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Run of the mill automobile.

Gas mileage is ok for mid sized SUV. Most parts are available when the car does break. Although there was one part that broke on my power steering and I had to fabricate the part myself. The sunroof leaks for no reason. I replaced the gaskets and even then it still leaks. The interior of the car is very nice. I have taken many road trips and always felt completely comfortable the whole time. Mechanically the car is sound minus the power steering I have put very little money into the car besides minor maintenance everyone should do to their car.

- Scott M

2009 Jeep liberty still going strong.

Only problem has been that the right rear door lock stopped working two years ago, gas mileage is not great, but vehicle has been very dependable -all three of my children have used while away at college, and since it has 4WD that has given me a sense of relief for their safety in this cold weather state that we live in. The seats are very comfortable as I have driven it a few times for 1300 miles on road trips down south. The exterior styling still looks good after all of this time even compared to newer models.

- Rob L

Great in bad weather, rain snow etc.!

I love my Jeep liberty. I have had this car for 8 years now and have not had any major issues with it, I do I take it for regular maintenance but that has been the extent. It is a Jeep so it drives a little rough, but is great in bad weather as it has 4 wheel drive. The trunk is roomy and with the second row seats down you can fit a lot. One feature I really like about the car is there is an actual outlet in the car and there is also an AUX outlet. This car can comfortably seat 5 people including the driver.

- Kelly W

Snappy with a side of bacon.

The car’s back passenger door is stuck closed. I found a fix for the issue online. It appears the problem is common. Ride is semi comfortable. The car surprisingly snappy. I am able to achieve highway speeds rather quickly. Like all cars that I have purchased from this car manufacturer and others like it. Stuff just seems to stop working, things start malfunctioning, parts start falling off after the car reaches that certain age. Trying to ensure the car’s quality of life starts sucking you dry.

- Sean M

Easily handled vehicle would buy again.

The jeep liberty is very efficient. I really haven't had too many problems out of it. The electric door locks stopped working for a short time. You could do them manually but not with remote. Took it in and it was fixed easily. I love all of the electric ports and the stereo has uconnect on it for safe driving. Goes easily through the snow. Great buy. I would buy it again.


It is an overall good vehicle the only issue I had is the electrical problem.

The only problem I have with my Jeep is there is an electrical problem where my headlights come and go and sometimes my battery goes dead and will not stay charge other then that it drives really soothe and the 4 week drive works amazing in the winter I would buy another Jeep there my favorite vehicle it has a lot of legroom and you can hall big stuff if you really had to.

- Jacqueline D

I enjoy driving my jeep. It is reliable, comfortable and stylish. I love it.

My jeep is very reliable!! Very important to me. It is comfortable, stylish and performs well. I enjoy the electric seats, especially in winter months! I like the ease of the 4 wheel drive. No recalls on this model. Jeep stands by their products! I have had to rely on warranty and was very satisfied. I would buy a jeep again in the future!

- Dawn C

The way my Jeep handles is amazing for an SUV.

My 2009 Jeep liberty is a great vehicle with plenty of space in it. I love that the seats in back can be laid down for even more cargo space. I however wish it was 4 wheel drive. I also would like it more if there were air vents in the backseat. And the seats are not the most comfortable either.

- Taylor A

Jeep liberty is great. It is a limited edition 4x4. It is great in the snow.

Very comfortable ride. I bought it one year ago, used, and I have had no problems with it. The heat and air conditioning work very well. It has a nice stereo system, including infinity speakers. It is all electric and there are various comfortable positions. I am very pleased with my purchase.

- Laurie O

I like the fact that it has two air bags. I wish it had more air bags.

I really like my jeep very much. I cannot believe how much room there is. You put the back seat down you can really a lot of things in it. It's very comfortable. The back seat has a lot of room. . It runs very well and its very reliable. I've had it for years. No problems with it at all.

- Joan H

The deathtrap roofless wonder.

Almost everything on it is broken, multiple recalls, rollover danger. . . The top even though replaced still doesn't work and is a constant danger of flying off over certain speeds on the highway. Throws constant errors that are incorrect, decorative pieces are constantly breaking.

- Mikael U

The most important thing others should know about my Jeep Liberty is, if you plan on going off road in it you will want to get some good all terrain tires because it is a lite vehicle and the tires will help with traction.

I like the very tight turning radius on my jeep. I also like the traction control while in two wheel drive. One thing I do not like is that it does not have a lot of room in it. This would be my only complaint about it, but I would still consider purchasing a new one in the future.

- Richard R

The gas mileage isn't great, but if you don't plan on using it as your primary errand running vehicle, and you don't have to commute very far (or at all), it's an awesome SUV!

I love the comfort and the roominess. Lots of trunk space, too, especially if you fold down the back seats. It's not too big, but it's big enough to tow a boat. The only thing I don't like about it is the poor gas mileage, but I work from home, so I don't have to drive very often.

- Melissa E

Pros and cons of owning a Jeep.

It is a 4 cylinder so it does not have as much power, as I had to do some major repairs, not including tires and regular maintenance, engine coil had to be replaced, heat had to be replaced, and had a transmission leak, I like Jeep brand maybe the newer ones will be better.

- Lana B

The main thing is it four-wheel-drive I live in Michigan in the winter and it is very very important that I can get to work through a lot of snow.

I've had this jeep since 2009. I have had very little problems with it. I like the way it drives and I love the way it handles in the winter. I love my four-wheel-drive and I think I want to get another jeep when I get a new vehicle.

- Ginger L

It handles and drives rather easily. The pick up is fine and it handles curves well.

I like the wide wheel base and roomy up front interior. Backseat is a little to small for people over 5'10". Also air vents have very poor engineering. I do feel lucky that at 100,000, I have a few minor issues with vehicle.

- Erinne B

It's versatile. It can carry large, heavy things and smaller, more fragile things like groceries.

I like the 4WD. It makes me feel safe in the winter. I like that the back seats fold down easily. I can sleep in the back when I go camping. I don't like that it has electrical problems-like the power windows and door locks.

- Julie H

It is very sensitive to being in 4wd low mode for an extended period of time.

I like that it is spacious, which allows me to use it for moving furniture and other moving needs. I don't like that it doesn't have wheel controls, or cruise control and I don't like that It's gas mileage is so low.

- Samah M

Very reliable and great car for driving in snow and rain

My jeep liberty is very reliable haven't had too much mechanical issues with it besides normal wear and tear only thing i don't like is it does not have smooth ride it quite bumpy and you feel everything

- Anthony W

Solid, well made, durable, safe and stylish! I love my Jeep!

I feel very safe in my Jeep. It sits up high but still allows me to be able to maneuver it around with ease. I am able to store lots of things and my children fit safely in the backseat.

- Brittany D

Reliable car with plenty of room.

The air conditioning and heat often doesn't work and gas mileage is bad, but overall a great reliable car. It has heated seats which is great, and lots of room for when we go camping.

- Mackenzie S

My car is perfect for someone that likes road trips because the storage is huge.

It is reliable and the size I want in a vehicle. The air doesn't work but the heated seats do in the winter and they're really nice. I like the radio but would prefer a smart radio.

- Mackenzie C

JEEP lover right here, transmission out 120k

I LOVE my jeep, all leather, heated seats, sunroof, rides well; however, transmission went out at 120,000 so not very happy about that but I am replacing it and keeping my Jeep.

- lorrie s

Great family car, perfect size and functionality.

The Jeep liberty is a great car and has lots of storage room. The only issue is that sometimes there is trouble starting my car when it is very cold. Otherwise it drives great.

- Caroline B

It is a great starter vehicle and easy to back up into parking spots.

I like the size of the liberty. It is easy to park. The gas mileage is decent. I wish it had more safety features or bells and whistles but it is not too bad for a 2009.

- Sarah E

If you care for the vehicle properly, it can last you a lifetime, even through heavy use and abuse.

I love the security that it provides. I dislike the fact that Jeep no longer offers the Liberty as an option, however the new Cherokee seem to be the equivalent vehicle.

- Brandy O

I love everything except the fact that the rough leaks.

The sunroof leaks in heavy rain. Which causes the floorboard to get soaked and the interior to have water damage. But that is the only major problem I have run into.

- Mary P

It's durable and very nice for a family. I love it and will always recommend a Jeep Liberty

I have no complaints. The car has lasted me 9 years and it still runs smoothly, I barely have to have maintenance. I also love the storage space offered.

- Christie M

It is compact good on gas.

a lot of minor repairs are needed once it gets older. It is also a 4 cylinder which in the summer is difficult because it runs slower when the a/c is on.

- Lana B

It's little and not much storage space. It's very basic.

My vehicle hasn't had any problems yet other than regular maintenance. I need to replace the window regulator. Windows still work. They are just slow.

- Rachel B

Although there is some work to be done, it's still has a lot of life left!

It's a very reliable car, and very comfortable for the passengers and driver. There is a lot of space in the trunk are for strollers, groceries, etc.

- Megan M

It has a nice radio system and it sounds nice.

It is a little old so it has minor issues to it. I do not like the gas it gets per gallon. It has a retractable roof that leaks water when it rains.

- Dylan P

Very eco friendly and will runs great.

The car is absolutely family friendly. . No problems whatsoever. I love my car and until now I don't think of buying or trading my car for anything.

- Carolina F

Great dependable vehicle! Lots of features that are convenient and great gas mileage for an suv.

Love my vehicle, has been reliable with just typical maintenance. Roomy vehicle with comfort. Lots of great family memories in this vehicle.

- Sue v

Four wheel drive.Trial rates. Reliable.

Good and reliable car but has some flaws. Leaky sun roof and electronic issues (on board computers, etc) are a constant annoyance

- Tim D

My 2009 Jeep liberty is blue and very nice looking.

My Jeep is very comfortable to ride in. One thing I do not like about it is how bumpy it is. It has plenty of room for me.

- Kelsey K

Very good in snow very comfortable to drive and ride in.

Overheats radiator problems water pump replaced and hoses the radiator back hatch will not stay up had to get it fixed.

- John V

My Jeep is very reliable. . Especially in snow.

Safety comfortable reliable. . . Jeep is great for anything. . They hold their value, last forever with regular upkeep.

- Toni D

It is reliable and has been working for a long time.

I love it no complaints the only thing is the trailer hitch is rusting but other than that it is a great car.

- Rachel S

Good value, is dependable, is good on gas.

Expensive to repair. Good on gas. It is durable, rides smooth. Is in good shape, has no rust. Good quality.

- Kara D

It's comfortable to drive and the cargo area is very handy.

I don't like the gas mileage I do like the cargo area and the storage racks. Love the tow package

- dannie h

It is very reliable vehicle but has wiring issues.

I don't have any complaints. I do wish that it had better gas mileage. It's a good running vehicle.

- Amanda S

it is reliable and easy to drive, maintain and park.

It is a smooth ride. it is economical to drive. It has ample room for passenger and purchase.

- Karen T

Jeeps have plenty of space for your family and for traveling.

I love the space in my vehicle. I love the shape. I like how high I sit up from the ground.

- Ashley M

It's a good solid vehicle for minnesota especially in the winter. not too bad on gas

great in the winter. love the control i have when driving and sound system in car

- mary l

That it has never let me down. It always starts and has never broken down.

Reliable and comfortable. There is nothing I do not like about this vehicle.

- Tom S

It functions just fine with me.

None at all. I like it the way it is. That's just fine with me.


Fun to drive. Goes anywhere.

It is easy to see traffic it is paid for. It still runs good

- Wanda R