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2007 Jeep liberty is great unless you want to listen to music.

My car has been a great car. Has a high reliability and can take me places I need to go. I am a photographer and off-roading is often required. My Jeep liberty gets the job done and does it well. I do have a few problems going on with my car but those are my fault such as hitting a coyote driving home from a trip. It has a great performance for being a bit of an older car. It looks nice on the outside and is comfortable on the inside. I have created a bed in the back where the seats go down for traveling. It may look like a small car from the outside but it is actually very roomy and comfortable. It is a good commute or travel car. The four-wheel is really well and. I do have an issue with the radio. Since it is an older car it has an older, more worn out radio and it does get static often. Nothing a new radio wouldn't fix. It does have a hard time also connecting with an AUX cord. The static is annoying but it is what it is.

- Shay B

The jeep liberty is a good midsize SUV for passengers or hauling things.

The biggest problem with my jeep liberty is the gas mileage. It only gets 18 miles per gallon. This is one of the worst rated SUVs. Is has also had a number of recalls. These were all taken care of by the dealership. . It is a very reliable vehicle. I have had very few repairs to make. . It is not as smooth of a ride as a car but for an SUV it is good. The seats are comfortable and can be reclined in many positions. The automatic seat adjustment makes it very easy to get comfortable, plus the leather heated seats are really nice in the winter. Another good winter feature is the automatic rear window defroster and the side mirror defrosters. Having four wheel drive is great for driving to work in bad weather. The automatic moonroof is great to have open as well.

- Sharon B

Jeep liberty- a practical and fun vehicle.

I love my jeep liberty! I bought it three years ago, it had very low mileage and had been extremely well maintained. This vehicle does not have many 'bells and whistles' but I prefer a simple car so this suits me well. The ride is pretty smooth for a jeep and its small size makes it easy to maneuver. It is easy to shift into four wheel drive which makes you pretty much unstoppable in a Colorado snow storm. I have also taken it off road; you will not mistake it for a wrangler, but it held its own. I have not had any troubles and besides routine maintenance (oil change, breaks) the there have been no trips to the mechanic. If given the opportunity to purchase a low mileage, well maintained jeep liberty, I would highly recommend it!

- Victor R

Jeep liberty with issues!!

My jeep liberty has an electrical issue that apparently from my research I have found that it is a common problem. It is extremely hard to diagnose. Some days it runs fine and others it does not want to run at all. As long as the abs lights are on it will go otherwise it refuses to take fuel and run. I have found that many liberty owners have the same issue. It is believed to be a computer issue but even that is a short lived fix. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. Comfort and the features are good but what good are they if the vehicle is not reliable and does not perform well. This is my first SUV and I do like it is size. It has a good amount of space to put stuff like groceries, etc. I will never buy another liberty.

- Jo M

Extremely safe and durable.

I love the space and it is a good car to travel in. It is extremely comfortable for an older car and it is extremely reliable. I have taken it off-roading on the beach and it did extremely well, it has good handling and is very responsive. I have been rear ended in the vehicle and everything was still intact, it is super durable and makes you feel very safe. There do seem to be a few more problems with it than I have had with other vehicles in the past, such as the breaks need to be replaced quite often, more than usual and the way that the starter is placed under the vehicle it is a little harder to get to and I have had problems with the starter wires coming loose because they are exposed for some reason on the vehicle.

- Carina W

A Jeep is a all over people pleaser.

It is a decent buy when it is a used vehicle. So some problems can occur like a few mechanical errors like changing the serpentine belt, and water pump. Basic maintenance like oil change and changing spark plugs would be one of the problems every used vehicle may go through. Indeed it is reliable in getting from point A to B. It is a smooth ride on the road. Also easier to maneuver inside a just-right vehicle. It is comfortable for anyone to get used to really quick. Including features of two and four -wheel drive whenever needed on off-roading and weather changing. Another safety feature would be the traffic control as well.

- Massey R

Since it is a Jeep it can practically go anywhere.

I have really had no problems. Like any other vehicle you have maintenance and you have to keep up on it. Jeep liberty's are very reliable vehicles. They are top heavy so they are easy to roll so you really cannot speed in them. It is not the most comfortable vehicle. The seat makes you sit straight up and makes you feel like you are in the dash. Also feels like you are sitting too close to the window. Here are some bad parts: compared to newer vehicles the mileage is not the best it gets 15 mpg. The only problem you find with the maintenance is you find yourself changing brakes and brake calibrators sooner than expected.

- Morgan L

It is fun to drive! It is easy to handle and not so big as to be uncontrollable.

For a small compact SUV you cannot beat the Jeep liberty. It is very easy to drive. It is for the most part comfortable. It has adequate cargo room. The backseat even lets down for additional cargo room. It definitely has get-up-and-go when it needs to. The used Jeep we bought has performed very well. It has made many road trips quite successfully. It is a vehicle that you can trust. Even after over 215, 000 miles our Jeep stills performs well and still looks very sporty. And mainly for me, it is still fun to drive! Nothing beats a Jeep! It makes you feel like you own the road!

- Wanda M

I have the limited series, it has a lot of room and it's very comfortable.

2007 Jeep liberty has a few similar problems then all the other that are 2007. The back window clips keep breaking and the back windows wont go down. I have tape holding them up right now. I am having an issue with my engine light staying on, in which it is saying that its an evap leak. That I haven't been able to find the leak in at least 2 yrs. Other then these problems I love my Jeep liberty, it has no blind spots. I love the way it drives in the snow which for New Englanders that is very important. I recommend any type of Jeep.

- Stephanie M

Great little sports vehicle!

I've enjoyed this vehicle very much. It's very sporty and drives and handles like a champ. Downsides are the front seat area is rather small if someone is riding in the back seat since you have to let the front seats up for the back to have leg room. The undercarriage has an annoying squeak that has been fixed more than once. Overall a great little vehicle for one or two persons. I would highly recommend it.

- Laurie O

My little mule! Great performance over the years.

My jeep liberty has been going strong for over ten years with no problems or performance issues, aside from routine maintenance. The model is solidly built, the paint is still in good condition and the interior has held up well through the years. It still handles well off-road and in adverse weather conditions, with no sign of giving out --all good reasons for not spending the money on buying a new vehicle.

- Carol P

The most important thing to know about our 2007 Jeep Liberty is that we have over 200,000 miles and it's still going strong with very few problems.

Our Jeep Liberty 2007 was purchased used and for the most part has been a reliable vehicle. One problem we have had is that the mechanism that controls the windows has broken twice. We have ordered the part on eBay and have repaired it ourselves. It is a comfortable vehicle that drives smoothly. The 2007 Jeep Liberty has cargo space that is able to handle luggage for a family of 4 for a week vacation.

- Lisa K

The back two passenger windows have broken in all 2007 Jeep Liberty models.

Shortly after purchasing my Jeep Liberty, my back passenger windows broke and kept falling down. It had a recall but Jeep refused to fix it because the recall ended right before I purchased the vehicle. It has a hard time switching RPM and the four-wheel drive is not all that great. The seats are comfy leather and are heated which is nice but other than that very old and not updated.

- Shuree B

Jeeps have great gas mileage. They are extremely reliable and dependable.

I love my Jeep. It has a few quirks with the windows but I think that's age related. It is the most reliable and dependable vehicle I have ever owned. It is so easy on gas. I can fill the tank and drive back and forth to work, which is half an hour one way, all week and the beginning of the next week. To me Jeep is like the energizer bunny, they just keep going and going.

- Laura A

Not a lot of thrills but reliable.

The back windows do not work and I guess all Jeep liberty's have that problem. It has a CD player and the back seats fold down for more cargo space. It comes with a full size spare tire. I like it because I honestly drive a lot, do not keep up with any type of maintenance and there's 200, 000 miles on it but the engine just will not quit! Very reliable.

- Jennifer C

2007 Jeep liberty limited.

I love the appearance of the limited model (the chrome). The car has been mostly reliable over the years. A light on the dash has been on for months. I have been told, the clock spring needs replacing, but the part is not available anywhere. The biggest issue has been with the automatic windows. The mechanism has had to be replaced on all four windows.

- Dawn D

When I purchased my vehicle, several people told me that it would last for 200,000 miles. I laughed in disbelief and never expected to keep it this long. That being said, I'm at 180,000 and It's still going.

I love my Jeep but will be getting a new vehicle soon. I like that it is American-made and that it has been reliable. It has over 175,000 miles and has not really had any big issues. There were several recalls which were aggravating. Also, I love style (way it looks) of my Jeep Liberty. On the downside it, gets poor gas mileage due to Its age.

- David C

It is dependable. Good on gas. It is easy to get at the engine to due repairs.

I have had no problems with my Jeep. Love the way it handles on the road. It seats five people comfortable. Has a luggage rack on top, you can put down the backseats to haul big objects. I bought the Jeep in 2010. It is good on gas, but everyone said it gets bad gas mileage. Only problem I have with the Jeep is the paint. The paint is fading.

- Michele P

Fun navy blue Jeep liberty.

While my Jeep may not be considered luxurious or glamorous, it is an amazing vehicle. The drive is fun, it is reliable, and it is different from other vehicles on the road. The seats are relatively stiff and the air conditioning struggles in the summer. The heater works like a charm. Overall, my car is extremely dependent. I trust Jeep.

- Hillary S

Jeep liberty - fun, tough, useful utility vehicle.

It is very utility useable, tuff, fun to drive and mine has 160, 000 miles on it. This is my third Jeep and I would get another one. This is the best brand I have ever had. Other than the normal maintenance it has been inexpensive to take care of. I have a place off grid and often use 4 wheel drive which on this vehicle is very good at.

- James W

Great gas mileage! Excellent starter car.

This has been a great car! Excellently gas mileage. It has been fairly reliable over the years but it is time I is coming to an end. It drives great. No cruise control which is a hassle because I️ travel on the interstate a lot. I️ loved this car. Never given me any major problems just small things here and there. Easy to maintain.

- Danielle B

The Liberty is the lower cost and lower quality Jeep vehicle. If you are looking for something to last, get a different Jeep.

After purchasing my Liberty I figured out that this a cheap version of a Jeep product. I have replaced multiple window lifts (only two were covered by recall), my interior door fell off, rips in the seat, handles fall out. I am extremely gentle with my vehicles because I keep them a long time. It started falling apart right away.

- Nancy B

Jeep liberty 2007 big comfort.

My air conditioning does not work, but my heat works very well in the winter. Pretty reliable for a car of it is age. Nice lifted car with not awful gas mileage though it could be better, but it is a big car so it is expected. The car also doesn't have an AUX port but you can get an adapter that goes in where you put a car charger.

- Kayla M

The Jeep Liberty is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever driven!

My vehicle is my baby, I love it! It's very comfortable and reliable. It is also simple, basic. It has lower windows and locks, plenty of trunk space, a spare tire rack, and more! However, if you are looking for a vehicle with a very smooth ride, this is not for you. It can be quite rocky and bumpy. However it love it nonetheless.

- Meaghan F

This car is basic, but reliable.

I love the reliability of our Jeep. It has lasted for over 10 my winters and shows no signs of stopping. It is great for towing and is the next best thing to an actual truck. The 4-wheel drive is especially nice. The car itself is very basic and does not contain more modern features (i.e.. Multiple CD player/Bluetooth capability).

- Hannah M

Rails on top, spacious interior, 5 seats, fold down bench.

It has been a great first car for me. My Jeep liberty is standard which is not the best for driving in traffic. It is spacious and large enough for 5 people. I have had one serious problem when I blew a gasket which cost me almost $2000 to fix. Other than that it is very reliable if you get it checked regularly if light come on.

- Alexandra B

My super sporty Jeep liberty.

I've had my truck for 7 years and it had been running well every since I purchased it. I don't find myself needing repairs often other than the general routine maintenance and the work I do have done is reasonably priced and affordable. The vehicle is durable and tough compact allows to get things done when needed.

- Jean P

The greatest economical family vehicle it is a must have to believe.

Its plenty of room for the family easy adjustable seats for if I am needing to move something or just for s romantic trip without the kids! Great on gas and when we had to change out alternator from normal wear and tear was so easy and not time consuming it is a great family vehicle I would highly recommend it.

- Anita E

Used cars: reliable and trustworthy.

The car I own had one previous owner. The car runs smoothly, is reliable and performs well in all road conditions. Some of the features are outdated such as the AUX cord accessibility and ac/heating features. For a car the will get you to point A to point B, used cars can be a reliable, cost effective choice.

- Tyler B

Love/hate relationship with my Jeep.

There needs to be more compartments for smaller items which drivers need close at hand. Two more cup holders would be nice. The vehicle is loud on the inside when driving. The seats are comfortable, but the ability to lower the front of the seat would greatly minimize pressure behind the knees on long trips.

- Dana G

2007 red jeep liberty all wheel drive limited.

We have had multiple issues with this vehicle such as water pump going out, fuel pump went bad twice, the gas gauge does not read at all and the gas tank spits out gas when you are getting fuel. It is also not very big for our family of 5 and the kids car seats barely fit next to each other in the backseat.

- Courtney M

Trail Rated Great 4x4 Jeep

Things are just starting to need repairs! Overall a great vehicle. I bought it in 2007 and haven't had to make any major repairs until now. It has over 215,000 miles on it! Great 4 wheel drive vehicle. I have intentionally tried to get it stuck as I live in the Midwest and it crawls out of anything!

- Ashley B

Jeep liberty is the perfect first car.

I love my jeep. It is small and compact which makes it easy to drive and I can always find parking. One thing I wish it had better was the radio. I can plug my phone in but that is typically the only thing I can do on it. The steering is a little loose but I heard that was common on older jeeps.

- Ashley G

It has a luggage rack and bucket seats.

I love this vehicle it has all the features I want plus some I didn't have to have. It rides good and it's a automatic on the floor plus its four wheel drive. Its black in color plus it has a sunroof and its a six cylinder. It has a spare tire mounted on the rear tailgate so it's easy to get to.

- John C

I like the lighting features on the outside straight for fog.

Very comfortable it is hard on gas how to ride smooth great for heels and wooded areas I love that has four wheel drive 4 high or 4 low got a luggage rack on top handles for the inside in case for the if the train is hard or snowy I love that has and they locked seat belts and it is very roomy.

- Gary T

2007 Jeep liberty sport best buy of all time.

215K miles runs great best vehicle I have ever owned would recommend to anyone and everyone all I've ever has to do was change a battery and the spark plugs absolutely bulletproof vehicle very comfortable driving has standard sound system that provides awesome sound quality absolute best buy.

- Matthew O

Jeep liberty, car used in day to day life.

It is a good car, the perfect size in between a small car and a SUV. There were a few problems in the beginning but have been resolved. I have had the car for a few years and would consider it to be very reliable for my day to day life. The gas mileage could be better but does the job for me.

- Jasmine C

Love my liberty. What more can I say?

I love Jeep s. The liberty is just the right size for me. I like that it is high off the ground. It struggles a bit up hills but at 11 years old it is a pretty solid vehicle. Jeep s can have a lot of mileage and still perform well. I like it. I love it. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Gail J

A good car for getting you out of a snowstorm or the rain and even the mud!

Great for traveling! Seats are super comfortable and it has a lot of space on the trunk for groceries or for equipment. Gas is a little expensive but lasts you a while. Super reliable when we have a snowstorm. Good and reliable for bad weather. Will not leave you in the middle of the road.

- Brise J

Got to love a jeep cannot go wrong it you like to drive.

I am the first time jeep owner mane of my friends own jeeps. Never did think much of it till I got my jeep 3.7 6 speed manual it is awesome on gas which I was always told that got bad gas mileage but mine dose better them most cars and the stick is fun to drive what more can you ask for.

- Michael L

Jeep liberty great starter car.

This car is so cute and fun, especially for a first car or for a young person. It has a lot of kinks that need to be worked out like the windows are known to break and the heat vents have issues but overall it has been reliable and I have loved it. Would recommend as a started car.

- Taylor S

Reliable 4wd with comfort and cargo.

This is my second jeep liberty. Very reliable, sturdy little crossover SUV. Comfortable for errands and long trips. Slightly expensive to maintain, and not the best on gas, but the cargo space is important for me. Overall I would keep this jeep and potentially purchase another.

- Emily R

Compact SUV with bad windows

It's an older car and requires a lot of maintenance. The windows have all had to have there motors replaced for the power windows because it's a default with them that they doesn't easily. The interior is also very tightly spaces, especially if you have children in case seats

- Ashley H

The window regulator could be more sturdy.

I love my Jeep only complaint I have with it is the window regulator breaks frequently. It does good on gas and is perfect size from me and what I need it to do it's not bad for having 169. 300 miles on it and not sinking a lot of money in it in the 8 years I have had it.

- Jennifer S

Love my Jeep (for more than 10 years!).

Had problems with window that were recalled but company paid for it, even after warrantee was over. Otherwise have had no problems. Very reliable. . Comfortable, fun to drive. Good performance in the snow. Have not used off-road much but good ride on streets and highways.

- Amy Y

2007 Jeep liberty. Love it.

I have rust on the doors of my Jeep. I think that it has something to do with rain. I really hope that I can get it fixed. Also my trunk window is loose and keeps falling down when I have it propped open. I think that I need to get that fixed too. I love the Jeep though!

- Kam W

Great vehicle for the price.

It is 4WD and is great in the New England snow. Has 120, 000 miles and still drives well. Only real complaint is the windows tend to need repairing a lot. They should have been under a lifetime warranty due to design flows that causes too much drag on the window motor.

- Theresa P

2007 Jeep liberty Dailey driver.. I like my 4 wheel drive.

I love the 4 wheel drive in the winter. I have put a lot of miles on my Jeep but it the most reliable of all 4 cars I own. Other than routine maintenance, I have never had a problem. I bought it used, I am the second owner. I do wish I had a plug for an auction cord.

- Andrea R

Jeep: getting stuff done safely and comfortably.

My car is very reliable and although it does not have the bells and whistles, it gets me where I need to go safely and comfortably. It has helped me transport people across town and across the country. My car is also a key aspect of me being able to perform my job.

- Leah W

Long lasting vehicle that holds up.

It runs great with regular maintenance. I have. A high mileage vehicle and no major problems. Problem is no ac/heat vents in the back seat. It is pretty stiff riding but I think that is expected in a Jeep style vehicle. It has a good amount of pick up with the v6.

- Shawn C

Best buy for the money. Passenger seat leans way back, makes nice bed on trips.

No problems, very reliable. Handles great in all weather conditions, great on fuel, very easy to maintain. Went to Colorado it was a comfy ride, pulled hills very well. We are never wanting to trade her in, it is our kid in a way. 160, 000 miles and going strong.

- L H

Good vehicle for camping or traveling with pets. Lots of space in the back.

I do not like the storage space features. The front feels crowded. Gas mileage does okay for the size of the vehicle. It has been reliable since I bought it. With regular maintenance it will last you a long time, but be sure to keep up, especially on oil changes.

- Alyssa H

My Jeep liberty. Attractive and hard working.

I bought my vehicle 2 years ago, used. Previous owner took excellent care of her. I get regular oil changes, and have had no major problems. The performance is excellent and handles like a champ. Very reliable and handles well in the snow with the right tires.

- Carol S

4 door 4 wheel drive. The back seats fold down allowing plenty of room.

This car is great. Runs well and I have had no issues with it at all. The only thing that I dislike about the car is that it does not have an AUX port, but you can get the Bluetooth pieces that plug into your car charging port; or change out the stereo system.

- Jordan A

An interesting detail about the Jeep liberty is that it has a very large trunk.

The Jeep liberty is a very nice car. It gets you through snow, ice, rain anything! The only con is it is not very spacious. A car seat can fit in the back but it is a very tight fit. But overall the Jeep liberty is a great vehicle and has not had any problems.

- Victoria R

Great Vehicle, Bad Windows

My Jeep liberty is a bit old now, but it still performs great for a mid-size SUV. The windows and the alternator are the main issues I run into. I have fixed my window regulators 3 times now for 2 different windows and I feel like it is about to break again.

- Nick R

Jeep liberty- a sporty ride.

I purchased my Jeep liberty 4 years ago. I love the look ( body) and how my vehicle rides. I have not experienced any major issues with my vehicle. The Jeep liberty is reliable, comfortable and has good gas mileage. I do wish the rear cargo space was larger.

- Chandra P

It gets around in bad weather.

I like my Jeep it is small enough to fit into parking spots easily. It also has 4 wheel drive so it gets around really good in bad weather. I dislike my vehicle just because I wish it was a newer version and it does have a lot of miles on it but that is it.

- Johanna W

Fantastic, comfortable and smooth ride.

The ride is fantastic, it will get you anywhere in any weather. It is very comfortable. The only thing I find a little disappointing is that it is a little expensive when it comes to gas. Other than the gas, I love it. It's not my first Jeep either.

- Amy S

My vehicle is reliable and good to use when you need to go on vacation.

My vehicle was a hammy down and the check engine light has been on for a while and there a few things that need to be fixed but nothing like damaging or major. It has stains in the seat that can be fixed easy as well but otherwise I keep it clean and neat.

- Alexandra M

Has four wheel drive and has been a reliable vehicle.

I purchased this vehicle because it has four wheel drive capabilities. It says that the vehicle is trail rated but had to have two. Windows repaired because they stopped going up and down, plastic parts were used when manufactured causing premature wear.

- Jo W

The jeep- overall I like the model of the period

I like my Jeep because it's compact and i like the space it has and the back door swing open.That was something different to me when I purchased it. It has a few performance problems it kinda likes to pull to the right. I hope to get a new vehicle soon

- Cher T

My love/hate affair with my jeep liberty.

It drives very well in the snow. Hydroplanes easily in rain. All four window motors broke within the first two years and had to be replaced. It is a rough ride for passengers. Otherwise, it has a nice look and, as I said, it drives well in the snow.

- Jennifer G

Jeeps aren't as dependable as they used to be. It seems they are slipping on the quality.

Like the compact SUV feel. It maneuvers well. It is pretty tight to get in and out of if you're a bigger person, and we've had A LOT of problems with the window mechanisms breaking so the windows don't go up or down. Not of cheap to have fixed!

- Debbie G

Jeeps are always dependable

My car is very reliable. In the 6 years I have owned it I have only needed to do basic maintenance, such as oil changes. The only thing I don't like is how cramped it is. The trunk is small and people in the back seat don't have a lot of room.

- Stacey M

Jeeps are great to go off-roading, or if you live in an area that is cold.

My car is really great for the cold weather. It is four wheel drive so it does well off-roads and with snow. It is a pretty good size, and super comfortable. It is okay on gas. There is a defect in it where my windows will break a lot though.

- Sarah L

If there's a single thing that others must know about my car, it's that it was a fantastic purchase. Very durable.

My vehicle is holding up excellent for being in constant use for the last ten years. It's had very few issues, despite being heavily used. In the past, it had issues with windows becoming stuck, but it's been fine ever since.

- Brandon H

i have no idea what the one most important thing others should know about my car

overall I like it. it's getting old, so it's starting to have problems - most of which seem to be a result of the road salt causing a lot of rust. I wish there was some kind of protection underneath of it to help prevent this!

- Adriane S

This Jeep is one of the most reliable cars I have ever driven.

I love how reliable my Jeep is. I can take it on long road trips and never have to worry about how it will handle the trip. I wish it was a little more stylish on the outside. I wish it had more horsepower.

- Chris B

It is capable of everything, anywhere.

I love the ability to take it anywhere and everywhere with it's height and 4WD. I love the small size of it, with a lot of space inside. I dislike the low gas mileage, but it is to be expected with a Jeep.

- Brittney o

It is made for any area?it could really drive anywhere.

I love that it is 4WD and able to shift into and out of that. It can also be very spacious. I will say, however, that I dislike how fast it guzzles gas. Also, I have issues with the brakes and the windows.

- Faith K

It is one of the most dependable and trustworthy vehicles out there.

It is the perfect size and is as dependable now with 150,000 miles as it was when it was new or in other words it has held up very well and I would not trade it for most new vehicles on the market today.

- Roger S

It has never left me stranded or not started.

I like how it drives and most everything about my Jeep, but everyone would like better gas mileage? The radio sometimes gives very bad reception, and it had/has too many recall notices to keep up with.

- Judy H

I have had it for 3 years and it is the best car I have ever had.

I really like my car it is had very few problems. It is good for the winter because it has 4-wheel drive. One problem it had was one of the windows would not go up, but that problem has been fixed.

- Steven D

I love that my vehicle can help me through harsh weather conditions, making me feel safe that I have a reliable car.

Very reliable, great performance during harsh weather conditions. Very comfortable and plenty of room for me and my family. Always needs a tune up every once in a while, just like every car.

- Stephanie S

I did this in the first question.

I enjoy the drivability and the height of my Jeep. It is very convenient to get in and out of. My repairs have been in line with other vehicles I have owned. It is just fun to drive a Jeep!

- Sandra C

It is reliable and comfortable for me and my family.

I like the fact that it is sturdy and has the room to transport what we need. I do not like the gas mileage so much. It has not required that much maintenance yet and that is nice, too.

- Elizabeth D

My Jeep liberty is very low on maintenance, I rarely have to do anything.

I like my Jeep Liberty because it is very low on maintenance. I have no problems with it, and like the color. The only dislike I can say is that this body style is no longer available.

- Thomas M

2007 Jeep liberty limited. This car is fun to drive, and looks great.

I love the appearance of my car. It has been mostly reliable. The biggest issue has been the automatic windows. The mechanism (and some glass) has been replaced in all four windows.

- Dawn D

That you will feel safe and protected when riding in it.

I absolutely love my Jeep. I feel very safe and protected while I am driving in it. I have had it for a very long time and it hasn't required a lot of maintenance which is great!

- Bridgette H

They should know that this car is very reliable in any weather. it is also a very good family car for family's just starting out.

My jeep is very reliable. I have never needed to have any major repairs to it. It is amazing in the snow, and has great 4 wheel drive when needed. It also has great gas mileage.

- ashley b

It is reliable and a good vehicle.

I like how it has a lot of space for transporting items and people. I do not like how it has cloth seats because they stain easily. It also does not get very good gas mileage.

- Rob H

It has a lot of miles and is well used.

It is in need of repairs which I am trying to achieve a little at a time. The biggest repair it still needs is the air-conditioning. Overall it runs well and is easy to drive.

- Wanda M

2007 Jeep liberty dark blue.

I like my Jeep. It is fairly reliable as I travel over 100 miles in it quite frequently. I have only ever had one problem with it. It is extremely durable and drives smoothly.

- Kaya B

It's a Jeep thing. Love my Jeep!

My Jeep will go anywhere and has been amazing on Colorado roads. Handing it down to my 16 year old soon and it's a perfect first car. It's reliable, has over 250,000 miles!

- Kimberly R

Discontinued by manufacturer. Hard to find reasonably priced parts.

I like 4wd option and skid control. I like visibility; lack of blind spots and rear windshield wiper! I do not like the miscellaneous issues that come with all jeeps.

- Rylee S

That it is dependable and rugged and is not bad on gas for a SUV.

I like the room it has to haul things we need and the comfort of the seats. I do not like the gas mileage, but it is not too bad considering the size of the vehicle.

- Elizabeth D

This vehicle has very bad gas mileage. Want to spend money going very short distances than this vehicle is for you.

Gas mileage sucks. Also dealer put on tires which sound really loud. My husband picked it out , what a mistake. Bad brakes and some rust. Plus we overpaid for it.

- Kathryn M

My vehicle is usually dependable as long as I keep up with it

Right now my Jeep needs a new battery. Also I have had constant problems with the windows. Sometimes I'll just be driving and they will slide down into the door

- Luke M

It drives well and runs well.

I like that I sit high enough on the road to see traffic. It's bigger but not so big I cannot fit in to spaces. I do not like that its very wobbly in the wind.

- Melissa R

My car is sturdy and good for all kinds of driving, but is in a year range that has a lot of issues with the window regulators.

It's a good sturdy car, I like the design and way it drives. Jeeps tend to have a lot of issues and I dislike the amount of work I have had to put into my car.

- Rachael B

It has 7 seats so if you were carpooling you can fit everyone in the one car.

I like the size of my vehicle. I do wish there was a little more room in the back seat. I also like the style of my car. I wish the dash was slightly bigger.

- Bree H

The low tire pressure light will come on when cold or for seemingly no reason. Don't always ignore it though because sometimes it ACTUALLY does have a pressure issue.

I've had a lot of issues with heating and cooling, breaks, and windshield wipers that mechanics seem to have a very difficult time finding the issue/fixing.

- Kimberly O

It does get Pretty good gas mileage.

I like the way it drives. I really like 4 wheel drive. I like that it sits up higher than other vehicles. I like the space when the back sites are down.

- susan M

Jeep liberty: after the windows.

Had problems with windows that needed to be fixed, Jeep ended up covering cost even after warranty. Otherwise have had no problems, good performance, etc.

- Amy Y

I love the sunroof in my vehicle

I bought my vehicle preowned it was 5 years old when i got it has had some problems within the last couple years but overall has been a reliable vehicle

- Samuel S

It will last a long time.

I love everything about the 2007 jeep liberty except the window controls should be on doors and the 1 and 2 controls on ac/heat only work when driving.

- Beth B

I like it is very easy to drive handles well. It fits in small places. Not real good on fuel. the window motors go out

The only thing I dislike is the motors in the windows need to be replaced I have had to replace all four windows twice since I bought the Jeep in 2010

- Susan O

Jeeps are great cars but not the most reliable, but good for new england winters!

I love the look of it and how great it is in the snow. I dislike that it is falling apart on me. Jeep is also starting to rust which is not pretty.


The Jeep Liberty - Inner City or Off-Road

Handles very easily, turns on a dime. Has a high center of gravity so definitely not for the inexperienced driver. Love how it feels when riding.

- Kylen M

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it gets the job done.

My car is a little older. Because of this, it has a lot of mechanical issues. The air conditioning does out, ect. Also, it does not ride smoothly.

- Jenna M

Not the best gas mileage. Mileage is in the teens.

I love the 4 wheel drive for winter driving. The color is great. I do not like the light color upholstery. I don't like the gas mileage I get.

- Jerry B

Great Jeep liberty review

One of the best vehicles I've owned - very few problems in general and over 200k miles. Would love to purchase another when this one goes out.

- Vanessa P

Wonderful Jeep Liberty review

Purchased the Jeep Liberty used but in excellent condition. Love the way we can take it off road and not have to worry about bottoming out.

- Katie G

Glad I own this Jeep because besides how it drives.

Too many recalls and it handles like a truck but I do like the four by four because I can drive in the ice and snow and not have a problem.

- Heather T

It's expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.

I like how high it sits and that it has 4 wheel drive but I hate that as soon as something goes wrong with the car it all just falls apart.

- Lexus A

I would recommend a Jeep.

Even though Jeep no longer makes the Liberty, I still like it. It gets good gas mileage. It's an ok car. Nothing majorly wrong with it.

- Lissa L

Go slow when driving around corners.

I love that my car is dependable in the snow. I also love how sporty it looks. The only issue is that the transmission is a little clunky.

- Carrie L

To oil, gas, and other levels needed.

I love my SUV it is a great car for family events and if I needed to haul anything. Not to mention it is the first car I bought on my own.

- Jackie M

It gets great gas mileage!.

It is sporty and red and comfortable. There is nothing I do not like about it. It drives great and has never let me sit by breaking down.

- Lisa R

you can haul or carry a lot of items in it when you go shopping

I don't like the low MPG. I don't like that it is very hard to clean because it's so big. I would rather have a car with a better MPG.

- Pam J

Important thing is that it is very durable. It can get you through snow and other harsh weather

What I like about it is that it's very convenient. Very spacious and comfortable . Complaints are , not big enough to fit a car seat.

- Victoria R

I've heard other people complain about the location of the window switch.

Jeep liberty is a perfect car. Its spacious on the inside. The model is very cute. Trunk is spacious with door like handle on back.

- Allison S

My Jeep liberty has four wheel drive and drives great in the snow it's easy to put in four wheel drive with just a quick pull off the gear

It's great...not perfect but I like it... It has 4 wheel drive which I need... The AC is broken but easily fixed I'm just lazy....

- Gina E

It runs very good and I got it at a great price. I'm very happy that I got the car. It fits my family good.

Works fine, and I am very happy with my car. I got it at a very great price and I am very happy with the outcome of my purchase.

- Alexis C

Good all around vehicle especially in the snow.

I bought it slightly used, it had about 12000 miles on it. The only problems I had it that the rear electric windows don't work.

- Robert C

It's great on gas and has more room than you think.

I like that my vehicle is good on gas. I like that it's big enough, but not so big that it's difficult to park or guzzle gas.

- Kate P

It is comfortable to me. Not to big, but not to small.

Underuse of power windows leads to motor needing replacement. Have had to do this on several windows on both of my liberty's.

- Susan K

Other should know that it's a safe care to ride in.

Sits up high. Great turn radius. It is a bit small. I wish it were a little wider so that seating 5 was more comfortable.

- Stevie H

Red 2007 Jeep Liberty with sunroof

It runs well. My Jeep is a great vehicle with a lot of storage space. The one downside is the poor gas mileage that it gets.

- Mason W

Great on gas, highway can drive 40 mins there and back still be on a full tank.

Drives great my dad worked on it for me until it was perfect making it special great on gas perfect amount of space for me.

- Talon B

It fits my lifestyle in Colorado.

It's make and model are great for Colorado. Good gas mileage. It's a little old and has a few problems but a reliable car.

- Lexi B

Keep up on the maintenance.

My vehicle is nice to have in the winter months due to its 4 wheel drive. But it's high maintenance and expensive upkeep.

- Rachael D

Its dependable but the cloth used on the seats leave water marks

I like the looks, I like how it drives, i like I never had any major problems, I don't like the cloth used on the seats

- patricia d

i would not get another vehicle until mine dies on me. I love it

i love everything about it! the smooth ride is my favorite and the seats are so comfortable. it is very reliable still


It's fun to drive and has lots of room. They have few repairs, just normal maintenance

It is small enough to go anywhere. Great storage for items. No bad on gas Feel comfortable driving it No complaints

- Patty L

It is fully loaded with leather, sunroof, and heated seats. Great car!

It has been extremely reliable, and when I decide to get a new car I would definitely consider getting another Jeep.

- Briana N

I love the size of my car and how it handles on the road. I love the height of the vehicle and that it converts to be able to carry many things.

My car has been an excellent performing vehicle. It has never left me stranded and has been fairly low maintenance

- Beth S

It's reliable and fun to drive. It's made in America!

I love the design and the flexibility--I can carry about anything that I want. The gas mileage isn't great, though.

- Alana M

Not made anymore, so parts may be hard to find. Other jeep choices, so may go that route in the future.

We enjoy our jeep. The only drawback so far is high winds against the jeep. Comfortable for driver and friends.

- pat a

Very durable and reliable.

I love how compact it is and how easy it is. It has been very reliable since I bought it 5 and a half years ago.

- Miranda B

Awesome vehicle that serves a purpose

I love the gas mileage. It also has enough room for groceries. We've even hauled a working dog to competition.

- Leslie R

The most important thing is that is safe.

I love the size. I like all the features the car offers. I do not like how expensive the up keep is for the car.

- Maya Q

jeep liberty review 2007 love it

good driving, reliable, need more room in front seats, accelerates well, lots of room in cargo hold, excellent

- steve b

No food or drinks other than water allowed in it.

No complaints. My vehicle is not new which is great. It has plenty of room but is not too big. Very versatile.

- Jessica E

Tows behind a RV very well.

Its ok, had some repairs on the same item several times, good in bad weather, not that great as a highway car.

- Michael L

It got me from a to b with no problem

My jeeps engine whent capoot but it was a good car i had very good many years from it i would give it 10 stars

- Heather A

This is my third jeep and I have found that as long as they kept in good condition they run really well.. Once they start having issues, they keep on having issues

It drives really well. In general it is reliable. The worst thing is that sometimes the windows won't work

- Beth T

Have no problem driving it. Has a good storage area.

Has good gas mileage. Just the right size for me children are all grown up. Easy to park in different areas.

- Melissa A

It is a very efficient vehicle.

My jeep is a reliable and efficient vehicle.. It is also cheap on gas.. It definitely serves your needs.

- Leslie V

The jeep that will surprise you

it's a reliable vehicle, i drove it from Nebraska to Nevada and it handled well and is low maintenance.

- michael G

Great on gas for highway or city driving. Fill up once a week for normal drive.

Comfortable and roomy, rides very well. Great on gas and for travel. Tons of room for all our stuff.

- Yar M

Dependable Jeep Liberty 2007

It is excellent starter vehicle. Small. Compact. Not a comfortable ride but a smooth one. Dependable.

- Kimberly B

Jeep Liberty Reliable, Dependable and Fun.

has an off road feel, sunroof and seat warmers. No real problems or reliability issues. Great model.

- Dawn S

I really think about the motor going out on the power windows

There are a couple the power windows the motor goes out and it does not get very good gas mileage

- Susan W

It runs through anything.

I love the jeep liberty. I have no complaints about the vehicle. It has served me well for years.

- Shelly R

Super spacious, awesome turn radius, totally not a soccer mom car

She is a mess. Needed a lot of work because I bought her used. Drives nice when not broken

- jen d

It is old and doesn't run like it should or looks like it should

It is old but it is sturdy. It's windows and AC are broken. It still belongs to me my mom

- Tasha H

A Reliable Car that is special.

The Vehicle is quite reliable. I like that it is durable. I also like that it is strong.

- Rita C

it is dependable, it is fun to drive and does well in snow

not enough storage dependable four wheel drive overall i really like the vehicle

- Michelle w

It's a good reliable daily driver, it doesn't get awesome gas mileage and isn't dripping luxury but it is comfortable and gets me where i need to go

Hard to modify not enough 4x4 aftermarket parts. Reliable drives nice

- William A

good to pull behind a rv. Good snow driving not the best highway car.

does the job, not fancy, Had some repairs same thing several times

- mike l

not good on gas but drive very well. ride is not bad for trips. lots of room for stuff plus. is getting old.

jeep is great for going to places. is a bit high so that helps.

- lucy k



- kim p

I like the height and size of the vehicle. I like the amount of storage space. It drives well. I don't like that it has been recalled several times and that I constantly have small issues with it like the weather stripping falling off and gas cap breaking.

It's comfortable and keeps my family safe on the road.

- Laura S

I like that it is sturdy metal. I bought it new, but I have practically had to rebuild it over the past 10 years.

It does not last long unless you put in all new parts

- carrie o