mileage. no major complaints.

- Dorothy F

Nice hauling space.. Small but mighty. Good in the snow. On the bad side. Radiator problems on the last two I owned

I have always liked the jeep liberty because of it structure. I have had radiator issues with the last two I owned and now a motor issue. At this point I am done with the jeep liberty

- Dawn H

Jeeps are fun to drive and you can count on them even when the going gets tough (rain, snow, and so on!)

I do like it. The mileage is pretty good for Its size, it is sporty and handles well. I don't like the kind of loud transmission or the fact that the CD player does not work any more.

- Deborah L

My vehicle is reliable and practical, yet not the best in terms of gas mileage.

My car has been extremely reliable since I received it around 6 years ago. Although it doesn't get the best gas mileage, it has gotten me to and from college for more than four years.

- Lauren A

That is is reliable and that it has sentimental value to me.

I love that it is paid for! It is a bumpy rider, which I am used to and like. It is also extremely reliable, I have been driving it for nine years and I have only had one breakdown.

- Maren L

It is cheap and very reliable.

Love my jeep! It is a great car for travel. There is a lot of trunk room. The only thing I hate is that it does not have the best gas mileage. And it cost some money to fill it up.

- Jo T

It rides great on the interstate. no shaking. It is not very loud inside.

I love my little Jeep. It's so easy to get in and out off. I like that there is plenty of room in the back to haul various items. I like the big windows so I can see all around.

- Jackie T

Rough ride and bad on gas.

Love the four wheel drive and compact size of car. Easy to maneuver and fun to drive. Downfalls are a rough ride and gas mileage is awful. Had to replace engine at 120, 000. . .

- Susan D

It is adorable! Rides great, lots of cargo space, comfy.

I bought this vehicle "used". . . Have had it for almost one year and have had no problems with it. . . I love it - a little rough on gas but that is about the only negative.

- Theres T

It drives beautifully. I only hope the 4 wheel drive is as great in the winter as the 2 wheel drive is now. It does go through gas quickly.

I do not have my Jeep very long. I bought it used. So far I have had no issues. I will say I love it ! I do not see myself in anything other than a Jeep again in the future.

- pam d

You have to be careful taking corners because the jeep feels easy to flip.

I like the leather seats, the height and length of the car. I do not like where the power buttons for the windows are or the lever for changing from 2 to 4 wheel drive.

- Patrice G

Jeep Liberty Limited Edition 2005

It has been reliable for the most part. I did have to get a new engine and the battery doesn't do well in the cold, but other than that I haven't had many problems.

- Hattie M

It seats 5 and back seats go down if you need room for big items.

My Jeep liberty is reliable the only problems are gas it is not really great on miles per gallon. Also it leaks oil I have a couple of quarts I keep just in case.

- Fran F

Purchased our 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade used. Had been well maintained by two previous owners. NAV system built in, five disc changer. Has been a great reliable family vehicle. Comfortably fits five.

I loved the jeep liberty but always worried about space in the back. I was surprised by how much space was in the back for storing our stuff while traveling.

- Ashley J

It looks and drives amazing.

Love my Jeep. Goes good in all weather. Easy on gas, minimal problems. I will always buy a Jeep and never drive anything else. Everyone should own a Jeep.

- Kristen C

It's a very cute and good size car.

The only problem I have is sometimes when I drive on the highway I feel like my whole car shakes. The stereo also wasn't that good so I bought a new one.

- Laney R

Jeep liberty review - outdated but reliable.

This car is very reliable, but it is a little outdated and I would prefer something a little newer. The water pump also is known to be faulty sometimes.

- Spencer B

The car is quite old but has had various improvements to it such as a new sound system and a new radiator.

Jeep is very expensive to fill up and also doesn't have the best air conditioning system but it can get around reliably while also being pretty durable.

- Conor A

Gas mileage is horrible and burns oil.

Great in winter with snow but too many mechanical issues. Car burns through oil very quickly and have to fill that quite often. Gas mileage is horrible.

- Lisa P

The jeep liberty handles like a dream even on rough terrain

I enjoy the general ride and handling but I do not like the placement of the power window buttons or the inability to turn off the auto locking feature

- Casey M

Great versatile vehicle. Great for families.

It is great on gas. Handles well. The only downside would be the height during storms. It tends to rock easily when windy and when going around turns.

- Brooke Z

Moderately priced for all the accessories contained. Very dependable in hot or cold always starts and goes.

Easy to operate in traffic. Very comfortable for traveling. Seats fold down for extended storage and cargo. Good gas mileage. Ride could be smoother.

- Bobby G

It is easy to drive, steering is very responsive and stay on the road very well.

I love my Jeep Liberty. It gets me where I am going in a quick and economic fashion. I like how the seats fit me and the visibility out the windows.

- Sharold G

The all wheel drive system is really good for off-roading.

It bounces a bit when it goes every any crack and everything. I can go everywhere and it is fun to drive. It has really good all wheel drive system.

- Ernesto M

I would tell others that the cargo space can be lacking and it uses a lot of gas.

I like that it is a SUV type of vehicle. It does use a lot of gas. It holds a good amount of stuff in the hatchback, but I could use more room.

- Michelle K

It can be really roomy. Nice for an SUV.

I love my Jeep. It is a little bit of a louder vehicle. My biggest complaint is it is too heavy so sharp turns and wet roads are not your friend.

- Kirsten C

Jeep Runs Very Dependable

My Jeep has been exceptionally dependent. I have had to make very few repairs on my truck. If I could afford another one, I'd get the same model.

- Jacquelyne D

Jeep Liberty's get terrible gas mileage both on the highway and in the city.

I like that I can see around other cars when I am on the highway. I like how comfortable my Jeep is. I do not like that the seats stain easily.

- Jamie G

It is blue, pretty and reliable.

The car is great, it runs beautifully but since it is old it does need more maintenance. But other than that, I would recommend to buy this car.

- Shanna A

It's not a bad car but I Need a new car

Having problems heating up needs new tire and some work done on the outside and the carpet need to be replace and it needs new seat belts straps

- Erica O

It has to have regular maintenance. Oil changes are important.

I like that my vehicle is a diesel engine. It runs smoothly. I don't have any issues with it. I also get great gas mileage out of my vehicle.

- jamie b

The window power strip gives out quicker I have to replace it every year

The plus side is it will get you from point a to point be bad side is when it breaks Down the parts are crazy expensive to get it worked on

- Carrie W

My vehicle has lasted a long time with only a few minor problems.

The reliability has been about 90% for the length that it has lasted. Every now and then it'll have a minor problem, but overall I love it.

- Audrey L

It is a good vehicle and I would buy another one.

I have only one complaint about my vehicle and that is there are no window controls on the doors as well as the console between the seats.

- Valerie W

Very trustworthy and dependable.

It is very dependable. Has needed very little work. Do not like the gas mileage but can live with it. Gets me where I need and want to go.

- Shirley W

Dependable all wheel drive.

Overall it is been reliable and it holds a lot of cargo. It also sits up higher than a normal car. I like having 4-wheel drive for winter.

- George L

That it is very easy to drive and would be the perfect car for a new driver or even a mom.

I love my Jeep. It is so easy to drive and is just the perfect size for me. I have never had any problems with it, it is very reliable.

- McKenzie H

The way to roll down the windows is in the middle console.

Old car, a/c went out, having a lot of problems with it recently like overheating. The windows do not work and it is just out of style.

- Lexus M

I have kept the routine maintenance on the vehicle. No major issues to report at all.

I have not had any issues with this vehicle, only routine maintenance. It still looks new and the paint job and performance is awesome

- Angela C

2005 Jeep Liberty: The Silver Bullet

This vehicle handles multiple driving conditions great. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas mileage (about 18 miles/ gal)

- Heather M

Car shake too much. Other then that has lasted a long time.

It's a good car but has too much air movement when any vehicle passing besides me can make it shake. That's one thing I do not like.

- Elizabeth W

It's my favorite color I love the color blue and I got a car that was my favorite color

I like that it can fit more people then a compact car. I dislike that it is a 6 cylinder engine so it uses more gas then I'm use to

- Holly B

Great all around vehicle. Good for all seasons and road trips.

I love the size of it. Lots of room but not to big. It fits my 3 kids and I perfectly. Good gas mileage. Drives good in the winter.

- Melissa L

The blue and reliable Veronica

Very comfortable space, since it's older keeping it up is a challenge. Performance is wonderful and it takes me where I need to go.

- Shanna A

That it gets me from place to place.

I'm not really happy with it, have had many problems. Now it needs the catalytic converter replaced. Wish I had never bought it.

- Peggy G

I wouldn't buy anything other than a Jeep.

I love my Jeep liberty. It is been extremely reliable, safe, comfortable, and has had minimal repair work needed over the years.

- Ashley B

It runs very smoothly. The only time that people should be careful is in the snow.

I love the way my vehicle looks. The only thing I hate is how it drives in the snow. I love the way it runs at any other time.

- Jillian H

Sporty with power and room inside.

The car has lots of room, particularly head room. It gets reasonably good gas mileage for an SUV. The engine has a lot of pep.

- Scott C

It is the perfect car for riding around town

It rides well. Gas mileage is not that great. Lasts long. Dependable. I owned the car for more than 6 years still rides nice.

- Daniel B

That it is blue and that it is a jeep. I wouldn't want anything but a jeep.

I like that it gets me where I need to go.it needs to be fixed cause of the steering. I like that it is comfortable to drive.

- Timmie F

I have over 200,000 miles on it and it is still going strong!

It is very comfortable and suits me perfectly! I have over 200,000 miles on it and it is still going strong! Love my Jeep!

- Polly P

It drives great. But there is a very bumpy ride. cuz the gas mileage that I'm getting with it does not compare with my last vehicle.

I bought my vehicle used. Salesman did not disclose some problems . Rain leaks into the interior from many different areas.

- Shellie J

It's great in the snow and it is nice in all weather

i had transmission trouble when i got it and i like the size also had trouble with the 4 wheel drive but i love the jeeps

- Clara A

This car is a nice looking car, but I have had to many recall problems.

Jeep liberty is a pretty decent vehicle . The model is very nice looking and can serve as pretty nice standard vehicle.

- Harley M

It has lasted long because I take care of it and gotten good service.

I like being able to see up higher. I like it being easier to climb in. I like the gate to open in back to load stuff.

- Betsy s

It is small but a large trunk.

Like that its 4 wheel drive, compact, roomy, dependable. Like that it's an American brand. Dislike that its older model.

- Shawn W

Its smaller than it looks.

Not much leg room. Not enough space 2 put stuff like phones or cigarettes. No cup holders in back. Not much get up n go.

- Brooke B

It has 4 wheel drive especially in the snow!.

It is old and breaks down really easily. The windows gets worn out quickly. The tires need to be changed all the time.

- Conner R

It is a Jeep and has four-wheel drive.

I like the way my Jeep drives in the rain, snow, etc.. I do not like that the interior of my Jeep stains very easily.

- Sheila N

Uses gas quickly faster than my past vehicles.

Fun to drive 4x4. Looks good. Needs new arms on the suspension, horn is quiet. Good utility vehicle. Towing package.

- Victoria R

It is reliable in the winter weather.

It has 4 wheel drive. It is very reliable in snow. It gets good gas usage. It sits high so I can see while driving.

- lyndzi p

It is gas mileage is not good.

I like how reliable my jeep is. And I do not like the inside set up of my jeep with the stereo, and door functions.

- Sage B

It's a great car and I would recommend it anyone looking for an SUV

Love that it has part time 4 wheel drive, an awesome stereo system, and a sunroof. It's a great car and I love it!

- Rita L

Nothing about it is interesting

It has a rattling noise in the speedometer don't work and uses a lot of gas the grill is being the fender is bent

- Tyler J

Imy vehicle may have issues with the rear hatch door staying shut on rare occasion but no big deal. Very reliable

This model is nice and compact with just the right amount of luxury. It has proven decent on gas mileage as well.

- Nathan W

It's 4 wheel drive and a hauler

I love how I have 4 wheel drive. I love how I can haul things in my jeep. I love the color and shape of my jeep

- Joseph S

Good on gas small trunk space but both back seats let down

Great during winter season small very small truck no for anyone with children in my opinion also great on gas

- Kay D

Easy to replace headlight bulbs

Drives great and has a very good turn radius. Deals with icy roads very well and I don't worry in the winter.

- Jessica D

It will tip over around curves on high speeds.

I like that my car is higher off the ground. I have many luxuries, not AUX feature though, which kinda sucks.

- Heather L

It does good on highway mile per gas tank. Smooth ride.

I like the power for a small vehicle. It does not feel very stable on the highway. Too light for the winter.

- Marie R

my car that is super duper awesome

it has 4 wheel drive and it has a trailer hitch. it is big enough to haul many things and the whole family

- joe j

Rides smooth options have wifi.

It is bug and fast. I holds lots of dogs in the back. It is tall. It does eat gas pretty dang fast though.

- Pax P

very reliable. lots of room for traveling. great turn radius.

great turning radius. Very compact. lots of room. Okay gas mileage. Seats are NOT good for a long trip

- ann h

My car is used to get me from point A to point B. I like Jeeps in general and always liked my car until it started having problems.

My vehicle is old and breaking down. I have had it for many years and am looking into getting a new car.

- Daria G

The car is very reliable. Only one breakdown since we bought it new in 2005.

I like the style, the way it handles, the 4 wheel drive when it snows, the reliability. No complaints.

- William B

It has a very small interior; hard to fit my family of 5 inside

I can drive it on and off road, it's a well known vehicle so parts are easy to find should I need them

- Vanessa C

It's my Jeep and I love it!

Love driving my Jeep. It makes me feel safe,able to see a lot of traffic around me, drives easily.

- Caroline F

Rides nice and has plenty of power.

Like that it is a 4x4 and economical. It also has fold down back seats for extra room to haul things.

- Frank O

It's comfortable and roomy. Reliable, and versatile. It accommodates your everyday needs

i have no complaints. It's a very reliable car. only thing I would change is getting a newer model

- Silkia M

This is a reliable SUV, but could use a little more space in the very back.

Rides great & sits at the right height. Complaint would be the bar above the glove compartment.

- Lisa H

Jeeps are sturdy and last a long time. They also have a lot of space for a small SUV.

Jeeps last forever. I have not had to put any money into it other than regular maintenance.

- jenifer m

I really like having 4 wheel drive. I dislike that the MPG is only around 15-20 MPG. It means I have to fuel up more often, which can get pricey. However, I like that it is a zippy little vehicle.

It's easy to park in small parking spaces which comes in handy in large parking lots, etc.

- Katelyn H

My jeep liberty is nice and comfortable. Almost all the issues i have had were because the previous owner put it on a lift kit and didn't do it correctly. Another issue i have is the single din radio. I have a touchscreen one I would like to put in but cannot find an adapter to do so.

It's a great car but if your 4 wheel drive doesn't work do NOT drive in snowy conditions.

- Cyndal T

Very dependable for transportation and great on gas mileage.

Easy to maintain. It drives great. And only have to change the oil and buy tires for it.

- Lawrence S

Easy to drive, but not good on fuel economy.

It's small,easy to park, and the engine is powerful. But, It's not good on fuel mileage.

- kelley G

As a truck often will, it has a short wheel base and is therefore a little bumpy on rugged terrain.

My jeep has been a trustworthy tool for both vocational and non-vocational applications.

- Michael M

It is economical and safe. It has a sport look and the MPG is very good.

I like the looks the, the durability, the reliability, and the comfort of driving it.

- P S

It is a little sporty suv.

I like how compact the Jeep is. It is easy to Park and navigate. It drives very nice.

- Savannah M

Sturdy and dependable. Great suv

My Jeep is sturdy and great in the snow. I trust the brand. I want another Jeep

- Kelly K

It is perfect for drivers who are shorter than 5ft tall.

I dislike the rust on it. I do not like the leather seat in it due to tearing.

- Amber M

that they are reliable no problems at all never any major problems

it is easy to haul things in rides great sits up high just a great vehicle

- Jenny c

Radiators are expensive replacements in a jeep. It is a double radiator.

This is the first 4 wheel drive I have had but haven't had to use it yet.

- Dori P

It is a comfortable ride, but only has room for 5 people.

I love that it has four wheel drive. I hate that it is getting rusty.

- Barbara P

It's incredibly reliable for its age. It's only had a few minor breakdowns and a handful of recalls for parts that go out

It's incredibly reliable but prone to overheating often in the summer

- Emma H

Since I live in Michigan, it's a great car for all weather. I enjoy the higher position of the car on the road and ability to drive in rain and snow safely. I like how short the cab and hood is too.

It's a great car for winter driving and comfort in all conditions.

- Megan H

Keep up on recalls. Do vehicle maintenance and find a good mechanic to help you with your car if you can not do it yourself. Oil changes and tire rotation are also important. These products last for many years , good luck.

I love Jeeps. Comfort and four wheel drive. The color is good too.

- Mary J

It was 4 wheel drive for the snow.it is easy to get in and out

It is small vehicle and nice to drive and has 4 wheels drive

- kathy d

It is a light vehicle. Do not turn quickly.

Good gas mileage. I like the size. I like the way it drives.

- Erik R

that it have four wheel drive so that you can do all kind of thing

great ride to have for the winter time to drive in the snow

- calvin d

the jeep liberty has GREAT FueL MILEAGE and it easy to control

Great gas mileage. It's tight getting out of back seat.

- Kim D