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Jeeps are a dependable, fun car. See for yourself but a Jeep!

I have had 7 Jeeps in my life, Cherokees, wranglers, Sahara's and currently have a Jeep liberty. I always leased my Jeeps, but finally bought the current one which is a 2010 liberty. I have always found Jeep’s to be dependable. Low maintenance except for general upkeep. My Jeep is a 4 wheel drive, which means I can always get to my destination as I live in a heavy snow area. I much prefer 4 wheel drive to all wheel drive as I have the option to choose when I want it on. Others have told me all wheel drive decides for you and they would suddenly find there was no reason for it to be functioning in this way thus your car seems to be “sucking at the cement” and thus you basically cannot turn the wheel. In addition my particular Jeep model is not too complex having all sorts of things I do not want to buy and thus make your insurance and maintenance much higher. But if one would like all the bells and whistles they are available in other models. Look around you on the road there are a really large number of Jeeps and I have never found an unhappy owner. Buy one and you will be happy I would say this without hesitation.

- Robin L

Very reliable and an overall great vehicle.

I really enjoy driving this vehicle because it is very smooth, reliable in the winter, on the trails, and even on city (and highway) roads. The ac/heat works very well - you will never be cold in the winter, or too hot in the summer! It is spacious enough to hold five passengers while packing the trunk with enough gear to go kayaking, skiing, to move from an apartment to a house, and it is large enough to protect from vehicle-to-vehicle contact. The SUV build of the vehicle helps add height, which allows you to sit further up from the group (you cannot feel the bumps and potholes as much as a vehicle closer to the ground). Although owning a Jeep is great, sometimes the amount of money one pays to fill-up the gas tank is a lot more than expected. The mpg could be a lot better, but the Jeep liberty is better than most other models of Jeep’s. Some models of the Jeep liberty have seat-warmers, and others have a sky slider open roof. The sky slider open roof is extremely nice and allows the feeling of “taking the top off” when someone wants a more “family-friendly” Jeep.

- Haven H

2010 Jeep liberty sport - light blue.

I love my Jeep liberty sport! It has comfortable seating, it is a nice height which makes me feel safe when I drive with larger vehicles. It has been a reliable vehicle. I have owned it for 2 years, when I initially bought it I had to have one of the spark plugs replaced, since then I went ahead and replaced all of them. I have had to replace brakes and rotors, which becomes necessary in all cars. The gas mileage is a little high, I now have to commute 45 minutes too and from work, so that is about 1 tank every 4 days.

- Amy S

2010 Jeep liberty: content.

I am content with my 2010 Jeep liberty. I like the design of the car itself, I have always loved the more boxy look. I like how spacious my car is, plenty of room not only the seats, but the trunk as well. I like the four wheel drive, and the ability to tow with the hitch. My favorite thing about this car is the radio. Two thumbs up. I dislike the braking system, this car will not stop on a dime and the heating/air should not have a temperature dial because it blows the same whether on hi or low.

- Alyssa B

The liberty is a rugged but reliable vehicle that can handle anything.

The liberty is a solid and reliable SUV. It handles off-road driving with ease; I drove mine on the beach with no issues. The sport model is a little bare-bones when it comes to comfort. It is pleasant enough but the backseat has limited leg room so long trips can be a little uncomfortable. But for northern us winters, the reliability and utility of it to handle all weather conditions and the true 4 wheel drive make it the favorite of all the vehicles I have owned.

- Jessica D

Electrical problem unsolvable on 2010 Jeep liberty.

I have had continuous electrical problems with this vehicle. All dash lights came on one day when crossing a pothole and we have been through so many technicians that keep pointing the problem to a ground wire. We ran new ground wires which was no help. Every now and again, dash lights will go off and everything works great. 95% of the time, lights will be on. When this occurs, abs and four wheel drive will not function properly.

- Gloria S

Sunroof and media is amazing.

Convertible drop top sunroof that goes all the way to the back seats and can be opened from front to back or vice versa. Seat warmers, plenty of storage space, power windows, doors, seats, mirrors. Amazing sound system, able to download your music CDs and sub's into cars system. Bluetooth, navigation sell built in. Extremely reliable with 4WD low and high. Comfortable seats, plenty of legroom. Tinted windows.

- Tessa T

Great vehicle with no major issues.

My Jeep liberty has been a great vehicle for my family. It is very roomy for my 3 kids and drives great. The only issue we have had so far was part of a class action lawsuit. In short, the alternator went out a couple months ago and fries the entire computer system. We were able to fix it for around $1, 000. Other than that we have not had any issues. I plan to drive it until it will not drive anymore!

- Angie S

There is none it is a 4x4.

Sunroof leaking and a noise in front of truck. Sucks gas up. Bad gas mileage. When I brought the truck I asked if had leaks and they said that was a lie. I've heard this leaking is a big problem with Jeep liberty. Trying to get it fixed is a real problem. The dealer should take care of this. I found out that 10 people are suing Jeep dealer. I tired to get my sunroof you can not get the parts to fix it.

- Debbie M

It's reliable and will get you (and any stuff you may have) from point A to point B in comfort.

I like the way my car drives, the breaks and the steering wheel are not to sensitive. I also like how much room I have in the car, and the shape (boxy) since it makes transporting large items easier. What I do not like about my car is the poor gas rating and the lack of safety features that can be found in newer cars (sensors, back up camera, blind spot monitors, etc.)

- Leanna B

Reliable transportation vehicle.

The automated windows on my vehicle have broken, but other than that the vehicle is comfortable, and drives well. They did have a recall on the windows, so the issue was fixed. I also had a issue with the back window windshield wiper and light, but once it stopped raining and the mist inside the control panel dried, my windshield wiper and light went back to normal.

- Amber D

Great for off roading, not for highway driving.

This jeep handles incredibly well, and is excellent for off roading or other rough driving. The gas mileage is not great, especially when the car is packed with gear for camping. The sunroof is fun in the city, but makes the car very loud on the highway and can sometimes leak during rain, which stains the ceiling of the car. Overall, love the car!

- Jane M

Jeep Liberty Nice Ride True Four Wheel Drive

This is a 4x4 rear wheel drive chases. I have had to replace the heater exchange box. It would only blow heat or air through the defroster. I have replaced the drivers side window switch and I have had problems with the catalytic converter which would through a CEL code non stop. Other than that I enjoy this vehicle

- Martin M

It is a very safe and sturdy vehicle. You don't have to worry about damage to your vehicle.

I love my jeep because it is like driving a huge tank. It has some downfalls, especially being almost 10 years old. The seats aren't the best and there are a few wiring issues. Other than that, for weighing 4000 lbs, it does surprisingly well on gas and does offroading like a champ! Wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Myriah M

It has nice wheels and has perfect steering and good breaks.

Its too short and I am a tall girl and it's kinda low. It has a messed up window and sometimes doesn't wanna go down. The back door doesn't lock sometimes. Has some nice features to it, back up sensors are kinda off sometimes and see stuff that isn't there. Its okay for the most part just has a couple problems.

- Haley W

Safe and good looking car.

My car is nice and very roomy. It is great for traveling and going on country roads. It is very safe and reliable, especially if you live in the country with rough roads. It is a little big because it is an SUV, so I would not prefer having it in the city because it is difficult for on road parking.

- Jen B

Great car but needed to replace heater core.

No problems other than the heater core that needed to be replaced. I heard this is common with this type of vehicle. It is really good in the snow, 4 wheel drive helps. I don't really have anything else to share, I have had the vehicle for the past 3 years and haven't had any other major problems.

- Allison F

Great ride for short road trips.

Jeep liberty is very comfortable to drive and is very reliable in the snow. It comfortably holds 4 adults and has enough cargo space for short road trips. I drive my daughters back and forth to college several times a year. They want to know if we would buy a new car so they could have this one.

- Karen L

Overview of jeep liberty 2010.

Sky slider is a great feature but has small pieces that break and are hard to replace. Expensive to fix and/or replace parts. 13-14 mpg city. 17-19 mpg highway. Very reliable and safe vehicle, protects me in an accident and when a wheel was lost due to over tightening bolts on tire rotation.

- Ashley H

Best part of my jeep is the body shape. I love the style.

I love my jeep because, of the performance, the four wheel drive. It is very reliable. Its is very spacious and has a lot of storage. It tows our boat and pop up. The seats are very comfortable. The gas mileage isn't the best but, that's because, it's a jeep. But, it has radio that sounds good.

- Sally R

2010 Jeep liberty limited ed. Is the perfect car for the parent on the go!

I think the biggest issue with the vehicle is how fragile the tire pressure sensors are. For as long as I have had this vehicle (bought used in 2015) the sensors have never read correctly or at all. Overall it's a great vehicle especially for getting younger kids in and out and to activities.

- Kimberly D

The true successor to the XJ

Perfect balance of comfort and function. Very capable vehicle for family trips yet handles all terrain with ease. No concerns about weather issues with this vehicle. Only "complaint " would be the poor MPG, but that is balanced out by the capabilities it has in all weather and terrains

- Tom R

Black mid size SUV with a rugged characteristic.

It is spacious enough to fit two booster seats along with a convertible car seat comfortably. It gets decent gas mileage, although it could be better. My model has upgrades including XM radio, heated leather seats, and sunroof. Price point was important when purchasing this vehicle.

- Jamie A

2010 Jeep liberty review!

I love my Jeep for many reasons. It is spacious and can get me through the lovely Midwest winters we experience here. I have only had a few minor problems. The blower door for my heater recently broke so that has been the biggest issue. Other than that it has been a great vehicle.

- Danielle S

Drives very smooth, except air circulation bad.

Runs and drives very smoothly, I commute a hour to work and it is a great commuter car. It is very big and spacious, yet the air circulation to the back is not great. The air has to be on for quite a while for it to get to the back seat. Plenty of storage and a great car to drive.

- Ellie G

It is easy to drive and is very sleek.

I like the 4 wheel drive feature for when it is cold outside and the roads are bad. I also like the interior, it is comfortable and easy to drive. Lastly, I have had the car for about 6 years and it has been very durable, I have only had to replace the battery and wipers.

- David V

The gas mileage is not fantastic, but is very reasonable for an SUV.

I love my vehicle because it is a 4 wheel drive, which helps me in the winter time. It is very comfortable to ride in and has plenty of room for passengers and/or stuff. It is affordable and attractive. The only issue I have had is with water leaking into the liftgate.

- Karen M

Jeep liberty owners feedback.

Other than some minor electrical issues which were corrected, this has been a very reliable vehicle. We have driven to Florida and back to NH for past 2 years. Jeep handles extremely well in the snow. I am so happy with my Jeep that I will be purchasing another one.

- Holly H

Room for dogs! Take it to the mountains or even driving in town.

I will say I love the space for one. It is easy to fit and move things. My dog loves it. The only thing is that sometimes the gas cap sensor will turn on and off. . . Kind of weird but common. This thing rallies through the snow, and still reasonable gas mileage.

- Maggie W

Jeep liberty stand model review.

I love my vehicle for the most part, but I do wish the standard model came with additional features and more luxury features as well, such as GPS navigation etc. I find it to be a comfortable ride and it performs well. It also has decent gas mileage for an SUV.

- Jen M

If you live somewhere with a lot of rocks or snow this would be the car for you.

The only problems I have with the car is that sometimes the headlights will not work when they need to. Also, the driver side window tend to get stuck when you try to let it up and down sometimes which sucks especially when it rains all the time in Florida.

- Sara M

Absolutely Loving My Jeep Liberty!

I have a 2010 Jeep liberty and I love it. It's easy to drive and park in the city. It turns on a dime, which makes parallel parking a breeze, even in South Boston (which can be very painful). I plan to buy another Jeep when this one is no longer driveable.

- Kayan D

Great mid size SUV for a small family.

Perfect size. We squeeze 3 kids in the backseat. Plus tons of room in the trunk space. Issues with 4WD and sensors around wheel wells, but overall great running SUV. I loved this vehicle after I wrecked my first 2009 Jeep liberty, I bought a second one.

- Danielle E

Seating is awesome. More than u would think great for travel.

Love the size, performance in bad weather live the way it looks. Roomy inside. Have not had many problems at all. Like how it tells you where there is a problem like when it tells me low on gas do not like gas tank on passenger side. Love the seating.

- Carol R

It has almost 90,000 miles on it and I have had no major mechanical or engine problems....just general wear and tear on a car.

I like my car and Jeeps in general. I like the way it looks and I have had very little problems or repairs. The only thing I don't like is there is not very much interior space, in the front seat storage area, or leg room in the back seat.

- Libby N

My car is great for traveling with lots of room for storage and the dogs.

I like that there is a lot of room in the back for storage. I also like the moon roof. I dislike that the window is constantly being cracked because of the angle of the windshield. I also dislike that ot required a lot of maintenance.

- Karen P

Jeep Liberty isn't just a dependable vehicle... It's the best looking car of its kind

Jeep Liberty is an extremely durable car that gets above average gas mileage for a car its size. It looks great on the outside and has a comfortable interior. Been driving mine for 6 years and hope to drive it for 6 more

- David D

Dependable and safe. Comfortable.

The Jeep liberty good and reliable vehicle. This vehicle rides smoothly. The seats are comfortable. The back seat folds down to make it easy to transport large amounts of cargo. It rides safely in the snow.

- Pearl G

That it is very reliable and fixes are relatively easy.

Jeeps are very dependable. I like everything about my current jeep, from the 4 wheel drive to the tow package included. If I could change anything I would want more space for backseat passengers.

- Rod W

The most important thing to know is that this is a very reliable vehicle, if maintained correctly.

I like the space I have in my vehicle, it's roomy. The seats are very comfortable and it is a modern design inside and out. I dislike not having On Star as a feature for emergencies however.

- Rose B

It has 4 wheel drive but bad gas mileage.

I like that my Jeep is 4 wheel drive, makes it nice to drive in the snow. The gas mileage is terrible, but it has a big engine. I'll be looking to replace it soon because It's a bit old.

- Patrick G

My Jeep does awesome in the snow but not so well in the rain.

My Jeep is pretty reliable in my opinion. Only issues are when I fill the gas tank, when you take nozzle out it pours out onto ground. I also have had issues with spark plugs and brakes.

- Amanda D

It feels sturdy and secure. Not like it's going to break at the slightest touch.

I love my jeep. I hate sitting low in a car, so the height is perfect. I love the 4wd. I wish it had a little more room inside. It's perfect for me. But my 5'10 friends feel cramped

- Kate K

The car is too hot without ac and the car is not old enough for it not to be working

I like the size of it and the fact that is sturdy, what I do not like about it is the fact that the ac broke down so quickly and it will not charge the phone when the car is off

- sonia h

This car is great for the winters in the north or if you like to drive through the mountains.

This car doesn't come without its issues, but it is 8 years old so it was expected when it was purchased. It's reliable and drives great in the winter and off the road. Love it.

- Cody A

Jeep Liberty better than advertised!

Runs really well, good in all types of weather conditions, reliable. 94400 miles and going strong! Minor mechanical issues not unexpected after almost 9 years of driving.

- Richard C

It rides well and has plenty of space. It is 4 wheel drive, so can handle all types of weather and road conditions.

It is a bit larger than what I have normally driven in the pass. I wish it came with a navigation system installed. I like that it handles well in snow and bad weather.

- Sandra H

The jeep is reliable not pretty.

The jeep gets me from A to B reliably. It uses more gas than I like. It has not required any major repair work since I have had it. It is a little rough riding in it.

- Wayne D

Its awesome tech wise but there known for the problems I listed.

Has brake light on spark plugs keep going out. No air-conditioning only had it 5 months now does great in snow mud rain it slides love how it drives like old truck.

- Amanda R

Great comfortable commuter.

So comfortable has lots of room, is a great commuter car love the smoothness of the drive. Very reliable has not has any issues and ac does not circulate to well.

- Ellie G

It has 19 in rims and tires that really help traction.

This Jeep has wonderful power. The gas mileage is great. We live on a mountain and there is mud and snow but the Jeep goes right on through. Nothing to dislike

- Peter M

It's solid and built to last. It is fun to drive and more basic meaning not a lot of high tech computer features.

I like how strong it is built. It is made like a tank and I feel safe driving my kids around in it. I also like that it is 4WD and we can take it off roading.

- Joelle M

It does have some get-up-and-go

I like the style and that it is 4-wheel drive. I hate that the weird things have happened - tire pressure sensors(2), and one other item that went out twice.

- Judy N

Very easy to use in winter conditions. I like be in Chicago, and never experienced any issues at all.

Great on gas, even though it is SUV. Very maneuvering on hardship roads. Very quick at turns. Snow? No issues at all. This vehicle loves to be driven in snow!

- Maria M

A simple car that does what it's supposed to.

I really like how it handles and its height off the road. It doesn't do anything very special and I don't have any fancy features, but it gets the job done.

- Chandler K

Brake light being out is the most important thing others should know.

Great mileage is what I like the most. Cheap on gas I can get to and from work on 20$ every 5 days. My dislikes is my break light has a short on the fuse.

- Miranda A

It is a high quality vehicle that has held up to its reputation.

I love the style and its versatility. I also love the size/ room for storage. I do wish it had come with additional features and was more modern in style.

- Jennifer M

daylight driving lights , tow package, anti sway, 4 wheel drive, electric windows, premium sound system

Only problem I have is the plastic fittings keep breaking to hold on the molding and bumpers have 70000 miles no engine or drivetrain problems

- Roy G

jeep liberty 2010 spacious

we love this vehicle. it is spacious for our little family. it is an awesome road trip car and it has proven to drive very smooth and easy.

- diorella c

They way my car handle and how comfortable it is to drive.

I like how it handles over potholes because there are a lot where I live. I like how smooth it drives. I dislike how it guzzles gas.

- Sherwin C

It's a 2010 and calipers broke already not going to buy another Jeep Liberty

The calipers needed replacement and it does not have 100,000 miles yet. It's pretty good on gas. Can park anywhere because of size.

- Kelly W

It my long time passion to own a Jeep.

I like the gas mileage. I always loved Jeep. The vehicle is dependable and trustworthy. I like the off road abilities of my Jeep.

- Kirk A

All can see me coming and in my Jeep! Look out it's grandma!

4 wheel drive, good on gas, easy to get into and out and is a great color (red). I don't dislike anything and have no complaints.

- Carla D

It is safe and reliable. Anyone can drive it. It is a good car for hauling and a good car for family

I like the 4 wheel drive option and fee safe in the snow. I like the space inside. I do not like the gas mileage. 17 Miles/gallon

- Emily C

We use this vehicle every day to commute to work and such.

Had to replace the rear end, but was partially owner error. Overall it is a reliable vehicle and great family and adventure car.

- Kay S

Jeep liberty reliability and ruggedness.

Rugged, reliable, and comfortable. Plenty of storage compartments. 4 wheel drive allows to navigate through terrain and weather.

- Angela W

It's Gold. It's sturdy and big. It's paid for and it matches my shoes.

Tall and feels secure and substantial. The AC is wimpy, the glass isn't tinted. No above head control center, no heated seats.

- Lisa S

It is very spacious which is good for people who move a lot or have a family.

The gas tank is big which means I have to spend a lot of money on gas other than that I really do not have a problem with it.

- Ronald N

It is my baby, I love it. Beautiful.

No dislikes, my car is just fine the way it is. It had all the features that I like and a new bonus ones. Sleek nice design.

- Amanda M

My cars most important thing is that it has many miles.

My car is incredibly dependable. I use it frequently to travel. My biggest dislike is sometimes I get false error messages.

- Eric V

It is a great car with a nice ride and is reliable.

I have had this car since being a senior in high-school. It has been reliable and definitely cheaper than Jeep wranglers.

- Jess T

My Jeep Liberty is a good running vehicle and reliable

I bought my Jeep Liberty new. It has had no mechanical issues. I have no complaints yet, It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Cathy M

That my car is paid off and it gets me where I want to go.

I like that it is black. I don't like that it has had issues that it shouldn't have for the miles that it has on it. I

- Emme P

That it is reliable in all weather. It a nice quiet ride.

I love Jeeps and I only buy Jeeps. Where I live you need 4X4 to get a around and they have always been reliable for me.

- Renee H

Low Mileage - brand new tires - Body in good shape

I like it but have had weird things go wrong. Now two of the tire pressure sensors are out, but cost too much to fix.

- Judy L

the Jeep Liberty gives you the safety of an SUV without the huge size.

I like the size and how in control I am. I dislike that it feels like I lose control because of the traction control.

- Leann F

It does has Four-wheel drive.

I like 4-wheel drive and good ground clearance. The head room is also important. It is not as durable as a truck.

- Gus D

Best SUV I'll ever own. Ever.

I love my Jeep. It's an SUV but the inside feels like a car. Super reliable vehicle. Has never broken down on me.

- Lucas M

I get 46 miles to the gallon in a SUV!

Great gas mileage. A little extra room in back. The whole top is a sky slider cloth top that opens completely,.

- Sharon H

It is reliable, and with proper maintenance it will go well over 100k miles

I like the fact I sit up higher than most cars. There is lots of room for traveling. Easy to load groceries in

- Marva S

Jeep Liberty has a lot of cargo space and I love the room to haul people and items.

I love the color. I love the amount of space inside. I dislike how big it is and like my 2005 Liberty better

- Janet S

Very reliable, we hardly have any issues with it. It's also very dependent and can be a family car or sport depending on your mood.

Love the reliability and accessibility if repairs are needed. I wish there was more room such as a 3rd row.

- Courtney W

It has a lot bigger interior than you would think

I love my jeep liberty because it handles well and gets excellent gas mileage. Plus it has four wheel drive

- Justin F

It is paid for and we love it!

I love the room and size of the vehicle but I do not like the gas mileage. It is easy to get in and out.

- Richard M

Horrible vehicle, I'll never buy one again

The 2010 jeep liberty that I own does not have cruise control, it is uncomfortable and it is a gas hog.

- Nicole L

It is a suv it is easy to drive

Not much the paint job is getting old and it need front end work but overall it has been a good vehicle

- Fhfh B

There is very little leg room and it feels very compact.

I like the gas mileage for highway miles. I dislike how little room there is. I dislike how loud it is.

- Christine B

Issues with the Jeep liberty 2010

Issues with the retractable roof. The roof won't close completely and leaks. Trouble with heater core.

- Josh B

The four wheel drive makes me feel very comfortable on my mountain roads.

I love the 4 wheel drive, it makes me feel very comfortable. It does not have the best gas mileage.

- Jamie M

It is a tank! It's reliable and easy to drive. Has a lot of room for passengers in it

I like the fact I am higher than cars. I don't like that tires and repairs cost so much on the Jeep

- Jessica P

Terrible gas mileage and not big enough for multiple kids

Always broken. I can't fit both of my children's car seats in the back seat. Terrible gas mileage

- Megan C

It's 4x4 and very reliable in the snow. It also has many nice options inside.

I like the size. It's small and can fit in tight spaces. It also has very good turning radius

- Daniel O

Lots of parts break down and then are very hard to replace. You have to wait a long time for part to be ordered. Also all of the sensor lights go on and off constantly.

It is not a good car. Before I got it so many people told me not to get a Jeep and I agree now.

- Shelbi H

One of the most important things about the Jeep is it uses special oils

I like the acceleration and fuel consumption. Don't like rough ride and radio and c d changer

- Jerome W

It is very dependable. Great 4 wheel drive. Good on gas for the year and model.

It is 4 wheel drive and has four seats and back storage. It is manuel and I prefer standard.

- DArcy s

It's my oasis on hot days

Easy to maneuver, easy to drive, easy to handle. The AC works great. The heater works great.

- Danielle W

It's my car. Nobody should ever be interested to know.

very convenient. room is less than in Ford vehicles, but still good. Burns too much fuel.

- Jhon V

I Like the 4wd, but dislike the small backseat. Also it leaks oil on occasion (have had this issue fixed multiple times). I also wish the tailgate was deeper.

It leaks oil and doesn't get great gas mileage. She's great in the snow though!

- Elise M

the skyslider is awful don't buy a car with that

I love the smooth ride and the look, I hate the roof it is a skyslider

- chris B

Has a defect that should be recalled. The one of the heads needs replacing

This Jeep runs good.It has some quirks, but I love the way it looks.

- Richard F

My vehicle is very dependable!

It is a very comfortable,economical vehicle! I enjoy driving it!

- Kathy R

Very safe in bad winter conditions

Durable and safe and love 4 wheel drive feature and feel safe

- Chris D

It IS starting to get old, so it will start to cost more for general upkeep as the days pass

I live in WV, so I Jeep is perfect in all kinds of weather.

- Lori I

It is reliable and runs well

Runs great, rarely needs repairs. Drives well in snow.

- Jody S

Has many problems and will be in shop often

I don't like it because it has had many problems

- Caroline M