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The jeep patriot is an extremely comfortable car.

I love my jeep patriot, I have had it for 2 years now and have only accumulated 15,000 miles. Therefore, I can see this car going a long way with me. My vehicle is a great size for me. It is not too big and not too small. It may be compact, but it is better than a sedan or a big SUV. There are not any problems I have come across, but the performance is great. The seats are leather, which I prefer because of occasional spills and mishaps. The back seats are adjustable for your liking. One of the best features is the rear view camera. This helps me see everything behind me when I am backing up. I reliable very much on my car because I use it to get everywhere. It is great in the snow and rain. The tires are great, I have not had to replace them or get them repaired. The whole vehicles drives smoothly. I have heard other people say the car does make noise, but it does not affect me. On the gas, the tank is decent and I do not have to make gas runs that often. Maybe once every other week I fill it up. Before I got this jeep, it was a dream of mine to get one. I did not care which model it was, but I had my eyes on a wrangler. At the dealership, I test drove both and I ended up falling in love with the patriot. It provides more space in the rear and all around. Today, I am still in love with this car and it is one of my bestest friends.

- Tian F

Great car at an affordable price.

My 2016 Jeep Patriot is a great little SUV, it offers lots of the extras I was looking for at a more conservative price than some of the high end luxury SUVs. I get about 28 mpg on interstate driving which I do a lot of. I have the conveniences of heated seats, Bluetooth . Remote start, 4WD, fog lights, roomy seating for 4 adults and lots of hatch trunk room. I live in the mountains and we experience colder temperatures often so the 4WD and remote start alone were great selling points for me. The 2016 Jeep Patriot maneuvers well on our mountainous curvy roads and will be an ideal starter car for my 15 year old daughter who is just learning to drive. No blind spots which will make it easy for her to learn to drive. I have read reports of premature transmission problems but have not had any problems with mine so far. I have also read mixed safety crash reports on the 2016 Jeep Patriot but again have not yet experienced any difficulty with the handling of the vehicle. I would highly recommend this car to my friends and family and would consider buying another on my next vehicle purchase. It is an ideal vehicle for the local terrain of where I live and most importantly a very affordable small SUV.

- Pam S

We really enjoy the ease of the ride.

I bought this car because I needed a reliable car to get me to and from school as well as a car safe enough to put our children in. We looked at several options and really love Jeeps but because of our age and financial difficulties we couldn't afford a wrangler or the renegade so the patriot was a perfect choice considering it's a more affordable car to be a newer make of the Jeep family. This car drives easy and comfortable. It's bigger than a 4dr car but smaller than most SUV types so we were very happy to have the best of both worlds. It's easy to get the kids in and out the their seats as you don't have to crawl up the side of the vehicle to unbuckle them and there is plenty of space for two car seats and even a smaller child to fit in the back. The interior is nice and plenty of space and options for people of different likings. The only problem I have with our Jeep is that it is 4wd and because we don't live in an area that requires us to use it from time to time, we spend quite a bit in gas. We probably spend about 40 as it sucks it right out. I would recommend this car to anyone who asks me about it. Couldn't of been more satisfied.

- Hannah C

Great reliable Jeep Patriot with awesome gas mileage.

The front windshield has always seemed to get easily scratched when going through car washes. It's a very reliable vehicle for day to day driving. It's very comfortable and seats 5 comfortably. I love the trunk space; it has a lot of room. The back seats can be easily folded down for moving large furniture, etc. It gets great gas mileage, especially for an SUV. It features a rooftop for attaching things to, such as skis, paddle boards, surfboards, and the like. I love the feature of the backup camera and don't think I could drive another vehicle without this feature again! It is very reliable and helpful. The only downside of one of the features is that I do wish it had the Garmin/maps loaded for use. It does however have a DVD video player, which has come in handy for kids to watch their favorite movies on when they get bored. The engine size is not as large as a previous Jeep I owned, and that is definitely a downside, especially when driving up large hills and mountain sides.

- Suzan H

Jeep patriot. A vehicle balanced in all ways.

I had been wanting a Jeep product but wasn't sure what model. I previously have driven vans for years and enjoyed them but found myself not necessarily needing or even using the whole of the van any more. I am thrilled to have chosen the patriot sport. It fits my needs precisely and I couldn't want anything better for me at the time. It performs very well, is extremely comfortable and everything is well within reach for the driver since it is a more compact vehicle. I enjoyed the service I received at the dealership as well. It is giving me a sense of security in that if anything should happen to my vehicle they would be behind me in all matters. They try to be sure that I am educated in whatever question I have for them. I cannot even imagine ever having a vehicle that is other than a Jeep. Where have I been all of my life without a Jeep?

- Janice B

Some issues, but great first car!!

Overall, this is a PERFECT car for your first 'owned' car. I previously had an older Jeep ('99 Cherokee) that I was forever worrying about - pertaining to the equipment around the wheels/steering/tires and most importantly the ignition lock! This newer Jeep is a breath of fresh air. The seats are comfy and durable. The interior features are everything I need. The only issue I deal with is electrical. The main door lock no longer cooperates with the 'lock all doors' button. So I have to manually lock and manually unlock the driver door. Also, the windshield wipers when being used for cleaning with the fluid, tend to keep going and not stop for over 1 min, sometimes longer. These are things I can live with, but I worry that more will come with it overtime.

- Maddie M

I have had the car for 2 years now and still love it!

I love my Jeep Patriot! It drives great and I rarely have any issues. The few design issues that I have with the patriot are that you are not able to see how many miles you can drive until you run out of gas, so I typically fill my car up when I have a quarter of a tank left just to be safe. Another thing I wish my patriot had is heated seats! I am currently at 30,000 miles and have noticed that the electrical system is starting to act up, and whenever I take my car in to get serviced they do not find any issues but random lights continue to go off. Other than that, the car is perfect and super comfortable and easy to drive. I have the 75th anniversary edition and I love the dark rims and it makes the car look super cool!

- Hannah S

Not a good vehicle for the beach, too low to the ground, not enough power.

My Jeep is a 4x4 but I am disappointed in the power it has on the beach. I also do not like where the 4x4 lever is located as it can be triggered by accident and you can drive without knowing you are in 4x4 gear. Although the Jeep came with mag wheels and you can see the rotors, which have rusted ( I live near the ocean) making the Jeep unappealing. The Jeep does get good gas mileage, has easy fold down back seats and good leg room. I have a sunroof which is noisy when I open it and a hard to reach phone jack in my glove compartment which makes no sense. The Jeep is also too low to the ground making it impossible to put a storage hitch on the back - which by the way I had to have one added as it was not included.

- Shannon M

My awesome Jeep Patriot!!

This is my first time owning any type of Jeep vehicle and I love it. My Jeep Patriot is comfortable and spacious. Mine came with a 3 month free XM radio trial and after the trial I got a deal on membership for only $5 a month. It also has a CD radio and I am old school and still have my CD binder from my navy days so that was awesome. Its very spacious even the trunk comes with enough room for my monthly grocery shopping, summer beach trips and now that winters around the corner Christmas shopping. The best feature on my Patriot is the how much money I save on gas. I drive 30 minutes to and from work and being able to go for almost a week and a half on one full tank is awesome.

- Melissa D

It has a good sunroof and nice heated front seats.

The car overall is fine but I believe it to me extremely overpriced. The car could have been 5-10 thousand dollars cheaper. The car also is extremely short in length, this was deceiving when buying. It looks as if someone came comfortably lay down in the back but I am 5-4 and barely fit. It makes it hard to transport goods. As well gas miles is below average. I commute an average of 50 miles a day and have to fill up 2-3 times a week. Lastly it is a pretty noisy ride. I would honestly not 100% recommend as a daily commuter. Buy something that has a better stereo, touch screen, backup camera included, mine doesn't. Just better features and better gas mileage

- Alexis J

This SUV is super reliable and perfect for a family.

My Jeep Patriot has been super reliable. It took a cross-country trip from Florida to Washington state packed to the brim in the back with luggage and a carrier on top packed full! The Patriot did a fantastic job through all weather. We went through Snoqualmie in it at the worst possible time due to extremely heavy snow and the Jeep made it through just fine. We are a family of 4 and it fits us just right. It is also amazing for grocery shopping days and days when we are packing for things like hiking or day trips. The only thing I would change about this vehicle is maybe a little more space and for it to be a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

- Elizabeth B

Jeep Patriot 2019 : All-around a great car!

My Jeep Patriot has proved to be a very reliable car. The leather seating is very durable and is designed for comfort as well. The controls in the dashboard and control panel are very easy to operate. The touchscreen also adds great functionality to the controls. Regarding how it drives, the performance is very good. Almost 45,000 miles driven in, and I have not had any major problems with my Patriot. While my Jeep is not amazing on gas mileage, it does not cost a lot to fill up my tank (I use Mid grade gas). Overall, I would rate my Jeep as a 4 out of 5 stars. If it more economical on gas, I would give it a perfect score.

- Chana W

2016 jeep patriot. A great car for any possible user.

My 2016 jeep patriot is a wonderful car for me to own and operate. It is very mobile; it has a small turning radius and can fit well into tight parking spaces. Even though it is a bit of a smaller jeep, it has a good amount of interior space that makes the vehicle feel larger than it actually is. The 2016 jeep patriot also has wonderful gas mileage, averaging about 23 mpg in the city and about 27 mpg on the highway. It is a vehicle that I feel safe in, and I enjoy how efficiently it maneuvers and uses fuel. It is definitely a car I would recommend to a friend or family member.

- Pierce M

Great drive, great storage, mediocre visibility.

I really love the size and storage capacity of the car. There is plenty of room for every passenger, great storage space in the back, and I love that the seats fold down with one pull of a strap and are completely flat. I love that the car is square so you have a better idea of how close you are to objects and cars when you park. Things I dislike are the radio and Bluetooth system, it is not super user friendly and it's been glitchy. I wish that there was better visibility as well, when I am looking behind me to merge lanes or turn I feel like I cannot see very well.

- Sydney D


This is a decent vehicle and has been reliable for us. I like that the dash and radio are not complicated and don't have too many confusing or distracting features. There is something called UConnect, which is similar to Bluetooth, but it is difficult to navigate and doesn't always connect to the phone for hands free. The vehicle fits our 2 kids car seats decently but the driver does have to sit closer to the wheel in order for the seat behind the driver to fit comfortably. Overall, the car feels safe and has been reliable for the past 3 years without any issues.

- Sara K

Try not to bump your gear from drive to d1.

I drive a white 2016 Jeep patriot. I love the cloth seats because my living situation is in a very hot climate; it is nice getting into my car without my legs being burned by leather! Gas mileage is decent, but there are sensor issues with the passenger seatbelt (light will come on saying passenger is not buckled even if they), gas and oil. The Bluetooth has an inconsistent connection with my devices. When I am playing music it will not "allow remote" to control skipping tracks, volume, etc. . . Overall, I really do enjoy driving this vehicle.

- Peyton D

The most important thing about my car for others to know is it's actually pretty good on gas mileage and is so dependable.

So far my Jeep Patriot Sport has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It's a sport so one of the features is that the majority of electronic things in modern day vehicles are manual. Such as; the locks on the doors you have to pull them up and push them down, the windows are crank windows and don't have automatic motors in them. But, I think it adds to the Jeep and the aesthetic rather than take away from it. I really thoroughly love my Jeep. I can say I won't be switching back to any other kind of vehicle after experiencing my Jeep.

- Tara L

Great car, but consider Jeep quality.

For the most part I like my jeep. I guess my complaints mostly are that I wish it was nicer. There is no backup camera and I have since found that overall Jeep manufacturers do not have the nicest media displays (especially for their price/ year made). Other than that, I like the color, wheels, and overall appearance of my Jeep. The interior is leather blend which is also a plus. There is an actual wall plug inside as well so that makes charging my laptop and other non mobile friendly devices east to charge.

- Elizabeth B

My Jeep patriots are great.

My 2016 Jeep patriot is silver. It is very comfortable. Although it does not have a third row it does seat five people comfortably. My Jeep is a standard, not an automatic. It shifts smoothly and easily. I have drove other standard that were very difficult. I have not had to change a tire yet, so I do not know how easy it is to take the tire out and change the tire. My windows are tinted but the windshield does not have the top shaded so when the sun is in your eyes the sun is in your eyes no matter what.

- Cara D

Buy a Jeep patriot vehicle!

Our Jeep patriot is a very reliable and convenient mode of travel and is the 1st vehicle that came with a lifetime, bumper to bumper maintenance program for a reasonable additional cost. It does not have any blind spot on it, so that is a plus. It gets between 26-27 miles to the gallon of gasoline which is nice and the price of the vehicle used was rather a plus. The only drawback I have is it has a small gas tank and the gas cap does not lock from inside the car and a locking gas cap will not work on it.

- Marvin T

I love the trunk space, sunroof, mpg, mostly the reliability it provides.

I absolutely love my Jeep. I wish it had a bit more space in the front where the driver and passenger seats are, however when I don't have car seats there is more than enough room all-around. It is very reliable, I love my heated seats and sunroof as well as the gas mileage. There is lots of trunk space as well. I am able to fit not only myself my kids and my two medium-sized dogs in this vehicle comfortably. All around love my Jeep! It is perfect for any type of lifestyle you may have.

- Crystal P

2016 Jeep Patriot performance and overall review.

The only problem with my Jeep is the gas mileage. My precious car was a hybrid so I got excellent gas mileage. I knew when I got my Jeep it wasn't going to be nearly as good. And boy was I right. However the performance has always been wonderful. And it is truly reliable. It sits 5 people very comfortably so that is a huge plus. It came with Bluetooth, rear facing back up camera, satellite radio, and a GPS. The sears also have optional warmers which is really nice in the winter.

- Haley C

2016 Jeep patriot perfection and flaws.

The Jeep is a great vehicle it can hold curves going fast really well. It is Bluetooth compatible and Sirius XM compatible which is really nice for long road trips. The sucky part about the Jeep is the panels on the side of the seats where the adjustment lever are breaks off really easy and if you have a really bad snow storm come in it will destroy your radio antenna it will not break it or nothing but the signal will come and go as it pleases from then on out.

- Lindsey R

2016 jeep patriot: reliability.

My 2016 jeep patriot has recently started making a hollow noise when driving that gets louder and more frequent as the speed increases. It turned out to be bad wheel bearings and after changing them the noise is gone. Besides this I have had no issues with the car. The back seat does sit very straight and does not lean back for comfort, which can be uncomfortable for passengers. The radio and speaker system both function very well, including the Sirius XM.

- Stephanie B

Too many blind spots and too light

Too many blind spots on both the passenger and drivers side. Also the vehicle sits too low to the ground so I cannot see very well in traffic. I wish the gas tank was larger or the gas mileage was better because I feel like I am always at the gas station. When I drive on the freeway I don't feel secure on the road. Meaning I feel above 50 mph my vehicle starts to drift and I don't feel in control. Also at high speeds the vehicle starts to shake.

- Lena M

Smooth Riding 2016 Jeep Patriot

I love my jeep patriot. The control features are really accessible and attractive. The touch screen navigation makes it super easy to change the station quickly without becoming distracted from driving. My patriot gives me such a smooth driving experience and I feel very comfortable driving for an extended period of time. There is plenty of trunk space and the passengers in the back seat always have enough room without feeling cramped.

- Mark W

Not for short people. A nice car for running errands locally.

My Jeep is a gunmetal gray color. It looks very nice, much better than a typical Jeep of years gone by. Gas mileage is decent for the times. The seats could be more comfortable. They are ok for short drives, but become uncomfortable with longer drives. They could use more padding in them. The other negative for me, is the height of the vehicle. I am handicapped, which makes it difficult and painful to get into or out of the automobile.

- Rose N

2016 Jeep patriot - a good long term choice.

I love the size of this vehicle. I traded in my 2015 Hyundai Elantra for it, which was a good car, I just hated how small it was and wanted something sturdier and this was definitely a great option. It is not too big but not too small. I do not feel like I am going to get crushed every time I drive now which is, of course, great. I love the Bluetooth capabilities - the fact that I can talk on the phone hands free has been really nice.

- Addison S

Great drive. Classic good looks.

I really love the size and handling of my patriot. It is a smooth ride with a great turning radius for tight parking spots. I have driven through moderate snow, ice, and tropical storm level rain without any problems. The back is big enough for luggage and packages for holiday road trips. I also love the classic Jeep look of the front grill and headlights. It was a great value and definitely my favorite vehicle of those I have owned.

- Rachel B

Dependable but with some flaws.

There have been reported transmission problem to the dealer and they said they fixed the issue with a software update. At the time the powertrain was still under warranty. The 'fix' they did - did not fix the transmission slipping, it has gotten worse and now the powertrain warranty is out. Another con of this vehicle is the small fuel tank - at 13 gallons - we have to get gas every 3 days. The Jeep is comfortable and roomy inside.

- Kim F

Opinions of the Jeep Patriot 2016

Got it used with 20k miles and has worked great so far. Only had a warranty repair and general upkeep to worry about so far. For a large person it is fairly comfortable but could be wider. It has base features but with Bluetooth enabled stereo, I wish it had more Bluetooth security options due to the risks in this day and age. Handles great has good gas mileage. Just base features pack and wished it came with AWD or 4x4

- Kelly M

Jeep Patriot: my gypsy taking me on my travels!

I love my Jeep. It runs great. It has a good CD player and a good stereo. It is also good for hauling. The back seats go down to make more room. Also where the spare is there is a deep space and you can store small things there. I love that it is four doors. Also I have an opening on top of my glove box where I can put things I also liked the right behind the console are two more cup holders for the passengers in the back.

- Amber V

The brand is one I definitely trust and am proud to own. The cheaper models are still great vehicles even though less capable in towing and 4x4 driving but that is mostly due to not paying for the features that would provide for those issues. My next vehicle is definitely going to be a Jeep as well but this time my budget will hopefully allow me to purchase a vehicle with 4wd, towing capacity, power windows/locks/etc., and a model with more inside space

Aside from slightly too small for me, Everything I dislike is because I bought the cheapest vehicle possible due to my budget at the time: no power windows, 2wd, etc. I love the Jeep brand. The vehicle is comfy, looks good, has small storage areas near passengers, and durable. I've only had one problem in over two years and that was covered by the warranty and I was offered a free rental while my car was being repaired.

- Jennie V

The way my Jeep Patriot handles is great.

My Jeep has a slap stick which is very sensitive. No pick up and go I do like how close the back seat is to front seats, makes it easier when transporting my pets. Very comfortable ride gets good gas mileage in town and on interstate. The navigation system on car is very clear and easy to work. Does not take long to heat up in winter or cool down on summer, the auto features on the climate control is one of my favorites.

- Dawn A

It is a nice looking vehicle with good performance.

I like the looks of the patriot the color the interior are very nice the space in the car is very good for driver and for passengers. The way the back seats fold down makes it nice to load and unload things. It is a good vehicle to transport my dogs or large purchases. Its performance on the road is good it rides nicely handles well and is comfortable to drive. The only thing I don't like is that it is front wheel drive.

- Pat W

Great family utility vehicle that has all the options you need with some just for fun.

We purchased our 2016 Jeep Patriot after owning a four door dodge Dakota> We were unsure as to its ability to handle all the stuff we frequently hauled in the truck> We decided to forgo all misgivings and try it. I can say that though not everything we used to be able to load onto our Dakota can be handled by our Patriot, it has satisfied our needs and we are quite pleased in its reliability and how economic it has been.

- dave e

Jeep patriot fun and stylish.

I love the square boxy look of my patriot! It is nice and roomy, plenty of legroom for my growing kids. It sits up high and rides very nicely. I have heated seats, all wheel drive and four wheel drive. The all wheel drive kicks in automatically. I was concerned that I wouldn't get good gas mileage, but that has not been the case here. I fell in love with my jeep! Nothing but jeeps for me from now on, I e been converted.

- Amber N

It drives and handles beautifully in wintry conditions even with all season tires.

I like the sporty look of my Patriot and the luxury of 4 wheel drive and the satellite radio option. I wish it got better gas mileage, though. Also, I still haven't gotten accustomed to the size of the vehicle and I struggle with not being able to see all around because I feel the design of the vehicle inside and out creates blind spots. It is also nice for hauling things but I wish I were able to haul bigger things.

- Laura F

Nice ride for lots of cargo.

My Jeep is bigger than my previous car, which offers me great visibility when I am driving, especially on the highways, and tons of cargo room, especially when I fold down the back seats. It has Audio indicators for problems, such as low fuel or tire pressure or to remind me that my oil needs changing, though occasionally it can be difficult to tell what it making it go ding. It is a pretty nimble car for its size.

- Elizabeth E

Great car, comfortable, great size, durable!

I love this car, it is the perfect size. Not too big but not too small. I do not like the GPS/ navigation system. I enjoy the radio system, Bluetooth works well. It has a very good size trunk. It is a reliable car, I like the four wheel drive for the snow. Not bad on gas but not great either. Seats adjust well, I am always comfortable in the car. I like that there is an actual outlet to plug into not just a USB.

- Grace C

The classic American Jeep patriot.

My vehicle is a perfect fit for my daughter and I. It is extremely sturdy, and fits all of our necessities in it. The foldable seat in the back also makes a great camp out. My vehicle specifically is a 4 x 4 so it is really fun to drive on tough roads and during the rainy days as well. It has Bluetooth which is really beneficial for long drives because I can play my daughters favorite music from Pandora!

- Kayla P

Long lasting and reliable.

When I first got the car it came with a tire warranty. The overhead lights would leak after a very heavy rain, but the dealership resealed it for free. The car has lasted well on three very long road trips and has been very reliable. Front seats are very comfortable, came with satellite radio and Bluetooth. Tire pressure light comes on when you change altitude or it goes from being very cold to very hot.

- Kaitlyn R

2016 jeep Patriot 4x4 sport

It's a great vehicle. I've always wanted something that was good on gas and have 4x4 to get back and forth from work to home even in bad weather. It has plenty of room and it drives like a charm. I love all the features that came with my jeep even the radio, cause I'm a music lover. But I've seen other jeeps that have different features in them that I would of liked in mine but I love it the way it is.

- Ashley E

Fords give you more for your money; but Jeep comes in a close second.

I have had good performance with my vehicle. however, I miss a lot of the options that my Ford Escape came standard with. The Bluetooth in this vehicle (the Jeep ) drops calls; the Sirius ratio does not always come in well. There is no compass, no information on how many miles you get to the gallon. I do like the driver's seat because it can be raised or lowered. The brakes last longer than in a ford.

- Ann J

A few small complaints about my jeep.

I love my jeep, never had any problems with it. The only things I don't like is that the back interior light only goes on if the door is open. I can't turn it on for convenience if I needed to do so. The rear view mirror has a dark tint to it that can be difficult to see in at night or if someone's headlights are too bright. I know it's not the top of the line for jeeps but wish it had more features.

- Stacey F

The perfect way to adventure!

I feel that my jeep is very reliable. It is perfect for my lifestyle of hiking/camping and spending time outdoors and on back roads. It is very comfortable, lots of space, and I love the seats. It is a sport which I am happy with because it has everything I need- feels the way a jeep should, more rugged without anything unnecessary. No major problems with it. I love jeep and will always choose jeep.

- Sarah G

Woman�s opinion on a Jeep Patriot.

No performance problems. Comfort, it always puts my husband to sleep when he is in the passenger seat. Heated seats are a great feature. Love the Satellite Radio, and the remote start features. When looking at vehicles, I wanted something reliable and durable, since we can go from fall to winter and then to spring all in 24 hours. 4 wheel drive and traction control are a nice added feature.

- Tanya B

Space Lay down seats Front seats lay back far Amazing ac Great gas mileage

My favorite thing about this vehicle is that it gives me more space without having the feeling of driving a machine. You have the feel of a car but the space of a small SUV. I live that the windows have a lock that keeps my littles from playing with them. If I need to move an antique the seat lays down easily. I can leave the car seat installed and still be able to lay part of the seat down.

- Meg T

We love that it is small but affordable SUV!

Our gas tank is loose. This is the only problem we have had with this vehicle. It is a great affordable family vehicle. It is small for an SUV, but it is reliable. Even though it is small, it has enough room for our small family to easily take a trip with it, and we have been able to strategically pack for things and have enough room for everyone to be comfortable. We are very happy with it.

- Caroline S

to make sure that you get the 4x4 version of the car.

The thing that I like the most about my Jeep patriot is the level of comfort in the front seat. The square shape gives it a roomy feel and it generally feels like a safe car. The back seat is not as comfortable but the trunk space is a plus. Gas mileage is great. If there’s one thing I'd change I would have gotten the 4 wheel drive version of my car. Other than that I am very satisfied!

- Sierra M

It is a good vehicle no mechanical problems.

Roomy, traction is good, not a lot of frilly overwhelming gadgets, over all it is a good vehicle. No problem mechanical. The Bluetooth is not worth have it changes from angles to a different languages. On drivers side there a blind spot when a vehicle gets to the back side you cannot see them the not good. . Seats need some more attention front seat are fair but back is not comfortable.

- Connie D

2016 jeep patriot - no regrets.

The 2016 jeep patriot that I drive was purchased used with just over 30000 miles. It has a rear view camera and can play DVDs when vehicle is not moving. The controls to move the seat/seat back are manual. I recently made an 18 hour drive one way and the seats are very comfortable. The vehicle drives smoothly and takes corners well. So far, we have been very pleased with this purchase.

- Lisa K

Jeep patriot has excellent hands off features and is a very comfortable drive.

I absolutely love my car. I bought it last December used. It had mostly highway miles on it. There is not a lot of get-up when driving, so make sure you know that if you are used to a car that can speed up pretty fast. The only thing that I would change is the gas mileage. Other than that, it is great. Has Bluetooth set up so I can talk on the phone without having to hold my phone up.

- Sarah E

2016 Jeep Patriot is a Shining Star Among Midsize SUVs

My Jeep Patriot is an AWD midsize SUV. It gets about 22 MPG city and up to 28 MPG highway. It has been incredibly reliable so far. It has all-leather seats, seat warmers, lumbar support, steering wheel controls, a touchscreen dash display, and power locks and windows. It also has a sunroof, which I really enjoy. Overall, there is nothing I would change about my car. I really love it.


2016 Jeep Patriot - good utility car for a decent price.

I like that it is a small car with good gas mileage but is larger than a sedan for the purpose of carrying supplies and passengers. It also has a more sporty look than sedans. The 4 wheel drive option is also nice when we're driving up steep terrain. One of the downfalls in my opinion would be the lack of a way to check transmission fluid. Other than that, I enjoy the car very much.

- Jacob R

Handles like a true dream.

It is a sturdy, easily maintained vehicle. My family of 4 fit comfortably and the back is great if we need to bring the dogs. This Jeep handles well and is comfortable to drive long distances. Being able to Bluetooth my phone to the radio system is a convenient feature, though the settings do move a little too slow and I have to reconnect my phone each time I enter the vehicle.

- Elizabeth R

Charcoal grey 4 wheel drive Jeep. Patriot.

My 2016 4WD Jeep Patriot is a very reliable. Car. It is very comfortable. I have a sunroof and satellite radio. I have leather seats. I have two teenage daughters and they have a plenty of room in this car. I have not had any major issues with this vehicle. It drives smooth. There is even enough room in the back for all of my daughters softball gear and chairs and blankets.

- Danielle O

Reliable and great on gas

I love my car its reliable, can withstand bumps and potholes, rides smooth, AC is amazing, a lot of trunk room, great for road trips, has 4 cup holders which I love so people in the backseat can set their drinks somewhere, still has a CD player and has an aux cord, has the option for Sirius radio, it's easy to park because it's not a long vehicle, it's perfect in my opinion

- Felicia R

Jeep Patriots are poorly built.

This car is very narrow and not comfortable. Storage is a problem. It's also not built well nor designed well. Our roof began leaking almost immediately after we bought the car. Took the dealership two tries and more than two weeks to fix it and the problem was how the car was put together. Since then, a number of things have quit working on the car, including the radio.

- Chris B

The radio is really wonderful

really wonderful car. I love it however, sometimes the steering wheel locks up when your turn to sharp to park. However I believe this is supposed to happen as some sort of theft precaution but it could catch you off guard if you do not know this. Again a really great car however it does have a very small gas tank, as do most jeeps. It gets about 23 miles to the gallon.

- Megan S

Great car would do not regret one bit!

I have had my jeep patriot for about 5 months now and I have fell in love! Its spacious looks very nice and just fits me so perfectly. There are some changes I wish I could make. It tends to be loud when you're driving on a highway you can hear the wind around you. Also making sudden or sharp turns can be tricky because you can feel like the car will just lose control.

- Cynthia D

Love the ride and very good on gas.

Great on gas, comfortable and roomy. One downside is that I am short and the seat does not raise up so I had to purchase a seat cushion. Love the Bluetooth capability and built in aux. Has uconnect so able to make hands free phone calls while driving. Also like the appearance. One thing I wish it had was heated seats and a real middle seat belt in the back seat.

- Dominique P

Jeep Patriot review for 2016 model.

My Jeep Patriot is excellent on the road has 4 wheel drive and gets decent gas mileage. It performs well in the snow and the tires are of excellent quality. I like my service package and the amount of features I have. There is Sirius satellite radio and excellent sound system. I like the windshield wipers and the whole road express when driving my Jeep Patriot.

- John K

Amazing truck especially with children.

Amazing truck, had for a few years and absolutely no issues at all. Drives great and has a lot of room. The heated seats are great, the back seats fold forward and make a lot of room for big items. My husband and I have a two year old and this truck is perfect for our everyday travels. We feel very safe and it is great in bad weather or lots of snow and ice.

- Jennifer O

Just enough digital stuff to make it convenient.

Great vehicle, I especially like the controls being knobs instead of digital and love the dash vents because they are adjustable to any direction. It has just enough electronic and digital stuff to make it convenient yet not too much that it is confusing and distracting to the driver. Back seats are easy to lay down and has lots of space for hauling things.

- Tania S

Good but be sure to get a warranty.

The patriot is a good car but its been in the shop a few times and it's only 2 years old and it's been mine for barely a year! I love the look of the car and the way it handles but let me tell you, don't pass on the warranty. None of the issues have been major, just inconvenient. I enjoy diving it but I do think I might have done better if I took more time.

- Sara A

It is very easy to drive, good on gas, fog lights are cute, easy to maintain.

It is a reliable, comfortable and compact SUV, I have the latitude model, automatic transmission in white, the color white makes it look sleek and modern. It is an all wheel drive, good mileage, good trunk space, voice command, cruise control, black interior, V6 engine. It is a really good buy for someone with a small family and a dog, such as my situation.

- May M

Jeep patriot is a compact SUV for a small family.

I enjoy the long drives in this car. The one problem that I have experienced is the navigation system goes out about a year of having the vehicle. Online forums stated many people complained about this problem. The other problem I experience is the ac takes a while before it begins to properly work. I believe this is another flaw from the manufacturer.

- Brian B

First Jeep experience, terrible decision. Do not recommend.

I got my car with 12 miles brand new. I've put in 2 grand on fixing my car. Its 2018 I've had it since march 2016, I've had to get a whole new battery, throttle body, spark plugs and tires more than 5 times!! Sensors went out in my car also. I also was on time for oil changes etc. This was and is my first car. I would not recommend this car to people.

- Logan S

It is on the smaller side for a SUV.

My Jeep patriot is a great compact SUV. The size is perfect for a family of 3, with lots of trunk space. I love that it has a USB port also a 2 prong plug in so I can fast charge my cell or even plug in other things like my breast pump and flat iron. My biggest problem with the Jeep is that there is just not enough tork and it is just to slow for me.

- Samantha C

I have a little camera, but do not have a screen inside. How crazy is that lol.

I have a Jeep patriot, I absolutely love it. Does not waste a lot of gas and does not use a lot of it either; I am able to go to Dallas and come back to Tyler and will only have to fill up once if even, I usually make it back with a quarter left. It is very spicy in the back, especially the truck, you will not have trouble putting bug luggage there.

- April C

Has the black strip on the hood. I personally do not care for it.

Love the jeep, the only problem I could say if I have to have one is there is too much road noise! My husband is hard of hearing and he cannot hear the radio because of the outside road noise, I do not know what could be done about this. Everything else is great, it holds the road well. Also it could have a bigger gas tank, I am always getting gas.

- Joan C

Why I enjoy my 2016 Jeep Patriot

I love how my 2016 Jeep Patriot feels when I am driving. The steering wheel is firm and steady. I enjoy switching from automatic to manual shifting. The vehicle is very roomy on the inside. Looking at it from the outside it does not look roomy. I enjoy listening to my Sirius Satellite radio. The back seats fold down to make extra storage room.

- Dot F

It is quite comfortable for road trips.

It has been reliable in poor road conditions. It is very comfortable in the front seats, the back passengers do not get as much air or heat. The heated seats are nice. It does not accelerate very quickly and in highway situations merging can be an issue because of it. The fold down seats and hatchback make it easy to haul and load large items.

- Brooke D

2016 Jeep Patriot - Great SUV

Bought this car certified pre owned and couldn't be happier. One small problem with the crankshaft position sensor but it was a cheap easy fix. The car drives great and gets great gas mileage. I have taken it on many road trips. I also find it very roomy and can hold a lot of cargo. I added a trailer hitch to it and now it is even better.

- Jessica D

Sporty mom jeep. Fits kids and all without driving a van hahah.

It is the greatest vehicle ever! Great ride great gas mileage. Comfortable. Fits my family. Has Bluetooth radio and six cord plug! The ac is amazing so is the heater' lots of room and also has cruise control. Seats are soft and comfy. The back cargo has good room in it and fits a lot! So cute and good mom car without buying a van.

- Kaitlyn C

Jeep Patriot, beautiful on the outside and roomy and comfortable in the inside.

My Jeep is reliable in northern Minnesota winters with its easy 4 wheel drive button. My Jeep Patriot is comfortable whether I'm driving or riding because as a tall female with long legs, leg room is a must in both front and backseat. My Jeep Patriot is a rich slightly sparkly deep red, beautiful compliment to my driveway!

- Lisa R

My personally feelings about my fav car

personally, I love my vehicle. It's very comfy, and reliable. We have taken my jeep on 3 rather lengthy family vacations and it has done so great on gas! we live in Indiana and have traveled to folly beach, myrtle beach and pigeon forge all in the jeep!! I would recommend my Jeep to anyone looking to buy an new set of wheels.

- ariel h

Jeep Patriot 2016: Review

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is the brakes have squeaked when backing up since I drove it off the lot, brand new. They said that it's just the type of breaks. Nothing to worry about. I seriously doubt it. Other than that, it is an awesome vehicle. Dependable. Great on gas. Comfy seats. Plenty of room. 10/10.

- Brittany B

Gas mileage is great, very comfortable and roomy drive very nice.

Rides great very good on gas. Nice and comfortable seats, roomy on the inside. It did have a recall for the crankshaft sensor.It has a mp3 player, cruise control, back seats fold down so you can have more room for your things. Sunroof ours is a standard drives nice and smooth. Ice cold air very clean body style we love it.

- Jamie D

Jeep Patriot - not very spacious at all.

It is a great vehicle - not a huge fan of the small gas tank, and it is not as spacious as I thought originally - especially after putting my little ones car seat in it. If I had the option, I do not think I would purchase this Jeep again. Mainly bought it to use as our family car, but we definitely need something bigger.

- Heather C

My black 2016 Jeep Patriot.

I love my Jeep Patriot 2016. I enjoy driving it and it has never given me any problems. It is great on gas. I bought it used but it drives like brand new. I wish it would go faster though. I want to add some new rims to it next year. I like the fact that my car is black also. Cleaning it and maintaining it is very simple.

- Margarita B

2016 Jeep Patriot Overview

It is a nice smaller SUV. Plenty of seating and comfort. I have no problems with SUV. I have owned three of them. I always complain thought of it being underpowered and not getting the best of gas mileage I would have expected. Also, the base model has very little extras built in like charging ports for a phone.

- Robert O

2016 Jeep Patriot FWD Review

Very Nice car haven't experienced any severe problems with it. Doesn't get very good gas mileage and weak horsepower. Other than that no complaints it is a large vehicle. Very roomy and comfortable. The air conditioning is one of the most impressive features. Many different options for trim and customization for it.

- Libby C

people in the backseat often complain that they have little leg room.

Absolutely love my vehicle. Such a smooth drive! I also like that it has a big car look with a small call feel when driving. One thing that does get a little frustrating about the patriot is that you cannot charge your phone and play music at the same time. I also cannot figure out Bluetooth setting in the car easily.

- Andrea F

Great car with nice added features.

The 0-60 of my jeep is slow and it is hard to gain momentum but that is understandable because of its four cylinder engine. The leather seats and sunroof are a very nice added luxury. I believe my car is very reliable and I would recommend it to my friends as a great and safe first car for high school students to get.

- Brittany W

I love my jeep,. It is dependability.

I have no problems. This is not my first jeep. I have never had major problems. Only normal wear and tear things. I get my oil changed every 3000 miles and it lasts me well over 100,000 miles.There's plenty of room when traveling, the family is very comfortable. It is incredible in the snow. I will only own a jeep.

- Cherie B

Take Me on the Scenic Route Home

My Jeep has great gas mileage. The seats are great. It can handle rough roads. I love the cruise feature. It helps me save on gas. I just want to drive on for hours and take the scenic route most days. There are some battery problems sometimes. Might take a while to start up. But besides that, it's a durable car.

- Jinny W

Nice drive. Good amount of cargo space. Eats gas.

The only thing I do not like is that parts are hard to find for repairs. I also had and issue with the car's influx manifold after not even having it for a year. It would also be nice if it had a bigger trunk, but overall it drives nicely. It eats a lot of gas, so if it was more fuel-efficient it would be better.

- Danielle B

My Jeep Patriot is the best car I've ever had

It is such a nice car! There is so much room, the radios great, the ac is amazing & it's comfortable. I feel so safe in it driving around with my son. My only complaint would be that I don't really get the best deal on gas. It only takes about $28 to fill the tank but I feel like I'm constantly refilling it.

- arrah L

Jeep Patriot Latitude review

while the gas mileage isn't superb, I like the cloth seat options as I'm not a fan of leather seating. Seat warmers are quick and efficient, Bluetooth function works fine. The 4x4 option`is good for those who live in New England like I do. I like the CVT style transmission over the traditional gearbox style

- Lee G

Maggie loves her Jeep patriot.

I love my Jeep patriot. It is comfortable and roomy. The back seats go flat for transporting large items. I didn't get a fully loaded version because I wanted simple. So far I have had no problems with it in two years! It get good gas mileage and is easy to clean and detail. The sound system is really good.

- Maggie V

If you need a lot of cargo space, this is not the right vehicle for you. It isn't great for vacations.

I like that it has all the features of a full sized SUV in a more compact size that is great for city driving. I like that it is very responsive and always gives me the power that I need without giving me too much. I like the design, especially that it is not rounded in the back. I like the fuel efficiency.

- Pat B

Love the ability to go everywhere.

I love my Jeep, I use it for all aspects of my life go to work, hunting, and camping, and playing in the dirt runs great and gives indications when tire pressure is low, when bulbs are out, oil changes needed etc.. Handles great in dirt and mud sound system is great haven't done any upgrades to the system.

- Lindsey V

My Jeep doesn't have a charging port

My vehicle is the best, it blue the size of the car is nice, and affordable. It holds gas for along time and keeps its mileage. It's a five seater and cotton material in side. The radio is Bluetooth and has a great model for the front of the car. The only thing I don't like it doesn't have a charging port.

- Jayden H

Review of a 2016 Jeep Patriot Latitude

Love the temperature controls and the ride, however there are issues with the shifter coming out of park. The floor mats move around very easily even though there are hooks to keep them in place. The leg room in the back is minimal, and not much room in the back. The heated seats are awesome in the winter.

- Sarah R

2016 Jeep patriot is amazing.

The breaks are often squeaking. I have taken it in and all mechanics just say it is the type of breaks. City driving takes up a large amount of gas. Lots a room in back seat, great for car seats. Drives very smoothly and picks up nice. Doors and trunk open and close smoothly. Perfect amount of truck size.

- Isabella K

It is very well maintained and safe.

I love that it is big but not too big. I think it gets pretty good fuel economy, something I definitely like.... I do not like that I am destroying the environment every time I drive.... I am not crazy about the name, "patriot". But that is totally secondary.... (sorry about typos - having tech issues.).

- Sunshine B

It's the 75th anniversary edition, which means it has fun features

It's very basic. I like that it sits up high, has space in the back, and is somewhat boxy while still being sleek. It's a bit smaller than I'm used to, and I really dislike that if media is plugged in (such as an iPod) you still have to use the device to change the song rather than the vehicle controls.

- Nicole A

I love my jeep patriot, is the best.

Easy to ride, comfortable, I love that the seats can be heated, it does not spend a lot of gas like other vehicles I had before, and it is very spacious since you can put down the back seats, I had it for almost 3 years and I have not had any issues or motor problems, besides that it is very appealing.

- Pamela R

I love my jeep. Parking is no problem.

Just a jeep no bells or whistles no Bluetooth. I got new tires smoother ride then what came with car. Good reliability. I love the jeep because it no big and not small. I can park it anywhere with no problems. Good for city driving and long trips. It is a jeep do it is not luxurious but it is reliable

- Cynthia G

I love my patriot! Even though it pulls.

I love my jeep. The only problem that I have had with my jeep is that it pulls to the right. Even after getting new tires and an alignment it still pulls to the right. Other than that I love my Jeep. I had initially leased this jeep but I was so happy with it that when my lease was up I purchased it.

- Melissa A

Great car! Would recommend to my own grandma!

Great car! Sometimes a weird noise comes under the car and the pick up varies but all around great car! Love my patriot. Would 10000/10 recommend. It's white and always has that new car smell that my grandma loves and so do I. She almost went out and bought one herself lol. Great car and great times

- Ray J

Reliable and Fun Vehicle!

The Patriot is a reliable and fun vehicle; I've had it for 3 years and have had no issues. It is roomy, fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. With comfortable seats and a roomy trunk, its a car that I don't regret purchasing. It's equipped with satellite radio, which is fantastic for long trips.

- Lindsey B

This is a safe and friendly car!

I've had many cars throughout my family and this is easily the most reliable. Unfortunately, we got in a car crash and even though I was going 35 mph my car only needed a week of fixing and its as good as new. It is safe, reliable, and an overall roomy but not too big SUV. Perfect for first buyers.

- Magaly M

Great, cute, comfortable.

The vehicle I own, which is a jeep has been truly reliable. I have been comfortable driving around with it. The gas on the car is also great, during high prices gas can cost me about 40, during low gas prices around 24. My family also mentions how extremely comfortable they are sitting in the car.

- Elizabeth D

Affordable that feels like luxury.

I have not had any major problems with my vehicle. I did have to take it to the dealership to have the passenger seat belt sensor replaced within the warranty time. I love my jeep. It has leather seats and heated seats in the front seats. I enjoy the sunroof and automatic start feature the most.

- Sam J

The back town of seats can go down In case you are moving and need more space

I like the car but the gas mileage is not that great. And the car does not tell you how many miles until empty. It also doesn't have an updated stereo system just a basic one. The car is easy to clean and to get things out of the material. The trunk space is decent and can fit a car seat in it.

- Beth S

Thing I love about my vehicle.

I love the room in the jeep. I also get awesome gas mileage on long drive and trips. Driving is so smooth and I am very comfortable driving my vehicle. I have many safety features that make me feel safe with my family in the car also. Lots of room in the back for luggage when traveling as well.

- Kerri D

Jeep Patriot-Would recommend

I wish there was Bluetooth ability to make phone calls and play music without having to use the Aux port. Love the heated seats, sunroof and 4 wheel drive-gets me through a lot of stuff. Wish it got better gas mileage. I haven't noticed any real problems yet. Overall good car. Would recommend.

- Katie C

My car is awesome! Get you one!

I love my car. It comes with Bluetooth. Has black interior. My seats fold down. It's roomy enough for my family. Only takes 26.00 dollars to fill up. I fell in love with my car. It's great for traveling. I do wish I had leather seats instead. Also wish the back had a charger port for the kids.

- Sequoia C

My Jeep is has a sleek, but masculine feel.

I love my Jeep Patriot because the 4 wheel drive handles incredibly well in the snow, which is essential where I live. I am also a big fan of the heated, leather seats and do not think I will ever go back to not having them. I also love the body style and how it has a more classic "Jeep" look.

- Erica S

The spacious feel in the vehicle is stunning.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. It is spacious, reliable and stylish. The electric plug is very convenient for when I need to charge my children's video games in the car. The trunk is a decent size as it allows me to have a small umbrella stroller in the car as well as groceries.

- Casey W

It is a 4 door SUV with lots of space and 5 seats.

I love my car, the only downfall is that it is not 4 wheel drive. It has plenty of space for my two large dogs in the back and then room, if we had children, in the backseat. It drives really well, get decent gas mileage for the size of car and has all the radio capabilities one would need.

- Brooke W

I love my jeep patriot but it has a few problems.

One problem I have is that the radio station preset buttons do not work. Also the defogger does not work very well. Sometimes I think the car is a little on the small side, and I wish you have a little bit more room. Finally, the tires that came with the car do not seem to be all that good.

- Colleen H

I love my vehicle I love ever. Jeeps are very fun but slow cars. I have a Jeep.

It's great I love the car it has bad gas mileage though it's lasted me a long time. I would get a Jeep wrangler of. My next car. I really like Jeeps. I wish I had larger tires on my Jeep patriot. I also wish I had a side mirror window. This typing portion is very long its kinda ridiculous.

- Dakota L

Control and drive is amazing!! But...

This vehicle is awesome to drive. The control you have when your behind the wheel. But the space is not that great. You can fit 2 car seats but there is barely any room for someone in the middle. The legroom is great unless you're tall. Which if you think about it is not that great to own.

- Courtney W

The car that gets me outdoors!

My vehicle has 4WD which gives me more access to the outdoors! I also really love that it has a moon roof so I can see the sun shining and puffy clouds. The driver seat is very comfortable I do wish the back seats had a bit more leg room but other than that I'm satisfied with the vehicle.

- Jackie L

Great SUV! Affordable, reliable and comfortable.

Tapping sound from under dash that could. Never be duplicated and figured out. Frustrating because it is new. But, great on gas, performs well on highway and comfortable. Lots of legroom even in back seat and has a decent amount of cargo space to haul things for mulch, wood, luggage, etc.

- Tina B

Great height for getting in and out of the car

Patriot has lots of room and is the perfect height. Not as low as a car and not as high as a truck. Easy getting in and out. Only thing I don't like is that it isn't a manly enough or cool car, but it's reliable and is a smooth ride. Does great in the snow and or other weather conditions.

- Andrew L

Safety with a little price on the pump.

I love how spacious it is, I feel so safe in it! The only downside I would say, is the gas per mileage. Driving far will eat up the gas rather quickly, it is not as economical with gas as smaller sedan cars but for an SUV it is not horrible either. I am very pleased with the car overall.

- Katherine V

Above average but is basic.

No problems but is a basic 4 wheel drive model. No bells and whistles for those who like/need that kind of thing. Gets good mileage and is very dependable. I miss not having the north, south, east, west direction model. Being a four wheel drive model it gets thru mud and snow very well.

- Dana R

I really do love my Jeep patriot.

The Jeep patriot I'd small enough to get pretty good mileage. . Big enough to hold its own on busy freeways. . . And has enough storage to be functional. . I have the dark tinted windows which I love. . The Jeep does well in heavy traffic because it can accelerate fast if you need to.

- Sue H

A nice car with minimal issues

The car has been running very well for the 3 years I've had it. I've had minimal issues with it. One issue would be the wheels have to often be realigned. The breaks make very loud noises when I stop. Which is mildly annoying but other than these easily fixable problems I love this car.

- Athena Mason M

My vehicle has vinyl graphics on the hood stating that its a patriot sport se.

I like my vehicle. It looks cute yet a bit rugged. I has a small engine so it's good on gas, but it does not have much speed. I like some of the accessories that are available. I also like the Jeep brand. The vehicle is very reliable. I feel that I will keep it even after its paid off.

- Rosie R

Great car but not as great for car seats as you would think.

I love my Jeep patriot. It is comfortable and reliable. My only complaint is they car seats do not fit well in them. I keep my car seat behind the passenger. The seat has to be very far forward to accommodate the car seat. It is not exactly comfortable for the person sitting up front.

- Tara B

Love it my Jeep & what girl does not love a stick shift manual driving badass Jeep.

It's totally reliable honestly but it happens to be that I am on close to empty a majority of the time so when the tank runs out there is no give it just dies w/o warning only bad quality I can think of but other than that, huge reserve tank stick shift great gas mileage and much more.

- Sarah J

Patriot: Keeps Getting Better

My current Jeep Patriot is the 3rd one that I have owned. Each version improved from the previous one. I think the not-too-big, not-too-small size is ideal and the styling is very classic. The engine provides enough power, and the 6-speed transmission is a welcome option over the CVT.

- Matt G

I love my color of our Jeep . Its silver.

It is great. It has a lot of space. Love the radio, and the way it feels when I drive it. I love taking long drives in it by myself. It clears my mind just by doing what I love doing. There is plenty of room for groceries. And I had to move lamps to my daughters house, and it all fit.

- Carole U

The gray silver metallic color I have is unique it gets good gas mileage.

I needed a new battery after two years the clutch tends to slip out every now and then, the tires are not the best gripping and I tend to skid more around corners. After two years the tires still screech when I am making turns. Driver side seat adjustment hits the back of my calves.

- Lisa N

Great mileage and real get up and go.

My Jeep gets great gas mileage and rides very comfortable. One of the extras I really like is the Bluetooth Mobile phone capability. With the danger involved with being on a call while driving, this extra is a real plus. Planning to keep this vehicle for as long as it's good to me.

- Carol M

Jeep patriot - simple yet comfortable.

Even though it is 2016, the model is vase and the windows roll up manually. Overall it is a fresh car, it is simple and has all of the necessary features. If you are looking for a simple car without the fancy features but that is reliable and comfortable then this could be for you.

- Stacie Z

Jeep Patriot is a good and affordable car

Really like this car as it is roomy on the inside but still has a feel of a smaller car. It is comfortable with powerful AC and seat heaters. Great size trunk. It takes a second to speed up on the freeway though, it doesn't have much 'umph'. Overall so far it is a good car for me.

- J F

Jeep patriot is great value & great performance.

I love this vehicle. It delivers a smooth ride, is good on gas, handles well. The cargo area holds a lot. The seating is more than adequate and very comfortable. The two negative things are the cup holders in front are awkwardly placed and the hood hold open bar is kind of lame.

- Lynn M

Jeep patriot high altitude rocks.

Nice look and size. Great price. Great color. Roomy. Love sunroof and leather. Love power seat. Rugged. Lots of cup holders. Great stereo system and display. Disappointed that Bluetooth does not work for phone. Gas mileage isn't good but ok. Reliable. Love American made vehicle.

- Rick R

I feel as if I could live out of my vehicle.

Purchasing the Jeep Patriot High Altitude was the best decision of my life. I have had 0 issues with the vehicle, thus far. Transporting goods is ten times easier than it was before, to say the least. MPG is above average, in my opinion. The Jeep Patriot handles very well, too.

- Kristen B

2016 Jeep Patriot. Durable, reliable small sized SUV.

Very reliable. No complaints. Drives great, no problems for 3 years now. The only thing I wish was different was the size of the gas tank. The car only holds 12 gallons or so. Have to refill pretty often. Other than that, it's a great car and I don't have any other complaints.

- Jake F

I really love my Jeep patriot!

It is not terribly roomy, otherwise I love it. Gas mileage is reasonable and it gets around in snow fairly well. We took it on a 4000 mile vacation last summer and it was excellent through a lot of terrain including some very steep mountain passes. I would highly recommend it.

- Will P

The most interesting detail I love is the sound system in it.

So far I have no problems or complaints about my vehicle it's very comfy for my family and the features are awesome. Most importantly it's very reliable and performs above and beyond my previous expectations for the vehicle but it proved me wrong. All in all I'm very pleased.

- Stacy S

Good Jeep which is always dependable.

It is very good in the snow. Runs smooth. Always a dependable vehicle without any problems. Always want a Jeep to keep me safe on the road. I love the dependable way the Jeep drives. That's all I have to say on this survey. Way to long for a description and excessive detail.

- Gigi G

Heated seats and steering wheel controls!

My favorite feature of this jeep is the heated seats and I really like how much space it has. Also having the controls for the radio right on the steering wheel make it very easy to control my favorite stations and manage the volume level when listening to my favorite songs.

- Jesus S

Works great and have not had to replace anything yet. Everything works great.

I have not had any problems yet with my vehicle. It runs great. Transmission is good and battery is good. I have not had to replace anything. The tires are pretty good, the tread is pretty thick and I didn't even have to use snow tires in the winter. It is been a great car.

- Meaghan S

The Jeep patriot is phenomenal in all weather conditions.

I love my Jeep patriot. It is great on gas mileage, it is very roomy inside. Comfortable seats. I like the interior. Easy to drive, rides nice. Big trunk. It sits taller so you feel like you can see better when driving. It is a must have vehicle. The child enjoys the rides.

- Kelsey H

I purchased the cold weather package with heated seats and remote starter.

My only complaint for the patriot is that is has a small gas tank. I fill up once a week, but I drive pretty far to get to work. Other than that I have no complaints. It is a good looking reliable vehicle that I am proud to own. I will always stick with the Jeep brand.

- Lindsay W

Stunning 2016 jeep patriot

The only issue that I have, is that the windshield doesn't seem to be on securely. I purchased the vehicle used though, so it could just be due to time. I am happy that the vehicle still came in a stick shift option, so I feel more in control of the vehicle when im driving.

- Allen P

Great First time Parents Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot is a comfortable car for first time parents. Enough space for all of your day to day needs. You're getting the benefits of a SUV for a reasonable price. I do wish that I would have spent extra money to have power locks and windows! Love the sound system!

- Ashley I

Jeep Patriot: Pros & Cons

The paint has been chipping very easily from the moment we brought it home. The dealer did not help us in anyway. However, the inside is really spacious and hauls everything we need. The seats are fabric and really comfortable for all of our trips. It drives really smooth.

- Kelsey C

Jeep Patriot 2016 Review from an owner

I bought my vehicle used. The shocks were pretty worn out and the ac unit takes time to work. It could have nicer interior and a better turning radius. There is no thermostat in the car as well. I would prefer a CD player as well. The design is sleek and I love the color.

- Katherine B

Heated seats, sunroof, automatic start.

I love everything about my vehicle especially the size, heated seats and sunroof. It is a comfortable ride. Plenty of room for myself and my two large dogs. The only thing I don't like, doesn't have a lot of power going up hills but once it's up to speed, it's great.

- Becky H

Hot seats, cool air-conditioning.

Love the handling, the operable moon roof, the ease of adjusting the seats, the heated seats, the storage, the split back seat. Hate the gps, the fact that you have to pound the horn to make it work, the difficulty adjusting the rear view mirror when we switch drivers. .

- Irene H

Dark blue Jeep patriot 2016 4x4.

Very dependable vehicle. I have had no mechanical issues. I first bought the car at 17, 000 miles. And am currently at 70, 000 miles. Great 4x4! Perfect compact SUV. The standard sound system is really good, no need to upgrade. I feel very safe while driving in this car.

- Holly L

Bluetooth feature and spacing.

The vehicle is very reliable and great on gas. The Bluetooth feature really is amazing, as you can answer calls without even touching your phone! The stereo is also amazing, because you can listen to music without turning it up very loud (i.e. You can actually hear it).

- Heaven S

5 star jeep baby. Superb fantastic suv.

This vehicle has a great ride considering that it is a Jeep. The space inside is very spacious for people to fit in 5 to 6 people. The back seats pull down so that you can Carry larger things in your vehicle. While driving The View within the windows Is really good.

- Tiffany A

My great Jeep. Would not want any other car.

I have always loved Jeeps. They drive a bit rough though. They hold together well. I do not have it in the repair shop often. The back seat is small but we work with it. Front seat is pretty roomy. It is not fully loaded but has all the basics. I would buy a Jeep again.

- Michelle M

My favorite vehicle ever!

One sensor has been replaced. Other than that it is perfect! I love the way it drives and handles. Great for shopping with its large trunk space. I also l8ve that it has heated seats. My daughter learned to drive with it and she lives it too. Would definitely buy again.

- Amy M

Sleek and sophisticated ride.

My Jeep is great. It rides smooth and comfortable. Gas mileage is ok. Wish it were better but it's a Jeep and not bad for my driving. Fold down back seats make it super easy to haul a lot of stuff if need be. I love the added features like remote start and heated seats.

- Erica C

It is a Jeep thing! Love it.

I love Jeep. They are very dependable and wouldn’t own anything else! They are roomy and contain all the features my kids love. This is my 3rd Jeep and I haven't had a bad one yet. They are good on and off-road and just about anywhere else you would want to take them!

- Katie M

Reliable Jerome is the Jeep for me.

Not too many problems. Slow to the touch at times when trying to punch it. The airflow dials do not work great. It is always telling me to change my oil. Sound system is great. It is a comfortable ride, short or long distance. I do not have any of the add on features.

- Roberto H

4-wheel drive, great sound system.

The Jeep brand is absolutely the best choice for snowy regions of the country. You cannot beat the 4-wheel drive, it is effortless. On top of that you get pretty good mileage. I have owned several Jeep products and have never had any problems. I will buy another Jeep.

- Karen N

It is great in all weather.

My Jeep handles great in all weather in Michigan. It is fun to drive and handles well. I feel safe driving it in winter. I love the sunroof. I have added running lights and angry eyes to it for fun. I have had not trouble with this car at all. I recommend it highly.

- Melissa T

Would recommend the Jeep to my friends.

Back up camera shows bumper heat and air keep it comfortable good gas mileage rides well roomy good seats plenty of cargo space price well have had it for 2 years do not travel much but when I have I felt safe leg room was good driver and passenger had lots of room.

- Sonja M

A great vehicle for someone just buying a jeep.

Very comfortable. The heated seats are great. Have enough room in the front, back, and trunk. It runs great. I wish it was 4 wheel drive but it still works well without it but would recommend 4 wheel drive. I feel safe in it and the height of the road is great also.

- Elizabeth K

Love the extra features like leather heated seat. 6 speed automatic transmission.

Have not have any problem with the vehicle seen I purchase the vehicle love the leather heated seat in the cold months and love the way it handles on the road gives good mile per gallons of gas also. I love everything about my Jeep is reliable and very comfortable.

- Antonio R

The most important you know my car only hold 10 gallon of gas.

I loved my jeep. The only problem i has with my jeep is the battery died on me, however i believe it was my fault. My seat can let back so i can have more trunk space. My ac blow as cold as i want it and also my car can start without me in it by my keys. So cool ??

- Skylar W

Jeep Patriot: love it but can't necessarily trust it�s locking function!

Sometimes the key fob does not work. When I Hit Unlock/lock/panic button it doesn't register all the time. Another issue is when driving (especially on highway) the car is quite loud. Makes a constant humming sound and could be associated with the wheel bearings.

- Lauren A

My thoughts on the amazing car called the Jeep patriot.

I had a problem with the tire pressure for a while but Jeep was kind enough to handle the issue promptly and provide me with transportation while my car was under repair. Overall I love the car. It has plenty of room and it is 4 wheel drive which is great for snow.

- Reid C

Perfect compact sport utility vehicle.

The drivability of this Jeep is amazing! You'd think you were driving a compact car, but with all the benefits of the Jeep. It is quiet, but still powerful. Easy to keep clean interior, roomy. Highly recommend if you are looking at a Jeep but unsure of the patriot.

- Christina A

The patriot is a good price point for someone that wants a JEEP and drives well.

I like the Sport SE trim. The size and height of the vehicle and seats is convenient. I like driving a JEEP and the Patriot is a good price point. It runs well, reliable. It has more road noise than I would like. The gas mileage is less than advertised 2 years in.

- Becky B

It�s a great all around car

Really reliable car. I haven't had any major issues with it in the two years I've owned it. It's pretty comfortable and gets decent gas mileage. I've driven it on long trips and never had any issues. It's an easy car to handle and doesn't require much maintenance.

- Lacey S

Great size for a small family of 4 .

I've been driving a Jeep Patriot sport for the past 2 years and have had very few complaints on the vehicle. My biggest issue with the vehicle is the amount of gas it wastes and how quick it wastes it , aside from that I have no further complaints about the car .

- Jessica B

Good package I recommend it.

It's a great vehicle, I have my wife drive it. We have driven to 3 different states at least 9 hours long and have never had a problem. I do not like that it's a very stiff ride, but that only helps when it comes to towing and it does a great job at that as well.

- Dakota Z

Jeep's are better and able to go through some difficult spots.

Abs and traction lights on after 5 months of having vehicle, sensors and bearing had to be replaced. Like the ability to let seats down and load items. Roomy, comfortable, sensors notify you when oil needs changing. Engine and motor are up high enough to get to.

- Maria J

Great gas mileage, reliable, comfortable and goes great in bad weather.

The interior design could be a bit better. It needs to be just a bit bigger overall so that you can get more storage behind back sets. It is very reliable and goes great in deep snow and muddy roads. Seats could be a bit more comfortable but overall a great rig.

- Melissa C

This is maroon colored Jeep 4 doors it doesn't have any perks to it simple easy

The Jeep Patriot that I have is a simple car it don't have any big features manual locks menu roll-up windows it does have a stereo when it's old seats five great all-around vehicle it's a four-door it's a maroon color but in pretty good shape and drives amazing

- Jason H

Love hate relationship with my Jeep

While reversing in my vehicle the back breakers squeak. This car is very comfortable but I wish the gas take was bigger. With only a 12 gallon tank the car rides are a bit long. The engine is a 2.4 liter, but that's what you get when you buy an Affordable Care.

- Marshall J

My jeep patriot experience.

This car has had very few issues. It runs great in the snow. Does not get very good gas mileage. Satellite radio is a nice plus. I would highly recommend my vehicle to anyone in the market for vans SUV. I drive this vehicle over 25,000 per year. Very impressed.

- christopher S

I think others should know that this vehicle is a great size for small families of 4. There is enough room for everyone to fit and it is comfortable.

I really love the Jeep Patriot because it is reliable and comfortable. There is enough space for my family and also for when I go grocery shopping. The vehicle is great on gas and the ride is smooth, so I do not feel every single bump on the road when driving.

- Tia G

Jeep patriot beautiful color choices.

I do not have any issues very comfortable and reliable love the color choices this is my first time leasing a vehicle and after the lease is up I will probably lease another Jeep because I love how they ride and love the look of Jeep s so many to choose from.

- Jami L

I love my Jeep, you will too.

My Jeep patriot is amazing. This vehicle has everything I want including heated seats, a/c, comfortable ride and plenty of room for everyone. I have had no significant issues other than a flat tire and a broken window. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Jenny R

Low mileage. Great package deal. Vehicle gets new coat every 2 years.

I just bought this pre owned vehicle at O'Riley's. It was a perfect fit for my family. It had great mileage on it and it came with a great package deal. Our salesman was awesome. He was very knowledgeable of vehicle and the process did not take long at all.

- Darlene Ann B

The one most important thing about my Jeep is that the gas tank fills up with about 30 dollars and is a good economic car.

I like that the Jeep has quite a bit of room but not enough. I don't like that when we bought it brand new it had no warranty. I also don't like that the breaks quick so much when pushing on the breaks. I also don't like that the tires lose air continuously.

- Javier e

My Jeep is amazing and here is why.

I love my Jeep so much! It makes me so happy. It drives extremely well and the only issue I have is the gas mileage is very low. That is universal for all Jeeps. It is very comfortable and has amazing features such as light up cup holders and heated mirrors.

- Emily P

Looking for a roomy jeep SUV?

It's a great car for a family but don't expect to upgrade it. The tank is small so it's not the best for road trips. Great for in town driving. Doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. The price is right for a SUV. It is also has a lot of room for its size.

- Megan S

The Jeep Patriot is overall a good vehicle.

I really like the Jeep but the front seats are a little uncomfortably the way the back of the seat kind of curves around you. Especially after you have shoulder surgery that curve is in a really bad place. Other than that I haven't had any problems with it.

- Courtney Y

Value meets fun in a jeep patriot.

It is a great car for the value. To me the patriot has it all... It is safe, reliable, fuel efficient, can be used for off-roading, and is fun to drive. It is quite spacious for being a narrower vehicle. I love my jeep. I have gotten many compliments on it.

- Ashley G

Jeep patriot 2016, black, fits 5.

Very comfortable to drive, very good at driving in the snow. Speakers are nice, has Bluetooth in the car. Do not have a lot of problems with it. Tires are nice, lots of room in the back and in the trunk. Very good on gas, able to go long distances, love it.

- Vanessa A

Jeep patriot is great on gas and roomy inside.

Only a 4 cylinder engine for an SUV. Does not come with many upgrades. Has a special shifting transmission that makes it feel like it is slipping. Jeeps dealers charge even for a diagnostic test. I do love the gas mileage it gets and its overall appearance.

- Denise D

Jeep Patriots are great vehicles!

We love our Jeep Patriot. It drives great, especially in winter. Gets great gas mileage. It has never given us any problems or had any performance issues. It's really low maintenance for an SUV. If you need a smaller SUV, this one is a great choice for you.

- Heather T

Overall good car for the money.

I like my car but I wish it had the anti roll back feature. Also, when accelerating on wet pavement, the tires will squeal at times, and be slow to accelerate. I also wish the gas mileage was better, but I have had similar sized SUVs with worse gas mileage.

- Chris W

Jeep Patriot: great features and value for the price

Problems with tire sensors, noisy brakes, outdated media system (compared to similar vehicles of the same age). Pros: average gas mileage, reliable, price. For the price, the vehicle offers many great features such as heated and leather seats, and sunroof.

- Camila L

Only one mechanical issue since I bought it.

So far runs great. I had one small issue with the acceleration sensor, after that it has been fine. It drives very smooth can still go off road and not throw me around. The acceleration is great now could pass for a v8 any day with how much pick up it has.

- Christian S

2016 Jeep Patriot Latitude

Has nice features like heated cloth seats, nice entertainment features like satellite radio and CD player, sunroof and foldable seats, changeable display like weather, trip mileage, low tire alert and smooth ride for a jeep but gas mileage could be better

- Dawn W

This is ridiculous. A lot of words for one title

I love the car. It is new and red and shiny. Very dependable and I would not trade it in. I got it about 3 months ago on shorty credit and am keeping up with the car payment. I love it, it's very dependable and very energy efficient. It's a very good car

- Sam S

It is a piece of poo-poo.

I don't like this vehicle because the dealership I bought it from pressured me into it. It's too small for my family and does not run very good. It frequently goes through gasoline very quickly and has a very strong gasoline smell when you start it up.

- Arian S

I feel it is safer than a regular car. Saved me from real injury when my Jeep was totaled in an accident. I was only bruised and that was from seatbelt and airbag.

I like being up higher so I can see the road better. I like 4-wheel drive so I never get stuck in the snow. I feel safer in it. I was in an accident that totaled my last Jeep and all I got were some bruises. This is my 4th Jeep so you know I love them.

- Wilma P

Jeep Patriot problems found by a current owner

I have had problems with the AC and heating for the cabin. The motor seems to jump or skip sometimes when accelerating. When resetting on cruise the car will drop to 4th to climb back to set speed as quickly as possible raising rpm to an alarming level

- Nicholas Z

It�s fun to drive and 4 wheel drive helps for nasty northeast winters

For a 4 cylinder, it gets around pretty well. Being a manual transmission helps. I know it's the base model, but it would be nice to have power locks and power windows. For a small SUV it fits quite a bit of cargo. Overall it's a pretty good vehicle.

- Jared D

Jeep patriot without all wheel drive is a sad time.

The car is very nice to look at. It is beautiful and sleek. However the car is only front wheel drive which kind of makes it pointless as a Jeep. I feel like maybe if the car was all wheel drive it would add a considerable amount of value to the car.

- Allison F

Cheap price for a reliable small SUV

I've never had an issue with my patriot. It drives well, handles great on ice and snow and mud. Comfortably fits my family with room in the back for luggage, strollers or our dogs. The only thing i wish it had was more options on radio/ control part

- Bradee S

Simple, yet to the point of the car

I love the Jeep for multiple reasons. The gas mileage is very efficient for an SUV. The performance is good, good steady speed. I really enjoy the option to switch from to 2 wheel to 4WD. It is comfort to take road trips in. It is spacious enough.

- Tori C

I think people should know that it's less sophisticated than most vehicles in its year.

I dislike that there are less features than I expected in a newer car. The radio doesn't tell you who is singing or what song it is. I felt there were more electronic gadgets in my 2007 Camry than this car. I like that it's roomy and comfortable.

- Katie B

Fabulous upgrade from prior vehicle.

I have only had this vehicle for one month but I really love it so far. Doesn't get the best gas mileage (but my last vehicle was a Mazda 3 and got great gas mileage) and is a very comfortable ride. Toddler car seat fits great in the back seat.

- Katie C

Huge interior hauling capacity.

The Jeep Patriot has amazing qualities! Great on gas, voice command with Sirius, 4 wheel drive, cloth seats, foldable seats, power windows, Bluetooth, satellite radio, auxiliary audio jack, four speaker stereo, power door locks, and much more.

- Rachel W

Jeeps are cool to have, very reliable so far. I think they last a long time

I love my Jeep because it's a good size, not too big or small. It has a good rating for repairs over 5 years. It feels very durable to me. Decent size trunk room as well. I never liked how the steering wheel column felt too close to my legs

- samm b

It's the perfect car to to take on a weekend adventure with your family.

I love how my vehicle has the perfect amount of space that my small family needs without feeling too big or small. I wish I had added more features to it, like 4WD, bluetooth and other features. Maybe a little more trunk space would be nice.

- Cindy D

They should know that it doesn't have a center rear seat belt that is connected to the seat. You have to unlatch it and relatch it if you have a dog in the trunk.

I like the ride of my vehicle. It is fun to drive and has a decent amount of room. I don't like the sound it makes when I am trying to get up to speed, it lags, and I don't like the issues I have had with the engine being so new and all.

- amy D

It has great gas mileage, good speaker system, pretty interior and ice cold AC!

I love that it has good gas mileage, gas is cheap, roomy inside. I hate that the gas tank is so small. I have to stop often for gas on long trips, that it's not really a Jeep. I shouldn't have chosen Black. Shows so much dirt.

- Greta P

They should know it is great for all types of weather: snow, rain, sleet...it has gotten be through some pretty crazy storms!

I really like the shape of the Jeep. It makes me feel safe and secure and the style is very nice. It drives well overall except for an occasional delay in switching gears. Other than that, it is a great and reliable vehicle.

- Taylor L

Ride not so smooth anymore

This Jeep is quite roomy. The only problem that I encounter is it doesn't seem quite a 'smooth' as it previously did. That may just come with age, but sometimes I listen really close just to be sure nothing sounds amiss.

- Terri B

It has a high safety rating.

This car drives nice. It is not very spacious, especially for people that are on the go a lot and have larger families and/or pets. The gas mileage is acceptable. Car does not come standard with GPS or other luxuries.

- Olivia S

Mid-size SUV with a smooth ride and functional size.

I like the size of my car, as it's very practical, but I have had maintenance issues (gas leak) and the brakes were worn down in less than 3 years. Furthermore, it seems cheaply made. The windshield has cracked once.

- Amanda W

Comfort and space! The Jeep way!

Have to update dash system. It is annoying. The car is super comfortable and I love the size. Love the dashboard! Lots of room in the trunk! Seats fold down to fit bike which is great. The leather is awesome!

- Kelly K

The interior is extremely small as well as the back hatch. Definitely more of a car for a single person and not a family.

I like the color charcoal that my vehicle is. However, that is about all that I like. The features on the inside are very limited and the space is very small. Overall I would not purchase again.

- Chelsea B

Great truck, never have had problems

Bought from dealer on irving park and central. Have had it since oct 2017 and have not had to replace brakes, tires, or other parts. Get regulatory oil changes. Drivers finally, I love it

- Janice S

It can be very reliable. Jeep is a good car.

Bad take off, does not run to my satisfaction, blind spots. Not very spacey. Gas mileage is good and can be reliable. Tells you when tires are low or when you are due for an oil change.

- Erica Q

My car has decent gas mileage, heated seats and is very comfortable.

I really like how comfortable my jeep seats are. I like that it has heated seats and very cold AC. I like that it is larger than my last cars. I dislike that it doesn't have an sunroof.

- Kierra T

It has the motor of a Dodge caravan and it goes bad very quickly. .

I love the body of the vehicle, what it looks like. I hate how it rides and what it sounds like. I hate the inside size of the vehicle. It is not nearly big enough for a family of four.

- Brooke B

The Bluetooth feature has only worked one month out of the 2.5 years I owned the vehicle. I've taken it in to the dealership and they were never able to fix it. I bought the car brand new with only 3 miles on it.

The back seat is too small for my child's car seat so my front passenger seat has to be all the way forward for my child's seat to fit. It's a very weak vehicle. It hydroplanes easily.

- Carley Z

It does great in any weather condition.

I love all the feature that come with my jeep. The heated seats, Bluetooth. I love how it is compact yet keeps me feeling safe. It is a tough car and drives very smoothly on the road.

- Ashley B

It gets awesome gas mileage.

I love that is larger than a sedan. I also love that it is 4x4. The style of it is exactly what I like. I dislike that it can sometimes surge and the radio is not the most up to date.

- Christy T

Feels very safe to drive. I feel very secure driving the vehicle.

I love the size of the vehicle, it's not too big but also not too small. The drive itself is wonderful. I wish the gadgets were more user friendly, but other than that, no complaints!

- Kristen C

Jeep Patriot is a fantastic car and cheap relative to other jeeps on the market.

My Jeep is very comfortable with great A/C and heat. The tire sensor is faulty and expensive to fix. My ties go low constantly even the new ones. It's a pretty make and fun to drive.

- Ryan S

Important thing you should know about my car is that it is just too small.

The thing that I dislike most about my care is that it is bad on the gas mileage. My other dislike about my car is that it has no speed it goes to slow. My car is also way too small.

- Tierra H

Great milage, safe vehicle, low cost value at purchase, fun to drive

Love the safety of the vehicle as we had a crash, ours was minor but the car who hit us was totalled. Like the crank windows as they will not break. Just Love Jeep all together


It's the perfect car for a family on the go. Good for storing and transporting items.

I think the only thing I do not like about my Jeep is the gas mileage. It is comfortable and easy to drive for a larger vehicle. My toddler is comfortable with plenty of legroom.

- Kinsi R

Four wheel drive and remote start with heated leather seats.

I like that it has four wheel drive, heated seats, and remote start. I wish it were a little bigger and had more room. I like the radio, the leather seats and the way it drives.

- Anna N

This vehicle is great for joy rides with sunroof and GPS navigation.

Upon purchasing this Jeep Patriot, there was a crack in the windshield, the brakes were shoddy and I feel as though I didn't get a decent price. I really wanted the renegade.

- Laura S

A great vehicle for people with children

It is a great vehicle if you carry a lot of cargo. I have an 8 year old son and it is durable and spacious enough for him and a few toys. The drive is smooth and i love it .

- Shannon G

White Jeep patriot with cloth seats, no sunroof. Tinted windows. Rearview camera, Bluetooth, wireless phone connection. Sirius radio capability. Good gas mileage.

Great SUV. Bluetooth connection is slightly inconsistent with connecting, but overall the car is spacious, gets great gas mileage, and the rear view camera is a total plus!

- Payton D

It is fun to drive and great for off-roading and rough terrain.

I like my Jeep Patriot. It is great on gas and is fun to drive. The only thing that I do not like is that it does not tell me how much fuel I have left before I run out.

- J H

I love that there are plenty of spaces for storage. The seats are comfortable, there is plenty of visibility, and the inside feels spacious.

I've had to replace several things that were luckily covered by the warranty. The front wheels make a squeaking sound sometimes. I found it to be very reliable otherwise.

- Chelsea F

The day in life of the horrible Jeep

The performance in the beginning was good but having it for 2 years there has been too many issues. Having under the hood issues after just 2 years and regular upkeep.

- LaTonya B

It is a four wheel drive vehicle.

Has a blind spot and cannot see outside window very well when trying to pull out into traffic. I love the four wheel drive for winter and it is has some power to it.

- Debra S

Comes in a manual transmission, but may be difficult to find the package you're looking for with it.

While it may be light on modern features, it's a reliable and spacious ride, definitely worth the money for a budget SUV. A big plus: comes in manual transmission.

- Ben L

great mileage came with Sirrus, great ac system and horsepower

My vehicle does not have power windows but I enjoy driving it. It's great on gas. I purchased it when it had 36K miles on it. It rides smoothly and a good deal

- freida r

Very comfortable to ride in for long distances

This is the second Patriot I have had. I love it. It is a great little jeep for our family. If they still made it I would trade it this one in for another one.

- dana P

It's a great family car, I feel safe and love driving it

I love how sturdy and strong the car feels compares to other cars I have driven. What I don't like is the brakes, I have to step hard on the pedal for it to brake

- Rosi R

Do not buy Jeep Patriot too many problems.

Gas guzzler, always has recalls, makes noise every time I turn to the left, when it rains water goes in through back window even though it is been fixed 4 rimes.

- Sally N

I used it for business because I need money to keep the maintenance up.

Jeeps are very popular. I like that the engine sits higher so when there are hurricanes it will not get damaged. I like the style. I like that army men use them.

- Nikki C

It is kind of loud to ride in and can make conversations difficult.

I like it because it is a newer car. But I dislike that it is not the safest vehicle especially because I just had a baby. And you can hear a lot of road noise.

- Danielle C

It has been able to handle anything I have tried to do with it so far.

I like that it has plenty of room for my kids and dogs. It is not low to the ground. It does get good gas mileage. It could use more ports for charging devices.

- Krystal W

Quick and very responsive.

Have had no problems with it. I love it! It is very responsive and has great gas mileage. It has all the bells and whistles on it. Luv the GPS and Sirius radio.

- Jay K

Love the trunk space and my kids love sitting up high.

No problems so far. We got the car in 2017 but it was an 2016 with 39 miles on it. It came satellite radio and a an online tracking device in case of theft.

- Leondra L

2016 Patriot: Traditional Jeep styling in a comfortable compact SUV.

I like the design of my Patriot. I feel the gas mileage is good. I like riding a little higher off the road. The acceleration leaves a little to be desired.

- Steve W

Awesome sport look of my Jeep!!

I really like my Jeep Patriot. Pros: It's sport look is awesome and it is big enough for me and my family. Cons: no navigation, quite high gas consumption.

- Paola Y

It is low maintenance and easy to get in.

The car is paid for. It is a low maintenance vehicle. It is easy to get in and out of. It is big and doesn't get as good gas mileage as our other vehicle..

- Rita M

It's' reliable, easy on gas.The size is nice. Rides nicely and comfortable.

I love the shape, style and ride of the car. It is easy for me to get in and out of. Size is a nice feature. Really don't have any complaints or dislikes.

- Diane S

It's a little small in the back seats.

I like the look to the vehicle. I like how it is safe and how it has good gas mileage. I wish there was a little more leg room for the seats in the back.

- Kelsey G

Excellent choice of vehicle

I have had no issues with my Jeep Patriot at all. I love the size, comfort, and how it handles in all types of weather. It is great for the kids too.

- Shannon F

Very roomy. Gas mileage is not too great.

I love the amount of space. Lots of legroom. Drives smooth. Not really much of a complaint, but it would be nice if it did just a little better on gas.

- Patricia S

Really fun car to drive to the corner or cross-country! Comfy!

I love being hired up than in a car. I like that it has Bluetooth. The only thing I have an issue with is how tipsy it feels when I turn some corners.

- Sheila G

4 wheel drive. Back up camera and sunroof. Lots of space and comfortable ride

Had some issues in the beginning with the computer. But it needed an update. Other than that I have loved it. Great gas mileage and comfortable drive

- Katie N

Jeep patriot is no longer being produced.

I love the size and the storage space in the vehicle. The fuel economy is the best for my travels. The cost of the vehicle fits my budget perfectly.

- Robert L

Jeeps are fun cars to drive, you feel a thrill when you drive them.

It has plenty of space, Bluetooth connect, it is my dream car. A Jeep is something I have always wanted and it can go off roaring and get me to work.

- Page V

Located it's a good car overall but I haven't had it for that long

It's a good car but some of the Interior plastic and stuff scratches really easy. It also sounds kind of like a go-kart sometimes when I hit the gas

- Alex C

It can carry anything you need it to carry.

I like the interior. I like all the safety features. I dislike how it handles in the city. I dislike how loud the engine has grown in just 2 years.

- Nora S

It is very roomy and if you have children this is a good car for them.

I like the amount of space I have. It helps a lot with my son. But I dislike the blinded spots. It would be nice if there were in better locations.

- Alyssa H

Four wheel drive and features

I love the 4 wheel drive. The car handles very well in the snow. I don't like the lack of certain features.....power seats, tire gauge, navigation.

- Nancy L

It's a very comfortable to drive and handles and brakes very well.

I dislike the fact that it is underpowered, but it's not a sports car. It is more than what we need, and has everything that we want in a vehicle.

- randy m

It does perform great and is good if you live on a rugged road.

It performs great I just don't like the size for my family. Great for a smaller family but for a single mom of 4 with 2 on the way it is to small.

- Sherry G

It has a great amount of space.

I love the space in my vehicle. It makes traveling a lot easier. I also like that the trunk is flat, it is a great space for my dog on car rides.

- Kristy c

Easy to get into just like a car.

Dependable drives nice look is great comfortable holds a lot I just love Jeeps. Step in easily it feels like u a driving a car not a big monster.

- Patricia Mills A

It gets me to and from places with no problems.

I like the amount of room the vehicle has. I love that it has SiriusXM. I don't like that it's a 4-speed. I wish it had power doors and locks.

- Brian J

It drives like a Jeep and the tires pull on the road.

No problems, but not the best on gas mileage. I have cloth seats which are comfortable. I have a fleet car so I didn't get any special features.

- Kim B

Jeep Patriot: Great for travel, great on gas, and amazing for moving!

It is a very reliable and affordable Jeep. For the price I paid and what I got it was well worth it. It is in great shape for being 2 years old.

- Becca K

Nice Looking Jeep Patriot

The 2016 Jeep Patriot is a nice looking small SUV. The rear cargo area seems small and I drop things between the seat and center console, a lot.

- Donna C

Smooth ride with very minimal issues. Back seats fold so it's basically a truck

Great air conditioning. Comfortable seats. Good side mirrors. Sometimes the trunk gets stuck. To fix you have to punch the trunk about 5 times.

- Cole C

Jeep Patriot is good for up to 4 people household.

I like that it has 4WD. I enjoy the way it drives and handles. I do wish that there was more storage and cargo room. Overall though, I like it.

- Ellie E

Great driving experience for anyone looking for a rock solid reliable car.

I like that it's a small SUV, it looks good, and it's all around a good vehicle. There's not really anything that I dislike about the vehicle.

- Lacey M

It's excellent in snow and rain due to the four wheel drive.

It's a great vehicle. Amazing in snow and various terrain. It's great overall, but the only thing I'd like more, is if it had more cabin room.

- Tim G

It is spacious and very comfy. I would highly recommend.

It is very comfortable and spacious. Can go through rain sleet snow and perfect vacations. I have even slept in the back with the seats down.

- Eric E

needs a few more basic upgrades

I like my Jeep but it could have more comfortable seats and not set quite so low to the ground, it could also have a few more basic upgrades.

- Linda M

Much lower price than similar SUVs.

I like the sound system, wireless capabilities, interior layout & space. The only dislike would be I wish it had a little more gas mileage.

- Lillian J

Some say the interior looks cheap.

Love the room where I can haul things if need be, smooth ride. Only complaint is ticking sound under dash that service cannot figure out.

- Tina B

Most important thing to know about my car is it only get 10 gallon to fill up.

The only problem I had with my car is my battery died a couple months ago. My car to get me point A to point B in comfort. I love my car.

- Sky W

Perfect Cheap Snow Vehicle

Great vehicle with few bells and whistles. It is awesome in the snow during the winter. It would be better with 6 cylinders instead of 4

- Jenn R

it's a great car in almost all aspects, handles well on the road

I love my jeep, it's sleek and beautiful! The ride is very smooth and it handles well on the road. There is lots of room to haul items.

- mary u

A lot of storage. Support from workers. And clean seats, wheels, and steering-wheel.

It has a lot of storage room at the back of my car. It is really easily to drive with, clean wheels, a lot of support, and great seats,

- Zach G

Why I love Jeep products.

Comfortable ride even in bad weather. roomy. Good on gas. Satellite radio. All the bells and whistles. All accessories easy to locate .

- Cindy L

No major repair issues, drives well on highway.

Do not have any complaints at this time. It is pretty good on gas and no major repair issues. It is a good size, and very comfortable.

- Wendy L

A lot of quality with an affordable price.

I have only had my car a month but I previously owned a Chevy her. I cannot put into words how much easier and nicer this is to drive.

- Megan V

It's comfortable, easy to drive, and it hasn't had any problems yet which is awesome!

It's a compact vehicle but also has lots of room. I love it because it's so simple to drive and it also has a Bluetooth sound system!

- Maddie P

Jeep Patriot - dependable vehicle.

My Jeep is comfortable, reliable, and has great storage space. It gets decent gas mileage. The seats are comfortable for long drives.

- Jessica L

Beautiful white Jeep Patriot, never had any issues

I haven't had any issues with our Jeep Liberty since we bought it new almost two years ago. We just hit 35,000 miles. Never an issue!

- Jessica R

it's a gas guzzler and it's slow but spacious inside. great for first car

there's no power and it's very basic. usually the basic models now have touch screens but this one doesn't. i like the space inside.

- meghan r

I wish it was a 6 cylinder instead of 4.

I have not had any problems with my car so far since I bought it. That being said it is still a very new car so only time will tell.

- Ashley B

It is reliable and trustworthy as a family vehicle.

The vehicle is good although it doesn't have a very powerful engine. It is reliable. The mpg seems a bit overstated on the vehicle.

- Eric C

Good amount of legroom. Bluetooth connect for your phone.

The vehicle is only 4 cylinder. There are no power seats or power windows. There are no power locks. It also has a small gas tank.

- Erin A

Not a bad ride. Does its purpose.

No problems at all. Wish it had a back up camera and would tell you how many miles you have until empty. The Uconnect works great.

- John B

It meets all my needs and fits my lifestyle.

I have always liked the sturdiness of a Jeep. They are built tough and get good gas mileage. They are long lasting and dependable.

- Cynthia W

It is affordable and easy to drive.

I like the room within the vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage. Also, I do not like the brakes. Chrysler brakes always squeal.

- Brian B

It has a lot of horsepower contrary to popular belief. It also steers very nicely which was surprising to me.

I love the color of my car. I dislike how it doesn't accelerate fast. I like how it steers very nicely and drives very smoothly.

- Blake H

I love driving it everywhere!

It is so roomy, stylish and fun! Holds everything I need for work. The only thing I do not like is that I didn't get it sooner!!

- Lesley G

It is a manual transmission.

I like that it is a manual transmission. I also like the color, but I dislike that it does not have automatic locks or windows.

- Cara D

Good economical Four Wheel Drive for people on a budget.

It took the abuse of two of my daughters and it is still running. I would prefer if it had more power, but it gets me around.

- Fred M

The jeep patriot has great gas mileage

I would have liked to be able to have given the option to have gotten power windows and power locks. And the seats are narrow

- Jaymi P

It is a really great value for the money I spend on it.

I love that it is an SUV but it is still compact. It is easy and fun to drive. I really wish it had a larger gas tank though.


Awesome little Jeep for the family or singles

It's A great suv, only have had one problem with it and that was an easy inexpensive fix. it drives great and is comfortable.

- Kris D

i love my white jeep!!!!!!

It rides great and it's very comfortable. the seating in the back could be a little roomier, particularly for people's feet.

- victoria s

Even though it is a Jeep it's not the kind where you go off roading.

I love the fact that the patriot has so much room. Simple issues seem to happen a lot but easy fix. Good on gas for an suv.

- Codie B