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2015 jeep patriot sport review.

Check engine light seems to be coming on quite often. After I took it in and had the service check it the gas cap needed to be changed out. I was told it happens when the cap just wears out, although the vehicle was only 2 years old. I have never had to have one replaced on any of my previous vehicles. The vehicle is great in 4 wheel drive in the snow. I have a very steep driveway and had no problems getting up even when it was covered in ice. The two things I am not happy with is that there does not seem to be enough power when speeding up to pass for instance, and stays at a high rpm for to long before winding down. As the vehicle is a 6 speed, but also automatic, it pops into manual position every so often when I have it in automatic! . So far it has been a very reliable vehicle, starts great even at -20. As far as comfort and features go, the driver's seat is a bit low for me (I am 5'5') and use a small pillow for extra height. There is plenty of room and the back seats fold forward. There are no extra or special features as bluetooth or seat adjustments, but I guess this was just the standard version which I didn't realize and was a bit disappointed for the price I paid.

- Patricia C

My grey slate 2015 Jeep Patriot should be colored brown for all the problems it has....

My vehicle has been okay. The gas mileage is surprisingly high for a small SUV type vehicle. However, I have had a copious amount of mechanical problems with this vehicle. Being a V6, it has never had the power to run the AC and not make the engine feel like it is dying out. I have had issues with the low tire pressure light since I purchased it, brand new. I had it die on me twice; once in a parking lot and once driving on the interstate for no apparent reason other than it wanted to. Also after the first year, I could no longer switch the vehicle from hot to cold air without it giving me a headache full of problems. But, as I said, the gas mileage is great...

- Mary R

The ultimate jeep experience.

The jeep patriot is a stylish small SUV. This vehicle is great for single moms with 2 or 3 children. The hatch back is convenient for groceries and other household items. It is also push to start perfect for warming the car up during the winter. The jeep is equipped with the 4 wheel driving feature which is also a great way to battle severe winter conditions. On the inside the jeep has XM commercial free satellite radio complete with up to 500 channels. The jeep is easy to maintain and easy to clean and a gas saver. Most customers say they have saved over 2500 dollars in gas per year just by switching to the 2015 jeep patriot.


The ultimate jeep experience.

The jeep patriot is a stylish small SUV. This vehicle is great for single moms with 2 or 3 children. The hatch back is convenient for groceries and other household items. It is also push to start perfect for warming the car up during the winter. The jeep is equipped with the 4 wheel driving feature which is also a great way to battle severe winter conditions. On the inside the jeep has XM commercial free satellite radio complete with up to 500 channels. The jeep is easy to maintain and easy to clean and a gas saver. Most customers say they have saved over 2500 dollars in gas per year just by switching to the 2015 jeep patriot.

- Alize

Great, Spacious Road Trip Vehicle

I drive on a daily basis and regularly take road trips. This vehicle has proven to be a great investment. There have been some maintenance issues over the years, but I worked with the dealership to have the cost covered. The vehicle is comfortable and spacious, without being too big. It has 4 wheel drive and does great in the snow. The truck has plenty of room for storing items, and adding items after shopping. The only issue I regularly have with the vehicle is that it is a rough ride. But, that is the nature of Jeeps so I suppose this is often assumed.

- Maryanne B

Small, full of extras like heated seats and remote starter.

The Jeep Patriot drives smooth and has plenty of features such as heated seats, DVD players, iPhone adapter, power outlet, Bluetooth , and touch screen to name a few. I like this vehicle but now that I have two kids I wish I would have gone a little bigger. With two car seats in the back the driver and passenger seats need to be pushed up a little to make room for them. Also I could use more room in the hatch for toting around everything two little kids need. I like the Jeep but would have choose another vehicle if I would have planned a little better.

- Leah B

Lives up to the great reviews and then some!'.

I love my 2015 jeep patriot high altitude. I suggest buying the higher trim level of this jeep model (you will not be disappointed! Plenty of room with fold down rear seating that almost folds completely flat making for great cargo capacity. Nice smooth refined ride on the highway, handles rough roads like a champ and is great in the snow. Nice sound system. Plenty of power out of this four cylinder engine for passing and whatever else you may need some get and go for. Very comfortable with fully adjustable power seats and tilt steering.

- Richard B

My new Jeep patriot that's so awesome you'll going to love it much as I do.

It smooth when you drive no worries on slippery area. Fast car which I really loved then tall and the interior design is really nice. Good components especially I like to play music when I drive and I can connect my phone using Bluetooth and when someone call me while I am driving I can answer it and talk to them. I loved the color too and big space then the trunk I great all the stuff we buy in the grocery store we can put all of it in the back. The aircon and heater works perfect that people most needed now cause it's getting colder.

- Larry W

Jeep Patriot latitude review.

The Jeep Patriot latitude has been a very reliable car for me. My commute to work is very short, only about 15 minutes each way. It has many desirable features such as power windows, Bluetooth compatibility, and Sirius XM radio. It is fairly low maintenance, mostly just requiring regular synthetic oil changes approximately every 5, 000 miles. My biggest complaint about the Jeep Patriot would be gas mileage; although it is better than some of the other Jeep models, I do wish it was a bit better on gas.

- April S

Great simplistic adventure vehicle. Just a bit small.

I really enjoy the simplicity of it. I do wish that it had built in Bluetooth. By simplicity I mean that I enjoy the buttons and knobs versus touchscreens. I do find that it is a bit small for my growing family. We are taller people. (I am 5'8") and I cannot put a car seat behind me or I drive knees to the dash. Not a big deal as I rarely have passengers, but they complain that they cannot adjust the seat. Also, the cargo area could be bigger for all my gear as I am an adventurous person.

- Jennifer S

Best bang for the buck for sure.

It is a great basic car. I bought it brand new and have had no mechanical problems at all. We've taken it on long distance road trips, up mountains loaded down with luggage and camping gear with no problems, and it is my daily driver. There are no special features like back up cameras or Bluetooth radios but I didn't need those things. For a brand new vehicle that has been so reliable, the sale price couldn’t be beat. I would suggest this vehicle to anyone.

- Amanda R

Just what the doctor ordered!

We've had our Jeep patriot since new in 2015. I have used it to move, used it for a runaround town car, and totally trust my wife in this vehicle. It is front wheel drive, which is perfect for Chicago winters, handles easily, and in the three plus years we have driven it, the only major service we have needed done is new brakes. We do a lot of stop and go type driving. All in all, I will most likely trade this Jeep in for another when the time comes!

- Mark M

One of the best vehicles for traveling. Plenty of room for baggage.

We bought this car new in 2015. It has been the most reliable car we've ever owned. It has 4 wheel drive which in Indiana comes in great in the winter. It also has adjustable seats, mirrors. The seats are very comfortable as you can sit back and relax if you are just a passenger. The mirrors are great and the trunk is huge. We've traveled many times in the car even with our dogs because they have plenty of room in the back.

- Elaine G

Love my 2016 Jeep patriot 10 out of 10 recommend.

My car is an amazing car. It is very comfortable and drives very smoothly unlike other models of Jeep s. I bought my car brand new at a decent price from a dealer. The color of my 2016 Jeep patriot is red. I have a basic model so it does not not have a navigation screen but it is not really needed considering I use the navigation on my phone. The radio and the speakers work great in the car. I highly recommend this car!

- Haley H

I love my Jeep, however there is just one thing. . .

Its comfortable, fits large teenagers in the back. However interior paint on the console peeled off after only a few months. The trunk has a ton of space so it is great to take on family vacations. I love the adjustable backrests in the back, it allows for me to fit larger items in the trunk if need be. One of my favorite features is the AUX cord in the front. It's a great way to keep kids from fidgeting with the radio.

- Alex V

Nothing too flashy, but very reliable. Just like a old school Jeep.

I personally have not come across performance issues or mechanical problems of any kind. The vehicle performs exceptionally well in rainy and snow conditions, despite it not having a 4 wheel drive option. The trunk space and driver comfortability is decent, but there are no real special attributes (ex. Sunroof, Bluetooth capability, etc. ) But those features were overlooked for it is reliability and convenience.

- Adam M

My Jeep Patriot is cool, comfy, and reliable.

I have really enjoyed my experience with my Jeep Patriot. It has been an extremely reliable car and I have had no major issues with it while owning it this past year and a half. It drives really well and smoothly and it is a physically comfortable vehicle to drive in and my passengers say the same. The trunk has lots of room and I am able to transport larger objects because the rear seats folding easily.

- Grace F

Life's short and so are the life of tires.

To replace the tires the price is way too high for some people and you can't buy one only tire even if that's all you need you have to buy all four brand new tires, and it could cost anywhere from $700-$1000 to replace them. On top of the tires go flat and blow out way to quick and it forces you to pay the high cost to replace all tires or you won't have a vehicle to drive if you only have on vehicle.

- Delilah P

It's a great vehicle to have in the winter time.

I like it visually, which is why I initially considered it to begin with. I like how it handles in less than pleasant weather, especially during the winter. I also really like the interior. It's roomy and has a real clean, classy look to it. If there were any thing I'd change, it would be the gas mileage. It's not terrible, especially for its size, but I wish it were better so I spent less on gas.

- Anthony S

Plenty of room for packing for outdoor activities.

This vehicle is wonderful for a person who loves to do outdoor activities but not have a huge vehicle. It's a small SUV but the back seats lie down to give tons of space to pack. I put racks on the top to carry two kayaks. It fits all of my stuff when we go for an entire day outdoors with two dogs. If only it was a little bit bigger for long camping trips it would be perfect for me.

- Katie B

2015 jeep patriot latitude edition. Awesome fun vehicle.

This vehicle has slow take off especially when pulling into traffic on the interstate. The covers over the seat mechanisms on both the driver and passenger front seats pop off. There isn't enough outlets to plug electronics up to. The back seat isn't adjustable. This vehicle gets good gas mileage (25 mpg) and has very bright headlights. Overall I am very happy with this car.

- Sara G

Great vehicle for hauling, but smaller for a nervous driver!

I love my Jeep patriot, they way that it is a smaller sized SUV, but then you lay the seats completely down and it turns into a really nice hauling vehicle! The seats are very comfortable and nice for long car rides, the engine is great and the 4 wheel drive is a bonus. The only downfall that I see is having children the car seats take up a lot of the back seat space.

- Megan F

I feel safe in it. It has good control.

It's roomy enough for what I need. However, I hate that there is so little storage inside. For example, there is a big open space where the glove compartment would be...yet they could easily put a typical compartment so I could hide my things...instead I'm stuck leaving it looking crappy for all to see, plus for the items to fall when taking turns. It's so annoying

- Jennifer H J

Patriot, small enough to fit, but big enough to get that SUV feeling.

I gave Jeep patriot a 4 out of 5 rating. I have had the Jeep for a few years and have had no major mechanical problems. It is just the right size to give you comfort. The patriot allows you to fit in most tight spaces that you would not get into with a larger SUV. The down to the patriot that it does not accelerate as fast as I would like when merging onto highway.

- Jeremy B

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

My jeep patriot has never let me down. Because she is so good to me, I am getting her some new tires. Got the rear wheels replaced a couple of weeks ago. Next week I am replacing the front tires. However, I do have an area of concern. The brakes have been squeaking since the day I drove it off the lot. Had them checked but mechanics said they were fine.

- Braun H

Decent car, good for someone looking for the basics!

My car is very comfortable, nice and easy to clean seats. The speaker system at its most basic level is actually very impressive and easy to use. Ac and heat are slow working and not great, but I have the most basic model so it is probably my fault. Lots of space and ability to put down seats to make even more room. Good for road trips, great mileage.

- Angelica V

My amazing 2015 Jeep Patriot.

My 2015 Jeep Patriot has been very reliable from the start! It has not given me any problems, my Jeep drives very smoothly, but it also can take a punch when needed! I absolutely love my Jeep! I am a women who is always out and about so to have such a reliable vehicle like my Jeep Patriot is a huge must for me. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle!

- Mariana T

My option feature of telling with light and beeps of a problem arises.

It is very reliable good on gas bout 26 to 28 per gallon gas with the bigger engine 2. 4 l auto with air. It is not 4 wheel but does well on snow nice size cargo area would buy again the down side to it is a little slow on take off does a lot of shifting to moving but once it is up to speed is fine and has good power to pass or getting in traffic.

- Robert W

The most important thing for others to know about my car is that is looks good and that I look happy driving it.

I mostly like my Patriot, it rides very nice and is easy to drive. There is plenty of room for passengers and you can carry a lot of cargo. The only problem is with the windshield, it is at a bad angle and can be hard to see traffic lights when stopped at one, also the rear view mirror is in a location that blocks your view going around curves.

- r w

The durability of the modern Jeep.

I like that the Jeep patriot feels durable and reliable. It has a lot of modern comforts for a Jeep - a car that stands the test of time - including the Sirius radio and car seat warmers. The interior is nice, too. Sometimes, it feels a little too durable though - it is bumpy and not too smooth -but that is what you get when you drive a Jeep!

- Jenny B

2015 Jeep patriot -- manual windows and locks.

The car is great. I love the throwback feel of the manual windows. It has been very reliable so far, I have yet to run into any issues. It is super comfortable to drive. There are no blind spots and the car is super compact which helps ease my nerves while driving. I love that it has an AUX cord and also has manual windows, really neat feel.

- Abby O

4 Wheel drive function of the vehicle. I feel safe when driving in the snow.

My Jeep Patriot is a very reliable vehicle. It drives very smoothly. I feel safe in all weather. It is dependable. I have not really had any issues with my vehicle in the last 3 years I have had it. I like the fact that I can take the seats out and carry items in the back like a truck. My passengers feel very comfortable in my Jeep as well.

- Robin C

Driving a Jeep is an honor to it is creation and manufacturing.

No problems. Very solid. Performance and handling are terrific. It is always reliable. I feel very safe driving the Jeep. Highway driving is smooth and can easily maneuver around as needed. It is easy to park and the view while sitting in the driver's seat is clear. Easy to clean the interior. The leather has outstanding lasting quality.

- Carrie T

The perfect SUV for my lifestyle- jeep patriot.

I love that it is a boxer style car. It is comfy and the perfect size and fit for my lifestyle. It is a simple SUV. I used to have a liberty which felt bigger and more like a luxury version of this make. I do not have any problems yet. It accelerates well. Breaks easy. It has heated seats and Bluetooth. Basically everything I wanted.

- Erika M

Jeep Patriot, a true testament to civilized outdoorsy city people.

It has great gas mileage. I have taken it on many road trips with my son a ross American. I do like it but it's not like a normal Jeep you see it's like a city version of something that they wanted to be tougher. They didn't succeed. I hit a curb a d I had barely scraped the curb bit it broke the rom. And knocked off the alignment.

- Ricky M

I love the 4-wheel drive it makes me feel very safe.

My vehicle performs well but it is boring. It is basic. The 4 wheel drive is amazing though. I do love the leather seats in my vehicle, they heat wonderfully in the summer. The vehicle is also very easy to park due to it being so small. I get decent gas mileage and can use this vehicle for family drives, soccer games etc..

- Lauren F

Nice, but space is limited!

I like my car overall. It is reliable, efficient on gas, and rides good. The only thing I do not like about the car is it is a small, compact car so space is limited if you have kids. When you think of an SUV you think of space, and this car/SUV is very small. I wouldn't recommend for families with more than 2 kids.

- Sally S

Heated seats for winter comfort.

I love my Jeep . It offers comfort and design. My favorite parts about it is the radio options and the fact that it offers heated seats which are very useful in those really cold winters. I will say the brakes are very touchy and it is not the easiest on gas mileage. I have definitely had cars that use much less.

- Nicole N

Jeeps have always been good SUVs.

Not good on gas, needs to be build with a bigger engine to carry body of SUV. It is a good reliable car never had any problems out of it. Jeep has always been good vehicles but I think this one needs more done like bigger engine so SUV does not have such a hard time going up hills and mountains sucking down gas.

- Margaret M

The jeep patriot is very spacious and very family-oriented.

The jeep is family friendly and very spacious. Great for going off road and to drive around the city. It is a reliable car. Just maintain it and it will last for a long time. It does really good on gas and it is 12 gallons for a 4 cylinder. There are many colors you can get the car from white to olive green.

- Michelle S

Safe, reliable, efficient.

It's always had a noise in the shocks but otherwise no issues whatsoever. I have had a few accidents involving deer with my Jeep, I was never harmed. It has always been a safe reliable vehicle when I need it. I am excited to be able to have this car when my first child is born because I know he will be safe.

- Crystal N

Comfortable family vehicle.

It is a comfortable vehicle. It drives smooth and handles well. I live in an area where it snows and it handles the snow really well. It get decent fuel mileage and is a very reliable vehicle for commuting almost anywhere you can think of. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Great little family car.

- John S

Have thousands of dollars put away because servicing for the car is frequent.

The brakes on the car are not great. The moment I bought the car it has made noises when reversing. There is often a lot of issues with the car that makes it have to get serviced often. The tires especially are not well made. Other than frequent issues I like the overall style and the way the car drives.

- Kayla C

Reliable but minor issues with my vehicle.

My vehicle is really reliable, the only issues I have had is the seat adjustment levers, broke on both driver and passenger sides of the front seat within a year of purchasing the vehicle. And I also wish that the model had a gas mileage gauge. But other than those two things, I have has no other issues.

- Bird T

Love the Bluetooth capabilities.

I love my Jeep! It is great for living in Colorado, as I off-road occasionally. I love the 4WD feature and the fact that when I shift into a lower gear, it automatically shifts to the appropriate lower gear from there. The seats are comfy and heated, and the sunroof makes mountain drives very pleasant.

- Gina W

Awesome vehicle, very comfortable.

The Jeep is very comfortable and has heated seats. Also has an actual outlet on the center console which is convenient if you lose/forget your car charger. It has Bluetooth, do not need to even look at your phone while driving. It has good gas mileage. Does well on rough roads and also on big rocks.

- Sarah M

Brakes are bad but the space is amazing.

Brakes are bad, brakes have been screeching since the time at purchase, windows crack easily. The color and interior is nice. The truck space is amazing. The car has a sunroof, the space in the middle area is a plus, the gas lasts for a long time, its good for road tripping because of the space.

- Carmen S

My vehicle is a very fun and reliable automobile that you can have!

One thing that I have noticed with my current car and my last car (which are both jeep's) is that the breaks often tend to be a little squeaky. I have changed the brake pads but they still do the same thing so I am not sure. But I thinks that's all I can think of that I would change with my car.

- Trinity B

My vehicle is a workhorse.

The vehicle has good gas mileage, is durable and only has a problem with its rear differential. I drive for work and have had no problems handling the vehicle. The drive train has not developed any problems and the engine as well. I stick to the 3000 mile oil change and have not had any issues.

- Victor T

Jeep Patriot - painfully average.

I do really like my Patriot. It looks great on the inside and outside. The gas mileage is not what I would hope and I have had quite a few issues with various things. The payment is higher than I prefer to have and does not always seem worth it. I do appreciate the Jeep service centers though.

- Faith M

Safe and reliable minimalistic vehicle.

I love the simplicity of this car. It does not have too many extra features or buttons; just exactly what I need to drive safely and comfortably. It is easy to drive and I feel safe getting around town with my two small children who both fit comfortably in the back seat with their car seats.

- Brittanie H

Dependable vehicle for single mom.

Have had issues with tire pressure sensor lighting up but for no reason. Very dependable, smooth ride, good winter car, have had no major issues mostly just normal upkeep. Will definitely look into getting another Jeep when I purchase another car but that will be a long time in the future.

- Rachel E

Looks tough and rides smoothly.

I love my Jeep Patriot. It rides very smoothly. It is also very roomy in the trunk and back seat. I can put a lot of things back there. I also really like the look of the Jeep. It is boxy and looks like the old Chevy blazer that I used to drive, but they no longer manufacture that model.

- Zoe O

Excellent drivability in the harsh mid-western winters. I arrive at my destination safely, without drama.

The interior organization, size, and proportions are a good fit for my wife and me. The mechanical aspects of the vehicle have been excellent - routine maintenance. I have been especially pleased with the consistently good gas mileage. I expect to retain this vehicle for years to come.

- Brian G

I love the storage space!

The brakes are so great, they are not too touchy. It has Bluetooth. It has lots of trunk space. It is really comfortable to drive. It can go over curbs. The gas is not too bad. It obviously is pretty tipsy though because of the design. I love all the storage also. Totally recommend!

- Sarah T

It is roomy but it is not a very smooth ride.

My vehicle is not a smooth ride at all. It is very bumpy and tends to jump around the road easily. I also am not that impressed with the sound quality of my speakers. I do like the style of my vehicle, I like the way the patriot is designed. I also like that I have a lot of room.

- Chas S

It is a good quality vehicle.

I do not like how there is not any new features in a newer model vehicle. It does not have Bluetooth, touch screen, or back up cam. It is very reliable and fits five people comfortably. It has a nice size trunk area. It drives good and I haven't had any performance issues.

- Lauren B

Jeep patriot review - 2019.

It shakes quite a bit when taking off from stopped position. The transmission went out after owning it for 3 days. I like the space, and the features. Overall it is a very good vehicle and family vehicle to own. I would recommend this vehicle to individuals in the future.

- Megan L

The good and the bad patriot.

I like many aspect of the patriot except that it does not have automatic seats. It is very difficult for me to adjust the seat for driving. The other aspects of the car, electric windows, mileage and general comfort are all good. I would recommend the car for most people.

- Christine G

It is a great family car but also has the versatility for other uses.

I appreciate the four-wheel drive aspect of my Jeep Patriot. There is enough room for a car seat in the back seat for our child and it leaves okay leg space in the front seat still. We like the size and gas mileage. I wish that there was a bit more storage room though.

- Trista O

The four wheel drive feature allows a smooth ride in any weather conditions.

Great vehicle! It is a good sized car with roomy backseat and trunk space. Totally satisfied with its performance and gas mileage in the year I have had it! The four wheel drive works great and an easy drive in the snow. And the best part is very minimal blind spots.

- Abby C

off-road feature is amazing, and very low maintenance.

I was hesitant about buying a Jeep , however after reading the reviews I buckled in and got one. I absolutely love it! Its low maintenance and runs smoothly. Was an great for our family trip also got to use the off-road feature when we traveled to the coast. 10/10.

- Crystal S

I love my 2015 Jeep patriot.

I love the size of my SUV. It is perfect for a small family. It is great on gas. Easy to maintain. It has a great radio system. I love the lights on my cup holders. I love that it is affordable. My monthly payment is a big reason why I chose my 2015 Jeep patriot.

- Angela G

Gunmetal gray 2015 Jeep patriot.

I have always loved Jeeps. Now, as I am getting older, the ride is rather bumpy. And loud, which makes conversation difficult at times. I still love it though. I don't much care for the newer Jeeps. They do not look like Jeeps, and are uncomfortable to ride in.

- Kathleen C

It is a reasonable SUV that offers comfortable transportation.

My 2015 Jeep patriot is a nice enough SUV. Decent fuel economy, fairly comfortable, and reliable. However, engine power leaves something to be desired in my 2. 4l 4-cylinder 5-speed. Tire pressure monitor went bad just outside warranty, but otherwise no issues.

- Sheldon Q

Small and efficient. A great daily driver.

I needed a four wheel drive vehicle that also got good gas mileage. This vehicle is just what I was looking for. It is small enough to be easy to drive and I feel comfortable driving it and it is also safe to drive in the winter because it is four wheel drive.

- Jamie G

Very comfortable and economic.

Since that I have the jeep, patriot of 2015 year. I do not have mechanical issues. Just I need to make maintenance car. As per example to review the motor oil, brake oil, batteries and sensors. I loved my car because so it is very comfortable and economic gas.

- Margarita R

My patriot is a 2015 and it is been great so far other than the squeaky brakes.

I love my patriot! The only issue I have had other it are squeaky brakes. I have been to the dealership multiple times to get my nose fixed and they say they fixed it, but the issue still occurs. Very obnoxious sound. Other than that it is a great car so far.

- Francisca L

Leather interior makes it is clean and looking good.

My 2015 Jeep patriot is a really reliable car. Its does great on gas miles it is a very economical car! I love the leather interior and my touch screen radio. It is a small car but very specious. I love driving my car and I am proud to be in the Jeep family.

- Amy L

Great deal the Jeep patriot.

My Jeep is great on gas mileage, there is enough power for the everyday driver. There is good control of corners and has enough room to travel with dogs, furniture, luggage, and multiple people. I bought like new and have had no mechanical problems so far.

- Samantha W

jeep patriot great for traveling off road

i love my car for traveling when its in an off road it works great love the 4x4. the only issues would be back seats are too small as my family is tall I have 3 girls that dont like the space in back and also would love the back to have extra vents for ac.

- Maribelle E

Jeep patriot nice vehicle for the price.

No problems with my Jeep. The interior could be made of better material other than plastic. Most of the plastic material around the seats have broken. Other than that, we have enjoyed our Jeep patriot. It's even held up well with a teenage boy driving it.

- Cheryl M

Love living the Jeep life. Boyfriend made a good call.

Everything about it is amazing. Runs smooth. Bluetooth is on point. Let's me know who's calling or texting as they are in my contacts. The touchscreen is super handy. Plus plays DVDs? Only complaint is my gas mileage. Otherwise super awesome.

- Sam C

Great for storage! Plenty of room for the family!

I love my vehicle because it has plenty of space, is great on gas, and overall is just a good quality car. The only thing I dislike is that the car is pretty loud (as are most jeeps) and the bluetooth radio is not very user-friendly.

- Jo j

Not a race car! It's pretty slow to get going but once it does it's a great family vehicle.

Small inside. The acceleration is terrible, it takes to long to get up to a acceptable speed ( especially when merging on freeway). I like the exterior-body style and the amenities inside (power locks windows and steering controls).

- Krystal S

It's safety and durability. I was in a minor accident in which the car in front of me stopped abruptly. My car was barely damaged and there were no injuries.

I like the size and functionality of my Jeep. I noticed a loud noise a while back and when I took it to the tire store to purchase new tires I told them about the noise which was identified as a ball bearing that needed to be fixed

- Carol B

Jeep Patriot-Great family car, gas mileage!

It is a reliable form of transportation. Suitable for family with 3 small children or 2 teenagers. The only issue I have had is the lever on the front seat has fallen off and will not stay on. The gas mileage is very good also.

- Becky F

That it handles the road very well in snowy conditions and gets decent miles per gallon.

I like the style, size, and performance, especially in poor weather conditions. I also like the price, which I find very reasonable. The resale value of Jeep's is also a bonus. There is really nothing I dislike about my Jeep.

- Ryan A

It is comfortable and roomy. Plenty of room for car seats in the back.

I love this vehicle, I can't really think of any negatives about it. It handles very well, has been very reliable. It is basic in its features: automatic window/door locks, xm satellite radio capable. Automatic transmission.

- Brianna L

It has some weird blind spots that took a little bit to get used to.

I wish my car had a heated steering wheel and automatic lights. I got the base model with the "premium" package so it was less expensive, but had the sunroof and other accessories the base model didn't come with.

- D P

Drives like a luxury car, without the luxury price tag.

The Jeep Patriot is the best car I have ever had. It drives like a dream, it makes me feel that I am in a luxury car, but it is affordable. It handles unbelievably well and has never broken down on me.

- Leigh J

RELIABLE, this car has never had any issues. Just normal vehicle upkeep and maintenance.

It has 4 wheel drive capabilities, interior is nice, the vehicle has good gas mileage and handles well. I do wish the back seat was larger, a car seat is a tight fit especially with added passengers.

- mariah c

Best car for college student always on the go

This vehicle is very reliable. I haven't had any problems since I bought it. The only con is the gas mileage on the highway because I love to travel and have to stop more than I would like to get gas.

- Rosetta T

U can travel Anywhere in this car smooth AC works good

Love my jeep patriot.I love to travel within family sperm we're on the road Ian's it rough terrain I have the option to use my 4X4. Just one pull overhead trivver and bam it's so cool I love it

- David T

I love the lighted cup holders in between the seats.

I do not like the power of the engine. I would purchase a stronger engine on my next purchase. I would also change the comfort of the seats. I have not had any vehicle problems as of yet.

- Lyn D

It gets great gas mileage and offers a seamless driving experience.

I love the style/appearance. I like that it drives so smoothly, that it is compact but a the same time offers a lot of room. I feel comfortable while I'm driving my car and I feel safe.

- Angie H

The Jeep is easy to drive and it is affordable on gas.

It is a good vehicle for what we needed at the time. It is affordable. I wish we would have gotten more options like power seats and I wish it had more room in the back for passengers.

- Megan R

The Patriot is smooth, sturdy, and reliable.

It rides smoothly over flawed roads. The seats are comfortable, and the steering/acceleration is easy. There aren't many new features. I like that the back seats fold down fully.

- Sierra W

Wonderful for a family of 4

Since buying our Jeep Patriot in 2017, we have had no problems. There is plenty of room for our 2 children with car seats, plus room in the "trunk" for a stroller and groceries.

- Jennifer P

Very good value. Long lasting. I love it

I dislike the fuel efficiency. It's perfect size for my kids and I. Low maintenance needed. I'm an avid Mopar lover. Very roomy as I travel a lot and has a lot of storage space.

- Cynthia A

It drives and rides like a jeep but looks way cooler, very innovative.

I love how it looks and how it handles on the road but I bought it brand new and it has had electrically problems since day 1. I will pay this vehicle off and then trade it in.

- sharon m

Jeep Patriot affordable SUV

I own a Jeep Patriot and it has been a reliable and comfortable vehicle for my family and I. It handle well and part time 4wd Drive is very helpful in our New England winters.

- Sharon R

It is a good quality vehicle. It is not horrible on gas

I like that it's not super big. I don't like that you can't raise the seat higher. I don't like that there is not a lot of storage. I don't like where they have the gear shift

- Ruben G

It does pretty well on gas mileage, and it is an ice smooth ride. They discontinued the Jeep Patriot in 2017 which was disappointing but it is a 4 wheel drive and does well in the woods.

It is white, it is an automatic. I like the way it rides, but it doesn't have in car navigation or XM radio. I like that it has the auxiliary cord feature and power windows.

- Jason L

That it is a convenient car that is also spacious.

I like that I can drive fast and still feel in control of the car. I like that I can plug in an AUX cord to play my music. I wish that sometimes it went louder than it does.

- Kelly C

Jeep patriots are very roomy and decent in price, I like the look and gas mileage is decent.

So far we have had no issues. Car works great. the plastic things on the inside feel slightly jeep, and the gas mileage is so-so, but other than that great, roomy vehicle.

- jenn M

Fun to drive with the sunroof

I love my jeep especially the sunroof. I like the adjustable seats and since I am short it adjusts easily for me to drive. The 4 wheel drive comes in handy for the snow.

- Leonora C

Jeep brands is great in the snow in Northern New England

It is exactly what I wanted. I love the Jeep brand. I have had nothing go wrong with any of my Jeep products. I wish I had purchased some upgrades, but that is on me.

- Michele C

Great stylish and powerful Jeep SUV.

My Jeep Patriot is sleek and stylish.It gets great gas mileage and still has a lot of power.Have had no issues with the vehicle since I bought it almost 3 years ago.

- jack c

Poor visibility poor headlights. The jeep patriot has poor visibility the lights don't shine bright enough in the dark

My vehicle is not great on gas gets poor mileage and it doesn't handle well with speeds over 65mph. I like that it has 4 wheel drive and goes very well in the snow.

- Robert M

This vehicle is very safe & comfortable.

My vehicle is very comfortable & accommodating not only to me, but my passengers as well. It is tech savvy & has outlets available. It is also very safe to drive.

- A M

It is dependable. There have been no mechanical problems with my car.

It has a nice ride. It is dependable and have not had to make any repairs. I do not feel comfortable driving it as I am used to a smaller car, which I prefer.

- lisa c

It is basic, no touch screen, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

I hate that my check engine light comes on about every other month. I dislike that my vents take a few minutes to start working. I dislike I cannot tow much.

- Stephanie T

I've always loved Jeeps, now I own one!

I bought my Patriot about 8 months ago and it's perfect for me and my 3 children. It's big enough to give us all space and small enough to not be a huge SUV.

- Kristina A

Great ride and great gas mileage.

I just love it. Great ride, auto locks perfect gas mileage. Plenty of room for a Jeep. I bought the car at 43, 000 miles. They had it in my favorite color.

- Sandy M

The most important thing is it is loud but fun.

I like the color, shape, and size. I wish the trunk space was bigger though. I have the 4x4 version and the engine idles pretty rough and loud sometimes.

- Christy A

My vehicle is dependable.

I love jeeps because they are dependable. I feel safer driving a 4 wheel drive. I love having leather heated seats in the winter. I have no complaints.

- susan N

Reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage. Four wheel drive. Sunroof, SiriusXM, comfortable seats, room for five people. Nice luggage rack and storage behind second row seats.

- Chris B

has every thing it is loaded comfortable heated seats safe for everyone

good size for my family we have two small children and their seats fit perfect and no squishing hass sunroof its fully loaded grey on grey I love it

- summer c

It is safe,dependable,reliable. You feel very safe in this vehicle.

Jeep patriot is a dependable, reliable vehicle. It has smooth ride and excellent handling. The interior is nice power locks. Excellent stock radio.

- Ryan G

Fun car to drive and handles well in all weather conditions

My Jeep Patriot is a fun car to drive. It handles well in all weather conditions. The thin I dislike about it is that tends to run a little rough

- Ann M

People should know that the transmissions on these vehicles are terrible.

I like that it is large, decent on gas. I strongly dislike that I have no power locks no power windows no 4 wheel drive. It is very inconvenient.

- Victoria Q

Save your money, it has not been worth a dime I have spent on the car.

It has no get up and go power. The transmission has very high ram's before shifting, during times you need the car to go(merging on the freeway).

- Dawn K

It has a relatively low cost for an above average car.

I like the small feel for an suv,yet it's big enough to move items that wouldn't fit in a normal sized car. I'm not too keen on the gas mileage.

- Hector Z

It has good space for multiple adults, gets good mileage, and feels big without being giant.

I love that it feels big, without being too big. I have a good amount of back storage, and space in the back row. Gas mileage is good as well.

- Christine D

Keep the oil changed regularly.

The back seats fold down, great for transporting extra cargo like surfboards, snowboards. Great for camping. Super reliable, no issues so far.

- Laurel Z

One thing everyone should know about my jeep is that it has tinted windows.

I like my jeep patriot because it is very good on gas. If i get the chance i would love to take it out to go off-roading. My jeep is durable.

- John P

It is a 4x4, not all wheel drive, I wish they still made true smaller SUV that were body on frame, not unibody like cars

simple, is a 4x4, has the true look of jeep. Not a lot of junk technology, looks rugged. Good in snow. Can not think of anything I don't like

- joyce a

It is good on gas and drives nicely.

I like the shape and look as it has a box-like shape. It was affordable and roomy. I just there was a bit more leg room for taller drivers.

- Tracy L

It is safe. . . Great family car.

It is dependable and reliable. Drives heavy which is great for snowy days. It is super safe and I have no worries about getting stranded.

- Marie O

Its does not save in gas.

Too much gas. Cosmetics breaking down. High mileage. Just want vehicle that saves in gas. Need a vehicle that does not use a lot of gas.

- Cynthia B

It is noisy, that can be distracting or annoying. It is a utilitarian vehicle.

Likes - it is roomy. Drives well. Good storage in the back hatch. Decent gas mileage. Dislikes - it is noisy. It is slower than I like.

- Jeanne M

It is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.

I love the Jeep family. I am working my way up to a wrangler. I love the height. Love it all and am going to stick with the Jeep brand.

- Louis J

Don't believe the reviews. It is a good vehicle with good features.

I love the size and gas mileage. I love that it has towing capacity. I love the features such as the sunroof and leather, heated seats.

- Ashley T

That the patriot runs very well.

Love gas mileage. The space it has. I do not like that I do not have a trailer hitch though. I like how the interior looks and works.

- Riley G

Jeeps are an American staple.

I like that my vehicle has 4 wheel drive. I like that my vehicle has off-road capability. I dislike the technology in the vehicle.

- Alex W

that it is pretty good on gas seeing that it is all wheel drive all the time

i love that it is all wheel drive and then also 4 wheel drive because i need it for i live seeing i live where i get a lot of snow

- kim s

It's the most amazing vehicle I have ever owned.

Totally reliable. Easy to drive. Sounds great. Comfortable feel. Smooth drive. Great on gas. Good sound system. doesn't drain oil.

- Sean B

Jeep Patriot general review

It like the way it handles as it has a really good turning radius and is really easy to handle. It also accelerates at a good pace

- Mitch L

Sheep's last forever! Like the Energizer bunny!

It feels safe, sturdy and reliable. It handles well, is 4 wheel drive and is good on gas. I like the visibility and heated seats.

- Laurel J

I love the way my Jeep Patriot handles the roads.

I love my Jeep Patriot it's very reliable and is a great SUV. Mileage is great on my Jeep Patriot. I would recommend this car.

- Gailk K

Great vehicle for my family

It's a great size vehicle for my family. We go camping a lot and can for all our gear in it. It's great on gas mileage too.

- Kathleen P

It is a comfortable truck I love it.

I love Jeep product and I dislike some of the sounds it makes when it shuts off. Other than that it is s great running truck.

- Harris L

It gets relatively good gas mileage.

I like the style of the car but it lacks a few of the features on our jeep liberty that I like, this includes power seats.

- Christine G

Rugged and comfortable small SUV.

I had a water pump go after 15000 miles and a major electrical glitch at 30000. As well as failing hinges on 3 of 4 doors.

- Michael M

It is big and spacious for families and their groceries.

I like the bigness of my car. It is gray and sleek. It is minimal and does not have a lot of gadgets, which I appreciate.

- Rosa P

It is one of the safest vehicles on the road.

It is an amazing SUV and I love it. It is never given me any problem, it has all the features you have in any other Jeep.

- Laura T

Very good for every day or off roading

I have no issues or problems with this model of Jeep. Love it because of the fuel efficiency and the ability to tow also

- Cathy L

I love the amazing air conditioner.

I like the color of the Jeep. I like that it is spacious. I dislike that it is 6 cylinders. I must pump gas continuously.

- Jasmin H

Nice car and very affordable.

Cute and stylish, roomy for a mid size SUV, and has comfy seats. doesn't do so well in heavy snow even though 4x4 is on.

- Tracy L

That this car is notorious for having problems with the racks under the car so be careful.

I like the size and how comfortable there is in the inside but I dislike all the problems this car has costed me so far.

- Eric M

Small SUV that meets the need.

Competent, sporty efficient Jeep. Is too narrow for my liking. Trunk space is great. Seating just seems a little tight.

- Jonathan D

The brakes are not good. The brakes have been screeching since I bought the car.

The brake pads screech since time of purchase. Wheels get flat often. It is comfortable to drive and sunroof is a plus.

- Carmen S

That it's fun to drive. I also feel safe when I'm driving my jeep especially in the winter.

I don't have any complaints about my Jeep. I like how easy it is to drive. It has room for all my groceries that I buy.

- Diana F

It is a great value. It is cheap for an SUV and has good gas mileage for an SUV.

I liked the cost for the low mileage. I also like that it is a SUV. I don't like that it doesn't have four wheel drive.

- Carter R

Drives easy and fun to drive.

Easy to drive, comfortable, roomy, simple reliable easy care automatic, lighting is good. Color is okay. Fun to drive.

- Ingrid G

It has more space than you would think

I like it because of Its dependability and space. I don't like the fact outs doesn't have automatic doors and windows

- Clare D

It is reliable and high enough so that slight flooding or snowfall is no problem.

It has speed control. I has a fold down back space so there is a lot of storage space. It could have better mileage.

- Anita S

Nissan Altima great family car.

I love my car and great on gas it has back up camera and it is a great family car and has a lot of safety features!!

- Ashley B

It is a well made and sturdy car without the hefty price tag.

I like the handling of the car and how smooth it drives. I dislike the stereo system and the gas mileage of the car.

- larry S

Its a 4 cylinder. Great on gas.

Great little family car. Good on gas. Has roof rack. Great for road trips. Motor mounts have been replaced already.

- Victoria H

That your car has great mileage.

I like my jeep because it has power. I am able to travel without having to keep putting in gas. Has great mileage.

- jessica K

Small but great for starting a small family. Good on gas

Very reliable. Drive well. Good on gas. Roomy. But still small. No access in the back. Great service at the dealer

- Kti D

Poor gas mileage handles poorly.

I like the 4 wheel drive in the winter. I do not like that it is hard on gas and does not handle well over 70mph.

- Robert M

Love the color red I got it in.

Horrible gas mileage, radio stopped working right after I got it. Tires are expensive. Trade in value is horrible

- Lindsey B

It was perfect for my 6 ft frame.

I love the size of the interior. I like how high it sits. It drives well. I wrecked it. . . Now I just miss it.

- Gary H

So far i have put 75K miles on it in 3 years and I have yet to have a single problem. It is very reliable

I like it for commuting due to gas mileage vs my old Cherokee and it still has room in it so I can go camping.

- Andrew B

Sporty, but lots of room for hauling stuff.

A little loud, rougher ride than I like. Very dependable sits high enough to see all around. Love the wheels!

- Jeanne C

This car has great gas mileage and four-wheel drive.

Great all-around car. Four-wheel drive, great gas mileage, satellite radio, nice comfortable interior seats.

- Hank A

It is a joy to drive and has a great turn radius.

I like the way it drives and handles. I also like the roominess of this vehicle. I would like if it had gps.

- Leonard S

It has had a few recalls. So if you need your vehicle constantly. Try to have another one on hand.

I like everything except that is supposed to be all-wheel drive. Yet, I sometimes have trouble in the snow.

- anthony p

Too expensive for the quality. Can get more from other brands.

The design is good. But some of the interior materials are cheap. The general power of the Jeep is lacking.

- Stacy D

The car is good for the price and is good on gas for longer trips.

I like the size and gas mileage. I wish it had more updated features. Like touch screen and backup camera.

- Missy F

I have had it 10 years without any major problems.

I love it. It drives well. Good on gas which means I save money. There is nothing I dislike about my jeep.

- Brooke G

4 cylinder engine saves on gas. I get more mileage per gallon

I love jeeps but on this model and year I wasn't given the option to upgrade for the Bluetooth option

- Diana A

Great midsize SUV for work or play

Great vehicle and easy to get in and out of for a large man, comfortable but not as quiet as my f150.

- Roy S

It is very roomy, back seats lay down if you need to haul large items.

I love everything. There's plenty of leg room and room for the kids. I love the color red of my car.

- Jennifer S

I drive a Jeep for a reason. I'm not one who cares about being delicate.

I like the color and size. I dislike the pickup ability. I like that it is decent on gas mileage.

- Jeanie H

that it is a good deal for the money and the service is good too

I like the style of my jeep and color(green). It rides good and the MPG isn't too bad either.

- wanda b

Jeep is a safe vehicle and it is big enough to move items without a truck

Like the size of the SUV Could have more options Jeep brand is dependable and holds value well

- Debbie T

In three years of ownership I have had no breakdowns

Like mileage ease of maintenance and reliability Dislike location of gear shift, no sunroof

- Mark D

The gas tank is very small - it less than a 12 gallon tank

I like the way the car Handles - I like the size and height of the Patriot. No complaints

- Susan G

It is probably the most average SUV ever.

It is a little too big. The gas mileage is mediocre. It is easy to control. It is fun.

- Matthew m

Very relaxing, smooth drive. Spacious and practice for a single person or small family.

I like the smooth ride, size, and feel of the vehicle. I dislike the mileage on gas.

- Robert B

That it has a great radio system

Like my radio system and I like the height of it. I dislike that it's a gas guzzler

- Michelle R




Dependability. Never a starting problem.

Good mileage. Good acceleration. Enough cargo space for a smaller vehicle.

- James d

Do not buy it, you will only be waiting your money

The car is small, it's not fun to drive, it has so many mechanical issues

- Travis M

Been a good suv that rolls through the snow!

Like the room and 4 wheel drive, seating folds down, dislike gas mileage.

- Troy S

I like the simplicity of the vehicle. It is dependable and is functional and spacious for our family. But I do with it got better gas mileage.

It's simply, no bells and whistles, but functional and dependable.

- Emily F

It handles nicely. It can't do what I want or need to do with it. The interior is too small, not enough cargo space. I would not buy this vehicle again.

Handles nicely. Nice to jet around town. Cargo area is too small.

- Kathie B

My Jeep is a really great car and it's very reliable.

I love it. Jeeps are the best. I do not have any complaints!!!

- Brittany M

The car has an automatic on/off switch to help save on gas.

I like the comfort of the seats and the ease of the controls.

- Janice G

Front wheel drive rocky mountain edition satellite radio leather seats rear end warmers scissor jack full size spare

Leather seats with rear end warmers Scissor jack to fix tires

- Jeremy N

It is good in the snow. Just the right size. I wish it had a back up camera. don't like it has a warning sign on visor about rollovers.

That it is four wheel drive.That it is handles pretty well.

- Karen J

Very reliable vehicle, it is comfortable and gets the job done. Has some trouble sometimes accelerating.

Wonderful versatile family car with little problems

- Tess M

It seems to be reliable, runs well, no problems so far

It is easy drive drive. No problems. No complaints.

- mike p

There is no USB port in the car, but there is a section where a wall adapter can enter.

It feels smooth when driving, which is comforting.

- Kenneth O

good gas mileage both local and on the road

efficient safe dependable transportation

- Mark L

Needs more leg room for taller people!

- Marissa M

Everything that could go wrong, will go wrong.

- Lacey R