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The speed sensors do go out a 50, 000.

The Jeep patriot offers great gas mileage. It is very comfortable layout inside. The worst part of it is that on the 2009 Jeep patriot models a around 50, 000 miles the speed sensors start to go out and those will need to be replaced. The four cylinder does not have much take off speed but once it does get up to speed it keeps pace with how fast you want to go. The interior is very roomy and the backseat does collapse so you can pack many things inside and even use it to sleep if you are not over six feet tall that is.

- Lora T

My car is great but it is not good on gas.

I really like my Jeep patriot. Its affordable and reliable. It has great features such as four wheel drive and an AUX input. The seats are very comfortable for long trips. The back seats also go all the way down which is nice for when I need to take my dog somewhere. One thing that I would change about my vehicle is it is motor. It takes a little long for me to get up to speed. Other than that the vehicle is great.

- Haley F

Awesome and worthwhile investment!

I have no problems with my jeep patriot. It is a great vehicle, and I would recommend the jeep brand to anyone looking for and is in the market for a new vehicle. We bought ours used and it is still in fantastic condition but I am sure that if you buy a newer jeep that it will last a very long time! The patriot has great space and all of the controls and such are easy to figure out relatively quick.

- Br M

2009 jeep patriot base model.

I bought a base model so I do not have any bells and whistles. My jeep had held up pretty good. I just now have over 100,000 miles on it. I have had to replace brakes. There is a little fading on the hood. My sun visor on the driver side needs to be replaced. I also need to take it in because when I put it in drive, I have to wiggle the shift to make it go.

- Sheila S

It is a perfect size car. This car is also easy to drive.

I like my vehicle. It never gave me any serious problem, just one time my ac went out and I had warranty on it so they fixed it. It is a good SUV, easy to drive, good on gas, just right to drive around and easy parking. It never really gave me any problems. I pretty much had it serviced each time so I think that is why I didn't have any problems with it.

- Ellen L

I like the lack of extras in this vehicle; it doesn't have extra cameras or gadgets or anything, but this isn't for everyone.

Came with manual windows and locks (which I LOVE). Is small enough to zip into parking spaces and not have to worry in traffic when squeezing by someone too far over and waiting to turn (you know the guy). Plenty of room to haul when the seats are down in back. Easy visibility - minimal blind spots.

- Nicole L

The Jeep patriot all those small is very roomy inside.

The Jeep patriot is a quality four-wheel-drive small SUV. It receives wonderful gas mileage and sits 5 people very comfortably. The Jeep patriot is a wonderful car if you have pets as well. When I am looking to purchase my next vehicle I will again look at the newer versions of the Jeep patriot.

- Heather S

Ability to haul lots of items.

The Patriot is a great little SUV. It is amazing how much stuff you can pack in it if you need to. I moved from Texas to Arizona and my sister was amazed at how much I could pack in the car. The passenger side seat in the front folds down so you can fit long items in the vehicle as well.

- Vicki L

Good short-term family vehicle.

I am not a fan of the cVT transmission - nobody likes working on them, so they are expensive to get serviced. Does not have 4 wheel drive like most Jeep models do. Does not have cruise control. It gets decent gas mileage (average 26 mpg). Perfect sized for a small family. (1-2 kids).

- Kristen C

Good handling vehicle that is fun to drive.

I love my Jeep its is a lot of fun to drive. It has a lot of room and I cannot wait to use the four wheel drive this winter. The seat warmers have been very nice on cold mornings and it handles very well. I would certainly recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a good vehicle.

- Amanda S

I love driving my Jeep patriot.

Really comfortable, all manual so no worries about computer malfunctions, drives good great traction and stability. The only problem so far is that when I try to accelerate fast the engine seems to stutter and feels bogged down. Other than that it is an all around great vehicle.

- Justin T

My car is extremely reliable and comfortable.

I really love that my car is super reliable and comfortable. It is a small car that is holds a lot of things. It is very easy to maneuver and drive in a city. I wish it had more pickup when getting into the highway. Drives great in the snow and comes with four wheel drive.

- Sam C

I love my Jeep patriot, but it has cost me a lot to keep it running.

It is a very good vehicle, but any time you bring it to a shop because of a noise or blinking lights (i.e. 4wd light, check engine light), it becomes really expensive to fix. It has yet to fail on me but I think I have put more money into the car than what I paid for it.

- Amanda M

The air vents & air pressure are absolutely terrible.

I like the aesthetic of the vehicle. The leather interior and heated seats are a huge plus. Back seat is roomy & comfortable. I (along with everyone who rides on my vehicle) hate the AC system - vents are too small & only in the front dash. Car tends to be hot, always.

- Stephanie H

Jeep patriot, 4-door, manual.

Has needed a new clutch but the gas mileage is amazing and it is the perfect size for me! It is spacious and has nice interior. I wish that it had automatic windows and doors for more access but that is the trade off driving a manual I suppose. Would highly recommend!

- Hayley H

Not worth the time for the jeep.

It's at 109k miles and already having transmission issues. I have had to replace multiple parts to the vehicle. The gas cap goes bad creating a sensor warning. The gas mileage is not the best either. It just seems that at 109k it shouldn't have this many problems.

- Bretteny B

Besides a manufacturer defect, it is a great car.

There is a manufacturer defect that causes the roof draining tubes to become clogged and forces water into the reading lamps above the driver/passenger seat. Past that, it is a comfy ride and has rarely broken down as long as you take good care of it.

- Zach H

Vehicle body and suspension are substandard.

It is prone to rust. Transmission is noisy. Brakes are sluggish. Rough riding. Check engine light is on, because of rusted gas intake area that the gas cap won't seal, causing a gas fume leak. Very poor suspension for a vehicle with four wheel drive.

- Richard B

Great to travel in had plenty of room.

Haven't really had any problems except replaced alternator twice. Other than that no real issues. I do wish it had a larger gas tank. Have to stop a lot to get gas due to the 12 gallon tank. Other than that I have had no real issues with the vehicle.

- Kaye F

Comfy, reliable(for a Jeep), and decidedly affordable!

I've only had a small handful of mechanical issues with my Jeep in the decade I've owned it, however I will say the issues all sprung up at once which was a bit of a pain. Dern shame this is a discontinued model for Jeep, it fit every need I had!

- Kimberley T

My car for some reason has a superpower...it seems to be invisible to other drivers. I have been rear ended and almost ran off the road more in this vehicle than any other i own. AND it's blue!

I love my jeep! I love the manual transmission but wish it had more power. But for the fuel mileage, it was worth the smaller engine. I wish i did not have light color cloth seats but it's hard to find a used jeep with leather interior.

- Suzi H

size is good for me and good on mileage

I really like my car except for it has 2 blind spots. I have mostly felt very comfortable in it. Knock on wood I haven't had any problems with it till this year and now my sun roof keeps leaking. Had fixed and leaking again

- Margaret S

That it is very reliable. I bought my car used and have had no problems

It is a very reliable car. I have had very few issues with it. My biggest problem has been with the sensors that set off for no reason. Other than that it has been a very reliable car and I would definitely buy another one

- Julie B

Overall great crossover/SUV.

Very comfortable and spacious. Only minor electrical issues with it. Sometimes the touch screen takes a while to come on and the automatic day/night colors on the display stopped working a little after a year of ownership.

- Alice S

Unreliable and prone to problems. Do not recommend this car.

The sunroof leaks and that shorts out the sensors. It has no power and very poor performance on hills. Overheats easily. It is fine for short distances. I have had to do several repairs in the 2 years I have owned it.

- Jennifer C

How luxurious it feels while still being extremely functional.

I really like it and think it is perfect for me. It is nice and roomy while still being small enough to navigate and park easily. It also gets good gas mileage and is 4 wheel drive which is important to me.

- Brooke K

people should know that the car will last a long time. It has over 200,000 miles and is still in good condition. Holds up well.

I like how my vehicle has lasted a long time and is still in good condition. It holds up well and can handle a lot of miles. However, it is kind of outdated and does not have many cool features.

- Madison N

Love the car, lots of room and comfortable.

The car has been good, but I have had some issues with the sensors. I've been told that this is common among Jeeps though. The car has been checked, but everything has come back fine.

- Amanda l

Great maneuverability and great pick up.

It is easy to park, very maneuverable. It has good pick up. The seat conforms to my body. The only thing I do not like about it is that I have had a lot of ac problems.

- Sharon J

Jeep Patriot, 10 years old but still almost new

My car is a smaller suv with 140000 miles on it. I have recently changed with brakes, tires and timing chain on it. Soon I will need to replace the windshield wipers.

- Emily W

Cost-effective compared to price Comfort on the road

Comfortable Appropriate acceleration Spacious Great power low noise Appropriate vision Fuel is relatively high Suitable for trips outside the city Beautiful

- hesam j

It is a good height for getting into and seeing out of.

I like my car. It has done well by me for the last 7 years. But, It is getting very old and very expensive to fix. I am getting close to needing a new one.

- Margaret B

Lots of space for various occasions.

It gets great gas mileage for a SUV. I LOVE the amount of space that is inside, I can take everything from my animals with me to move out of apartments.

- Mechelle M


My vehicle gets good gas mileage. It has plenty of room and looks stylish. It is easy to maintain and performs very well in different environments.

- Dale H

It is a great vehicle to have for a small sized family.

I love the room and how it drives mostly. It does have some minor things that are wrong with it, the brakes and abs lights are stuck on

- Justin T

It is an average Jeep that gets me from A to B.

My Jeep has been fine for the most part. Reliable. Dependable. Great all around vehicle. It's not for sale though, I need my vehicle..

- Stephen N

It is manual transmission.

My Jeep is very durable. It has a great design. it's a nice color. Looks quite modern. My patriot is pretty comfortable on the inside.

- Albert V

It's cute, reliable, and fun to drive.

It's a fun to drive sporty SUV. Love the color. Love getting compliments on it. I dislike that the interior is't a bit fancier.

- Cheryl H

Easy to drive but has a blind spot.

Easy to drive, like 4 wheel drive. Like space in vehicle. I dislike the blind spot it has no matter how you adjust the mirrors.

- Vicki B

Black Jeep with cozy vibes

Car is extremely reliable, it's a Jeep after all. Has a cozy feel to it once you sit inside, and is good on gas mileage

- Ray R

It's fuel economical, it requires less servicing. That makes it reliable.

It suits my pocket, that is it's fuel efficient. The only bit about it, it requires a skilled personnel to service.

- Martin K

Ok for adults, small for families

This is a small SUV. It can barely fit a stroller in the back and you can't have 3 car seats across the back seat.

- Tiffany G

Bad fuel mileage and bumpy ride

Not a smooth ride and the gas mileage sucks, I can't drive around town for a day without having to fill up.

- Nate H

awesome design ,safe to drive, great on gas

I love driving Jeep it is very comfortable ,look very slick, great with gas ,and I feel safe driving it

- ahmed d

My jeep is powerful. It has 4 wheel drive. Goes great in the snow and ice.

i got my jeep in december. I love it. It has given me no problems and has lots of room. no complaints.

- rachel l

It is very dependable and comfortable to drive in.

I love the size and how dependable it is. It is very easy to drive. I wish it had more pick up speed.

- Samantha C

Some problems but still runs

Great 4 wheel drive. Both right and left steering arms have been replaced. Pretty good gas mileage.

- Jill S

It is not all the time 4 wheel drive. This vehicle is severely underpowered.

The seats are not super comfortable. It would be nice if you had seat options.


It is a car that's not to big, and not to big. A vehicle that can be considered neat, in most ways.

It's a good vehicle, it gets me to where I need to go, and it's good on gas.


When the back windows are rolled down the car makes a really loud thumping noise. I really enjoy the space the car offers.

It's is really great for children.also it has the option of 4x4

- Nick S

Cost effective when I purchased my vehicle for this brand

Not enough cargo space Too many repairs Not the style I wanted

- Pat G

Big power in small crossover and good price in a small sport utility vehicle

Small and convenient.economically good on gas and very roomy.

- Martín A

It gets good gas mileage! Only about 26 bucks to fill it up

Been loyal. Over 150,000 miles. Starting to fall apart.

- Tiffany F