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Jeep patriot, overall dependable and good buy.

Overall my patriot has been a great car to have. I purchased it used 2. 5 years ago from a private seller and since put 25,000 miles on it. I keep up with regular maintenance, oil changes after 4,000 miles and a yearly alignment, tire rotation, and air filter change. Thus far the only expensive repairs the car has needed were a wheel bearing replacement on the front driver side tire and a small wiring fix that caused a starting issue. Together theses repairs have cost about $2000 over the course of 2 years, but are not unexpected since the vehicle does have 143,000 miles on it. The only other change I made to the vehicle was a radio upgrade, this was just based on personal preference and the want for Bluetooth connectivity. My Jeep has leather interior and heated seats and fits 5 people comfortably, but is usually used for myself only.

- Sierra C

Good to drive, but several mechanical issues.

I really love the look and feel of the car because I like SUV-type vehicles. However, I've had several issues since purchasing the car. I bought it used and it seemed to run just fine. After about a year of owning it, the following lights turned on at the same time: ABS, traction, EBS, and 4 wheel drive. I have done several things and have gone to several people to fix the issue, but no one knows what's wrong with it or how to fix it. The 4 wheel drive doesn't work anymore. I've also had issues with the fuse box - it ended up needing to be replaced and it was not easy to find a fuse box to fit my car. I enjoy driving it but all the mechanical issues make me wish I hadn't bought it in the first place.

- Chelsea E

Not fancy, but reliable and long-lasting!

Overall, this vehicle is very reliable and can get you where you need to go. It's simple and doesn't have any high tech features, but I'm content with just having an aux cord and A/C. The seats are comfortable, and there's a lot of room throughout the vehicle if you need to pack the car for a road trip. Some fun features include a very deep hidden center console, a built in outlet as well as a place for a car charger, and a built in flashlight in the trunk. I had to replace my power steering pump, but I haven't had any issues outside the regular realm of maintenance. I'm sure the newer versions are nicer, but I'm very content with this car.

- Mason L

The 2008 is the worst year you can buy for this particular model. While others have had success with newer versions of this car, overall, the maker has gone downhill in the last dozen or so years. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere.

This vehicle is a lemon. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong - everything from replacing the transmission, fixing the exhaust and manifold multiple times, to the hinge on the driver door breaking causing it to not close. My teeth rattle when I drive it. Replacement and maintenance is not cheap either. I will be getting rid of this car as soon as possible. I fell in love with the overall look and size of the car for our family - it was the car I bought my son home in for the first time - but the problems and cost thereof, outweigh these feelings.

- Lindsay N

Reliable, comfortable, & stylish!

I have always loved my Jeep patriot. It is always run well without any major problems. There have been a few weird hiccups lately with the abs light on but after taking it in, I found out there was nothing up with the abs system, so that is nice, or at least I think it is nice. It was an amazing air and heat system. The seats are comfortable and there is definitely enough room to seat 5. Patty has always been reliable band safe, I think the upkeep we have been making sure to give her has only helped her to stay in such good condition.

- Katie W

Blue Jeep with tinted windows all around.

It was bought from a personal seller. It is blue in color and has quite a few features that I enjoy including 4WD, cruise control, and an alarm system. It is a 4-cylinder engine which is easy on gas compared to other Jeeps. It needs a few things done here and there including brakes and wheel bearings but other than that it drives pretty smooth and responds very well to turns and stopping. The windows are also tinted which adds a "cool" factor too it.

- Dustin K

The worst vehicle I have had the displeasure of owning.

This is one of the worst vehicles I have had the displeasure of owning. The CVT transmission overheats on a regular basis. Also you have to have a special dip stick to even check the transmission fluid and is so inconvenient. Also the vehicle gets stuck in gear and you have to do a ridiculous sequence with the gear shift and 4 wheel drive to get it unstuck and your lucky if that even works. Like I said, one of the worst vehicles I have ever owned.

- Nicole N

A good everyday car for getting around.

Overall, it is served us well. We do not like the CVT (continuously variable transmission) and will never buy another that has CVT. The vehicle is front wheel drive which we do like. The four cylinder engine is not the best for Colorado mountain driving as it has a hard time going up mountains. But for everyday driving around the city it serves us well. It has a lot of room for taking things on a trip. The back seats fold down nicely.

- George W

The technology built in the jeep patriot could be improved.

The biggest problem I had with my 2008 jeep patriot would be the technology built in it. I had to constantly bring my car in to get codes cleared. The sensors kept getting confused thinking my car was in bad shape when it really was not. I had to get work done that cost $1200 dollars. Nothing physical with the body of the car has ever gone wrong. Durable. I feel safe in this car. Just the technology built inside was acting strange.

- Gabrielle D

Jeeps are great vehicles and can give you the best memories

My Jeep is an older vehicle so problems will come with it, however, the problems/repairs that I needed to have done were things almost anyone is going to deal with when a car is 11-12 years old. Something I took a very close attention to before buying my car was the mileage and how often oil changes were done. Any car will last up to 300,000 miles it the oil changes were done on time and correctly.

- Alyssa A

Family that loves outdoors.

I've had my Jeep for 6 months now and I have to say this has been a blessing to my family. We are an outdoor type of family. So we do hiking, camps and love to see sights. With that being said our Jeep has done nothing but good family road trips. We can load as much as we can from bikes to furnitures. It has really made me feel good with my choice of ride. With my family we love our Jeep.

- Jennifer I

My car is a reliable car that has been consistent for over ten years.

A door is broken but I have had it for a long time so that is fine. I am looking for a new car but my Jeep has been reliable so I respect that. There is a lot of miles on it so I am looking to use it till it gives out. The struts are not as tight as they should be due to potholes in New England but I love my Jeep and will maybe get another one when the time is right.

- Christian B

2008 Jeep Patriot: perfect for day to day life.

My Jeep is a perfect car for day to day travel. It is fairly large but not overbearing. It also is a 4 cylinder so it is fairly good on gas miles. It has some brake problems, as I had to replace the back breaks twice in a year. Other than that this car is perfect and fits my overall needs in day to day travel. I would recommend this car to just about anyone.

- Peyton P

Jeep patriot: beautiful but needs work.

The only problem I have had is with the decrease in speed when going uphill. I seem to have to press harder on the gas pedal. Then there is the problem of it stopping (after it hit 10 years) if the engine is not warmed up enough. Also, the light fixture inside the cabin rattles and when all 4 windows are down it seems as though a helicopter is overhead.

- Bernadette T

It has been a complete and total dream to drive. I have had minimal issues with it. I wish all my past cars were as reliable as this one.

My car pretty much has no problems, except the occasional dead battery or starter going out on me. The performance has been a dream. It drives the same today as it did the day I bought it. It is a very comfortable car, leather seats, adjustable headrest, etc. It has great features including a car alarm and a 6 disc CD changer along with AM/FM radio.

- Trevor B

Black jeep patriot with tan interior. Tan leather seats that can be heated

Great performance very reliable haven't had any mechanical issues since I bought it. The leather seats are super comfortable the only issue is my air conditioning doesn't perform at top performance level. The features are great with built in navigation and heated seats along with a large trunk and trunk speakers that are awesome for tailgating

- Alyssa S

it's very spacious and can fit 3 (small) car seats in the back seat, and there's plenty of space in the hatch for luggage/groceries.

I love the look and comfort of my Jeep, but I have problems with water on the carpet in the back, I initially thought it was from my children spilling things, so I stopped letting them have drinks in the car and this did not solve the issue, I've talked to other Jeep owners with the same problem, I feel like it will rust through at any time.

- Brianna P

The Jeep has a lifetime drive time warranty.

Good reliable car, good on gas and a lifetime warranty. Dependable and safe. The only problem is that the battery dies quickly and the battery is new the alternator is going out. I had just taken it in and they said everything is good with it and after that it started having trouble. The oil now always needs to be checked on a daily basis.

- Christen J

Great family vehicle for a small family.

Its comfortable and roomy enough for our family of 3. Definitely would have room for a family of 4. It drives quietly and smoothly. We've had a few minor mechanical problems, but that is only to be expected for a vehicle that is 10 years old. I am very happy with it and will probably purchase another newer one in the future.

- Marie F

Gas must be manually pumped.

The patriot is a nice size and my vehicle has low mileage. That is what I like.... What I do not like are the manual locks and windows.. Gas also must be pumped manually because the rollover valve in the gas tank is clogged and the only way to fix it is to replace the fuel tank at my cost since jeep will not do anything..

- Bob K

Freedom with a Jeep patriot.

I am older easy to get in nice seats it is comfortable. Like the way it handles and pickup for 4 cylinder. Bought used and have no problems. Looking forward to four wheel drive. Transmission is smooth changing gears with ease. The windshield is spacious and Luke the bigger mirrors. Does not seem to be and bad blind spots.

- Gloria M

Practical vehicle that gets me where I need to be with no issues.

My patriot is very reliable. For an SUV type vehicle, it gets great gas mileage. The lock in the back hatch only works sometimes, which is unfortunate, but that is my only complaint. It is very spacious and fits all of my camping gear and then some. I have a base model, but was able to upgrade the radio with no problems.

- Kristina S

My vehicle is a nice used car for someone who is in college.

The Jeep patriot is not the best of the Jeep family but it has been a reliable vehicle in most aspects. I did not pay a significant amount for this car but have ended up spending more money on repairs than the actual vehicle itself. However, I will say that the car has a smooth ride and works well despite its age.

- Kate S

Jeep Patriot: The best money can buy

The transmission has started to go in year 11 of owning the car. Other than that issue everything else with the car has been great. I recommend this car as a starter car for younger drivers because of its great safety and easy Drivability. The one thing I would say is the power steering is a little shotty sometimes.

- David M

Versatile compact SUV for everyday adventures.

I like my jeep patriot a lot. I think it is a good size because it is lifted higher than a compact car but still retains a compact size for an SUV. My car does not have auto windows or doors (so sad), so if it was fully auto I'd be even more content. Gas mileage could be better, but it is pretty decent for an SUV.

- Sher A

Family friendly, reliable, roomy.

Smooth and slow coil, nice, clean, very good reliable car gets you from A to B no problem. Roomy. Good mileage safe abs brakes good. One of the best models. Nice summer time car. Slap stick(6 speed) 4 wheel drive seats lay back for extra room. . No sunroof with I hate. Good stereo headlights are nice and bright.

- Quincy L

yay for jeeps! they are great and wonderful

it's fine. It runs well although it's kind of like a go cart. Pretty good on gas. Comfy car. Nice sunroof. Spacious back seat with a lot of space in the trunk. Easy to maneuver and although it does have some problems they are minuscule in the grand scheme of things and therefore the car has stayed in our house

- Al V

Very dependable vehicle with one complaint of sunroof leaking.

Vehicle has been exceptional besides that the sun roof leaks. Been the one and only downside of this car. Other than that it has been very dependable and a very nice ride. Interior has lasted and is still in great condition. Exterior has minor scratches that would be expected of a car that is 11 years old.

- Jess T

2008 Jeep patriot works great in WI for single mom.

Tire replacement like three times this year, had flats. Had to repair brakes and the rear brakes were little more work than front. Had to replace front bearing but also had to do breaks. Only because I borrowed car to someone irresponsible. Otherwise it always worked great. Just did regular maintenance.

- Si-yo Y

2008 Jeep Patriot is a good car

The car runs good and still looks and runs new for being a 2008 model. The only problem I have with my car is the mileage to the gallon is not great. I usually have to fill my tank up twice a week with about thirty dollars to fill it up. My breaks are not that great either but it's a good car overall.

- Jessie V

Great family vehicle and long trip vehicle

It drive and rides very well. You can move in and out of the vehicle smoothly and the back seat lays down so it so easy to move things. Also it has an actual plug in for a charger. It look nice and I get a lot of compliments on it. I would absolutely recommend this vehicle. It gives great gas mileage.

- Misty J

Real life struggles with my Jeep Patriot.

I don't like that it stutters a little when accelerating from a complete stop. There is also a leak from the ceiling light in the trunk which causes some annoying problems when it rains. There are also some terrible blind spots which have cause some close calls after initially purchasing the Jeep.

- Stephanie C

Jeep Patriot review. Okay vehicle. Would be better if it was a newer model

There are air condition Compressor issues. Also Transmission issues when first purchased. Not enough engine power. It does however is good on gas. Despite some major issues it's been performing well enough to take us to and from our destinations. I will purchase the brand again just a newer model.

- Sasha G

I would recommend this vehicle or and Jeep model.

The ride is great. Maintenance is simple. For this year of vehicle the only real problem I noticed is the tops not reading correctly anymore but that is expected. I just keep the tires in check myself because it is simple. Its pretty good on gas and performance if you keep up on the maintenance.

- Barrett B

Great on gas, too many repairs

Great on gas however my trans blew and a lot of other issues with it. Ball joints tie rods and still have issues with car. Put over 5000 into it in past 3 years. I do like that the car is good on gas and I like the look of the inside. The vinyl seats and sunroof make the car pleasing to the eye.

- Jennifer E

Jeep Patriot is a durable car with good fuel consumption.

I enjoy the air conditioning unit. The shape of the car & it is fuel economy. The grip on the road when in motion is fantastic. The interior is superb & comfortable for both driver’s side & passengers. It takes little to maintain. I like everything about the car & will strongly recommend it.

- Mercy A

Make sure you do a lot of history on the car.

It is a great vehicle just not to long after we purchased the vehicle we began having transmission problems and it was under warranty and they fix the issue but after the warranty was up we began having the problems again and come to find out it was a recall on it all along but wasn't told it.

- Tiara G

Decent vehicle for decent price.

Not had to many issues with the Jeep within the couple years of owning it. Did have to replace the a/c compressor after it went up over the summer. And also have had an issue with losing rpms at idle when at a stop light. Figured out that running mid grade fuel really helped with this issue.

- James W

Reviewing the positives and negatives of the Jeep Patriot

This car has great gas mileage compared to other Jeep models. Doesn't have as much horse power and isn't able to tow more than a small trailer. Doesn't perform very well in the winter, hard to get traction when there is a lot of ice or snow. Very easy to take care of and very affordable.

- Ryan K

All around great vehicle!

Very reliable, no problems, good gas mileage, 4WD, not expensive/difficult to fix simple things, style is very similar to Jeep Wrangler, great first car, does very well in snow, easy to work on. Does not use a lot of gas, no blind spots, easy to drive, a little pillowy/floaty when turning.

- Kaitlyn E

May daughters call this a toaster on wheels.

I have had no major mechanical problems. I have had to replace the parts that wear normally. The ride is comfortable but there is a considerable amount of road noise. It has great air-conditioning and a very good sound system. . It is comfortable enough to long road trips up to 5-6 hours.

- Bob H

Jeep patriot: boxy but reliable!

Overall the patriot is very “boxy” and not the most comfortable model. I prefer the Jeep compass or grand Cherokee. However the patriot is reliable and we put about 70k miles on it before having any real mechanical issues. Up until then it was mostly oil changes and maintenance.

- Joann S

Green four doors. Sporty SUV/jeep

Good on gas. Very dependable has over 150,000 miles on it. Pretty much basic. Tires are cheap to buy..don't have to worry about power windows going out because they are old school roll up yourself windows. Great for going up hills. Perfect to put your kayak or any outdoor things

- Ginger R

I like my Jeep but it did have some problems.

It's taken a lot of work to the suspension and other things. The engine is strong and good though. It doesn't have any extra luxuries, but it is comfortable when it drives. The wheel sensor clip rusted so I had to replace both rear hub bearings. It also needed new exhaust.

- Robert P

It is a perfect size for small vacation but poor as a whole vehicles.

This Jeep is the worst. Had to replace just about everything already and it is only 10 years old. Rust bad and recalls. Bearings go so quick and they end up with a transmission leak. Sometimes will not start seems like battery is dead but nothing is left on overnight.

- Danielle Q

08 Jeep patriot driving review.

Mechanical issues that can definitely be fixed with a little tender love and care. Things like battery and starter are simple fixes. Other than that very great ride for the mileage & years. Also tire life long lasting. Great on gas as well can fill up on 35 dollars.

- Quinn T

The smooth 2008 Jeep patriot dream.

My Jeep is super comfortable with heated seats and a sun roof. But the gear has gotten stuck and has left me stranded. It is sturdy and spacious. It is safe and it got a lot of miles before I got any kind of warning, and that was because of the breaks. It is great.

- Alexis H

It has been the best car I've ever had.

No problems at all. As long as I keep up with maintenance it will take me anywhere. I've had it for 4 years and it has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. Whenever I buy a new car I'm going to keep it a Patriot because they are trustworthy

- Anthony C

The Jeep 2008 named Shirley.

The motor stutters when it is stopped. I am not sure if it is with every patriot but mine does. I didn't have any other troubles with it. It is the perfect size for a mini SUV type car. I love the comfort in it and I like the simplicity of the make as well.

- Allison B

Practical for loading and love the hatchback.

I love my jeep patriot because of the practical uses I get out of it. Easy to fold back seats down for loading. I do not like that it has never really been a good driving or good riding vehicle. It has not held up like other cars I have owned in the past.

- Lisa M

Too many problems with low mileage.

My Jeep Patriot needed new front end parts, now it has electrical problems and part is not available to repair, only have 64k on it even though its a 2008, it's fun to drive but needs too many repairs. Would not buy any fiat/Chrysler products ever again.

- Bob Z

I enjoy the body shape and the color.

It is alright. I bought it preowned. It did have high mileage. However it Jason been pretty good. Now there is some random unknown noises that occur. I am not a mechanic or know about vehicles enough to decide what is wrong. Hopefully not much.

- Reekah K

It is very dependable and long lasting.

I love my vehicle. It is roomy and has not given me any trouble until just recently but I feel that it has given me many years of driving without any problems.I would get another Jeep whenever I decide I need a new vehicle.

- Rose W

I enjoy the compact size it is perfect for my single ride commute.

Got it 2008 and drive it consistently for 10 years. It is reliable no real issues that can't be avoided with routine maintenance. It handles rough terrain decently. It is not a speed machine, but will power through.

- eunice c

It gets great gas mileage for the amount of space.

I like that it wasn't a lemon! I have had very little problems with it. I like that is has space to haul things but isn't too big. I don't like that it rides high. I feel like I've never really sunk into it.

- Jessica D

Turn slow you could lose control of it is top heavy when taking a turn fast.

I love the spaciousness of it but it's not the smoothest drive. When I purchased by car used I didn't realize there was a leak coming from my light fixture and I believe it is from a seal in my sunroof.

- Marilyn M

It might be 10 years old and starting to have minor problems, but it is paid for and it gets me where I want to go.

I like it because it is easy to drive, turn short and is 4X4. It is 10 years old and is starting to have some problems with the transmission. It is good on gas mileage and comfortable for long drives.

- Doris B

Decent starter vehicle or good for anyone on budget.

Multiple problems with the control arms. 3 different replacements in 5 years. Good on gas. feels underpowered for a 4 cylinder engine. Maintenance is cheap. Average vehicle for a pretty decent price

- Bradley S

Great second car. I would buy it again.

I have had no problems at all with my Jeep. The Jeep gets good gas mileage. I have all the regular maintenance done as per schedule the vehicle is slightly underpowered, but I would buy it again.

- Robert H

I have not had to invest a lot of money on up keep of the car.

I bought my Jeep Patriot brand new in 2008. It is now 10 years old and still going strong. I plan on driving my Jeep for as long as I can. I have been very happy with the reliability of my jeep.

- Lisa G

Still going strong after 10 years with proper care.

I love my jeep, I keep it in great condition and even though it is an older vehicle, it still runs great! Enough room for 4 people and space in the back to put my things in it! No complaints!!

- Mary M

My car is comfortable for me and my family and that is very important to me.

I really like my car. It is comfortable and I really like all the accessories. My one complaint is the plastic around the doors is very cheap and every door the plastic around it is broken.

- Tara J

It is a good working car.

I would like something newer.. It seems like every time I have an issue it costs over one thousand dollars.. The brakes sound bad even though nobody can find anything wrong with them..

- Daniel M

Safety, for sure. I just want to know the kids are safe.

I love the power the small sleek design has. It has a great sparkle in the black paint, every girl loves sparkle. It has great amount of room in the back for groceries or luggage.

- Jessica D

I love how easy and effortless this car is to drive.

Compact, very easy to drive, and it parks really easily. Very comfortable and roomy seating. I rely on this thing to get me 300 miles home every other weekend. Great car, love it.

- Ashley R

Very little storage inside the vehicle!

The car gets amazing mileage. However, very basic package, not big on the bells and whistles a lot of cars have these days. Requires minimal work. Very dependable and reliable.

- Rebecca J

Jeep patriot is the perfect size for everyday use!

I love the size and set up of my jeep patriot. It is not too large but big enough to carry larger pieces or fit multiple adults. The fold down seat leave a lot of options

- Kelsey c

This car will work for you for years and years with regular maintenance and it gets very good mileage in town and on the road.

I like that it has four doors so there is easy access to the back seats. I like the storage area behind the back seats. I especially like the four-wheel drive for winter.

- Suzanne N

My Patriot is very smooth running unless there is a problem. Fix it and it purrs like a kitten.

I dislike that it gets low mpg. Since it flipped over 100, 000 miles there have been lots of semi small repairs I've had to take care of. I like the smooth run of it.

- Judith S

Overheats super easy in the summer on the highway. Cannot go long distances.

The car constantly overheats in the summer on the highway. Cannot go past 50 mph in heat. Sturdy car has kept up since I was 16. Good first car for new drivers.

- Cara P

It is a good compact SUV in terms of sizing and what you can carry in it. It also has 4 wheel drive.

My Jeep is fairly good with gas mileage. I was disappointed in the seat coverings as they cracked after about 2 year. I wish the mileage could be better

- Roseanne P

It's been reliable over the years. Only now am I putting a lot into it in repairs but it is ten years old

I like the seat moving up and down and It's been reliable. Blind spot is kinda bad. Now that I've driven a car with a backup cam I really wish mine had it

- Carrie E

One of the cool things i think my car has is an outlet plug

I love my car! It runs well and has survived my sister and that's saying a lot! I do however have trouble with the car slipping into manual mode

- Kait P

That it is easy to fix some wear and tear on the vehicle.

I like the space of my vehicle. I do no not like how it is shaped like box. I like how easy it is to drive you vehicle. My vehicle is outdated.

- Renee B

This vehicle has a lot of space in it.

There is a good amount of space in back for hauling things. The patriot is solidly built and feels safe. I like the boxy shape of this vehicle.

- Judi K

You can only pump gas manually by hand. A rollover valve in the gas tank is clogged.

I like the size of the Patriot. It handles pretty well and the one I have has low mileage. I don't like that pumping gas must be done manually.

- Robert K

Common problem with the gas cap light being on due to a seal in fuel line.

Overall good SUV, size is small. Common problem with gas cap/engine light. Good on gas. Truck space is small. Not a good SUV size for family.

- Jessica J

Good SUV to. Buy I love it.

Jeep patriot is very good on I really don't have to worry on mechanical side just usual maintenance tire oil changes and I owned for 5 years.

- Darlene M

It is basic reliable transportation

I like the gas Mileage. I like the room and the way it drives. I like how big and safe it is. I like the amount of stuff I can Haul in it.

- Glenn D

Very spacious and comfortable

I love my Jeep it has heated seats and a sun roof. It's also very spacious. Although it seems that mechanically things keep going wrong.

- Alyssa B

I love the way the seats fold down, making it easy to haul large items.

I love the versatility of being able to haul items easily. Wish that it had a bigger engine. This has been a very dependable vehicle.

- Sheri M

It is rather small but spacious inside and has plenty of room for weekend trips

Sunroof leaks every now and then but the navigation system is nice. Good abs brakes and leather seats. Very good quality ac system.

- Sara P

It is easy to maintain. With the protective coating on the paint, easy to keep clean.

Like the color and the way it handles while driving. Do not like the head rests on the front seats. Sometimes blocks the back view

- Rosemarie L

It always needs something repaired. There are always lots of mechanical problems.

It drives very smoothly. It has a lot of mechanical problems. The engine light always comes on. The brakes are not very good.

- Lynn K

It is not a family sized vehicle

Could be a bit bigger Love side mirrors fold in Large area at front corners of windshield is a blind spot Very easy to drive

- Debra W

The most important thing to know is for its size and power it gets decent gas mileage

I like my patriot because it gets good gas mileage. It has lots of room. It is also a very safe vehicle because of its size

- Glenn D

Msg comes up low tire km oil change due.

Just right size. Nice big mirrors. Easy handling. Sunroof no leakage. Great pick up speed when needed. Comfortable seats.

- Sharon S

Good mileage, very sturdy.

Gas mileage is wonderful. I like that it is a manual. It is easy to drive. I love the color and that it is easy to clean.

- Christine B

The transmission on this car has lots of problems.

I love the look of it. And the amount of room. I hate the transmission and all the issues we have had with this vehicle.

- Amy G

It is spacious but also small.

It has been broken down quite a few times. I had to replace the starter and the ball joints. Now the car is skipping.

- Haley W

There is so much room for passengers and backseat cargo!!! Seriously. I've moved across the county 5 times with all my must-haves packed in with me.

I love the color and drive-feel. Good stereo, great features. Has recently needed a lot of repairs which is costly.

- Daniele M

That it is a reliable car.

It is comfortable and have enough space. It is economic in gas consumption. It is safe and great for long journeys.

- Rocio A

It is good to know how to check oil or change a tire.

I love my Jeep. Parts are fairly priced. Very roomy. Good on gas. No complaints. I would recommend Jeep to anyone.

- Christina T

People should know Jeep makes quality cars that run forever.

I like the size of the Jeep Patriot. I wish it was better on mileage. I also wish it was raised just a bit more.

- Melinda C

It takes a beating but is still running and repairable.

I like that it is generally reliable and comfortable doing my weekly tasks and trips. I dislike the repairs.

- Katie B

I do not recommend it to anybody.

Broken down all the time. And too much trouble. I want to get rid of it. Bad car. Worst car I have ever had.

- Connie O

It has been extremely dependable!

I love my vehicle. If I could buy a newer version of it, I would. I will definitely miss it when it's gone.

- Brian S

She is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

I like that she is so reliable. I haven't had to do much maintenance to her. I like she is 4 wheel drive.

- Susan A

It is paid off. I have had multiple problems with it. The transmission, engine, brakes and rotors have all been replaced.

I like the heated seats and the 4 wheel drive. I like the color and the jeep accessories that I have.

- Heidi V

Transmission problems 2008

It was a great Jeep until it start having transmission issue within a few months after we brought it

- Tiara G

It is a great car that is very reliable and easy to drive. It also is not expensive like other SUVs.

I love the room. I love how it drives. I do not like there isn't air vents in the back.

- Corrinna C

I got my jeep patriot second hand, but I like the space for my family. It doesn't have great pickup, but it handles well and has foot room for our tall family.

The most important thing about my car is that it is sturdy and has kept us safe.

- Linda S

It's very Reliable, great car. no major issues at all

Only complaint is the rust that is starting. Otherwise it's a very good vehicle

- jen s

How easy it is to drive and how good it is on gas

it is good on gas. it is easy to get around in. nice for trips with family

- tim W

it's great, it works, and it is mine. and i don't want some bullshit warranty scheme, thanks.

it's great, i like it. it works, and moves. it doesn't fail. its great

- tor d

jeeps are great fun ride in great for off road and just plain fun

like sets high off ground has 4 doors great motor love the color

- teresa h

Very dependable. Easy to drive. Great 4wd in snow and ice.

Very dependable. Lots of cargo area. Good gas mileage.

- Nancy R

Dependable and beings as i bot new lifetime powertrain warranty

It is very dependable. The Trim breaks easy on seats

- Gayle F

It gets me to work in the worse winter conditions!! It is just the right size to transport what i need. I've had a lot of repairs this last year.

It is amazing in snow. I feel very safe in my jeep.

- Jennifer B