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It is a great family car and has style.

I love the Jeep brand, my car is spacious, without being overwhelming. I love the shape and body style. One of my favorite features is the sound system, sound carries very well throughout. The only knock I have on it would be how long it takes to get up and go. It takes a really long time to get up to speed from a complete stop. I have taken it on two road trips and I seemed to have some issues with the cruise control. After using the cruise control for a while my check engine light came on and the transmission was overheating. I had to wait for it to cool down before taking off again. I am not sure if the cruise control had anything to do with it, but the only time my car has done that was when I was using the cruise control. Overall I love my car. Almost a 100, 000, I hope it lasts.

- Amanda B

Jeep Patriot Ride and handling

Jeep Patriot small SUV is related to the Jeep Compass and Dodge Caliber, but has a more upright body. It uses the same 2.0- and 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engines found in the Caliber, which we found slow and noisy. Ride and handling are acceptable, but not impressive. Interior fit and finish are sub par. The narrow cabin and small windows give a closed-in feel. The Patriot is not designed for serious off-roading, but should be capable for the occasional trail excursion. An optional off-road package has a hill-descent system and an extra low gear in the CVT. Five-speed manual and CVT transmissions are offered. 2009 models received some updates, but not enough to lift this car from mediocrity.

- Joao P

Great vehicle, but high maintenance.

I love my jeep. The 4wd capability has been a life saver during the snow and the ground clearance is just high enough to avoid having to go around dips or uneven patches of road. However, I have had an engine replacement because a cylinder went out and I have the occasional issue shifting (likely related to the engine.) Parts are sometimes incredibly expensive, too, thanks to all the computerized components under the hood.

- Jennifer B

White 2010 Jeep patriot, sport 4 door SUV.

I always seem to have issues with this car. Within three weeks of purchasing this vehicle, the throttle body went out. It shakes, you can feel every single bump in the road, the smallest gust of wind, or the slightest turn. The gas mileage is not the best. I purchased the patriot because I had owned a grand Cherokee in the past, but these two vehicles are not remotely similar.

- Laura H

The interior of the car is amazing. This is the best car I have ever owned.

This car is one of the best cars I have ever owned or driven. The interior is what made me really fall in love with the car, nice leather seating and the front seats are amazing. The console is easy to use and looks amazing as well. The perfect car for fun road trips and just to relax in, it is even relaxing to drive in on my way to work.

- Bridget B

I am a jeep patriot forever!

My jeep patriot has been one of the best things to come into my life. I commute back and forth to Chicago from Detroit often and the performance and reliability is so great. We go for tune ups, oil changes, and maintenance checks often to ensure that it is performing at it is full potential. I love jeeps and the quality they provide.

- Chelsea D

My favorite car. Why it is the best vehicle I ever had.

I love my Jeep because of reliability, ruggedness, being able to drive on bad roads with ease, I can load it up from the back and still have lots of room for people to sit. People seem to respect me and my Jeep much more than when I drove a sedan. They are classy looking now. The ride or feeling you get when driving a Jeep is great.

- Gayle C

Going strong. . . Very reliable and relatively maintenance free!

Only minor issues with regard to repairs. . . Just an air-conditioning compressor. Other than that just basic maintenance with battery and tire replacements. It is very reliable, not quiet. . . But reliable. It seems to be holding up pretty well, but I am good about getting oil changes and maintenance on a regular basis.

- Cindy B

50/50 needs a few more luxury items.

Kind of small inside. Suspension loud. Easy 4wd. Need Allen wrench for wheel cap removal. If you don't have unable to fix flat tire on the road. Love fold down of back seats. Need more exterior color choices. Time keeps losing on the radio. Love side mirrors. Wish they were heated. Needs auto start.

- Kim C

The head rest don't separate from the seats which makes it hard to replace if broken. You must replace entire seat

Bought in 2010 and 8 years later no major maintenance has been required for now...but I will say the 2010 model is loud inside the car though turn radius is awesome. Cons, knobs switches, per window motors on made it through year 6 and the paint is chipping after only 8 years.

- Jojo B

Practical and extremely leisure like in its performance.

Performance reliability comfort are my top priorities when looking for a car and in this 2010 Jeep patriot I have found all three and much more to my surprise and delight. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for something that is in every way accommodating.

- Anna L

Jeep liberty great overall but has it is issues. Retractable roof great.

The liberty overall is great. The biggest problem was with the retractable top, it broke and leaked. We had to have it permanently closed as it was too expensive to fix. Gas mileage ok. Not for every day commute. The paint on the hood was defective had to have it repainted.

- Laura S

Workhorse of Jeep product line.

I have been driving Jeep products for over 25 years. The Patriot was the one used car I could afford at the time of purchase. While I prefer the liberty, this Patriot has gone 132, 000 + miles. That is 12, 000 more than any other Jeep I have owned. Dependable & durable!

- Pam B

I would be aware of the cost of repairs for a vehicle before I buy another one.

the main complaint is that I have had a lot of repairs for the same issue for my jeep. the ride is more comfortable than the compass. My jeep is the first SUV I have owned. I do wish that the gas mileage was better than it is. I like that the seat is very adjustable.

- Kim F

Awesome Jeep but might need recall.

We really love our Jeep. The gas mileage is awesome. Real good room inside. Off roads great. The downside is that it shift jerky and the wheel wells rot real fast. Bad flaws to have. Jeep should offer a recall on these issues. It would go far with their customers.

- Deborah S

I love the four wheel drive and the space inside.

Electronic problems are so common with this car. Specifically lights on the dashboard, alarms, and controls. This has been an issue that has occurred regularly but increasingly lately. Other than this I have had no problems with this car and I like it very much.

- Amy T

It can be the workhorse in the garage. It is reliable, comfortable to drive and can handle most "heavy lifting" you ask of it

This was my husbands first car, when we got a new one I took over the Jeep. It's the basic model, and I enjoy the reliability it provides. I also feel comfortable driving it in rougher weather. My major complaint is that it doesn't have auto windows or locks.

- Ruth H

Reliable, affordable, will last for years. Best car I've ever owned. Fantastic day long road trips.

I've had this car for 8 years and I've never had any issues with it. Runs fantastically and has made it all over the country. I would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking a reliable. Not great for a new family as car seats make it kind of cramped.

- Emilee W

Pros and cons weigh each other out.

The front end is longer than I like. It is really comfortable and I am 5ft91/2 in tall. My car has a small fuel tank, so I am constantly stopping for fuel. It has decent gas mileage, but not great. I love my sunroof, XM radio and Bluetooth features.

- Lisa J

Jeep Patriot, great family car

This vehicle is very reliable for me! Runs really well, even throughout traveling a lot. The only negative is it has had a recall on it for the safety belts, but the dealership fixes that for free. Over all, it's a great family vehicle.

- Kirsty L

Durability to make it to 130, 000 miles & still kicking.

I have driven Jeeps for 25 years & the patriot has been my least favorite one. I replace headlights/turn signal lights 2 or 3 times a year & that seems excessive to me. Not sure if it is a design flaw or if I just have a lemon.

- Pamela B

It may fall apart once you have some mileage on it.

The Patriot was fine at first. As soon as I hit 100,000 miles it started falling apart. Broke down on the highway twice. Continued problems with the control arms and struts. Would not purchase this vehicle again or recommend.

- Melissa H

In 6 years it has given me any problems

I bought my vehicle used after I retired, which was 6 years ago. I wanted to sit up higher while I was driving. I've had no significant problems with my Jeep and it run good, have only put less than 15000 miles on it.

- Connie A

It's not good for driving through mountainous areas.

I do not like the way the transmission tries to shift and downshift going through hilly areas. I've had the transmission fluids overheat a number of times, causing me to have to pull over and wait for cool down.

- Meg b

The daytime running lamps are not automatic and after an oil change it is tricky to reset the computer.

I like that it provides a spacious interior. It is a smooth ride. It has updated amenities. I dislike how you have to reset the computer after an oil change and the day lights are manual and is not automatic.

- Sheri D

Jeep patriot: wanna-be-soccer-mom vehicle.

It is a comfortable car but it hardly has any power. It is reliable, gets decent fuel mileage (though not great), and feels very safe and solid. I just wish it had more power and ability to get up and go!

- Shauna R

2010 Jeep Patriot is a good car for a college student but would not recommend it if you travel long distances often.

My Jeep Patriot drives really well short distances and gets good gas mileage. However, whenever I drive over 2-3 the car breaks down and needs the transmission to cool down before driving again.

- Austin C

The car has lasted for 9 years. It is pretty reliable outside of the manufacturing flaws.

It is a great car outside of a few manufacturing issues. The sunroof leaks. The metal rusted out and had to get a replacement. The transmission slips when the temp outside is 80 or higher.

- James N

It is reliable and so far has not had a lot of issues.

Reliable family car. Haven't had a lot of issues with the car despite it being 8 years old. Only complaint is that certain things in the hood are hard to reach and replace by myself.

- Ashley R

My jeep is very reliable for the most part. The back end has a lot of space and It's nice that I can put my back seats down all the way so it makes more room to carry more things like long 2x4 etc

I love the space my jeep has. The down side to my jeep is we have had to replace quite a bit of different parts on it. It seems the same parts (starter mostestly) keep going out

- Kristy S

It is my car and it is not for sale.

The cars a/c does not work well all the time, and one of the back handles is broken. The car runs well, needs a oil change soon, and a rear wheel bearing replaced at some point.

- Zach B

Basic model and engine are undersized. Poor gas mileage performance

Likes: Compact size, reliable engine performance Dislikes: Transmission overheats, poor gas mileage when using AC, fuses and relays difficult to remedy

- Frank O

It is great on gas, and is easy to park.

I like how small and compact my car is. It makes it easier to drive. The only complaint I would have about my car is that there is not a lot of storage.

- Jourdan I

Extremely capable vehicle, especially reliable during harsh winter commutes.

Many issues with suspension, wheel bearings. 4x4 is extremely satisfactory, very comfortable. Add-ons are enjoyable, such as moonroof, Sirius XM

- Michael S

Red, 5 speed manual, 2 wheel drive, 2.4l I4

Very comfortable vehicle, especially for the price. The 5 speed manual is very smooth and I plan on driving this vehicle until I can't any longer.

- Kyle P

It doesn't have much room ever though it is an SUV

I don't like that it doesn't have much room between the carseats and the back of the front seats. The trunk is pretty big. I wish it was roomier.

- ashton D

Pinstriping on a solid white vehicle makes all the difference in the world.

It's the perfect size for me. There's plenty of room for carrying stuff. It could be better insulated, for the sake of a quiet ride.

- Janet R

It's a jeep and jeeps are great brands of vehicles to have.

I like the plug in below the arm rest. I dislike the cvt engine as it does not last long enough. I like the shape/look of the car.

- Jessica W

It's a Jeep Patriot and I love the back, it has a lot of room.

The air compressor just went out and it cost $800 to fix it other than that I love my Jeep. The next vehicle I get will be a Jeep.

- April D

Great vehicle for running around town or trips.

I like that it has held up very well. It's a basic model, and next time I'll get more features. Solid vehicle, very dependable.

- Lisa F

That it's a great car to have if you can afFord it.

It is fierce, it is fun, it is tough. People respect people who drive a jeep. In the winter you cannot beat a jeep with a stick.

- Gayle L

The color is cool. Drives like a sedan.

No problems since I have owned the car. Only wear and tare. I have had to replace the tire pressure system and u-joints so far.

- Derek N

The ability to go from a beautiful luxury suv to an exciting 4-wheel drive off road vehicle.

It is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Smooth ride, ample power, and easy to maintain. A true driving pleasure.

- Lawrence H

It is very nice and affordable.

It is roomy. It gets decent gas mileage. However there are too many blind spots. It gets me where I need to go every day.

- Connie H

It's reliable and easy to drive.

I like that my car handles well in the snow. I like that it has a lot of storage space. I like that it's easy to handle.

- Kat J

On demand 4 wheel drive and the looks of a luxury SUV.

A pleasure to drive. We have taken it on trips all over the east coast it proves to be both reliable and fun to drive.

- Lawrence H

It is rugged,useful and very dependable

My Jeep is multi functional. It can haul people garden supplies groceries. But the transmission can get hot quick

- Don D

It is great, I love my car!!

I love my car, only have had minor issues!! It is wonderful on gas and is very roomy!! It is absolutely awesome.

- Kelsey L

Great on gas. Gets good mileage.

Like the gas mileage and the feel of a truck. I wish it were made better. I dislike the quality of the exterior.

- Marty O

Versatile with every need.. It will get you and those you love where you need to be

This vehicle has gotten me across the country through rain and snow, mountains and plains, off-road and more.

- Kari M

The color attracted me at first.

I've had the vehicle for a year, but minimal problems so far. It's really only ware and tare on the car.

- Derek N

Jeep Patriot family vehicle.

My car does not have automatic locks. It is extremely reliable and gets my family where it needs to go.

- Rachel L

Reliable and user friendly. Reasonable in price and overall a good buy.

It's the 2nd Jeep that I've bought. Very reliable and easy to d.I.y. when problems arise. Good mileage.

- Charles J

It's compact yet versatile

I like the size for just me and the amount of gas it uses. It seems to go through tires extremely fast.

- Casey H

Just basic not worth the money. I would have chose something else if given the chance.

The Patriot is just basic. Nothing extravagant. Has air conditioning, no cruise, crank windows.

- Deb F

Great for winters where there is snow and ice. Drives great

I like that it is a small suv. That it has 4 wheel drive. It is great for Alaska winters.

- Melinda w

The front end is known for having issues....electric also. I have had both more than once.

I like the style of my jeep. I dislike the front end problems that I continue to have

- Crystal K

It is a good size because it is smaller than most SUVs.

It is the perfect size. It seems to hold up for It's age. It has decent gas mileage.

- Karlee G

I enjoy driving it and I feel one with the car when I drive it.

Reliable, comfortable, smooth ride. No major issues since I bought it.

- Sam C

It's great on gas, I love the style of it and very dependable. What I don't like is its to small. Wish it had more room.

It's not much room if you have two car seats. But wonderful on gas

- Leia Y

I like that it has 4 wheel drive and it is good on gas. I dislike that it is not a smooth ride and I do not like the transmission.

It is very good on gas and rides excellent in snowy conditions.

- Jessica Z

I like the leather seats and heated seats. It is easy to handle and comfortable to ride in. I don't like that the back trunk is plastic because things slide around on them. I like having a full size tire.

It feels safe.and comfortable to ride in and it's a good price.

- Anna D

It is very roomy and very comfortable when driving or being a passenger.

I like the look of it. It's good on gas. It's easy to drive.

- Bonita G

That it is dependable and 4 wheel drive

Great on gas 4 wheel drive Dependable Great in snow

- Kathy b