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Straight six vs. V6 vs. 4 cylinder Jeeps.

The Jeep liberty is a great general SUV. I haven't had any real problems with it since purchase and it has been very easy to maintain. I have had to service the brakes, sunroof (major leaks), and the window mechanics have given way. 128, 000 miles and I have changed the tires twice with very even wear. I seafoam the engine every third oil change, but the bearings in the engine have started making a bit of noise. The water pump has also failed, and although it is a cheap, easy fix. It was incredibly inconvenient. The engine lacks power, which is genuinely surprising. I have always driven Jeeps, but my 2001 Cherokee has 25-40% more power than the liberty and I think it might weigh more. I am aware there is a difference between a straight six and a v6. But, it is seriously making me reconsider my purchase. I like the rig. It is not a bad car. It just really is not living up to my expectations and I will likely sell it soon after less than a year of ownership. My so drives a 2014 compass. 4 cyl. And it has more power. It is a sad excuse for a Jeep. But, at least I am not cussing when I drive it.

- Mandy R

2008 Jeep liberty; 4x4! Undesirable mpg.

I love the fact that I have 4-wheel drive for the snowy winters but am saddened by the lack of legroom in the passenger seat. Even with the seat back the entire way, taller people seem to have their legs tight against the dashboard. The car runs well for being 10 years old and has not required any major work since I purchased it used almost 2 years ago. While my work commute is short, 5-10 minutes, the lack of sustainability in a tank of gas based on average mpg is bothersome. A full tank of gas usually gets me between 240-260 total miles. While I believe this car would be good for long trips due to its versatility and 4x4 status, its less than desirable average mpg pushes me away from utilizing it when I need to go further than an hour or so.

- Ashley C

Jeep liberty provides travel freedom.

This Jeep has lasted several years and been able to withstand several trips up and down the east coast. After owning it for several years, it is now finally giving me mechanical issues. Even if I was to get all of the issues fixed, it would still be a matter of time before the engine itself goes out. It has been super comfortable to drive in. Especially for long road trips. It has tons of room in the back for packing cargo or taking extra passengers with you. I have never felt cramped in this Jeep. It gets pretty good gas mileage and will let you know when you need an oil change. I have moved this car and it has been extremely reliable. I would recommend this car to anyone but not for a super long term vehicle.

- Holly C

My experience with the Jeep.

It is a great quality vehicle. I have not had any problems under the hood. My air conditioning has stopped working; not sure of the cause of it but I have tried charging it and that did not work. The interior is nice and roomy, and relatively easy to clean on my own. The passenger side glove box area has a weird sticky residue to it that is extremely difficult to make clean. As for the way the vehicle drives, it is very smooth, and easy to handle. There is a great amount of trunk space, and if you put down the back seats, it creates a large space to transport large items.

- Chelsea W

The trunk space is the best part.

I have had no major problems with my vehicle. It is a 2008 and very reliable. The interior has fabric seats which are surprisingly easy to keep clean and not hot and sticky like leather. The vehicle is on the heavier side so it does take some getting used to in the beginning. The gas mileage is not the best compared to many cars on the road today. I get currently about 15 miles per gallon. The vehicle is very comfortable for long car rides. The trunk is spacious. I play golf and I can fit several full size golf bags in the back with no problem.

- Ryan J

Great for small family SUB

I naught used and the only real big issue I have had was the compressor other then that it has been a very reliable and safe car. I do make sure to keep up with maintenance oil change, brakes, tune ups and tires and what not. It runs really smooth and it's a great small family car the back seats are not all that comfortable to travel long distances but for everyday use and short trips it works. It has a touch screen for the radio with GPS and also can play movies when vehicle is not moving. Over all I am very happy with my car.

- Andrea T

Love my Jeep. I enjoy driving it anywhere we go. Love the extras it has.

I have had a few Jeep's over the last 20 years. I love to drive my Jeep. It is very reliable and a joy to drive for me. I am disabled and have trouble with my left ankle. I can get in and out of my Jeep easily. My husband is disabled also. He does not drive anymore so I do all the driving. My only problem is he is 6ft 2 inches tall and about 300 lbs. Now. It is getting hard for him to ride in the passenger seat. His legs are too long. I think I will need to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle to transport him.

- Lindy T

Jeep liberty. Cheaper alternative to a grand Cherokee.

When I purchased my Jeep, it was fairly used. High mileage and the typical cosmetic flaws. I have noticed, not only my Jeep, the drivers side interior wears down fairly fast and begins to rip. The motor that run the air/heat is very loud and hums when on. It is fairly cheap to fill up my 18 gallon tank, but the heaviness runs the gas out quick! I am fairly okay with my vehicle at the moment, but it is just a hold over vehicle until I am ready to make a larger more concrete purchase.

- Chelsea F

Reliable and roomy, but the sunroof is a cheap gimmick.

I have always loved Jeeps, and I feel like they fit me. Lots of storage room, 4-wheel-drive for tough winters, and overall reliability. The only thing that I dislike about this vehicle is the cloth sunroof. It is noisy, it falls of the hinges if I use it, and I am not sure if it ever closes all the way. I also wish it had the option on the compass/temp display to display trip time, mpg, and miles until empty like my old Cherokee had. Other than that, it is a great vehicle.

- Kyle M

The best car I have ever owned.

Manual transmission had to be replaced around 200, 000 miles. Ac was replaced. No other problems this Jeep just keeps running and running. Best car I have ever owned, it is great on gas mileage, I drive 30 miles back and forth to work each day and only fill up two or three times a month. There is a lot of room in the Jeep and I have always had space to fit one more friend. I plan to buy another one just like it when this one dies, and I will drive it till that day.

- Taylor S

There are none. Just a good dependable car.

My Jeep is a very reliable vehicle. I depend on it to get me safely back and forth. It has good pick up with no jerks or hesitations. The ride is smooth and the seats are comfortable. It is roomy inside and there is plenty of storage space. Radio sI good. The only problem is the visor at the drivers side. It does not come down far enough. When driving towards the sun it can be brutal on the eyes. Also dangerous. This is the only problem I have with my Jeep .

- Mary M

Very roomy and split back seats both fold down to carry larger or taller things.

I have only had my Jeep in the shop two times in ten years. Very reliable car and very sad that Jeep no longer produces this car. Very comfortable to ride in, feels almost like a small tank! The interior is very plain, with no bells and whistles which I do not mind. My car does have a tow feature, is 4 wheel drive, and does have just ok gas mileage. This has been my most reliable car I have ever owned and would own a Jeep again in the future.

- Kim M

The Jeep Liberty is suitable for families.

The Jeep Liberty could use an engine boost. It struggles with hills. Though it isn't the most powerful vehicle, it has withstood the test of time. My biggest issue is with my panoramic sunroof. This is an amazing feature, however, it has broken several times and has been deemed irreparable. The mileage is great and the Jeep is roomy enough for my entire family, including room in the back for groceries and luggage, if necessary.

- Kimiya W

It's really roomy and despite its age, it runs very well. It gets me to Mexico.

My car is really just old. I mean I bought it in 2008, so she's been with me for a minute. Right now she drives pretty good for being so old, but her entire dashboard looks like a Christmas tree because while trying to get it fixed 3 times this year, somehow the wires got disconnected, so at this point I have to manually check to make sure she's still ready to run every once in a while. For being so old, it's a really good car.

- Claudia E

Not Built to Last: Jeep Liberty 2008

The Jeep is sporty looking it gets pretty good gas mileage. However, as I have had the vehicle longer, I have realized that because most of it was made with cheap plastic parts, things break very easily and are not built for hot and dry climates where things get brittle in the sun. It's very fun to drive but it is not a very luxurious vehicle. The doors are heavy and it's hard to get in and out of unless you are a tall person.

- Emily H

I have a bluish purple Jeep liberty (2008).

I love everything about my Jeep except the gas mileage, I am only averaging 13 miles to the gallon. It runs beautifully, is a smooth ride and is super nice looking. I love the sound system, I listen to music quite loud in my car so it is important to me the speakers work well and they do. I have had this car for a little over 3 years and I love everything about it, except as I mentioned before the gas mileage.

- Allison O

Best jeep ever it's a little older model but it has the leg room and features

Never had any major issues just the basic wear and tear, tires ,windshield wipers and brakes it's a safe comfortable ride I would love to get a new one and keep the one I own now I have upgraded my stereo with Bluetooth and put in new speakers and a small amp to enjoy those days out at the beach or camping all my things fit perfectly from coolers to tents and chairs we always had room for an occasion..

- Daniel L

Cool car with expensive maintenance

I love the structure, shape and size of the car. It is comfortable and very easy to park, and comes with a cool moon roof feature that is my favorite part of the car. However, it is not fuel efficient (gas goes very quickly, making the upkeep expensive), and maintenance problems pop up ALL THE TIME. The amount of money I have put into fixing this car could have bought a new reliable used car.

- Hannah D

Perfect first car, reliable and perfect for the road trips.

No problems great condition, extended sunroof everything is up to date and running properly. It a great fit, very clean has new tires and tinted windows and it is black with a silver trim, it is reliable and had six cord new floor mats and it has been detailed clean recently may need new windshield wipers soon but other than that it is in perfect condition like it is been taking good care of.

- Taylor S

Pros and Cons of Jeep Liberty

The size of the vehicle is the biggest plus. It is a SUV but not too large to maneuver in smaller parking lots. It has the latch system for child car seats for easy installation. Four wheel drive is an added plus. Limited vehicle repairs outside of routine maintenance. Gas mileage is not great and there is a lot of noise when you open the windows especially the back windows

- Jody L

2008 Jeep liberty good review.

I love my Jeep liberty! I have had it for about 10 years now and it is a comfortable car. Seats 5 and a lot of trunk space. Great for driving on dirt, bumpy roads. The color of my Jeep is silver and the paint is starting to fade but probably could have protected it better. I also have an outlet in the center console, so if you need to plug something in you have that option.

- Chelsea R

Fantastic Small to Midsize SUV

This car is incredibly reliable, and has served me well throughout the years. It has satellite radio and bluetooth (only for calling), and the body style has held up very well. No major problems over 10 years. The seats are a comfortable stain-resistant mid-grade fabric, and there's plenty of trunk space and leg room for all passengers without the car being too large.

- Mary W

Love it but engine light comes on.

I love my Jeep! It is a great family car as well as an adventurous car. It does have some sort of engine problem making my check engine light come on and I've gotten it fixed 2 or 3 times now and it still persists. I bought it from a used car place though so not sure if it's an all Jeep liberty(s) that have that problem or if it was the used car place I got it from.

- Bailey P

2008 Jeep Liberty: Perfect for Winter Driving

I purchased my Jeep Liberty to get around during winter weather and it has never let me down. It handles extremely well on snow and ice. The available 4-wheel drive is also helpful when the snow is deep enough. There is plenty of room in the backseat for passengers, and there is also decent cargo space. You can also lower the back seats for hauling even more.

- Sarah A

Very reliable. Stock sound system is pretty great.

The Jeep does great in the snow. Love the four wheel drive option! Have had to do some minor maintenance on it but I do treat it like a Jeep and put it to work. The hatch is big enough for a couple to lay in for a romantic night at the drive in. The Jeep has a big enough back seat that is able to not only fit some kids back there but also three grown adults.

- Mary S

This is a jeep liberty limited 4x4.

Air conditioner went out and blows hot air. . I replaced the clutch. The oil filter is hard to get to in the engine. The running boards are rusted. The hood prop is awkward. The automatic window sticks and will not roll up sometime. Other than that this vehicle runs great. I have very high mileage on it and I would not be afraid to take it on long trips.

- Jason H

Jeep liberty, getting old with problems.

My vehicle is 11 years old so it has several problems. There is a blockage in the dashboard where the heat and air conditioning hardly comes out of the blowers vents. The approximate cost to fix that is over $1,000. The jeep is a gas guzzler. The speakers went out and the windshield always gets chips when even a tiny rock hits it.

- Claudia C

The perfect car for big families or if you need tons of storage!

This car doesn't get the best mileage, it is a very expensive car to drive especially since I live in the city and experience a pretty significant amount of traffic I've found there are some difficult blind spots since the cars is rather wide. The engine has some minor issues but is cost friendly to fix often times

- Cassidy C

The Jeep liberty sky slider is a beautiful feature.

The sky slider leaks because Jeep did not think out the whole process before building. Also sounds like I am in a jet when I am driving because of the wind that comes through the slider in front. The leg room is horrible for the driver. Other than that I like the feature.. I like the shape the style how it handles.

- Debra C

Jeep liberty is a great American made SUV on the market.

I love that it is an SUV, good size for driving in big city. Has an electric problem with the lights that needs to be fixed but too costly now. Jeep is a good brand and American made. Mine has a few scrapes and scratches that need to be buffed out. I keep it clean inside, makes me feel good. I love owning a jeep.

- Misty S

Amazing vehicle would recommend

The thing that I dislike the most about my car is that it wastes a lot of gas really fast but besides that it is a very durable car and it's very comfy. The steering wheel is very sharp and it makes the perfect turns overall I would recommend the jeep liberty to anyone if you're okay with having to put gas often.

- Natalie C

Handles great in all weather

Since it's a limited edition, the parts are a little pricey and hard to find for specific parts. My jeep handles well in all types of weather. It is economically good for having children. I love that I can tow and haul with my jeep. My jeep sits up high enough but not too high to where I need help getting in

- Sarah N

Jeep liberty is the bomb diggity.

It performs well, but I do have some troubles with the tires. One of my sensors broke off, so the tire pressure light is constantly on. It is comfortable to drive in, but not so comfortable as a passenger. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets me from point A to point B without any issues.

- Shawn H

Great car for long term driving.

Just normal things wearing out and having to replace them. It is a really great car in an accident but the repair work is a substantial cost. I like the drivability and it is held up for 11 years. I find it easier to drive than most vehicles. It is white and black. It is high up which is nice for visibility.

- Mai H

Jeep Liberty is great for adventures.

The jeep liberty is a very reliable vehicle. It is great for going off road and exploring your surroundings and having adventures. Have had the liberty for over six years now and have had very few problems with the vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is active and on the move constantly.

- Christina T

Greatest vehicle of all time!

My Jeep liberty is one of the most dependable cars that I have owned. I have had a few electrical problems but with a few fixes it was back running brand new. I have moved to three different states and it has been my go to car on all of them. It gets me through all seasons. All in all I love my Jeep!

- Gen O

Sporty Compact SUV that Can Drive All Terrain

I love how it is a compact SUV which is great for city driving and taking it to the mountains. It is spacious with good cabin space. It also has four wheel drive and has a powerful engine. The only negative would be the transmission has been giving me some problems and the mileage could be better.

- Carlo D

It runs very well and has good safety features, despite It's low gas mileage it comes recommended!

I love the size of the vehicle and that it allows for easy travel anywhere. It's not too big for the city either. Gas mileage is not great, and there are a few unusual decisions on the interior construction. However the engine is top-notch and I always look forward to driving it! So far, so good!

- Bradley A

It's great or it's a mistake. You decide.

I have had several issues with my vehicle. For starters the air conditioning constantly needs attention. The check engine light comes on even when getting a problem resolved. I am not a mechanic so I don't even know what to do about my car. Sometimes when it comes to a stop the engine will shake.

- Logan S

I find out new things about my car everyday.

I love my car besides the sky slider at the moment. Just found out the car is discontinued because the sky slider messes up within a short period of time and it is also expensive to fix. I love the leather seats and the navigation system that came with my car. I also love the touch screen radio.

- Nora P

It is a very fun and sporty vehicle.

Engine is very reliable and the space in the jeep is roomy and functional although appearing small. Factory ball joints have failed and needed to be replaced on both front wheels. The ride and feel of the vehicle could be smoother, and at over 200,000 miles, the vehicle burns quite a bit of oil.

- Dominick C

Absolutely amazing and safe!

It is absolutely amazing. It is all terrain so it makes driving in any weather conditions easy and safe. It is made to not be too heavy so it does not flip easy. It is absolutely reliable and just all around amazing to drive. When I look for what's good in a car, I'll always go for a Jeep .

- Kay S

It�s a smooth ride with comfortable seats.

The heater is going out, the locks are starting to stick, and the windshield wiper spray doesn't work, but besides that it is very reliable, comfortable, and has lasted forever! I'm glad I got this car. I have had next to no problems with it and have really enjoyed the smooth ride it gives.

- Robin T

The jeep is way too loud to drive and have a comfortable conversation.

Overall, it has been a reliable vehicle. The sliding roof is way too loud. It is a known problem, however, it has not been recalled. Anytime I am going over 45 mph I cannot hear my kids in the backseat. We have had our jeep for 5 years and I am looking forward to trading it in this summer.

- Katie M

My jeep liberty is a 2008 limited trail edition.

Issues with the driver side door getting stuck, and engine light. Otherwise I've had the jeep for three years and find it dependable. Must perform basic forms of upkeep to avoid major issues from occurring. I love how the jeep has outlets so multiple people can utilize the battery.

- Brittany M

It is dependable gas efficient and has eye appeal.

Very dependable and gas efficient considering it being a 6 cylinder car which I drive around a lot not as spacious as you'd expect from an SUV but comfortable for me and at time relatives. Although it's a Jeep since it does not have 4x4 it slides in snow and even rain at times.

- Diana L

Sunroof goes all the way back to the back seat

Just bought it. Haven't had any problems. Love the sunroof it goes all the way back. It's a 4 wheel drive. Have Sirius XM radio. So far everything has been gone good just need to get an oil change and a tune up. I always love Jeep think they are really good cars would recommend

- Liberty S

It rides well and dies a good job in bad weather like rain, snow or ice.

I like the vehicle. It rides well I just wish it was a little bigger. I have not had any problems with my liberty. It is older so I have had the battery replace. Recently and the brakes replaced. It rides well in the ice and snow. The style is nice and it is four wheel drive.

- Mary L

My vehicle may be a bit older but it runs like its brand new.

My vehicle does its job very well. It takes my siblings and I safety to our destination with no problems. Recently the Jeep was having some problems with its battery but the problem was easily fixed and is running smoothly. I would highly recommended this vehicle to anyone!!

- Kristin M

Has an extra outlet in the backseat.

Car is very reliable. It has over 190, 000 miles on it and still runs great. Only issues are regular maintenance. For example, I just replaced the brake pads and brake fluid, as well as put four new tires on. Smooth driving. Built well. I feel safe when I am in this vehicle.

- Linda H

I like it but has defects.

The heater & air conditioner makes a noise every time I turn it on. The wheels go low a lot. It is easy to drive and drives smoothly. Leather seats do rip easily as well. Need more space. The charger port stopped working the second time I used it. Other than that I like it.

- Melissa A

Mint condition inside and out.

No problems. My car is a dream car have not spending any money on fixing it no breakdowns dependable but keep up with oil changes no rust. It is a convertible no problems with that I have kept car in mint condition has less than 100, 000 miles color blue black convertible.

- Alice A

Good ride, loses functions early

This car has lost its heat and air conditioning functions after only ten years of being owned. It costs a lot to fix and might be better to just purchase a new car at that rate. The car is a smooth ride and moves well, just too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.


Jeep Liberty 10+years on road and still running like new!

I own a Jeep Liberty Sport 2008, this vehicle runs strong in all seasons even on really snowy days we have in Western NY, the wheels have good traction, Brakes are a bit sensitive but once you get the hang out it they are amazing, this jeep sits high and is very reliable

- Kay M

08 jeep liberty in my opinion.

None that I know of yet, it is very reliable. Not sure if I like the sunroof or not and wish it was a different color. I like it is trail rated and has 4 wheel drive. I do wish there was more leg room in the back with my 6 ft kids. Love the remote starter in the winter.

- Sarah H

The Jeep is high off the ground without making me feel like I'm in a huge truck

I love my Jeep because it's high off the ground. It's got great four wheel drive and I've never been stuck in it. Although, it's not the smoothest ride I've been in. My car is quite old so I'm not surprised that the AC has gone and the engine stalls every now and then.

- Theresa L

Great off road or on road vehicle except for electrical problems.

Very nice 4wd, perfect amount of space for small family, but has many starting and security issues. Great for outdoor activities and travel. Occasionally electrical problems such as the ac unit and radio. Have had many problems with both. Other than that love the car.

- Reagan S

My vehicle is dependable, easy to handle, and fun to drive.

The car runs smoothly, with easy navigation and steering; the dashboard is easy to understand, and the alerts/warnings are distinct and visible should they be activated. The car's headlights and fog lights work well during low-visibility weather and driving at night.

- Morgan V

Jeep- dependable car/ SUV.

It is very reliable- great car. Large enough to meet all my family needs and good for travel and commute. Rarely have any service issues. This is not my first Jeep and I will buy Jeep again very dependable cars/SUV my last one was a Cherokee and was a great car also.

- Debi T

This vehicle would be great for road trips!

The AC does not work, there are no special features. It is big enough for my whole family to ride in! We are all comfortable when riding in it, and have plenty of legroom! It's pretty good on gas, but could be a little better. If the AC worked I would love this car!

- Allie B

Starts when it needs to, stops when it needs to.

Because of scheduled maintenance, upkeep, and only driver and owner my car is purring right along, roomy, scotchgard interior I find it comfortable. I have never gone out to go somewhere and it does not start. I have an ac plug, automatic door locks. I love my car.

- Emma S

It is spacious not too big or small.

I haven't had problems to dislike my truck I think it is pretty comfortable and I love the size not too big or too small just perfect. It does waist a lot of gas but rather than that it is just perfect for me. I have the Jeep liberty it is mostly a female truck.

- Elizabeth G

It is nice for small trips, but not ideal for longer distances.

I like It's compact size and it has enough room to be comfortable in, but the biggest complaint I have is It's horrible gas mileage. Whether on the highway or on the road, the gas mileage on the vehicle is pretty bad. I have to fill up more than I would like.

- Eddie K

My jeep is a 2005 liberty. It is a great family vehicle.

I absolutely love my jeep. It is super reliable and safe. I just wish that it was bigger, as I have three small children in car seats. I refuse to trade it in even though it is difficult to fit all three seats in because it is such a reliable and safe car.

- Aaron H

The 2008 Jeep Liberty. A car I enjoy while I have it, but wouldn't buy again.

I love the style of the jeep liberty. It is pretty reliable and gets me from point A to point B. It is quite comfortable for 3 passengers. However, I have had quite a few issues with the connections and wiring on this car as well as some other problems.

- Hannah W

Dependable and great performance.

Very reliable, comfortable, dependable, 4 wheel drive, perfect on the snow, have not any problems, attractive, easy to park I love my Jeep, after 150 thousand miles, runs perfect, would recommend this brand of car any time, vest investment I ever made.

- Norma L

They are safe and it's comfortable in my Jeep. It's awesome!

I like how safe that I feel in my vehicle because I'm higher up on the road. It's been reliable. I've moved and hauled stuff across states and cities. There is a lot of space in there. I like being able to put down the back seats to make room.

- Ellene C

The Jeep liberty is not all bad.

Vehicle has about 125000 miles. I have replaced transmission and front cv axle. Remote unlock has quit and retractable roof is broken. I still enjoy driving the vehicle. It is a sporty quick little vehicle that does decent on gas mileage.

- Tim E

It's been very reliable and has gotten me around since the first day I bought it!

My Jeep has gotten me around for a long while. I bought it band new. I don't like the suspension on dirt roads and it need to have heat/air vents for the back seat people to use and feel more comfortable when riding in the back seat.

- Robin V

Jeep makes top quality vehicles and backs them with a very good warranty.

I really like my Jeep. It is sporty looking and handles very well in all weather conditions. Overall an excellent car. The one thing I dislike about it is I have a sky-slider in the roof. This make the inside of my Jeep very noisy.

- Brett B

Without a doubt do not let this 3. 7 v6 engine go past a due date on oil changes.

For a sport package I thought it would be more durable. At 185k mike's it simply started to fall apart. The 4WD differentials and cv axles I felt had no durability. High maintenance aluminum block engine threw a rod as well.

- Kevin P

It has excellent front safety ratings for crashes.

The front safety crash rating is excellent. After 2 front collisions, minimal jolt was felt. The only complaint about it, I never liked the safety crash rating for the rear of the vehicle. My kids are not safe enough in it.

- Sara W

Lots of room, feels very safe

Really reliable car with lots of room. Built in GPS is a great feature and a removable roof on the limited edition. A little bit of faulty wiring as it got older but in comparison with other cars issues it's a simple fix.

- Emerson C

The Jeep Liberty is a very safe and very reliable car

My car is very reliable and safe. Since my vehicle is larger tires are more expensive. Since my car is a little older there has been regular maintenance which has been costly- including water pump and air conditioning.

- Kiersten R

I would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for reliable/durable SUV.

I just bought my jeep liberty about 6 weeks ago and I am in love with it. The 4×4 works great, it's a comfy ride, its holds a ton of stuff, and drives great! My only complaint is that it is a gas guzzler!


It is reliable, and has a great amount of space.

I love Jeeps in general, they're reliable. I love how much space my Jeep has. I had an issue with my water pump, which I was told is common for Jeeps. I do not think I will ever have a different make of car.

- Ashleigh S

It is fun to drive on vacations!

My Jeep liberty is fun to drive; we have taken multiple vacations with it. We camp in a tent, and there is a lot of room for our gear. Looking forward to more years with our Jeep! We have no complaints.

- Susan S

It is a tough car. If someone is looking for a dependable safe car, this is it.

I love absolutely everything about my Jeep liberty. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage. I do not have to drive too far for my normal daily use, but I still have to fill up my tank quite a bit.

- Kayla S

I've owned the car for over 10 years and it only just broke 100,00 miles

What I like about my vehicle is that is very safe and handles great in bad weather. It requires very low maintenance. The only thing I don't like is that it isn't the best vehicle in terms of gas use.

- Mike L

Smaller SUV, decent gas mileage, not good with wear and tear.

At first this vehicle was a nice daily driver. After a few months there was a few problems. First the canvas top stopped working, then the radio fritzed out, then the air conditioning went out.

- Brian G

The Jeep liberty I own is reliable. It runs well, and is a comfortable ride.

It is reliable. The only problems have been due to the age/mileage on the vehicle. Normal wear and tear. There was an issue with the air conditioning that took more than 8 days to get resolved.

- Suzanne B

It's sue Pringle quick for such a big, boxy SUV

I love the balance of power and fuel efficiency. It's safe enough for my children. It handles great in the snow. My only complaint is that it's an older car and starting to get worn down.

- Kate J

Do not purchase the soft top sunroofs for jeep.

I have a 2008 jeep liberty and I loved it! The biggest reason I purchased this vehicle was the featured moonroof. I am now hating the moon roof because water is now getting into my vehicle.

- Alicia A

I bought it used and it had very low mileage. Have not had repair problems.

I love my Jeep liberty. It drives very nice. My only complaint would be that I wish there was more legroom in the front seats. It feels pretty cramped. But, I am happy with the performance.

- Bonnie D

It has held up phenomenally over time! I probably have over 100,000 miles on the vehicle and have had only minor issue thus far

I like the amount of space i have in the front and in the backseat. I also like the truck space. I do not like how it handles wet roads. I also do not like that the sunroof leaks.

- mindy p

Toughbuilt, good gas mileage.

I loved it when I first got it, but over time it has became real rough riding. And things have just started to go wrong. Seems every time I blink something else has to be fixed.

- Lisa P

Great vehicle but not meant for tall or big guys.

Good performance over all, but not made for big people. If you are 6 foot tall is a great vehicle. Just make sure your oil filter is tight or you'll need a new engine soon.

- eric c

Although they were discontinued, jeep liberties are the perfect crossover.

It runs great, however, there were issues with the window cranks when I first got it. However, there was a recall on those items which were later fixed without cost to me.

- Madison L

you feel very safe in it when your driving,has very good visual for nite driving.and plenty of space to haul just about anything.love the sunroof in it.

this suv has been the best I have owned.it's fun,roomy,lots of room,great for travel.very dependable.had very low issues..i get a lot of nice vehicle.not bad on gas either

- sherry g

This is the most reliable car I have ever driven or owned.

I love my jeep liberty. It has been extremely reliable with well over 100,000 miles. It has had very limited issues and those that it has had have been easily corrected.

- Mike C

I can drive offroad and in the bad weather.

I like that I can go offroad with it and not have to worry about getting stuck. I also like the look of it. I dislike how much gas it uses for how little power it has.

- Drew G

It gets good gas mileage and was a good value when I bought it.

Large enough for passages 4-6.. Great ride smith.. Sun roof.. Great sound system.. Yes best car on the market to where they want me to trade in for a new one but want.

- Shirley S

Panoramic sunroof is not sturdy and whistles.

I like the size and height of my Jeep. It has good storage. The panoramic sunroof is terrible. It stopped working after 2 years and no longer opens and now whistles.

- Amanda H

It's not as roomy on the insyas it looks. The model year tends to have electrical issues.

Starter issues that I can't seem to fix. This inside is not roomy and a bit tight. Great trunk space. Not enough pockets or storage space. I like that it sits high.

- Sara W

This car performs exceptionally well in snow.

Have had virtually no problems. Always starts like a shot and gets decent mileage. It is also roomy. I have two kids and they are very comfortable on long trips.

- Thomas S

It is very sturdy. Rain, snow, sleet, whatever weather it holds up just fine and I always feel safe.

I wish it was larger for a family. We have a Wrangler and this is our family vehicle so I would like it to be bigger. It has been a reliable car for us though.

- Colleen K

It performs well and has had hardly anything go wrong with it!

I love my Jeep. It is old enough so it is still "boxy" instead of looking like a bubble car that is popular today. There is nothing I don't dislike about it!

- Barb S

Runs great and easy to get around in.

My jeep is very easy to park in the tightest places. It has functional room to load any groceries.... My jeep does not have a backup camera, and I miss that..

- Becky R

The car is reliable and does not need repairs frequently.

The electrical system and sliding roof have been problems since the first month I got it.... I like that it has a retractable top but also has 4 wheel drive.

- Jeannette C

It has a big storage space:) and moving really well,

I bought it from pre-owned store 5 years ago. And I had had many troubles with AC and some other factors for first 3 years.but now it's working quite good.

- Mckenzie H

The gas pedal is kind of heavy and the dashboard has an internal electrical error.

Love the fact that I can run over anything, and I feel safe in a big car. I do not like the fact that I do not have Bluetooth or a back camera in the car.

- Rebecca S

Absolutely love the fact you are up off the ground but, it's not hard to get into it.

Love the ease of driving my jeep. There is plenty of legroom front and back. Plenty of space in the back for hauling groceries. Has great towing capacity

- Beth K

It is dependable and easy to keep clean.

I love my vehicle because it is dependable. The roominess. I can haul things. Low maintenance. Looks good for its age. Dislike. . . Miles per gallon low.

- Jackie F

It is a Jeep and it is pretty rugged and useful.

I like how high it sits up from the ground and that I have towing capabilities. I don't like how much money I have put into it lately to keep it going.

- Jeffrey A

That it does great in all kinds of weather and i feel safe.

I love it because it works well in snow. It has a great trunk, very roomy. Also very good on gas. It has a sunroof, which i love. I have no complaints.

- Barbara E

The shape is my preferred shape of vehicle. I greatly prefer boxy vehicles.

I love the shape of the older Jeep Liberty. The box shape is my preference. The back is roomy when the seats are folded down. It drives quite well.

- Ashley T

It is my safe place. When I am stressed I get in my car and can just drive or sit and I feel better.

I love the green machine. It has been there for me and my family and is a safe ride. I am happy that I was finally able to pay off this car as well

- Christine B

It is reliable and has never given me issues.

My car is reliable and I do not have to worry about it breaking down. It had s good amount of space. I do not like that the tires slide in the rain.

- Demi R

It's a steel box of safety. It's great for sight being up high.

It's pretty bumpy, but great for longer drives. It doesn't get great gas mileage. It's not as roomy as you would think. It's great in accidents.

- Meg G

The Jeep does great in all sorts of weather

The Jeep has been much better than expected. Gas mileage is great!! I've had minor issues go wrong so far but nothing major. Drives very good

- Alex W

I love my Jeep Liberty, but the heating sucks.

I am in love with my Jeep! It has a lot of room, but it doesn't feel like I'm driving a big sedan! My only complaint is the heating system.

- Alexandra L

The Jeep liberty gas monster

I think the Jeep liberty is too small it also has a 6 cylinder engine that eats gas so for being so small it should get better gas mileage.

- Dustin M

A very reliable car. As I said before very great in the snow.

My car is great in the snow. I put it 4 wheel drive and I feel very safe. A smooth ride. I don't have anything negative to say about it.

- Scott P

It may be a 2008 but it is clean and looks new on the inside.

I like the sturdiness and look and feel of the jeep liberty. I like that it is a compact SUV.. I dislike the gas mileage sometimes..

- Maxine G

Gas mileage is good in city and freeway.

I like the room in the back seat. The trunk is big enough for groceries. Being able to go to 4wh drive easily is a wonderful thing.

- Megan K

White Jeep Liberty Success

My Jeep Liberty has run fantastically with very little maintenance required. I have loved the size and smooth ride of the vehicle.

- Jessica H

It gets pretty bad gas mileage.

Love how big it is and reliable. Horrible gas mileage. Drives kind of tricky and rough. Will drive it until the wheels fall off.

- Sam M

It has a leaking issue that causes stains on the interior.

Not powerful and has a leaking problem that the dealership can't fix. We have carried it to them multiple times with no answers.

- Ethan N

Jeeps last without too many problems, just the maintenance.

Like fuel mileage averaging 21. 3 mpg. Also is overall comfortable to drive. It is not new but stills in excellent condition.

- Joseph B

Just overall love the vehicle.

Leak in sunroof. . Very comfortable riding and driving. . About 32 miles per gallon. . Love the inside storage. . 4WD great.

- Debra G

They don't make them anymore.

Bought it used with 155, 000 miles on it and it is running good no problems, it is a great vehicle. It is great in the snow.

- Robert W

I love the longevity of my car I am almost at 200,000 miles and it still run great.

I dislike the top of my vehicles where water sometimes enters the car when it rains. I would have liked it to not be cloth.

- Clark C

It's a good, and reliable vehicle. It does well on long distances.

it's reliable. It has more bells and whistles than my previous car. I really like the feeling of riding higher than cars.

- Yvonne S

Good value, nice look, reliable - model is no longer offered.

We haven't had many issues. They do not make the liberty model anymore. Space is really not that much larger than a car.

- Kris B

my jeep liberty is the best

it runs good, great gas mileage, never really needs repairs, sporty looking and doesn't make me feel old when I drive it

- renee u

It's a good vehicle. Probably paying for the brand name though

Rear calipers locked up. So I have to replace rotors, calipers and pads for breaks. Runs fine. Muffle is shot though.

- Bob D

Nothing but I recommend you get your own.

I don't have any vehicle problems. Recently had the brakes changed and the calibers. Going into get a tail light out.

- Sarah H

Quality brand and company l, if you take care of your investment I will last.

I like the low gas mileage and fun ride. It is a very roomy vehicle. I dislike that is does not have cruise control.

- Tanya N

The car is very fragile and you cannot ride the breaks too long.

I like the look and the features of the car, however I do not like that it's not a 4x4 and it keeps breaking down.

- Yale C

Has a very sensitive windshield. Easily cracked by rocks on highway.

My family love our Jeep. It is comfortable has a sunroof, easily connects to our phone, does great in the winter.

- Jen L

Fits 5 and carry things. On roof rack decent gas.

Very reliable, comfort well in elements, smooth ride, space is good only issue the battery starts go after 2 yrs.

- Michelle W

Jeeps are very dependable. You can fit 5 people in my liberty Jeep.

My vehicle has been dependable since day one. Never had any issues with it and it drives amazingly in the snow.

- Paula G

It is gas mileage on it stinks.

It is horrible on gas but other than that no complaints. It is reliable and have not had any problems with it.

- Mackenzie D

Smaller inside than it looks.

I like that u sit higher I like the security having 4 wheel drive gives you. I like everything about the jeep.

- Marie M

Dont know whats wrong with it

Has been a great vehicle up until about a month ago when it shut off while driving. It has not started since.

- Danielle J

She is a sturdy vehicle with plenty of room despite being a compact SUV.

My Jeep is the boxy style of the Liberty so she stands out in a crowd. She is a 6 speed manual transmission.

- Michelle G

The car is very roomy and spacious.

I love my Jeep liberty. With four doors, the car is very spacious and comfortable. It drives very smoothly.

- Danielle L

The four wheel drive makes everything feel like butter.

I have no issues. This was the Best purchase that I have ever made. Everyone should own a four wheel drive.

- Jason B

It is a reliable vehicle in any weather.

I like having 4x4 in winter conditions. I like the space I have. I like being able to see while reversing.

- Jessica B

Feels like you're in a Wrangler and an suv all in one!

Badon gas mileage, besides that it performs wonderfully! Very reliable, drives as a classic Jeep would!

- Yaarah H

08 Jeep Liberty is awesome

We love how much too there is in the backseat for our kids as well as in the back for groceries etc.

- RHonda P

Feel great in a Jeep, safe and spacious and is a good ride

I love the jeep I have. it's a liberty with a roof that opens. Made so well, feel safer than a car.

- Sandra D

I drives well and and is a good small suv. I would recommend.

I like it. I have not had any problems with it at all. IT decent sized and drives very well!!!

- may w

that it is my car and I am completely happy with it.

I love my car. It has been reliable and fun to drive. I will drive it until I no longer can.

- Mike B

It's just for looks, not performance. It lacks power and guzzles gas.

Things are breaking down. Gas guzzler. Not much power. Heavy feeling. Looks cool. Big sunroof

- Niki L

It drives well in the snow.

I like the look of my SUV. The gas mileage could be better. I like the power of the engine.

- Kim B

It has little maintenance. I have not spent money.

Drives great. it is reliable. I can move the seat to see out well. the back holds a lot.

- kathryn t

Be careful of the ABS system as it seems to fail from time to time.

I love the fact that I feel safe in the winter, however it seems to nickel and dime me

- Jason N

I enjoy the car. It is a great size and can fit up to five people. There is a lot of trunk space which is very helpful. The one issue I have with the car is that it gets poor gas mileage.

The gas mileage is not very good. Keeps are made heavy and therefore use more gas.

- Lesley K

4 wheel drive is also an available option in this model like mine.

It is easy to drive. It will fit into tight parking spaces. It is easy on gas.

- Joyce C

That it has a good safety rating

I like that it's 4 wheel drive . I like that it has enough room for my family .

- Linda C

This year was good to buy because it came with a lifetime power warranty

I love my 2008 jeep liberty because It has been reliable and dependable!

- Debra K

That I have a sliding sunroof.

Too many cosmetic issues with it. Leaks, sticks, door is messed up.

- Mike J

The l one most important thing about the Jeep Liberty is that it is 4 wheel drive.

I really love my jeep. However, I wish it had cruise control.

- Brettnee C

It's a good car just not great gas mileage. Also could use more room.

Would like to get better gas mileage. Needs a new rear end.

- Britny R

It has been well maintained reliable form of transportation

I love my jeep I have had it 10 years and it is a dream

- brcki h

My car has navigation in it, it gets me to. Lot of places

It's green, very nice car. I've had it for 2 years.

- Becca L

that it has a lot of space

i like the space and the color i have no dislikes

- john B