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Jeep Patriot VS Jeep Liberty

I have driven Jeep brand vehicles for the last 5 of my cars. I now drive a Patriot and this is the first Patriot I have had. Prior to this car I had 3 different Liberty cars. Each of these had one issue in common. On All 3 the windows power motor broke making the windows not stay in a closed position. I had to have this issue repaired in each of the Liberty's. Comparing the Patriot to the Liberty, I do prefer the Liberty as it sat up higher and as a short person I could see better. The Patriot drives nice, has good interior space. There is a 120v plug for charging that is real nice. There is many blind spots with the Patriot, the rubber seals around the doors will not stay in place. When the windows are down on the Patriot there is a loud thumping noise that is not pleasant to listen to, so I rarely drive with a window down. The hatch space is not to bad for groceries but a bit small for luggage when taking 4 or more people. Leg room in the back is cramped if there is someone setting in the front that needs to move the seat back. Being short I do like the ability to raise the seat. Overall It is an ok car but I don't think my next Jeep will be another Patriot.

- esther s

The Jeep Patriot, the handy compact jeep.

The Jeep Patriot is a very small yet spacious car. What I mean is that the outside would make you believe that the inside is cramped but that's not it at all. The car has a nice feature where I can connect my phone to the Bluetooth inside the car and play music or place cars, although it's a little hard to use. The car also has a nice feature of being able to turn on the engine from a distance using a button on the keys. It's very handy to start the engine when it's hot out and you want to get into an already air conditioned car. Besides all that, the car is very comfortable and it runs great. It's a weird hybrid between automatic and stick shift and that was weird to get used to but I got by. Be careful to not change your gear to something wrong, otherwise the car's engine has issues.

- Michael C

I have a deep red paint job and as the sun sets the deeper it looks

I have had some transmission issues, but have come to love my Jeep anyways. My Jeep is very sturdy and takes damage extremely well, which I think is something important in this day and age. I recently was recently involved in a hit and run by someone going 50-60 mph and my Jeep is not totaled. It took out my back left tail light and bent my fender. I am very grateful that I was in my Jeep, I doubt any other SUV/car body would have fared as well. I don't have to worry about driving in the snow, my Jeep does great. I adore taking my Jeep on adventures and going exploring. When it comes time for another car I am definitely going to Jeep!

- Natalie T

Jeep Patriot: Great vehicle

The comfort is amazing, during the summer it drives extremely well. One of the problems I had is that is has a cvt for a transmission and I have already had to replace mine at 100, 000. Another thing I do not like is the way the vehicle handles in the snow. The 4WD lock does not seem to make a difference, I have gotten stuck in 3in of snow and the lock didn't seem to do anything. Brand new tires did not seem to help this issue. It is very spacious for being a smaller size SUV, the interior is nice I love the cloth heated seats.

- Jena B

It sucks. Don�t get it. Get something better. Do your research

My brakes gave me a hard time since the very beginning of purchasing. It squeaks non stop. It's embarrassing. You would think having a new car you would have the new car feeling, but not this model/make. I also have trouble from time to time that the 'check engine' comes on & it has nothing to do with my engine but my gasket is apparently lose. But most of the time, it's not. No matter how many times I tighten it or not, it alerts me and doesn't go away for days.

- Gabby R

Problems with jeep Patriot

I love the style and look of the exterior of the vehicle. I do wish there was more leg room in The back seat. I do not like how my brakes have always squeaked when wet. Also the acceleration is not very good it takes a while for it to get up and go the speed limit. I've also had issues with pumping gas. Every pump I use at every gas station my gas tank only lets me pump for a few seconds then shuts off.

- Lindsey M

Jeep patriot - the honest review.

I like the space inside the jeep, it's comfortable if you have a lot of things to keep in the vehicle or multiple people. It's a little short which isn't great for big dogs. My only real issue is it isn't 4wd and the transmission takes way too long to shift. Overall it's been a good car to me, minimal issues, just general upkeep has gone a long way. Does great in Midwest snow and ice as well as rain.

- Sam D

Reliable car, known Jeep construction issues however

My Jeep is reliable, gets good mileage, and is spacious. The turn radius is narrow, and the ground clearance is high, which is perfect for me because I enjoy taking Jeep trails and going off roading. The window trim came loose very early in the life of my vehicle however, and the vent/fan makes a clicking sound every time it kicks on, which is apparently a known Jeep issue due to poor manufacturing

- Lizzie M

My Patriot is one of a kind simply because it is a standard

The Jeep Patriot is a wonderful mid sized vehicle. Towing capacity is amazing considering the size of the vehicle. Gas mileage is decent and the ride of the vehicle seems as if you're floating. Some concerns that I have are that all the standard transmissions are of no power locks or power windows. The height of the vehicle was also something that I liked, felt bigger on the road

- Ronnie P

This car has been in our family for years, it has not really caused us problems.

In terms of problems, have not encountered much the past few years other than the usual maintenance. However, the brake is not very smooth, you would need to push a little harder before it actually starts slowing down. I am not that tall, so height of the car gives me a better view of the road. It is also great to take to drive in movies or road trips because of the trunk space.

- J P

The jeep patriot has a decent amount of space. Everything about it is very basic.

I am not a huge fan of the jeep patriot. The most annoying problem it has is its inability to function in the high heat of the desert. The vehicle literally shuts off and leaves us stuck on the side of the freeway every time we try to drive home to Arizona. In the plus side, we haven't had to put a huge amount of money into the car and it seems to be functioning ok.

- Jessica D

Very roomy SUV, with huge area in back hatch for sport, and groceries.

The Jeep patriot has had a few recalls for minor issues but has been a reliable SUV for my family thus far. It has so much room! It is spacious from the front to the back hatch, lots of room, great for sporting families with all that gear! The radio comes with an aux cord for those who get bored with regular FM/AM. Overall a great family car with decent gas mileage.

- Ally H

A comfortable passenger vehicle with plenty of space and a few drawbacks.

This is definitely a passenger vehicle and I would never take it off-road. It gets poor gas mileage. It has multiple blind spots when pulling out at an intersection. It does have great stowage capacity which is why I actually bought it. I was able to slide a 66 inch long bureau into the back with the seats down and close the hatch! It has its good and bad points.

- Tina M

Love my car, hate the screech.

I love my car. It is spacious for all of my guests. Great for transporting small furniture. Downside is that a year into having my car, it started screeching when I would reverse. I have had it looked at by many mechanics but it could never get resolved. I have had new brake pads, cleaned, etc. It still screeches when I reverse & now when I slow down & break.

- Gabby R

Great mom-mobile! Perfect for me and the whole family!

I love my Jeep Patriot! It rides very smooth and is perfect for my family! It is very reliable, has plenty of room, and it very luxurious! During the hot summer the car cools down very quickly, and warms up very quickly in the freezing summer. I needed something that would fit my whole family, but not too big. It is the perfect size and easy to maneuver

- Mikayla M

No power 2013 Jeep Patriot

I bought my 2013 Jeep Patriot pre owned in June of this year and I already hate it. (Granted I had a Subaru Impreza previously) It has no power. Okay, I exaggerated. It has power but not get up and go power. More of a grandma get up and go if ya catch my drift. The transmission constantly slips also. And no power windows or locks, in a 2013 vehicle?!

- Alicia C

Overall Jeep Patriot review

It is good on gas miles. Also fair priced compared to other SUV. I have owned for 4 years and bought used with no major problems. Downfall, if You are to get in an accident could be detrimental due to being on a frame. Also, if you like to perform your own work you cannot work on transmission. Must be brought to a shop due to being sealed.

- Heather S

It is spacious, both in terms of seating and storage.

A good vehicle. It has heated seats that have adjustable height. The back window has a wiper. The vehicle can start automatically with the keyfob so long as no alert lights are on (ex: low tire, fuel light). Has an indicator for low tire. Not Bluetooth compatible, but has aux cord input plug. Has a two-prong electric plug in center console.

- Shannon G

It's a two row SUV with a large trunk space that fits everything I need.

there are some problems with constantly needing the tires rotated, but other than that I love it! it's comfortable and the gas prices aren't awful. The car itself fits me really well as a person. I've had it for about 3 years and haven't had nearly as many problems as other people with different brands like Ford, Honda, or anything else.

- Caroline F

The pros of a Jeep Patriot

No issues with the durability of the car. Though it is not a 4WD, I have never had an issue with getting where I need to go. The interior is easy to clean. The hatch is a decent size. The storage under the hatch flooring where the spare tire is has extra space for a hitch or jumper cables. The only thing I have had to add on is a hitch.

- Allison A

Patriot does all the important things well.

Jeep patriot gets great mileage and has sufficient power with the manual transmission. It can ride five but might not have enough room for all of them to pack for an extended trip. The 4x4 mode is not super robust but is sufficient for most of the low traction stuff like snow and mud that your average weekend warriors will encounter.

- Matt H

Reliable Jeep Patriot limited.

My Jeep has been very reliable for the last year that I have had it. I have not had any maintenance issues and have only had to get oil changes. The gas mileage is good for being my daily driver as well. The acceleration is not as fast as I am used to, but overall the car drives well and I would buy it again if given the choice.

- Kelsey K

My vehicle is a 2013 Jeep patriot and I am absolutely in love with it.

I never really have had a problem with my 2013 Jeep patriot. I love this car, it is very reliable. The car itself look very elegant and classy. The car performs well and the comfort of the car is excellent. The features the car comes with are all exceptional and I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a new car to buy.

- Stephanie G

Performance history and reliability.

Overall, I do enjoy my car. One thing that I really like is the space available in the car. Another characteristic of the car that I like is the fact that the CD player holds multiple CDs at once and also that there is an six chord. I do not like the gas mileage, how quickly the car runs out of gas, and how the trunk space is.

- Mark E

Jeep patriot: great size and stability.

My jeep patriot is a very good, sturdy car. It is a great size and has room for up to 5 people. One problem I have had with my car is that the gas tank is very small, and I have to refill my car almost twice a week. It does not have a big engine either, which makes it dangerous to drive on the highway sometimes it feels.

- Eliza B

Great starter SUV for any individual.

The vehicle goes great in snow. Runs well. Never had any mechanical issues. I wish it were slightly larger and more car seat friendly. When I put a car seat in the back, typically the front seats cannot go even close to all the way back. I would definitely buy again, however the value has depreciated very quickly.

- Sierra B

I love my Jeep, I've never had a problem while driving.

I love my Jeep. It is sleek, fashionable, and is very good. It has great gas mileage and I have never had a problem with anything while driving! It even has heated seats and mirrors. There is lots of space for groceries and kids and the trunk even has a cover for the back and seats can be moved very far back.

- Bobby D

Great mileage, inexpensive 4 wheel drive

We loved the mileage it got for the first several years. It has now developed a chug at 2100 rpm and gets 27 mpg instead of 31 mpg as before. We still like it though and would buy a new one if available. The 4 wheel drive is a valuable tool where we live. We don't go mud bogging, but it is great in the snow.

- Terri F

Jeep patriot 2013 review.

It you the option of manual or automatic. The sensor for the tire pressure can be a pain even if air is put into tires the sensor will go off. Even after serviced. Drives smoothly, good on gas. Good for local trips. Good for small families. Wouldn't recommend for road trips, seating area not that spacious.

- Kiara S

Great running small truck. Highly recommend jeeps.

My vehicle has been very reliable. I love the ride but do not love the noise inside the car. I have been told it's a jeep and that is what I should expect. I have had regular maintenance issues and a few electrical repairs. The back is big enough to hold all of my groceries or luggage when I go on a trip.

- Kathy C

Love my Jeep Patriot! Lots of space in the back for hauling things!

I love my Jeep! It is a perfect height for me to easily get in and out of (especially since I have back issues). I love the heated seats and there is plenty of space in the back for hauling things. I have only had a couple very minimal service issues with my Jeep. Overall, itbis a great vehicle!

- Natalie S

Pro's and Con's of having a Jeep Patriot.

It has very comfortable seats with ability to heat seats, power windows, cruise control, issues the radio/CD doesn't work and haven't had the money to have it looked at. We just spent almost 2000 on repairing power steering and rack with pins according to repair tech it's normal wear and tear.

- Sheryl B

I loved the fact, that my Jeep had a slap stick to use in town.

I loved my Jeep. It was comfortable. It held the road very well. It had all the bells and whistles, that I needed. It had four wheel drive. Held the road well in the winter. I would buy another one. It had a very good radio and windows are all power and it had kid locks on the doors.

- Elizabeth R

That is a Jeep and that it provides a safe and economical Driving Experience.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it has lot of storage space for a vehicle it's size. I am tall so it is a little tight fitting in behind the wheel but it does provide more than enough space. It is easy to drive around the city and provide excellent starting and stopping.

- Jeff S

It is an ok vehicle. I'd like to trade it in for something else

The back end makes a lot of noise. Creaking and horrible sounds. The radio stopped working at well. It was a very nice vehicle when we first got it but now the back end makes so much noise, it sounds like the back end is about to fall off. It also goes through brakes and rotors like crazy

- Heather R

2013 Jeep Patriot Oscar mike edition. Is loaded with a sunroof and heated seats.

The car handles well in all weather types. I have driven it in multiple snow storms and have been able to control it without any major problems. The version of the car that I have comes loaded with heated seats and a remote start, these two features are very nice in the winter months.

- Keaton S

Great standard car, nice and simple.

It is a great standard car with lots of legroom, I move frequently and the space makes moving a breeze. The pick-up is a little slow I have noticed and I feel as if I am always needing to fill up on gas, but overall I am satisfied with my vehicle and am happy to have purchased it.

- Sadie F

Great gas mileage and nice ride all around.

It has great gas mileage. Roomy but not too big so it is perfect for traveling. Cool looking. It drives smooth, is quiet, and only basic maintenance primarily needed. Transmission had to be replaced 2nd year but nothing has gone wrong since. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Amy M

Four door, family vehicle.

I bought the car three months ago and it has spent two and a half weeks at the dealership being worked on. The transmission, catalytic converter, spark plugs, and tire has had to be replaced. Other than that, it is a comfortable vehicle to drive, and it is a good family vehicle.

- Shelby B

Fixing it up, the car of the future.

It is a reliable car. I think because I drive a lot I do have some problems with the engine. I have had to change the battery and I need to fix the converter. I want to upgrade my car inside and outside. I do want to make this car one of a kind. I do need to fix up this car.

- Katie S

Jeep Patriot: great family car!

I love how it runs, it is big enough to fit my children and dogs. We have taken on multiple trips and it does great! I also drive this vehicle 60 miles a day commuting to work and have never had an issue with reliability. I have had it for 2 years and cannot be more happy.

- Ali F

A true diamond in the ruff.

I haven't had any true issues with the car aside from the normal everyday wear and tear. Maintenance such as oil change, spark plugs, o2 sensors, tires etc. I have read online that these vehicles do have an issue with transmission so I do make sure to keep an eye on it.

- Jessica M

The cup holders in the front light up and the stereo is great.

I personally love my car. It has a great sound system, great on gas only 35 to fill. It looks beautiful on the outside and so comfy on the inside. Drives great and many little cup holders, or places to put your phone and a plus is the cup holders in the front light up.

- Sarah B

Great SUV for a great price

It's a small SUV. It works well to carry the whole family (myself, wife and 2 kids) or to haul groceries, lumber or a large item. I bought the manual transmission. It gets great gas mileage. I don't have any complaints about the cat at all. Go get one for yourself

- Michael M

Favorite vehicle I have owned!!

My jeep has been one of the best, most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It is just the right size for both in town and long distance travel. It has never had one issue. Plenty of storage and leg room. I love this SUV and dread the day I have to trade it in.

- Anita B

Good for any type of trip.

Very reliable automatic and manual transmission, run well with gas mileage, simple modern SUV, heats well, cools quick, no recalls. I would like to have it with a trunk latch from the driver's side. It is equipped with satellite radio and Bluetooth capability.

- Mer B

Great gas mileage, but problems with transmission fluid overheating.

The car has great load capacity and gas mileage. In general, it performs well. When highway driving at high speed and high outside temps, the transmission fluid overheats. This means stopping, running in neutral for about 10 minutes, to lower the temperature.

- Mary K

A lovely little car for running errands

The seats are really comfortable, has a great radio with an aux cord and a phone charger. The only issue is the windows rattle when they're down and it does not do well on hills considering its a 4 cylinder. It is a really cute great car for driving in town.

- Nicole H

That it is heavy duty. 4 wheel drive.built tough. It has room to hall things and gets great gas mileage for an SUV.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I like that the heat and air work well,and it handles well on the road. It I equipped with Fog lights and they are very handy. I just wich my jeep was equipped with navigation and hands free bluetooth phone capability.

- Molly G

Loving my 2013 jeep patriot limited

I purchased the jeep after reading bad reviews, but the truth is I have not encounter any major issue with my jeep patriot limited. Is spacious for the family I haul a trailer with 2 4 wheelers ... love the leather seats. Also pretty economic in gas.

- L P

Quality Jeep patriot, little to no issues in 6 years.

Sometimes it takes a few second to kick into gear when hitting the gas. Also the ac/heat is really inconsistent it feels like it is either nothing, or full blast. Other than that I have no issues. Drives well, comfortable, spacious, no regular issues.

- Michelle C

Looks nice and has some nice features, but I wish I had gotten something else.

I like the that it has heated seats and remote start. I dislike the 4 cylinder engine and the fact that it has no power. I also dislike the fact that there is a delay when you hit the gas and the time it takes to go, seems dangerous to me.

- Tiffany M

It holds up to Jeep expectations but isn't as roomy as other vehicles.

I have barely had any issues with this vehicle. I've owned it for 5 years and it is just now needing new small parts. The only thing I dislike about this car is the size. It is not as roomy as I'd like for being a mom with 2 kids.

- Rachael P

It's more top heavy than it seems.

I love how big it feels while not being too heavy and easy to park. I think it beautiful and it makes me feel powerful. It's easy to use and understands and it drives very smoothly. As a young adult I love the look of the car.

- Mariana S

That the car has a really bad blind spot on the back left side of the drivers side window. It is really hard to see oncoming cars and spooks me

It is really good but the only problem is that the car never vroom vrooms fast enough. The problem with this is that the car will never be fast and furious and that is what I wanted. I wanted fast fast car not slow slow car.

- Tyler M

Great 4wd option for a family vehicle that still does great on gas options.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and does ok in the snow/ice. I dislike that it is not a Wrangler but a Wrangler is not practical for my family right now. The extra storage in the back behind the back seat is nice as well.

- emily s

It is a great family vehicle.

I love the size. It is so much more roomier than when I had a 4-door car. I can haul more items and I feel so much more comfortable. I have no complaints at this time and we just passed over 80,000 miles.

- Tanya H

All in one, amazing vehicle for storage, and easy commuter.

Recall notice, but service to repair is amazing. It is comfortable and provides a smooth ride. There a bunch of bells and whistles, from storage space, rider capacity, 4 wheel drive, and heated seats.

- Kacey Q

It is safe var to drive in the mountains or on busy freeways.

It is the perfect vehicle for me.It is compact but roomy.Lots of room for hauling people or packages.It is a dull color(black) I would of preferred a bright color such as a lot of the Jeep wranglers.

- Ronnie H

Jeep Patriot: Decent for size and money

Patriot is not great on gas, but is a convenient size and comfortable ride. Have experienced multiple odd defects, such as transmission garness wear. But have been repairable for reasonable cost.

- Amanda M

It's the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

I love the size; it is big enough to haul stuff when needed, but not so big that I feel like I am driving a tank around. It's a great vehicle, I just wish it had a backup camera, standard.

- Heather L

It is a reliable car with just the right amount of features that I need!

I like that the gas mileage is low for a small SUV. It is simple without crazy computerized electronics. I love my heated seats on the winter! And of course the 4 wheel drive feature.

- Sarah B

Perfect for a small family.

Overall I love my Jeep. It's big enough for our family of four, including two car seats and a stroller. My only real complaint is that it's a 4 cylinder and has not get-up and go.

- Audra T

It has a few known issues that you will need to be aware of, the sensor valve goes out frequently

It is the basic model, which means nothing special. I don't like the way the seats feel, because they are difficult to adjust. The Jeep seems to be okay, but nothing special.

- Patricia M

Remote start is included.

No problems beside normal wear and tear. Reliable for everyday commuting to and from work. Comfortable and spacious enough. Satellite and radio, as well as Bluetooth features.

- Mer B

This vehicle has been incredibly unreliable personally. I was told when i purchased it that there was a larger engine than normal, but I recently had the car looked at and it's a normal sized engine. I've had two transmissions, a brake replacement, throttle body replacement, and still a constant high-pitched noise within the past 3 years. While it is a perfect size I have put a lot of money into it on just repairs.

There are definitely better and more reliable SUVs out there. I think people choose Jeep based on brand recognition, but cars like Toyota and Honda are way more reliable.

- Molly A

It is reliable and decent on gas.

I love my Jeep patriot. It is amazing in the snow and in rain. It is very strong I have been in one accident and my car has no damage to it and it is a good car.

- Nina C

It drives smoothly and also has good gas mileage. The tent makes it cooler.

I love how smoothly it drives. I also love heated seats in the winter. When I am able to start my car before getting in, makes it satisfyingly warm already.

- Wright W

It has a lot of minor issues regularly and it's small for an SUV

I like that it's an SUV with headroom and room for other passengers, however I can't carry much cargo and a lot of the components of the vehicle seem cheap.

- Ryan W

The gas ratio for mileage on this vehicle is great.

My vehicle is very reliable, good on gas & very easy to maneuver. Between the large cargo area & roof racks, I can haul more with it then a minivan.

- Matt C

It is not safe. Save your money and spend it on a more reliable vehicle

My patriot has been a lemon and money hog from day 1. Was just on the shop for 14 months. Window/door has also caught on fire 3 years ago. Not safe!

- Hannah R

It is reliable and runs well.

It is a reliable car. It runs well and has needed very little maintenance. Some of the plastic pieces on the inside of the vehicle have broken off.

- Melinda H

Gets great mileage. Has a lot of room for riders and bags.

I like the 4wd and the interior trunk space. I dislike how its starting fall apart piece by piece. Parts are reasonably priced. Labor is expensive.

- Dana R

I really love the way it drives and love the color.

I love the way it drives. It is very comfortable. It has lots of room for groceries. I don't like that there has been a recall for faulty airbag.

- Donna H

GREAT value for the price I had paid for it.

I love my Jeep Cherokee, if offers a great, and comfortable ride. smooth as butter! But the only downside I have are the blind spots in the back.

- Adam H

it is smooth driving and does not hesitate when you give it gas.

It is a small vehicle. It is easy to drive and very easy to park.I can have 4 passengers and still have room for groceries .It is perfect for me

- Edna P

It's basic, doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it had everything we were looking for when we bought it.

It's roomy, and has space to haul things, Decent gas mileage. 4WD, which I like for winter. It's a bit noisy, which makes me nervous sometimes.

- Crystal T

jeep is a great vehicle, i like better than any kind of car.

runs great, the only problem i had so far is that i had to have a new transmission. real great in winter season, i love the way it performs.

- beverly c

It hasn't had any trouble with it so far.It's a good, basic, utilitarian vehicle.

Like the look and size-not too big for an SUV. The gas mileage is ok. Wish the seats were more comfortable and that it cornered better,

- Sydna B

That I feel safe in it and that it's very reliable.

It is very comfortable to ride in. I like that it has power for a 4 cylinder. Goes great in all kinds of weather. I really like it.

- Jeffrey T

Has phone charging capability.

It drives well and easy to handle. Has low gas usage. Is comfortable and storage space is good. A little bigger would be nice.

- Pamela C

It has a towing hitch package, a touch screen radio.

There are no problems it is a great car it is not to big but not to small. I absolutely love it. Also had great gas mileage.

- Chelsea S

Heated seats are awesome.

I like the leather seats and they are heated. Awesome sunroof which I love. I do not like that there is not a lot of power.

- Charlotte L

It is versatile and rugged.

I love that it is rugged and versatile. The gas mileage is a problem for me though. It is not ideal for in town driving.

- Katrina L

Transmission fluid overheat

It's transmission fluid overheats on long drives a lot which after doing research is a very common thing with ALL jeeps

- Toni C

Can hold up in a car accident. Plenty of leg room and storage.

I love the i high up I was from the road and that it is not a super long suv. Easy to drive and park. Plant of storage

- Shawna L

Dependable and trustworthy vehicle with decent gas mileage for a small SUV

It's been a super dependable car. Great for long drives. I dislike that it is not long enough to sleep in the back.

- Emily M

It is a real Jeep and can go where I want it to.

I like the styling, it looks like a Jeep. I like the cargo space . I like the way it drives anywhere I want to go.

- James C

Gets good gas mileage. Very cheap to fill up. Economical.

Jeep is very reliable. Good gas mileage. Kind of built on the cheap. Can't charge cell phone when ignition is off.

- Donald S

Transmission problems. But it is a good size.

Transmission problems. Seat Belt problems. I like the size and comfort. Blind spots are weird. I like the radio.

- Alicia K

It has multiple blind spots.

This vehicle plenty of cargo space. It, unfortunately has multiple blind spots, poor pick up, poor gas mileage.

- Tina M

Don't drive fast around curves for fear of tipping.

I like Jeep vehicles, they drive well in the snow. I wish I would have bought one with more bells and whistles.

- Bobbi J

Being four cylinder it does not have a fast pickup

Car work okay till recently motor had to be replaced, now it is the transmission. And the alternator went out

- Eileen H

Great on gas can get about 28 miles to the gallon and the price tag on the jeep is less than Twenty-five Thousand

I like my jeep because it is good on gas . .I wish it was a little roomier but overall i have no complaints

- Brenda e

The most important thing is reliable

I like my patriot because is reliable. Soon I will pay off. In the time I have it didn't have many recalls.

- ney L

2013 jeep patriot gray with black interior

I have had nothing but problems, since getting this vehicle. The latest being my CVT transmission went out.

- Melanie D

It is a reliable vehicle that drives well.

I like the size of my Jeep. I dislike that it does not have a backup camera. My Jeep handles well in snow.

- Kim V

great gas mileage with dependability and comfort..

good gas mileage, very roomy yet compact vehicle. no issues to report, very reliable and great vehicle

- Pamela W

I love my car. I wish it had Bluetooth capability and built in navigation.

I currently own my Jeep Patriot. It is great to drive when the weather is in terrible conditions.

- Dee G

It gets you from point a to point b and gives you very little issues.

I like that it's small. Easy for me to load an unload. Perfect amount of space.

- Oluyemisi T

That it is a good quality car it get good gas mileage and a very rugged car

I like everything about it except the loss of power on take off

- Grumpy S

It's fun to drive and meets all of the needs my family has

Size, style, gas mileage. No complaints. I love it.

- Heather T